Sexy Bus Journey

Friday always got me excited, as it was the beginning of the weekend. The only time in the week that I could truly be myself. Every other Friday evening I would find myself on a bus or train travelling to a neighbouring town or city, no more than an hour away, on a new adventure. I would trawl the internet for a couple of weeks checking out bars and clubs online to see what was going on and where was best to visit. My train or bus journey would usually involve some flirting to get me in the mood, and I tried to make sure that I sat across from or near a cute looking man. One week I took the bus, which was quite empty and I sat opposite this dish of a man in his late thirties, blonde hair, clean shaven, smart well cut suit, smelling lovely. He had incredible blue eyes and a cheeky smile, sitting in the aisle seat leaving the window seat free. I sat across from him in the window seat and could feel his eyes all over me. My tight yoga pants and tight low slung top were complimenting my curves nicely and I knew he was admiring the view.

“Are you travelling far?” he said in his deep Scandinavian accent. “Only a few stops up the road” I replied staring into his gorgeous eyes. To my surprise he asked “where is your boyfriend or husband?”. “There is no boyfriend or husband”, I said. And with that said, he swung his legs into the aisle and patted his hand playfully on the seat next to him and said, “please, come, join me”. Without hesitation I got up and squeezed past him into the seat on his left next to the window. “My name is Sven, hello, thanks for joining me”, he said with a huge beaming smile, leaning in toward me. “Hi I’m Cathy, pleased to me you… where are you going tonight?” I asked. As he answered he stood up, took off his jacket and put it in the overhead luggage compartment, “wherever you want to take me”, he said as I checked his taut well defined torso and tight ass. I giggled playfully suggesting that was both cheeky and a little creepy as we had only just met. “Moments are for taking”, he said as leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, soft, warm and firm. That kick started the sweet little feeling between my legs as my pussy began to tingle. He turned side on as he pulled me closer to meet him, then gently brushed my long hair from my cheek, as his hand curled behind my neck he kissed me again.

My pussy was beginning to throb and I knew that I was moist because kissing always got me wet. He softly took my hand and placed it on his cock which was solid and clearly visible through his trousers and he whispered, “do you like it?”. I said nothing and presented with such an opportunity from such a sexy man, my hand began to stroke his cock through his trousers. This was a little more than I usually get on a Friday night journey, and I was enjoying his tongue delicately licking my lips in-between his kisses as his hands found my tits and he gently squeezed and circled his thumbs around my nipples. My pussy was fully charged and throbbing as I love a man playing with my nipples. He undid his trouser button and unzipped his fly to allow me to explore further, and I was met by a huge thick hard cock as he was not wearing underwear. My hand circled his girth and I gave a tight squeeze and he gasped.

By now we were almost the only people on the bus except for a few people down the front, and where we were seemed quite safe near the back of the bus. “Turn around for me”, he asked as he helped me turn toward the window. He grabbed the waist of my yoga pants and slid them across my ass down to the top of my thighs. My heart was thumping and I knew my pussy was wet and ready as I felt the tip of his cock nudge its way between my lips. With one thrust he was right up inside of me, and his thick rigid cock stretched my tight aching pussy wide open. He was big… bigger than most cocks as I felt his rhythm build, so I brought my knees up onto the seat and pushed my ass out towards him. He took a firm grip of my waist and started to pump deep, and oh fuck was this man big. He worked my pussy with his cock sliding in and out steady and forceful, slamming himself against me, with his balls slapping my clit every now and then, it was delicious. “I want to suck you” I said, and in a second he withdrew and had twirled me around to meet his massive cock covered in my pussy juice. I loved sucking cock, and I gave him my best, squeezing and wanking the base of his thick manhood while my mouth took what it could. His hand was on my head pushing down to my rhythm and he was uncontrollably groaning, which probably could not be heard at the front of the bus. His cock was thick, long and smooth in my mouth and his foreskin had been pulled back from being in my pussy. I was loving it.

I knew I wanted him in my cunt right there and then, I wanted to feel his juice between my legs, so I stood up for a few seconds turned away from him, and sat myself down on his big cock. His huge cock slid right up inside my pussy as I sat my whole weight on him. He began to grind into my pussy which drove me wild past the point of any inhibition and I started fucking him cowgirl style. I couldn’t get enough of this big cock as I bounced up and down working him nearer to his orgasm. My pussy was on fire, tingling and throbbing as I worked him hard, making sure I was taking every inch. That’s when he took a hold of me, grabbing me roughly by my hips and dictating the rhythm, thrusting up into my eager cunt… he pulled me tight onto his lap and pushed up as I felt his thick cock twitch inside me, again and again he kept twitching and throbbing inside my soaking wet cunt. I could feel that he had flooded me full of his warm sticky juice, and he flopped back into his seat, his cock still fully inside my pussy, with my lips stretched wide.

I could feel his cum trickle down my thigh as I pulled up my yoga pants and recompose myself, as his lips met mine again, and his strong arms pulled me closer. “Let’s find a hotel” he said. “Okay” I replied, as I did not want to pass the opportunity of having his massive big cock up side me again. A few miles later the bus pulled into the station, it wasn't where I planned to get off, however we were in a taxi and off to the nearest hotel for a fantastic night of sex. The best sex I’ve had to date so far.

Written by

Fran Dessop©