The Security System

Sequel to "The Back Garden":


The weekend's shopping

It was a feeling of nervous anticipation that accompanied me as I walked home from work that Friday evening. My pact with Chrissie from next door meant that this was to be my weekend… my turn to perform. We’d hatched a plan to go turn-about in creating a “voyeuristic experience” and she’d provided a very arousing experience in her back garden the previous weekend.

“Why am I feeling nervous?” I asked myself as I walked.

Maybe it was because Chrissie’s display with Rob had been so hot, so steamy that I was worried I’d not be able to mach it. Not that either of us had treated it as a competition. On the contrary, we’d agreed to provide the other with a brief “window” into our sex lives; to create opportunities to spy on each other, just to see what it’d be like. So, no, being worried about competing shouldn’t be nerve-wracking.

Digging deeper, I concluded that my nervousness was about knowing I’d be watched having sex; an entirely new experience, even the thought of it was well outside my comfort zone. My sex with Brendan, and by myself come to that, had always been in private. OK, there had been occasions when we might have been caught in flagrante delicto without being aware of it, especially outdoors, but I’d never thought of knowingly “performing” for an audience, albeit a small and select one. I decided my nervousness was probably coming from some deep-seated concern about how I’d look or about being unable to lose myself in the heat of the moment. And what if Chrissie and Rob didn’t find it arousing? How embarrassing would that be!

“There’s no need to be worried about that,” I told myself. “Just remember how we responded to the sight of Chrissie and Rob in the garden last weekend.” The memory of this was turning me on again as I neared home and the anticipation of developing my still rudimentary plan was adding to my horniness.

As we ate our dinner, I begged Brendan to go by himself in the morning to do the weekend shopping. We usually did this together on Saturdays and then went off to Woof Coffee on our way back, for morning tea or lunch. It was a ritual we both enjoyed, as it helped to take the chore out of shopping. This time I had other pressing plans, so I pretended I needed to put the finishing touches to an important report he knew I’d been working on.

“Please can you do it?” I’d said. “Pretty please? I promise I’ll be finished by the time you get back.”

He glowered. “But you know how much I dislike shopping on my own,” he protested. “I always end up forgetting something, or getting the wrong brand.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll write you a list,” I said. “And… I promise to make it worth your while,” I added seductively, giving him a lingering and suggestive kiss.

He relented, of course, albeit a bit reluctantly. He’d always been a sucker for the promise of something good to come. And I’d always delivered!

We cleared up quickly after dinner and headed for bed. Not for what you’re thinking, though. Brendan had had a hard week at work and needed a good night’s sleep. So did I, as a matter of fact, though I’ll admit that I was feeling aroused with the anticipation of what I’d be doing in the morning. I resisted the temptation to slip my hand around to his nipple while we were spooning, a move that could be guaranteed to replace tiredness with arousal, and he was soon deeply asleep.

It took me quite a bit longer to drift off. My brain was working overtime, sifting through all the possibilities for my seduction scenario in the morning. I bit of bondage, perhaps; he sometimes said that tethering turned him on. Or maybe a bit of rough play; I thought I’d be able to find the riding whip we’d bought at a sex shop one Valentine’s Day years ago. Yes, I might get a bit of a thrill out of that myself, using my whip on his naked, muscular buttocks, and making him yelp and squirm. I finally fell asleep imagining myself in a Swedish porno movie we’d seen together, where this gorgeous guy with long legs and rippling chest was taking a woman from behind while she hugged a tree trunk. I could almost feel the roughness of the bark against my cheek and shoulder as he plunged in and out, and I’m sure I could smell the pine needles being crushed under my knees!


The set-up

When Brendan emerged, sleepily, from the bedroom I was already in our study, sitting in front of my computer with a bowl of cereal. I listened as he pottered around getting his breakfast, calling out a cheerful “Bye” to him as he left the house, grumbling something about going for coffee and a cake anyway… by himself. As soon as he was out the door, I leapt up quickly. I knew I’d have an hour for sure, at best two, to get set up.

I got our two security cameras, one plugged in near the inside of the front door and the other looking at the laundry door, and found power points for them in our bedroom. I positioned one in the bookshelves on the wall at the end of our bed, aiming straight up the bed from the foot towards the pillows; the other I buried in the stack of books that was always on my bedside table, aiming back down the bed, just a bit to the side.

The last time Chrissie and I had coffee together, I’d primed her for this. I’d given her the password for logging in to the cameras from our Wifi, which she could see from her house next door. Now all that remained was for me to get the cameras set up in good places… and put on a good show!

Logging in to the security system’s App, I saw the views from the two cameras; an empty bed from two angles. I adjusted the two in the bedroom a bit, to ensure that they would cover the parts of the bed in which I was imagining most of the action. There was a tiny thrill as I did this, setting up for a sex scene as the Director, with me also to be a star performer later on!

I went off into my dressing room to select some lingerie; something that would make me feel sexy and alluring but would also look good on camera – and to the audience! I chose something really simple; a one-piece, black, see-through body stocking textured like a spider’s web. It was crotchless, and the neckline revealed a good bit of cleavage. I felt sexy! And I was turned on… already.

Logging in to the cameras again, I sprawled back on the bed, watching my phone to see where the best “action” parts of the bed would be and how I needed to angle my body (and Brendan’s) to give the best view to the two cameras. I admit it: I also wanted to see how I looked on camera! “Pretty sexy,” I concluded out loud, “if I say so myself!”

Auto-voyeurism (is that even a word – like auto-eroticism?) did feel kind of strange. The image on the screen might have been someone else, yet it was still me. I turned my face away from both cameras, trying to ignore them, instead focussing on the image on my phone. Kneeling up on hands and knees, I watched as the girl in the image raised her web-textured bum into the air. I was imagining that Brendan was below me, his erect cock pointing up between my legs. The camera at the foot of the bed was catching that angle perfectly, seeing right up into the moist crack, which was framed symmetrically by the seams around the crotchless part of the body stocking.

It was really turning me on and I watched, fascinated, as a hand slipped down between the legs of the girl on the screen, disembodied fingers tracing around her crotch and slowly parting the moistened lips. These visuals really seemed as if they were someone else, but the tactile sensations were real all right. I shuddered as small electric shocks shot through me with each touch, causing more moisture and a throbbing that I convinced myself was almost perceptible on the phone screen.

Knowing that it would be all too easy to give in to the desire that was causing so much heat and moisture between my legs, I pulled my hand away quickly. To get sidetracked at that point would have been pleasurable to be sure, but it would have delayed me from completing the set-up. “Stop this!” I scolded myself. “Get back to work.”

I forced myself to jump up and went into Brendan’s closet to get a couple of his ties. I’d had this idea overnight that it would be good to tie his hands. He always wanted to pleasure me when I was pleasuring him, but this time I needed him to stay where I wanted him – literally – for the cameras. What’s more, I had a hunch that Chrissie might find a bit of bondage arousing. Last night’s fantasising was coming in handy!

When I’d looped the ties through the rail on the bed-head and hidden the loose ends under the pillows, I took one last look around, to be sure that the cameras were well hidden and everything was ready. Oh… one more thing. I went back to my closet for my favourite vibrator, which I also slipped under one of the pillows. Finally satisfied, I sat down on the bed and texted Chrissie, to let her know that the show would begin soon after Brendan got home, which could be any minute now, so she should log in to our security cameras.

The reply, a few minutes later, took me by surprise and made me blush deeply: “All good LOL! Show already started and we’re already watching! I’m hot and Rob’s obviously horny. Ready for more. Go Virgin - ia!”

My heart was thumping. Oh my God! They’d been watching as I got everything ready. That was embarrassing but I found it really arousing too. I wondered whether Chrissie had let Rob in on our little scheme, or had she managed to convince him that she had just stumbled on the security cameras?

There was no time for any more speculation, as I heard the back door open and Brendan’s voice calling out “I’m home… I got everything… I think.”

I waited for a few minutes, listening to him pottered in the kitchen putting things away, before positioning myself on the bed again, assuming what I hoped was a provocative and alluring pose, this time without the feedback from my mobile phone.

“I’m up here,” I called out. “In the bedroom. I’ve been waiting for you to get back.”

I listened to his footsteps coming up the stairs, trying to focus my mind on him and not on the cameras. This was going to be difficult! I wanted to ignore the cameras and get immersed in the action yet I needed to remain aware of angles and being well exposed to our voyeurs. Acting and directing all at once isn’t that easy!

“Oh wow!” I heard Brendan exclaim as he opened the door into the bedroom. “There’s a big cat on the prowl on my bed. Is this my reward already? Maybe I’ll do the shopping every weekend!”

“Come on, hurry up,” I urged as he stood there just staring at me. “I’ve been waiting for you to get back. Get your gear off and come into my web.” His erection popped out of his jocks as he pulled them down, and bounced as he bounded over to the bed.

Maintaining his metaphor, I crawled off the bed, cat-like, and pushed him backwards onto it, his erection pointing towards the ceiling. Hoping he would be in the frame of both cameras, I tensed my fingers into claws, pressing my nails into his chest, encircling his nipples and hissing: “Yesss. Thisss is your reward.” I pinched my claws tighter together to capture each nipple, and pulled, stretching them up from his chest. He screwed his eyes shut and groaned in what was clearly a mixture of surprise, pain, pleasure and anticipation.

Pulling my straps off to expose my breasts, I reached for the massage oil. “I think this might be something you’d like,” I purred. “I’ve noticed that this little party trick turns you on.”

I poured some oil into my cupped hand and spread it liberally over his cock and balls, and then slid my slippery hands over my breasts and cleavage, spreading it around seductively. I fixed my eyes on his face, watching his eyes following the movement of my hands and fending off thoughts of the cameras.

On all fours, I turned to straddle his chest with my thighs, facing his feet. With my bum up in the air, like an astang pranam yoga position, I started inching my oiled breasts down over his stomach till they framed his glistening cock… and then further over his thighs, feeling his powerful erection pressing into my stomach through my body-stocking.

Pausing for a moment, I started sliding backwards. He groaned as I pushed down to squeeze his cock and balls between our bodies and his hips pushed upwards as I slid back to my original position. His cock was as swollen and as hard as I’d ever seen it; so arousing! His hot breath played at my crotch as he exhaled, through the gap in my body-stocking. “How’s this for a Virgin69er Chrissie!” I said to myself.

I wondered how many repetitions of my caterpillar-like move he’d be able to take before he exploded. “Let’s find out,” I thought, as I started a second slide over his erection. He groaned something that sounded like ‘Oh God!’

This time I slid right back onto my haunches so that my swollen lips slid over his bristly chin and met his mouth. I shuddered as his tongue flicked out and started licking and probing, hungrily, urgently. I squirmed to position the delicious tongue-flicking at just the right spot on my clitoris. God it felt good. I must say that one of Brendan’s finest qualities is what he can do with his tongue. He says it turns him on at least as much as it does me, though I cannot understand how that can possibly be. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of evidence that licking me off turns him on!

I moaned loudly… that’s something else that seems to heighten his response. Deep in the back of my mind I was wondering whether it would be picked up on the camera and would heighten the voyeuristic responses too!

Enough of my own pleasure! I reminded myself that I was planning to see how many caterpillar moves he could take, so I returned to my original pose, each time sliding all the way back to smoosh my crotch into his mouth, and pause while he tongued me. On the third stroke, he groaned loudly as my breasts slid back past his cock and my swollen, throbbing clitoris neared his lips. His straining cock flipped up as it was released, purple at the end and twitching rhythmically. “I’m coming!” he groaned loudly.

That much was obvious. I arched my back to keep my body raised up off his cock, to be sure it wasn’t obscured from the camera. After a couple more twitches, a thick creamy spurt of semen shot out, and then another, landing forcefully amongst the hairs on his stomach. I felt hot breath on my clitoris as he emitted a long groan of pleasure and exhaustion.

Climbing off, I knelt beside him on the bed and surveyed his post-orgasmic body. His cock was still partially erect, with threads of sticky semen trailing from the tip into his pubes. An arousing sight… for me!

He smiled up at me, his expression a mixture of pleasure and wonderment. “I’m definitely shopping by myself every weekend,” he murmured.


Act 2

“Oh, I’m not done yet,” I replied. And nor are you!”

He was languid and compliant after his orgasm, and didn’t resist as I pulled his arms up over his head, found the loose ends of his red-and-black ties hidden under the pillows, and tethered his wrists.

He looked at me with a quizzical expression. “What do you think you’re up to?” he asked. It wasn’t really a question, and I wasn’t planning on telling anyway!

I stood up on the bed between his legs and peeled off my body-stocking, rolling it down over my stomach, hips, thighs and legs. I smiled to myself, thinking: “This is a bit like rolling on a condom – in reverse!”

Straddling his body again, I lowered myself down onto his hips, facing his head this time. “Bring your knees up,” I ordered. “I need a back rest”. He instantly did has he was told, with an expectant smile.

“Like this?” he asked. “Is this to your liking?” I could tell from his tone that he was getting into the role of being submissive. And I could tell from some slight pressure against my coccyx that he was aroused by it.

I remained silent, and leaned forward to retrieve my vibrator from under the pillow. It was my big one; the one in the shape of a good-sized cock, with settings for controlling the intensity of vibration and rotation. It even has a red glowing light in the tip. I switched on the light.

I spread my legs apart and leaned back against his thighs, so he could get a good view of what I was about to do with my vibrator. And the angle should have been about right to give an equally good view to the camera. I hoped so anyway, but I also knew if I thought too long about who and what they were watching, I might back out!

I teased his lips with the tip of the vibrator. The red glow warmed his lips as he parted them around the head of the dildo. “Suck my cock,” I ordered. “Lick it, wet it, warm it. Show me what you’d like me to do with my cunning lingus when I’m licking you off!”

I slid the vibrator into his mouth and watched in fascination as he parted his lips and cured his tongue from side to side, exploring the ridges around the head of the cock, flicking the tight skin of the silicone frenulum. I found myself wondering if he had ever fantasised about doing this to another man, but pushed the thought away for another time. Now was not the moment to explore it!

“Not too much there!” I interrupted with a lascivious smile. I repeated something he’d said to me from time to time, during fellatio: “That’s a very sensitive spot… and you don’t want me to come too soon, do you?”

I slid the moistened dildo out of his lips, switched on the vibration, and turned it on myself. His eyes were fixed on where the vibrator was headed. I shuddered as the buzzing tip found my sensitive spots. I closed my eyes and focussed on the feelings, the warmth of the blood flowing in, the swelling of my lips, and the moisture developing deep within me. My clitoris was swelling too and became really sensitive to the vibrations. I could feel a wave of warming starting in the pit of my stomach and spreading to my inner thighs. I relaxed into it, feeling it receding, then building up and spreading again – more intense this time. I was working up a wonderfully stimulating rhythm with the vibrator, sliding it firmly up and down the shaft of my clitoris. With my eyes still tightly closed, I relaxed in to each successive wave of warmth as it seemed to envelop my whole body.

Each undulation was bigger and stronger than the one before, and my thighs, stomach and bum muscles were tensing now, as each wave crested, as if trying to stop it from breaking and ebbing away before I could catch it. It was just wonderful, this two-steps-forward-one-step-back build-up to orgasm. I could have just given in to it and let it happen, but I wanted a bit extra this time; something inside me, something for the muscles in my vagina to grab on to as the next wave started building up.

Worried that it might spoil my build-up, I quickly and gently knelt up and positioned myself with my swollen labia and glistening clitoris at the end of Brendan’s now straining cock. I stayed there, tensed, waiting for the next wave to build up, with my vibrator still buzzing alongside my throbbing clitoris. As it did, I lowered myself slowly down, my muscles tensing, encircling and squeezing his cock as I slid. The feeling was almost overwhelming, as my thighs, bum and stomach squeezed in unison.

I was sliding up and down his cock, the rhythm of this movement replacing the now-forgotten vibrator. It was as if I was swimming desperately, trying to get onto the crest of the next wave as it broke… and I did! An intense pulsation coursed through my body, as the wave took me, shooting an icy-fiery liquid through my skin – an electric current that took away all thought and focused all of my attention on my clitoris and then on my whole body, forcing it into a wonderful state of relaxation that obliterated any other sensation.

It was only as the pulsations were diminishing that I realised I’d been holding my breath As I exhaled slowly, feeling euphoric, I became aware of Brendan. His eyes were screwed up, his face flushed, and there were droplets of sweat amongst his chest hairs. Very sexy! He too was exhaling slowly. He opened his eyes and groaned: “That was intense – really intense! Watching you come; an orgasmic experience… for me!”


The café

On Monday, I was at Woof’s Cafe long before Chrissie. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive, and I’m sure I looked nervous. When the owner, Tessa, came over to see if I wanted to order, I ummmed and ahhhed, ordered a coffee, then said no, I’d wait for Chrissie.

“Are you feeling OK?” she asked in a concerned voice. “You seem a bit worried about something.”

I got myself under control and smiled brightly at her. “No, it’s nothing,” I said. “It’s just that I got Chrissie a present, which I really liked but I’m worried that she didn’t. I’m going to find out when she gets here.”

“Don’t worry Gini,” she reassured me. “I’m sure if you liked it, then so will she. I’ll be back over when she gets here.”

A few long minutes later, in walked Chrissie. She scanned the tables and broke into a broad smile when she saw me. She came over and sat down. I started babbling: “Was it OK Chrissie? What could you see? Were the cameras OK? What happened? How did you get Rob to watch? What did you say? Come on… spill it!”

“Shhh,” she scolded, laughing. “Keep your voice down. Someone’ll hear you!”

Drawing a deep breath to rein in my barrage of questions, I said quietly: “In a minute or two Tessa will be coming over and she’ll ask you if you liked your present. So be ready!”

Chrissie’s eyes widened in disbelief and she blushed. “You didn’t tell her! Did you? No, you couldn’t have… could you? I we come in a lot and she's very friendly with us, but...”

Her voice trailed off I wondered how long I could keep her uncertainty going. I just smiled knowingly and raised an eyebrow, noticing Tessa heading our way.

“Hello Chrissie,” she said cheerily. “You’ve had Gini on tenderhooks. Come on, tell her if you liked her present.” She stood waiting, order pad in hand.

Chrissie looked a bit caught, but recovered her composure quickly. “Oh Gini… it was fantastic,” she said, turning to look at me. “I can’t thank you enough. Even Rob was impressed! It even got him away from the match of the day. It was so thoughtful of you to give us something we could enjoy together.”

I smiled and blushed. I was a bit worried now about how far Chrissie would go. Perhaps she really believed I’d already spilled the beans.

“It was the best movie we’ve seen together in a long time,” Chrissie continued. “So imaginative, so… stimulating. I thought it might be just a chick flick, but Rob really got into it too! That lead actress, isn’t she amazing? So natural. What’s her name again?”

She paused, smiling at me, her eyebrows raised for a response.

“Oh, I can’t remember actually,” I responded, with a nervous laugh.

“What was the movie?” Tessa asked, her interest clearly roused.

Chrissie dropped her voice, and continued in a conspiratorial whisper: “Confessions of a Security Camera… have you heard of it, Tess?”

She shook her head.

“It’s X-rated,” Chrissie declared, and laughed. “Can you believe Gini, the prude, giving me an X-rated movie!”

Tessa laughed as well. “Oh… so she found one you haven’t already seen; I don't believe it!” I blushed and looked away, feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

My eyes must have been wide with amazement, not believing that they could be talking like this. It seemed as though they shared confidences. I wondered if they might have talked about Chrissie’s performance in her back garden. At least the direction of the conversation suggested that Tessa wasn’t aware of what I’d done this past weekend… not yet anyway! I thought I’d better try to turn the conversation away from that, but Chrissie scuppered that plan.

“It’s no ordinary X-rated flick,” she was continuing. “It was directed and produced by a woman. Isn’t that unusual? And there’s a woman in the lead role. She was hot. Hot! I just can’t remember her name. Come on Gini, what was it? Surely you know.”

She smiled at me wickedly as she said this, clearly enjoying my discomfort. Now was my chance.

“No, I don’t,” I replied. “”Probably something like ‘Annie Sprinkle’, ‘Stormy Knight’ or ‘Kendra Lust’!”

I turned to Tessa: “I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than hear about movies. I’ll have a macchiato and a cinnamon scroll please… as usual.” Before she could respond, I quickly added: “What about you Chrissie? I’m paying. As part of your present.”

Chrissie gave her order and I breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re being naughty!” I accused. “I’ll be too embarrassed to come in here again! But tell me what happened. How did you manage it with Rob?”

“Well, I pretended I was having trouble logging on to our WiFi with my phone; played the dumb blonde with Rob. I’d already logged in to your security system. Love your password, by the way: ‘Virgin69’. I can’t imagine you a 69 virgin! Anyway, I couldn’t believe what came up on my phone when it connected. You, in an amazing body-stocking, sprawling over your bed and looking very seductive; and horny! I called Rob to see, pretended to be embarrassed and went to turn off my phone.

“He was gob-smacked. ‘That’s Gini!’ he exclaimed. And he stopped me switching my phone off… of course! He wanted to see what you were going to do next. So did I actually.

“I protested, and said it’s an intrusion on your privacy. But he would have none of it. And then he started thinking about how we could be seeing into your bedroom. ‘I’ve got it!’ he exclaimed, after a while. He worked out that it was your security cameras that I’d stumbled on, without knowing it. But he was confused about why you would a security camera in your bedroom and why two cameras. Good point, I agreed!

“After a while, he blurted out: ‘It’s Brendan! I’ll bet it’s Brendan.’ He decided that Brendan had set them up to spy on you. To see what you might get up to when he’s not there. His conclusion was: ‘If Brendan’s going to watch, then there’s no harm in our watching too.’

“I protested that Brendan’s not like that. That he wouldn’t spy on anyone, least of all you. He seemed convinced and pondered some more. Then he decided that you’d set it up together; that you were somehow recording yourselves, using the security system, to make a DIY porn movie. He seemed pleased with his detective-like reasoning, and the fact that this seemed to justify our watching it.

“We settled down on the couch to watch you playing with yourself. Rob’s brain must have been working overtime, as he leapt up to set up the Apple TV, attached to our big tellie. That was a bit of luck, because just then your text came in to say you were ready and Brendan was due home anytime. If Rob had seen that, our little game would have been up!

Just then our coffees and cakes arrived. I was worried that Chrissie might try to include Tessa in the story, but I needn’t have. She was intent on telling me all about it. “Thanks Tess,” was all she said, as she turned back to me.

“Anyway, Rob sent the pictures on my phone to Apple TV and up you popped on the big TV, just as Brendan was walking into your bedroom. You should have seen the expression on his face, when he saw you sprawled back on the bed in that amazing body suit - beckoning him to join you. It was a bit weird at first, having two angles on the screen at the same time, then we discovered that we could flip from one to the other.

“It was amazing how good your little security cameras are, even on the big screen. Gini, you were incredible! You could be a real porn star. I’m getting wet and horny just sitting here talking about it.

I smiled, partly with relief. She clearly was not just saying this just to make me feel good. “Could you see everything?” I asked, curious about my stage-management and the alignment of the cameras. “I was worried that the angles might have been no good, but there was no way for me to check, and I certainly couldn’t have got up to move the cameras.”

“Oh yes,” she confirmed. “We could see everything.” She paused for emphasis: “Everything! Even your incredible vibrator-play. That really set us off… the way you lost yourself at that point. There was no fake to that orgasm! To be honest, we stopped focussing on the TV about then. We’d moved off the couch onto the sheepskin on the floor in front of the tellie so we could both watch while we joined in, but we didn’t do much watching then. It was the sound-track that kept spurring us on.”

A mix of emotions poured through me as she spoke: relief that it had gone well; a thrill of excitement that this was me she was talking about, me exposing my most intimate sexual self; sexual arousal, coming from the knowledge that I’d been ‘caught’ doing something so daring and rude; curiosity about what we might have looked like on the screen and about what Rob and Chrissie might have been doing on the sheepskin rug.

“I’d like to have seen it myself,” I confessed to Chrissie.

Chrissie reached into her bag and brought out a slim, gift-wrapped parcel.

“You’re in luck,” she said with a giggle. “Here you are. It’s a DVD… of your performance. We recorded it - the whole thing. Enjoy!”