The Maples Motel

“Damn, Baby.  You really know how to suck a cock.  Hold up for a while or you’ll make me cum.”

The bleached blonde with huge breasts giggled around the guy’s half-hard cock.

“That’s the general idea, Honey, isn’t it?”

“Well, this is great, but I wanna be fuckin’ that tight little pussy of yours when I cum.”

The blonde pulled her mouth up over the guy’s cock and made a smacking sound when the head slipped from her lips.

“Tell you what, Honey.  You eat my little pussy and make me cum, and then I’ll ride your cock and fuck you cross-eyed.  After that, I’ll suck you all nice and hard again, and you can fuck me however you want.”

The man grinned.

“However I want?”

“Yeah, however you want, well, just not in the bottom again for a while.  That hurt too much the last time.”

The man grinned.

“I brought some lube this time.  It won’t hurt at all.”

The blonde shook her head.

“I’ve been using my hair brush handle to practice, but I’m not ready yet.  Maybe next month.”

“Could I talk you into a titty fuck and a blow job then.”

“Honey, you don’t have to talk me into that ‘cause I love that.  I’ll suck your balls dry for you.  Now, give my little pussy some love licks.”

All that came through the headphones Walter wore as he watched one of the eleven flat screen monitors in his private viewing room.  Walter loosened the belt on his jeans and pulled them down to his knees as the blonde laid back, raised her knees and spread her legs wide, and then pulled her thick pussy lips apart.  The man buried his face between her thighs and his head began to bob.  Walter switched the main feed from the overhead camera to one on the wall, turned up the sound a little so he could hear the slurping noises and started slowly stroking his stiff cock.

The blonde began to roll her belly a little later, and she gasped when the man reached up and grabbed a thick nipple in each hand and then pulled.  The blonde screeched and began writhing under the guy’s face.  He pulled her nipples again, and the blonde arched her back.

“Oh Honey, I’m cumming.”

Walter came as well, catching the four spurts of cum in a tissue he then threw in the trashcan beside the desk.

The blonde was still panting when the guy raised up, and she grinned.

“You’ve got me all over your chin, Honey.”

“Yeah, I know.  You damn near drowned me.”

“Well, I was just makin’ my little pussy all wet for your cock.  Lay down and let me ride that big cock now.  I wanna cum again.”

Walter turned to the smaller monitor to his left and frowned.  The two guys who said they were in Nashville for a concert were in bed together and stroking each other’s cocks.  Walter turned that screen off and turned to his right.  That was Gladys’ cabin, and Gladys was being Gladys like she always did.  She was naked on her bed and stroking a big purple dildo in and out of her pussy.  He switched that feed to the large monitor in front of his chair.

Walter smiled.  Gladys was one of the full time residents, about seventy, and if he’d been a little braver, he might have tried to replace that purple dildo with his cock.  Gladys hadn’t been all that subtle when she moved in about asking him if he liked older women.

“I haven’t had a man to help me with things since Bernie passed on.  Bless his heart, he wasn’t much help the last ten years, but he did try.”

Gladys had looked up at him and grinned then.

“Maybe you’d like to help me with something sometime.  I might be old, but I can still do my part in about anything, if you know what I mean.  You like helping older women?”

He switched the headphone switch to Cabin  8 at the same time Gladys groaned and arched into the dildo.

“Oh Walter, you make me feel so good.  Do me again.”

Walter smiled.  Gladys had named her dildo after him.  Maybe if he could muster up the courage to talk to her, he would help her do something one of these days.  Gladys was a little thick in the middle but she had big breasts and what he could see of her pussy through the carpet of salt and pepper hair looked stretched pretty tight by that dildo.  He switched the video and headphone switches back to Cabin 5, the cabin with the blonde and the guy.

She was rocking up and down on the guy’s cock while he pinched and rolled her nipples.

“Oh Honey”, the blonde gasped, “I’m gonna come all over your cock.”

The guy groaned and rammed his cock up as the blonde came down.

“Do it, Baby.  I’m gonna cum too.”

“Come in me Honey”, gasped the blonde just before she started quickly rocking her hips.

She shrieked and fell on the guy’s chest with her hips rocking rapidly at the same time he was pumping his cock in and out.  A minute later, they were both laying side by side and panting.

Carl and Sheila were regulars at The Maples.  Walter knew they’d be done for a while until Sheila sucked some life back into Carls’s cock.  Carl always signed the rental agreement as Rick Ridgley, but he’d heard the woman call him Carl once.  The woman always waited in the car while the guy rented the cabin, but he’d heard the man call her Sheila.  Both were in their early forties, and both wore wedding rings, but Walter knew they weren’t married to each other. Sheila had once asked Carl if his wife suspected anything.  He'd said no, and asked her the same question about her husband.

Walter knew it always took Sheila half an hour or so before Carl’s cock was standing tall and ready to fuck her again.  Walter also knew they might keep going for several hours, so he could always come back to them.  He turned the headphone switch to Cabin 3 and looked up to that monitor.

Damn, he frowned, I missed ‘em.  

Both women were under the covers and cuddling as the redhead reached over and turned off the lamp beside the bed.  Like Sheila, both Trixie and Martha wore wedding rings.  Walter listened for a few minutes as the two women talked in the dark.

“Can you get away next week”, asked Trixie.

“Probably”, answered Martha.  “Bill has another conference to attend and he has to leave early on Saturday morning to get there.”

“Mmm…we’ll have Saturday and all day Sunday together then.”

Walter heard the sound of kissing and then Martha’s voice.

“We could have the whole week if you want.  Bill won’t be back until Friday night.”

He heard Trixie sigh.

“I’d love to, but John says two nights a week is enough.  He wants me the other nights.”

“Trixie, it’s really great that your husband understands what you need.  I wish Bill did, but if I talked to him about us, he’d tell me I was crazy.  Is it really that good for you, being fucked by a man, I mean?  I don’t remember.  Bill hasn’t touched me in three years.”

“Well, it’s different.  He’s not better than you are, he’s just different.  Don’t worry.  I’m not about to give you up.”

“He’s not jealous?”

Trixie chuckled.

“Not hardly.  He’d like to join us, but I told him you’d never do that.”

“You’ve said that before, Trixie.  I’m really sorry, but I just can’t.”

“I know, Martha, and it’s OK.  Now, let’s go to sleep so we can do some shopping tomorrow.  I want to go to that little shop that sells lingerie and buy you something outrageously sexy.”

Martha giggled.

“So you can take it off me as soon as I put it on?”

“Yeah…but I’ll be kissing and nibbling you all over when I do.”

“Mmmm.  I can hardly wait.”

Walter switched his headphones back to Cabin 5 in time to see Sheila on her hands and knees with Carl pumping his cock in her from behind.  He held her heavy swinging breasts, one in each hand.  He pinched both nipples between his fingers and then pulled down.  The blonde gasped.

“Oh fuck Honey, you got me there again.  You cum in me this time too, OK?”

“You got it, Baby.  I’m gonna fill that little pussy up until it runs back out.”

“Oh, Honey, you know what it does when you…Oh God…when you say things like that.”

“Yeah, you squirt all over the bed.  Well, I’m gonna fuck your tight little hole until you can’t hold yourself up and then I’m gonna fuck you some more.”

“Oh God, Honey, don’t stop.  I’m cumming again.”

Carl rammed his cock deep in Sheila and made four quick thrusts as Sheila cried out and started to shake.  She’d have fallen flat on the bed if Carl hadn’t grabbed her wide hips and held her up.  He didn’t let her go until his cock slipped out.  

Walter was stroking his cock again and waiting for what he knew would happen next.  Sheila eased her breasts down on the bed but kept her ass up in the air.  Walter watched her contract her pussy and then push it out.  When she did, her pussy lips opened and a flow of white cum oozed out of her still gaping entrance.  Carl quickly put a towel under her to catch it.

Walter groaned and his cock spurted three times into the tissue he held over the head.  He wiped away what had run down his shaft and tossed the tissue into the trash can.  Then, he switched the video feed from Cabin 5 to the video recorder, shut off all the monitors, and went to bed.  Tomorrow morning, he’d watch whatever Sheila and Carl did the rest of the night.  Watching them always made him cum.

Walter had bought The Maples Motel for a little more than the land was worth and even after the renovations he’d used most of his savings to do, he was able to keep the rates at half what the chain hotels charged.   Of course, that meant his clientele wasn’t quite as upscale as the chain hotels attracted, but The Maples Motel wasn’t like the chains in more ways than cost.

It had been built by a couple right after World War II and sat on state highway 106 at what was then the southern outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.  The location had been ideal then.  Travelers going through Nashville on their way to and from Birmingham or other cities in Alabama would stop there because it was one of the only motels around.  Staying in Nashville proper meant a hotel with multiple floors, difficulty in finding a place to park, and a fairly high room rate.

The Maples had none of those problems.  The “rooms” were actually small, separate cabins each with one room that served both as a bedroom, a tiny kitchen and a living room, and each had a small bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.  One could park a car right at the front door of the cabin instead of having to walk a block or more carrying luggage.  Each cabin had a small stove, refrigerator and sink, so they were much in demand for people with families.  It was a lot cheaper to buy a few things at the grocery store and cook them in the cabin than feed four or more people at a restaurant.  The rates were also reasonable for people working factory jobs instead of working as managers in the music business or salesmen calling on the manufacturing industries in Nashville.

The Maples did pretty well for a couple years after Interstate 65 was built.  A lot of people had stayed there before and liked it.  Then, the chains began popping up all over, and were quickly surrounded by the fast food restaurants, gas stations, and the obligatory big box stores.  Everything a traveler needed was within a five minutes drive from the hotel and often within a short walk.  The fill rate of The Maples decreased to almost zero, and the owners were forced to reduce the rates and cut back on maintenance.  

By the time Walt bought it, there were two cabins in use by permanent residents and the other ten needed major repairs to be habitable.  The main office/owner’s home was still in good shape though, and Walt planned on doing the repairs to the cabins himself.  The owners were happy to accept his counter offer.  They’d already made the down payment on a condo in Florida and needed the money.

During the three weeks vacation he used before leaving his job as an accountant at one of the local factories, Walter had stripped the walls of each cabin except the two that were occupied and put up vinyl wall paper.  The floors got new vinyl tile.  He painted all the ceilings and installed lighted fans over the beds.  New combination heaters/airconditioners finished his renovation.  Walter then turned his attention the to some special additions that cost him most of his remaining savings.

Walter had experienced problems with women since he was in high school.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like women because he did.  He just didn’t have any idea how to talk to women.  As a result, he’d never had a female friend much less a date.   He didn’t have any male friends either because he wasn’t into all the things men are supposed to like.  He didn’t watch or play sports, didn’t fish or hunt, and he didn’t hang out in bars every weekend.

Most of what Walter knew about women had come from the men’s magazines he bought at a little grocery store twenty miles from his house.  He began to like looking at the nude women and jacking off when he looked at the pictures.  It was inevitable that he’d want to see a real live woman naked.  Walter had bought The Maples Motel because of that need, and he made the most of the opportunity.

In each ceiling fan he installed a miniature video camera and microphone that looked like decorative trim, and he put similar cameras in the light fixtures on each wall.  The bathroom got a video camera aimed at the shower, another aimed at the toilet, and still another above the vanity mirror over the sink, all camouflaged as trim around a light fixture or mirror frame.

Walter had used wired cameras and microphones because he’d read that the signals from wireless cameras could be intercepted by others.  Walter knew what he was doing probably wasn’t exactly legal, and he didn’t want anybody finding a video signal and then tracking down the source.  The wires for all the cameras and microphones led through the walls and up above the ceiling of each cabin.  From there, they formed a cable that ran overhead to the viewing room in the office.  Nobody had ever asked about those cables, but if they had, Walter would have said they were to run the cable TV and electricity to each cabin.  

In a small room he’d walled off from what had been the living room of the owners home, Walter installed a large video monitor and ten smaller monitors with switches to connect any camera feed to any monitor.  He also installed amplifiers for the microphones with switches to connect any microphone to his headphones, and another switch to connect the video from any camera and the corresponding audio to a video recorder.  

His chair sat in the center of the arc of monitors, and the switch panel was to his right.  The entrance to that room looked like a book shelf in the living room, but it moved down the wall on rollers to reveal the actual door.  That door was locked with a push-button combination lock.

Walter needed customers to watch, so he built a simple web site explaining that The Maples Motel was a place to experience traveling as it was in the good old days.  The web site was careful to point out that while The Maples Motel did accept credit cards, cash was always welcome and that with cash, The Maples didn’t require the personal information most of the chain hotels did.

Business was slow until two couples showed up one afternoon and rented a cabin for the weekend.  They asked if cash was OK and were amazed that Walter said yes and didn’t ask them for any personal information.  He only had them sign a rental agreement.  He’d even chuckled that if they didn’t use their real names, nobody was going to check.

Walter had watched the two couples that night as they played.  He came when the two women kissed, fondled each other’s breasts, and fingered each other’s pussies until they came. He came again when the women were sucking the men’s cocks while the men licked the women’s pussies. He came again when each man fucked the other’s wife.

Business seemed to pick up after that.  It wasn’t because he’d paid to advertise more.  Walter had the best advertising money can’t buy.  He’d listened in to more than one couple who talked about finding The Maples Motel on an adult web site as a place to go for private playtime that was clean and didn’t ask a lot of questions.

A month after that he filled another four of the cabins with full time residents as a result of the newspaper ad he ran for a few months.  Those people were retired couples living on Social Security along with a little savings.  The Maples had become a sort of community for them because they all knew each other and socialized every day.

He did have a few customers who came to Nashville for the music or to prowl the many shops in town.  The only time they were at The Maples was at night, so it didn’t matter to them if they had forty seven cable TV channels instead of sixteen or if there was a workout room and spa available.  It was just a cheap place to sleep.

The bulk of his new business was what Walt called his “overnighters”, though sometimes they stayed only a couple of hours and some stayed for the weekend.  The “overnighters” were usually a couple who wanted a quiet place for a little fun where nobody knew them.  They came from nearby towns and cities , and sometimes from as far away as Chattanooga or Knoxville or Memphis.  

These same people weren’t into answering a lot of questions about who they were or where they lived, and they weren’t into using credit cards either.  They paid in advance with cash, and Walt was pretty certain the names on most of the room rental agreements were fake.  It was these customers who gave Walter most of his evening entertainment.

Walter was usually sitting in his chair in the viewing room by six.  There wasn't much to see before that since his customers would usually go out to eat or were making dinner in the tiny kitchen area.  It would be about seven when things started to get interesting, but he sat down at six just in case.

If things weren’t happening in one of the overnighter cabins, he’d watch Cabin 9 or Cabin 10.  Joe and Rita Asherman lived in Cabin 9, and Jack and Liz Clovis lived in Cabin 10.  Both couples were retired and on fixed incomes so neither couple did much except sleep, eat and watch TV until they got together every evening.  On many of those evenings, they’d end up in bed together and doing all the things Walter had fantasized about doing since he was in high school.

They hadn’t done anything when they first moved in, but then Rita and Liz had a birthday party for Joe.  Both women had evidently decided to make the party a good one. Walter was watching Cabin 9 when Jack and Liz came in.  Jack grinned and pulled a bottle of bourbon from the paper sack he carried.  

“Thought this might help the party along a little”, he chuckled.  “Liz says you’re a bourbon man.  That right, Joe?

“Oh yeah…bourbon and I go back a long ways?”

Rita smiled.

“Yes you do.  I remember pulling you out of the bushes in the front yard one night after you two got together.”

“Well, I was just really tired that night, that’s all.”

Rita chuckled.

“You didn’t seem all that tired once we went to bed.  I couldn’t keep your hands off me.  You weren’t able to do anything but you sure wanted to try.”

Liz laughed.

“Did that happen to you too?  I didn’t pull Jack out of the bushes, but I did have to help him undress.  He said the room was spinning too much and he couldn’t find his belt.  Once I got his clothes off he seemed to be able to find me just fine.  I got my boobs and butt squeezed until I got naked.  I got him in bed and climbed in after him expecting to have a little fun.  He’d gone to sleep.  Can you believe that?  He got me all hot and bothered and then he went to sleep.”

Rita smiled.

“It’s the bourbon that does it to them.  That’s why we girls don’t drink it.  I got us some vodka and orange juice.”

After two drinks, Liz whispered something to Rita that Walter couldn’t hear.  Rita grinned as she nodded.  Liz turned to Joe.

“Joe, Rita says you’ve always had this fantasy about seeing her with another woman.”

Joe grinned.

“Yep.  I never could convince her to do it, though.  She’d always say we didn’t know any couples well enough to ask about something like that.”

“Well, Liz and I were talking about what to get you for your birthday.  We decided to give you your fantasy.  I don’t know if we’ll do it right or not, but we’re gonna try.”

Rita giggled.

“You guys have to leave us alone so we can concentrate, OK?”

Both Joe and Jack grinned and nodded.

Walter had started stroking his cock watching Rita kiss Liz.  He stroked a little faster when both women took off their clothes.  He was a little surprised at how they looked.  Each had some curves that were maybe a little more than filled out, but both were still very desirable women with the big breasts and wide hips he liked.

He’d cum while Rita was licking Liz’s pussy.  He’d cum a second time when both women laid side by side and kissed and played with each other’s breasts and nipples while their husbands fucked them.  He came a third time when Rita and Liz switched husbands and began sucking their cocks.  He tried to cum a fourth time when the women rode the men, but couldn’t.

Since that night, there was usually what he called “the early show” in one of the two cabins.  It would start about six and end by ten because that’s when the two couples went to bed.  After that, he’d start watching the monitors to see who was doing what.

That was how his life went for the next six months.  He’d watch the early show and maybe jack off, then find someone else in another cabin and watch them.  Usually he’d cum at least twice more.  Then he’d go to bed.

The woman walked into the hotel office one afternoon in the middle of the week and asked if he had a cabin to rent.

“I’m going to be here for about six months, and I don’t want to stay in one of the big hotels.  They’re noisy at night and eating out all the time makes me fat. Your sign out front say each cabin has a kitchenette so I can cook for myself.  Is that right?”

Walter didn’t think Alice Chambers had anything to worry about as far as being fat.  She had a really nice figure, or at least it looked nice under the snug top and jeans she wore.  He also liked her pretty face and red hair.  He knew it was probably just a myth that red-headed women were hotter in bed, but there was just something about a woman with red hair that gave him a thrill.  He could hardly wait to watch her.

He showed her Cabin 6 and she liked it enough she paid him the first month’s rent with a credit card.  He watched her walk out the door and decided Alice naked was going to be fun to watch.

That night, Walter ate dinner and then hurried to his viewing room.  He didn’t spend anytime looking at any cabin other than hers, and he switched the video feeds of all the cameras in that cabin to separate monitors so he could watch her no matter what she did.

Alice didn’t do much for the first hour except eat and then sit at the little table with her laptop.  She finally closed it, walked over to the bed and began to undress.  Walter held his breath as she pulled the top over her head.  He remembered to breathe when she reached behind her to undo her black lace bra, then held his breath again as she slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it on the bed.

Her breasts weren’t especially large, but they were firm and jutted proudly from her chest.  As he watched, her nipples began to stiffen and grow longer.  Alice slowly scratched under each breast where the band had puckered the skin, and then reached for the waistband of her jeans.

Walter pulled down his jeans at the same time Alice began working the tight jeans down over her ass.  He saw the black thong panties and began slowly stroking his stiffening cock.  Alice stepped out of her jeans, threw them on the chair at the table, and then rolled the panties down her thighs and scratched the thatch of reddish hair on her mound.  Alice’s fingertips probed deeper into the hair and her other hand began stroking her breast.  Walter pulled a tissue from the box beside his chair.

Alice laid down on the bed then.  Walter watched as she spread her slender thighs and then slowly slipped a finger between her pussy lips.  He heard her little moan as the finger went in and then another when she lightly pinched her right nipple.

Alice was more erotic than any other woman Walter had ever watched, and she just kept getting better.  She’d just added a finger to the one already inside her pussy and was slowly stroking them in and out.

Walter was almost ready to cum when Alice moved her hand up to the top of her slit, spread her fingers, and then gently pulled up.  Her clit hood slowly slipped over the little pink nub of her clit.  Alice used one fingertip to stroke it, and after a few of these strokes, arched up off the bed and gasped.  

Walter groaned and three spurts of cum raced through his cock and filled the tissue.  He kept stroking his cock and felt a dribble running down his shaft and over his fingers.  He quickly wiped that away, then sat back and continued to watch Alice.  

Her body jerked three times and she made a soft little cry with each jerk.  Then, she curled up on the bed with her fingers still in her pussy.  Walter could see her hand moving slowly, and from time to time, she’d moan and shake a little as another wave swept through her body.  

He was half-hard again when Alice sighed, stood up, and walked to the bathroom.  Walter looked at that camera feed while Alice used the toilet, then used a wash cloth and the little bar of soap on the sink to wash between her thighs.  She turned off the bathroom light as she left, and Walter looked back to the overhead camera in the bedroom.  After pulling back the blanket and sheet, Alice stretched out and pulled them over her, then turned out the bed lamp.

Walter knew she was asleep when he heard her deeper breathing, and switched the camera feeds back so he was again watching all the cabins.  

In Cabin 9, Joe was lying between Rita’s open thighs and licking her for all he was worth.  Walter felt his cock throb a little when Rita pinched both her nipples tight and then lifted her hands, but it wasn’t the same throb he’d felt while watching Alice.  He turned to Cabin 10 in hopes Jack and Liz were doing something more erotic, but their bedroom was dark.

He did catch the end of Gladys’ orgasm, and that was pretty good.  Gladys groaned as she stroked her purple dildo in and out, then used her other hand to rub her swollen clit.  A second later she arched off the bed and her hips rocked rapidly.  She moaned, “Oh Walter, fuck me faster.”  Three strokes later, she gasped, her body jerked several times, and then she fell back to the bed.

Walter had almost gotten to the point of cumming again, but once Gladys curled up on her side, his cock started to grow soft again.  He closed his eyes and imagined Gladys’ little moans were Alice.  That did the trick.  A minute later, he filled the tissue with cum.

Walter watched Alice’s cabin every night after that.  Usually she’d do what she’d done that first night.  She’d eat, sit at her laptop typing for a while, and then undress.  She always laid naked on the bed and fingered herself until she had an orgasm, then curled up and went to sleep.  After that first night, Walter recorded her as she played with herself.  After her lights went out, he’d play the recording over and over until he couldn’t cum anymore.

Two weeks after Alice had rented the cabin, Walter was sitting in his chair with his cock in his hand and watching Alice.  That night, she ate, typed on her laptop a little, then took off her clothes.  She was scratching her red muff when she looked directly into the camera on the opposite the wall and grinned.

“I know what you’re up to Walter, and I know you can hear me.  My job is designing security camera systems for retail stores, so I know what a miniature camera  and microphone look like and how to hide them.  I found all of yours, even the one in the bathroom that looks like a fancy screw on the light over the vanity.  Are you having fun watching me?

“I don’t mind you watching me.  I guess I’m what you’d call an exhibitionist, because I like being watched.  The only thing is, I like watching too, so I guess I’m also a voyeur, like you.  I like watching men jack off when they watch me.  When they cum, that’s the best because I cum too.  I’m sure you do that and I want to watch you do it.  I’m going to leave a little wireless camera and microphone on your office desk when I go to work tomorrow.  You put it where I can see you when you jack off.  I’ll be watching you on my laptop.

Alice smiled.

“Now, you’re probably thinking I’ll be too embarrassed to do anything if you don’t do what I want and I’ll just leave.  Well, Walter, if I don’t see you stroking your cock tomorrow night, I’ll call the police and show them all your little cameras.  I’ll bet all your renters would like to know about the ones watching them too, wouldn’t they?  I know what all those thick cables are.  All I have to do is show them the cables from their cabins to your office.  I’d do that, you know.  

“If you be a good boy and let me watch you, I won’t say anything to anybody.  I’ll just keep giving you a show every night and watch you while I do.  That makes it better for me.  It’ll be just you and me getting each other off.  If I can watch you, I can cum several times.  I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?  I would.

“You have fun watching me tonight, but don’t forget about my camera.”

Alice blew a kiss into the camera and then stretched out on the bed.  Walter watched as she opened her thighs and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips.

He was worried about what she’d said, and couldn’t make himself cum even though Alice was being as erotic as ever.  When she blew another kiss into the camera and then turned out the light, he went to bed.

He couldn’t sleep at first.  Would Alice really do what she’d said if he didn’t let her see him?  He could imagine a city police car pulling up outside the office, the officer getting out, and then handing him a search warrant.

They’d make him show them his viewing room, and once they were inside would see all the monitors and know what Alice had said was true.  He’d be arrested and taken to jail.

He’d be convicted and probably have to register as a sex offender.  The Maples Hotel would have to close.  Even if he put it up for sale, nobody would touch it, not after what he’d done had been all over the newspaper and television.  He’d never find another job and would end up penniless.

He decided the only way out was to do what Alice wanted.  It was blackmail, sort of, but he really had no choice.  He fell asleep then wondering what she’d think after she’d watched him.

The next morning, he was in the office when Alice came inside.  She smiled.

“Walter, here’s the little present I told you about last night.  I wrote you some instructions about how to hook it up.  I’ll be back about five.  Make sure you’re ready by then or you know what’ll happen.”

Walter installed the camera on the monitor directly in front of his chair and plugged in the power cord.  A little red light blinked three times and then went out.  The instructions said that meant it was working, but he didn’t have any way to tell for sure.  

He mowed the grass around all the cabins that afternoon, and was blowing the clippings off the walks when Alice drove her car up to her cabin.  She grinned and her eyebrows lifted.  Walter understood what that meant, and nodded his head.  Alice grinned again and then went into her cabin.  Walter finished blowing the clippings off the walk at Cabin 12 and put the blower in the garage.  After eating a quick dinner, he went to his viewing room and sat down in his chair.  The red light on the camera was on.

Alice was there and sitting in front of her laptop.  She looked up at the nearest camera and smiled.

“Hi Walter.  You need to adjust the camera a little.  I can see the top of your head, but that’s not what I really want to see, now is it?  Point it down a little.”

Walter reached up and moved the camera a little, then sat back down.  Alice smiled.

“That’s better.  Now, take off your pants.  I want to watch your cock get hard.”

When he didn’t move, Alice laughed.

“Walter, don’t tell me you’re shy.  Come on, off with the pants, or you know what’ll happen.”

Walter stood up, undid his belt and let his pants fall down to his ankles, then sat back down.  Alice smiled into the camera.

“Undies too Walter.  I want to see your cock, not just a bulge in your shorts.”

When Walter stood up and pulled his underwear down, Alice giggled.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?  Mmm…that’s a nice cock you have there Walter, but your shirt is hiding it a little.  I’m gonna get naked, so you should too.  Off with the shirt.”

Walter pulled the shirt over his head and Alice grinned.

“That’s better Walter.  My, my, you have big balls too.  I like big balls on a man.  A man with big balls has more cum.  I want to see how much you cum tonight.”

With that, Alice pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it on the bed, then unhooked her bra.  This time, she held the cups over her breasts while she slipped first one arm and then the other from the straps.  Walter watched as Alice let the bra cups slowly slide off her breasts.  He saw the dark circles of her nipple beds and then the dark pink nubs of her nipples.  Alice pulled the bra down then and tossed it on the bed too, then cupped her breasts and lifted them.

“Do you like my tits, Walter?  You can tell me.  My camera has a microphone and I’ll hear you.”

“Y – Yes.”

“What do you like about them.  They’re not really big like some women’s are.”

“They’re…They’re big enough…and they’re nice and round.”

Alice pushed her nipples down and flat against her breasts and then let them pop up again.

“Mmm…I like doing that to my nipples.  Do you like my nipples, Walter?”


“What would you do to my nipples if I let you?  Would you suck on them?”


“I like that a lot.  Maybe you’d bite them too?”

“If…If you wanted me to.”

“Oh I would, but just a little pinch at first, then harder later on.  How’s your cock doing?”

“It’s getting hard.”

“So I see.  Lean back in your chair a little so I can see it better.  That’s right.  That is a really nice cock but it still looks a little soft.  Let’s see if I can make it harder.”

Alice turned around and worked the jeans down over her hips.  She had them down to her knees when she turned her head to look at the camera again.

“Walter, what do you think of my ass?  To wide, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not too wide.”

“Would you spank my ass?”

“Probably not.”

“Why not?  That feels good sometimes.”

“I – I just don’t hurt women, that’s all.”

“OK, you won’t spank me.  Would you nibble my ass?  That sends the little shocks all up and down my spine.”

“I could do that.”

Alice bent over to slide the jeans down to her ankles and gave him a view of her puffy looking pussy inside the red lace panties she wore.  She raised back up and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of those panties and eased them down over her hips.

“Are you watching Walter?”


“Still like my ass?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Think you’ll like my pussy?  Oh, I forgot, you’ve already seen my pussy haven’t you?”


“Well, did you like it?”


Alice looked over her shoulder again and sighed.

“Walter, you need to talk to me, not just say yes and no.  I’m talking to you, so talk back to me.  Now, what did you like about my pussy?”

“Uh…well…it looks tight.”

“Tight enough you’d stretch it with your cock?”

“Yeah, that tight.”

“I better look to be sure then.”

Alice turned around and looked at her laptop.

“Mmm…I bet you would stretch my little pussy.  Two fingers is about all I can get in there.  Your cock looks bigger than that.  Would you ram it in or would you go slow?”

“I’d go slow.  I told you I don’t hurt women.”

“Just hang in there, Walter.  I’m going to take my laptop to the bed.”

Walter looked at the camera over the bed, and had to smile when Alice looked up at it and grinned.

“OK, Walter, I’m all set.  Let me see you stroke your cock.  Oh, I see you already are.  That makes me feel really hot.  See how hot I am, Walter?”

Alice was stroking her stiff nipples.

“My nipples are all stiff and when I touch them I feel this little spasm in my tummy – Oh wow, just like that one.  Would you like to play with my nipples?”


“What would you do to them?”

Walter thought about what he’d seen other men do to a woman’s nipples and what Alice had done to hers.

“Touch them and pinch them a little, and then suck on them.”

“God, Walter, you’re getting me so wet.  Keep talking.”

“Well…I’d lick the tips, if you like that.”

“Oh, I love that.  I’d lick them myself if I could bend my head down that far.  Would you do this too?”

Walter felt his cock throb when Alice cupped her breasts and squeezed.  They sort of slipped through her hands until she was holding only her nipples.  She moaned when she flicked her fingers over them.

“I’m so wet now.  Look at how wet I am.”

Alice opened her thighs, then pulled her pussy lips apart.  Walter was looking at the glistening wetness on her slender inner lips.  As he watched, Alice slipped one finger inside her entrance and then pulled it back out.

“See, Walter, you’ve got me all wet and sticky inside.  Are you thinking about how your cock would feel in my pussy?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Would you make me cum?”

“I would.”

“Walter, tell me how you’d make me cum.”

Walter thought about what he’d seen Jim and Joe do to Liz and Rita.

“Well, I’d put it inside you and then move it in and out.”

Alice slipped two fingers inside her entrance and began moving them in and out.

“Like this, Walter?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“I like to have my clit rubbed too.  Would you rub my little clit?”

“If I could reach it I would.”

Alice’s other hand went to the top of her slit and began rubbing in a slow, circular motion.  She moaned a few seconds later and her hips lifted off the bed.

“Oh Walter, if you were doing this I’d be ready to cum already.  How about you?”

“Yes, I had to stop stroking or I would have.”

“Don’t cum until I say, OK?  I want to see the cum squirting out of your cock.”

“I’ll try not to.”

“Mmmm… you’re stroking again.  Stroke your cock at the same speed I’m stroking my pussy.  Oh yeah, that’s right.”

For a while, neither said anything more.  Alice had turned her head to the side to watch her laptop and was licking her lips as she stroked her fingers.  Walter was trying to match her stroke for stroke without cumming.

Suddenly, Alice cried out, “I’m almost there Walter.  Let me see you cum.”

Walter picked up a tissue and covered the head of his cock.  Alice’s voice was almost a plea.

“No, no…don’t cover it up.  I want to see it.”

Walter dropped the tissue and a second later groaned as the first shot of cum raced up his cock and streamed out the tip.  It splattered on the monitor in front of him.  His hips lurched as the second stream flew from the slit in his cock head and splashed into the monitor.  The third wasn’t quite as strong so it hit the floor, but he still groaned.

Alice moaned, then cried out, “Oh Walter, I’m cumming now”.

Walter watched as Alice’s hips began to gyrate.  The fingers of her left hand fluttered over her clit as she stroked two fingers of the right hand quickly in and out of her pussy.  She gasped, then arched in the air.  She stayed that way until the writhing of her hips eased, and then sank back down on the bed panting.

“Wow, Walter.  That was one fantastic orgasm.  Did you cum as hard as I did?”

“I think so.”

“Mmm…we have to do this again tonight.  Are you up for that, so to speak?”

“I can be.”

Alice grinned.

“If I was there, I’d help you.  Do you like a woman to suck your cock?”

Walter didn’t say anything and Alice smiled.

“You’ve never had your cock sucked, have you?”

“Well, no.”

“Have you ever actually fucked a woman?”


Alice giggled.

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yes, I guess so.”


“I don’t know.  I’m just not comfortable around women.”

“Didn’t your daddy tell you what to do?”

“No.  He said my mother would.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She said my wife would tell me once I got married.”

“What about the other guys in school?  Didn’t they ever talk about fucking a girl?  That’s all the guys in my high school talked about.”

“Well, I didn’t fit in very well with those guys, so they never talked to me.”

Alice chuckled.

“So all you learned was to spy on women and jack off?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Walter, after what we just did, are you comfortable with me?”

“I think so.”

“Well, you have a lot to learn.  Let me show you how this works.”

She’d showed him what she liked the most, and in doing so had excited them both.  She wanted to see his cock spurt each time he came, and a few seconds after that, he’d hear her quiet little cry and watch her body contort as the orgasm swept her away. Walter came twice more that night, both times just before Alice did.

She stopped breathing hard after the last one, squeezed both her breasts and murmured, “mmm”, then looked up at the camera.

“Walter, did you learn anything tonight?”

“Yes I did, a lot.”

“Are you still comfortable with me?”

“More than ever.”

Alice grinned.

“Then tomorrow night, let me see where you sit to watch me.  I wanna see who else you’re watching.”

“Oh I…I don’t know if I can do that.”

Alice smiled.

“Now Walter, do you remember what I said about the police, hmmm?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“OK then.  So, tomorrow night, I’ll be in the office about six.  All you have to do is let me in and show me.  See you then.”

Before he could say anything, Alice blew him a kiss and then shut off the table lamp.

Walter worried for an hour before he finally fell asleep, and he worried all day long.  What would she do when she saw all his equipment?  She’d think he was some a crazy man and probably call the police anyway.

Then he tried to rationalize a little.  If Alice called the police, she’d have to know he’d tell them what she’d made him do.  She’d be in as much trouble as he would, well, maybe not as much, but enough to cause her to lose her job.  Walter didn’t think she’d risk anything like that.  That made him feel a little better.

Walter was in the office at ten ‘til six.  Right at six Alice opened the office door and came inside.

“Hi Walter.  Are you ready to show me your home theater?”

Walter couldn’t speak, so he nodded.  He couldn’t speak because of how Alice was dressed.  She normally wore snug tops with tight jeans.  That night she wore a really tight T-shirt and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.  Her nipples were plainly visible as two bumps in the thin cotton material.

Her jeans were cut-off jean shorts that had almost no crotch, and all she wore for shoes were flip-flops.

He stopped staring when she raised her eyebrows, and motioned her through the door behind the counter.  He’d already moved the book case, so while Alice stood behind him, he punched in the combination to the lock.  When it clicked, he opened the door.

Alice waked into the room, looked around, and said, “Wow, this is a voyeur’s wet dream.  You do have cameras in every cabin like I thought.”

“Except for two, yes.”

“Well find me a chair.  I wanna see what’s going on with my neighbors.”

Walter switched the video feed from the overhead camera in each of the cabins to one of the small monitors.

Alice stared at them all for a few seconds, and then pointed to Cabin 9.

Rita was laying on her back with her legs spread and holding her pussy lips apart.  Joe was just easing down on the bed between her legs.  Alice chuckled when she heard Joe say, “I’m gonna suck your big clit until you beg me to stop.”

“Will you look at the size of her clit?  It looks almost like a little cock.  Would you suck it?”

“I don’t know…I never did that either.”

Alice grinned.

“Well, I would.”

“You’re a…one of those women?”

Alice smiled again.

“No, but girls can like other girls too sometimes.  Didn’t you know that?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Well, we can.  Oh God, she’s starting to hump his face.  He must be making her crazy wanting to cum.  I know it’s making me that way.”

Alice stood up, pulled the top over her head, then unsnapped her shorts and let them fall to her ankles.  Walter knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.  He never dreamed she wasn’t wearing panties.  Alice slipped out of her flip-flops and kicked the shorts away, then sat back down in the chair.  

She looked at Walter.

“Take off your clothes so you can cum with me.”

Walter couldn’t believe what he was seeing and he wasn’t sure he liked it.  Watching Alice in her cabin when she didn’t know was exhilarating.  Watching her when she did know and could see him was just as erotic.  Now that she was only a foot away from him he could see every little bump on her pebbled nipple beds and every little tight ridge on the nipples themselves.  He was a little afraid and Alice saw the concern in his face.  Her voice was soft and understanding.

“Walter, I know you’ve never been this close to a naked woman before, but you don’t need to worry about it.  I won’t do anything I didn’t do last night.  I’ll just be closer when I do it.  I really want to watch you up close, and I’ll bet you’ll think watching me up close is better too.”

She grinned.

“Come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen your cock before.”

Walter remembered her threat to call the police and reluctantly took off his shirt, pants, and underwear.  Alice had turned back to the monitor by then.  It was a little embarrassing to sit there naked beside her until she licked her lips and began stroking her nipples with her fingertips.  Walter got really aroused then, and he couldn’t not stroke his cock.

Rita was well on the way to an orgasm when Walter looked at the monitor.  She had both hands on Joe’s head and her hips were moving up and down and from side to side.  Her face was turned to the side and she was breathing through her open mouth.  Every few seconds, Rita would moan, lick her lips and then catch her breath.  

A bit later, Rita gasped and her body began to stiffen.

“Oh God, she’d gonna cum”, whispered Alice, “and so am I”.

Alice’s little cry and Rita’s shriek came at almost the same time.  Walter was trying to watch them both, but finally gave up and just watched Alice.

She was stroking two fingers in and out of her pussy and Walter could see the wetness glistening on her fingers and hear little wet sounds.  He saw when Alice moved her hand from her breast to her clit.  She cried out a few seconds later and lifted herself up in the chair.  After several spasms that raised her up a little higher, Alice gasped, “Oh fuck”, and thrust her hips up and out as she came.

That was all it took for Walter.  He groaned, then looked at Alice.  She was breathing hard, but she was watching him.

“Oh Walter, cum for me.”

A second later, Walter did, and shot four streams of cum from his cock.  He was still feeling the tingling sensation when Alice gasped “I’m cumming again.”  After three hard spasms caused her to arch off the chair, Alice collapsed and started to giggle.

“I’m sorry Walter, but watching you shoot your stuff got me going again and I couldn’t stop.  I’ll make it up to you.”

Walter wasn’t sure what Alice could do to make it up to him like she said.

“How would you…what do you mean by ‘make it up to me’?”

Alice smiled.

“Are you still comfortable being with me, even though I’m this close?”

“I suppose so.”

Alice closed her fingers around Walter’s cock and began stroking it slowly.

“Then, you’d be comfortable with me doing this for you.”

Walter couldn’t answer.  Alice’s soft hand and her gentle stroking were sending sensations to his brain that wiped out all his other thoughts.  In a few minutes his cock went from soft to standing tall and he was feeling the urge to thrust up into Alice’s hand.

Alice chuckled.

“I guess this means you are.  Now I need to get more comfortable.”

Alice moved to kneel between Walter’s legs and started stroking his cock again.  He barely heard her whisper, “Just relax Walter and let me make it up to you.”

Walter was beginning to feel the tightness in his loins that meant he’d come soon when he felt something soft and wet on his cock head.  He looked down and saw Alice lick the tip of his cock, and then he gasped when she wrapped her lips around his cock head and sucked gently.  His hips lurched and almost knocked Alice backwards, but the hand on his cock stopped her.  She giggled.

“Maybe we should save that for later when you’re not quite so sensitive.”

She began stroking his shaft again.  A minute later, Walter groaned, pulled a tissue from the box and handed it to Alice.

“Alice, you’d better use this.”

Alice’s voice was soft and throaty.

“No Walter, I want to see and feel when you cum.”

A few strokes later, he did, and Alice directed the streams of cum onto her breasts.  She kept gently stroking him then, and looked up at Walter as she smoothed the splatters over her breasts with her other hand.

“I like feeling your cum on my tits, Walter.  Did you like what I did?”

“I don’t know what to say.  I never felt anything like that before in my life.”

Alice smiled.

“I know.  It’s a lot better, isn’t it?”

Walter sighed.

“It was fantastic.”

Alice ran her finger around the tip of Walter’s cock head.

“It could be even better, you know.”

“Like when you used your mouth?”

“Well, I’m told that’s better, but that’s not what I mean.  What I mean is you and I could do what that couple over there is doing.”

Alice pointed to the monitor for Cabin 2.  Walter had checked in the man that afternoon and had watched him and a brunette walk into the cabin.  He’d only seen the woman from the back, but knew she was slender and her ass did some wonderful things to her jeans when she walked.

Now, she was bent over the bed and the guy was fucking her from behind.  Her heavy breasts swung wildly with each stroke the guy made, and her face looked like she was enjoying every second.

“Change the sound to that cabin”, whispered Alice.

Walter did and handed Alice the headphones.  She shook her head.

“Can you play it so we can both hear?”

Walter unplugged the headphones and the sound from the small speaker filled the room.

“Oh, God, Terry, slow down.  I want this to last a while and I’m almost there.”

The guy slowed his strokes and the woman sighed.

“Oh yeah…that’s great.  God, you’re in me so deep, but don’t stop.”

While they watched, the guy reached up and lifted the woman’s right breast and squeezed.  The woman moaned.

“You never forget what that does to me, do you?”

“Nope, it makes your pussy get tight and I feel it doing that now.”

“Pinch my nipple a little.”

Alice was still stroking Walter’s cock and it had gotten hard again.  She touched him on the cheek.

“Walter, fuck me like he’s fucking her.”

She didn’t wait for him to say yes or no.  She just moved back to her chair, bent over and put her face on the seat, and spread her legs wide.

Walter stood up, moved behind her and sank down on his knees.  He started trying to guide his cock into Alice’s pussy, but stopped when he felt her hand on his.

“Let me do this”, she whispered.

Walter felt his cock head moving between two soft, wet lips, and groaned when it slipped inside Alice a little.  He kept pushing and then quickly stopped once he felt resistance.  He pulled back out, and felt Alice’s hand on his cock again and then her whispered voice.

“You can push harder, Walter. You won’t hurt me, I promise.”

Walter was shaking when Alice pulled his cock back to her entrance.   He pushed in until he felt resistance and then felt Alice pushing back.  He pushed a little harder and felt his cock slip past that resistance and into her warm, wet, slippery depths.  Alice moaned when his belly touched her hips.

“Oh God…it’s been so long since I felt this.  In and out, Walter, move it in and out just like that couple is doing.”

Walter barely heard Alice, and he couldn’t watch the monitor.  The sight of his cock slowly disappearing inside Alice’s pussy and sensations that raced from his cock to his brain overpowered everything else.  Her murmurs didn’t help either.  They only set his mind reeling with what he was feeling and hearing.

“Mmm…touch my boobs Walter.  I need to feel you touching them.”

Walter reached one hand around Alice’s side and felt her breast swinging as he stroked his cock in and out.  She purred when his hand closed around the soft, hanging globe.

“Oh yeah…squeeze just a little.”

Walter tried to do what he’d seen Alice do the night before.  He gently closed his hand around her breast.  The movement of their bodies moved her breast until he was holding her nipple between his fingertips.  Walter closed his fingertips a little tighter and Alice bucked her hips back into his stroke.

“Oh, Walter, pinch…oh yeah…harder now.”

Walter did, and Alice rocked her back down and gasped.  His cock seemed to move a little deeper inside her when she did that, and Walter groaned when his cock head slipped into something warm and wet that sucked at it when he pulled back out.

Alice stopped talking after that, but she was far from quiet.  Each of Walter’s strokes cause her to either moan or catch her breath.  Each stroke cause Alice to push back as well, and after a few more strokes, Walter felt his balls tighten.  

Holding back was impossible.  Walter groaned and slammed his cock inside Alice, then held it there while he pumped her pussy full of his seed.  At the second spurt, Alice screeched, “I’m cumming too” and began to writhe on his spurting cock.  Walter gasped as the last of his three spurts splashed inside Alice, and then groaned as her pussy kept contracting around his cock.  It was an intense, exquisite torture.  His cock was so sensitive he could barely stand the sensations of Alice’s passage rippling and contracting, but he couldn’t force himself to pull out.  Instead, he stayed inside her and groaned until she stopped moving and looked over her shoulder and grinned.

“Walter, I said it would be better.  It was for me.  Was it better for you?”

“I don’t know how to tell you how much better.”

Alice giggled.

“I thought you’d say that.  Can you give me one of your tissues.  When you pull out, I’m gonna leak all over.”

Walter handed Alice a tissue and then eased his cock out of her pussy.  Alice clapped the tissue to her pussy as she stood up, and then reached for another.  She chuckled.

“I’m gonna need a few more of these.  Like I said, big balls mean more cum.”

After using three more tissues, Alice folded one, slipped it between her pussy lips, and then sat back down.  Walter sat down in his chair after wiping his cock.  Alice put her hand on his thigh and lightly scratched it with her short nails.

“Wanna do it again, Walter?”

“I’m not sure I can, not after that.”

Alice patted his leg.

“Well, there’s always tomorrow night.  It would be better if you had a bed or at least a couch in here though.  Think you could manage that while I’m at work tomorrow?”

Walter frowned.

“I guess I can, since you’ll probably call the police if I don’t.”

Alice smiled.

“Walter, I was never going to call the police.  I just said that to get you to do what I wanted you to do.  I don’t think you really minded, did you?  It didn’t feel like you minded.”

“No, but I can’t figure out why you did it.”

Alice touched his hand.

“Walter, most men don’t understand why a woman would want to have men look at her while she’s naked and getting herself off, and they really, really don’t understand why a woman would like looking at them while they jack off.

“I had a few dates in college, but as soon as they realized how I am, most of them stopped being interested.  The ones who kept calling me thought I was a slut who’d fuck anything with a cock.  I’m not that way at all, so I stopped seeing them.  

“I’m also pretty smart, smarter than a lot of men, and men don’t like smart women.  Word got around about both things, and I spent the rest of college getting myself off every night while watching porn videos.  Once I got my degree in electrical engineering, I tried to find a job.  All the interviewers were men, and when they figured out how smart I was, I suddenly didn’t fit the job they had open.  They couldn’t stand the thought of a woman working for them who was smarter than they were.

“I gave up looking for a job and started my own company.  I’m doing really well, but I have to be careful about showing myself like I enjoy doing.  If somebody recognized me, I’d never get any more business.  I also have to be careful about doing anything more.  Most men looking for that are married or looking for one-night stands.

“I read about your motel on a web site for couples who swap spouses, and decided to give you a try.  When I found all the cameras, I knew you were a voyeur.  You’d never say anything to anybody about me because you’d have to admit how you found out.  I could show you myself doing whatever I wanted and I’d be safe.  

“A couple nights later, I decided to see if I could convince you to let me watch you.  You did, and I got so turned on I sort of got carried away.  I love sex, Walter, but it has to be with somebody like me.  You’re like me.  Besides, you’re a nice guy, and it was a lot of fun knowing I would be your first.”

“You want to do it again tomorrow night?”

Alice stroked Walter’s soft cock.

“Yes, I do, and every night after that as long as I’m here.  We’ll watch some of your guests for a while and then do what they’re doing.”

“I think I have a couch that will fit in here.”

“Great.  You get it moved in and I’ll see you about six tomorrow night.”

The next few weeks were absolutely fantastic for Walter.  Together, he and Alice watched Joe, Rita, Jack, and Liz or another couple when they played, and then they’d do the same things.  They watched one night while a guy gave his partner six orgasms in a row by licking her pussy.  Alice only made it to four before she looked at Walter and said, “I need to be fucked now”, but Walter thought it was the best night ever.  He thought that until the night a red-head in Cabin 2 blew her guy three times.  Alice only did him once before straddling him and riding him until they both came hard, but promised someday she’d drain him dry.

All too soon, the job Alice had been working began drawing to a close.  Walter didn’t want her to leave.  There was only one way to make her stay that he could think of.  He asked her one night a week before she was due to leave.

“Alice, I don’t want you to leave.”

Alice put her arms around his neck and pressed her bare breasts into his bare chest.

“I know and I don’t want to leave either, but I have to go to another job in a week.”

“Couldn’t you just stay here and go back and forth?”

Alice sighed.

“No, the next job is four hundred miles from here.”

“What if we got married?”

Alice looked at Walter.

“Are you proposing to me?”

“Well, yes.”

“And you’d want me to move here and live with you?”

“Yes, I would.  The house is more than big enough.  I’ll even rearrange the viewing room with a bed.”

Alice’s face was seriousl

“Walter, marriage is supposed to be more than just watching people getting it on.”

“I know that.  That’s not all I want it to be.  I think I love you.”

Alice raised her eyebrows.

“It’s not just because I like watching people with you, or because of the sex?”

“No.  That’s part of it, but I like you.  You’re really smart and I like that.  I like being with you.  I can’t imagine not having you here.”

Alice smiled.

“I feel the same way, Walter.  I just didn’t know if you did.”

Walter grinned.

“So you’re saying yes?”

“I’m saying probably yes.  I need to be away from you and this place for a while to know for sure.”

Alice drove away from The Maples Motel a week later, but not before she and Walter added a few things to the equipment in his viewing room.  He now had a laptop computer running a secure video conferencing software package that matched the one in Alice’s computer.  The first night she was gone, Walter started the software at six, and after it booted, saw Alice sitting in front of her own laptop.

“Hi Walter.  Can you see me OK?”

“Yes, I can.  How about you?  Can you see me?”

“Tilt your screen down just a little.  There, that’s better.  Want to see what I’m wearing under this shirt?”

“Sure.  Take it off.”

“Uh-uh.  You have to take off yours first.”

“You’re sure nobody can see but you?”

Alice grinned.

“Well, maybe the CIA can, but they’re the only ones.  They’ll be watching me anyway.”

Walter took off his shirt.

“There you go.  Your turn.”

Alice pulled the T-shirt over her head.  Her firm breasts bobbed a little as she tossed it to the side.  She squeezed her breasts with both hands, then looked up at the camera on her laptop screen.

“I like it when you do this better, but it’s still good.  Take off your pants now.”

Walter came three times that night, and right after every time, Alice arched off the bed and cried out as her own orgasm wracked her body.  When she closed out their video conference, she was slowly stroking her pussy lips and blew Walter a kiss.

They did the same thing every night for a month.  The day after the last night, Alice drove into the parking lot of The Maples Motel and walked inside the office.  Walter was there checking in a couple for the night.  Once the man left with the keys to Cabin 1, Alice grinned.

“I saw the woman standing beside his car.  She has really big boobs and she’s not wearing a bra.  Her nipples look as big as the thimble my grandma used when she sewed.  They should be fun to watch tonight.  I wonder who we’ll watch after they leave?”  

“That depends on how long you’ll be staying?”

Alice grinned.

“How about forever?”

“You’re saying you’ll marry me?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying.  I’ll still have to travel some, but I’ll be living here if you still want that.”

The Maples Motel is still there, although it’s no longer in operation as a motel.  It’s become a home for senior citizens.  Occasionally a couple will stop in and ask if they have a cabin for rent, but Walter tells them no and says they might try at one of the chains down the road.

He and Alice removed all the cameras from the cabins as part of a redecoration plan two years after she became his wife.  They decided that while being voyeurs was fun and did a lot to arouse them both, it was too risky.  The viewing room is still there, though.  They use it when Alice travels to a job.  She’ll turn on her laptop about six and wait for Walter to turn his on.  They’ll talk a little about how their day went, and then Alice will smile.

“Are you having fun watching me?”

Walter will smile back.

“I’d like to be doing more than watching you.”

“Well, Walter Honey, if you take off your pants so I can watch you jack off, I’ll let you watch me make myself cum.  Would you like that?”

“Oh yeah.  I’d like that more than once too.”
“If you be a good boy and let me watch you, that’ll happen.  If I can watch you cum, I can cum several times.  I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?  I would.”

“Taking off my pants now.”

“Oh Walter, my pussy is wet already and we haven’t done anything yet.”

“My cock is hard too, see?”

“Mmm…stroke it while I get out of my clothes.  Don’t cum until I say, OK?”