Are We There Yet?

I couldn’t tell if the waitress knew what we were doing underneath that vintage tabletop.  I mean I guess it really didn’t matter since we would never see that place or her again, but I was still curious to know if she ever figured it out.  Probably should explain.

Things had been very hectic for the both of us, which is a good thing don’t get me wrong.  However, that left us with a lot less time to spend with each other over the past few months.  So when the opportunity arose, we decided to take a weekend road trip to a beautiful bed and breakfast located about five hours from where we both lived.  

The updated bed and breakfast was located in the heart of a quaint little village and was situated on acres upon acres of perfectly manicured lawn.  Gorgeous gardens surrounded most of the bed and breakfast with all of them underneath an umbrella of tall oak trees.  Different types of flowers and foliage were planted all over the garden; providing each section with a different ambiance from tranquil to sensual.  The perfect location for a relaxing romantic weekend.  At least, that’s what the reviews on the website said.  But I guess five hundred plus people couldn’t be wrong when they gave it a five star rating on Tripadvisor.

However, we needed to get there first.  Unfortunately, that was proving to be a little more difficult than it should’ve been.  The drive itself wasn’t too bad, but traffic was kind of a nightmare even though we left right as the morning commute would’ve ended.  Once we got out of the city though, it was actually a pretty peaceful drive with the breeze coming in through the open windows of the black SUV and the radio playing a song about keeping hands to myself.  

A fitting song I suppose since I couldn’t stop touching him in some way or another. Holding onto his hand or fingers running through his hair and down the back of his neck or maybe the cheeky hand caressing the inside of his thigh. I couldn’t help myself, he looked so damn good wearing a loose fit white t-shirt, khaki shorts, white tennis shoes and a sexy pair of aviators.  Hey I wasn’t the only offender here.  He started it by taking my hand in his and bringing it up to his lips,  turning it to softly kiss and lick the pulse point of my wrist as we waited at a red light.

Needless to say, we were both a little turned on when we stopped at a random diner for a quick bite to eat.  The restaurant was packed with people and was the epitome of a fifties diner.  Equipped with booths upholstered in vinyl and tables made with Formica tabletops, a large counter with stools made of the same vinyl material and a large authentic looking jukebox playing all the songs from that era.  We were seated in the back of the restaurant by a woman roughly in her mid forties with a fifties looking diner uniform on; her dirty blonde hair cropped into a short style.  She explained how there may be a bit of a wait due to the lunch rush, to which we told her we were fine with. After taking our drink orders, we thanked her and she left to take care of some of the other customers.

When my eyes averted back to his, I caught him staring a little too long at my chest as he looked me up and down.  My outfit for our road trip consisted of short jean shorts, a loose gray knit cropped t-shirt and white leather thong sandals.  Round gold wire rimmed sunglasses with rose gold reflective lenses sat on the table with my hair thrown up in a messy bun.  Nothing special, just wanted to feel comfortable and cute for the long drive ahead.

I sat back in the booth to give him a better look and smiled at him as he took my hand into his larger one.  His fingers intertwined with mine as the pad of his thumb rubbed the back of my hand; the slightly rough skin sending a small shockwave of pleasure right through me.  He gently pulled me into him, leaning over the table and softly kissed my lips.  The sound of our low moans were almost drowned out by the combination of our connected lips, the happy customers chatting away and the jukebox playing a song about a Rockin’ Robin.

Reluctantly, our lips parted but not before I gave his bottom lip a little bite.  His eyes darkened as he smirked; the tips of his fingers brushing light teasing strokes over the inside of my arm.  My skin prickled at the stimulation and I tried to hide the shiver that ran through my body as the waitress came back over with our drinks.  We both ordered a simple cheeseburger and fries meal, figuring it was the easiest thing to order since we really didn’t look over the menu.  After writing down the order, she took our menus and left to put in our order.

“I’ll be right back,” I said to him as I got up and walked over to the restroom.  As I entered the restroom, My back hit the wall as my mind raced with thoughts of him.  The mix of his scent and the cologne he wore, the v-neck that gave me a full view of his delectable neck and chest, and how I wish he would’ve just followed me into the bathroom.  How I wanted him to push me up against the wall I now laid against and fuck me senseless as my legs wrapped firmly around his waist. His hand would have to cover my mouth to drown out the lusty moans I know would flow from my mouth.  

My eyes fluttered as I bit my lip and traced my fingers along the column of my neck, feeling my body heat up as I thought of his lips following the same course.  I exhaled and pushed myself off the wall, needing to get back before my devious thoughts took over my body.  After doing what I needed to do in the bathroom, I smirked to myself as a wicked thought flashed through my mind.  I pulled my shorts off and slid my panties down my legs, stuffing them into the pocket of my shorts as I went to put them back on.  

I washed my hands and did a once-over in the mirror to make sure my makeup still looked good after the already long drive, then opened the door and walked out into the restaurant.  I noticed the various customers from young to old that were packed in this relatively large diner.  My mind raced with so many wicked thoughts of what I wanted him to do to me as I walked back our table with my black g-string in my pocket.  I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought.

The older couple that was sitting in the booth two rows in front of us got up to leave and I smiled to them as I moved to let them pass through.  They both smiled and thanked me as they passed by; leaving no one in our immediate area.  I checked behind me one more time just to make sure no one was there as I reached our booth.  Sliding my hand into my pocket, I grabbed my panties into a ball and lightly brushed the back of my hand over his neck as I dropped them into his lap.

“Forgot to put these back on,” I whispered in his ear.  “Would you mind holding onto them for me, baby?”

My half-assed attempt at covering up my giggle didn’t really work as I slid back into my side of the booth; loving the lick of his lips as he discreetly pocketed my panties.  “You really think you’re getting these back?”

“Hey, those were expen…”

“Should’ve thought of that before you gave them to me,” He chuckled as he took a sip of his drink.

I huffed in a playful manner and leaned back in my seat as a slow smile creeped onto my face.  His eyes were on mine the entire time I slid my foot from my sandal and slowly began to caress the inside of his thigh; his legs spreading to accommodate me.  As more people finished their lunch and left, new customers entered the restaurant.  Some were seated right away while others went to chat with people they must’ve knew, but all of them paid no mind to our booth in the back.  It was such a thrill that all of them were completely oblivious to what was going on right in front of them.

Leaning back in his seat, he reached down to grab my bare foot and pulled it into his now hard bulge.  Sparks swirled through my body when his rough fingers brushed lightly over the top of my foot and I had to bite my lip to stop the soft gasp that left my mouth.  I wiggled my baby pink painted toes over his bulge and felt him roll his hips into my foot; burning me with that sinful dark stare.

In the midst of all our teasing, one of the customers must’ve switched the jukebox to what sounded like an Elvis song, but I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention as his fingers teased down my ankle and heel.  I licked my lips and slowly ground my foot into him as I watched out for our waitress or anyone else that could walk by.  My eyes averted back to his and I smirked as I saw him mouth a quick ‘fuck’ in my direction.  

Just as both of his hands wrapped around my ankle and held my foot there as his hips bucked into my foot, I saw our waitress out of the corner of my eye with two plates of food.  Gasping softly, I moved to sit up in my seat to hopefully distract her from what was going on under the table.  He stopped what he was doing but held my foot where it was; my eyes widening in his direction.  Thankfully, the waitress turned in the opposite direction of our table and I exhaled which signaled for him to continue.

The look on his face was in complete contrast to the wholesome setting of the diner. Raw, unadulterated lust dripped from his intense eyes.  Plump lips slightly spread as ragged breathing flowed through them; his chest rising and falling at a fast pace.  His movements slowed a bit as he closed his eyes in an attempt to calm himself.  Fuck this really was a bad idea.  We were going to get caught if we kept this up, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop it.

I sat up in the booth and dragged my hand down my stomach to the button of my jean shorts, looking as his hooded eyes watched me unbutton them.  I rested my elbow on the table and my head in my hand, hoping that I looked somewhat normal as I spread my legs and slipped my other hand inside my shorts. was hard to hold back a moan when you’re ridiculously horny and trying to keep quiet.

“Not so easy, huh?”  He asked, his lips turning up into a grin.

My eyes narrowed at him.  “Fuck you,” I mouthed and slowly dragged my middle finger over my clit; my juices already coating both my finger and pussy.  

A sharp ragged breath left my mouth as his hands began to gently massage my foot.  My whole body shivered as his thumbs pressed hard into the center of the arch just as my finger circled around the hardening clit, causing me to shut my eyes closed from the pleasure coursing through my body.  “Keep your eyes open, sweetheart.  You need to make sure our waitress isn’t coming back.”

I groaned and opened my eyes.  A few customers clear across the restaurant had gotten up out of their booth and walked over to the counter to pay, laughing away at something I assumed was funny.  Not even one person looked in our direction.

“The flush staining your plump cheeks,” He said in a low husky tone and started rolling his hips into my foot again, the bulge in his shorts still incredibly hard even after the brief respite.  “Pouty red lips, chest rising and falling with every quickened breath.  I wish I had you on your knees under this table so I can slide my cock between those swollen lips and fuck that gorgeous mouth until my cum drips down your throat.  Do you feel how hard you’ve made me, sweetheart?”

I nodded my head and wiggled my toes harder into his cock, gasping into my hand when a wave of pleasure seethed over my body from my finger stroking faster.  Due to the restriction of my shorts, it was a little difficult to slide my fingers inside me so I unfortunately had to settle for just clitoral stimulation this time.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had his cock buried deep inside me anyway which did help to deal with the aching need for him.  What didn’t help was the intense stare, the sliver of control he had left and that damn voice teasing me.  I wanted to push him over the edge so bad, but I had to be good since we definitely would get caught if I did that.

Turning my head, I saw no one in our vicinity or anyone looking in our direction.  The only things I could hear were the relatively loud chatter and the jukebox playing an unrecognizable song.  My hips began grinding into my finger as I circled it faster over my hard clit.  “Fuck,” I said breathlessly.

“Do you wish it was my hand in your shorts?”

“Yes,” I sighed, biting my lip.

“That’s it sweetheart,” He groaned and stopped his movements as he dropped my foot to the ground.  Leaning in closer to me, he laid his head against his hand and slowly palmed his cock with his other hand.  “Think about how I’m going to spread your naked body out on the king-size bed, tie your pretty wrists and ankles to each of the bed posts and slowly tease your body until I’ve had my fill.”

A moan slipped out of my mouth at the delightful scenario he painted for me.

“Then, when I am done teasing you, I’m going to fuck that wet pussy you’re playing with now until you’ve had,” He looked up and thought for a second.  “Well I guess that would ruin the surprise, so I’ll wait to tell you.  I might not even tell you at all.  I might just...”

I bit my hand in an attempt to quiet myself.  “Please,” I mumbled.

“Are you going to cum, sweetheart?”

I nodded my head; no longer being able to speak without screaming.  My movements were uneven since I was right on the edge of my orgasm, my fingers slick with my juices only heightening the pleasure as they lubed the rapid strokes over my clit.

“When I lean over this table and kiss you, you’re going to cum.  Not before then.  Do you understand?”

“Yes.  Please let me cum.”

He leaned over the table and lightly ghosted his lips right above mine; his teasing breath against my sensitive lips made me involuntarily whimper.  His cologne, natural scent and the faint smell of mint had my hand dropping from the table and digging my nails into the vinyl of the seat, desperately trying not to cry out in the middle of this restaurant.  He smirked at me; his dark eyes playful as he softly kissed my lips.  My moans were somewhat muffled by his kiss as the orgasm washed over my body.  Our tongues wrapped around each others in teasing strokes, helping me to calm down both my breathing and the intense pleasure running through me.  

A few moments later, he sat back in his seat when he knew I was done and softly caressed his fingers over my arm.  “Do you want to go clean up before our waitress comes back?”

I laughed.  “Yeah we probably should.  Wait, what about…”

“It’s fine,” He said, smiling at me.  “My hand’s not going to cut it now, I need to be inside you.  Besides, I just love watching you cum.”

I felt my cheeks redden at his admission as the both of us got out of the booth and headed towards the bathroom.  After freshening up, we walked back to the booth a minute or two before our food arrived.  The waitress thanked us for patiently waiting and asked if there was anything she could get us.  When we told her everything was fine, she began walking away but not before I noticed an odd look on her face.  I brushed the thought out of my mind, chalking it up to paranoia and started eating my food.  Both the burger and fries were perfectly cooked to our liking and told our waitress that as she came back over about halfway through our meal with refills on our drinks and to ask if everything was okay.  I looked up just in time to see the waitress turning away from us with a slightly bemused look on her face.

“I think the waitress knows what happened.  Is there anything out of the ordinary?”

He looked around the booth.  “Not that I can tell.”

“Where are my panties?” I whispered.

“They’re in my pocket,” He said, sticking his hand in the pocket where he put them.  “Yeah they're in there.”

“Sorry,” I sighed happily.  “I must be paranoid.”

After finishing our food, the waitress came back with our check and told us to come back again.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary then and also when we went paid for our food.  To this day, I still don’t know what the look was all about.

Whether she did know or not we’ll never know.  But I will was well worth it.

©2017 Sinful Caramel