Second Fiddles

Info Tristan LeMay
29 Feb. '16

   When I met Chandra, I knew my life would never be the same. I’d joined the Vienna Philharmonic six months earlier when she joined the ensemble as a second violin. As soon as she walked into the rehearsal hall, I felt an animalistic passion stir inside of me and I just knew I needed to be with her. I’d never felt quite as strongly for any other woman before and somehow, the stars aligned because she just happened to look my way as she was tuning up and she later told me that there were instant sparks for her, too.

   Of course, everybody says the world of classical music is a small one and that everybody ends up knowing everybody or at least knowing of everybody, but still… what are the odds that a cellist from Lyon, France and an African-American violinist from Queens, New York would meet when they would both become members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and marry less than a year later?

   Like I said, Chandra and I had an instant attraction when we saw each other, but this physical pull really transpired in the bedroom. Nothing disappointed. The first time we kissed, it was totally electric. The first time her hand felt my crotch through the fabric of my trousers, my cock screamed out to be inside her anyway it could. The first time I touched her small, perky, ebony left breast, its nipple became stone hard and begged me to suck and nibble on it. Our clothes came off so fast, the only thing I really remember is that our bodies were tighter than violin strings and the smell of our fluids blending together with the diesel fumes from her rented Volkswagen Beetle in the underground parking lot of the concert venue we played in Amsterdam!

   That time, I remember having one gnawing regret and that was that I hadn’t had a chance to taste – or even see – the incredible pussy that had so eagerly swallowed my cock whole and had given me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I had ever had. I remember wanting to find myself alone with Chandra again as quickly as I could so that I could see, taste, smell, touch that unbelievably talented slit because I was sure it would be as beautiful, delicious, fragranced and soft to my eyes, fingers, nose and mouth as it had been to my ravenous, energetic penis. Chandra was my first black woman and I guess part of my urgency had something to do with curiosity. I remember, just hours after that first love-making session in the car, jerking off in the bathroom of the hotel room I shared with two other guys from the orchestra, fantasizing about my tongue slapping against Chandra’s dark pussy lips and poking her rock-hard clit while she moaned and groaned, rocking her hips against my face. I shot a huge load onto the long mirror, panting and muffling my groans while holding onto the wall with my free hand.

   – Ça va, mec ? had asked my friend Günter with his heavy Austrian-German accent and an amused tone that was indicative that he knew what was going on inside that bathroom.

   The next day, when we hit Stuttgart, Chandra and I managed to get some alone time in her “female hotel room” because Günter had asked Vladimir and I – not so subtly, I might add – if we would mind giving him a bit of privacy so he could hook up with Uma, who just so happened to be Chandra’s roommate. Perfect, right?

   I finally got to taste Chandra’s delicious slit, lapping at those quivering pussy lips, slipping my tongue inside her and teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, feasting on her abundant pussy juices. Apparently, my nice oral work got Chandra worked up because she quickly went down on my pole and gave it a mind-blowing tongue lashing that made my whole body tingle.

   Since I had not missed a drop of her pussy juice, Chandra had decided that she would drink down every last blast of cum that would shoot out of my rock-hard pole. When I started cuming, I thought my knees would give out and I’d just disintegrate on the hotel room floor, right there, next to the bed. But I didn’t. I just savored the moment and let Chandra drive my cock crazy for as long as she wanted, sending unbelievable bolts of electricity from my cock head to my brain. When she stood up and kissed me, my cock still hard, pressed against her belly, I just knew. She was a keeper. And when she effortlessly slipped my cock inside her pussy while rapping her left leg around my ass, I thought I’d lose it again. She slapped her box against my pubes, fucking herself with my pole as though I had just been there for the ride.

   Who knew a violinist could also have contortionist capabilities? When she brought back her leg and put her foot on my shoulder without missing a beat and without letting my bulging cock out of her pussy, I thought I would erupt again. As though she felt that I was close to exploding, she suddenly stopped pumping my cock with her tight pussy and just stared into my eyes.

   – I’d really like to ride you, she said. You think you’d like that?

   I was winded and sort of in shock so I just nodded. She smiled and hung on to my neck while she lifted her other foot off the floor. She was like a monkey hugging a tree with a branch shoved up its cunt. Unbelievably hot! I turned around and lay down on the bed. Not one second did my hard cock slip out of her wet, eager pussy. It was as though we were cemented together, yet when she started bouncing on my pole, we were anything but stuck. She rocked her hips, bobbed up and down, gave my cock a real pounding and yet regularly reached around her ass to rub my bouncing balls as though she was egging them on.

   When I felt my balls leap up against her vagina, my mind started racing and I leaped up myself, slipping her right breast into my mouth and biting down with my lips, making her wince with a mix of pain and pleasure. She came as I did, her pussy juices dripping down on my balls while my cock exploded inside her. She kept rocking against my pole and even lifted herself up a little so my semen dripped out of her, making a mess all around my still-hard dick. When I released her tit, she pushed me down on the bed and kissed me with her panting mouth. Then, she pulled herself off my cock and turned around, pushing her dripping pussy onto my mouth, making me taste her juices and my cum, and giving me a clear angle so I could slip a finger inside her to rub her g-spot.

   Oh the moans she made! I’ll never forget how they reversed what was happening to my softening cock. Man! She was hot and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, right then and there.

   Flash forward to last week when the Orchestra was in London, England for a series of five concerts. After the first show, some of the guys and girls gathered in one of the lounges backstage and had a few drinks. Chandra and I were cuddling on one of the love seats and she whispered into my ear:

   – What do you think of Claudia?

. I twisted my neck to look at my wife and knitted my brow.

   – Well? she insisted.

   I looked over to the olive green couch where first violin Claudia Mendoza Gonzalez was sitting with her boyfriend, percussionist Filip Obradović from Croatia. I wondered what Chandra was expecting from me. Did she want me to tell her that she was much sexier than Claudia? That I could never be interested in somebody like Claudia? I mean, how could I not? Claudia is an amazingly voluptuous goddess from Spain with breasts that would make a gay man straight!

   – I don’t know, I ventured cautiously. Why do you ask?

   – Because I think she's gorgeous and I would like to have a foursome with Filip and her.

   I was both shocked and aroused. I felt my cheeks become flushed, blood rushing to my face, and my cock start twitching, blood rushing to my pole.

   – What?

   – Oh come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about her. I’ve imagined myself playing with her nipples and going down on her…

   I gulped.

   – … so there is no way you haven’t fantasized about her.

   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but my imagination was working overtime. I could just visualize everything Chandra was saying.

   – And I’ve imagined myself with Filip, too.

   – What? I repeated again.

   – And do you know what I would really like? Watch your cock pump Claudia’s pussy while I ride Filip. Would you like to see that, too?

   I thought I was dreaming. This conversation couldn’t possibly be happening for real, could it?

   – But honey, we're married!

   Chandra chuckled.

   – I know. That’s why this would be so perfect. We wouldn’t be cheating on each other because it would happen with the other’s consent and we’d even both profit from getting aroused by what the other was doing.

   – Wow…

   That was the only word that could come out of my mouth, as though it was the only way I could actually process this eventually happening.

   – And how and where would this happen? I managed to ask, intrigued and nervous all at once.

   – No time like the present… and no better place than here.

   – What?

   I hadn’t realized my voice had gone up and I had almost shouted my response. I looked around and saw that only two couples were still left in the lounge with us: Filip and Claudia, and Sami-Li and Ang, the beautiful Chinese flutist and her clarinetist husband.

   – And what about them? I asked, as though Ang and Sami-Li were the only obstacles in my wife’s crazy scheme.

   – What about them? she threw back at me. Sami-Li is so incredibly sexy with that shy thing she has going on and Ang isn’t half bad for a Chinese guy.

   Again, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I made sure the two other couples had gone back to what they were doing and weren’t looking at us anymore before I said:

   – Do you know that could be perceived as racist?

   – Oh come on! You know that’s not what I meant. Have you ever been with a Chinese woman before?

   – Uh, I… well…

   I could feel my cock stirring in my pants more than ever, as though my whole body was getting ready to have sex with Claudia and Sami-Li while all my senses were stimulated by bearing witness to my own wife sharing her gorgeous body with a hot Croatian guy and an equally seductive Chinese guy who was probably an amazing lover under that conservative-looking veneer.

   – I’ve fantasized about it, I admitted.

   I don’t know why I didn’t tell Chandra about that Summer between my first two years of College when I hooked up with Souyuan, a beautiful Chinese percussionist who had come to La Sorbonne to complete a PhD in music and who had completely seduced me with her amazing talent and hypnotizing sensuality. Maybe because she was the only woman I had ever loved as much as Chandra and the only woman whom I would still drop everything for and run off with if she ever came back into my life.

   – You see? said Chandra. Wouldn’t this just be perfect? Three gorgeous men, three beautiful women, no strings attached… no pun intended.

   Chandra gave me a coy smile.

   – And how would you go about pulling these two other couples into your web of lust? I asked with a touch of irony and the same coy smile.

   – Just watch me.

   Chandra kissed me seductively, with moist lips and just a teasing tip of tongue before she bounced off the love seat and asked, in a round:

   – Anyone up for some champagne?

   The others seemed temporarily surprised, but quickly answered in the affirmative. Clapping her hands twice to indicate her approval, Chandra then walked over to the sound system in the corner and turned on some sexy jazz, clearly setting a mood before turning to the others one by one and swaying toward the ice bucket that contained a brand new bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Still dancing and showing off her beautiful body, she proceeded to pop the cork. Ang, Sami-Li, Claudia and Filip were following her every move with their eyes and seemed just as intrigued as they looked perplexed.

   Since I knew what was going on in my wife’s mind and kept visualizing the red lace panties I had seen her slip on that morning getting wet under her skirt, my cock was twitching crazily inside my pants, but I wasn’t ballsy enough to start rubbing myself in front of everybody, although I was dying to do it. I just sat there and took in the show, pretending I had no idea what was going on.

    As Chandra started distributing glasses of champagne to everyone while dancing over to them as though she was a sexy cocktail waitress or a sultry stripper, I could see that Claudia, Filip, Ang and Sami-Li were chuckling uncomfortably and I started getting worried. Would this thing backfire and would Chandra end up looking like a silly slut who had made a fool of herself in front of her conservative fellow orchestra members?

   Once everybody had a glass of champagne in their hands, Chandra said:

   – This was an amazing evening, guys. Our instruments played in magical harmony tonight, so cheers…

   She lifted her glass and everyone followed her lead before taking a sip of champagne. Chandra, however, chugged her portion and put down her flute before she took Claudia’s hand to pull her into a sensuous dance. Our gorgeous Spanish friend didn’t resist much so Chandra made her twirl and then spooned her, pulling her close and running her hands all over Claudia’s sexy curves while rotating her hips against Claudia’s curvaceous ass. Surprisingly, Claudia didn’t resist and when Chandra pushed away her long, ebony hair to kiss her neck, Claudia really got into it.

   I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing and looked over at Filip, Ang and Sami-Li. They were smiling now and seemed to be okay with the show the beautiful dancers were offering them. I felt a mix of relief and lust, and shifted a bit on the love seat, determined not to touch my bulging cock. When I looked back at Chandra and Claudia, my wife had started caressing her dance partner's ample breasts through her blouse and Claudia had reached behind to sensually rub Chandra’s thighs and butt, still moving to the saxophone and clarinet from the sound system.

   After a while, Chandra slipped one of her hands under Claudia’s skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose and underwear. Claudia was really getting into it, as though this erotic dance show was something they did regularly. Either that or she had completely shut everything out and was just enjoying grinding her pussy against my wife’s agile fingers.

   This extra level of kinkiness started getting to the other people in the room and I spotted Filip start squeezing his hardening cock through his clothes. When my eyes crossed his, he smiled at me with a sort of “can you believe what our wives are doing to each other?” look and I smiled back, taking his smirk as permission to start stroking my own cock.

   After looking back at the dancing girls for a second, I looked over at Ang and Sami-Li and saw that our clarinetist had slipped his hand under his flutist wife’s blouse and was fondling her perky little breasts while she rubbed his crotch.

   “Wow! Everybody’s getting into it,” I thought, my eyes growing wider.

   When Claudia started moaning louder and louder and finally climaxed, her whole body shuddering from Chandra’s nimble pussy rubbing, my wife held her close to make sure she wouldn’t lose her balance. Then, she twisted her around, kissed her sensually on the mouth and slow danced her over to Ang and Sami-Li where she proceeded to undress her, unbuttoning her blouse, and snapping off her cream-colored bra to release her generous, grandiose mother-earth tits for Ang and all of us to feast our eyes on.

   Then, Chandra offered her hand to Sami-Li who, after a few seconds of hesitation, accepted it while clearly wondering what she had in mind. My wife kept dancing as she twirled Sami-Li around as though she was eyeing her with approval. She pulled the beautiful flutist into a sensual samba that didn’t really match with the music, but at this point, nobody cared. She led Sami-Li toward me and twirled her around so that she landed on the love seat next to me. She leaned between my legs and unzipped my trousers, taking Sami-Li’s delicate right hand and slipping it into my fly. My cock twitched in delight and Sami-Li reacted with some surprise. I looked at Chandra and she smiled, getting up again. I started playing with Sami-Li’s tits through her blouse as she squeezed my cock through my briefs.

   As this was going on, I saw that Claudia was now straddling Ang on the couch, her skirt lifted up around her waist and he was nibbling on her ample tits while she dry-humped him through her silk panties. The pantyhose was gone. All this visual stimulation was almost enough to make me shoot my load right then and there in my briefs while Sami-Li pumped my cock. We started kissing and Chandra stripped on her way over to the other couch where Filip had pulled out his hard meat and was stroking it, lustfully eyeing my gorgeous wife.

   I couldn’t believe that only a few minutes earlier, we had all been sitting innocently on different sofas and not even really engaging in anything remotely resembling marital sex and now, we were swapping partners and getting it on with our work colleagues' spouses – who were ALSO our work colleagues – all thanks to my bold and beautiful wife.

   When I looked over again, Filip had completely removed his pants and underwear and was sitting on the couch again, holding his massive, hard cock in his hand, his huge balls dangling on the suede cushion of the sofa. Chandra had removed all her clothes except for those sexy panties I had remembered from the morning. She turned to Sami-Li and I and I saw her back up toward Filip, pull the panties to the side to uncover her pussy and ease herself onto Filip’s uncut prong after he had pulled back his foreskin, uncovering his walnut-sized cock head.

   As Sami-Li released my appreciative cock from my trousers and briefs and went down on me, sucking my rock-hard manhood into the hot mouth I had just tasted, I saw Filip’s hands appear from behind my wife to cup her amazing tits and his big white tree-trunk of a cock pump in and out of Chandra’s black pussy. Chandra was looking straight into my eyes as though I was the one she was making love to and this made this whole experience even more erotic and arousing to me. Sami-Li ended up being as talented at cock sucking as she was at playing the flute. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a link there somehow, as both activities were related to the mouth.

   After a while, my head fell back against the back of the couch and I just enjoyed feeling Sami-Li’s left hand pulling the foreskin on and off my cock head while she tongued and sucked my rod, fondling my balls with her right hand.

   Before I erupted in my geisha’s mouth (that was the extra fantasy element I had added in my mind!), I opened my eyes again and saw that Ang had now gotten naked and was sitting on the floor, his back against the couch, stroking his abundantly hairy cock while a nude Claudia was straddling his face, getting a good Oriental cunnilingus from our clarinet player. Seeing his hand pump his Asian dick and his tongue and lips work on Claudia’s Spanish pussy while she rotated her hips and moaned with pleasure was making me even crazier with lust.

   Suddenly, to my great surprise, just as I thought Filip was going to explode inside my wife’s pussy from all the grunting and moans of pleasure I was hearing, Chandra hopped off his mammoth meat and walked over to Ang, straddling him and easing herself onto his cock, proving to me once again how flexible she is. I couldn’t help but think that after having her pussy stretched by Filip’s cock, Ang’s dick must have felt like it wasn’t even there, but Chandra certainly didn’t look like she didn’t appreciate its presence and seemed like she was going to make the best of it.

   Taking a clue from my wife, Claudia got off Ang’s face and walked over toward Sami-Li and I. That’s when I saw Ang put his hands on Chandra’s hips and caress her lustfully, clearly appreciative of her beautiful body crashing against his own. I got a glimpse of his face and his eyes rolling to the back of his head as his hands crawled up to her bouncing tits and pinched her already erect nipples.

   When Sami-Li felt Claudia’s presence next to us, she pulled her mouth off my cock and I still couldn’t believe I hadn’t cum. Sami-Li kissed me on the mouth, allowing me to taste my pre-cum, smiled and handed me over to Claudia as she walked over to Filip. Claudia unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my chest for a while, kissing me with her supple lips and nibbling on my nipples before she straddled me and easily sucked my bulging cock into her pussy. I couldn’t help but think that Sami-Li’s saliva and her husband’s spit were now mixing together with Claudia’s pussy juice and my pre-cum. This made me even harder and got me humping off the love seat, pumping Claudia’s pussy vigorously, making her spring up and down on my meat and her tits bounce before my delighted eyes.

    Quickly, I felt my balls tense up and my orgasm build up. I looked over at Sami-Li’s petite, naked frame straddling Filip’s face, her little butt twerking away as he lapped at her clit and fingered her pussy with one hand, jacking his cock until I saw three great strings of cum shoot out of his tube, the first one reaching all the way to our little geisha’s ass before dripping onto his chin as she came in his mouth.

   As I erupted inside Claudia’s tensing, climaxing pussy, I looked over at my wife and saw that the force of my orgasm made her own even more intense as she fingered her clit while riding Ang’s cock. I saw his face tense up too and he came inside my beautiful Chandra. I could just imagine what delight he was going through because I knew what it felt to have Chandra’s agile pussy muscles tense up around my knob and pull out every last drop of cum from my cock.

   All six of us collapsed in three heaps of spent passion, catching our breaths and exchanging soft caresses as if our bodies and souls wished to thank each other for the nice time we had shared, thanks to Chandra’s boldness.

   When my wife got up and walked back over to me, the other two wives took her cue and went back to their respective husbands. We all lay there for a while, nude, basking in the afterglow of a really cool, impromptu sex encounter that we had shared with… someone different. Oddly enough, the silence was not at all awkward.

   Chandra kissed me, cuddling close and whispered:

   – So…?

   I didn’t need to say anything. She knew. She knew how happy I was with her and how content she made me. She also knew that I would never turn her down if she ever came up with another one of these crazy ideas.