Being Taught By Haven And Inessa

Info Kornslayer1
16 Feb. '18


"Holy shit, I'm here," I muttered, pulling into the complex. "I've never been so conflicted in my life: I want them, but I'm so scared that they'll bust me. I just saw them in the bathroom a few hours ago, but now I'm parking my car in front their building in the same dress."

I turned off my car, but I failed to take my key out or undo my seatbelt. My eyes widened as much as they could and I lied back too. I just tried to relax and let my nerves calm down. It seemed pointless at the ten minute mark, as I felt like I was testifying in court.

"I have sweat streaming my forehead, back and chest, but my pussy is soaked with my lady juice. How the hell is that even possible? How can I be so nervous, yet so turned on at the same time?"

I didn't get my answer, but I kept fighting with myself on whether I should go inside or not.

I peeked at their door. "It is right there: number 7 in the last building of the complex. Could there be anger or happiness awaiting me behind that door? I don't know, but I'll never find out if I don't go in. I could also just be screwed if I don't go, but they didn't seem to want people to know about them. Why not? It is 2017 now, not 1986, but maybe they are just private people. Who the fuck knows?" I ranted, prior to placing my hands onto my face.

I sat there for a few more minutes before my hands fell off. I couldn't wrap my head around everything just being okay with me performing either action.

I shed a couple tears. "What the hell would they want with a nerdy chick like me?" I whined, hitting the steering wheel. "I'm a nobody and they are both beloved by the whole school. We just have one class together, but they know who I am. What is up with that? They are beautiful, and I'm not. They both wear stuff that shows skin, but I just wear dresses that go all the way down to my ankles. I'm probably just a practice girl at best. Inessa and Haven are both drop dead gorgeous and they'd probably want to do it with Amber Holbrook. She is dazzling and equally as popular too."

I grabbed my dress again and pulled it up. I peeked down at my wet panties and licked my lips. I just viewed them for a moment, but then my right hand calmly slithered back into them.

I rubbed my pussy softly back and forth a few times. "Well, it is beyond drenched now and I already masturbated in public once today, why not again?" I wondered before I closed my eyes.

Even as I had no idea again if someone might be watching, I played with my cherry and let my juice out. "Yes, Inessa has been a naughty lady. So, Haven, you should probably spank her," I muttered, cheesing.

I imagined Haven slapping Inessa's ass nonstop as they were both naked. I just had myself sit back and watch them as I played with myself. I seemed to love them whether they were having sex or not.

After only a moment, my hand began to hurt a bit. Despite that, I kept my fingers on my twat and pleasured myself nonstop. Nothing could compare to thinking about them, they just seemed to be my fantasy drug.

"Wow, they are so arousing. If someone offered me ten grand to just stop thinking of them sexually forever, I'd tell them to go screw themselves. I just want them, maybe I'd even leave school if I got them. I want Inessa eating my pussy as I eat Haven's, or vice versa."

I failed to stick my fingers up into my slit as I knew that would make me cum. I only desired to keep fantasizing about them for as long as I could. I also didn't move my fingers too quickly, but enough for it to feel pretty damn good.

"Yes, yes, I'm getting Inessa off now, and she is loving it."

"Damn right I am," I heard someone moan.

I immediately opened my eyes, felt like all my blood just stopped flowing and I bit down on my bottom lip. I failed to look out the window, but then I heard some tapping on my driver side window.

I took in a very deep breath and turned my head. "Hello, Inessa."

"Hi, now all you have to do is press that button and the window will go down," she mentioned, pointing down.

I evicted my hand and shed a couple tears. "Will you just promise me you won't tell on me?"

"We already promised that, Heidi. Now you need to come inside with us. We just want to talk, there is no need for conflict," she assured me before she opened my door.

She came up towards me and put out her hand. I just stared at it for a moment as neither of us said a word.

I scanned her body. "Wow, you are stunning."

"Thank you, now don't make me threaten to bust you, Heidi. We just want to talk, that's all. If you really don't want to, I'll go back inside and you can just keep masturbating here in your car. Although, if you come inside, talking could lead to us taking off our clothes. We both know you like us, but we'd just prefer you to keep our secret, that's all."

I took in one more deep breath. "Fine," I groaned, taking her hand.

She gently pulled me up with her and brought her face close to mine.

I immediately slanted my head back. "What are you doing?" 

"Would you like to kiss me, Heidi?"

"What about Haven?"

She snatched my other hand and placed them both onto her thighs. "She won't mind," she guaranteed me, pulling me even closer to her. "There is nothing to be afraid of, it is just me, Inessa."

I swallowed and slathered my lips.

She maintained her position for a moment, but I eventually closed my eyes and brought my lips to hers. 'I'm kissing Inessa now,' I thought, jiggling a bit.

She brought her hands to my thighs as we kissed for about ten seconds, but then our lips mutually parted.

"Judging from the giant smile on your face, I'm gonna say you liked that. Am I right?" she pondered, keeping her face close.


"Would you like to come inside now or do I have to kiss you again? I'll do it and even show you my tits out here, so what is it gonna be?"

I took my keys and closed my door. "Just don't make me regret this," I requested, putting my keys in my pocket.

"We won't," she said before she smooched my cheek and took my hand.

We both walked to their door and strolled in. I immediately got view of Haven as she was eyeballing the door. As I ambled in, I found myself shimmering around a bit, and a little juice streaming down my legs too.

"Sit down right in between us," Haven proposed, patting the middle cushion on the couch.

I smiled somewhat awkwardly, sat down with Inessa and let go of her hand. I didn't sit back, but my body was shaking around frequently. No one said anything for over two minutes and I didn't make eye contact with either of them as I had my hands on my knees.

"I guess we're gonna have to make the first move, Inessa," Haven mentioned, leaning up with me.

"You are right," Inessa agreed, coming up with me.

They both placed their hands onto my bare arms and caressed them. That still didn't get me to lean back or speak a word.

Haven smooched my cheek. "So, can we at least get you to admit you liked what you saw, Heidi?"

I nodded.

"Good, but I must say: you are beautiful."

"Oh, that got her to smile and her cheeks to turn red too."

"Although, I'm just a nerdy skinny chick with a little acne. How can you two appealing ladies think that I'm attractive?" I pondered, turning my head back and forth.

Haven brought her lips to my cheek and licked it. "You can't degrade yourself like that. Even with those black frame glasses on, we know that you are ravishing. Now you are wondering if you just might be a lesbian, are you not?" she questioned, before began licking my neck.

"I don't know, I just like you two," I moaned, closing my eyes and twitching a bit. "That feels good."

Haven grabbed onto my neck lightly and held it tight as she soaked it with saliva. I did my best not to giggle or move around too much in efforts not to ruin the mood. Whether I wanted to or not, I liked the strange turn of events. 

Suddenly I felt hands on my right hand and then it landed on something. I opened them and saw my hand as it was right on top of Inessa's right breast. She rubbed it softly and calmly leaned back towards me.

She rubbed her cheek onto mine for a moment. "Just how wet are your panties now, Heidi?"

"They are soaked, Inessa," I moaned, breathing heavily. "Please don't tell me you are both teasing me."

"We're not, now squeeze my boob if you like or whatever you desire. Don't leave here until your sexual appetite is satisfied. This is not about us, but about you, enchanting lady," she praised me before she grabbed onto my dress towards the middle of it. "May we see those drenched underwear?"

"I guess so," I muttered, leaning up somewhat.

She tugged on it and got it right above my undergarments. "Oh, just plain white panties, Heidi? Maybe you'd feel sexier if you had something sexy to look at sticking out," she let me know, undoing her shorts.

She pushed them down, took them off and stood up on the couch. "You see, a dark green thong," she pointed out, pulling on the side strap of it. "It can get any woman's cherry wet."

I sucked in my lips into my mouth just before I saw Inessa move the thong to the right a bit.

'Fuck me, now I can see her twat up close,' I thought, stomping my feet numerous times.

I just eyeballed it for a moment as Haven began kissing my neck for a change. "Go ahead, touch her if you desire to, it is a sexy pussy," Haven muttered, before she wrapped her arms around me. "Come on, feel what you lust after, Heidi. Don't worry, we won't judge you, we just want you to have what you crave. Just rub her lips from side to side a couple times and feel what your sexual future could be. It very well could be a defining moment for the rest of your life. Will you end up with a man or maybe a woman. Are you ready to find out?" she questioned, prior to smooching my neck again.

"I guess," I whispered before I calmly brought my right hand towards Inessa's trimmed pussy.

I shook incessantly the whole time, but as the tips of my fingers landed right on her wet lips, I immediately jerked back. "Oh, those are rather wet," I commended her getting up quickly.

'Fuck, am I having a stroke?' I though before I peeked back at them. "I think I should go," I said before I stepped towards the door.

Haven instantly shot up with me and snatched my hand. "Don't leave, Heidi," she pleaded before she kissed me on the lips. "You already know our intentions, so just enjoy us and realize that just maybe, you've been playing for the wrong team. The most important question to answer when someone is questioning their own sexuality is: which team do I want to be on?"

 "Haven, I've never been with anyone before. Not a dude or a chick."

She let go of my hand and peeked at Inessa. "Oh, even better, a total virgin," she said, undoing her shorts.

They fell instantly and she snagged my hand. "We don't want to make you uncomfortable, but it seems that we may need to give you a little push, so let's find out if you like girls," she spoke, pulling on the front of her thong somewhat.

She delivered my hand right into it and I felt her cherry. "Heidi, touch and feel what you have wished for."

My entire arm gyrated around as if it was a machine. Even as I attempted to extract my hand, she held it as tightly as she could while maintaining eye contact. I felt the juice soaking it, but I didn't stop fighting her. A few tears were shed on my face, but then she came right to me.

"Stop, you'll stretch out the thong, and Inessa won't like it either. We always share undergarments," she let me know before she kissed me and slowly got me to calm down.

Her hands slithered onto my butt and she kept her lips on mine for over five minutes. I couldn't help, but to bring my palms over to her bare cheeks and caress them. I was slightly taller than her, but her breasts still pressed onto my chest.

'Motherfucker, now I'm making out with Haven. Have I died and gone to own personal heaven? Is this just so great, that I won't let myself have it?'

"May we undress you, Heidi?" she pondered while kissing me. "We want to see you."

I backed away. "Why would you two want to be with me? Why not Amber Holbrook?"

"Oh, fuck her, she is a total bitch," Inessa branded her, coming up behind me. "She caught us kissing once before, but immediately threatened to out us. She admitted that she watched for a minute, but still tried to blackmail us."

"Really?" I wondered as Haven backed away.

"Yes," Inessa replied, coming in front of me. "You are delicate, Heidi," she put on the record before she brought her hands to my glasses and calmly took them right off my face.

I immediately widened my eyes and blinked a few times too. As I focused on her again, she brought her right hand to the back of my head and pulled off my ponytail too.

"Wow, you are even more dazzling than I thought, Heidi. You had those glasses and that ponytail painting a 'Nerd' picture. Although, after seeing you without them and knowing that you like to watch us, I can see that you are a naughty and sexy young woman," she praised, putting them on the end table. "Your straight blonde hair really suits you too."

"You really think so?"

She nodded and then she grabbed the end of my dress. "You should stop wearing them both, and maybe you'll be on other ladies' radars. Check into contacts, but right now, arms up."

"No, I don't think you'd like seeing me nude," I protested, shaking my head no.

"Don't worry," Inessa whispered before she kissed me. "You are among friends here, nothing that happens here will leave," she made clear, prior to coming to my ear. "We promise, so just trust us, pretty, but nerdy lady," she proposed before leaning back.

I just peeked at her, nodded and brought my arms up. She lazily pulled up my dress and took it off me. I slowly covered my breasts even as I had a bra on and also failed to make eye contact with either of them.

"I still feel weird," I mumbled, looking down. 'They are still moving, though.'

I maintained my position for three minutes as I felt like my heart was about to suddenly give out. I peeked at Haven's feet and saw her thong coming off them. Then I glanced at Haven and that just made me jiggle around even more.

'Holy mother fucking shit, all of their clothes are on the floor. So they are both naked and want to have sex with me. What the hell am I supposed to do now?'

Then I felt Haven push her melons right onto my back and wrap her arms around me. "Are you nervous?"


"Do you like my girlfriend's naked body?"

I slowly scanned Inessa's entire body from head to toe as she kept her hands on her hips. "Yes, Haven. I'm guess those are c-cups, Inessa?"


Haven brought her hands to my bra clasp. "If we see you on a regular basis, you may want to check into some sexier bras and pairs of panties. We may even take you shopping, do you like the sound of that?"

"I guess so," I moaned, clenching my fists.

Inessa came right to me as well and placed her hands onto my boobs. "May she take off your bra as I pull down your underwear, Heidi?"

I bit my bottom lip and my feet began wagging too. I just stayed silent and felt my heart race as I glanced at both of them a few times.

"If you really don't want this, then put your dress back on and walk out that door. We promise, there won't be any hard feelings," Inessa informed me. "If this is something you want, but you are just fighting with yourself, then nod your head."

"Do you promise you won't judge me at all?" I questioned, shedding a couple tears.

She shook her head yes and smooched my cheek. "Don't worry, you are in safe hands," she whispered before she lowered herself to her knees.

She grabbed onto the straps of my undergarments and calmly brought them down as Haven undid my bra too. I immediately covered my nipples with left arm and my pussy with my right hand.

Inessa rose back up. "Come on, we told you: we're your friends," she pointed out, gently snatching my arm.

She tugged it somewhat but didn't bring it down. "Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a sexy black woman lick your nipples?"

The words entered my head and my arm lazily slipped off my tits. I still covered my cherry, but then Inessa slowly brought her mouth towards my breasts. She stopped only a few inches away and peeked up at me. She failed to utter a word, but she got her approval as I shook my head yes.

From one second to the next, her tongue dropped out of her mouth and landed right on my left nipple. I instantly twitched, arched my head back and closed my eyes. I felt the pleasurable lick on my nipple and I felt tingling all throughout my body.

"I think she likes it, Inessa, you better lick it again, and maybe a few more times after that," Haven let out, rubbing her forehead onto my neck and shoulders.

"Yes, please, Inessa," I moaned, uncovering my slit.

"Oh, a hairy pussy, Haven."

She began licking my nipple swiftly and grabbed onto both of my knockers to hold them steady. I also felt my juice dripping out and flowing down my legs. I already felt undeniably wonderful, but then a few seconds later I felt fingers on my twat.

"Oh, you have a great cherry too, Heidi," Haven moaned, placing her head onto my right shoulder. "Forget thinking that you are unattractive, you are graceful. Maybe Amber Holbrook has nice cans and a pretty face, but she is a cunt. You aren't that, but a sweet chick. We both love sweet chicks, so feel somewhat lucky that you are in this position. Maybe your boobs are smaller than ours, but they are still sexy. Wow, your slit is so wet, would that because of us?"

"Yes, and I'm shaking so much because you two as well. You two are witches."

"Sexy witches, Heidi," Haven corrected me, rubbing my pussy lips back and forth lazily. "Now put your hands on the back of Inessa's head."

I opened my eyes and peeked right at Inessa's face. She looked right back at me, but failed to halt her pleasuring. She even took my entire nipple into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, that feels so good," I sobbed.

"So, we can pleasure you, emotionally and physically. How much did you love watching us?"

"So fucking much, I can't explain it, because I barely understand it."

"You don't need to. So the next time you want to view our sexual activity, you can just come over here. There is no need to hide in the bathroom stall to see us, and we'll do things that you can't even imagine just for your pleasure," she murmured, delivering a string of kisses onto my neck. "It took us a little while to learn to please each other, so we can be your advisors if you'd like, Heidi. After we're done with you, I'm sure you'll find your own girlfriend and be able to pleasure her until she screams. So, we know you like feeling Inessa's tongue and mouth on your nipple, but how do you feel about her eating you out?"

"I want her to do that too."

"Good, sexy lady," Haven mentioned before she calmly went backward and had us both land on the couch. "Just hold tight and enjoy the ride. Trust me, she knows what she is doing."

I rested my head on Haven's shoulder as I watched Inessa slowly wrap her arms around my legs. "I'll still go easy on you," Inessa whispered before she let her tongue out.

I watched it until it disappeared right into my slit. "Oh, I love it already," I moaned, slanting my head back slightly more.

"Put your hands back onto her head as I plant mine onto your nice hooters, Heidi," Haven moaned, fulfilling her obligation.

She grazed them and my hands wandered up onto the back of Inessa's head. After that, I failed to move myself, all my movements were just caused by them.

"Oh, she is rubbing her body onto mine now, Inessa. We have her on the hook, but let's pleasure her and make her love it before we reel her in. Don't go to her clit just yet, just make her feel really damn good for the time being. Then when the time is right, let your tongue hit her labia as hard as you can and let her have her first sexual orgasm. She'll love it and keep our secret. Won't you, Heidi?"

"Yes, and I'll keep your secret, Haven," I sobbed with my entire body vibrating.

"And she is crying, so keep going, Inessa."

My new black girlfriend held me tight and used her slick tongue in the best way I could possibly imagine. I couldn't see it, but I felt it moving around in my cherry slowly. The whole world was new to me, so she thrilled very easily, but I still fought as hard to take all the pleasure I possibly could.

I was already rather sweaty and had a jacked heart rate, but as I felt her fucking me, all my physical responses just skyrocketed. I wanted to watch her eat my pussy, but it just wasn't in the cards. I felt her tongue in there and it got the job done effortlessly, while leaving me feeling like the rest of my body just nearly shut down.

"Fuck, that feels so damn good, Inessa."

She failed to say anything back, but suddenly I felt her tongue slither into my slit just a little bit more and she took a small section of my lips into her mouth too.

"Shit, that is so good!" I screeched, sliding my body back and forth onto Haven's.

My entire body felt to be freezing on the inside, but the entire outside of it was burning up. There was no other feeling I could possibly compare it to and I loved it. Even as it was just one part of my body, Inessa fucked the shit out of me and made me love it.

"Yes, take the entire set into your mouth now, Inessa. I want to feel it before I have my first orgasm."

"Give the nerd what she wants, Inessa," Haven added, applying some pressure to my tits. "Give her your juice, Heidi. Once you release all you possibly can, give her a little more. Inessa is definitely one that loves getting juice all over her face. Don't call yourself a nerd, they don't watch two ladies have sex and masturbate to them."

"Okay, shit, I can't hold it anymore now. Crap, it hurts so much, but feels so good too!" I yelped before my slit gave Inessa the power of my first sexual orgasm.

The rest of my body felt horrible, but my cherry seemed to be high on sexual power. It was just so painful to experience, but the whole emotional spike also hit me and made me feel so damn good.

I really had no idea just how long it all lasted, but every single second was amazing. I just loved it, but felt depleted. A few seconds after I was done, I just started breathing so hard, I thought my lungs would die.

I still had my head back and eyes closed. Haven held me and I felt Inessa climbing up onto me. She began giving me a string of kisses all over my chest and neck. She failed to go higher than that and my hands slowly came back to my chest.

"Holy shit, you two are something else," I moaned before I opened my eyes.

"We know," Inessa agreed, prior to kissing me again.

I thought she'd bring her lips back, but she didn't. She just kept kissing me for over ten minutes as she rubbed her body onto mine and caressed my face with both hands. Haven stayed underneath us the whole time, and we both felt her jiggle around a bit too.

'Well, I'm definitely on my way to being a lesbian it seems. I must like the lips of a woman, it can't just be them. They are both wonderful ladies, so maybe they can get me up and running. Especially if they don't see me as a nerd.'

She slowly parted her lips from mine and looked right into my eyes. "Now that I see you without your glasses, I can see just how beautiful your blue eyes are, Heidi."

"Thank you."

She gently pulled me up as she rose as well. "So, I take it you liked that?"


"Good," she answered, snatching my hand.

She brought it right to her twat and covered it with both of her hands. "Do you feel how wet it is?"


"It is wet because of you," she let me know, scrubbing my hand. "Would you like to try some pussy now, Heidi? I know Haven wants a piece of you too."

I peeked at Haven. "Yes, but what if I can't satisfy you?"

"Don't worry," Haven answered, standing up with us. "We won't judge you, we just want to teach you. We weren't giving each other orgasms when we first started having sex."

"Okay," I giggled, angling my head down.

"There is one condition, though," Haven pointed out.

"What?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows.

They both stayed silent for a moment.

Haven came around and got behind Inessa. "Once you find a girlfriend, you just have to introduce us to her. That's all."

"I can do that, but does that mean we can be friends?"

"Yes, it would bitchy to deny you that, Heidi, but may we suggest you start showing a little crack and maybe ditch the dresses and exchange them for skirts and blouses?"

"Okay, I guess."

Inessa sat back down on the couch and I got down on my knees.

Haven closed the gap between us, brought her fingers right to her slit, pulled her lips up a little bit and spread them out. "Just come towards me and let your tongue out. Let it slide right in and lick my pussy walls for me, Heidi. If you can get me off, maybe you can be our best friend, sound good?"

My eyes never broke away from her bald cherry, but as she swayed me towards it, her hands vacated her lips and slowly made their way onto my head. I couldn't bring myself to go past the six-inch mark.

She didn't to advance my head, though. "I won't push, but maybe you need a little nudge. My clit is dying for you, Heidi. Inessa didn't get to lick yours before you had to explode. Now I want you to feel the great emotional pleasure that comes from eating your friend's pussy, so let yourself have it."

I licked my lips for a few seconds and my eyes widened too. 'I want it so badly.'

After a moment, Inessa came up behind me and kissed my neck. "Go ahead, get your first taste of the rest of your life, Heidi. The glasses, ponytail, and gloves are off now, so get your tongue wet. Stick it in and pleasure her."

From one second to the next, I leaned right to Haven's snatch and let my tongue go right in.

"Fuck yes, Heidi, now move it around. Don't worry, I'm easily pleased," Haven moaned, caressing my head.

I immediately tasted her juice and liked it.

I moved my tongue in small strokes going up and down and peeked up at her. 'Well, she is shaking and moaning, so that's good. Fuck, I just want them to like me. I was so scared just hours ago, but now I feel different. They aren't a threat, they like me for some reason. Oh, her twat is excellent, no wonder they are so close. Or maybe I'm just on a huge sexual high.'

"I like that, Heidi, eat Haven's twat as I feel you up. You are drop dead gorgeous, don't let anyone make you think different. We've noticed you eye fucking us before, but don't worry, we won't turn you in. It arouses us when you do it, so feel free to keep doing it, or just tell us you want to fool around. Once you are comfortable licking her pussy walls, don't be afraid to let your tongue go in a little bit further and touch down on her clit. Just make sure you don't touch it for too long, you might just make her cum too early. You want to make her feel good, but don't be in a rush to make her have an orgasm. I know you've never been with a guy before, but it so much more satisfying to make a woman cum than to make a guy shoot. Women are so much more sexual and giving when it counts."

Between my physical actions and her words getting into my mental mind, I found myself sparking a couple more tears. She also kept rubbing my boobs ever so softly and delivering kiss after kiss onto my neck and shoulders.

'Oh, I feel loved to some extent, why are they being so friendly?'

"She is teasing my clit now, Inessa. Get a really close look now, I want you to see every single drop, but I get to lick it all off her face."

"Fine, but when she eats me out, I get her face all to myself," Inessa mentioned, getting right next to me.

I calmly backed away somewhat. "Ladies, there is plenty of me to go around," I chuckled, rubbing Haven's pussy lips.

"Oh, that's hot, Heidi," Inessa praised me, prior to smooching my cheek. "Now fuck her until she has to blow all over your face. I know you'll love it," she told me, rubbing my butt.

I reinserted my tongue into Haven's slit along with my fingers. I spread out her lips as far as I could and let my tongue slide in all the way. I knew my tongue had touched down on her labia, as I had her twitch around quite fiercely.

Inessa just stayed close and continued to caress my ass too. With Haven moving around a bit, I had to follow her. She made it no easy task, but I was up for the challenge. I was sure it was just them, but I felt like I could do anything right in that moment.

'I'll make her cum, and then they'll both love me. I'll never be friendless again, because I'll be friends with the most popular girls in college. Hell, they may even know other lesbians that they haven't mentioned yet. So, maybe they could hook me up with someone, and maybe we could even double date. Oh, what if we all had a foursome, and I had three sets of other tits to peek at?'

"Yes, yes, yes, Heidi. You have her in the palm of your hand now, so don't tease her too much. She is definitely not one that you wait until her birthday party, to give her the gift. You gotta do it right when she wakes up next to you. She is pushy, but you'll learn to love her in due time. I promise you that."

I giggled just a little bit and began moving fingers inside her slit too. 'So, maybe it is true, they really did notice me looking at them. That's why they weren't upset when they caught me spying. Oh, it seems like it is all coming to light now and I just feel so damn good. Fuck, here goes nothing again,' I thought, prior to just sticking my tongue right onto her clit.

It touched down and Haven's entire body jerked around as if she was on a roller coaster that kept turning back and forth. "Fuck yes, Heidi!" she yelped, pulling my hair. "Enjoy this while you can, you'll remember this forever!"

I kept my face right there at her pussy lips and felt her shaking until the time that she needed to let juice out. I tried to smile, but I couldn't as it was just so great, I could barely comprehend it.

I certainly enjoyed it though as it seemed to be the best form of affection I could possibly think of. They both continued to rub me the whole time too and they just had feeling wonderful, inside and out.

Her orgasm lasted for at least a minute and it all felt quite cool, but nothing could seem to stop me from feeling like I was on top of the earth. As a result of that, I just stood up with Haven, glued my lips to hers and I closed my eyes.

My hands immediately dropped to her butt and I scrubbed it as hard as I could. I heard Inessa moaning a bit, but I just wanted to pleasure Haven's lips after she gave me that cum squirting. Our boobs clashed and she returned the favor to my butt too.

We made out for over ten minutes, but I couldn't resist, but to bring my hands back up to her boobs. I squeezed both of them for a moment before my lips parted from hers. I failed to make eye contact with her, but I was still smiling though.

"Hey, my juice dried up, I was gonna lick it all off," Haven pointed out, shooting me the puppy face.

I was still speechless.

"The words you are looking for are: 'Thank you, Inessa and Haven, that was amazing. Now may we have sex again, so you can teach me more?'" Inessa mentioned, prior to placing her chin onto my left shoulder and her palms onto my breasts.

"There is no need for both us to say it," I giggled.

"One more thing, we may need help with that science project we were assigned today. Do you think you could help us out?" Haven pondered.

"I'm sure we could work something out, but that can wait until tomorrow, right?"

"Of course, Heidi Saltalski," Inessa answered before she kissed my neck and placed her right hand on my slit. "We can pull all nighters having sex too," she informed me, rubbing my lips. "Just keep our secret, and help us out with homework. Then you'll have us teaching you and you'll land a Amber Holbrook, but a much nicer and sexier one."

"If you say so."

"We do, so feel free to come over here at any time," Haven added, prior to kissing me again. "Now, let's get to work," she suggested, taking my hands and bringing us all down to the couch.

"Good, I think I really do like girls now."

"We're happy to help," Haven added before they both kissed my cheeks. "We're happy we satisfied you too. Sexual desires are the most important type of desires."

Now all three of us have a mutual relationship, and I hope to find my first real girlfriend soon.