The Making of Martine Fornier, Part 3

Info silverhawk
21 Jan. '18

I awoke the next morning at an early hour, wanting to be certain I could wake Martine.  After letting myself into her bedroom, I stood for a minute and gazed at the girl sprawled on the bed.

She was nude, as I had instructed her she should be unless I said otherwise, and lay on her back with her legs spread wide.  Her large, soft breasts rose and fell with her regular, slow breathing, and her face, turned to the side on the pillow upon which her long hair splayed, was serenity personified.  The light through her window blinds cast stripes of grey upon her satin, pale skin.  Had my view been a photograph, such could have easily maintained interest at any museum of photographic art.

After turning on the shower in her bath, I sat on the bed and lightly stroked my fingertips up the velvety surface of her inner thigh.  Martine stirred, then opened her thighs wider.  I smiled.  She was becoming the very desirable slut I wished her to become.  She needed further training, but...

Martine's eyelashes fluttered as she woke.  Upon seeing me beside her, she smiled, then stretched, turning her already sensuous curves into erotic invitations to lust.  The vision was tempting, but I knew she would be missed by her employer should I decide to enjoy those soft curves on this morning.  There would be other mornings.

"Martine, it is morning and time for you to be up and about.  Your shower should be warm by now.  Up with you and into it.  After you dress, we shall dine, and then I will take you to your apartment for a change of clothes.  Let me remove your lover first and then you shall shower.

Martine spread her thighs wide and then groaned as I slowly removed the plug from her rosebud.  It was with some satisfaction that I saw the tight ring of muscle immediately contract.  It was with great satisfaction that Martine shuddered at the sensation of that tight ring being stretched wide as the plug slipped out.  At a diameter of only one and a half centimeters, the plug was causing her to become aroused.  When she could accept the largest of my selection, four centimeters, her sensations would be multiplied manifold indeed.

"Now remember my instructions, Martine.  You may touch yourself now, but only to cleanse yourself.  You shall be punished for doing otherwise."

Martine stepped into the shower and yelped as the stinging needles of hot water splashed against her breasts and belly, then sighed as she became accustomed to the temperature.  I watched her carefully for any signs of self-arousal.  My slut must be trusted to become aroused only when I deemed it appropriate.  She was not yet so experienced as to be able to control the sensations of her hands on her body.  It was my task to control them for her.  I had not long to wait before that control was required.

My voice was sharper than normal, but not quite a command.

"Martine, do not rub your nipples as you are.  They have been cleansed sufficiently."

"I...I did not mean to."

"I understand, but you must learn to control yourself."  

I moved to the side of the shower and slapped her bare ass with the palm of my hand.

"Do not make that mistake again, do you hear?"


The reddening shape of my palm on her smooth ass cheek caused my cock to stir, but I willed it into submission.  Tonight, when the pressures of other obligations were removed, then would I enjoy her.

And so it went each morning of the first week of Martine's lessons with me.  That first evening, we paid a visit to her apartment that she might collect some of her clothing and other necessities.  Having them at my home would negate the need to visit her apartment for her to dress for the day, and would also assist in her further training.  The second day, I began selecting the clothing Martine would wear to her employment each day.

That evening, when she arrived from her employment, I instructed Martine in the dress she would assume when in my apartments.

"In order that you may be available to me at any time, you shall wear only your high heels and this..."

I handed Martine the small box I held.  In it was a wide leather collar with four steel rings attached.  The inside was lined with the soft fur of the chinchilla and was especially made for me by a certain craftsman who was privy to it's intended use.  The leather, while beautifully finished, was sufficiently strong to resist any effort at freedom by a large, strong man.  It would hardly strain against any struggle Martine might impose upon it.  The lining was merely a safeguard against any marking of the girl's slender neck.

She was beautiful standing there, her breasts proudly jutting from her chest and her soft belly promising many pleasures of which she did not yet know.  I fastened the collar around her neck and locked it with the small padlock from the box.

"This collar identifies you as mine as well as enabling your lessons, Martine.  Only I can remove it, for only I have the key.  Should you decide to leave me, the collar must be severed to remove it, though I hope you shall decide to remain until your training is complete.  It would be such a waste of a fine collar and a great loss to us both, I think."

Martine looked at herself in the large mirror at the end of the hall to our bedchambers and smiled.

"I like it, and I will not leave you, Roget."

She said it as a simple fact, not as a promise, nor as something designed to please me at the moment, though her manner of speaking it pleased me greatly.

Thus began Martine's training in earnest.  The lesson for that evening was one of pleasuring her lover whilst pleasuring herself also.  Martine hopped onto my examination table as soon as we entered the room, laid back and eased her slender legs into the stainless steel stirrups.  She grinned as I removed my clothes and slipped on a light robe.

"Will you strap me down now?"

"No, but I shall remove your lover while you recline.  We will not otherwise use the table tonight.  Tonight we will use the pad on the floor, over there.”

I eased the small plug from Martine’s nether entrance.  It pleased me that the fit was not so tight and I was even more pleased at the sigh that flowed from Martine’s parted lips.

“Your lover is removed.  Go to the mat and kneel while I collect what we will need."

After going to the small closet in the room and selecting some items, I returned to Martine.  She was kneeling on the pad with her round bottom resting on her legs.  I asked her to stand, to which she readily complied.

The small plastic device was egg-shaped with a small dimple on one side.  After carefully separating her cunt lips and positioning the dimple over Martine's clit, I secured it in place with straps around her waist and thighs, and one that I pulled snuggly between her lips and up between her cheeks to fasten to the strap at her waist.  I then asked her to kneel again.  She smiled when I placed the velvet-lined cuffs around her ankles, and chuckled when I secured the same type cuff to each slender wrist.

"What are you planning, Roget?"

"You shall see when you see, Martine."

I looped the soft rope through the rings on the cuffs at her ankles and tied them together, then passed the other end through the ring on the cuff on her right wrist, pulling it behind her and causing her to sink to the floor again. After tying the knot, I looped the end through the ring of the other cuff and secured it in the same manner.  Martine sat there on her knees with her arms bound behind her.  The pull of the rope cause her shoulders to move back, thrusting her large breasts up and out.  Already, her nipples were beginning to stiffen.  I pinched the left one firmly and Martine gasped, then moaned.

"Will you clamp them again, as you did last night?"

"Yes, but with a difference you will enjoy."

Her left nipple flattened as I slid the locking ring up the jaws.  Martine gasped at the sensation then gasped again as I tightened the jaws a little tighter then the night prior.  After doing the same to her right nipple, I tugged them both gently.  Martine moaned.

" is better than last night."

"And yet to become even more so, my little slut."

So saying, I picked up the small weights from the table at my side and hung one from the ring of each clamp.  Martine's nipples and thence her breasts were pulled down a little.  She moaned again.

I picked up a second set of weights.

"Martine, do you remember your special word, the word that will put an end to this?"

" is 'kitten'.

I hung the second set of weights from Martine's pinched nipples and smiled at her little cry.  I knew she felt pain, but she was channeling the pain into pleasure for us both.  After lifting both her large breasts, I let them fall from my hands.  The weights tugged sharply at her nipples, pulling her breasts down.  The soft mounds rebounded, pulling the weights up slightly only to let then tug downward again.  Martine groaned, and squeezed her thighs together tightly.  She was aroused again, aroused by the sharp bite of the nipple clamps and by the even sharper pain caused by the weights.

"Now, my dear little slut, for that is what you are becoming, you shall learn the finer points of sucking a man.  I pulled her hair, lifting her face up.  

"Open your mouth and accept your new lover."

My stiff cock bumped against Martine's cheek as she tried to capture the swollen head.  In a moment she had it between her lips and paused as if trying to decide how to proceed.

"Let my cock enter your mouth, Martine, but be careful of your teeth.  Should I feel them closing, even a millimeter, you shall be punished."

Martine opened her mouth wide and slowly impaled her face with my cock.

"Good suck gently...and lick the underside with your tongue."

Martine was hesitant at first, but soon was sucking with more confidence, and seemed to enjoy the feel of my cock on her tongue.  She licked the underside, then swirled her soft little tongue around the swollen head.  I reached down and lightly tapped her left breast.  It jiggled, sending the other breast and both weights to swinging a little.  Martine inhaled sharply and in the process sucked my cock deeper into her mouth.

"Now, my little slut, fuck me with your mouth as you would with your wet little cunt."

She began to move her mouth up and down over my cock as much as her binding would allow.  Occasionally, the turgid head of my cock touched the back of Martine's throat and she gagged.

"You will learn to take me deeper yet, Martine.  Perhaps you need more to occupy your mind."

The small box I retrieved from the pocket of my robe emitted a yellow light when I flicked the switch on the side.

"Lift your head to straighten your throat take me deeper, a little at a time until you become accustomed to me."

Martine complied and soon I felt her lips nearing the base of my cock each time she pulled it into her mouth.  I pressed the button on the small box in my hand.  The buzzing sound was barely audible, but Martine's cry would have been were it not for my cock filling her mouth.  As it was, wonderful sensations shot from the head of my cock to my loins as the strong vibrations of her muted cry washed over it.  I pressed the button again, and Martine gasped.

"You like my little toy, don't you, slut?"

Martine panted the words around my cock.


"Then make me spend my seed down your throat and swallow it all."

I pressed the button again, holding it down for a moment.  Martine sucked hard on my cock, then pushed her face closer.  My cock head pressed into the back of her throat.

"Now, swallow, slut."

The contraction of her throat around my cock head when Martine swallowed was incredible.  I pushed the button again and held it down, put one hand behind Martine's head to keep my cock in place and commanded.

"Again, swallow again."

Martine's body writhed from the strong vibrations tingling her clit and the writhing caused her breasts to shake.  She moaned as the nipple clamps tugged at her nipples again and again, and she began swallowing over and over.  I felt the surge building in my loins.

"I'm going to fill your throat with my seed, slut.  Swallow it all."

A second later, my cock erupted with a stream shot deep into Martine's throat.  She swallowed quickly, pulled her face back, and then forced my cock deep into her throat again as a second and then a third shot raced through my cock.  She was still swallowing when the orgasm caused her body to shake.  I held her upright lest she fall over, for the shuddering climax left her body shaking and trying to arch against the bindings on her wrists and ankles.  As her shuddering slowed, I released the button on my little box and smiled.  Martine was still mouthing my softening cock.  I pulled it from her lips, and still her mouth moved as if sucking me.

"Very good, little slut.  Do you like sucking my cock?"

"Yes, Roget...and the little egg in my cunt."

"Ah, it is time for another of your lessons.  When we are together in here, and at any time you wear my collar, you are to call me 'Sir'.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir.  Sir...will we do this again tonight?"

I pressed the button on the box and Martine convulsed.

"We will continue until you can not suck life back into my organ."

Martine's eyes were dark pools of arousal and her mouth was opening and closing as does a fish out of water.

"Give it back to me then."

And so the evening went until I was happily spent beyond revival again and Martine had climaxed more times than I could count.  As I untied her bindings and helped her to her feet, I smiled at her progress.  Martine was an apt student with a natural desire and ability that needed only to be instructed once.  I fell asleep that night planning the next evening and the next, for I wished her to be ready for Liaison that Friday.  There was a lesson I could not teach, but one that Liaison could.

That Friday evening, when Martine arrived from her employment, I announced we would dine at La Table du Fort and thence make our way to Liaison.  Martine went to fix her makeup as all women would do, and was radiant when she appeared before me, nude as was my instruction for her attire at my home.  I held up the black, silk dress with very thin shoulder straps and a pair of black stockings with elastic lace tops.  On the floor in front of me were the high-heeled shoes I had purchased that afternoon.  They would perch her a bit over 10 centimeters higher than her normal stance.

"I have selected your dress for the evening, Martine.  Put it on just as you are now.  You will wear no under things tonight except these stockings."

Martine blushed deeply.

"But Sir...the dress is so short...and the top so low.  I'll be embarrassed to death."

"Be embarrassed if you wish, but you will wear this or you shall go as you are right now.  Oh...I have one other piece of attire for you."

I produced the simple silver necklace from my pocket.  

"It would not be fitting for you to wear the leather collar tonight.  Instead you shall wear this one."

I fastened the sliver chain around Martine's slender neck.  The fit was snug, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable for her.  The small silver heart settled into the hollow below her neck after I fastened the silver lock in back and pocketed the key.

The dinner was wonderful, almost as wonderful as the stares from every man in the restaurant.  Martine's full breasts and rounded hips filled out the dress as I knew they would, and as she saw their stares, her nipples hardened into two large bumps that were visible through the thin material.  It was with some difficulty she was able to sit without the hem riding up over her hips, and after a while she simply stopped trying.  The man at the next table nearly choked on his fruits de mer when she crossed her legs.

There were few people at Liaison when we entered as we were somewhat earlier at arriving than usual.  As we sipped the fine Reme Martin, couples began filling the tables on each side of ours.  Soon, the darkened room was filled with the low murmur of intimate conversation and the tinkling of glassware.  Desirae appeared out of the darkness beside Martine and wearing the thin robe as was her custom on these nights.

"Ah...Roget...I see you have once again brought your friend with you.  Martine, you are very beautiful tonight.  I am pleased.  Jaques will be pleased also."

Desirae softly stroked Martine's breast through the material of the dress, then squeezed gently.

"Yes, very pleased indeed."

Desirae left to greet others in the room, and Martine whispered, "Why would she say she is pleased...and that Jaques will be pleased too?"

I shrugged.

"Jaques will think you are exquisite.  Desirae enjoys a woman as much as she enjoys a man, and you appeal to her as well."

"That's why she felt my breast?"

"Yes.  Did she offend you?"

"No, I guess not.  It's just never happened before."

The curtains of the stage opened.  In the center was a tall structure resembling a letter 'Y' upended.  The lower two legs had heavy ringbolts near the floor.  The top, single leg was furnished with an arrangement of pulleys.  Desirae walked to the side of the stage, as she had many times before and began moving in front of the couples sitting there.  When she approached our table, Desirae stopped, smiled and crooked her finger in our direction.

"Sir, she wants you tonight", Martine whispered.

"No, Martine, she beckons to you."

"Me?  But, I can't...I just can't."

"You can and you will, because I wish it.  Now go.  The others are waiting."

When Martine stood up, she put her hand on my shoulder to steady her self.  She was trembling, and I sought to give her some reassurance.

"Remember what I told you on our first visit here?  No one will force you to do anything you find beyond your limits.  Desirae will ask for your safe word, and you will tell her.  You will not regret this."

Martine took a deep breath and walked up on to the stage.  Desirae whispered something in Martine's ear, and Martine leaned to whisper back.  The safe word had been exchanged.

Desirae positioned Martine in front of the structure, and was gentle when she fastened the cuffs around Martine's wrists and ankles.  She gently stroked Martine's inner thighs when she snapped the leather straps into the rings on the ankle cuffs.  At the nod of Desirae's head, two more leather straps descended from the pulley arrangement on the top leg.  These, Desirae snapped into Martine's wrist cuffs.  She then leaned forward and whispered to Martine again.  Martine nodded, and her arms were immediately drawn up over her head.

At that time, a man with a swarthy appearance that spoke of his Basque heritage stepped on the stage.  He wore only loose-fitting trousers and an athletic style undershirt.  His blank face was broken by a smile when he saw Martine trussed against the platform.  It was a smile I had seen on numerous occasions.  Jaques always smiled before his part of the night's entertainment, and more so if the woman was as beautiful as Martine.

I saw a look of fear in Martine's eyes when he approached, for while she was acquainted with Desirae, she had yet to meet Jaques.  That look disappeared when Jaques leaned close and squeezed her right breast.  To anyone but me, it appeared he was only pleasing himself by feeling the woman before him.  I knew he was doing just that, and also that he was confirming Martine's safe word.  Jaques could present a fearsome appearance, but I knew he was aware of Martine's stage of training, and would not cause her more pain than she would enjoy.

Jaques stepped back, and from his pocket drew the folding knife of a Basque shepherd.  It was as long as his hand when folded.  He opened it and the distinctive click-click-click signaled the blade was locked in place.  The large blade glittered in the stage lights as he again approached Martine.  Standing by her side so as to not block the view of the observers, he drew the back of the blade over Martine's bare shoulder.

Jaques tipped the blade up and allowed the point to trace down the curve of Martine's right breast.  Martine gasped as a faint white line appeared on her pale skin.  He did the same to her other breast, then with one careful stroke, crossed the swell of both her breasts and connected the first two lines.  

The shining blade slipped under the thin strap holding the dress over Martine's breasts.  As if the strap was only paper, the razor-keen blade severed it.  Jaques again crossed Martine's chest with the point of the knife and slipped the blade under the other thin strap.  In a moment, that strap too was severed and with it, the minimal support the dress provided Martine's full breasts.  Jaques smiled as he inserted the blade between the soft mounds and then pulled out and down.  As if already cut, the front of the dress began to separate.  Down Jaques carefully guided the blade, first revealing Martine's breasts and nipples, then her soft, rounded belly, and then her cunt.  With one quick slash, Jaques slit the dress the rest of the way, then pulled it from Martine's body and tossed it aside.

Jaques lifted the back of the blade to the underside of Martine's right nipple, moved it up and bending the nipple against her chest, and then let it slide beneath the blade.  I smiled.  Martine's lips were parted and her right nipple was swollen with the passion caused by this new experience.  She caught her breath when Jaques' knife blade did the same with her left nipple.

Jaques then slipped the blade between the soft, bare lips of Martine's cunt, back first, and moved it from side to side.  When he moved the blade down and away from her, I could see the smear of her juices on each side of the blade.  Jaques put the blade to his tongue, licked, and then smiled.  He then backed away from Martine.  As he reached the edge of the stage, the structure began to rotate back.  As Martine's wrists were securely bound to the upper portion, she had no choice but to follow it.  In a few moments, she was lying on her back, her head lower than her ass, and with her stocking-clad legs dangling between the legs of the structure.

Desirae picked up the leather strap she had snapped into the ring of Martine's right ankle cuff, slipped the end through the ringbolt on the leg of the structure and then pulled.  Martine's right leg was drawn first up to the leg of the structure and then on top of it.  After looking to confirm Martine's position, she positioned the free end of the strap upon the now-tightened portion and secured them together with a movable buckle.  A moment later Jaques had secured Martine's left leg in a similar manner.  

The purpose of the odd structure was readily apparent now.  Martine was trussed naked, head and foot to the structure, her head, back and hips supported by the narrow, single member and her legs and thighs by the two lower members.  Her cunt was spread wide and the plug in her ass was clearly visible.  Jaques grasped the flared end of the plug and slowly withdrew it.  As the length slid from Martine's body, she moaned, then moaned again as the tip finally exited her tight ring of muscle.  Jaques massaged that wrinkled ring as Desirae left the stage.  She quickly returned with a wicked looking instrument in her hands.  Passing it over Martine's face first, she smiled, then walked around to stand beside Jaques.

The instrument was of shining metal with a shaft some ten centimeters long.  At one end of the shaft, a bar was secured, forming a stout handle.  At the other, a long round penetrator of about two centimeters in diameter was fastened, with the tip end being a long, blunt point and the other smoothly rounded.  Desirae handed the instrument to Jaques and produced a small bottle of lubricant from a pocket in her robe.  This lubricant she applied to Martine's tight ring and to the penetrator.  It was then that Jaques spoke.

"This lover and I will fuck you tonight, my little slut.  Take him now."

With that, Jaques positioned the point of the instrument between Martine's spread ass cheeks and began to press and rotate the handle.  Centimeter by centimeter, the penetrator entered Martine.  At the first touch, she moaned.  As the long point continued its progress, she began to writhe and moan.  As the full diameter entered her, Martine cried out and attempted to pull away.  Jaques chuckled.

"Your lover wishes you to lie still, but you do not.  We shall correct this."

Desirae walked to Martine's side.  In her hands she held a wide belt which she placed over Martine's belly and then secured beneath the single leg of the structure.  When she was satisfied Martine could no longer move, she nodded to Jaques.  He resumed his twisting pressure on the handle of the instrument.  Martine whimpered as the penetrator slipped through the tight ring in her ass, then moaned as Jaques continued to rotate the handle.  He then released it, stepped back, and dropped his trousers to the floor.  His cock stood out straight from his thighs, rigid and swollen, long and thick.

"Yes, my pretty little slut, let your lover fuck your ass for a moment.  I shall soon part your ripe flower with my cock and fuck you as well.  That would please you, would it not?"

Martine's voice was low and throaty.

"Yesss...fuck my cunt, Sir."

Jaques slowly stroked the foreskin down over his swollen cock head, then let it roll up again.  He inserted two fingers into Martine's cunt and stroked them in and out rapidly as he spoke.

"All in good time, slut.  First you must pleasure Desirae.'

"I... Sir... Sir, I don't know...know how."

Jaques continued to stroke his fingers and laughed.

"You know how to suck a man.  Desirae's clit is smaller, but behaves the same."

Desirae shrugged the robe from her body, then straddled Martine's face and reached down to spread her cunt lips.

"Suck my clit, little bitch."

Desirae pressed her cunt into Martine's face and I soon heard the wet sounds of sucking.  Desirae groaned, then reached behind her and grasped Martine's taut nipples.  I knew the pinch was made by Desirae's fingers and thumbnail, and I knew Martine would react.  Her moan and the lurch of her hips against the belt around her belly told of that reaction as did the small cry that flowed from her throat.  Desirae pinched Martine's nipples again, then looked down at Martine and spoke.  Her voice was stern, but I detected the pleasure beneath the words.

"Yes, little bitch, suck it ...suck it well."

Upon hearing that, Martine seemed to double her efforts, so much so that Desirae threw back her head and moaned.

"Ah...yesss...harder, suck harder."

Martine gasped when Jaques began stroking the steel cock that impaled her ass, and a few moments later, her movements of escape became movements of acceptance.  The wet sounds of sucking were joined by the sound of Martine's panting breaths and little moans.  

Desirae was enjoying both, and it was obvious she was nearing her climax.  Her fingers lifted Martine's nipples, drawing her full breasts into cones, and then she twisted her fingers.  Martine cried out just as Desirae gasped and forced her cunt into Martine's face.  They climaxed together, Desirae with an arched back that thrust her breasts up and Martine with a shudder that was tempered by her restraints and by Desirae's cunt pressed against her face.  

When Desirae had ceased to gasp and quiver from the spasms that racked her body, she stood and lifted her leg across Martine's body.  Once standing, she turned to Jaques.

"Take her now, Jaques."

Jaques spread Martine's soft cunt lips with his thumbs and pressed his massive organ at her entrance.  As he pushed it inside her, Martine began to shudder again.  

"So big...Ah, ah, ah, ah...oh...yes...yes...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

The little orgasm served to flood Jaques' cock with Martine's juices, and with one smooth push, he buried his cock in her.  Martine cried out, then began to pant again.  Jaques chuckled.

"You like my big cock, don't you slut.  What should I do with it."

"Fuck me...fuck my cunt."

Jaques pulled his cock almost all the way out, then quickly rammed in back inside Martine.

"Like this, slut?"

"Y...yesss...again, Sir...please fuck my cunt, Sir."

He pulled his cock out again, then rammed it deep as before.  Martine groaned in pleasure.

"Oh...please, Sir...I need to cum, Sir...please.'

Jaques began to stroke in and out of Martine's dripping cunt, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  As Martine began to gasp with each breath, Desirae knelt beside her and sucked her right nipple.  Martine moaned between gasping breaths and thrust up her cunt as far as the belt around her belly would allow.  Desirae's lips parted and revealed Martine's nipple clamped between her teeth.  She pulled her face up, and Martine's rigid nipple slowly slipped from the biting pinch.  As her stretched breast fell against her chest, Martine cried out and began to writhe through another climax.  

Just after that, Jaques groaned and pumped his cock in and out of Martine rapidly, then thrust it deep inside her.  His hips tightened and relaxed over and over as he pumped his seed deep inside Martine's wet cunt.  When he pulled his cock out of her, a stream of white oozed from Martine's gaping cunt, then flooded out as her cunt contracted and relaxed.  Three more times, strong contractions pumped Jaques' seed and her cream out of Martine's open cunt in small flows that stretched into thin strands and finally broke into drops that fell to the floor.  At Jaques' nod, the curtain closed.

I looked around me.  All the couples were either enjoying each other's bodies, or were rearranging clothing after doing so.  There were a few cries as women reached their peak, and matching groans as their men filled them with seed.  After a few minutes, the couples began to rise and leave.  I was soon alone at my table.

Desirae and Martine walked from behind the curtain a half-hour later.  Martine was cradled against Desirae by the arm around her waist, and was dressed in an identical dress as before, the duplicate I had purchased and delivered to Liaison while Martine was at her employment.  Both women were smiling, though Martine was still a bit unsteady.  Desirae stroked Martine's hair as she spoke.

"Roget, you have brought us a treasure tonight.  I would not be happy if this is the last time we see her.

"It will not be, Desirae, unless Martine decides that to be."

Desirae kissed Martine on the forehead.

"My dear Martine, what say you to that?"

Martine's eyes were shining and deep, and she turned those eyes to Desirae's.

"If it pleases Sir, I will be back."

That night, after watching Martine shower and putting her to bed, I reflected on my good fortune.  Martine was becoming the woman I had intended, but she was doing so at a much more rapid pace than I had dreamed.  I must increase my efforts at her training.  Our next visit to Liaison would be sooner than I had anticipated.