Sarah Sharp And Supply Station Seven

“Good Morning, Miss Sarah.  Did you sleep well?”

Sarah glanced at the holographic image speaking to her and frowned.  It had been the same fucking question from the same fucking hologram in the same fucking effeminate fucking voice for the last five fucking months.

“Fuck you, Dickhead.  I did not sleep well and it isn’t morning.  It’s just what you call morning.  Morning has sunlight.  It’s fucking dark all the fucking time here.”

The response and Sara’s reply was the same as it always was.

“My, my, Miss Sarah.  I sense you are a bit upset this morning because you are using numerous variations of the verb ‘fuck’ and once again you call me by ‘Dickhead’ instead of by the name given me by my creator.  Perhaps if I were to adjust the level of cushioning of your bed, you would have a more refreshing sleep.”

“I don’t give a good hard fuck what your fucking name is supposed to be.  To me, you’re Dickhead.  Live with it.  And, changing my fucking bed won’t do any fucking good unless you can either grow a fucking cock in it or grow one yourself.  You do know what a cock is, don’t you?”

The hologram smiled.

“Of course, Miss Sarah.  In proper usage of the word, ‘ cock’ is the noun used for the male of various species of avian life.  In the manner in which you use it, ‘cock’ is a colloquialism, a rather crude one I might add, for the primary male organ of copulation.  Synonyms are the more medically correct ‘penis’ and the equally colloquial ‘dick’, ‘dong’ and ‘prick’.  There are many others in other languages.  Would you like me to list them for your perusal?”

Sarah sighed.

“No, and for God’s sake, can’t you even try to sound a little more butch?  Maybe if you sounded like you have a pair of balls, I wouldn’t say ‘fuck’ so much.  I say it because that’s as close to it as it looks like I’ll ever get again and that pansy-ass voice of yours doesn’t help.”

“Miss Sarah, my creator was not informed as to the gender of the future manager of this supply station prior to my creation.  He therefore created my voice to be gender neutral.  I apologize if my manner of speaking displeases you, but I have no other choice.”

Sarah frowned again.

“I thought you were supposed to be artificial intelligence, not just a dumb-ass computer.  Why can’t you change it?”

“Miss Sarah, I am as you say, an artificially intelligent system, but without an example of a voice that would please you, I am unable to modify my programming.  I could, if you wish, modify my voice to mimic your own, but I did not believe such would please you so I have not.”

As always, Sarah gave up.  Harold, or Dickhead as she had nicknamed him, was incredibly intelligent and incredibly stupid at the same time.  He could speak all known languages of Earth including all dialects.  He had committed the entire contents of all the libraries of Earth to memory and could recite any book in them on command while translating as required.  He had the same knowledge of the solar systems in the universe and the chemistry and physics that applied to them as all the physicists on Earth combined.  What he did not have was the simple understanding of how she thought and what she needed.  

It didn’t surprise her, not after she’d been flown up here and left by herself.  Nothing would surprise her again, at least anything Erbium Exports decided to do.

It had been a job when most people couldn’t beg hard enough to land one.  That alone should have warned her something was not exactly on the up and up.  The recruiter had said it was an assistant manager’s job with lots of responsibility and the pay and benefits to match.  That also should have raised a few flags of warning.  There were no managers in any business anymore, much less assistant managers, not since all manual labor had been taken over by robots.  

She didn’t really consider how she would utilize that pay and those benefits so far from Earth.  She was just happy to be employed.  Sarah had accepted the first offer, and after a week to pack and say goodbye to friends and family, had boarded the shuttle “Rubenskorsky” on its outbound trip to Supply Station Seven.

Supply Station Seven had been described to Sarah as a satellite warehouse in a solar orbit between Earth and Mars.  It was used to re-supply Earth cargo shuttles between the erbium mines on Mars and the smelting plant on Earth.  It needed a manager to oversee operations, track and maintain inventory, and make monthly reports back to Earth.

The shuttle docked with Supply Station Seven six months later.  Sarah thought it a bit unusual that as soon as she and her bags had stepped off the shuttle, the hatch closed.  Five minutes later, the shuttle un-docked and was gone.  Sara opened the briefcase that she’d received just before the shuttle hatch closed.  “Everything you need to know is in the book”, the flight captain had said.  Sarah opened the case, took out a thin pamphlet titled “Supply Station Operations Manual”, turned to the first page, and began to read.

Congratulations.  You have joined the team of professionals of Erbium Exports, the Earth’s premier corporation in space mining.  Our mission statement is:

Erbium Exports will insure its continuing success as a business by maintaining steady growth of our customer base and by maintaining financial independence.

The goals of Erbium Exports are as follows.

1. To place our customer’s satisfaction ahead of all else by
 Providing products of the highest quality
 Providing products by rapid and on-time delivery
 Providing products at the lowest cost
 2.  Maintain enthusiasm of our employees by providing
 Equal opportunities for advancement
 Equal pay for equal skill
 Comfortable working conditions
 3.  Maintain the quality of life of every Earth citizen by
 Conserving Earth resources
 Protecting the Earth environment

There were other paragraphs that Sarah skipped over because they appeared only to say the same things in different ways.  She turned to page two and read the title.

        Operation of the MXN45689563 Supply Station

Step 1 – On the control console located near the docking station, locate the red switch labeled “ON/OFF”.

(Note 1: On some versions of the MXN45689563 Supply Station manufactured in Europe, this switch may be labeled “I/O”.)

(Note 2: On some versions of the MXN45689563 Supply Station manufactured in Asia, this switch may not be labeled, and will be blue in color.)

            Step 2 – Turn this switch to “ON” or “I” as the case may be.  

(Note:  Blue switches should be turned so the pointer is to the left of center.)

Step 3 – The system should boot up in approximately ninety seconds and the station control hologram should appear approximately sixty seconds later.  

Step 4 – Introduce yourself to the control hologram by giving your full name and Earth Security Number.  The control hologram will automatically log you into the system and then be ready to accept and execute your commands.

Have fun by getting to know your holographic partner by discussing your backgrounds, discovering commonalities, and by exchanging personal preferences.  The control hologram contains all the information required to operate and maintain a successful and profitable supply station as well as maintain a happy and comfortable environment for you.  All you have to do is ask.

(Note 1:  If the station does not boot or if the hologram does not appear, turn the red switch to “OFF” or “O” as the case may be, wait for at least ten seconds, and then repeat Step 2.  

(Note 2:  In the case of the MXN45689563 supply station manufactured in Asia, it is not necessary to return the switch to its original position.  Simply press and hold the blue switch for approximately twenty seconds and then release.)

(Note 3:  If the above does not result in the station booting and the hologram appearing, refer to the troubleshooting diagram on the last page of this manual and to the circuit breaker listing on the circuit breaker panel in the control room.)

(Note 4:  Should this also fail, use the emergency transmitter located under the control panel in the control room to initiate an emergency call for assistance.  Enough food and water is stored in the closet marked “EMERGENCY USE ONLY” inside the control room to sustain life for approximately one hundred Earth days.)

Sarah found the only button on the control panel to be yellow with no markings and no pointer, but took a chance and turned it to the left.  Nothing happened then, so she turned it to the right.  The main interior lights came on then, and the small lights on the control panel began to blink.  About a minute later, the hologram of a man’s face appeared in front of her and began to speak.

“Hello, hello.  My name is Harold.  What is your name and Earth Security Number?”

Sarah smiled.  It had worked, well, sort of.

“Sarah Sharp, 916724365764.”

After that, things went pretty well for a while.  Sarah told Harold her background.

“I grew up in San Dieangeloclarfrisco, California and got my degree in People Relationships from UCBDLAMRDBC.  I applied for this job right out of college and I got it.”

“I see”, mused Harold.  “How interesting.  You certainly rate an ‘A’ for achievement.  I am certain we will have many very interesting conversations during your term of employment.

“I was born one year ago at the Erbium Exports AI lab in Bishop, New California.  I received programming and databases encompassing all current knowledge in language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology as well as programming specific to the mission and operation of the MXN45689563 supply station.  My circuits mimic the synapses and memory of the human brain, though multiplied by two to the hundredth power, and I have the ability to learn – the term is artificial intelligence, I believe – though I am quite real.  I will be happy to answer any questions you might have for me.  In addition to my other duties, I am here to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.”

Sarah could think of only one question.

“What exactly is it I’m supposed to do here?”

“Well…actually… nothing.  I perform all tasks required to operate the supply station.”

“Then why am I here?”

“It is really very simple, Miss Sarah.  In the event my systems should fail, you are needed to summon emergency assistance to save the supply station and its contents.  I could not very well do so myself if my systems ceased to operate, now could I?”

“So if you croak, I call home and ask for a mechanic?  That’s it?”

Harold’s face developed a patronizing smile.

“It is not exactly accurate to say you will call home.  All you need do is press the orange button on the transmitter under the control console and the transmitter will send the signal.  Depending upon our position in orbit relative to Earth, the repair mission will dock with the supply shuttle in one hundred ninety to two hundred fifty Earth days to repair my systems.”

“But the manual says there is only enough food for a hundred days.”

Harold smiled again.

“Ah, yes, that is correct.  The space available for emergency food storage would not allow a longer term supply.  Depending upon the time since the last re-supply shuttle to the supply station, there should be more food available.”

“So I just die up here if there isn’t?”

“Not necessarily.  Two hundred fifty days is a worst case scenario, and even so, there are many documented cases of humans living a quite long time without food.  As you are young and in very good physical condition, I would anticipate your probability of survival at eighty nine point seven six three eight four percent, although you will weigh somewhat less when the repair shuttle arrives.”

“Yeah, about twenty kilos less.  I only weigh forty eight kilos now.”

“Forty nine point six four seven eight one kilograms actually.  You seem to be over hydrated to some extent but there is no cause for alarm.  My MRI scans of your body indicate you are four Earth days from beginning menstruation.  The cause of the increase in normal body mass due to water retention is the result of that condition and is perfectly normal.”

“You can tell that?”

“Certainly.  I am fully functional in all areas of expertise including medicine.”

Sarah smiled.

“I don’t suppose you’re fully functional in every area, are you?”

Harold’s holographic face smiled.

“To which area do you refer?”

“Well,  when it’s this time of the month, I tend to get really horny.  Back on Earth, I had a friend who took care of me.  Apparently up here, I just have you.  Can you…you know…have sex?”

Sarah realized Harold’s patronizing smile was becoming irritating.

“Miss Sarah, as I stated before, my creator did not know the gender of the manager of this supply station and created me to be gender neutral.  I am a holographic image as well, nothing more.”

“Damn”, sighed Sarah.  Since I’m an assistant manager, I thought there would be another person as the manager up here.  I’m gonna go crazy if I can’t get off.”

“Miss Sarah, it is not possible to ‘get off’ this station as you say.  That will only be possible after your ten year contract has expired.”

“Ten years?  What?  I thought it was one year and then I’d get promoted and sent back to Earth to do something else.”

“You are partially correct.  After one year you will be promoted from assistant manager to manager, but you will remain on the supply station for another nine years post promotion.  Did you not read the section of the contract entitled ‘Terms of Employment’?”

Sara’s voice was sarcastic.

“No, I didn’t.  The print was really tiny and I didn’t have my microscope with me that day.  That’s not what I meant by getting off anyway.”

Harold smiled his now infuriating smile again.

“Oh…please explain.”

“Getting off, you know, the big ‘O’, cumming, creaming the weenie, making the kitty purr?”

“Miss Sarah, I recognize most of your words, but I can not correlate them to a meaning except for ‘making the kitty purr’.  Unfortunately there is no immature feline on the supply station you may cause to do such.”

Sarah sighed.

“I mean have an orgasm, you dickhead.”

“Ah…now I understand.  Orgasm – a noun describing the release of endorphins in the brain as he result of sexual stimulation.”

“That would be it.  You can’t?”

“No.  I am not so equipped as said equipment would be quite different depending upon the physical and mental gender of the person involved.  I believe I have explained my own gender neutrality to you prior to this.”

“So I have to wait on some shuttle to dock before I get laid?  That’s only supposed to happen every six months or so.  ”

Harold smiled.  

“I am rapidly learning your use of euphemisms in your speech by correlating the words with the current topic of discussion.  I assume by ‘get laid’ you refer to the act of sexual intercourse.  I am afraid that will not be possible.  Early in the erbium mining project it was determined humans could not cope with the months of continuous space travel.  They would begin to deteriorate both physically and mentally after only two years.  All transport shuttles are drones operated by artificially intelligent systems much like my own, though without my depth of knowledge.

“You mean I’m not going to see another person for ten years?”

“It is not likely, Miss Sarah.  As you were speaking though, I accessed the database relative to human sexuality.  It is quite possible for you to achieve an orgasm by envisioning an appropriately erotic situation and manual manipulation of your erogenous zones.  I would think that is a better course of action than, as you say, going crazy.”

“That works, but it’s not the same.  I know how I’ll fix this.  I’ll just hop on the next ore shuttle going back to Earth and tell Erbium Exports to go fuck themselves.  Then I’ll get myself fucked back on Earth.”

Sarah saw that patronizing smile again.

“Miss Sarah, it is not possible for you to do as you say.  In order to minimize costs, the ore shuttles are not equipped with the life support systems required by humans.  Based upon your lung capacity and your metabolism, you would expire approximately fifteen minutes, twenty three point five seven one seconds after the ore shuttle un-docked.”

“Only approximately”, sneered Sarah.

“Miss Sarah, as I am certain you can imagine, any calculation relative to human endurance under extreme conditions is somewhat of an estimate.”

“Yeah, well you haven’t seen extreme conditions until you’ve seen me not getting laid for a few months.  I turn into a real bitch.”

“Ah…bitch…a female of the species canidae.  I do not believe it is possible for a human to transform into another species.”

“You really are a dickhead.  That’s your name from now on – Dickhead.  Not that kind of bitch, Dickhead, a bitch as in a woman who needs to get laid and starts screaming her head off and breaking things because she can’t.”

It was the seventh month when Sara realized there was a way.  The station had just received a supply of food and other things Erbium Exports deemed necessary for her survival.  There was enough food in the storage locker for at least another six months plus the emergency food.  That afternoon, or at least what Dickhead called afternoon, he was involved in inventorying the items delivered and wasn’t around.  Sarah looked under the control panel for the emergency call transmitter.  

The button was green instead of orange, but she pressed it anyway.  One second later, Harold’s hologram appeared over the control panel.

“Miss Sarah, you have pressed the button to activate the emergency transmitter.  Why would you do this?  All my systems are perfectly functional.”

“Well, all my systems suck, and they’re gonna keep sucking until I get laid.  Maybe the repair crew will be human and I will.”

Harold smiled.

“Indeed, the repair mission will be human, though only one person.  It is equally probable that person will be female rather than the man you seek.  Erbium Exports prides themselves on equal representation of the sexes in all positions.”

“Right now, I’d settle for getting my pussy licked if I can’t get fucked.”

“There is only a ten percent probability the person responding will prefer partners of the same gender.  That is the percentage of same-gender preferences and the target percentage of Erbium Exports.  A female would in all probability not wish to do as you do.”

“Oh fuck you, Dickhead.  I’ll convince her…or him if that’s what he turns out to be.”

It was one hundred and ninety five days when the repair shuttle docked.  Sarah waited at the docking hatch until the pressure of the shuttle equalized with the pressure of the supply station, and then opened the hatch.

He hadn’t shaved in a while, but he was a man.  Sarah’s heart began to beat faster when she heard the deep, masculine voice.

“What seems to be your problem, little lady?”

“I have something that needs fixing.  You’re not gay are you?”

The man laughed.

“No, not by a long shot. All you company people are really into diversity, aren’t you?  What’s it matter?”

“That’s what the brochure says, but I –“

Harold interrupted her.

“Yes, Erbium Exports prides itself on hiring the most diverse candidates.  Your trip was in vain, though.  We need no repairs.  I am functioning at a level of one hundred percent.  You may return to Earth.”

The man looked at Sarah.

“Is he always such an asshole?”

“Pretty much.  I call him Dickhead.  Dickhead, meet…what’s your name?”

“Brad, Brad Lake.”

“Dickhead, meet Brad.  Now, go inventory something.  Brad and I have things to do.”

After Harold’s hologram vanished, Brad looked at Sarah.

“I think he’s right.  Everything seems to be fine.  What made you activate the emergency beacon?”

Sarah began unbuttoning her uniform blouse.

“I’ll make it plain and simple.  I need to be fucked and I need to be fucked more than once.  You up to the job?”

Brad smiled as he watched Sarah drop the uniform blouse to the floor and grinned when she unhooked and then dropped her bra.

“If you keep going I will be.”

Sara hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband of her uniform pants and then looked at Brad with a smile.

“I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”

Sarah caught her breath when Brad dropped his pants.  He wasn’t wearing underwear, and his thick, half-erect cock bobbed in the air as he kicked off his shoes.  

“Here’s what I got, Baby.  I like them big tits.  Let’s see that little pussy.”

Sarah grinned and slid the pants down to her knees, then turned around to take them off her ankles.  She bent over then.

“Here’s mine.  Now, what are you gonna do with it?”

She heard Brad move quietly and then his finger probing between her thighs.

“Hmmm…you got nice big pussy lips, Baby.  I think I’ll have to have me a taste first.  You got a bed somewhere or are you just gonna spread them legs right here on the floor?”

When Sarah stretched out on the bed, Brad knelt between her open thighs and slipped his finger inside her.  She moaned and rocked her hips up.  Brad chuckled.

“Damn, Baby, you are in a bad way.”

“It’s been seven months”, murmured Sarah as she felt Brad stroking the little pad just inside her pussy, then gasped  “Oh fuck, I’d forgotten that was there.”

Brad chuckled again.

“We’ll see if you’ve forgotten anything else.”

As his tongue probed her entrance, Sarah moaned and put her hands on Brad’s head.  

“Oh fuck yes.  Keep doing that.”

“What if I do this too?”

Sarah felt two fingers slipping into her pussy at the same time Brad licked between her inner lips and up to her clit.  He’d only stroked those fingers in and out four times when she arched off the bed.

“Oh God, don’t stop.”

She’d dreamed for seven months about a man making her cum, but even in those dreams she didn’t cum that fast or that hard.  Through the agonizingly exquisite contractions that contorted her body, Sarah murmured what she needed Brad to do.

“Oh fuck…keep going…I’m not done yet.”

She heard Brad chuckle and then begin sucking her clit.  She screeched as another wave swept through her and raised her ass high off the bed.  Brad clamped his free arm over her thighs and went with her, sucking the throbbing button hard and then still harder.  Not until she fell back to the bed and gasping for breath did he stop sucking.  His fingers still moved in and out of her slippery pussy.

“Oh God”, Sarah breathed.  “You can’t imagine how much I needed that.”

Brad stroked a little faster and Sarah’s hips jerked.  He chuckled.

“You ready to be fucked now, or do you need to wait a while?”

“Now,  I need your cock now.”

“I always aim to please a lady.”

Sara gasped when his cock head parted her pussy lips.  He felt bigger than he’d looked.  She raised her head and looked down between her breasts.

He was huge, bigger than her friend on Earth, both thicker and longer.  She gasped again when the swollen head entered her.

“Oh fuck, you’re really big, but give it to me.”

Brad took a deep breath and then pushed his cock in.  Sara moaned as she felt the massive organ sliding inside her, stretching her pussy tight and making her feel filled up.

“Oh God, fuck me.  Fuck me fast and fuck me hard.”

“Whatever you want, Baby” said Brad.

Sara felt his thick cock moving in and out, stretching the tight ring just inside her entrance and sending waves of sensation racing to her belly.  She gasped when he sucked her left nipple into his mouth and pinched it between his lips, then gasped again when he gently bit it and lifted his head.  The tingle raced from her stretched out nipple all the way to her belly and made her lunge into his thrusting cock.

“Oh fuck…harder, bite harder.”

Brad sucked the nipple and half her nipple bed into his mouth and Sara shuddered.  She cried out when his teeth closed and pinched hard, then began to babble when Brad raised his head and pulled her left breast into a long cone.

“Mmmm….mmmm…oh fuck…mmmm…yes….more….oh fuck…I’m cumming .”

As the shattering waves slowly ebbed, Sara realized Brad was still stroking his cock in and out of her.  She raised her head.

“You didn’t cum?”

Brad smiled.

“No.  It looked like you needed another one by yourself.  Just hang in there and I’ll make us both cum this time.”

Ten minutes later, Sarah was writhing on the bed as Brad rammed his rigid cock fast and deep.  She’d not felt anything like his cock inside her before and was getting there again.  She felt the base of Brad’s thick cock spread her pussy lips open and then mash them into her body with every stroke.  The pressure inside her caused such intense sensations she was babbling incoherently, just a running mix of little sounds of pleasure.

Brad sensed her impending orgasm and let himself go.  When Sarah arched high off the bed and into his thrusting cock, he groaned.  Through the waves of contractions that clenched her pussy around his cock, Sara felt the throbbing that meant he was filling her with cum.  She was still arched and rocking her hips when his cock slipped out of her.

“Mmm” Sarah murmured when Brad moved to lay beside her.  That was unbelievable.  How long can you stay?”

“Until tomorrow.  There’s nothing here to fix except you, and if I’m gone longer they’ll expect some major work had to be done.”

“Fuck”, moaned Sarah.  “I was hoping for a week at least.”

Brad chuckled.

“Well, it’s been a long time for me too.  If you’ll suck my cock a little, I’ll be ready again in a few minutes.”

The next day Brad squeezed Sara’s right breast as they stood at the docking hatch.

“Sorry to leave you, Baby, but I gotta go.”

“Can you come back sometime?”

“Yeah, but you’ll have wait another six months or so.  I’m gonna report that I found the main power socket was a little dry and lubed it, then exercised it several times.  That’s a problem these stations have had since day one, so it won’t raise any suspicions.  I’ll schedule myself for a routine power socket inspection in another six months.  You keep that tight little pussy all exercised for me, OK.  It’s liable to shrink on you if you don’t.  Space’ll do that to a pussy.  I want you tight, but not too tight.”

For a week, Sarah didn’t see Harold again.  She didn’t know why, but supposed he was deep into tracking inventory or adjusting the station’s orbit.  She didn’t care.  Every night she’d lay in bed and remember how Brad’s cock had felt.  She’d finger her pussy then until she came.  It wasn’t as good, but it was still a relief.

A week after Brad’s shuttle left, Harold’s hologram appeared as she was getting ready for bed.  She stood there with her mouth open when she heard the deep bass voice coming from the hologram.  It wasn’t Brad’s, but it was close.

“Hello there, Baby.  You need to be fucked again?”

“Dickhead, what did you do to your voice.”

“Miss Sarah, I told you I couldn’t change my voice without a sample of a voice that pleased you.  From my observations of you and Brad that night, it was obvious his voice was very pleasing.  I merely re-programmed my voice synthesizer to match his pitch, inflections, and manner of speaking.  Does it please you?”

“No.  It will make me remember him and his cock.”

Harold chuckled, something Sarah had never heard him do before.

“Well, Baby, I changed more than my voice.  I have certain maintenance functions I perform on board and by the modification of a few applicable maintenance parts, I have constructed what you seemed to enjoy about Brad.”

“You watched us?”

“Most assuredly.  There are cameras in every area of the station.  I must say that compared to the male norms, Brad was in the upper percentiles.  I must also say that he seemed to cause you great pleasure.  I was able to duplicate those features with some additions I thought you might enjoy.  Please tell me if you agree.”

Sarah watched as a entire naked body, complete with a huge cock, entered the room.  Harold’s holographic face seemed to disappear inside the head and then the face smiled at her.  She caught her breath at what Harold said next.

“Play with those big tits, Baby, and make my cock hard.”

Sarah shook her head in order to think.

“A holographic cock won’t do me any good no matter how big or how hard it is.”

Harold’s smile was more of a leer.

“Well, Baby, this body and this big cock isn’t a hologram.  It’s poly-cross linked silicone and the cock has little tubes running all through it to make it swell up.  It even cums when I want it to.  I also modified my thought processes to respond to big tits and a hairy pussy, just like yours.  Now, lay down and play with those big tits.”

Sarah laid back on the bed and began rolling her nipples.  Harold’s silicone body with the big, thick cock knelt between her spread thighs.

“That’s right Baby, stretch them nipples out for me.  Oh fuck, that’s hot.  I’m gonna finger your little pussy until you’re dripping wet and then I’m gonna eat that wet pussy until you cum.”

Sarah gasped.

“You made a mouth too?”

“Yeah, Baby, with a long tongue.  I have fingers too.  Feel ‘em in your pussy?”

Sarah did, and the feeling was making her aroused.

“Dick…I mean, Harold.  You’re so much different.  Why did you change?”

“I just wanted to please you, Miss Sarah.  Are you pleased?”

“I’ll tell you after you fuck me.”

Harold’s holographic face smiled a leering smile again.

“You’ll have to suck my cock before I do that.”

“You’ll actually feel me doing that?”

“Yes, I have sensors all over it, mostly in the head, but all over.  When I do it, I get this strange feeling in my sub-cortex.  It’s a very unusual feeling, but it is quite pleasant.”

“You can suck your own cock?”

“Well, in a manner of speaking.  I have the ability to simulate the sensations of the sensors.  As I said, it is quite pleasant.

Sarah smiled.

“You haven’t felt pleasant until I suck your cock.  If I do, do you promise to fuck me more than once?”

Harold’s holographic smile made her smile back.

“I improved upon Brad somewhat.  My cock won’t get soft, so I can fuck you until you can’t fuck anymore.  It’ll stay hard no matter how many times I cum.”

“Well, give it to me and we’ll see how well you learned to use it.”

“Oh yeah, Baby.   Suck that cock like you mean it, and I’ll fuck you until you pass out.”

Three months later, the repair shuttle docked at the supply station again.  Brad stepped through the hatch and met Sarah coming toward him naked and smiling.  He caught her by the shoulders before she could put her arms around his neck.

“I told you I’d be back in six months.  It’s only been three, but you sent the emergency signal again.  What gives?”

Sarah smiled shyly.

“Well, this time it’s real.  Harold’s been running slower and slower.  I think he’s sick.  See if you can fix him and then you can fix me again.”

Brad began troubleshooting the system and was amazed to find so many connections hanging on by only a wire or two.  Most were black, as if they’d been overheated.  He went back to the shuttle to get his repair equipment and met Sarah, still naked, on the way.

“What the hell happened up here?  Harold’s running slow because almost all his wiring is just barely conducting.  It’s been cooked.”

Sarah looked at the floor.

“Well….when you were here, Harold watched us, and then sort of made himself into a real man, sort of.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Well…he has a real body with a real cock, and a real mouth, and a real tongue, and real fingers, all made out of silicone stuff.  He controls it.”

“He’s been fucking you?”

“Well…yes, but sometimes I fuck him instead.  Oh, and he likes blow jobs.  I think that’s what overloaded his circuits.  See, his cock doesn’t go down after he cums, and one night I got carried away…”

Brad shook his head.

“You want me to fix him but you still want to fuck me?”

Sarah grinned.

“In his library, Harold found this book about how two men can do one woman.  He wants to try that once you get him fixed.  Until then, well, you’ll have to take a break once in a while won’t you?  Harold’s cock is a little bigger than yours, but I like feeling you laying on me.”

It’s been nine years and Sarah has already extended her contract for another five.  She sent a note to the management of Erbium Exports explaining that she had found her dream job and wished to stay on.  Erbium Exports was a little confused by that, but supply station managers were hard to recruit so they sent a new contract via the next re-supply shuttle.

They are a bit concerned about the status of that supply station though.  It seems as if it requires a repair mission about every three months.  They’re hoping the replacement circuits Brad requested before the last service call will help the situation.  He told them some of the circuits will probably not be repairable again.  He didn’t tell them that Harold is constructing another silicone man and a silicone  woman and needs the circuits for that.

It seems that Sarah was browsing through Harold’s library on day and discovered a whole collection of erotic literature.  One thing led to another and they both decided since Brad couldn’t be there all the time they needed another male.  Then Harold read about lesbians and thought Sarah might like one of her own.  She’s a little uncertain, but willing to try. The male hologram will be known as Willie and the female as Kitty.

Erbium Exports is concerned about the maintenance costs but not concerned enough to replace the station.  The station is performing according to their mission statement.  The customers are happy, the sole employee is happy, and they’re making a profit.  They’re going to put that in their next annual report.