Megan - Part 1

I write this story, recalling incidents that took place just a few days ago. This is in contrast to my other stories, which have all been written some weeks or even months after the action occurred. As a result, everything is very fresh and I can remember it all vividly. As it is written contemporaneously with the events, the dialogue is as close to word for word as it can be. This first part serves as mainly an introduction and there will be a lot more ‘action’ in part two, so bear with me.

Mya went to university in the September, although she has kept in touch. Since then I have been celibate, keeping myself busy in my job and taking a couple of holidays in the sun to break up the run-in to Christmas.

I have not let up in the gym and continue to cut what I think is a pretty fine figure for a 46 year-old and run when I can to burn off any excess fat. I didn’t make any effort to find any new friends with benefits or indeed do any dating.

In the middle of January, I was sent to the north of the country with work, as there had been issues bedding in a new system at one of our installations just outside of York. I arrived on the Thursday evening and was booked in a chain hotel on the edge of the city centre.

My room was nice and bright with a few tasteful paintings and a bigger flat screen TV than I had seen in similar establishments. Naturally, one of the first things I did was flick through the pay for view porn channel but nothing took my fancy. This was frustrating, as I had gone a few days without a wank and needed the release. I had arrived late and by the time I had dined and had a double Scotch, I was tired. I drifted off to sleep with my urges unsated.

The Friday was spent in the office till 2pm, when my colleagues stopped for the weekend, so I intended to go back to my room, masturbate and then have a bit of a walk around the famous city centre. I got to my room, surprised to find the door open but then noticed the little trolley a few feet down the hall. I entered to find the bed unmade but with a noise coming from my bathroom. A girl with long dark brown hair came out, holding a little basket of soaps and so on. She was exceptionally pretty with lovely hazel eyes. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen or nineteen. She was not only pretty but exceedingly cute. She also had spectacular breasts. Not really big, but her shirt was so ill-fitting, her boobs were rather more obvious than they might have been. Her skirt, which was also on the snug side revealed a beautifully pert ass.

I immediately began to have inappropriate thoughts with the inevitable, associated physical effects.

She looked a little surprised to see me, but smiled sweetly.

“Do you do the beds, too?” I asked. I couldn’t think of anything better to say.

“No. There’s a woman follows me who does that. I just fill up the complimentary shower gels and replenish the tea things.”

She spoke with what I consider to be a very sexy Yorkshire accent. Her vocabulary told of someone who was at least moderately educated.

“I see. Well I wouldn’t normally be here, but my office closes early on a Friday.”

“Ah right. At a loose end then?”

“Kind of. Can you recommend anything good to do in York in the third week of January?”

“There’s all kind of things.”

“I bet there is. Is this your full time job?”

“No. I’m at college. I only work today, tomorrow and Sunday.”

“Does it pay well?”

“Not really.”

“That’s a shame. What are you studying at college?”

“Hair dressing.”

“Great. I’m not holding you up?”

“It’s okay. It breaks up the monotony. I’ll just put you some biscuits out.”

“Lovely. Do you have any crunch creams?”

“Oh I’ll have a look.”

I followed her to the tea tray, where she fumbled in her other basket and produced two of the requested packets of biscuits.

“I’m only meant to leave you one packet, but I suppose no one will know!”

“That’s kind of you. What’s that perfume? It’s very nice.”

“Thanks. It’s Jean-Paul Gautier.”

“Wow!  Well it smells lovely on you. Hope you don’t mind me saying.”

“Of course not.”

The girl, to my surprise didn’t seem in any special hurry, so I assumed she was nearly at the end of  rounds. I didn’t know or at that moment care, but was hoping to delay her at the very least. Her perfume was really lovely, mingled with her sweet body. Her hair was so shiny and with those hazel eyes and everything. Well, you can imagine how I felt.

“Are you working in York then?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m a systems analyst. My company has this new bit of software and it’s causing a few issues.”

“It sounds very technical!”

“It is, but they pay me shit loads and the accommodation, obviously.”

“Oh yeah. I hope to make shit loads with my own hair dressing business, one day.”

“I’m sure you will.”

I took my chance and made it obvious that I was checking her out as I spoke.

“I suppose you could do with a little help along the way?”

“Yeah but this is all I have at the moment!”

“How about five hundred pounds?”

“Say again?”

“I said. How about five hundred pounds?”

She blushed a little and became a little coy, but then her eyes lit up and she became more serious and seemed to be doing a bit of mental arithmetic on her fingers.

“That’s like three months working here!”

“Well, I just cashed in some shares. They were fifty pence or something when I bought a thousand pounds worth fifteen years ago.”

“Right.  And what were they now?”

“Over twenty pounds.”

“Shit! That must have been thousands.”

“Yes, about thirty nine thousand before a bit of commission.”

“And this five hundred?”

“I don’t have it on me, obviously. But I would love you to have it before I check out.”

She looked at me with those gorgeous eyes, which made my cock that little bit harder; something that I had so far managed to hide, probably as a result of my nerves tempering my arousal.

“But you’re not going to just give me five hundred pounds, right?”

“Well, the porn channel on the TV is useless.”

She went a little red and giggled.

“Is it! I wouldn’t know.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s all right.”

“Good. Maybe there was a better way of going about this, but I don’t know what it is.”

“Ha, probably not. Do you normally go round asking girls to sleep with you?”

“Not as randomly as this, but it’s not the first time I’ve propositioned a girl your age.”

I gave her a very brief history of Jasmine, Alia and Mya. To my surprise she didn’t appear to be entirely surprised about that, or at least didn’t express it. She looked at me in a rather inscrutable way to begin with and I wasn’t sure if I’d offended her. She looked at me without saying anything for what seemed like a long time, but must have only been a very few seconds.

 “Go on then.”


“Why not. I’m single too and you’re not ugly.”

“Right. Thanks!” I said with as much indignation as I could muster.

“No, you’re all right. Just that you know… not used to being propositioned or whatever this is.”

“I think proposition is the word.”

There was another long pause and she looked down and then smiled.


“Okay, well I probably should get going, or I’ll fall behind and get in trouble.”

I had really expected her to haggle or protest at least. I don’t know where I got five hundred from, and if she had asked for a thousand, I wouldn’t have complained. She was gorgeous, sexy and had an amazing body.


“Will you bring cash?” she asked.


“Yes please. If that’s okay.”

“Whatever you want. A BACS would be better. You don’t want to be carrying that amount of money round with you.”

“Sorry, what’s BACS?”

“It means bankers automated clearing service. You give me you bank details and I transfer it in.”

“Oh yeah. No, do that then.”

“Okay. Wow, Megan! Sorry, I’m looking at your boobs a lot aren’t I?”


I stopped, suddenly aware that I was getting ahead of myself.

“This is ridiculous, I don’t even know your name!”

“It’s Megan.”

“I’m James.”

“Hee he… pleased to meet you, James. You’re funny,” she said, giggling effervescently. “What time shall I come? Is about six o’clock okay?”


“Six o’clock. I’ll be here.”

 “Okay Megan. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You will.”

She said that in a way that I knew somehow that she wasn’t stringing me along.

Megan gave me a lovely smile and left me with a raging hard on. I had come back to my room to masturbate, and the urge was strong, but I knew it would be so much better if I could save my load for her.


I won’t bore you unduly with my Saturday, which involved six hours in the office and a few wiled away around the touristy bits of York.  It is a beautiful city with a magnificent cathedral and any number of interesting shops and little cafes. But this isn’t a travelogue.  However, it was a morning, when I watched the clock, counting down the hours to Megan’s arrival. I always find the contemplation of sex with a hot girl quite an anxious experience. My heart was beating fast for most of the day and I have no doubt that my blood pressure was raised for all my fitness.

I popped to the pharmacy for the necessary accoutrements on the walk back to my hotel and picked up my key at about 4pm.  I showered and ate light in the hotel restaurant. I returned to my room at around half an hour to six o’clock and simply lay on my bed with my eyes closed. You would think after all my experience with my three fuck buddies, I’d be a dab hand at all this, but I was as nervous as anything.  I began to consider how long I would give her, if she was late and how rubbish a wank it would be, in anti-climax.

I was cat-napping when there was a knock on my door.  I checked the clock – it was ten past six.  I jumped up, had a quick look in the mirror and opened the door. It was Megan, of course and she looked amazing. 

“Did you think I wasn’t coming?” she said as I let her in.

“No. But I’m glad you have. Wow! You smell gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” she said, brightly.”

“I got you these.”

I picked up a big box of handmade chocolates.

“Ooh thank you!”

“I printed off the online transaction. I made it six hundred.”

“Oh, okay. Thank you!  How come?”

“I just thought five hundred was a bit stingy.  Anyway, would you like a glass of wine?”

She put the piece of paper in her handbag and accepted my invitation for a drink. I had found a nice victualler’s in York and bought a bottle of French Chardonnay. 

I turned to look at Megan as I was half way through un-corking the wine. She was in a figure hugging, thin purple sweater and a short black skirt. Her hair was beautifully shiny and just amazing – and those hazel eyes!  I put my hand around her waist and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“You’re so fucking hot, Megan.”

She giggled.

“Do you like my top? It shows my boobs up, doesn’t it.”

“Yes, I like it. May I?”

“Of course.”

I cupped her breasts gently in my hands and squeezed them through her top. I knew they were natural anyway (augmented ones are a deal-breaker for me) but it was still wonderful to feel their squishiness. 

“Wow! They’re nice.”

I tried to arrange myself, as I had become uncomfortably hard in my trousers. Megan laughed and I took a deep breath as I finished with the cork and poured two tall glasses.

She complimented me on my choice of wine and we chatted for a while, and I did my best to remain in control of my arousal, which was tough.  However, given the circumstances, I wasn’t about to rip her clothes off, which isn’t my style anyway. Apart from that, Megan deserved respect and there was no rush. Now that she was here, any delay would only heighten the pleasure and I could savour every moment.

I pulled her towards me between sips of wine and gave her a longer kiss. Her lips were soft and lush and she responded perfectly, pressing her tongue into my mouth. I cupped her ass with my free hand and squeezed her ample cheeks. Any attempt to guard my erection went out of the window as she ran her hand over the outline of my dick.

“Someone’s excited, James.”

“What do you expect?”

I brushed her hair to one side, before she had replied. Her flesh was hot to my lips and I gave her lots of tiny kisses all along her neck and up to her ear lobe. This elicited a pleasurable sigh of delight and she kissed me again, but deeper than before and we stood in a French kiss as I ran my hands up her back and found her bra strap. I kissed her lips and her face, as the little clips disengaged. I proceeded to roll up her sweater as she unfastened my trousers.  As her top came off, he bra fell away and revealed her fantastic tits. When I say they were perfect, I’m not exaggerating. They were big and round and pear shaped; ever so slightly up-tilted with the juiciest nipples you ever saw.

I stooped slightly and sucked each nipple in turn. Her areola were a little puffy to begin with, but her nipples became quickly erect in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of her wonderful tits, rubbing my face between them between sucks.

I pulled my trousers off and then my trunks as Megan unfastened her skirt. To my amazement her skirt came off to reveal black panties, beautifully toned legs, clad in black stockings and suspenders.  She looked down at my erect cock and ran her hands along the length of it, as I fondled her boobs. 

She licked her hand and ran her fingers around my foreskin and worked it back and forth and then to my delight, dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Do you want to come in my mouth?”

See, when I say she was hot, I wasn’t joking.

“I’d love that yes. I haven’t come for a few days!”

“That’s all right.”

Megan looked up at me and licked the head of my cock. I winced with pleasure as she proceeded to wrap her lips around my cock and sucked gently. It was sensational. Her mouth was so hot and she bobbed her head slowly, taking me quite deep.  She looked at me intermittently, which was so erotic, flicking her tongue against my glans. I loved the way she sucked me, slowly and lovingly, building me up to a breath-taking orgasm. My groans made it clear I was getting close, but she eased off and gave me the most smoking hot look. She knew what she was doing and was enjoying making me wait.

She held my cock against her hand and rolled her tongue up and down the shaft. My cock twitched and it seemed to be as fat and hard as it had ever been. I had gone an unusually long time without coming and I was now getting this fantastic blowjob from my horny chamber maid, or whatever they’re called now. My cock throbbed as she resumed giving me gentle sucks, but she sped up, massaging my smooth ball sack in the process.

“Oh fuck, Megan!”

As she sucked, I went through that amazing sensation that only guys will understand when you know you’re going to come and there’s nothing that is going to stop it.  I clenched my buttocks and gritted my teeth as he mouth was clamped around my cock.

“Oh fuck!  Megan! Yes! Megan, baby!”

My whole body shook and I began to feel dizzy as my balls drained and the blistering, heart-stopping sensations in my dick reached a climax.

My orgasm culminated with a shocking feeling of my ejaculation filling her mouth, as I could feel my cock erupting with cum.

To be continued…