Surreal Facebook conversation: Fantasy coming true?

Info Tristan LeMay
28 Dec. '17

Holy fuck, guys! I just had the most surreal Facebook conversation a few hours ago. I’m still hard just thinking about it. This straight guy I’ve known for a few years now – his name is Josh –, who usually tells me about his problems with the ladies (he’s always getting into complicated relationships with some crazy bitches, including two kids and one on the way, with two different mothers) and counts on my relationship advice, just opened up with:

“My gf asked me something and I don’t know how to ask. lol  I need to ask you this as a friend. How do you ask a man to let me take him with my gf watching/maybe joining?”

Take him?  Uh… does he mean what I think he means?

I couldn’t believe he was asking me this. You see, way back when we first knew each other, one night, when I was feeling really vulnerable, I sort of leaned in – in a moment of weakness – hoping Josh would let me kiss him on the mouth. Just that one time. He’s always known I’m bi but he’s always been 100% straight and I knew that, too. So that one time I tried to kiss him, he pulled away even though I said: ‘Dude, I just need to feel close to somebody’ but he wasn’t ready to go that far so we had just hugged for a while, which had been nice. But not at all sexual. Anyway, as I was reading his Facebook question, I really couldn’t believe he was asking me this. So I wanted to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding.

ME: You mean have anal sex with him while she watches or joins in? Having kind of a three-way?

I knew he’d had plenty of threesomes with two girls because he’d always be in relationships with really sexual girls who were always looking for more sex. He’d even been with girls who’d fuck around behind his back when he was away for a while. But Josh thinking of even TOUCHING another cock? Wow!

JOSH: Yeah.

Holy crap! Really?

ME: It obviously depends on the relationship you have with the guy already. Is this guy a friend? Somebody you know? Or are you just going to look for someone who you know is already into that? That would obviously make it easier.

JOSH: Haven’t got anyone yet. And right now you’re probably jumping in the air with your hand up screaming me me lol

I thought that was a bit presumptuous AND pretentious of him, but I have to admit, my cock jumped to attention!

ME: Haha! Well, honestly, I’m not because I’m not that into anal sex. I’m more into oral.

But just thinking about having Josh’s cock in my mouth was making me even harder. Shit!

JOSH: My gf just mentioned that she’d like that. And I did think of u.

Holy fuck! Really?

JOSH: And not necessarily anal lol. She never saw two guys. But would like to see me suck and get sucked … kiss… etc.

What?  I couldn’t believe he was really considering this. Was he?

ME: I thought you were totally turned off by that kind of thing.

JOSH: I was… She gave me some fantasies. Made mine come true. And now I’ll give her hers.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I couldn’t believe what I was reading. But still, I needed to check…

ME: It’s really nice of you. And you think you could do it?

JOSH: Thanks. Sure I can.

ME: Because it’s one thing to want to make your girlfriend happy but it’s another to er, spring into action… ;-)

JOSH: lol

ME: That’s not only sweet and cool but… really hot, dude.

JOSH: lol I know. Get ur mojo going? But will have to do some planning for this ‘cause we can’t just hop over to your place or have you come over.

ME: Of course!  Must admit, I did not expect a Facebook conversation with you at lunch time would ever make me semi hard! Lol

JOSH: Haha.

ME: So yeah, I guess we could have some long-distance foreplay for a while and, maybe in the spring, you guys could come over for dinner and we could see how it goes, huh? No pressure.

JOSH: Maybe before the spring.

Shit. Was he serious? He sounded like he couldn’t wait for this to happen!

ME: Sure. Why not? But honestly, I’m still wondering if you’re pranking me, right now.

JOSH: I’m not. U know me better than that.

Wow… do I really? Know him better than that, I mean? I know that I’ve had the hots for this straight, ginger guy for some time and that I was sure I’d never even see him naked. Now, he’s telling me he’d like to kiss me, suck my cock, have me suck his while his pregnant girlfriend watches us get it on. And maybe even join in?

Well, one thing’s for sure. I know what I’ll be fantasizing about when I jerk off tonight.