Spying On Haven And Inessa

I peeked at them. 'Oh, there they are, Haven and Inessa,' I thought, strolling by them.

Even as I passed, my eyes failed to part from them.

I stopped in a corner and continued to eyeball them. 'Wow, a gorgeous brunette white lady with a pretty black woman with curly black hair. They are both in their low twenties and stunning too. Just kiss each other, I just know that you two are a couple,' I thought, licking my lips. 'Oh, their cotton thongs are sticking out as their butts are together. Bright pink and dark green don't usually go together, but on them, it is an incredible combo.'

I looked away from them and hurried to the bathroom. I opened the door and ran to the first stall over towards the sinks.

I opened the door and entered, then closed it and locked it.

Then I dropped my book bag, put the toilet lid down and sat on it. "I have to stop doing this," I moaned, prior to pulling up my dress and sticking my right hand down into my panties. "I'm just driving myself mad, and I'm sure they don't even know that I exist. Why would they? I mean they are so popular here in college and I'm just a dorky nerd," I mumbled, rubbing my pussy lips.

I closed my eyes. "Oh, are you two kissing? Let your nerdy, but horny classmate watch you two make out. I promise, I won't tell anyone," I whispered

I brought my tongue between my lips and slathered them completely. In no time at all, I had some lady juice dripping out of my underwear and my entire body was vibrating. My face almost immediately began hurting due to me cheesing.

With my fingers rubbing my lips back and forth so quickly nonstop, it became rather hard to contain myself. I hadn't heard the door open, but I wasn't paying attention to it. I just had them on my mind, causing me to moan and bump into the stall walls too.

"Why is it so much hotter because I know they could be interracial lesbians? Fuck, I don't know, but I do know I want them to slowly undress me. I want them to start with my glasses, and then fuck me senseless once I was naked. It could be with their tongue or a strap on, I don't give a shit. Damn, I'm even sweating in this cool bathroom."

After another minute, I stood up, but held my dress. I just leaned onto the door and pleasured myself to the hottest ladies I knew. Then my fingers slipped into my slit and I reached far up in there.

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm gonna cum ladies. I'll gladly show the spectacle if you'd like to see it. Just tell me you want to, sexy chicks. Once you see me cum, why don't you both come over here pleasure me a bit too?" I muttered, snatching the top of the door with my other hand.

I bit my bottom lip as I felt myself coming towards the edge. I felt my entire body drenched in perspiration and it began getting harder to breathe. My shoes rubbed on the tile floor effortlessly and I shook the door too.

I leaned forward and my forehead met the door. "Oh, shit pretty women, now you are making this lady shoot her juice," I moaned before I came.

My entire body shuddered a bit and my juice slid down my legs too. "Oh, it feels like an igloo in here now," I muttered, calmly pulling my fingers out.

I brought them right to my mouth and inserted them. 'Oh, lady juice has never tasted so terrific before. What I wouldn't do to be with them for one night,' I thought, sucking off every last drop.

A moment later, I sat down, haltingly removed my fingers and examined them. "Damn, I don't even know if they are lesbians, but I seem to be obsessed. I have to eyeball them every time I come across them and I don't even know how many times I've masturbated thinking about them."

I sat there for another moment and cooled down. 'Oh, someone is coming in,' I thought, leaning back up and feeling like my heart was about to pop out.

"So, what time may I come over?"

"Inessa?" I mouthed.

"You are my girlfriend, so whenever you want."

"Really, was that Haven, and did the door out there just lock?" I whispered.

I peeked down. 'There are those pink sandals on Haven's feet and Inessa's black ones. Now they are standing in front of each other. Fuck, is that kissing sounds?'

Suddenly, my body began jiggling around again and I lazily stood up. I licked my lips as I continued to hear them kissing and then I peeked out the small crack where the door latch was.

'Oh, I knew it, the two popular chicks I have science class with are together. They were just too close to not be together. I never even see them apart,' I thought before my left hand casually lifted my dress and as the other slithered back into my panties. 'You two are so sexy. Yes, Inessa, make out with your girlfriend and grab her boobs too. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.'

My eyes failed to part from them for even a second and then I began rubbing my pussy lips again. Even as I could only see through that small crack, I seemed to be more than turned on by the sudden turn of events.

Ineesa's lips parted and she wrapped her arms around Haven's neck. "Why don't we just come out? I mean we're an interracial lesbian couple, but it is 2017 now. People are more open minded now, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people around already suspect we are a couple. We're inseparable"

"Well, you didn't fool me," I chuckled very softly.

"Again with this?" Haven inquired, backing away.

"Come on, I'd like to hold your hand in the halls. Maybe I'd like people to know that I love to be between your legs when you are not wearing this thong," Inessa pointed out, pulling on her thong slightly.

"How about this, we test it on someone. We just pick someone at random, and come out to them, does that sound good?"

"Fine, but it was bad enough you made us wait a year and a half into our relationship before we came out to our parents."

"I'm sorry," Haven said, bringing her head within only a couple inches of her girlfriend's face. "I love you, Inessa," she made clear before they made out again.

"Yes, kiss and make up, you two. Wow, you do make a cute couple. Now that I know it for sure, I certainly love that you two are together. Yes, use your tongues too," I whispered, rubbing my lips even faster.

Haven abruptly advanced Inessa over to the sink directly across from my stall without separating their lips. I got an even better look at them as I saw the side of them, but they failed to notice me. She grabbed onto the bottom of her pink top and brought it up.

"Yes, move Inessa's matching dark green bra and let her nipple show," I mumbled, pressing my face against the door. "Oh, there it is."

Inessa's hands calmly made their way onto Haven's head. "My nipple has missed your mouth and tongue," she moaned, scrubbing her head. "So you better make up for lost time."

Haven took Inessa's entire nipple into her mouth as my mouth just opened. Drool immediately plummeted to the floor and I saw Inessa begin to shake around. She just seemed to be trying to contain herself as she felt the great pleasure being given to her.

My fingers kept slow and constant strokes and I seemed to be losing it. As time went on, my eyelids lazily began to close.

'No, keep watching them have sex,' I thought, blinking a few times. 'I'm just getting tired because I just got so pumped up, that I have to crash down a little bit,' I thought, shaking my head.

I peeked at the latch. "I just have to get a closer look," I murmured before my left hand nonchalantly went over to it.

I flipped it as quietly as I could, but I just kept the door closed for a few more seconds.

"Yes, yes, yes, baby, get that black nipple, I know you love chocolate," Inessa moaned.

I took a deep breath. 'Here goes nothing,' I thought before I silently pushed the door open a little bit.

My head poked out there and I got the full view of Haven sucking the life out of Inessa's nipple. Inessa brought her hands back down onto the sink and slanted her head back. She seemed to be pacing herself.

I just drenched my lips repeatedly as my fingers suddenly began moving a little faster. I loved what I was seeing and I found my feet just moving a little closer to them. Inessa had her eyes closed and Haven's face was faced away from me.

My face vibrated so much that my glasses were coming off my face a little bit. I also had sweat slithering down my forehead and nose. Even as nervous as I was, I couldn't stop myself. I had juice still dripping out of my panties and my feet couldn't hold tight either.

"Oh, you want to get into my thong too, Haven? Yes, stick your hand deep in there and stick those finger up into my slit," Inessa moaned, jiggling around even more.

'Haven is moving around a bit too. So, both of them are really hot for each other. Now Inessa is wrapping her arms around her girlfriend. Oh, what a sexy couple. They certainly wouldn't want a nerdy, dirty blonde joining them. I'm sure I could figure out how to pleasure them properly with practice. I'd love for this to be a story with me fucking them, even if they had to teach me. I bet both of their bodies are as soft as clouds. I only wonder if they saw me, I'd be invited to suck on her other nipple.'

I positioned my glasses back onto my face, but finally halted only about four feet away. I peeked down and saw Haven's hand inside Inessa's shorts. She blindly got her shorts undone and they fell right off her.

From one second to the next, Haven dropped down to her knees and grabbed onto Inessa's thong. She brought it down right away and went to her pussy. Her tongue slid right in smoothly and Inessa managed to get her palms onto Haven's head with her head still slanted back.

'Son of a bitch, now I'm seeing this white chick eating that chocolate twat. Yes, yes, yes, take her lips into your mouth too. I'll fucking do all of your homework for the rest of the semester if you do.'

Haven had her eyes closed and Inessa maintained her position and caressed Haven's head like she was masturbating. I couldn't just focus on one thing, I just examined the whole sight several times.

The entire time I continued to play with my pussy and let out my juice. 'I know deep down they could see me and scream, but I won't just stop. I can't, I'll never have this chance again, this is just priceless. Shit, I've been obsessing about them for so long, I'd be stupid to just walk away.'

"Hell yes, Haven, stick it in deeper and get my clit for me. Someone is gonna start knocking on the door sooner or later, so make me cum all over your face. Nothing turns me on more than splashing your face with my cum gun down there."

'Oh, you must be full of yourself, bitch. You are spouting off that shit, but you won't even look into your girlfriend's eyes. I love that and hate that at the same time,' I thought before I peeked back at Haven. 'Oh, now you are moving your face back and forth. Oh, I'm sure you both could show this nerdy woman how to get each other off,' I thought, before I switched hands.

I brought my other hand into my mouth. 'I'd love to see you both nude and touch you all over. Maybe you'd like to see mine too,' I thought before I bit my bottom lip. 'No, I'm not sexy like them, I have smaller tits and my stomach isn't as flat either. And damn, Inessa, just how long can you go without cumming? She has been fucking you nonstop for like seven nonstop minutes now. What are you, a robot in the shape of a ravishing woman? I wouldn't be able to last for even twenty seconds, but she has been going for nearly eight minutes now,' I thought, sucking off all my juice.

Suddenly, Inessa began shaking so much it seemed like she in an earthquake. "Oh, fuck yes, hot skank, here is your girlfriend's seed."

I didn't think it was possible, but my eyes opened up even more and I looked right at Inessa's pussy and Haven's face.

"Shit!" Inessa screamed, delivering a huge stream of her juice right onto Haven's pleasing face.

I shed a few tears. 'Oh, it so much more enchanting than I could ever imagine. Inessa just doused Haven's face like a fire hose. Damn, I've never seen so much juice coming from a woman like that.'

Haven swiftly leaped right up to Inessa and pasted her lips to hers. "I fucking love you, Inessa," she whispered, enveloping her arms around her.

Inessa returned the favor and I just watched them make out. Inessa remained underdressed and my fingers stayed on my pussy lips. My mouth opened up even more as I noticed my fingers were zipping around so fast, that I just lost control.

"Oh, crap," I moaned ever so slightly.

"Shit, Haven, we have company," Inessa pointed out, peeking at me. "Oh, are you cumming?" she asked me, looking at my legs.

I felt a lot of juice escaping my cherry and flowing down my legs. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to watch," I muttered before I yanked out my hand and ran to the door.

I instantly grabbed the handle and attempted to open it. I failed to, but I tried several times again in the next thirty seconds. I was sweating a hell of a lot more than when I was watching.

Suddenly, I saw Haven coming up beside me. "The door is locked, so you'll have to unlock it to open it," she chuckled.

I bit my bottom lip, but failed to look at either of them as I took my hand off the handle.

"Oh, wait a minute, aren't you that nerdy chick from our science class?"

"Yes, you are Heidi Saltalski, aren't you?" Inessa pondered, coming up to me clothed and crossing her arms.

I scanned both of them for a minute in silence.

"Are you crying, Heidi?" Haven wondered, crossing her arms too. "Why, you seemed to like what you just saw?"

"I'm sorry, I promise I won't tell anyone about you two," I informed them before I unlocked the door and opened it. "Please don't turn me in," I pleaded before I ran out.