Wrapped Up with a Bow: a Crosscannon Roller Derby erotic romance

"Wrapped Up" is the first published story in the Crosscannon series.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Welcome to Crosscannon, PA - a fictional town in suburban southeast Pennsylvania, and home to the Crosscannon Roller Derby league! Crosscannon Roller Derby Lesfic is queer romance/erotica written by a skater. This series aims NOT to fetishize derby, but to portray the sport and community realistically (perhaps a touch idealistically) as the backdrop against which these stories take place. Join the skaters, officials, and volunteers of the fictional Crosscannon league as they navigate the feels, relationships, and sexytimes!

*NOTE TO NOVELTROVE READERS: Crosscannon is written with the roller derby community in mind, and as such it assumes that the reader is familiar with the sport. However, the references in this particular piece are minor, so a lack of familiarity with derby won’t hinder your enjoyment of the story. Thanks for reading! – Jackie



a Crosscannon Roller Derby erotic romance

Jacquelyn Heat


Copyright © 2018 by Jacquelyn Heat

Self published

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Portland, OR

Early November

The game in progress was shaping up to be a blowout. Lynn was losing interest in watching the action on the track and becoming more aware of the fact that she was still wearing her sweaty uniform from the previous bout. Deciding she could really go for a change into dry clothes, Lynn abandoned her spot in the bleachers and went for a walk.

She rounded the corner into the dimly-lit corridor flanked on either side by locker rooms. When she reached her own team’s room, she stepped into the doorway. That’s as far as she got when her breath hitched and she froze in place. Lynn hadn’t expected to find anyone in there. Of course, it wasn’t unusual to run into your teammates coming and going from the locker room during a tournament, but for some reason this time it took her off guard.

Across the room and facing away from the door was Jet – Lynn’s teammate and friend, and the team’s star jammer. She was topless. Jet held up and inspected various tank tops in succession, apparently debating which one to wear. She hadn’t noticed Lynn’s presence in the doorway.

This scene wasn’t anything new for Lynn. She’d seen nearly the entire team in various degrees of undress over the course of their shared derby careers. But she’d never looked at Jet the way she found herself looking now. Maybe it was the lighting? Incandescent bulbs in old hanging fixtures glowed overhead. A warm light cascaded across Jet’s porcelain skin – which Lynn acutely observed was glistening with the faintest sheen of perspiration. Jet’s tattoos shimmered as though they’d been painted on only moments prior and the ink had yet to dry. Her build was very slender. On another day, Lynn might have called her “skinny as a rail” or “wiry”. But in this moment, it wasn’t wire Lynn was looking at. The muscles moving and flexing appeared more like steel cord, or braided mariner’s rope, coiled tightly around Jet’s long arms and tight torso, shifting hypnotically beneath her skin. To Lynn’s eyes, they seemed to be bristling with a kind of strength one would never guess from Jet’s unassuming frame. She wondered how it would feel to be tied up in those powerful ropes, to run her fingers against that taut, slender torso, slick with..

A shiver coursed through Lynn’s entire body. She was suddenly aware of the goosebumps tingling on her bare arms and… an unexpected heat building in her center, pulsing behind the thin fabric of her leggings. She shifted involuntarily and steadied herself on the door frame. The subtle noise of her movement alerted Jet to her presence, who turned with a start and smiled when she saw Lynn.

“Oh! Hey Lizzy!” Jet always addressed Lynn by her derby moniker. She held up a purple and black Thorn City Rollers tank top, “Check it out, I just picked it up at their merch table.”

“Yeah, c-ool!” Lynn’s voice caught and she cleared her throat to cover. But she was also very conscious of how widely she seemed to be smiling back at Jet, and she feared there’d be no hiding the blush she could feel climbing from her feet to her face.



“Wrapped Up with a Bow”

Featuring Lynn “Lizzy Clementine” Vogelsang and Jet “Polly Rocket” Mitchell

Crosscannon, PA


Lynn sat cross-legged on her bed in her favorite leggings and a tank top. She closed her laptop and took her headphones off. As soon as she did, she heard a knocking. She raced out of her room and down the stairs to the front door. Upon opening it, a gust of bitingly cold air hit her face.

There on the porch stood her teammate Jet, hands buried under her arms and visibly shivering. She was dressed in a Christmas elf costume – a fitted little green shirt-dress that flared at the bottom, with a pointy hat and a red bow at the collar. And tights.

“Holy shit, get in here!” Lynn pulled her inside and slammed the door. Instinctively she wrapped herself around the freezing-cold Jet and rubbed her back vigorously to warm her up. “I’m so sorry I didn’t hear the door! How long were you out there??”

“N-not l-long,” Jet murmured through clenched teeth.

“This is NOT a warm outfit! You need to keep a real coat with you hon!”

“I kn-kn-know.”

Lynn sighed. Jet was shaking like a leaf.

“You just got off work?” Lynn asked.

Jet nodded.

“How was it?”

“Busy. Everyone’s out h-holiday shopping instead of c-cooking I guess, so lots of folks s-stopping in for burgers.”

“I can’t believe they make you wear that costume.”

“Eh,” Jet said, “they d-don’t, actually. I j-just thought it was cute and people would get a k-kick out of it.”

“Well if you’re gonna wear it outside it needs an upgrade. Like pants. And long sleeves.”

As Jet’s shivering subsided, Lynn became acutely conscious of just how long they’d been embracing each other. Her nose was buried in Jet’s shoulder-length pastel purple hair, which smelled strongly of fry oil. But somewhere in there she detected the familiar scent of Jet’s usual perfume, sweet and fruity like Starburst. God, that scent. Jet seemed so small in her embrace. She was tall - nearly Lynn’s height - but her slender build allowed Lynn’s long arms to fully wrap around her.

Lynn felt a blush rising in her cheeks. She quickly broke the embrace and turned away. She felt suddenly awkward. Her mind had gone blank, and now her eyes aimlessly searched the living room, seeking a cue for something to say.

Why do I get so tense around her!? It had been a month since that moment in Portland. That moment in the locker room when Lynn really noticed Jet for the first time. She’d developed a bit of a crush on her teammate and hadn’t been able to shake it. And they hadn’t seen much of each other since then, it being the off-season. Ugh! It’s just Jet! Get it together, Lynn!

“Jet,” she started, “um… oh, I have your flash drive! That’s why you stopped by, right?”

She realized she was speaking a little fast, but Jet seemed unfazed.

“Oh! I do need that, but no. I was passing on my way home, so I figured I’d stop in and give you this. One sec.” Jet took a seat on the couch and began digging through her messenger bag. She produced a small rectangular box, about three inches long. The corners were beat up and the sides dented and scuffed. “Sorry, I kept forgetting I had this. I’ve been meaning to give it to you for the longest time.”

Lynn took the box from Jet and sat down next to her. She opened one end. Inside was an object wrapped in tissue paper, and next to it a folded note, which Lynn pulled out first and opened: To Lizzy, Thank you so much! xoxo Polly.

“Thank you? For what?” she asked as she carefully withdrew the wrapped object from the box.

“Remember when you took all that time to work with me on that funky juke?” Jet explained, “and then I got MVP Jammer at the next bout?”

Lynn raised an eyebrow. “Wait, that was at Mid-Atlantic Derbycon! In June!”

“Yeah, well I wanted to thank you, so I picked this up while we were there.”

“You had this all that time??”

Jet laughed, “told you I kept forgetting!”

Lynn unrolled the tissue paper to reveal a tiny figurine of a derby skater, standing with hands on hips, its uniform painted in Crosscannon colors. She turned it over. On its back was painted Lynn’s number - 67, for the Summer of Love.

“Oh my god, Jet..” Now she knew her blush had to be visible.

“There was a vendor at MAD making these,” Jet explained. “Ya know, custom painting them. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.”

“This is so cool. Thank you so much.” Lynn secretly thrilled at the idea that Jet had been thinking about her. She looked up from the figurine and caught Jet’s eyes. Those bright, sky-blue eyes. They seemed to be made for daydreaming. Or daydreaming about. She could probably get lost in those eyes for hours. Wait, Jet was saying something!

“Sorry, what?” Lynn tried to recover, “I uh.. zoned out for second.”

“I said I’ll get out of your hair now. Let you get back to whatever you were doing.”

“Oh,” Lynn said, “you don’t have to..”

“Nah, it’s okay. I wanna get out of these clothes anyway.”

Lynn’s mind jumped to visions of Jet getting out of those clothes. She swallowed hard.

Jet stood up and slung her bag back over her shoulder. Lynn followed her to the door.

“We do have to hang out soon though,” Jet said. “With no practice ‘til the twenty-third, I wouldn’t see you for another month.”

“Yeah, definitely!” Lynn replied, immediately worrying that she sounded too eager.

Something caught Jet’s eye as she approached the door. She looked up.

“Is that mistletoe?” she asked.

“Oh, my housemate put that up,” Lynn explained.

“Oh yeah?” Jet was still looking up at the mistletoe, “well, you know the rules.”

Lynn swallowed again.

Jet turned around, smiling, “it’s bad luck if we don’t!” But her look changed to one of concern when she noticed Lynn’s very rosy-red cheeks, “are.. are you blushing?”

“Nn-maybe,” Lynn grinned sheepishly.

Oh geez, did I just make her uncomfortable?, Jet worried. “I mean.. unless you don’t want t-“

“I didn’t say that,” Lynn blurted out. Fuck. Now she knew she was sounding too eager.

“Okay then!” Jet said, her usual nonchalant smile returning. She grabbed Lynn by the left wrist and pulled her closer, under the little bough of mistletoe hanging over the door. She leaned in and gave Lynn a simple peck, square on the lips.

Jet backed her face away maybe an inch, then stopped. Lynn really felt rather warm, she was noticing. Her wrist, her lips, her nose as Jet had brushed against it just briefly. At this distance she could feel Lynn’s breath on her skin. Something about this moment just felt so.. inviting. Without thinking, Jet leaned in again. Her lips touched Lynn’s again. Not pursed like before. Gently. Lynn’s eyelashes brushed Jet’s cheek as they fluttered shut.

There was a moment of hesitation. Then Lynn’s lips parted. Jet tilted her head slightly and pressed her mouth to Lynn’s. Lynn pressed back. Now Jet could feel heat rising within herself. Lynn’s right hand fumbled for Jet’s left. Jet found Lynn’s fingers and interlaced them with her own. Seconds passed as they tentatively tasted one another’s lips.

“Mmm..” Lynn sighed. She was lost in the kiss, but the sound of her own voice snapped her out of it. How long had it been silent? How long had they been kissing?? She broke it off gently and backed away, looking at the floor, the wall, anywhere but Jet’s eyes, “Eh heh.. uh.. sorry.. I-“

“No, I got carried away,” Jet said, “I really didn’t mean to make that weird. I don’t know wh-“

“It’s okay,” Lynn laughed. She was beet red, but she managed to look at Jet as she spoke, “me too I guess.”

“I’ll, uh.. I’ll just go then,” Jet said, “I’ll text you about hanging out.”

“Sounds good.”

Jet turned around to face the door, grabbed the knob, and pulled it open just enough to slip out. She pulled it shut behind her and closed the screen door.

It was snowing now. Goddamn, it was cold. And windy. And Lynn had been so warm. Like.. SO warm. What the hell just happened anyway? Did she really just kiss Lynn? Like a for reals kiss? And it felt good. Like.. REALLY good. Jesus, why did I make it weird??


Lynn stood staring at the door. Her lips tasted of berries - Jet’s chapstick.

Whoa. So that just happened.

She turned slowly around to face the living room. There on the coffee table stood the little figurine of her. A really thoughtful gift, even if it did live in Jet’s bag for six months due to her forgetfulness. To think, that figure was there waiting half the season. It even flew to Portland with them. Memories of that trip came to mind. Memories of walking around Portland in the chilly rain.. Oh shit, Jet’s still in that skimpy outfit! Lynn realized. I have an extra coat, maybe I can catch her.

Lynn grabbed a heavy, long wool coat off the hook on the wall and reached for the door knob. Just then there was a knock. She opened the door to reveal an again-shivering Jet.

“Hey,” Lynn appeared perplexed, “I was just coming to give you this.” She moved aside to let Jet back into the house and then closed the door behind her.

Once inside, Jet turned around and searched Lynn’s eyes with intent.

“What’s up?” Lynn asked.

“Uh.. question..” Jet said, “that thing that just happened,” she paused and shifted nervously. Her mouth hung open for a second while she carefully chose her next words. “I.. was just being silly. I mean, at first. But then.. Was it more than that?”

“Uhhumm..” Lynn’s voice wavered. The question took her off guard. She’d been hanging the coat back on its hook, but it slipped off and landed on the floor. Neither of them seemed to notice. “How.. how do I answer that? I mean.. was it more than that for you?”

“Oh geez, this was a bad idea,” Jet looked off to the side and took a deep breath.

Lynn put her hands behind her head and started, “Eh.. I-,” she was turning red again.

Jet interrupted, “look.. Something told me if I didn’t come back in here and find out, I’d regret it.” She collected herself and looked back at Lynn before continuing, “I don’t like regrets.”

There was a moment of stillness. Uncertainty and anticipation were palpable in the air between them. Lynn was at a loss for words, but her mind was racing all the same. She’d tried so hard to hide the way she felt about Jet, yet tonight’s events seemed insistent on throwing back the curtain and exposing her secret. She wanted so badly to confirm Jet’s suspicions. Yes, it was more than that! It *is* more than that! But this was Jet! What if she didn’t reciprocate? What if she did? What would that mean for their friendship? For the team? At the same time, she couldn’t bring herself to flat-out lie to Jet; the thought of it felt like a betrayal – both of her own heart and of the trust between them. Lynn’s fear held her tongue captive.

Then Jet seemed to make a decision. She stepped forward and entered Lynn’s space, watching her eyes for any sign that she should stop. Lynn was still as a statue. Frozen in place. But there was a softness in her gaze that Jet found reassuring. Slowly, but fluidly, Jet slipped her arms around Lynn’s torso. She pulled Lynn in close and brought their lips together once more.

Lynn melted in her embrace. And exhaled. Had she been holding her breath this entire time? She brought her hands around and cradled Jet’s face. All the questions disappeared. Something felt so natural about Jet’s strong, slender arms holding her, pressing their bodies together from hips to breasts.

Jet spread her fingers out. She could feel Lynn’s powerful back muscles tense with excitement. Lynn’s thumb caressed Jet’s jawline, and her fingers were threaded through Jet’s hair just above the nape of her neck. Jet relaxed into those strong hands.

Barely leaving Jet’s lips, in a near-whisper Lynn asked, “Do you think this is a bad idea?”

“I don’t know,” said Jet, “I don’t know, maybe.” She paused and kissed Lynn again hungrily before continuing, “but it feels right.” She was breathing heavily. “Does it feel right to you?”

Lynn wasn’t sure it was a good idea either, but god did it feel right. She couldn’t deny how badly she wanted this.

“Yes,” she responded simply, a giddy smile crossing her face. There was a great sense of relief in no longer having to hide her attraction to Jet, and a rush of wonder in finally being able to indulge it.

Their hot breath mingled in the tiny space between them. It was intoxicating, sharing that space, that air, smelling and tasting one another.

Lynn closed the tiny gap and caught Jet’s lips again. At this point they were both wearing Jet’s chapstick, and Lynn wanted to taste less berry and more Jet. She ran her tongue against Jet’s lower lip. It wasn’t long before Jet opened her mouth wider and met Lynn’s tongue with her own. There it was, that deep joining they’d both been anticipating. Waves of warmth pulsed through Jet’s body as she explored the sweet wetness of Lynn’s mouth. Lynn wasn’t wearing a bra, and she could feel her nipples hardening as they pressed against Jet.

Without breaking the kiss, Jet maneuvered Lynn so that her back was against the wall. She slid her left leg in between Lynn’s. She could feel Lynn’s heat against her thigh. Jet moved her hands down Lynn’s back and up underneath her shirt. She caressed Lynn’s bare skin, tracing the lines of her well-defined obliques. Lynn was, in a word, “cut”. She worked hard on her physique, and Jet had admired the results from afar many times. She had often envied Lynn’s build. Not until today, though, had she imagined exploring it with her own hands, and now she didn’t want to stop.

Giving over to impulse, Jet pressed her crotch against Lynn’s thigh and moved slowly, rhythmically against her. Lynn slid her hands gradually down to rest on Jet’s hips.

“Mmm..” Jet whimpered. Lynn could feel the pulse of Jet’s arousal against her leg. Lynn started to grind her own hips in rhythm with Jet’s movements. Her own excitement was beginning to soak through her leggings. Jet could probably tell, but Lynn didn’t care. She felt intensely vulnerable, and she was reveling in it. She wanted Jet to feel how wet she was, to know how badly she wanted her.

“Oh my god,” Jet whispered, “you’re so fucking hot.” She arched her back and thrust her thigh into Lynn, at the same time moving from Lynn’s mouth to plant kisses along her jawline and neck. Lynn tilted her head back and sighed as Jet explored, each kiss a tantalizing little tickle. With each rhythmic thrust, Lynn’s breath hitched a little. She couldn’t think in words.

Finally, Jet stopped thrusting and slid her hands up to rest around Lynn’s neck and shoulders. “Jesus,” she said, “how did I not see this before?”

Lynn, still dazed, looked at Jet. “I, uh, may have thought about it once or twice.”

“Come ‘ere,” said Jet. With one hand she pulled Lynn away from the wall, while with the other she tore her pointy hat off and tossed it across the room. She backed up, bringing Lynn with her at arm’s length, until she fell backwards onto the couch, pulling Lynn down on top of her. Lynn caught herself so that she ended up hovering over Jet, face to face with those gorgeous, beaming eyes. With her high cheekbones and narrow chin she really did fit the elf look well, Lynn had to admit.

Jet ran her fingers back along the buzzed sides of Lynn’s platinum blonde fauxhawk, around her ears, and down under her jaw. That strong jawline and her striking brow could look so stern and intimidating when she scowled at opponents on the track, but when those eyes smiled her entire face would light up and practically glow. Jet marveled at the majestic beauty peering down at her.

Jet then fumbled around her own collar to find one end of the big red bow that still adorned it. When she found it, she tugged at it teasingly while still holding Lynn’s gaze. “Unwrap me?” she said and smiled coyly.

Lynn swallowed. Her heart was thundering in her chest. Some part of her was still in disbelief that this was actually happening. Not even half an hour ago, Jet had shown up at her door, neither of them planning on any of this. She lifted her right hand to take hold of the ribbon, but she paused, biting her lip.

Jet saw that Lynn’s hand was quivering. “Or we can stop,” Jet said sincerely, “It’s okay. We don’t have to.”

“Heh,” Lynn smirked. She knew Jet meant it; there would be no hard feelings if she wanted to stop. But she didn’t want to stop. In fact she’d have been hard pressed to think of anything she wanted more than she wanted Jet in that moment.

She answered by taking the end of the ribbon between her thumb and index finger and pulling slowly. She watched Jet’s mouth stretch into a wide grin of gleeful anticipation. Finally the knot gave way and Lynn drew the ribbon off of Jet’s collar, leaving visible a row of shiny red buttons on velvety green fabric.

Lynn lowered herself so that their noses touched but their lips remained just barely too far away for Jet to taste her. She played at teasing near-kisses while with her one free hand she unbuttoned Jet’s buttons. The little shirt-dress parted itself as Lynn worked her way down, revealing bare porcelain skin. Under it, Jet wore only a dark blue, padded bra.

When Lynn had unfastened the last button, she brought her hand back up and caressed the underside of Jet’s chin, then glided her fingers down, tracing the hollow of her neck and her sternum. Jet shivered at her touch, though she was far from being cold anymore. Lynn caressed Jet’s collarbone and exposed upper breasts. Sweeping her fingers to one side and then the other, she opened Jet’s dress further.

Jet’s bra was a pullover with an elastic band at the bottom. Lynn placed her palm on Jet’s stomach and crept her fingers under the band. She slid her hand under and up the middle, allowing her thumb and pinky to brush the inner sides of Jet’s breasts. Jet’s nipples tingled and she ached to have them touched, but Lynn slid her hand back out again, leaving Jet in wanton agony.

Lynn wanted both hands free. She repositioned herself so that she was straddling Jet. Jet raised her hands above her head in a wordless plea for Lynn to continue undressing her. Lynn tugged on the cuffs of the short-sleeve dress to loosen it from Jet’s shoulders and then pulled the garment up her arms and off. She tossed it in the direction of its matching hat. Jet bit her lip and begged with her eyes for the bra to come off next. Lynn decided to forgo any further teasing. She put her warm hands on the sides of Jet’s waist and swept them upwards. Catching her bra from the bottom, Lynn took hold of the elastic band and maneuvered it effortlessly up and over Jet’s head.

Jet now lay naked from the waist up beneath Lynn’s admiring gaze. Beautiful tattooing adorned her shoulders - extensions of a large piece Jet had across her upper back. Expertly shaded in all-black ink, the “Tank Girl”-themed design incorporated elements of knives, tank treads, and barbed wire.

But Lynn’s eyes weren’t lingering on that ink now. Jet’s small, shapely breasts were exposed, and the sight of her puffy little nipples had Lynn licking her teeth with anticipation. Jet was practically writhing underneath her with a longing in her eyes that pulled on Lynn like a magnet. More than anything, Lynn wanted to feel Jet’s skin against her own.

In one fluid movement, Lynn gripped the bottom of her own tank top and pulled it off, casting it aside on the floor. Now it was Jet’s turn to survey her lover’s naked form. Lynn had tattoos as well - her upper left arm was a seascape featuring a stingray, and flowering vines wrapped around the right arm. Of course these familiar sights had been visible with the tank top on, but Jet was seeing them now in a new context, as they framed Lynn’s bare chest. Lynn’s breasts were small and firm, supported by strong pects and complemented by Lynn’s toned stomach.

This powerful figure straddling her was at once comforting and exciting to Jet. She looked up into Lynn’s eyes and saw the gentleness she knew so well, now paired with burning desire. Lynn began to lean forward, and Jet’s heart raced. Lynn supported herself with an arm on either side of Jet’s head. She arched her back, lowering her stomach until her skin came into contact with Jet’s. Then she lowered herself further until she could feel her nipples brush against Jet’s skin, and Jet’s against hers.

With that initial contact, a chill ran through Lynn. She could feel Jet’s nipples harden as she continued to move back and forth, gently rubbing her breasts against them. She kissed Jet deeply and passionately, breaking only to allow both of them to breathe in stifled gasps that spoke to their mutual arousal.

“I want you so bad..” Jet murmured between kisses, “you have no idea.”

Lynn just grinned and let out a muffled snicker, “mm-hmm-hmm.” She moved down the side of Jet’s neck, playfully biting and kissing.

Jet tilted her head back and whispered, “oh my god..”

Lynn repositioned herself again, this time to place her left thigh between Jet’s, and she brought their hips together. She could instantly feel how warm and wet Jet was. Lynn could also feel just how much her own clit was throbbing as it pressed against Jet. She gyrated her hips, rubbing each of them against the other, as rhythmically as before.

“Oh fuck I’m so hard for you right now,” Jet practically exclaimed. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“Okay,” Lynn gasped. She was kissing and nibbling around and under Jet’s earlobe.

“Kiss me,” Jet demanded. Lynn brought her mouth to Jet’s, and Jet took Lynn’s head in her hands, tangling her fingers in Lynn’s wavy hair. She pressed her hips up into Lynn and moved with her as her arousal took off like a wildfire. She probed her tongue into Lynn’s mouth. Lynn received it hungrily, dancing her own tongue around it and opening her mouth as wide as she could to allow Jet deeper access.

“Nnnhhh.. nnnhhh!” They were both uttering ecstatic moans, their breathing becoming rapid and labored as they ground ever more feverishly against one another. Lynn felt droplets of sweat run down her underarms.

“Wait wait,” said Jet.

“What’s wrong?” Lynn asked.

“I can’t feel you, I want to feel you! These damn tights!”

Lynn looked relieved. She quickly backed off of Jet. Never breaking eye contact, she maneuvered down to Jet’s hips and cupped her hand over the soaking crotch of her red tights. She rubbed gently, savoring the feeling of the hot, throbbing little button under her palm. Jet writhed and lifted her hips, aching to have the layers of fabric removed - the last barrier separating them.

Lynn leaned forward and kissed Jet’s belly as she worked her fingers inside the waistline of the tights and gripped them on either side. Gently pulling them down around Jet’s petite but shapely butt, Lynn then used her elbows to guide Jet’s knees closer together. Jet’s light blue panties came right along with the tights.

Lynn’s face remained close to Jet’s body as she moved down still further. As her hands were revealing Jet’s thin, milky white thighs, she came to eye level with Jet’s well-manicured bush. The tip of Lynn’s nose just grazed the ends of the curly little hairs, and her nostrils were filled with a musky sweetness that left her mind awash with animal hunger. With some mental effort, she managed to pull herself away and finished peeling Jet’s tights off of her legs. These too were tossed in the growing pile across the room.

“Your turn! Time for those pants to come off!” Jet said emphatically. “Feet over here.” She propped herself up and got to her knees on the couch, motioning for Lynn to stretch out with her bare feet towards Jet.

“Yes ma’am!” Lynn lay back and scooted forward, allowing Jet to straddle her legs. Her leggings were tie-dyed in dark blues and greens. Jet leaned forward and wrapped her hands around the outsides of Lynn’s thighs. She squeezed gently as she slid her hands up Lynn’s legs, imagining the strength of the firm, powerful quads beneath her fingertips.

Jet wasted no time when she reached the waistline of Lynn’s leggings. “Up!” she commanded. Lynn raised her pelvis a bit - enough for Jet to reach underneath her. Jet gathered both the leggings and panties and worked their elastic bands down Lynn’s hips and over her prominent, muscular ass. With little ceremony, she scooted herself backwards, quickly and efficiently pulling Lynn’s pants further down, revealing those majestic thighs, then firm, meaty calves. A layer of short, fine blonde hairs covered Lynn’s bare legs, as she had gone a few days without shaving. This made no difference to Jet. Finally she peeled the now-inside-out leggings over Lynn’s feet and off of her entirely, dropping them on the floor. She took a moment and surveyed the newly-uncovered landscape that was Lynn, laid out before her.

“Now..” she said, an almost-predatory grin creeping over her face. She placed her left hand on the inside of Lynn’s calf and supported herself with her right hand against the back of the couch. Leaning forward, she worked her fingers up to Lynn’s inner thigh, directing her to part her legs slightly. Still kneeling, Jet lifted her left knee and placed it between Lynn’s calves, so that she was straddling Lynn’s left leg. Then she walked her way up, closer and closer to Lynn. As she did so, she brought her fingers up to the top of Lynn’s inner thigh, squeezing and massaging it, and allowing the knuckle of her index finger to just brush the edge of Lynn’s vulva.

All of this was driving Lynn crazy with anticipation. Jet could see it in her eyes, that pleading look. She was desperate for the satisfaction of feeling Jet against her burning loins. Finally, Jet took her middle finger and ran it vertically down Lynn’s center, grazing the hood of her engorged clit with the length of her finger and parting her labia.

“Ah-huh!” Lynn exclaimed and threw her head back when that contact came at last.

With the tip of her finger, Jet teased at penetrating Lynn, but didn’t quite. Instead, she closed her hand over so that the heel of it rested against Lynn’s clit, and she started to massage in a slow, circular motion.

“Oh jesus fucking christ..” Lynn moaned, “go inside me. Please.”

Jet’s grin widened, and she slid her long, slender finger into Lynn. She massaged inside with a gentle pulling motion.

“Hhhholy..” Lynn murmured through gritted teeth. She opened her eyes and looked up into Jet’s clear blue ones with gratitude and longing. Without removing her hand, Jet leaned down and kissed Lynn. Lynn raised her leg under the kneeling Jet. Jet slid her knees back on the couch and lowered herself onto Lynn’s thigh, which immediately became slick with Jet’s juices. Jet rubbed herself back and forth against Lynn while her hand continued in rhythmic massage between Lynn’s legs.

“Your pussy is so fucking wet,” Lynn whispered between kisses, “and your tits are gorgeous.” She slid her hands up Jet’s torso and cupped her breasts, squeezing tenderly, and rubbed her thumbs over Jet’s nipples.

“Oh god, keep doing that,” Jet said. Her voice was quivering.

Lynn was gasping and grinding her hips in time with Jet’s hand. “Jet.. Jet..” she said breathily, “I could cum like this.” After two more quick, heavy breaths she managed, “I think I’m gonna cum if you go a little faster.”

Jet looked into Lynn’s now heavily-lidded grey eyes, like mirrors reflecting the same intense ecstasy she was feeling. Jet’s nipples ached with tingling pleasure at each caress of Lynn’s thumbs. With each stroke of her clit against Lynn’s slippery skin, pressure was building in her that would soon demand release.

“I want to you cum for me,” she breathed into Lynn’s ear. The sensation of her hot breath drove Lynn closer to the edge. “You’re so beautiful. I want to feel you cum in my hand.” She gradually increased the speed and pressure with which she massaged Lynn’s throbbing clit and pressed behind it from the inside.

She drove Lynn past the threshold. Lynn felt waves of pressure begin to release. Her whole body tensed. Her back arched. “HHHUUUUHHH!” she exhaled, then took in several quivering breaths. “Oh god I’m cumming,” she whispered. She made a point of keeping her eyes open and locked with Jet’s, even as they teared up. She whimpered audibly as she throbbed and pulsed in Jet’s hand.

Lynn felt so exposed. So helpless. She was completely at Jet’s mercy. It was rare for Lynn to allow herself to let go so completely, but here, now, with Jet, it was easy. She gripped her lover’s arm and closed her eyes as her climax plateaued. Jet was carrying her on clouds of utter euphoria.

As the intensity gradually subsided, echoes of it resounded throughout Lynn’s body in gentle waves. She took long, slow, deep breaths and kept looking at Jet, who was grinning ear-to-ear. Lynn could hardly believe she’d just shared that with her friend. It seemed surreal. But there was Jet, now gently massaging as Lynn came down from her peak.

“That was amazing,” Jet said.

“That was.. incredible,” Lynn replied. A tear escaped the corner of her eye and ran down her cheek. “I want to give you that.”

“Oh my god, I’m already close,” Jet said in a near-whisper, “especially after watching you.”

“Can I taste you?” Lynn asked, a vulnerable sincerity in her tone.

“Holy shit..” Jet closed her eyes at the thought, “hells yes, you can taste me. With that gorgeous, beautiful mouth of yours.” She kissed Lynn again, slowly but hungrily, and continued to grind her hips steadily against her.

“Lie back,” Lynn said. Jet lifted herself away from Lynn and backed off of her leg. She started to lie down when Lynn added, “or better yet, turn this way and I’ll get on the floor.”

“Oh!” Jet said with delight. She turned so that she was sitting normally on the couch.

Lynn handed her a throw pillow. “To put under you,” she said.

Jet scooted her pelvis down to the edge of the seat and lay back on the pillow. She parted her legs wide as Lynn stood in front of her. “Is this what you wanted to taste?” she teased.

Lynn bit her lip, smiling with her eyes. She leaned forward, placing her hands on Jet’s knees, and knelt between her legs. Her eyes moved back and forth between Jet’s eyes and her wet, waiting pussy. She caressed Jet’s inner thighs, then moved her hands under and around them, resting her fingers on Jet’s pelvis.

Lynn brought her face forward and inhaled Jet’s musky aroma once more. It sent her mind reeling, and her mouth started to water. She kissed up and down Jet’s inner thighs - first the right, then the left - allowing her cheek to brush against Jet’s slick, wet labia as she did so. Jet was already so sensitized, the passing caress of Lynn’s cheek made her throb and sent shivers through her body.

Finally, Lynn turned to Jet’s center. She nudged gently with her nose near Jet’s clit. She extended her tongue and brought it up from the bottom, parting Jet’s folds. Lynn savored that first probing lick. So this is what she tastes like, she thought to herself. Ever since Portland, she’d been wondering how it would feel, what it would smell like, what it would taste like, to be there between Jet’s legs. It was at once sweet and savory. And so warm. And so so wet. Lynn felt like she was tasting the very essence of Jet’s pleasure.

Lynn made long, slow upward strokes with her tongue, just grazing Jet’s clit at the end of each pass. She knew Jet was already close to cumming and didn’t want to push her over yet. After several long strokes, Lynn stopped and held at the top. She placed the flat of her tongue on Jet’s swollen clit and ever-so-slowly gave it a gentle lick. Jet’s legs started to shake.

“Oh fuck I’m close,” Jet gasped. “Lynn, I’m close… Don’t stop… I want your mouth on me when I cum.”

Lynn closed her lips around Jet’s clit and sucked on it firmly. Jet’s hips pressed forward, and her breath hitched. Lynn then released a barrage of rapid little flicks of her tongue, and that was all Jet needed. Jet let out a squeaky little moan, and then another. Lynn kept going. She alternated between sucking and licking, driving Jet further over the top.

“Holy.. shit.. nnnnhhh” Jet gasped, her hips bucking as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her. Lynn held on to her thighs and moved with her.

“Mmmhhh,” Lynn moaned with satisfaction as she watched Jet writhe in unbridled bliss. She could feel Jet’s clit throbbing against her tongue, and she wished she could hold onto this moment forever.

“Oh god!” Jet cried. She seemed to be settling down, but was still visibly shaking. “Oh, I’m still there. Lynn.. Lynn..” she struggled for words, “keep going, please don’t stop.”

Lynn brought her left hand around under her own chin. With her thumb and pinky she parted Jet’s labia. She then slipped her index and middle fingers into Jet’s heavily lubricated pussy. Jet was very tight, but with some careful twisting Lynn eased the entire length of her fingers deep into her. She stroked upwards from the inside while continuing with her mouth.

Jet shook uncontrollably and her voice went high-pitched, “oh fuuuuck… nnnnnnnnhhh!”

This last wave seemed to last an eternity. Jet’s mind was blank. She only knew that Lynn was in control, holding her tight, and Jet surrendered herself to pure ecstasy.

Only when her energy was totally spent did Jet’s climax begin to subside. Her shaking abated, and her muscled untensed. Lynn eased her down with gentle strokes until she heard Jet let out a long sigh and a little laugh.

“Oh Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy. Holy shit, girl. Come up here.”

Lynn gently extracted her fingers and laid a final kiss on Jet’s mons Venus before rising from her position. Her chin was nearly dripping with Jet’s juices. She took Jet’s hand and allowed herself to be pulled onto the couch next to her, the two of them turning to face one another.

Jet cupped Lynn’s face in her hands and kissed her long and slow. Lynn enveloped Jet’s waist in her long arms and hooked her leg around Jet’s, intertwining them.

Finally, Lynn broke the kiss, but not the embrace. Now, in the quiet afterglow, some sobering thoughts were coming to her. Questions that would need answers.

“So.. uh.. we just did that,” she said softly.

“Yeah we did,” Jet responded, unable to hold back a smile.

“What does this mean?” Lynn asked. There was a brief pause as they searched each other’s eyes. “Are we.. Was this just fun between friends? Or..” another pause, “or do we want to see if.. it’s more than that?”

There was a long silence. Jet’s smile faded and she looked away in thought. At the sight of that, Lynn began to regret having asked. Time seemed to slow down as she awaited an answer - an answer she was becoming ever more certain she wouldn’t like.

“I mean..” Lynn added nervously, “we’re still friends regardless, right? So just say what you feel and we’ll figure it out. ...Right?” She was saying this as much for her own benefit as for Jet’s. Lynn was bracing herself for the worst.

Jet took a deep breath and exhaled. “Okay. So. I.. I don’t want things to be weird..” Lynn’s heart sank. “The thing is,” Jet continued, “the thing is, I feel like.. it.. hmm.. oh, fuck me..”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Lynn said, “we don’t have to-”

“No, listen, that came out wrong,” Jet interrupted. “What I’m trying to say is.. I think.. I feel like it already is more than that, and I just didn’t see it ‘til today. Does that make sense? Like, we’re so close, I guess I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

Lynn’s train of thought was completely derailed. Had she heard that correctly? She found herself momentarily dumbstruck, but filled with a rush of hope.

Jet continued, “Shit, I’m sorry, I’m making it weird-”

“No!” Lynn managed, “I feel that way too.”

Another long silence, but this time tension seemed to be rapidly fading from the air.

“You.. you feel that way too?” Jet asked.


A smile crept across Jet’s face, and tears welled up in her eyes. Lynn smiled back and pulled her in close again. Their lips came together in a gentle, passionate joining, fueled by a sense of mutual relief and excitement for what the future would hold. Old friends reinvented as new lovers. There were a lot of unknowns, but for now they both knew one thing: it felt right.

Finally, Jet asked, “so, does this mean we’re a thing now? You and me?”

Lynn laughed. “I think it does. I mean.. I hope so.”

Laying her head on Lynn’s shoulder, Jet responded softly, “Sounds good to me.”


Minutes passed in comfortable silence, and then a thought occurred to Jet, “Well, I did end up getting out of those clothes, but I don’t have anything else with me to go home in.”

“I’m sure I have something you can wear,” Lynn said. She kissed Jet on her head and then untangled herself from their embrace. She got up to go look for clothes, but took a moment to peek outside through the blinds. “Though I don’t know that you’ll be going home just yet.”

Jet got up and peeked out the window too. The snow had seriously accumulated since her arrival – at least two inches on the ground already and it wasn’t letting up.

“Oh yeah, I’m not driving in that,” Jet said. “Well then. We’re snowed in, what’re we gonna do?”

Lynn blushed and flashed a knowing smile at Jet, “I can, uh, think of a couple things..”