Window Sex Part II Enter Belinda

The next afternoon when I got home from my classes, I walked into Madeleine's room. Her door was ajar. Florenz was in there, luxuriantly sprawled naked on the chaise, languidly caressing himself. Madeleine was seated in a chair at her desk and wearing cut-off jeans and a sweatshirt. "Hey," I said and sat down on the edge of the bed. There was a piece of paper rolled into the typewriter on the desk. "I love that you actually use this thing," I said.

Madeleine snorted humorously. "I'm good. I'm very fast. And I don't have to wait for it to boot up. I've decided to write a pornographic novel. A roman á clef, actually, about our...uh...experiences. I'm just finishing up my description of last night. Florenz here..." and she nodded towards the masturbating figure on her chaise..."is providing some artistic ambience. Here, light this joint." She took a half smoked joint from the ashtray next to her typewriter and handed it to me. I picked up a book of matches and lit it. Just then, Belinda came swaggering into the room. She is our other housemate. She is tall and blond. She was wearing a tan skirt suit, very suave and sophisticated. I handed her the joint as she entered and she took a hit and returned the joint to me.

"I thought I would find something worthwhile going on here and so I have," she remarked cheerily. "Here's Maddy like Vita Sackville-West whacking away at her typewriter while the beautiful Florenz, like a character from Petronius providing an inspirational background, like erotic wallpaper. Hey, do you like my threads?"  She twirled around to show off her suit. "I just started the new job."

"The weatherperson job?"


Belinda is a grad student in communication. She aspires to be a newscaster.

"The outfit is tres chic," Maddy said. "Very much so indeed."

"I think it contains my breasts pretty well. The trouble with having really big boobs is that it actually hinders a serious career. People don't take you seriously or else they are afraid of the fundamental obscenity of your appearance. Of course, for a weatherperson, it is more of a plus because there is a culture of allure associated with presenting the weather. I mean, what else do you need for that kind of professional presentation but good looks?"

"I see what you mean," Maddy said. "I guess I can look forward to a successful professional career, according to your theory."

"Don't take it personally, Maddy," Belinda told her. "It's just a theory that's out there."

"Boob theory?" Maddy asked.

"Very funny." Belinda took a seat next to me on the bed and we shared the remainder of the joint.

"Guess what?!" Belinda exclaimed. "This afternoon I met the young person nextdoor."

"The little minx?" Maddy asked.

Belinda made a quizzical face. "The little minx?"

"Bess Carver," Florenz explained. "That's what Maddy calls her."

Belinda nodded.

"Oh my God, Belinda!" I said. "What happened?!"

Belinda laughed. "I didn't know it was such a big deal. Well..." She bit her lip coyly. "She was sitting on that back step where her yard meets the alley, you know, smoking a cigarette and blowing out great puffs of smoke, her cute little head tilted up."

We were all leaning forward expectantly at this point.

"And she says, 'Hello,' and I say, 'Hello, Elizabeth,' and she says, 'You know me?' And I said, 'Of course; you're my nextdoor neighbor. I'm Belinda.' And then I took her right hand in both of mine in a caressing handshake..."

"Sort of like the one she gave me," I said.

"Hmm. Okay. Anyway, I really like her. She is very appealing." For the words very appealing Belinda drew out the phrase in a deep, rumbling, erotic timber, and then continued: "So then she said, apropos of what, I don't know, 'Are you a nudist?' What would prompt that, I wonder?"

"What?!" the three of us exclaimed in unison.

"You guys know something I don't?"

"Uh well," Maddy explained. "Last night the three of us, Sage, Florenz, and me, put on a show for her in Sage's window."

Belinda put one hand to her forehead. "Oh jeez! You guys! And so she watched you actually doing things?"

"Maddy's writing it up now in the pornographic novel she's writing," Florenz said. Belinda looked at the typewriter and nodded.

"So what did you say?" I asked.

"I said, 'Well, yes, I guess...I don't know. I mean there's nothing wrong with the human body, is there? What about you? Do you believe in nudism?'"

I put the burnt out roach into the ashtray and resumed my seat on the bed. "You asked her that? Oh fuck! And then what?"

"She got a quizzical look. Then she felt around for her cigarettes because the first one was finished. So I gave her one of mine and lit it for her. She blew smoke out her mouth. And then she turned her head to one side, thoughtfully, you know, and said, 'I think I could get into that. Yes, I think maybe I could.'"

"And then?" Maddy asked.

"And then she thanked me for the cigarette, blushed, and said goodbye, and ran up her sidewalk to her back porch."

"So," I asked, "is this some cryptic code for her stripping for us?"

"I wouldn't know," Belinda said, shrugging. "I wasn't in on the gag."

"Wouldn't it be cool to see her dancing naked for us?" Maddy asked.

"Jeez," Belinda said. "You're just going to have window sex. Maybe you should actually engage her in person."

"I don't know if we're ready for that," Maddy mused, biting her lip thoughtfully. "I do like the looks of her though."

"So we're going to put on a show tonight?" Belinda asked. "I can put these big breasts to good use."

Of course we had to wait for nightfall and also for Bess to be there at her window. Florenz came into Maddy's room at eight-thirty, where Maddy, Belinda, and I were waiting, Maddy in her more or less customary bra but this time with no panties and instead she wore a garter belt with nylons. I was wearing only white silk boxers, and Belinda was au naturel. She has a fit figure and while she is tall, slender, and buff, her breasts are the kind that are narrow at the top where they are hinged to her chest and then broad at the bottom, where they sway at waist level. Whew! When she is braless, the slightest movement sends them swaying precariously.

Anyway, Florenz entered the room flushed with excitement. "I just saw Bess," he said. "She was ambling up her back sidewalk from the alley to her house. I was on our back porch and waved to her. She waved back. I smiled and she smiled. Then I stood by the fence and she came over and I offered her a cigarette and asked her how her day was. And the two of us stood there smoking for a few minutes and then we nodded at each other..."

"Knowingly? Nodded knowingly?" Belinda supplied.

"Whatever. Then we both went inside our respective back doors."

"Okay," Belinda said, "Let's check out the situation." She headed into the hallway and went into my room.

Maddy stood up. "Should I feel bad about stealing your girlfriend? I mean, I know how much jackin' off for her meant to you. Now you have to share her with the rest of us."

"Don't worry," I said.

We went into my room, Florenz stripping on the way. Belinda was already primping in front of the window. "I checked," she whispered, moving away from the window. "She's sitting at her window in the dark, smoking a cigarette." Belinda fell backwards onto my bed, where she was plainly visible from Bess's window. Belinda's rather amazing boobs lay sprawled dramatically off to each side of her, actually lying upon the bed next to her torso. It was quite a sight. Florenz was standing on the other side of the bed, beating off, I removed my drawers and got onto the bed next to Belinda, and then Maddy squatted over me, thrusting her clitoris into my mouth. Belinda jumped up and turned over, getting onto all fours on the bed. "Florenz," she croaked hoarsely, "come here and fuck me. From behind." She turned to us and said quietly, "This'll really make my boobs swing and spin. Just wait."

Florenz crouched on the bed, mounted her from behind, and thrust into her. I could see her breasts shaking and twirling dramatically, though when I paused to look, Maddy pushed my face back onto her erect clitoris.

"I love this," Belinda called out. "Your dick is monstrous inside me! This is just what I need." Her voice came out staccato because of the jarring from the intercourse. "Maybe after this," she went on, "you guys can give me a womb massage."

"Oh boy!" Maddy said, pressing her genitals even more tightly against my mouth. I was in fact deepthroating her clit. After she came, she physically pulled Florenz off of Belinda's backside, turned Belinda over, and cautiously worked her entire hand into Belinda's vagina, while Florenz and I watched and whacked off.

Finally, when the orgasms were over, we trudged back to Maddy's room to regroup. "I wonder when we are going to see Bess in the altogether," Maddy mused. "Her lights are still out. Sage, your job is going to be to watch and see if she decides to return the favor. I will see if I can pass some subtle hints along to her when I see her smoking in the backyard."

"Okay, it's a plan," Belinda said, idly bouncing her breasts up and down with her palms. “Eliza, Elizabeth, Betsy, and Bess!” she recited gaily.