Pool Hopping

Pool Hopping

((This is a work of fiction written and owned by Raphael. Please consider rating and commenting. This one is a bit long, but I think you'll agree, it's worth the read. If you like this story, or the characters, and want to see more, be sure to let me know! Happy reading!))


It was almost midnight as I pulled into my driveway. I was just getting home from my summer job, a shitty retail thing that paid me next to nothing and took time away that I could have spent with my girlfriend, Melissa. I was happy to be making money that I could use to spoil her a bit, but we weren’t going to the same school in the fall, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could.

Melissa and I met in junior year of high school; we were in the same French class and ended up being paired up for a skit we had to write and perform. It was honestly a horrible experience; neither of us were very good at French, so the project ended horribly. But we found out we enjoyed each other’s company, so much so that we started hanging out before and after school, during our lunch hour, and eventually even on the weekends. A month or so later I asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend, to which her response was, “I thought I already was.”

She was a pretty straight laced girl, focused on her studies, but not so much that she didn’t allow herself to have some fun or break rule now and again. One of the first dates we went on started simple enough, dinner and a movie, but ended up being one of the best nights of my life. I was driving her home from the movie, just about 11:00 at night. We were still about ten minutes from her house, driving past the nicer neighborhoods with cookie cutter houses laid out on single acre plots and (as it turned out) with an uncommonly high number of blow up pools in the back yards.

Melissa told me to pull off into the parking lot of a nearby park; I did without question, thinking we might spend time talking or maybe even making out. We had only kissed for the first time earlier that week, and made out for the first time a few days later, so it was definitely my first thought. As soon as I cut the engines and turned off the lights, she leaned over, grinning as she said, “Come on. I’ve always wanted to try something.” And with that she was out the door.

I walked around the front of the car, coming to stand in front of her; she couldn’t stop herself from grinning like a fool. There was a faint light from a nearby streetlight, enough to halfway illuminate her. It gave her a mysterious look, which was ruined by the childish giggling she gave off. “Let’s go pool hopping!” she said, trying to stay quiet, but clearly over excited. I laughed at the thought, turning around as I did. I didn’t take her seriously, at least not until I turned back to call her bluff with a bluff of my own… I was too stunned to speak as I watched her toss her t-shirt to rest on the hood. Her breasts were held in by a simple black bra, lace around the edges and a small pink bow right in the middle between.

“You’re not gonna be able to run very fast in jeans,” she said, still grinning as she unbuttoned her own jeans. I wasn’t sure if she was oblivious to how star struck I was or if she was just ignoring it because she was so excited to do something she had never done before. I absentmindedly unbuttoned my jeans, still not sure what was actually happening, my eyes glued to Melissa’s body as she pushed her own jeans off her hips. She shimmied in that sexy way that all women instinctively do, revealing her striking legs as she lowered the fabric to her ankles. Her exposed panties matched her bra, soft looking black fabric with a rim of lace, the little pink bow directly below her belly button.

Melissa leaned against the car, pulling her pants off over her shoes. She looked up at me, looking confused and said, “You’re halfway there bud. You aren’t honestly that distracted, are you?” I looked down to where I stupidly held both sides of my zipper, my pants slightly sagging off me. I grinned, only shrugging as I stripped them off. “There ya go,” Melissa said, standing up and putting her hands on her hips. She looked me up and down, lingering in the down position; I was mildly turned on by all this, but Melissa only smirked slightly and said, “Ready to go?”

“Sure,” I said. Off she went, moving quickly to the nearest house; I kept up easily, but was definitely distracted by the way faint light from nearby houses shown off her skin, showing what parts of her butt were covered and what wasn’t. We hid in some bushes at the edge of the first yard, made a few plans, and took off running. We were in the first pool before I could even think about it, moving from one side of it to the other, jumping out and sprinting to the next yard.

We did this yard after yard, laughing and splashing each other as we crossed each pool, chasing one another across the lawns before reaching the next pool and diving in. Melissa’s smile was infectious, forcing me to follow suit and throw caution to the wind. Even so, I couldn’t take my eyes off her body, especially the way the water flowed off her hair, down her neck, and across her breasts when we stopped to catch our breath in the bushes when we needed to.

We came to the end of the street, crossing the road and started back down the other way. I was getting tired, so when we were halfway, I stopped her, slumping down and breathing heavy together under some trees. She was still grinning madly, kneeling over me, waiting for me to give the signal to continue on. Her breasts hung from her chest, tucked between her arms; it didn’t seem purposeful at the time, but the way she giggle whenever I looked made me think otherwise. When my breathing calmed and Melissa looked like she would burst from her skin, I rolled my eyes and said, “Alright, let’s go.” She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me; I fell back, not expecting it, pulling her with me. Her soaking breasts pressed against my chest as I held her, kissing her back. We stayed like this, kissing harder and harder, more passionately with each second, until suddenly she stood up and took off.

I was after her in second, hitting the water of the next pool a moment after her. We ran across the shallow water that came halfway up my chest; she was just out of reach, no matter how I tried, finally reaching her when she hit the far wall. I stopped her from jumping over, turning her around and kissed her, my arms wrapped around her back with my hands pressed firmly in her sides. A moan escaped her throat as I opened my mouth, sliding my tongue across her lips, begging to be let in. Her tongue slid out, eagerly passing over mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling our bodies together. Her smooth leg slid up and curved around mine as she bit my lip, pausing from kissing just long enough to look up at me and grin. “Took you long enough,” she said, moving her lips teasingly close to mine, “glad you got the hint.”

We started making out again, moving around the water, taking turns taking control from one another. Melissa was an incredible kisser, but everything she did with her body added to how she turned me on more and more. She pushed and pulled, tugging at my skin, running her hands up and down my back and chest as she sometimes pushed me against the walls and sometimes allowed me to hold her in the same way. And every time Melissa brushed against my erection, the one she alone caused, she smiled slyly, her eyes showing both pleasure and pride.

At one point we stood kissing, her hands on my chest and her back to the pool’s edge, moaning as I leaned in and around her jawbone to the sensitive skin of her neck. Melissa shook in my arms, running her hands around my back as I kissed her intently. She dipped her head, moaning directly into my ear and tugging at my earlobe with her lips. She raised on of her legs, pushing my hand down to grasp her thigh and breathlessly said, “Pick me up, please.” The water made it easy to do, making her feel weightless as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She rocked against me as I held her in my arms, one hand firmly on her butt and the other around her back. Both of us were painfully aware of the two thin layers of fabric that separated our bodies from touching, from joining. She reached behind her back, taking my hand and resting back against the pool, guiding my hand to her breast. It was the perfect size, firm beneath the fabric of her bra. I massaged it, just the way she showed me, gripping my hand against her as she raised and lowered herself on me. Melissa stopped suddenly, holding herself up to rest her forehead on mine, wet hair clinging to her face as she bit her lip. Our eyes met with a lustful look, and she nodded, quickly, again and again.

“Fuck me.” Melissa’s voice cut through me, but I moved in agreement. She threw her head back with anticipation as my hand left her breast, moving down between her legs. I tugged the cotton aside, finding her warm opening with my finger, and entered her easily. Melissa bit my shoulder to keep from being too loud, but her moan still managed to echo slightly around the small yard. She held herself down on my finger, moving her hips in circles as she fucked herself. I rubbed her clit as best I could with my thumb, while my middle finger pressed against the roof of her insides, doing my best to pleasure her as she fucked my hand. She was breathing heavily, as much from the motion she continued to do as from the finger that filled her tight slit.

Melissa snaked her hand down my body as we did this. Her fingers played over the fabric of my boxer, the hard shaft beneath it. She stroked me in long, slow ways that made me groan with lust. She let go to find my waistband, pulling it down and away to expose me. Melissa’s hand wrapped around my hard cock for the first time; we both smiled and it crossed my mind that she liked what she felt. But I didn’t focus on the thought for long as her tongue entered my mouth, our hands still pleasuring each other hungrily. Her hips bucked against me, forcing my finger deep inside her as I continued to rub her clit in tight, hard circles. Her grip tightened as she stroked me faster and faster. Holding each other, we forgot everything around us, breathing heavily, foreheads forced against one another as Melissa pushed my cock down, pressing the tip against her opening not even a second after I moved my hand away, sliding closer, the head just inside, her body hugging me tightly, pulling me into her as she bit my neck to keep from yelling out loud. I was completely inside her, just holding her, feeling her body grow accustomed to me entry.

I pulled out slowly, just to the entrance, before moving back in. We moved in tandem as we picked up speed, pulling away from each other and slamming together, again and again. I tried to stay quiet, but Melissa was too far gone as she tried to muffle her gasps and screams against my neck. Every few thrusts one got out, ringing through the neighborhood. Hearing her sounds of pleasure all around us and the way she gripped me tightly, by both her arms around her neck and her pussy around my cock; it was too much for me to handle. I was getting closer and closer by the second, each thrust bringing me right to the edge.

“You’re gonna make me cum Melissa,” I said, not wanting to surprise her. My words just proved to make her go faster, and I repeated myself again and again.

She nodded, finally managing to say between breaths, “Don’t cum inside me.” I agreed by pulling her close to me, fucking her harder and harder. Closer and closer I came, right up to the edge, one more scream filling the air, one more thrust before I was going to pull out, just one more…

We heard the screen door open before the yell, the home owner 100 feet away, yelling for us to get the hell out of his yard. Melissa was off me instantly and we were out of the yard a few seconds later, covering our faces as we ran through the yards, ducking around the rest of the pools. My heart pounded from the sudden shot of adrenaline as much as it was from the way Melissa made me feel. As we ran, I was afraid of getting caught, but Melissa just laughed, one of the largest smiles on her face I had ever seen. Slowly it infected me and by the time we got to the car, breathing heavily, we were both grinning, laughing at how the evening had gone.

Eventually my breath slowed. We leaned back against the hood of the car, not even able to talk; anytime we glanced over at one another, fits of giggles broke out between us. Finally I managed to say, “I think you might be the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.” Melissa blushed, or at least it looked like she did, looking to the side as I said that.

“Thanks,” she said, stepping away from the car to stand in front of me, “I think you’re pretty amazing too… But, I think we need to finish something that we started.” I beamed with pleasure, making note of my agreement. Melissa stepped up to me, putting her hands on my chest and kissing me. I held her in my arms, all the lust and passion coming flowing back. Her bra unclasped easily between my fingers as I reached around her. Melissa slid it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground and turned as she did; I wrapped my arm around her, clutching her breast firmly as I bent over to kiss her neck. She cooed, grinding her perfect ass against my growing member as I played with one of her nipples. My other hand entered her panties, finding her pussy still ready and waiting. This didn’t last long though.

Melissa stepped away, pulling me with her before moving to stand between me and the car. She stood with her legs together, leaning forward on her arms with her head twisted back to look at me. In the faint light, her ass was amazing, the wet fabric clinging to it. “I’m all yours,” she said, sticking her butt out. I stepped forward, dropping my boxers to the ground and stepping out of them. I was as hard as I had been all night as I slid her panties down to her ankles. I traced my hand up her thigh, feeling the heat coming from her, the wetness dripping out of her. Gripping her hip in one hand, I guided myself inside her with my other, sliding to the base with ease.

We fucked hard and fast, my cock sliding all the way inside her with each and every thrust. Her body consumed me, holding me, tugging me as she forced herself back on me with each entry. The way she arched her back, holding herself over the car, was completely perfect; I ran my hand from her bouncing ass, up and down her spine, coming to rest on her right shoulder. She moaned louder as I pulled her to me and I watched as she dropped one shoulder to the car hood as she reached down between her legs. Her body shook as I felt her hand bump against me now and again as she rubbed her clit, hard and fast. Her legs shook as I thrust again and again, as hard as I could, getting closer and closer as I once again came to the edge of pleasure.

“Hold on baby,” Melissa pleaded, “just a little more. Yes, fuck me just like that…” Her words were cut off by a yelp of pleasure, her pussy tightening around me as she clenched her legs. She shook violently as she rode waves of pleasure, pleasure that passed into me, pushing me over the edge. I held back as long as I could before finally pulling out at the very last second. Hot sticky cum show over her ass and up her back, landing halfway to her shoulder. The next stream fell shorter, well the last few dropped lines across her ass that dripped over her curves.

Melissa relaxed as I finished, still breathing heavy, the same as I. She stood in a way that gave me a perfect view of my cum across her back, reflecting in the low light before going to the car and getting some tissues from the glove box. I cleaned her up and handed her our discarded clothing in silence; neither of us felt like there was anything we needed to say as we dressed, smiling as we skipped the wet undergarments and climbing into the car. I pulled out of the park and continued on, one question buzzing in the back of my mind.

“So, was that your goal the whole time?” I asked.

“What,” she replied, “fucking you in some random dude’s pool? Honestly, no. I’ve just always wanted to go pool hopping. But then I got turned on and kissed you, and then you grabbed me and well…” She didn’t need to finish speaking as we both sat in silence for a minute, reliving the last hour once more.

“One more thing,” I said.

“Go for it.”

“I’ve seen you take your birth control, so I didn’t bother asking if we should wait till we could use condoms. Yet, you told me not to cum inside you…” I pulled onto her street, only seconds away from her front door.

Melissa laughed, running her fingers through her damp hair. “Well yeah, I’m on birth control, so you don’t have to worry,” she said, “that doesn’t mean I want your cum inside me, especially if it can be all over mer.” She grinned as I parked in front of her house, and I couldn’t help but grin back.

“Fair enough,” I said, leaning over and kissing her deeply. She turned and opened the car door, stepping out as I said, “You’re really amazing, you know that?”

Melissa leaned back into the car, a small smile on her lips as if she was thinking for a moment, before she finally said, “I think you’re amazing too. See you later.” She closed the door, turned away, and a minute later inside, leaving me to drive home alone, dreaming of another night like that again.