Awkward Massage

Info Kornslayer1
22 Dec. '17

I lifted up the blinds slightly and peeked out the window. "There she is. Oh, all five feet and six inches of her sexy beauty has returned," I moaned, prior to bringing my other hand to my crotch. "Oh, Kandace, from the light brown hair atop your head to your small, but sexy feet, you are a babe," I praised her, eyeballing the back side of her body. "I'd love to put my schlong right in your slit, if you let me," I mumbled, rubbing it.

I breathed in and out heavily and broke a small sweat too, but after she grabbed her mail, she disappeared into her apartment.

I bit my lip and strolled over into my bedroom. "Oh, if walls could talk. I'm sure that one right on the other side would tell me all the sexy business that goes on over there," I said, ambling to it. "I just know a beautiful woman like her walks around naked, even if no one is around to see it," I moaned before I gently laid the right side of my face onto it.

I stayed quiet and tried to listen, but I heard nothing back. Even as I had no real evidence of sexy business, my rod became rather hard as it pressed onto the wall. I rubbed my entire body onto it and I twitched around a bit too.

"Oh, I want to fuck her so badly. Hell, I don't even know if she has a boyfriend. I know I've seen a couple guys go in and come out of there before, but that's not concrete evidence. Hell, a ravishing woman like her might just be a call girl for all I know. I've seen adult movies like that before and I know they have to be based on something," I pointed out before I backed away, lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.

I smiled widely, but I didn't touch my crotch again.

"Oh, yes, those dishes are rather dirty. Why don't you take off your clothes and wash each one of them really thoroughly? If some water splashes up onto your boobs, it'll be okay. There isn't anything wrong with wet tits, in fact, they just get sexier that way."

I cheesed and kept her on my mind. "I guess I just don't feel right thinking about having sex with her, I'm hoping it'll just happen when it happens."

I kept my feelings intact and just stayed there for about an hour as the sun started going down.

"Oh, and now someone is at the door," I groaned, rubbing my face with both hands.

I got up and stretched out for a few seconds.

"I'm coming," I said, heading over to my door.

I failed to look out there, I just opened the door. "Kandace?"

"Hi," she greeted me, coming right in. "You aren't busy, are you?"

"No, I'm wide open," I answered, closing the door.

I turned around and saw her sitting on my couch. 'Okay, she is just in a tank top and gym shorts, so this is a little less than casual, and I don't think she is wearing a bra either.'

I failed to ask her what was wrong just yet, but I sat down at the other side of it, turned on my lamp and peeked at her.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed, rubbing her face. "I just heard my boyfriend having sex with some other woman," she mentioned before she looked at me again. "My phone rang and I saw his number, so I answered it. Little did I know that it must have been a pocket dial because I heard some moaning in the background. At first, I just thought 'Oh, he must have called me by mistake.'. He gets a massage at least once a week at some parlor uptown, so that would explain the moaning."

"Then he said something to give himself away?"

"Yes, he spoke, 'Oh, yes, Nancy, get the whole thing in your mouth. Just like that.'. Then a few seconds later, I heard him make the sounds he makes when is about to pop. It sounded like the phone was moving around a little bit in the process,” she cried. "I just called my friends, but no one answered and I just need to be with someone right now. I hope you don't mind, Eric."

"No," I replied, leaning towards her.

I hugged her and she hugged me back for a moment. 'Oh, it is so nice to feel her tits on my chest, but I can't do anything right now. She is vulnerable and crying in my arms,' I thought before we let go of each other.

"Nancy was the masseuse?"

"As far as I know, he gets massages after work every Friday. I don't have any actual proof, but I know what I heard. That bastard was getting his dick sucked by that hussy. I just know it all adds up. He never wants to talk about getting serious or the place he goes to get massaged. Maybe Nancy is a blonde, who the fuck knows?" she ranted before putting her hands up onto her face again. "I just know I'm hurting right now."

She stayed quiet for a minute and eventually brought her hands back down. "I'm sorry again, I don't mean to bite your ear off. You aren't expecting someone, are you?"

"No," I answered, shaking my head no. "Like I said, I'm wide open. So, you don't even know where he goes? You just know that it is the same place and time?"


"I'm sorry to hear that, Kandace," I consoled her, placing my right hand on hers. "You deserve better."

"Thank you, Eric," she mentioned, grabbing my hand with both of hers. "Could I just hang out here for a little while? I mean, just as friends. I don't mean to set off mixed signals or anything like that."

"Oh, yes, I understand completely. We can watch TV, or just keep chatting, whatever will make you feel better," I offered, nodding.

"You are a good friend, dude. I appreciate that," she praised me before she leaned towards me.

She planted a single smooch on my left cheek and sat back down.

'What the hell was that? Is she screwing with me?'

"We had sex all the time, so much that we were on a daily sex schedule. Even if it was just a blowjob that only lasted for a minute, it was still sex," she explained, slanting her head down. "I guess I just wasn't enough."

"No, I can tell that you are enough, Kandace."

"Why do you say that?" she pondered, glancing back at me and raising her eyebrows.

I just bit my bottom lip and shrugged my shoulders. 'Oh shit, I might have set off her alarms.'

"I'm just saying, you are quite stunning. What are you, twenty-one or twenty-two?"

"No," she giggled, smiling and pushing my leg slightly. "I'm twenty-eight now. That was sweet of you to say, thank you. I guess my idiot boyfriend couldn't think of saying anything like that. He wouldn't compliment me to save his life. To add insult to injury, I barely even have a life outside of him. I only had two friends from work to call and my parents live three-hundred miles away. The rest of the people I come across are his friends. I guess moving out here was a mistake, considering the rest of my friends aren't here."

"Well, you have your neighbor," I brought up, rubbing her leg.

"Thank you, I'm sorry again, I'm just blathering on and on about that prick. Only a friend would let me do that. What do you do for a living?"

I cheesed, shrugged my shoulders and rubbed my face for a few seconds.

"What, you are grinning like you have something juicy to spill?" she laughed, smiling back at me.

"I'm actually a masseur," I chuckled.

"Oh, get out. Are you serious?" she giggled, slapping her knee multiple times. "Wow, that's some in your face irony. That fucker cheats on me with a masseuse, and then I come to a masseur to console me," she explained before she lay back and looked forward.

She stayed silent and just smiled for a couple minutes. I had no idea what to think, but she seemed to be feeling better.

After those couple minutes, she turned to me. "What about you, do you have anyone sleeping with you at night? Or maybe just on occasion?"

"Not at the moment, I'm sure I'll find someone sooner or later. I'm just sorry shit hit the fan with you two. To be honest, I didn't even know you were seeing anyone. I've seen a few guys coming and going, but none really staying."

"Oh, you jackass, have you been spying on me?" she inquired, raising her eyebrows.

"What, no, I haven't been doing that, Kandace," I corrected her, jerking back somewhat. "I just happen to see some guys coming and going every now and then, that's all."

"Don't worry, I'm just kidding," she laughed, scrubbing my bare ankle. "So, you don't have any woman down on her knees sucking your dick from time to time?"

My eyes widened and I shook my head no.

"That's too bad, a nice and handsome man such as yourself should have a woman that wants to pleasure him. I did that for my guy, but he just liked the sex and not me. I met the cheating bastard a year ago, and just started dating him. There was no friendship or anything like that to start with."

"If you don't mind me asking, how long did you wait before you started having sex with him?"

She broke eye contact and featured a guilty face.

"Was it on your first date?"

"Yeah," she muttered, shrugging her shoulders. "It just happened," she confessed, looking back at me.

"Well, was it good at least?"

"Oh, fuck yes. I rocked his world, dude. My pussy was his wonderland in every way imaginable. I'm sure I made him cum at least twelve times that night. He fucked me doggie style, we both gave each other oral sex and I rode him cowgirl style," she snickered. "I'm sorry, I don't mean be blunt like that."

I stayed quiet for a few seconds and blinked a couple times. "It is alright, Kandace. I'm more confused that you are okay talking to me like that."

"What, we're friends, aren't we?"

"I guess, but not close friends, though."

"Okay then. Maybe we can become closer," she suggested, calmly leaning towards me.

She stopped about a foot in front of me and just stayed there without saying a word for a moment.

She scanned the front of my body. "You are quite sexy too."

'Holy shit, she is making my cock hard now,' I thought, casually covering my crotch with my hands. "Did you have something in mind, Kandace?"

"Maybe you could give me a massage, I would surely appreciate it."

"I could do that for you," I answered slowly.

"Thank you," she said before she smooched my cheek before she got off the couch. "Do you have a massage bed?" she pondered before she took off her tank top.

My eyes just widened as I got sight of her breasts. 'Wow, I can see her tits and they are exquisite. Don't stare, you moron.'

"You usually give massages to people as they are nude, right?"

"Yes," I replied, looking away. "They are, Kandace, but they usually disrobe and lie down on my massage table face down with a towel over themselves before I come in the room."

"Oh, this is probably inappropriate, isn't it? I'm sorry, we are just friends, so I'll cover up."

I peeked back at her to see her hiding her nipples and pussy as she cheesed.

"I guess I'm just used to stripping, I hope you don't think of me as a freak or anything like that."

"I don't, you just caught me off guard," I informed her, covering my rod.

"Where is that table?"

"In the closet over there," I responded before I got up and strolled that way.

I got it out and set up as I did my best not to glance at her. 'Wow, she is something else.'

Although, at one point I caught sight of her feet as her pink silk panties came off them. 'Holy shit, this is her not giving mixed signals?' I thought, bringing out my massage table.

I set it up and calmly peeked back at her. "You can get on there now."

"Thank you," she responded, uncovering herself. "On second though, you can look at me, I don't mind if friends fuck me with their eyes," she mentioned, sitting on the bed. "If your dick gets hard then that's good. You massage ladies all the time, right?"

"Yes," I answered before I swallowed and came up to the left side of her.

"So your cock must get hard all the time," she pointed out, lying down on the table and placing her face in the small hole. "I have a lot of tension all throughout my body. I hope you can get it all out for me."

I just opened my mouth widely and examined the back half of her body. 'She isn't even asking to cover her butt. She has to be coming onto me by just putting herself out there. What other explanation is there?' I thought before I felt my crotch. 'Damn, it is as hard as steel and I feel my load building just from seeing her.'

"What?" she asked, peeking at me. "Do you have stage fright?"

I took a deep breath. "Something like that, would you like me to use massage oil?"

"Oh, yes please," she answered before she put her face back in the hole. "And feel free to eyeball my ass if you like, I'm not one to cover up all the time. I would right now, but I think you like seeing me and I'm becoming more comfortable with you."

"No kidding?" I pondered, grabbing the oil.

I slathered my hands and took another deep breath.

I brought them close to her upper back, but I halted a few inches from her. 'Damn, I'm shaking, sweating like I'm a sauna and I haven't even touched her yet.'

I maintained my position for a moment, but I eventually brought my hands down onto her upper back. I failed to actually move my hands, though, they just pressed onto her harder and harder.

I bit my bottom lip. "Oh, fuck," I whispered, shaking even more.

"Is something wrong, Eric?" she wondered, glancing back at me. "Holy shit, did you just cum in your pants?" she chuckled.

I placed my hands over my mouth and nodded.

"And you are rock hard," she pointed out, smiling before she covered her mouth.

She just kept her eyes on my crotch for a moment as neither of us said a word.

"Fuck, I'm so embarrassed," I mumbled, looking down.

"Oh, shit, you want to have sex with me, don't you?" she inquired, leaning up. "That's why you are so fidgety and nervous, isn't it?"

"That's a fair assumption," I responded, bringing my hands down.

She smiled lustfully and calmly got off the table. She stood in front of me as she just peeked at me. After a few seconds, I had to explore her body. She just let me scan her knockers, skinny arms, legs, and her nicely trimmed pussy.

Although, after a full moment of checking her out, my brown eyes met hers again. She failed to utter a word, but she calmly stepped towards me and blindly brought her hands to my crotch. She rubbed it for a few seconds before I started shaking again.

"Would you like to kiss me?"


She brought her lips right to mine, kissed me for thirty seconds and took my hands in hers.

'Fuck yes.'

Her lips parted from mine. "Would it be a fair assessment that you won't be able to give me a massage until we have sex?"

"You are still technically in a relationship, Kandace."

"And yet, I'm standing here naked and you seem to be mesmerized by me," she reminded me, placing her hands under her breasts. "These are only B-cups, but I can certainly tell you want to fuck me."

My mouth just opened up widely and I shook even more as she kept brushing my crouch.

"I can feel right where you came, Eric. May I ask, what do you charge for massages?"

"I wasn't gonna charge you," I moaned, grinning.

"That's very sweet of you, Eric," she commended me before she kissed me again. "May I give you something else to compensate you?"

I nodded.

"Will you promise me to give me a massage, I really do need one? I feel my emotions zooming around in me and making me want to scream, can you help me out?"


She calmly lowered herself to her knees but kept her eyes on me. "How long have you wanted to have sex with me?"

"I guess since I met you," I groaned through my teeth.

She slowly undid my jean shorts and they fell right down.

My rod flung right out and she wrapped her hand around it while maintaining eye contact. "Wow, it feels pretty big. Would you like me to suck your cock, Eric?"

"No, Kandace," I protested, pushing her hand off my member. "This isn't right, you are still in a relationship."

"So what?" she asked, standing back up with me. "That bastard has been cheating on me, and we both know you are attracted to me," she reminded me, closing the gap between us.

"I know, Kandace," I answered, bringing my hands to her arms. "You shouldn't just cheat back, though."

She instantly brought her lips right to mine and they failed to part for over a minute. As we made out, she massaged my butt with both hands.

Although, once our lips separated, she looked right into my eyes. "Okay, but you aren't gonna ask me to leave, are you? I don't want to be alone."

"No, I'll give you a massage, but I don't think we should have sex."

"Suit yourself," she added, prior to lying back down on the table. "Will you at least keep your wood out? I'd love to eyeball it as much as I can."

"Fine," I replied, taking off my boxers too.

I doused my hands in oil again and coming up to her right side.

"In my defense, you are pretty cute, Eric."

"Thank you," I answered, bringing my hands back to her upper back. "And you have quite a smooth body, Kandace. I'd love to have sex with you if you weren't in a relationship," I mentioned, rubbing it.

"I understand, it was wrong to come onto you. I bet you have chicks sucking that cock every night, don't you?"

"No, I do not. I already told you that."

"That's too bad."

"Okay," I added, moving my hands to her lower back.

She quit speaking for a while after that but started vibrating and moaning a little bit. I also heard her giggling, so I smiled. My schlong never went down, as I moved my hands in small, but frequent strokes and in long and slow ones too.

In no time at all, I felt my member shaking all by itself. I began breathing in and out ever so heavily and some drops of sweat fell off my head too. As I went into the fourth minute, I found myself becoming incredibly sexually attracted to her.

From one second to the next, my hands slid right down onto her butt. 'Holy shit, I'm touching her there,' I thought, jiggling even more before my fingers accidently slipped down to her slit. "Oh, I'm sorry, Kandance," I apologized, backing away and waving my hands.

She calmly leaned back up and peeked at me. "It is alright, Eric. I offered to give you a blowjob not too long ago. You may touch me all you want, I don't mind. You may touch my boobs, stomach, pussy or anywhere else. I trust you," she made clear, getting off the table.

She slowly strolled to me, wrapped her hand around my wood and looked slightly up into my eyes. "You are sweating your ass off, Eric. Why don't you take off this white t-shirt? I'd love to see you completely naked."

I swallowed but fulfilled her request.

"Oh, you are quite sexy too, stud. Now place your hands back onto my butt and hold me close to you."

"No," I objected, backing away somewhat.

"Why?" she pondered, stroking my rod. "You want me, so have me. Once you do, it won't be so hard to see me naked and massage me. Who cares if I'm technically still in a relationship?"

Suddenly, I began twitching around a bit. I did my best to keep my mouth shut and not to let my seed loose, but it was no use. She had the sexual power and she was using it as a sexy seductress. I felt powerless, but I seemed to love it that way as she got my sexual juices flowing.

"Give your hot neighbor's stomach and breasts a touch of your cum, Eric. I want you to," she mentioned, angling my member up.

"Okay, you seducing woman," I moaned, closing my eyes and wrapping my arms around her.

A few seconds later, my dick unleashed my load right onto her preferred targets. There was still a small gap between us so I could squirt her properly. I still held her rather tightly the whole time and felt myself nearly take off.

After I was done, I stayed on her and let out a deep breath. She just maintained her position as well but brought her hands up my upper back. She caressed it and kissed my neck a few times as well.

After a few cooling down minutes, she gently pushed me off her and looked at me for a moment in silence. "Eric, kiss me."

I licked my lips for a few seconds, calmly brought them over to hers and positioned my palms on her face. We made out for a few minutes as we made one another feel good. Her hands stayed off my johnson, but it was still pumping.

'I have no idea where this could go, but I'm not about to stop.'

After a couple minutes, we got closer to each other and our fronts began touching, so my member went up against her stomach. My hands slithered down onto her butt and rubbed it, softly. Our make out session went on for over ten minutes, but then our lips mutually parted. We both looked at one another for a moment in silence.

"Would it be fair to say you've performed solos thinking about me, Eric? Obviously, you really have a giant thing for me."

"No, I couldn't disrespect you like that, even if you never knew about it," I muttered, breathing heavily.

"Really?" she wondered, escorting her hands back to my dick. "You've never actually masturbated thinking about having sex with me?" she asked, stroking it.

"Well, sometimes I just picture you nude, washing the dishes or cleaning the apartment," I responded, grazing her butt. "I just wanted to get together naturally. Little did I know that you'd throw yourself at me."

"Well, we haven't had sex yet," she reminded me before she kissed me. "We both know the answer, but I'm gonna ask anyway: would you like to screw me?"

"What about the cheating bastard?"

"What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. He certainly doesn't need to know that you spattered my breasts, stomach, and pussy with your seed. That'll just be our little secret, fair enough?"

"Are you gonna ask me for another massage?"

"Yes, are you going to charge me, Eric?"

"No, but will you have ulterior motives when asking?"

"Maybe, but you've really never fantasized about having sex with me?"

"Not sex, no."

"That is somewhat sweet of you, but now I think you should stop that now. If you want to masturbate and think of me like that, then do it. You may think about me giving you a blowjob, you licking my nipples or anything you want, I don't mind."

"You really don't?"

"No," she answered, getting right in my face. "Although, I'd much prefer for you to just to come to my apartment and tell me you want to have sex."

"Okay," I moaned, jiggling around frequently. "I'll do that, and if you want to fuck me, you can just tell me too. You don't have to just strip to grease the wheels. I'm pretty sure you've coated them perfectly forever."

She kissed me again. "What do you fancy doing right now? Anything you want to do, we'll do it. Just for the free massage."

"Are you screwing with me?"

She shook her head no and laid one more kiss on my lips. She just continued to rub my rod ever so slowly as I just tried to comprehend the proposed actions. I looked all around us, but I noticed that her eyes remained on me.

"I want to have sex on my couch, Kandace," I mentioned, glancing back at her.

"You don't want to do it on the bed?"

"I was hoping we could work up to that."

"Fair enough, which style would you prefer?"

"Cowgirl, please."

"Classy choice," she mentioned before taking my hand and taking me to my couch.

She pushed me onto it and instantly got down onto her knees.

She took my rod in her right hand. "This is nice and hard, Eric. Too bad there aren't any other ladies here to appreciate it," she pointed out, stroking it.

"Well, you are here now."

"Very true," she agreed, coming up with me.

She got right onto my lap and brought her tits close to my face. "Most guys feel my melons with their hands first, but I'm gonna allow you to feel them with your face," she told me, gently pushing them onto my face.

"Thank you," I moaned, rubbing it on them.

She giggled somewhat, but then I felt her hand down on my johnson. "I'm glad you like them, so I know you'll love this," she stated before she guided it into my slit.

"Oh, I do love that," I let out, bringing my hands to her butt. "Now ride me, sexy lady."

"I will," she said, arching her back and placing her palms on my stomach. "You'll never stop taking this as payment, will you?"

"No, I won't, Kandace," I replied, caressing her ass. "Wow, you are so much sexier than I ever imagined. Damn, I should have asked you out months ago."

"Yes, you could have gotten countless blowjobs and cowgirl rides since I moved in. I would have dumped that jerk right then and rocked your world that night. I'm a dirty and naughty woman that needs to be taught a lesson. I certainly hope you'll be gentle with me, though."

I leaned up against her and kissed her. "We'll see about that."

She wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me right back. "Good to know," she responded before she pushed me back.

The top half of her body immediately began bouncing up and down off me. I did my best to just look at her face, but with her amazing tits flopping around too, it was impossible for me not to peek at them.

"Don't worry, you can eyeball my melons, they are meant to be treasured by anyone who loves them. Especially by hot hunks like yourself, Eric. I certainly hope you like my pussy too, it is rather lubed up because of your giant cock."

"Enough talking now, Kandace. Everything that needs to be said, has been, you twisted floozy."

"Fair enough," she added before she kissed me once.

Suddenly, her bounces got even bigger. So much bigger that her pussy nearly came off my member and the couch left the surface of the floor too. After a moment, I had my hands slither onto her hips.

'Damn, this chick is nuts, to say the least. She wanted to fuck me from the start, so maybe she really did know I had a thing for her. Why else would she come onto me so hard?'

She smiled at me, but I couldn't smile back. 'I just feel so out of it already, this chick is weakening me more and more by the minute. She is so sexy and combined with the crush I have on her, I just feel her taking a huge toll on me now. She’s been riding me nonstop for over five minutes like she is on a mechanical bull. Who the fuck is this chick?'

"Holy shit, Eric, your dick is enormous and is making my pussy hurt. I don't give a shit, though, I'll keep going until I make you cum. I want to make your fantasy a reality," she made clear, coming back towards me. "You can admit it, you masturbated thinking about fucking me at least once, didn't you?"

"Maybe I did, you aren't mad are you?"

"No," she answered, getting off me.

She got down on her knees and took my johnson into her hand. "I'm just mad that you didn't confess your crush sooner, I would have loved to be sucking on your cock that whole time," she spoke before she took it into her mouth.

"I'll definitely know better next time, Kandace. Holy shit, I'd rather cut my hands off than charge you for a massage," I moaned, placing my hands on my head, but still looking at her.

She calmly let my schlong out. "Good, now be nice and share your cum with my face too. Once you are done, I want you to massage my face with it."

"You are truly a sick bitch, Kandace."

"Very true," she agreed before she took my wood back into her mouth.

"Yes, go all the way down to the base and have my entire eight-inch cock in your mouth. You know the right way to this man's heart. Well, one of the two, I guess I'll have to get you to cook for me some time to be sure if you know the other way too," I muttered, scrubbing her head.

I stayed back as she began thrusting her delicate lips onto my extra hard pecker. I desired to look right at her, but she was hitting all the right buttons which paralyzed me somewhat. With every single passing thrust of her lips, I felt her pushing me a little further towards the edge.

I felt my load building and begging to blast out, but I did everything I could to slow the process down. I had no idea how long I could last, but I was prepared to find out. Even without my hands on my face, I felt drops of sweat flowing down it.

Soon after that, I found myself beginning to vibrate a little more. I moved my head back towards her and I looked right at her face. She was grinning somewhat, but she suddenly went all the way down and stayed there. Her eyes stayed on mine the whole time.

I move a little bit of hair out of her eyes. "No, I've never had a happy ending massage, where I was the masseur or a client."

She very calmly let my schlong out. "Why not?" she asked, taking it in her right hand. "You have this great cock to fuck hot ladies with. I'm pretty damn sure you'd get a shit load of repeat customers if you'd just give them that happy ending."

"I'll remember that for next time," I moaned, wiping my forehead.

She nonchalantly climbed up with me and kissed me while her hand maintained it's position. "On second thought, maybe you should just exclusively give me those 'Happy ending' massages. I'll make them extra happy if you'd like me to," she stated, rubbing my dick.

"What, you mean you want us to start seeing each other?"

"Maybe, if you'll have me, Eric," she answered before she kissed me one more time and went back to my schlong.

She took it right back into her mouth and arched neck so her eyes met mine again. She began thrusting her lips, but also managed to snatch my hands. She transported them right back to the top of her head. I had no choice, but to slant my head back completely.

I stayed there for a few more minutes and felt myself moving closer and closer to the edge. "Oh, I could see doing this up to three times a week, or even more. A sexy woman like you shouldn't be shared, maybe I'll cut myself off from everyone else if you do the same."

She tugged on my arms slightly and I peeked back at her.

She let my cock out one more time. "Well, remember, you don't have to massage me if you want to have sex, you can just tell me or wine and dine me," she proposed, rubbing my pecker onto her cheek. "I'm a classy, but horny woman, Eric. A relationship is a two-way street, but I'm willing to come down your way if you are willing to return the favor. That does include massaging my lips, and I don't mean the ones I'm currently talking with. Is that okay with you, hung man?"

My top half of my body began gyrating a bit. "Yes, that is fine."

"Are you about to cum for me, Eric?" she pondered, rubbing the head downward on her nose.

"Yes, I am, Kandace," I moaned, glancing at her.

"Give me all you have to give, you masseur," she commanded me, holding it tight only a couple inches in front of her face.

I did my best to keep my eyes on her, but as my cum was on it's way out, I slanted my head back again and covered my face with both hands. Once again, I felt cold down there right before I had to shoot, but as I did, it just jumped to steaming.

"Oh, fuck, Kandace," I moaned, letting my first stream out.

I kept my hands there as I let out a few more shots and she tightened her grip on my member. With every passing shot, the toll on me got a little stronger, but it was worth it. By the time I was done, I wasn't sure I could actually get up and walk around.

"Thank you, Eric. I might have to leave you an extra large tip," she pointed out, taking my hands.

She yanked me up with her that only put about a foot between us. "Thank you for your extra special massage oil, now I need you to rub it all in for me. Massage your new girlfriend's face with your seed."

I lazily brought my hands to her cheeks and set them down. "You are a kinky bitch, I'll give you that," I branded her, rubbing her cheeks.

"I know, but you aren't. Well, not yet anyway. I'll change that, and then it won't seem so weird to give me the 'Happy ending special'. If you are really lucky, maybe I'll start sucking your manhood while you are still massaging me. Hell, maybe I'll get you off so well, you'll be able to massage with just your cum. You won't need any real massage oil because you have that cock and I can suck it all out with my mouth. Do you like the sound of that?"

"Yes, I do, Kandace."

A few seconds later, I lay back down flat on the couch and she lazily followed me.

She lay down on top of me with her back to my front.

I directly wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. "Oh, fuck that guy, he cheated, so you are mine now," I declared as my hands landed on her melons.

"Yep, that bastard dumped a perfect ten, so his loss is your gain."

'A perfect ten? Maybe, I guess.'

We cooled down with smiles on our faces as all the light outside disappeared.

"Although," she said, turning towards me. "Don't think I'm gonna keep walking that twenty feet down here. I'm gonna make you come to my place every now and then too. So, I certainly hope the massages you give me won't be awkward anymore."

"Somehow," I spoke, lightly pushing her onto her back. "I think I'll be fine," I pointed out, grabbing onto my cock.

My member sought shelter in her slit and I grabbed onto her thighs.

"I can see that," she mentioned, placing her palms onto my butt. "I guess I'll have to stay on the pill, now make love to me."

We had sex quite a few times, but I eventually did finish her massage. Now she is my number one client.