The Making of Martine Fornier, Part 4

At our last visit to Laiason, Martine had not only accepted the two centimeter penetrator which Jaques had inserted in her nether entrance, but had thoroughly enjoyed the sensations as Jaques stroked it in and out.  Such was somewhat of a surprise to me, but then, Martine was a rather surprising girl.  

After the first visit to Liaison, Martine had been obviously aroused and had cautiously aroused herself even more, but would not allow herself the ultimate pleasure.  I, of course, was not a brute and would never have forced the girl to allow me the pleasure of fingering her cunt until she writhed out the subsequent orgasm.  I accepted her apology and invited her to dinner and Liaison again.

The second visit was much more satisfying for us both.  A good friend of mine, Henri, entered Desirae’s ass during the performance, and just as I had experienced with her in the past, the woman climaxed with a great amount of shuddering and cries of ecstasy.

During the performance, Martine again became aroused, and this time, allowed me to excite her nipples and clit to the point she reached orgasm.  I was of the opinion this would be the end of my enjoyment of her firm and sensuous body for the evening, but such was not to be so.  Upon arriving at her apartment, she asked if what Desirae had experienced was usual.  At my reply that such was often the case, though I thought her perhaps too young to understand.  Martine thrust our her chest and asked if I could give her a similar experience.  

It was a very great pleasure for me to slowly insert even one fingertip into the girl’s tight ring of muscle.  That pleasure intensified as I first used one finger, then two, and then three as Martine relaxed.  It was then I inserted my cock and took her anal virginity.

To say my climax was intense would be a grave understatement, for Martine’s nether passage was so tight I had difficulty in postponing the eruption of my seed until she was ready.  So to would it be to say her orgasm was very pleasurable for her. So extreme were her contractions she could not support herself.  At the end, I was forced to hold the girl by the hips that she would not fall to the bed and cause my seed to splatter on her back.

Martine was overcome by both the sensations and by my statement those sensations could become even more intense should she allow me to teach her the way.  She readily agreed and relocated her residence to my apartment.

Her training progressed much more quickly than I had anticipated, so quickly I had phoned Desirae and arranged for Martine to participate in a performance at Liaison.  That performance only increased Martine’s desire for more training, and I was happy to oblige.

I had formulated a plan for that performance, a plan based upon Martine’s question of how one woman could service more than one man at a time.  She had learned to relax her tight rosebud sufficiently that Jaques was able to fuck her ass with the two centimeter penetrater.  The penetrater was only a prelude to my ultimate goal.

We began the next stage of Martine’s training in the bedroom I use for pleasure rather than for sleeping.  As Martine hopped up onto my hospital examining table and placed her slender legs in the stirrups, I selected one of the inflatable plugs from my collection.  This plug, with an accompanying bottle of oil, I carried to the table.  The touch of a lever dropped the end of the table from beneath Martine’s hips and left her hanging there, suspended by the stirrups.

She grinned when I grasped the end of the two centimeter plug that protruded from between her satin cheeks.

“You will increase the size, Sir?”

“Yes, but in a somewhat different manner.  You must remember to relax, else you will experience some pain.”

Martine sighed.

“If it is pain such as I experienced at Liaison, I will welcome it.”

I slipped the plug through the tight ring of muscle, then stroked it in and out for a moment.  Martine caught her breath and then moaned.

“Sir, put your cock in my ass.  I need to feel your cock stretching me, and I need to cum.”

I smacked her left cheek with my hand and Martine yelped.  I smiled at the reddening handprint, then reprimanded her.

“You know the penalty for telling me what to do, yet you continue to do so.”

“I know, Sir.  I can not help myself.  At Liaison, I felt as if my mind exploded.  I do so wish to feel that way again.”

I chuckled.

“I assure you, my greedy Martine, your next visit to Liaison will accomplish that.  In the mean time, I must prepare you.”

With that, I poured a generous amount of oil between Martine’s open cheeks and on the inflatable plug in my hand.  When the slender, rounded tip touched the dark brown ring, Martine shuddered and I saw that ring relax slightly.  

I shook my head.  The girl was opening herself to the plug without being asked to do so.  Never before had I taught a woman such as Martine.  I applied pressure to the plug and the ring opened until the plug slipped inside Martine to a depth of about ten centimeters.  That depth was sufficient for my goal that evening.

Martine groaned when I attached the clover clamp to her right nipple.  I had used only the tweezer clamps in the past, and though they were capable of applying significant pressure to Martine’s thick nipples, they did have their limitations.  The clover clamps were designed to increase that pressure with every movement of the wearer.  The hundred gram weight I then clipped to the ring of the clover clamp caused Martine to cry out, then moan as she channeled the pain into pleasure.

“Oh, Sir.  My cunt is on fire.  Fuck me.”

I slapped her other cheek and smiled as the skin reddened.

“If I desire to do so, I shall.  If not…you shall go without a release tonight.”

Another clover clamp and hundred gram weight served to yield the same results from Martine, though she did not beg me again.  She was breathing heavily and I was certain it would take only a few strokes to her clit to bring her to an orgasm.  I would deny her that pleasure for a while, for the rest of my training that evening would increase the sensations many fold.

Moving back between Martine’s soft thighs, I began stroking the inflatable plug in and out a small amount.  Martine moaned again.

“Oh Sir, please continue until I cum.”

I chuckled.

“But then our training session would not be complete.  Your lover will convince you that waiting is for the best.”

So saying, I squeezed the rubber bulb attached to the hose at the end of the plug.  The pump injected a small amount of air into the plug and increased its diameter by a fraction of a centimeter.

Martine gasped.

“Oh, oh, oh, it is too big.”

My words were stern, though I was smiling.

“It is not too large, my little slut.  Relax and accept your lover.  He will open you more before this night ends.  Should you not wish that to happen, you have only to use your safe word.”

I began stroking he partly expanded plug in and out again.  Martine gasped, then moaned as her body relaxed and accepted the larger girth.

“Ahhh…no, do not stop.  It is only a feeling I have not felt before.”

Another squeeze to the rubber bulb served to expand the plug to two centimeters.  Martine cried out at the pressure, but soon relaxed enough her cries of pain became cries of pleasure.

“Oh, Sir, may I cum now?  I am becoming so very aroused.”

“Not yet, my little slut.  Another increase in size is in order.”

Another squeeze to the pump brought the diameter to slightly over two and a half centimeters.  That diameter was sufficient for that evening.      I left Martine for a moment and walked back to the cabinet on the wall.  From one drawer, I selected two long, thick silicone rubber dildos and then walked back to Martine.

One finger in her entrance confirmed what I thought would be.  The girl was nearly dripping wet.  After stroking one dildo between her slender lips to wet it with her juices, I guided it into that entrance.  Martine shuddered as the thick shaft penetrated her, then moaned.

After stroking the single dildo in and out for a few moments, I saw the white streams of Martine’s juices coating it.  I removed that rubber cock, rubbed the second through the lips now coated with creamy white, and then inserted it.  Martine moved her hips slightly as it went in. That dildo was somewhat larger than the first and she was only easing its passage.

I stroked both the dildo and the plug in and out slowly until Martine was beginning to writhe.  

“Martine, control yourself”, I commanded.  She was beginning to pant, but a look of determination came over her face at my voice.  Martine began to breathe deeply but slowly.

I smiled.  I knew it was an effort for her to do so, but I knew it would only heighten the climax I would ultimately allow her.

As I stroked the dildo almost out, I placed the tip of the first near the second.  Martine’s passage was sufficiently lubricated both tips slipped inside her.  Her eyes flew open as the two rubber cocks begin opening her.

“Oh…Roget, I cannot…cannot…Oh…I am nearly  there.”

I slapped her on the left cheek.

“Do not allow yourself to climax, not until I give you permission.  Do you understand?”

Through the fog of her arousal, Martine managed to murmur, “Yes”.  

I had little confidence the girl would be strong enough to do as I commanded.  Both her entrances were stretched to a great extent.  I knew this would cause her no harm, but would be delivering sensations to her brain only a very practiced woman such as Desirae could control.

After a few minutes of stroking both the two dildos and the plug, Martine began to babble.

“Um…Oh…I must cum…I cannot…it is too much.”

With that, Martine heaved her body up off the table and hung there as the violent contractions of the orgasm shook her.  At the first quaking, the weights jerked at her nipples and she screeched.  The resulting shudder only served to dance the weights up and down at her sides, tightening the clover clamps a bit more and transferring the motion to her nipples.

Martine did not ease back down on the table for almost a full minute, for she could not stop the writhing of her body.  When she finally did, she lay there breathing heavily, and with each breath, the weights gently tugged at her nipples.  That caused smaller jerks of her body for a full five minutes more.

When she had calmed down somewhat, I replaced the support under Martine’s hips and lifted her legs from the stirrups, then instructed her to stand and hold the dildos in place.  As she did so, the weights attached to the clover clamps pulled down her breasts and she gasped.

“Sir, the clamps…they are so tight.”

“Yes, they are and will become tighter still if you move about.  It is their design to do so.”

“They cause pain, but pleasure as well.  It is as when Desirae pulled on my nipples at Liaison.”

“As it should be.  Now walk to the mat and be quick about it.”

With every step Martine took, the weights swayed her breasts and tightened the grip on her nipples.  At the first, she cried out a little.  The second caused a low moan, and by the time she had crossed the two meters to the mat, she was breathing heavily again.  I instructed her to kneel, and after she did so, I opened my robe.  

My erect cock sprang forth and I smiled as Martine licked her lips.  It would have been more appropriate for her training had I added another hand print to one of her soft hips.  A proper slut would not act in such a manner.  She would wait until I instructed her in what I wished her to do.  Alas, I was carried away by her eagerness and said nothing about her transgression.  There would be other times.

“Martine, tonight I shall not bind you as before, nor shall I grant you the pleasure of my little toy on your clit.  Tonight, you will take my cock in your mouth as before, but will used your hands to manipulate your clit.  Remember, you may not climax again until I give you permission.”

“I remember, Sir.”

“Very well, let us begin.”

I was certain she could not restrain her desires, and so proved to be the case.  Martine’s right hand went immediately to her clit.  Reaching down, I pulled her arms up.

“Marine, you have not taken my cock.  You must do so before pleasing yourself.”

Martine winced as I pulled her face to my cock, but opened her mouth.  As the swollen head slipped between her lips, she purred.

“Sir, I will make you cum many times tonight.”

“As you should.  You may excite yourself now, but do not forget about my cock, and do not forget you may not climax until I give you permission.:

Martine immediately began mouthing my cock head, and then slipped it deep into her mouth.  She gagged slightly when it touched the back of her throat, but then adjusted her position.  I felt the exquisite pleasure of her swallow and then the sensations of Martine pulling her mouth up.  She stopped when the rim of my cock head reached her lips, licked the underside, and then plunged her face back down.

Martine’s breasts were jiggling from her exertions on my cock, the plug in her ass, and the fingers that fluttered over her clit.  In moments she began to make little mewing cries and her entire body began rocking.  The little minx was close even though she had just begun.

As she began to moan around my cock, I reminded her again about climaxing before allowed.  Martine sucked on my cock and pulled her mouth up to the head, but stopped massaging her clit.  Gradually, her moans became less frequent.  My arousal became even more intense, so intense I was on the edge of losing control.

“Swallow my gift, Martine, swallow it all and then you may cum.”

Martine pushed her face over my cock until her nose pressed tightly on my belly, then began to swallow.  Her soft, wet throat massaged my cock head for perhaps ten seconds before I groaned and spurted my seed.  Martine swallowed faster and yet faster still as the following spurts filled her throat.

She was not far behind.  Once my cock stopped its throbbing jerks, Martine gasped and lurched into the fingers on her clit.  My cock fell from her sucking mouth as she cried out and began to shake.  

I believe her orgasm that time was every bit as intense, though it did not last quite so long.  That was of no matter.  Tonight, and on subsequent nights, I would excite Martine to orgasms until she could not achieve another.  Such training was required for her next visit to Liaison.

“Martine…my cock?”

Martine grasped my cock and stroked the flaccid shaft.

“I am sorry, Sir.  I was carried away.”

“You must not forget in the future.”

Just before sucking my cock head into her wet lips, Martine replied, “I will not, Sir.”

Once Martine had caused my cock to become erect, I instructed her to lie on her back.  I then straddled her body at the level of her breasts and placed a small pillow under her head.  Martine smiled as I pushed my cock toward her face.

“Give me your cock, Sir.  I want your cock in my mouth.”

As that was my intention, I did so, and a second later groaned as Martine began sucking and licking at the swollen head.  It would have been very pleasurable to allow her to take me to the point of splattering her throat with my seed again, and I would certainly allow her to do such another day, but there was more training to be done.

I reached back and grasped the bulb of the inflatable dildo and gave it a quick squeeze.  Martine gasped at the increase in pressure on her rosebud, but did not stop her sucking and licking.  Another squeeze to the bulb dilated it to what I thought would be a bit under three centimeters.  Martine cried out around my cock, but then moaned as her body accepted the increase in size.

I began alternately stroking the plug and the dildos in and out as Martine mouthed my cock.  It was with great difficulty I was able to concentrate in order to achieve this.  The little minx had learned the things that brought me the most pleasure and was applying them with every effort.  I was soon beginning to rock my hips into her face.  I looked down at the girl.  She was smiling around my cock at the knowledge she was making me lose control.  Her smile became a mask of lust when I sped up my stroking of the plug and dildo.

Her orgasm a few minutes later was nearly violent in the way it wracked her body.  She lost my cock for a second, but grabbed it and pulled it back into her mouth after the first wave caused her body to jerk.  She continued to suck, though the loud moans and the spasms of her body would have been nearly enough to cause my cock to erupt.  As it was, I groaned and began to spurt as soon as Martine began to writhed beneath me.  She did not release my cock until it had shrunk to a size she could not reach even by craning her neck up.

The rest of the evening continued in a similar vein.  Martine sucked my cock until it would no longer rise to the occasion, and reached orgasms each time.  The contractions of her last left her gasping for breath and continuing to lurch her hips up for several minutes after the major waves had subsided.  

I helped her to her feet after removing the clover clamps from her nipples and easing the dildos and plug from her body.  Only one thing remained and that was to insert her lover for the next day – the three centimeter rubber plug.  That accomplished, I helped Martine to her bed, covered her with a blanket.  I did not need to bid her a good night.  She was asleep before I could do so.

Martine’s training over the next two weeks was similar but varied.  Over the course of that time, she began to have more control over the response of her body and had graduated to my four centimeter plug.  She was so relaxed when I inserted or withdrew that plug it required little effort at all.  Each time I did so, Martine would shudder, and on a few occasions, I believe she nearly climaxed.

On some evenings, I would instruct Martine to suck at my cock until I filled her mouth with seed.  On others, I would pump my cock in and out of either entrance while Martine fingered her clit until we both reached a climax.

The training was strenuous for Martine, but I will readily admit it was more so for me.  I have always found it amusing that a man’s ability to remain erect diminishes quickly while a woman seems to be able to continue having orgasms until she falls into a stupor.  At the end of the two weeks, I ceased the training sessions.  I required some time to recover, and Martine was experiencing the time of month all women must endure.

The next Saturday evening, after a sumptuous dinner, I stepped out of the taxi in front of Liaison and offered my hand to Martine.  She smiled and stepped from the taxi, exposing her creamy inner thighs and bare sex to me as she did so.  She was no longer embarrassed by the lack of covering for her soft, slender lips, and I believe took some delight in exposing herself to strangers.

Once we were inside and seated, a smiling Desirae approached our table.

“I have not seen you two for some time.  Have you been ill?”

Martine chuckled.

“No, unless being fucked until I can not stand by myself is considered being ill.  I consider it to be wonderful.”

Desirae touched Martine on the cheek, then let her hand trace a path from the cheek down Martine’s neck and shoulder until she was stroking Martine’s breast through her dress.

“Perhaps you would be part of our entertainment this evening?”

Martine looked at me and I nodded.

“Sir says I have permission.”

Desirae smiled.

“Wonderful.  Let us get you ready.”

I had an idea of what was in store, and that idea was confirmed when Desirae came back ten minutes later.  She walked past a few tables, then crooked her finger at the two men and their wives sitting at one.  Paul and Alexandre grinned, then stood up and walked through the curtains of the stage.  Their women moved to sit together.  I knew both Alicia and Jaqueline.  They would enjoy each other while their husbands enjoyed Martine.

Desirae then walked to the table where Henri sat and grinned.  Henri grinned back and stood, then followed Desirae through the curtains.  About ten minutes later, those curtains opened.

The normal, padded platform stood in the center of the stage and over that platform was an arrangement of straps and ropes that led to the ceiling.  A moment later, Desirae led Martine from the side and to the platform.  She removed Martine’s robe, then fondled Martine’s breasts and nipples while whispering in her ear.  I saw Martine nod, and then sit down on the straps.

As Desirae arranged the straps, I saw they were a kind of sling.  One wide strap went around Martine’s hips and another around her back just under her arms.  Two other straps ended in loops which Desirae placed around Martine’s ankles.  At Desirae’s nod, the ropes to the ceiling began to tighten, and Martine was lifted into the air.

She hung there almost as if lying on her back.  Two ropes attached to the ankle straps pulled her legs wide apart.  The ropes to the hip strap and two more attached to the strap under her arms held her in position.  Desirae watched, and when Martine was about a meter from the floor, waved her hand.  

Desirae knelt between Martine’s spread thighs and lightly raked her nails from the knee to Martine’s hair covered lips.  I saw Martine smile and then catch her breath.  Desirae had just parted those lips with her thumbs and licked Martine’s inner lips.  Martine moved her hands to her own nipples and began stroking them.  Upon seeing this, Desirae slapped Martine’s right cheek.

“Do not excite yourself, my little bitch.  You will become aroused enough without that.”

Martine let her arms fall to her belly as Desirae slipped one hand around Martine’s hip and to her breasts.  Desirae’s pinch to Martine’s left nipple was not gentle at all, and Martine gasped.  Desirae chuckled.

“You felt that in your belly, did you not?”

“Yes…again, please.”

Desirae smiled.

“In due time, my dear, in due time.  Now, meet your lovers for the evening.”

Paul, Alexandre, Henri, and Jacques walked onto the stage and removed their robes.  Paul and Alexandre went to stand at Martine’s head.  Henri scooted under Martine’s suspended body, while Jaques stood and stroked Martine’s inner thighs.

Desirae stood and moved to beside Martine.  As both her hands went to Martine’s breasts, she leaned down and kissed her.  Martine put her arms around Desirae as the kiss continued.  I smiled as Desirae lightly stroked Martine’s breasts, then grasped a nipple in each hand and pinched tightly.  Martine’s gasp was audible as was the moan that followed.  Yes, tonight would be special and would prove if my training had been successful.

Henri was busy with a small bottle or oil.  As Jacques held Martine’s ass cheeks apart, Henri applied the oil to his fingers and from his fingers to Martine’s rosebud.  Even as far away as I was, I saw Martine shudder as the tight ring of muscle relaxed.  One of Henri’s fingers disappeared through that ring and was followed some time later by a second.  Henri then poured a small amount of oil on his cock head.  Jacques waved his hand and Martine’s body began to lower.  As it did so Henri positioned himself a little better, and soon his cock head was probing Martine.  

She caught her breath when he found the spot and pushed up, but she did not tense her body.  Instead, she moved her hands and arms from Desirae, reached down, and pulled her cheeks apart even more.  She shuddered as Henri’s cock penetrated her anal opening, then shuddered again when he withdrew and applied more oil.  After three attempts, he succeeded in stroking his rigid cock all the way inside Martine.  She groaned and moved her hands to Desirae’s hanging breasts.

Desirae allowed the girl to massage her breasts for a while, but then gently moved away and nodded to Jacques.

“She should be ready.”

Jacques grinned and slipped his finger through Martine’s hair covered lips.  He stroked in and out for a moment, then removed it and held it up.  A glistening on his finger proved Martine was wet from what had gone before.  Jaques lifted his cock, straddled Henri’s legs, and slowly pushed it through Martine’s lips.  She moaned, then rocked her hips slightly.  Jacques continued to push until his belly flattened against Martine.

Desirae moved away from Martine, then took Martine’s hand and placed it on Paul’s swollen cock, then walked around the platform, took Martine’s other hand and placed it around Alexandre’s.  Without being asked, Martine pulled gently until both cocks were within reach of her mouth.  She closed her lips around Paul first, but slowly stroked Alexandre’s at the same time.

What followed would arouse anyone, and the people at Liaison were no exception.  I watched as both Jacques and Henri began stroking their rigid cocks in and out of Martine.  I watched as Martine licked and sucked both Paul and Alexandre’s cocks alternately.  I watched as Desirae rolled, pinched, and pulled on Martine’s thick, swollen nipples.  

I glanced around me and saw the other people were partly watching and partly enjoying each other.  A brunette head bobbed over her partner’s cock at the table beside me while the man toyed with her bared breasts and nipples.  On the other side of my table, a man was on his knees with his face buried between his partner’s thighs.  She was already breathing faster and had both hands on her bare breasts. Alicia and Jaqueline were exchanging the kisses and soft caresses only given by women to other women.  Soon they would be partly undressed and using those kisses and caresses to take each other to orgasm.

Martine was doing as I had taught her, and from watching her over the weeks, I knew she was close to having her first climax of the evening.  Desirae understood as well, and after pulling Martine’s left breast up by the nipple, slapped that breast hard.

“You will control yourself, little bitch, until I say you may cum.”

Just as I had taught her, Martine began to calm a bit, but not so much as during our training sessions.  I understood the reason for this as did Desirae.  Martine was not yet sufficiently experienced and could not help herself.  Early in our relationship, she had expressed wonder that more than one man could be with a woman, and now that it was happening to her, the sensations were overwhelming.  

I could predict what would transpire because I had discussed the possibilities with Jacques and Desirae during a prior phone conversation.  Henri and Jacques would continue to arouse Martine until she had at least one orgasm and would be assisted by Desirae.  Paul and Alexandre would allow Martine to excite them, but not to the point of releasing their essence.  Their reason for this was the second part of the entertainment for the evening.  Paul and Alexandre were somewhat unique, and Martine had never experienced what they would do.  I opened my fly and released my cock from its confines.  I would relieve myself if the need became too intense.

The end for Martine came a few minutes later.  Though Desirae cautioned her again, the girl lost control when both Jacques and Henri began stroking in and out of her body in earnest.  The girl made a valiant attempt at keeping either Paul’s or Alexandre’s cock in her mouth, but as the orgasm swept her away, she could only writhe out the contractions while gasping for breath.  Her body contracted again when Jacques slowly pulled out his cock, then again when Henri removed his.  White seed dripped from Martine’s still gaping openings and onto Henri’s legs.

Desirae tweaked both Martine’s nipples causing the girl to cry out and contort her body again, then motioned to Paul and Alexandre.  They smiled and moved to join Jacques and Henri.  After Henri arose from the platform, Alexandre took the same position.  Jacque smiled and moved away.  Paul stepped between Martine’s spread thighs.

The ropes that held Martine suspended over the platform again moved and lowered her body enough that Alexandre could find her wet, hair covered cunt entrance with his cock.  The ropes continued to slowly lower Martine until Alexandre held up his hand.  His cock was inside Martine up to the balls.  He began to stroke in and out.

On Alexandre’s third stroke, Paul moved forward and placed his cock head on top of Alexandre’s.  Martine’s eyes became wide as they both thrust their cocks inside her.  It was a thing I could only teach by combining my cock with a dildo, and I had done so, but I knew that sensation would not be the same.  Martine gasped, then closed her eyes as the new sensation took her away.  I knew that because of his position, Paul’s cock was not only stroking inside Martine and on top of Alexandre’s.  It was also occasionally stroking her clit, a clit that would still be swollen long and taut from her first orgasm.

It was only after Paul and Alexandre began making alternating strokes in and out of Martine’s wet depths that Desirae mounted the platform, pressed her crotch into Martine’s face and said, “Suck my clit, little bitch.”

Martine did as she was told, though it was obvious she was climbing the slope once again.  A few minutes later, her body contorted as the orgasm swept through her, and forced both Alexandre and Paul to hold on to her gyrating hips in order to stay inside her.  

Both were experienced at this double penetration, and were unique in that they enjoyed the dual feeling of being inside a woman while being stroked by another man’s cock at the same time.  Each was also sufficiently experienced to delay his climax until the woman had achieved one or more.  That night, the number was three before they allowed themselves the pleasure of spurting their essence inside Martine’s writhing, gasping body.

Desirae did not wish to delay her ultimate pleasure, for there was no reason to do so.  With one hand pulling, twisting, and pinching Martine’s nipple and the other doing the same to her own, Desirae was soon sighing at each stroke of Martine’s tongue to her clit.  

Martine could not stop the flood of sensations from her stretched sex and the twisting pulls to her nipples.  Within minutes, she cried out and attempted to heave her body high, but Paul and Alexandre held her in place.  Shortly afterwards and spurred on by Martine’s cries of orgasm, Desirae arched her back, shuddered, and then began rocking her crotch over Martine’s face.

I saw Paul smile as he continued his slow strokes.  I was sure Alexandre was smiling as well.  Once Desirae recovered her composure a little, she moved one hand to Martine’s hair covered cunt, found her throbbing clit and began to massage it.

I admit to being carried away by the sight of two beautiful and erotic woman reaching a climax in this manner.  My cock was in a frightful state of erection, and I had little choice but to stroke it until the head erupted in streams of white semen I caught in a table napkin.  

I looked then around the room and was not surprised to see the brunette to my left bent over the table and being fucked hard by her partner.  The woman to my right had straddled her partner and was riding his cock with great vigor as he nibbled at her dancing nipples.  Alicia and Jaqueline were not quite so obvious, though they had both pulled down their dress tops to reveal their breasts.  Each had one hand beneath the table and clearly in the crotch of the other.  As I watched, first Alicia and then Jaqueline shuddered and then arched into the hand between her thighs.

Desirae’s cry pulled my eyes from Alicia and Jaqueline back to the spectacle on the stage.  Desirae was fluttering her fingers over Martine’s clit as she ground her crotch into Martine’s face.  A second later, Martine cried out as well and her hips began to rock over the two cocks that penetrated her.  Paul and Alexandre calmly slowed their strokes until Martine stopped trying to force their cocks deeper inside her, then began stroking again.  

Desirae slowly eased up from Martine’s face and kissed her on the lips, then knelt beside the girl and began teasing her taut nipples with her tongue, lips and teeth.  Again, her hand went to Martine’s clit and resumed its circling massage.  Martine threw back her head and saw Jacques had mounted the platform and was moving his swollen cock toward her.  She opened her mouth, and once Jacques’ cock was between her lips, began licking and sucking it.

I wondered that the girl still had enough presence of mind to please Jacques, but then remembered our training sessions.  Martine never seemed to tire of my cock in her mouth, and greedily swallowed every drop of seed.  She was doing the same to Jacques and his face told me Martine was succeeding in her efforts.

He was not holding back, instead only fondling Desirae’s swaying breast as a way of giving her some small pleasure.  Only minutes after she began sucking at his thick cock head, Jacques threw back his head.  I could see his cock plunge deep into Martine’s throat and then the jerking of his hips as the seed erupted into her mouth.  Martine only moaned and swallowed furiously.

A few moments later, Paul gasped and his hips also jerked as he filled Martine with semen that leaked back out to drip on Alexandre’s taut balls.  Alexandre gasped a second later and began to rapidly pump his cock in and out.  With a final thrust, his body jerked three times.  Then, he eased back down.  Both men continued stroking in and out of Martine for the few more minutes it took until she gasped, grabbed Desirae’s head and pulled it tight to her breast, and then cried out as he body began to rock uncontrollably.  A few seconds later, the stage curtains closed.

I wiped the seed that dripped from my cock for the second time that evening, then smiled as I watched the others rearrange their clothing.  After a few minutes, only Alicia, Jaqueline, and I remained in the building.  Paul and Alexandre walked out from behind the curtain then, embraced their wives and engaged in a short conversation I could not hear.

Half an hour later, Desirae brought Martine back to me.

“Roget, Martine is very happy, but very tired.  Do take good care of her.  I would wish her to join us again soon.”

Martine grinned.

“Yes, I am tired, but I would do it again tonight if possible.  I have never before felt so…so satisfied.”

I assured Desirae I would do so, and took Martine to my home.  After helping her shower to wash away the leavings of the night, I put her in bed.  Though she beckoned, I resisted the temptation to join her.  There would be other nights in the future.

Tonight might possibly be the night the offer is made, but I shall refuse.  The woman at my table, Evangelique, is about forty, and the widow of a man who did not understand the ways of women.  

You may ask the reason Martine does not accompany me, and the reason is simple.  

A week after that evening at Liaison, I phoned Henri to ask if he would consider taking Martine for further training.  As Henri is somewhat younger than I his, shall we say, endurance, is greater.  Martine was ready for more than I could hope to give.  Henri readily accepted, and Martine now wears his collar.

Dinner with Evangelique was wonderful, and my suggestion of the entertainment at Liaison was accepted with her sly grin.

“Will the people be naked?”

“As naked as the day you were born.”

“And you say this entertainment will be something I have never seen?”

“Yes, I doubt you have seen such a thing before.  I will give you this caution.  The actions on the stage may seem harsh at times, but I also assure you, the parties are both very willing participants.”

“You mean, the women will be bound and some pain will be inflicted.”

“Yes, some of the time.  If that will be offensive to you, perhaps I should just take you to your residence.”

“Roget, I am not easily offended, and I have often wondered at the practices of those who do as you say.  The women…young girls with firm bodies I would suppose.”

“No, just women like you.  Well, there is one young girl, but she is very experienced, unlike you.”

“Could I gain that experience?  I have lived twenty years with a man who could not satisfy me.  I do not wish the next twenty or more to be the same.”

“If you are willing to trust me and to relax, I believe so.”