The Making of Martine Fornier, Part 2

Info silverhawk
15 Jan. '18

I had left Martine’s apartment that night with a smile on my face.  She had shown me she was eager to learn the ways to pleasure more intense than she could imagine.  While she did not yet understand how exquisite the experience could be, she soon would.  She was to visit my apartment the next afternoon as soon as she could leave her employer’s office.

Martine arrived a little after four.  She smiled as I opened the door for her, and I noticed a certain excitement in her eyes.  

“Martine, you seem very happy.”

“I thought of last night all through the day.  Will you make me feel the same way now?”

“That depends upon you, my dear.  You are yet young, and may not be mature enough to understand what I have in mind.  We shall see what we shall see.”

As I thought she might, Martine became serious.

“You thought I wouldn’t want to have you…to have you in my…my ass, but I did.”  

She chuckled, a little nervously I thought.

“I want you to do it again, too, and more.”

“Martine, I was only teasing you a little.  As for more, as you say, there is much more you have to learn.”

I took her hand and pulled her to me.  My voice was soft now.  She would learn to respond to a soft voice first, to my louder commands when she progressed.  I caressed her smooth, tight hips through the loose pants she wore, then pressed my fingers between her cheeks.  Martine smiled.

“I’ve thought about this all day at work.”

I helped her undress and when she was standing naked in front of me, I took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom I use for pleasure rather than sleeping.  Once inside, I closed the door and led Martine to the table in the center.  She stared at it with wide-open eyes.

“This is what my doctor has in his office.  I don’t like it very much.”

“You said you trusted me, remember?  My table is the same as his, but you’ll find it’s much more enjoyable.  Please sit down.”

Martine sat on the end between the stainless steel stirrups and dangled her slender legs over the edge.  

“Now Martine, if you would learn some of my ways, you must trust me more than ever.  Is that very clear?”

“I guess so, but why?  Aren’t you going to do what we did last night?”

“Not tonight, my dear.  Tonight, I will introduce you to a very special type of bond between two lovers.  I will not do anything you do not like.  It will seem odd, perhaps even wrong, at first, but if you are mature enough to let your mind feel what your body feels, you may be surprised.

 “You should know that nothing will interfere with your…lesson, not even should you beg me to stop.  There is but one way to end it, and that is a single word.  What word would you remember always?

Martine was confused by my instructions, this I could see in her eyes.  I spoke a little more sharply.

“The word, Martine.”

“I…I don’t know…kitten?”

“Kitten it shall be.  Should you believe you cannot continue to participate in the lesson, you must only say ‘kitten’, and the lesson will stop.  I shall ask no questions and not think poorly of you.  After all, you are but a young girl, and may not yet be so mature as I would require.  Do you wish to continue now?”

Martine looked a bit fearful, but nodded.

“Good.  Now, lay back and put your legs in the stirrups please.”

Martine did as I instructed, and appeared concerned when I fastened the leather straps at her ankles, but said nothing.

“Stretch your arms above your head please.”

Again, Martine complied, and soon, both her arms were securely strapped to the eyes at the end of the table.  She seemed calm enough, and this pleased me, though her voice was perhaps a bit higher in pitch.

“Why do you tie my arms and legs?  I won’t run away.”

“You will understand soon enough.”

I next placed the velvet blindfold over her eyes and fastened the band around her head.  I answered her question as any good teacher would.

“The blindfold serves two purposes.  It creates an atmosphere of anticipation, as you will only feel, not see, what I am doing.  Removing your sense of sight also increases your sensitivity to sound and touch.

I walked to the cabinet on the wall, and removed the box containing the four conical rubber plugs with flanges, and a small bottle of oil.

“Our first step shall be the training your body to accept a man with ease.  I found you to be very tight, even after a long period of relaxing you.  Such will not do.  Your body must learn to open when asked.”

I moved the lever at the end of the table to one side, and the surface supporting Martine’s hips moved down and back into the base of the table.  She hung there, supported by her back and by the stirrups that held her legs.  These, I spread to the extent of the mechanism and locked in place, then pulled the low, padded stool from under the table and sat down.

The trickle of oil that flowed over Martine’s soft, shaved lips caused her to inhale quickly.   I allowed the stream to reach the tight knot of muscle between her hips and then stopped it with my finger.  While massaging that wrinkled ring, I selected the smallest plug and rubbed it through the oil that slowly inched down Martine’s lips.

She was tight around my fingertip when I penetrated the tight ring, but I smiled.  She was relaxed somewhat already.  After applying more oil to the plug, I placed the tip at Martine’s tight ring and pressed.  The tip slipped in a little before Martine gasped.  I eased the plug out and applied more oil, then slipped it back in.  This time, I did not stop pressing the conical plug ever deeper.  Martine first tried to move away, then gasped, and then began to whimper.

“It’s too big.  Take it out.”

I pushed the plug a centimeter deeper.

“Relax”, I commanded.  Take this lover as you took me.  If you can not bear it, you have only to say the word.  I thought you would understand, but if not…”

I pushed the plug in another centimeter, then another.  Martine whimpered again, but did not use the word.  I continued to insert the plug until her wrinkled entrance closed around the smaller section just in front of the flange.

“You are to leave your lover in place throughout the day except for the hours when you are here with me.  I may remove it as I wish, but you shall not.  Do you agree to this?”


“In one week, you will take a larger lover.  A week after that, yet another larger one.  Should you fail to do as I say, you will only cause yourself pain, for disobedience means punishment.  Do you understand?”


I again walked to my cabinet and selected a small box from the top drawer.  When I returned, I smiled again.  Martine’s shaved lips were slightly parted and the small gap between them glistened with her juices.

“Now, Martine, you shall learn that pain and pleasure are very closely related, that is, if you allow yourself to believe it can be so.”

The small tweezer clamps would be sufficient for Martine’s initiation.  On another day, when Martine had learned to manage the sensations, I would use the Japanese clover clamps that resided in their own compartment of the box.  After making sure the rubber sleeve was secure on each finger of the clamp, I stroked Martine’s left nipple.  She moaned quietly.  

“I believe you are enjoying your new lover, and I correct.”


Martine’s nipple began to grow firm, then stiffened into a rubbery bud with tight wrinkles along the sides.  It was at the beginning of the nipple, just where it grew from her nipple bed that I placed the jaws.  Martine winced at the coolness, then moaned when I moved the clamp ring up and closed the jaws around her swollen bud.  Her nipple was flattened by the jaws, then flattened more as I continued to tighten them.  Only when Martine gasped, then cried out, did I stop.

I repeated these actions with Martine’s right nipple, and then snapped the short, gold chain to the eye on each clamp.

“What do you feel, Martine?”

She did not answer.  I pulled gently on the gold chain between the clamps.  Martine cried out.

“I asked what you felt.  Tell me.”

“It feels…it hurts.”

“What hurts.  Tell me what hurts.”

“My nipples.”

I tugged the chain again.  Martine moaned.

“And now, what do you feel?  More pain?”

“Yes…but…oh…oh, oh…no,  I can’t be…oh God.”

Martine’s hips began to shake.  I looked at the shaved lips between her spread thighs.   They moved out, then back in, over and over as the orgasm swept through her.  As quickly as it had begun, Martine lay panting on the table.

I chuckled.

“You act like a bitch dog in heat.  That shall be what I call you tonight, and it seems as if my little bitch went ahead without me.  No matter, Martine.  You will service me tonight as well as you have the lover in your ass.”

She was wet to the point of dripping, and, in fact, a few drops of her juices had puddled on the floor.  My two fingers slipped inside her easily and Martine groaned when I pushed them in until my hand pressed against her mound.

“Tell me how you feel, and do not tell me you do not know.”

“I want…I want you”, she moaned.

I curled the two fingers up and quickly rubbed them into the soft little pad I found there.

“You want what from me?”

“I want you inside me”, Martine moaned.

I gave the nipple chain a sharp tug.  Martine’s little cry was followed by another series of low, throaty moans.  I tugged the chain again and my voice became firm.

“You must tell me more than that.”

“I want your…your cock…your cock in my…between my legs.”

“Do you mean here…in your cunt.”

My fingertip rubbed her clit and Martine gasped and rocked her hips.


“Then say it, you little bitch.  Say it.”

“I want your cock in my…in my cunt.”

I laughed and stopped moving my fingers.

“I think you shall wait for that.  You are too slow to answer.”

“Oh, no…I can’t…I need…I need your cock now.”

“And what would my little bitch want me to do with my cock.”

“Fuck me…oh God…fuck me.”

My cock slid into Martine easily, though she was tight.  As soon as my cock head met her open lips, Martine moaned and pushed her body up and over my shaft.  I felt a warm gush of her juices flow down onto my balls as my cock bottomed out.  

My intention was to tease her to the point of an orgasm and then deny her the release she craved.  I had not long to wait before Martine was panting and thrusting her body into my every stroke.  Little murmurs slipped from her open mouth when I pushed my cock deep inside her.  She yelped with pleasure when I rubbed her clit firmly.  When she began to arch her body, I pulled my cock from her.  Her voice was nearly a cry.

“Why did you stop?  Put it back in…oh, please.”

“You must learn that you may reach your release when instructed to do so, not just as you want.  It is part of the way, and you will understand before the night is over.”

As soon as Martine’s breathing slowed to nearly normal I selected another tweezer clamp from the box at my side and parted Martine’s wet, swollen lips.  Her clit stood proud from her body, as large as I remembered from the night before.  Carefully I positioned the jaws of the clamp on each side of the turgid nub and slid the locking sleeve up.  At the first light pressure, Martine’s body jerked.  As the clamp tightened, she began to shake and the little button entrapped by the clamp began to surge out, then in as far as the clamp would allow.  I knew what would happen, and stopped her.

“Martine, you may not release until I give you approval.   Do you hear me?”

She moaned and continued to rock her hips.

“Bitch, stop now.”

“Bu…but…I…I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.  Stop this at once.”

I pulled firmly on the nipple chain.  I knew this would cause her pain, pain that one day soon would send her into the throes of release, but tonight, would cut through the other sensations, at least for a moment.  Martine cried out, and attempted to lie still.  I stroked her side.

“There, my little bitch.  See, you can control yourself after all.  Tell me how you feel.”

Her voice was still just a panting whisper.  I could not expect her to hold back much longer.

“I…I want to…I need to cum…now…I want…want to feel…feel you fucking…fucking my cunt…oh, God…please fuck me …and…and let me…let me cum.”

I clipped a shorter chain to the clamp on Martine’s clit and then to the chain that secured her nipple clamps.  Martine lurched at the tug on her swollen button, but did not begin arching her body again.  As I slid my cock into her dripping cunt, I cautioned her again.

“Remember, my little bitch, you may not release until I tell you.”

“I…I won’t.”

As I entered her, I felt little contractions massage my cock.  Martine was nearly at the point where she would have no control.  Tonight, as it was the first of many I hoped she would enjoy, I would not tease her further.  I began rapidly pumping my cock in and out of her.  As my belly slammed into her open thighs, Martine’s breasts were bounced toward her face.  Her nipples, in turn, pulled on the chains that connected them to her clit and tugged it.  She gasped at my first fast deep stroke, then cried out at the second.

“Oh please…now…I can’t…I must…please.”

I was nearly there myself.  Only a few more stokes would yield the release of my seed deep inside her.  After those few strokes, I gave her permission.

“Now, my bitch, cum if you will, as I shall cum inside you.”

I rammed my cock deep and fast and tugged on the chains at the same time.  Martine gasped and arched so high I had to raise on my toes to stay inside her.  Her voice was a low, throaty babble.

“Oh…fuck me…now…oh…oh…mmm…mmm…”

She inhaled sharply just as the first surge raced from my tensed loins and splashed deep inside her, then cried out.  Had I not been prepared, the violence of her quaking body would have thrust me away and caused me to spend on her rolling belly.  A hand on each rocking, thrusting hip served to keep my cock stroking fast and deep as Martine’s body arched up again and again.  Even when I had spurted my last, she continued to shudder, and each shudder caused her breasts to tighten the chain to her clit.  I was well over a minute before I felt the contractions around my cock begin to ease.

As I slipped the locking ring from the clamp on her clit, Martine arched up again.  The orgasm this time was not so long-lasting, and I waited for her to settle before unclamping her nipples.  With each, another spasm racked her body, each slightly less intense.  I gently squeezed her breasts and watched as her nipples became less turgid and slightly lighter in coloration.  Then, I slipped the blindfold from her eyes, and unstrapped the bindings from her wrists and ankles.

Martine had lain quietly with her eyes closed as I removed the bonds that restrained her to my table.  When I spoke, her eyes opened.  They were deep, dark, and shone with the light of intense pleasure.

“How do you feel now, my dear Martine?”

She stretch erotically, rubbing her thighs together in the process, stroked her hands over her breasts, belly, and thighs, then looked at me and smiled.

“I didn’t know.”

“Know what.”

“That it could be so…I didn’t know what was happening until…it was more than I ever dreamed could be.”

I smiled back at her.

“It is known as the ‘petite mort’, the little death.  It can usually be so, sometimes more, if you wish to continue your lessons.”

“Will you always tie me, and make me do as you say?”

“Yes.  Did you find that arousing?”

“Yesterday, I would have said such a thing was wrong, just as you told me.  Now,  it is somehow very erotic.”

“There is much more for you to learn, and we must visit Liaison upon occasion.  Do you wish to continue.”

“Yes…shall I come here again tomorrow?”

“You shall spend your nights with me for the next three weeks.  There is a small bath off the room that shall be yours, and though you may touch yourself in the course of washing and other necessary tasks, you shall not touch yourself for pleasure.  You shall leave for your work from here, and return here afterward.  You shall not speak to any one of this or any other of our nights together.  Those are the conditions of your lessons.”

“I agree.”

I showed Martine to her room, then retired to my own.  As I slipped between my bedsheets, I smiled.  She was as I had thought, perhaps even more so.  It would be enjoyable teaching her, and more enjoyable sharing her at Liaison.  I would have to remember to place a call to Jaques and Desirae tomorrow to discuss Martine’s progress that they might prepare.