Her Life After Part 3

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09 Feb. '18
Her Life After Part 3

If you haven't read the first two Her Life After's, then you won't know how she got to this point.

Trish's Life After Goes On...

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A few Saturdays later, Trish opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.  She was too tired to move and closed her eyes again to try and drift back to dreamland.  After a few minutes, she rolled onto her side and looked out the window at the morning sun.  As she began to plan her day out in her head, someone moved close behind her, reached their arm around her waist and pulled her in tight.  It felt good and she tried to drift off again.  It wasn't going to happen though.  She had to pee and brush her teeth before Nick woke up.  She reached down to relieve herself of the bear hug and noticed that Nick's hand was smooth and soft, and also that his hard Double D's were pressing against her back.  She smelled a familiar perfume and remembered the night before.  Nick was in bed with her, but wasn't doing the spooning.  Without looking, Trish made her way out of her bed mate's grasp and headed for the bathroom.  After finishing her business she stared at herself in the mirror.  Her makeup was smeared a little and her bed head made her wince.  What a night!  After brushing her teeth and working on her hair, Trish made her way out of the bathroom, pausing at the door to look at her guests.  Nick, the bed hog, was wrapped up in the blanket and sheet, and was emitting a barely audible snore.  Their blonde bombshell visitor was Heather.  She looked beautiful lying asleep in Trish's bed.  She looked as ‘put together’ as if she had just gotten ready for a big date.  She was a frequent flyer with Nick and Trish lately, though not always sexually.  She and Tim had never been really exclusive, but they were friends with benefits who generally traveled the scene together.  By her choice, he wasn't in the picture as much lately and, for some reason, she gravitated towards Nick and Trish.  The 'whore' turned out to be a sweet, though sometimes 'wishy washy', beauty who was an animal in the sack; but, also had a great deal of love to offer.  Having to wake up with her hard, hot body, didn't present any problem for Trish.  She pulled a t shirt over her naked self, crawled into bed and lay down facing Heather.  She pulled the bed spread up from the foot of the bed to cover her and her beautiful, naked sleepover guest.  Heather stirred briefly, pulled Trish closer and gave her a light kiss on the lips.  They fell back to sleep in each other's arms.

Trish awoke to the smell of brewing coffee and toaster waffles.  She was alone in bed now and remembered the night before. 

Heather had dropped by shortly after Trish got home from work and Nick arrived a few minutes later.  They all climbed into Nick's truck and went to a local dive to get a bite to eat.  "Mindy is having everybody over for a party later", Heather said.  Trish wasn't sure she was up for 'Friday Night at the Orgy' this week.  Her and Nick had been 'thick as thieves' lately and had fallen into a routine that Trish was content to carefully continue.  Trish loved him, but hadn't really expressed it yet.  She suggested they go back to her place to watch TV for awhile and discuss what to do with their night.  After sitting silently through the local news, Heather got up from her chair and sat down on the floor in front of Trish and Nick, who were sitting on the love seat.  "We could just make a night of it here if you guys are game", she said.  Trish wasn't feeling particularly sexy in her work clothes and wasn't sure she wanted the abbreviated Friday night orgy either.  Heather placed her hand on Trish's leg and leaned her head against her knee.  Trish immediately felt slightly sexier.  She placed her hand on Heather's head and fiddled with her hair.  It was so soft and silky, that she could run her fingers right through it.  This woman was so sexy!  After a few minutes, Heather joined them on the loveseat dividing her weight between Trish's leg and the furniture.  Nick put his arm on the back of the seat and watched as Heather cradled Trish's face in her hands and went in for a kiss.  She brushed her lips against Trish's, then cocked her head and kissed her full with her open mouth.  She finished with several light kisses on and around Trish's mouth and teased her with her tongue.  The Trishometer was registering full-on sexy at that point and she returned Heather's kisses and tongue, in kind.  Heather's hand was working on the buttons on Trish's work blouse.  One after another the buttons submitted to her skilled fingers and soon Trish had this beautiful woman's hand inside her blouse; inside her bra!

The clasps on the front of the bra were undone very quickly and Heather and Nick went to work on her breasts, licking and nibbling at the nipples.  As Mount 'Gushmore' began to rumble Trish stood up and removed her clothes.  Heather followed her up and removed her clothes as well.  The two women stood in the middle of Trish's living room naked and kissing passionately.  Heather pushed Trish back onto the loveseat, got on her knees, and positioned her head between her legs.  Nick was taking it all in and put his arms around his girl.  He kissed her and played with Trish's titties while Heather moved in closer to her objective.  Trish thought, 'shit, I really needed to shave again'.  The stubble poked at Heather's lips as she kissed Trish's pubic area.  She ignored the discomfort and pushed her tongue inside.  Trish reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart and Heather worked her tongue and lips up and down from bottom to top several times.  Trish shuttered a little.  Heather slowed down and lightly flicked her tongue on Trish's clit.  She put her finger inside her newest lover and felt the incredible heat generated by her 'squirty' little housewife.  She ran her finger in and out while she continued to lightly lick and nuzzle Trish's clitoris.  After a few seconds, she let a little of her spit dribble run down towards Trish's ass.  Heather dipped her finger into her saliva and played 'ring around the asshole' briefly, before inserting her middle finger inside of 'brown cave', and moved it around inside.  After a couple strokes, she put her index finger back into Trish's pussy and worked both fingers in and out of their respective holes.  Nick was rolling Trish's nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and kissing his girl hard.  Heather began to lick more aggressively now, while her fingers worked in and out.  Trish tensed up, and then raised her ass off the seat several inches as she exploded into Heather's mouth and onto her face.  Trish's squirt, and her thrashing about, struck Heather's funny bone, and she began to laugh, while continuing to lick furiously.  Nick was laughing now and Trish was trying to push Heather away.  She finally backed off and allowed the lady of the house to breathe again.

"Whew", said Trish.  "I don't know if I'll ever last more than a minute with you guys!"  Trish's ex asshole knew where to put his dick to create children or just get his rocks off, but he didn't have a tenth the skill at making her feel alive as any of her partners over the last few months.  Trish was still a little suspicious of the 'bimbo' they had invited into their bed, but had to admit, Heather was a lot of fun.  The three lovers got cleaned up and dressed, and then went to the meat market bar down town.  The band sucked and it was very crowded, so Trish was ready to leave as soon as they arrived.  They sat and watched the usual crowd perform their mating rituals and got tuned up with a few cocktails.  Heather and Trish headed for the ladies room to freshen up, and, after spending 20 minutes in line, plus making out a little after they peed, they finally  returned.When they got back to the table, Nick was fending off a couple ladies who were sitting in their seats.  Heather approached the table and told the "bitches to hit the road".  The 'restored' group sat there for a few more minutes before Trish saw 'him'.  The ex asshole and some bimbo were sitting not fifteen feet away.  Trish told Nick to look, but to try and shield her from the asshole's sight.  It was dark and 'douche bag' hadn't noticed his disgruntled ex wife.  He was working hard on the woman he was with and she was responding; touching his arm and chest a couple times.  It was hard to judge which end of her 40s the slut was, and she was more than a little overweight.  She looked rather tired around the edges.  You could see that she had enormous tits hiding underneath her blouse.  Heather giggled and said, "they probably scrape the tops of her feet, when she's naked".  The two seemed to be getting on great.  Heather smiled, and rubbed Trish's arm to comfort her; so she thought.  She was actually just trying to get her friend's attention.  She picked up her drink and walked over behind the ex.  She brushed against him hard as she walked by and excused herself.  He looked at her and exchanged pleasantries as she continued to walk by.  She sat at the bar and turned to make eye contact with him a few times.  He could tell she seemed interested and began the process of untangling himself from his current conquest.  After a few minutes, he excused himself from what looked to be a sure thing (much to her annoyance, and then approached Heather at the bar.  They talked and she let him buy her a drink.  She traded a few stories with him over ten minutes or so, rubbed his arm and finally rested her hand on his leg.  After a few more minutes, she excused herself to go to the bathroom and asked him to go ahead and buy her another drink, while she was gone.  As he was getting the bartender's attention she motioned to her two 'real' lovers, that it was time to leave.  All three quickly walked out a side door while trying to hold back their laughter; until reaching the parking lot.  Trish couldn't believe Heather could be so deliciously mean and wonderful.  She felt a little bad for the woman, and hoped that she got to see that he was 'dumped' before anything got started with Heather.

When they got back to Trish's house, they went straight to the bedroom.  With no small talk or real foreplay, they settled into a position where Nick was fucking Trish from behind and Trish was eating Heather's pussy.  Heather wasn't sure what Trish's trick was, but she had never been with anyone who could get her off so quickly.  Heather was coming close to climaxing so she pulled back from Trish's efforts.  Trish rolled over to her back and Nick began fucking her again.  Heather moved into position and lowered her pussy onto Trish's face so she could better control the contact.  Nick was stroking steadily in and out of Trish and occasionally slapped Heather on the ass.  It was all too much for Heather and she began heaving up and down and grinding her womanhood into Trish's face.  She sat up straight and rode Trish's tongue, and was surprised that Nick was balanced enough to reach around her and give one of her breasts a squeeze.  She hunched forward and began bucking up and down as the waves of pleasure took over.  She barely had the presence of mind to lift herself off Trish's face a little, so as to not smother her.  Nick now had his hands full of Trish's titties as he pulled his cock out of her and blew his load onto her belly.  Trish rubbed it in and touched her finger to her tongue to get a little taste.  Nick went into the bathroom to clean off and brought a warm rag and a towel out so the ladies could do the same.  The group fell asleep naked and intertwined.

Trish looked at the clock and realized it was almost noon.  She got up and walked into the kitchen and saw Nick nibbling on a waffle, reading the paper and drinking coffee.  Trish didn’t see Heather and assumed she had gone home.  She was kind of glad, because her pussy ached from all the recent activity, and wanted to let the 'old girl' rest up.  After a shower and shave, Trish and Nick jumped into his truck to run by The Mart to get some supplies and then bum around town a little.  They talked about the night before and about their lives in general.  Trish liked that Nick would really listen to her and seemed to enjoy their conversations.  She and the asshole may have shared only a few hundred words the last few years of their marriage, and he would always seem annoyed that she wanted to communicate with him at all.  Nick was always in the mood to talk about anything, other than his work. 

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and they arrived back at Trish's place in time for her to whip something up for dinner.  While Trish was doing the dishes, Nick came up from behind and put his hands inside her shirt on her belly.  He moved up to her breasts and cupped them gently.  He put his right hand inside her left bra cup and gave her a squeeze as he hugged her.  Trish turned her head and offered up her lips for a kiss.  Nick moved his hands out of her shirt and began to massage her shoulders, after he took her up on the offer.  Another thing she liked about her new boyfriend.  The ex douche bag rarely put his hands on her; never in passing.  She couldn't remember a time after their first few months of marriage that he 'felt her up' in the kitchen or played 'grab ass' with her.  He only showed interest in her sexually a couple of Tuesday's per month and the occasional Saturday morning.  He was the consummate missionary workman.  No kissing, no foreplay…just a handful of boobs and machine-like pumping in and out until he got his rocks off.  Trish laughed when she thought, 'what if he could see what I was up to these days?'  Nick asked, "Did I tickle you?"Trish assured him that he didn't and turned to give him a proper hug.  "I love you", she said.  Before Nick could answer, the doorbell rang.

Trish went to answer the front door, thinking to herself that she was going to push whoever it was off the porch and slam it in their face.  She opened the door and saw that it was Heather.  She stammered a little like she had already been drinking and said, "When does the party start?"  Trish knew it might hurt Heather's feelings, but she also knew that she needed some time alone with Nick and that NO ONE was putting anything near her sore, overworked pussy.  "Nick and I are going to watch a little TV and probably hit the hay", she said.  Though Heather's eyes said, 'I'd love to join you', Trish told Heather to be safe, and watched her walk towards her car.  She looked carefully for any sign Heather was too 'wobbly' to drive.  Trish closed the door and walked into the living room where Nick was already sitting on the couch.  He had turned on an old musical and was watching some long-dead actor wooing an actress half his age.  Trish didn't know why she felt so guilty about pushing Heather away, but tried to put it out of her mind.  She sat down beside him and laid her head against his arm.  He muted the TV, turned a little, and then put his hands on either side of her head to turn her to him.  He kissed her lightly on the lips and said, "I love you too."  She hugged him tightly and felt like things couldn't get any better.  She purposely brushed her hand across his crotch as their hug ended and felt his little soldier stirring.  She stood up, and then leaned over to unhook his jeans.  He lifted up as she pulled them off, and then pulled his underwear aside.  He was in full bloom, and she removed her pants and underwear.  Trish straddled him and lowered her sore, war-weary puss onto his penis.  With only their bottom halves exposed, she kissed him lightly and fucked him slowly for about 20 minutes until he came inside her.  He lifted her off of him and laid her on the couch.  He retrieved a warm cloth from the bathroom and came back to carefully clean her up.

Heather found herself across town on Mindy's doorstep.  Mindy opened the door and invited her in.  "Hey cutie, where were you last night?" Mindy asked.  Heather explained that she "spent the night with Nick and Trish just hanging out".  "I see", Mindy replied.  She led Heather over to the pit and they sat there viewing the program Mindy had been watching.  Two women with huge, fake breasts were rubbing themselves against each other trying to mimic the sex act.  Heather laughed and said, "fucking amateurs!"  Mindy reached to the coffee table and retrieved a cigarette.  She lit it and took a long drag.  As she exhaled the smoke, Heather reached out for a turn with it.  With the cigarette held between her lips, Heather stood up and removed her shoes and jeans.  She sat back down, turned and laid her head back on the couch's arm.  Mindy laid her hand on Heather's panty-covered pubic mound and pushed.  She took the smoke from Heather's fingers, took another drag and handed it back.  Mindy pulled the crotch of the wet panty's off to the side, and inserted a finger into her lover.  Heather continued smoking like what was happening was as routine as walking the dog or doing dishes.  She was getting more and more excited though.  Mindy had four of her fingers inside of Heather now and was pulling side to side as if to stretch her out even more.  Heather handed the smoke back to Mindy, who took a final drag and snubbed it into the ash tray.  Heather had pulled her shirt up to expose her nearly perfect tits and was tweaking her nipples and rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers.  Mindy could see the half circle scar under each of them that facilitated the insertion of the double D implants.  She was now easing all of her fingers, as well as her thumb, into Heather's pussy, and it made her moan just a little.  Mindy pulled back and opened the drawer on the coffee table.  She took out a tiny purple vibrator, and a tube of lubricant, that she squirted onto Heather's snatch.  She worked her fingers inside again as far as she could, and then applied more lube.  She was coming close to getting a large part of her slender hand inside of Heather.  She touched Heather's right hand with the vibrator and handed it to her.  Mindy took over right tit duty while Heather touched the now vibrating machine onto her clitoris.  After a few seconds, Mindy abandoned Heather's breast, and then reached down and pulled the hood back on Heather's clit as best she could.  As Heather moved the vibrator in circular motions on her clitty, Mindy managed to get her hand all the way inside Heather's pussy and pumped it in and out a few times.  Heather reached down with her left hand and moved Mindy's hand back so that just her fingers were inside her.  She took over exposing her clit as she continued to use the vibrator on herself.  Mindy reached up and alternated from Heather's left breast to her right; squeezing them hard and smashing them against Heather's chest with the palm of her hand.  Heather was moving her hips up and down now and stuttered a bit as she said, "OK".  Mindy pinched Heather's left nipple and the surrounding area and pulled back and forth stretching her tit from side to side.  Simultaneously, she pushed her hand inside Heather and clinched it into a fist.  She began to slowly fuck her with it.  Heather issued a muffled scream as her orgasm burst forth.  She was bucking up and down and Mindy continued assaulting her pussy and changed to twist and yank at Heather's other nipple.  Heather's convulsions had subsided quite a bit and she pushed Mindy's hand away from her snatch.  Mindy laid her forearm across Heather's nipples as if to hide and comfort them.  She laid her left hand on Heather's stomach while the vibrator continued to draw out the final faint waves of ecstasy.  "Holy shit", said Heather.  "I've really got to 'hand' it to you!"  They both laughed, sarcastically, as Mindy got up to grab a couple beers and cigarettes; while Heather stayed on her back trying to recover from her ride.  Her panties were soaking wet, and wedged up inside her her pussy lips.  They sat together, smoked and drank their beers in silence with just the TV making noise.  After a few minutes, Mindy got back up and removed her clothes.  Heather slid down to the floor with her back against the couch and Mindy sat down and lay back on Heather's 'cushions'.  She was in Heather's 'chair' now.  Mindy took the vibrator and buzzed the opening of her womanhood.  Heather massaged Mindy's shoulders and then the back and sides of her head.  She kissed the back of Mindy's neck and then 'craned' her neck to nibble at her right ear.  As Mindy started getting some serious work done with the vibrator, Heather trailed her hands down Mindy's sides and along the tops of her legs for a few seconds.  She then reached over Mindy's shoulders and began to massage her large breasts.  She then took the time to pull Mindy, firmly, back into her for a hug before going back to work on her tits.  She tweaked the nipples and kneaded her boobs.  She cupped her hands under them and lifted them up and squeezed.  Mindy was getting a little ahead of the game with the vibrator and started to tense up.  Heather pulled Mindy's titties apart, and then kind of bumped them together.  Mindy moaned in approval and turned her head for a kiss, but couldn't reach Heather's lips.  Heather grabbed Mindy's nipples and shook her breasts up and down a little roughly.  Mindy was enjoying herself and reached her free hand back and slapped the side of Heather's leg rather hard.  Heather leaned forward and bit Mindy on the shoulder and then grabbed Mindy's right tit by the nipple with her left hand and came around and slapped the tit sharply with her right.  She rotated doing that from side to side and Mindy began to raise up off the floor a little.  Heather began slapping the sides of Mindy's tits at will now.  She would reach around and slap the front of Mindy's tit right on the nipple occasionally as Mindy was getting closer to exploding.  As Mindy stiffened and began to cum, Heather grabbed both her breasts, digging her nails into them and clamping down; like she was wringing the water out of a mop; all while pulling Mindy back towards her.  Mindy came and came and came it seemed.  She began cussing like a sailor, on liberty in a whore house, and then her orgasm finally began to subside.  She leaned back into Heather's now loose, gentle hug and caught her breath and said, "You could really turn me into a card carrying lesbian".  "We could get married and never leave this house"!  They laughed and got up to get dressed.  Heather crashed on the couch that night.

Heather woke up around 11 A.M. and heard Mindy talking to someone.  She got up and went to the bathroom to pee and swish a little Listerine around in her mouth to take the edge off of her morning breath.  She walked into the kitchen and saw Tim and Dave sitting at the table drinking coffee.  Mindy was putting the final touches on lunch as Heather sat next to Tim and exchanged a quick peck.  "Long time, no see" said Tim.  "Yeah, I've been pretty busy and haven't felt like hanging out much lately", Heather replied.  Tim knew she was still 'hanging out'; just not with him and the Mindy Gang.  Today, though the 'Tim and Heather' team might reunite!  After eating lunch and cleaning up the mess, they all retired to the pit area.  Heather was still sore from the night before and sat by herself in the oversized chair.  Mindy, as insatiable as ever, was making out with Dave on the sectional.  He soon was on top of her fucking away.  Mindy peaked over at Heather and gave her the 'come over and join us' eyes as Dave was keeping busy inside her.  Heather grabbed a cigarette and a lighter and went outside to the front porch.  The sun felt good as she sat there thinking about what Trish and Nick might be up to.  Though invited over to Mindy's for lunch, Trish and Nick were going to hang out around the house this Sunday and not step a foot outside.

Tim came out and sat beside her.  "What's going on with you these days", he said.  Heather assured him she was just sore from last night and was going to get ready to go home.  Tim went back inside, and when Heather went in to gather her purse and shoes, he was on his knees with his dick in Mindy's mouth.  As Heather drove away towards her shitty little apartment, she couldn't quite figure out why she was turning into such a party pooper.  Her life was going OK.  She had a decent job and there was no shortage of men lining up to get at her.  'Fuck them all' she thought as she continued towards her home.

Over the next week, it was just Trish and Nick.  They talked about the future and really started to get to know each other better.  Nick's ex wife Jenna, it turned out, was a great person who just didn't want to be married anymore.  They didn't have any kids, so the divorce had been fairly painless.  She actually got a tiny piece of the company Nick worked for, or some shit like that.  It provided enough to pay her house payment and most of the bills so she didn't really have to work a high paying job.  She and Nick had even shared some 'sack time' since the divorce.  Nick wondered if she cared that he didn't come around anymore.  He had hooked up with the 'Gang' after reconnecting with Paula over social media.  Nick finished a few projects around Trish's home, including a remodel of her second bathroom.  He impressed her with his man skills both in and out of the bedroom, and she fell more in love with him every day.  She wondered though if the 'party' was over.  She didn't want to fall into a routine like with the ex asshole and become Nick's wife drone. 

When an email invitation came to join Mindy's Friday night party, Trish wanted to accept, but waited for Nick to ask her about it first.  They discussed it and, although he didn't seem that enthused, he agreed to at least drop by to see everybody.  Trish didn't want to admit it, but Tim's cock was still on her mind; and the rest of the package as well.  She didn't have to love him or even like him to enjoy what he had to offer.  She guessed that's what an open relationship was about and promised herself not to become hypnotized by his 'gorgeousness'.  'As long as I come home with the man I love', she thought.  As the week went by, Nick seemed to become more enthusiastic about the gathering. After work on Friday, they didn't talk much as the time for the party drew closer.

When they arrived at Mindy's place, Paula met them at the door and said "we really missed you fuckers…we even thought you might never come back!"  She gave Nick a full, open-mouthed kiss on the lips and reached over to drag Trish into their clinch.  The whole gang, other than Heather, was there; including a woman Trish hadn't met before.  As they approached her, Josh stood up and said "I'd like you to meet my wife Beth."  Trish was confused…she thought Josh was partying with them on the sly.  Josh pulled Nick aside to get a drink and said, "She found out what was going on and threw a fit".  "I haven't been here for three weeks myself."  "She was angrier that I didn't level with her, than she was that I was fucking around."  "This is her first time doing anything like this, so I don't know how things will go over".  Nick wished him good luck and turned his attention back to Trish.

As they sat around the table and the pit area drinking cocktails and catching up with each other, Trish wondered where the evening would take her, and if Nick would want to stick around after the action began.  Paula was sticking close to Dave, but was giving Nick the eye.  Mindy had latched onto Beth because she would be her newest smoke buddy.  Beth was about five foot six and was average build.  Her body was definitely nothing to write home about, but she was in her late twenties and had a pretty face.  Maybe a little too innocent-looking for the crowd she was getting mixed up with.  Trish noticed that Paula started the festivities.  She was on her knees sucking on Dave's cock.  Beth was staring at the couple intently, but was glued to her seat at the dining room table.  She was nursing her drink and keeping Josh close while whispering questions into his ear.  Mindy came over and nudged her way in between them.  She said "Paula believes in getting things rolling early."  Beth blushed and was startled when Mindy put her hand on her leg.  Beth was wearing a skirt and Mindy reached over and grabbed Josh's hand and put it under Beth's skirt with her own.  "Slow and easy", Mindy said.  "You don't have to fuck everybody in the room on your first night here".  "You can just make love to your husband if you want…no pressure".  "There is something about watching your man pleasuring another woman she said."  Beth let her guard down a little, and Mindy moved Josh's other hand up to his wife's breast and then helped him into her top.  "I can't wait to get those in my mouth" Mindy said.  "Feels like a mouthful".  Mindy and Josh began to rub just the tips of their fingers around Beth's pubic mound.  She reached to push their hands away, but Josh pulled her hand up to his lips and kissed it.  As she became more and more into what was happening, Mindy stood up and led her toward the bedroom.  She told Josh to follow, but shot him a look and mouthed, "I've got it from here". 

Mindy lay beside Beth on the bed and said, "Josh will be here in just a minute."  She kissed Beth's cheek and ran her hand from the top of Beth's skirt up to the area between her breasts.  Beth closed her eyes and seemed to be "going along for the ride".  After all, her husband 'would be there in a moment'.  Mindy had Beth's blouse almost completely unbuttoned and ran her hand across her bra.  She rolled Beth over onto her belly while simultaneously removing her blouse.  The clasps on the back of the bra came loose easily and Mindy tried to roll her to her back.  Beth resisted and asked about Josh.  "He'll be here in a minute", Mindy said and began stroking her fingers up and down Beth's backbone.  Beth let her guard down for a split second and Mindy had her rolled back over.  Beth's breasts were a lot like Paula's and her nipples were kind of puffy and very inviting.  Mindy kissed each of them while Beth's eyes were tightly closed.  She fidgeted a little and again relaxed.  Mindy put her hand up Beth's skirt and massaged her pelvic area lightly.  She pulled up on the skirt and exposed her panties.  They were pink with little flowers sewn into them.  As Mindy began to pull one side down, Beth reached down and pulled the other side down until she could get them kicked off.  Beth was beginning to surrender and Mindy pulled in close to her face until their lips were almost touching.  She whispered and it startled Beth, who was thinking about nothing but Mindy's hand fiddling with her pubic hair.  Mindy said, "I want you to be comfortable with what's going on, and you need to know that you can get up, get dressed and walk out of here at any time."  Beth didn't answer and Mindy kissed her lightly on the lips.  She continued kissing around her mouth until Beth responded a little.  Mindy's finger had broken the plain of Beth's pussy lips and was beginning to push into her.  Mindy was gentle and sweet and continued kissing Beth's lips.  All of a sudden, Beth's tongue came out and touched Mindy's upper lip.  Their playful kissing led to Mindy climbing on Beth as if to mount her like a man would.  She balanced herself the best that she could, with her right hand on Beth's breast and her left hand fucking her with her finger.  Mindy didn't push her very much and just stuck to the basics.  She began grinding her knuckle into Beth's clitoris area and then inserted her finger again while her thumb was rubbing her clit.  Mindy barely pinched Beth's nipple and made her began to cum.  It wasn't a volcano, but she was definitely cumming.  Mindy continued to kiss Beth until the orgasm seemed to have reached its end.  She pulled her finger out and let Beth see her suck the juice off.  Mindy looked up and saw Josh standing in the doorway.  His mouth was dragging on the floor.  She grabbed her clothes, pushed him towards his wife, laying on the bed, and left the room; locking the door behind her.  'My work is done here', she said to herself as she giggled.

As Mindy closed the door, Josh joined his newly 'initiated' wife on the bed.  He was already naked and may have been as hard as he had ever been; having witnessed Beth's 'cumming' of age.  He lay beside her and laughed at the contorted expression on his wife's face.  She was still living the 'moment', and he wanted to take advantage.  He ran his finger up and down her torso from her crotch to her neck.  He stopped to rub his hand over her beautiful little breasts and leaned in to kiss her cheek.  As if she had just woke up from years of boredom and lack of any kind of stimulation, Beth suddenly raised up, pushed Josh down on the bed and mounted him all in one fluid movement.  She bounced up and down on his cock like it was the last dick on Earth; and would soon be unavailable.  He tried to raise up to wrestle control from her, but she pushed him back down.  She suddenly jumped off of him and fumbled around her clothes until she came up with her smart phone.  She climbed back onto Josh's manhood as she enabled the video app.  After pushing the record button, she focused on Josh's face, then, as best she could, to his dick disappearing into her, and then reappearing. She placed one hand on his chest and handed him the phone with the other.  She had slowed her pace and was shivering and twitching each time her pussy went back down on his cock.  Josh looked up at her face as she had drifted off to a complete state of ecstasy.  He concentrated the video on her face as she came closer and closer to getting off.  Josh could feel his load starting to rumble and tried to hold it off until she came.  Too late.  Josh began to cum as she continued to raise and lower herself onto his manhood.  As the cum began to run out of her, she collapsed onto his chest, moaned deliriously and then clamped down on his cock.  She moved to and fro until her orgasm was over.  For the first time since they got married, with no distractions and no other thought in their heads besides sex, the couple had almost cum simultaneously.  Beth quickly recovered from her volcanic-like eruption and rolled off Josh to search for her clothes and get her phone back from her impromptu cameraman.

The cheater (Josh) and the 'newbie' came back into the living room, they leaned against the wall and looked on as the others were getting busy.  On the pit, Paula was sitting on Dave's cock and was grinding one out.  Nick and Trish were sitting in the big chair and seemed oblivious to the rest of the crowd.  Mindy approached Tim at the table and brushed her hand across his shoulder, before pouring a drink.  Tim looked a little down, and Mindy asked, "I wonder where Heather is tonight?"  "I don't know…don't seem to really be in her circle anymore, so I'm a little lost", he replied.  Mindy positioned herself between Tim and the table.  She bent over and spread her legs a little; motioning at her pussy.  "Did you look in the lost and found?", she said.  Tim didn’t laugh, but took the signal to pay her puss some attention.  She reached around and pushed the bottles and glasses out of the way so she could lay back.  Tim leaned forward and put his mouth on her pussy.  It tasted sweet as her juices were flowing from her encounter with Beth.  Tim was being workmanlike, and searched the 'lost and found' with his tongue.  He put his lips together and brushed them hard against her clitty.  He began licking and gumming her clit and raised his hands up to her breasts.  He squeezed hard, the way she liked it, until she stiffened up said "ouch".  She was getting close to that time of the month and it wasn't a fun pain.  Tim took the hint and began to softly run his fingertips across her nipples and alternately massaged her breasts from the sides very gently.  He wasn't taking pity on her clitoris though, and began to lick it hard; before nibbling at it with his teeth.  Mindy shuttered and began to cum.  It wasn't a gusher or even a micro burst.  It was clean and sweet and made Mindy tingle to the top of her head.  She pushed Tim's head away, and he rose up and got undressed.  His cock was ready to continue with a little deeper search for Heather, inside her.  He inserted just the head of his cock into her pussy, and then grabbed the shaft and moved the head up and down just inside the lips.  Mindy liked that Tim was very good at fucking and always made her feel great.  He began to push in deeper and soon was in to his balls.  Mindy enjoyed a fully deployed cock and ground against him a little.  Tim started rhythmically moving in and out of her and was surprised when he felt someone's hands on his hips.  Trish had sneaked up on him and began to stroke her finger up and down the crack of his ass.  She reached around and cupped his balls gently and squeezed.  Tim had to stop fucking Mindy long enough to compose himself.  Nick had come over and sat down at the table.  Mindy was taking up quite a bit of room, but Nick managed to pull a bottle over and began to pour straight vodka into a glass.  Mindy noticed that and lifted up onto her elbows, grabbed the glass and drained it.  Nick poured another and took just a sip.  Tim was fucking her again steadily, and Trish had moved her hand between his legs and in front of his balls.  She was letting his cock drag across her fingernails as it moved in and out of Mindy.  Trish was getting excited and laid her head against Tim's backside to catch her breath.  Nick was watching but not reacting in any noticeable way.  He took another sip of vodka and pushed it away, before turning his attention to Mindy.  He put his hand on her tit and she pushed it away.  She thought, 'Do I need to put up construction cones or something'?  Nick instead moved his face very close to Mindy's and began to kiss her face, nose and eyes.  She didn't protest, so he moved to her lips.  She was trying to pay attention to Nick, but Tim was reducing her span of attention to almost zero.  He was stroking in and out and had begun to rub her clitoris with his finger.  Mindy whispered to Nick and he re-positioned himself near her pussy.  He moved Tim's hand and began to lick at Mindy's clitty.  He was kind of a respectable distance from Tim's manhood so he wasn’t worried.  Trish, meanwhile, had moved to Tim's side and was watching intently.  Tim was pumping furiously at Mindy's pussy, pulled back too far and his cock came over the top and drug over her clit; just missing Nick's face.  Nick pulled away while Tim reinserted himself, but then went right back to working on her clitoris.  Trish broke out of her daze and moved to the other side of Mindy.  Her head pushed Nick away and she took over.  She, however, positioned herself closer to where Tim's cock was going in and out of Mindy.  She fell away from Mindy's clit and put her lips, as best she could, directly on top of Tim's cock as it continued going in and out of Mindy; though much slower.  Nick had moved around and was massaging Trish's shoulders, then worked to remove her pants.  As she moved back to Mindy's clitty, Trish couldn't help but think about Tim's penis almost crashing into Nick's face.  She felt Nick's cock begin to grind against her backside, and was happy when he put it in her and begin stroking.  He pumped in and out and reached around to stimulate her clitoris as she worked on Mindy's.  Tim groaned and pulled out of Mindy; just before he shot his load onto her pussy and all over the side of Trish's face.  Trish ground her lips into Mindy's puss until she began to writhe on the makeshift bar table.  Mindy threw her arm wildly to the side and knocked over a full bottle of booze as she began to cum.  Tim reached over and righted the bottle as he also pushed what was left of his hard on over the top of Mindy's pussy and into Trish's face.  Startled at things being knocked over, Nick pulled out and lifted Trish out of the war zone.  They all three stared down at the now embarrassed Mindy enjoying the last shivers of her orgasm.

Josh and Beth had moved close to the table now that that the mini-orgy was over.  Beth poured a glass half full of vodka and drank it in just a few gulps.  She made a face as if trying to force the burn of the booze to pass more quickly.  Josh introduced his wife to Nick and Trish for a second time and they exchanged pleasantries.  They all sat around the table drinking and talking like they were old friends socializing after dinner at the Sizzler; even though Trish and Mindy was topless, Nick was completely naked, and Josh and Beth had just had the best sex of their married life.  Tim had moved on to help Dave pleasure Paula.  Nick couldn't help reaching with both hands and honking Trish and Mindy's boobs.  Mindy said "all right...time to put these away before someone gets hurt".  Beth and Trish knew what she was talking about, but it kind of went over Nick and Josh's head.  "Her period", Beth whispered to Josh loud enough for Nick to hear.  Mindy and Beth went outside to smoke and Trish followed.  "This is our little secret party", Mindy said to Beth "and you'll be on the email list for future ones if you like".  "I'll have to talk to Josh", Beth replied knowing full well that nothing could keep her away from this new guilty pleasure.  Paula came out with a cigarette in her mouth and a little dribble of jizz on her cheek.  They all laughed as Mindy wiped it off with her finger.