Rush Part One

Eleven-Seventeen.  That was our number.  To most people a number like this will mean absolutely nothing.  But to all the people who have been or who will be involved in that memorable night, a number such as this one will send a shiver straight through your body.  A delicious shiver that will have you stop whatever you’re doing and remember fondly on that amazing night.  Your eyes will flutter closed, lips will part slightly and the softest of moans will flow from your mouth as your mind begins to conjure up those wonderfully erotic images.  The resounding sounds of pleasure and pain will reverberate in your ears like a symphony.  As you try and catch your breath, the fragrant mix of ylang ylang, orange blossom and sandalwood will seep down into your very soul, craving the immense high like a drug.  Fire will dance in teasing waves as your skin begins to prickle thinking of the leather straps caressing over your body just before the burning snap against your ass.  Frail wrists tremble beneath tight cuffs; your sanity crumbling just as fast as your legs at the feel of juices dripping down them.  I digress. can’t be helped.  No one ever leaves that night without the memory forever burned in their mind.

Rush was an exclusive club, located in a completely renovated three story warehouse, and catered to those with a...well...shall we say an exotic taste for the unusual.  A waiting list months and months long was the first obstacle to getting in the door.  But since privacy was a big concern for the club, even if you were able to get in, there was still a limit to where you were allowed to go and see.  Still, if you were one of the lucky ones allowed behind the black iron double doors, a wonderful night of decadent sex awaited you with almost anything you desire being fulfilled at the drop of a hat, by as many people as you wished.

However, to be that was another matter entirely.  Only a panel of a select few were privy to the extremely strict and secretive selection process, going over a number of very strict criteria on any potential candidates.  Everything about you; from your family background, to your job and your salary, to the people you socialize with were all checked to be sure you were a perfect fit for the club.  But once you were accepted, it meant you had complete access to the club at any time and were invited to all of the clubs’ exclusive parties held for all current members.  

This included the biggest party of the year, The Midnight Masquerade.  Members of all walks of life come from all over the world just for this special night.  A twelve hour sex party starting at 8:00pm on Valentine’s Day and running into the wee hours of the morning.  Thirty-five hundred dollars bought you a night of delicious drinks and other “mood enhancers”, a variety of different performances featuring an extensive array of fetishes, private specialty rooms and of course...lots and lots of mind-blowing sex.  

People not involved in this world of ours would see this and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.  However, to all of the people who have walked through the doors of Rush, they will all was well worth the wait.


The door to the black SUV opened slowly and his hand reached out to help me down.  I softly laughed to myself in irony as I smoothed down the knee length black trench coat.  Once we got inside, thousands of eyes would see the scandalous outfit underneath.  So why should I care if a few passersby were lucky enough to see a tiny peek of what laid under the coat.   

Red and black was the colors of choice for the night; given they were my favorite colors.  A vintage button up corset with a tapestry design wrapped around my body like second skin.  The lace g-string left practically nothing to the imagination as the lace garter belt held up the silk and lace thigh highs.  Red bottom peep toes not only covered my feet, but also aided in a little confidence boost.  A lace choker was accented with a small but beautiful antique silver and ruby brooch and fingerless lace gloves covered most of my hands with only my red manicured nails peeking out.

“Are you ready?” He whispered in my ear as I stared off into the night sky.

I nodded my head as my hand slid into his.  He handed his keys to the black-tie valet and we began walking up the white marbled concrete staircase to the club’s entrance.  I was almost in awe at the site that laid in front of me when we walked through the heavy iron doors.  Tall white ceilings with intricate molding and white marbled floors, partially covered in gorgeous black and white Persian rugs, made way to a long white marble and onyx front desk sitting underneath a lavish imperial staircase.  A grand crystal chandelier was the focal point of the room and hung beneath a medium sized round table with a beautiful red rose arrangement.

When we reached the desk, he took my coat off and a small bit of shyness made its way to the surface.  However, it was completely quelled when he tied the black and red feathered mask comfortably around my head; taking care to not ruin the perfectly styled updo.  “You look absolutely beautiful tonight,” He whispered, kissing my temple as his hand found its place at the small of my back.

“Here are your passes and I’ve told you the code for this evening.  You will need both as proof to enter anywhere other than the main room.  Codes are different every night and cannot be reused as proof you’ve been here before.  I can only give both of them to you once, so do not forget either or you will be promptly escorted out.  If you have no further questions, then enjoy your time here at Rush.”  The woman with the long, thick and perfectly curled jet black hair at the front desk told us as she took our coats for the evening.  

Even though her outfit was conservative compared to the people entering the club and even some of the other employees, the deep v neck of her sleeveless black jumpsuit left nothing to the imagination; showing off some ample cleavage.  Gold tassel earrings and matching gold cuffs surrounding each of her upper arms brought out the richness of her dark eyes and warm skin.  While she was no doubt incredibly gorgeous on the outside, it was her poise and confidence that drew me into her as she didn’t bat an eye to all of the craziness around her.  I was intrigued to get to know her.  We smiled and said our thank yous’ to her and began walking over to the staircase; my eyes lingering to the slight grin of her plump burgundy lips.

The combination of my interaction with the beautiful front desk manager and the soothing rhythm of my heels clicking on the floor stirred something deep inside of me, which wasn’t helped by his hand slowly making its way down to my bare ass.  The stark white arched double doors at the top of the stairs opened and closed behind two identical platinum blondes wearing only matching black g strings, black stilettos, leather collars around their long necks and leather cat masks covering most of their faces.  While my nerves were still not completely settled about my first time here, there was an underlying excitement and arousal at what the night held for us.  His hand wrapped around the black iron door handle and opened the door to usher me inside.

A thick wood banister helped to steady myself as I looked down to survey everything that was going on in the large hall.  Sexy masked dancers in the skimpiest of outfits seductively danced in diamond encrusted cages on either side of the enormous stage; modesty left hanging at the door.  Full breasts barely held in by corsets and tight tops, slowly being revealed to the hall of observers as gorgeous asses shaked to the sensual beat.  There was even the occasional peek of perfectly shaven pussy from under skirts that barely covered anything.  Surprisingly, that would be one of the most modest things we would see in that room.

On the main stage, a buxom silver-haired tattooed woman dressed from head-to-toe in soft black leather, circled around a completely naked brunette strapped face down on a sturdy dark wood X-frame.  The loud clicks of her ridiculously high thigh high leather boots stopped just short of standing in front of the woman as she fingered the braided handle of the black leather flogger; her piercing eyes scanning over the waiting crowd.

Watching the beautiful show of lost inhibitions, partygoers of all types sat on burgundy and black furniture arranged haphazardly around the open hall, engaging in various acts of sex.  Some were just enjoying the show as teasing caresses began to heat up their bodies.  Some were toying with themselves; either with their own hands or with various novelties available for purchase.  And others were with their partners or in groups, using the immense sexual energy flowing through the hall to fuel their own burning need to explore some of their deepest and darkest desires.

Intricate masks made with all different materials and with varying combinations of colors adorned all of partygoers faces.  This was more for the anonymity; given the nature of the club, but also added a touch of elegance in an otherwise torrid and sordid evening of debauchery.

The loud snap of the flogger hitting the bound women’s round ass echoed in the large hall as the deafening sound of her pleasured scream rang throughout. Moans and groans could be heard over a techno beat as the women who caused all of it showed not even an ounce of emotion.  She continued her path to the other side and repeated the action; still showing no emotion as the bound women cried out in pleasurable pain.

My hands gripped tighter against the banister and my mouth fell open slightly.  Soft pants came out with every caress of the leather straps against the bound women’s reddened ass and hitched breaths with every hard smack.  Red fingernails drummed with the beat as I tried to hold in the last ounce of modesty I had left in me.

“Do you wish it were you, sweetheart?” He whispered as his lips softly kissed right behind my ear.  “Is the thought of all these people watching you turning you on?’

I couldn’t do anything other than whimper as my eyes latched onto two tanned and toned males, one of which was on his knees between the other male and slowly sucking him off.  The other male has his head back in pleasure as his hands firmly grabbed onto the other’s hair.  Next to them were a threesome consisting of two men; both at least in their 40’s, kneeled between a toned woman of the same age wearing a tight strapless leather dress.  One of the men slowly peeled down the top of her dress to slowly lick one of the hard pierced nipples as the other male was in the process of eating her out as if she was the most delicious delicacy ever created.  The woman enjoyed both shows as she elegantly sipped from her half glass of red wine, a flash of silver glistening from between her legs as the male came up to lick the juices from his lips.

My eyes averted back to the stage as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into him, feeling his hard cock through his black pants.  “I would love to see that.  To watch this beautiful round ass pressed against me turn a gorgeous shade of red with every smack.  All of these people getting so turned on and getting themselves off on your pleasure.  Would you love that?”

“Yes,” I sighed, my ass grinding into the bulge pressing against me.  “I want that.”

“Would you like to go find a seat and enjoy the show for a bit,” He mumbled into my ear while licking and biting just underneath.  “Or would you like to make our own little show by having me fuck you over this banister?”

“Fuck me,” I moaned.  “Please.”

My legs faltered with the groaned laughter in my ear.  “ I think we should enjoy the show first.  Wouldn’t want to be rude now would we?”

He grabbed my hand and lead me down the staircase, following him unconditionally as I tried to calm myself down.  I felt the wetness begin between my legs with the moans becoming louder and louder as we went downstairs.  I knew this was my first time here, but damn I needed to pull myself together so I don’t make a fool of myself.

We found an out of the way area consisting of two black velvet chairs with intricate decorative frames and a small black table on each side.  As we sat down in the comfortable chairs, an incredibly tall shirtless male wearing a pair of extremely tight leather pants came to take our drink orders.  He ordered his usual while I ordered a simple rum and coke to start the long night off.  Needed to pace myself if I wanted to make it out of here in one piece.  The waiter assured us our drinks would be out shortly and left us as we continued to watch the show.  

The brunette has now been turned around; her purple peekaboo highlights flashing with each head turn as a simple black blindfold covered her eyes from the audience.  A dainty silver hoop piercing her septum matched both the silver clamps attached to her reddish-brown nipples and the silver chain dangling between them; perfectly contrasting her soft tanned skin.  A delicate grouping of greyish-black stars wrapped around her side, from just underneath her pert breasts down to her sharp hip bone.  My eyes slowly traveled down the simple yet beautiful tattoo to the neatly trimmed pussy now being pleasantly tortured by a Hitachi held onto by the silver haired woman.  Moan after melodious moan flowed from her parted purple ombre lips as her curvy hips thrusted into the head of the Hitachi; desperate to find her long awaited release despite the leather bindings around both her wrists and ankles.

I slid my hand over his thigh just as the waiter came back with our drinks.  He sat the drinks down on our tables and asked if there was anything else; unfazed by my hand still stroking the inside his thigh.  We declined and he left us with a nod to continue his rounds.

“Anything you need, sweetheart?” He asked, grinning from behind the crystal glass.  The gunmetal black mask resting upon his face hit the light just right, accentuating the playful look in his dark eyes.  It also went well with the all black outfit consisting of a soft black button down shirt, black dress pants and perfectly shined black shoes.

After taking a sip of my drink, I got up from my chair and went to kneel down in front of him before he lifted his hand hand up to stop me.  “Sit down,” He commanded.

Lips pouted, I went to sit back down in my chair and heard the sexy but infuriating sound of his dark chuckle.  Seriously, one day I’m gonna smack him for that...hmm…

Kneeling down between my parted legs, his fingers teased over the small sliver of skin peeking out between the corset and my panties, hitching a finger underneath one of the thin straps.  “Do you want me to take these off?”

I looked around the room and observed the varying state of undress, realizing I might be a little overdressed for the time being.  I nodded my head and wiggled my hips to aid him in sliding my panties down.  My body unconsciously shivered as he stared back at me, then leaned over to slowly kiss my parted red lips.  The low sound of a vibrator rang in my right ear when the pad of his thumb softly rubbed over my swollen pussy, spreading my lips to circle over my hard clit.

“I want to blow you,” I moaned against his lips.

“You will,” He smirked.  “But first, I want you to lay back and enjoy your first time here while I slowly savor you until you’re a quivering mess in this chair.”

Guess I couldn’t say no to that.

The house lights dimmed as the previous show left the stage, making way for the next show.  A wide, all black ornate chaise lounge was brought out and sat in the middle of the stage with two black round side tables on each side holding a gold candelabra on each one.  Both of the candelabras had small black candles burning in each of the holders; the flames flickering brightly in the light breeze of the cooling system.  

Suddenly, gold and silver lighting lit up the black backdrop and the two platinum blondes we had seen earlier were walked onto the stage by a man wearing a perfectly tailored black tuxedo and a full black and gold jeweled mask completely covering his face.  Long gold chains were connected to the leather collars around their necks while a leather handle at the end of each were being held by the man walking just in front of them.

When they all reached the chaise lounge, both of the women sat down facing each other as the man unhooked the chains from their collars and walked to stand behind them with his hands behind his back.   Hands with pointy black and gold nails clawed down each other’s necks to the perfect bare breasts; their breathy moans carrying throughout the room with the help of hidden mics.  Teasing touches and barely there kisses warmed their bodies as they played with each other for all of us to see, the man who escorted them out just standing there and staring out into the audience with either no emotion or movement at all.

Licks from soft pink tongues came next.  Tiny gold balls adorned the middle of both tongues and caught the light when one of them circled their tongue around the other’s erect nipple.  Mewing moans came from the aroused woman mouth as her nails scratched down the other’s claw-marked back, causing the other to nibble lightly on her nipple and clawed down her toned stomach.

My breath quickened and started feeling stifled by my corset; the temperature of the room increasingly hotter despite the cooling system.  A sensual scent I couldn’t quite put my finger on was also wafted throughout the room and caused a deliciously delirious feeling my mind with a pleasurable sensation I wished would never stop.  My head rolled back onto the chair when his lips dragged over my soft thighs to kiss and lick up to my already dripping pussy.  His warm breath ghosted over my clit and caused me to bite my lip, not caring in the slightest about my perfectly done lipstick.

His hands grabbed my thighs and slowly pulled me forward, lifting my legs in the air and spreading them just enough for my recently waxed pussy to be on display for everyone to see.  “Don’t be nervous.  Just lay your head back, relax and enjoy,” He reminded me in a comforting voice right before leaning his head down between my legs.

It was such a beautiful site to see my red bottom heels high in the air, his head situated between my legs and his tongue slowly dragging over my pink swollen lips.  Saliva mixed with my juices reflected in the ceiling mirrors nicely thanks to the help of both the ornate black chandeliers with its numerous pure white light bulbs, and the thin blood red double fluorescent lights lining the top of the black and silver filigree papered walls.

A low moan escaped my lips as his lips wrapped around my sensitive clit; alternating between soft sucks and slow torturous swipes of his thick tongue.  Feeling as if I would pass out from all the pleasure, my hands found purchase on the back of chair and I tightened my grip around the intricate frame.  From guttural moans to rough grunts and high pitched squeals, the sounds of sex and sin flowed all around the club; everyone partaking in not only themselves or who they came with, but with each other as well.

My legs fell over the arms of the chair, not being able to hold them up any longer as my hand tightly grabbed onto his hair.  Just as I started rolling my hips into his hypnotic strokes, I turned my head to hear two deafening female moans.  Finding the source of the moans; I saw the two mid-late thirties completely naked women on an oversized grey velvet ottoman, scissoring to the sexy techno jazz playing through the many large wall mounted speakers as their partners looked on with lust in their eyes.  Both of the also completely naked men about the same age as their partners, sat on the red velvet couch across from them as they slowly stroked and enjoyed the view of the two women bringing pleasure to one another.  The hands that weren’t busy, occasionally reached the short distance between them and caressed over the soft skin and hard muscle clenching as their strokes quickened with every delicious moan from their partners.

I bit my lip and moaned as he slipped two fingers gently inside of me, sucking on my clit just as the women grabbed each other’s breasts and thumbed over the already hard nipples.  Unconsciously, I caressed my hand over my corset covered breast and watched as he smirked up at me.  “Enjoying yourself?” He asked, sliding another finger inside me.

Nodding in a daze, I moaned loud as his fingers thrusted faster while his other thumb circled around my clit.  “Fuck I wish I didn’t wear this corset.”

His rough laughter had my eyes rolling back and closing as he continued sucking on my red and swollen clit.  Needing to get rid of as many layers as I possibly could, I discarded my gloves onto the table and continued to run my hands and nails over my bound swollen breasts.  

The platinum blondes on stage were now engaging in probably the hottest sixty-nine I’d ever seen.  Their mewing moans were now full on screeches of pleasure as their hips worked over perfect tongues; those tiny gold balls positioned perfectly to mercilessly drag over their sensitive clits.  The nails from the woman underneath painfully dug into the other’s thighs as she randomly smacked and grabbed the bouncing ass surrounding her face.  The woman on top was scratching her nails up and down the other’s thighs as her tongue slipped deep into the dripping hole; moaning louder every time the woman smacked her ass.

I don’t know if I really could, but I felt like I could rip the frame off the chair with how hard I grabbed onto it.  His fingers curled up and stroked over that perfect spot, causing me to moan almost as loud as some of the other patrons.  But...I didn’t care.  Not that I’ve ever been a shy person, but this was a new experience for me and I’d never expected that on my first visit to be almost naked with my legs spread open while he fingered and ate me out; actually turned on there were enthralled eyes watching the entire erotic experience.

“Oh...fuck I’m gonna cum,” I moaned and wrapped my legs around his head as my other hand grabbed onto his hair.  The long moans that left his mouth made my eyes shut and my hips erratically thrusted into him as I rode out my orgasm, hearing enthusiastic moans and groans all around us.

My legs unwrapped from around his head, smiling sheepishly down at him as my heels hit the floor.  “Sorry, got a little carried away.”

“No need to be sorry,” He laughed, licking his lips of my juices as he pulled his fingers out of me.  “Love when you do that, sweetheart.”

The cold metal of his watch felt good on my hands when I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand towards me.  My tongue slipped out from my mouth and slowly licked his wet fingers; sweet juices waking up my taste buds.  I looked up at him under long black lashes and watched his eyes darken as my mouth slid up and down his fingers, giving him a taste of what was to come.

He pulled his phone out from his pocket, staring at it as I continued to slowly suck on his fingers.  “Sorry sweetheart, I’ve got to take this…”

I pulled my mouth off of his fingers and laughed.  “It’s okay, I’ll be here when you get back.  I need a few minutes to rest anyway.”

He kissed me hard and went to go take his call.  I laid back in my chair and finished my drink in just a few gulps; needing something to cool me down.  Setting the empty glass down on the table, my eyes closed and I savored my post-orgasm high as the warm liquor spread through my body.

“It’s good to see you two are still as mesmerizing as you were back then.”

I breathed out a sigh and opened my eyes to find a gorgeous familiar face standing in front of me, staring at me with a sparkle in those beautiful emerald eyes.  The throbbing of my pussy intensified as those fleeting thoughts of her between my legs I’ve had since that night became more real.  She took a sip of her champagne; her long neck stretching and moving gracefully with each swallow, making me want to drag my tongue all along it.

“It’s good to see you again,” I said in a drunken state of pleasure.

She grinned slightly and looked me up and down; forgetting that my pussy was still wet and also didn’t have my panties on.  Somehow I couldn’t care less at that point as I was still reeling from the mind-blowing orgasm and my craving to taste her wasn’t helping to sate my lust.

“It’s good to see you too.”