Sex At The Brothel

A brothel filled with whores 
Men come to get laid 
They need love and to be adored 
Most of them have just been paid

They come into the main room 
All the ladies are in a line 
Lots of different smelling perfume 
These ladies look extremely fine

They’re in lingerie made of lace 
They're all on display
Time is ticking, it’s now a race 
The men want a roll in the hay

The men look at all the hussies
They smile at them and lick their lips 
These whores are ready; no need to be fussy
The ladies have their hands on their hips

The man points to one of the girls 
She’s exotic looking and really hot 
Her hair is long with beautiful curls 
He’s hoping this whore hits the spot

She holds his hand and they walk 
Down the hallway to her place 
He pays her and they start to talk 
He loves her body and her pretty face

He strips and gets on the bed 
She gets into position 
The man wants a little head 
This whore is on a mission

She wraps her lips around his dick 
He tells her his wife doesn’t do this 
She starts to suck on his prick 
The guy is in total bliss

The whore deep throats his wand 
She’s sucking all the way down 
She’s his dream girl that is blond 
He’s smiling with no frowns

The guy tells her to fuck him 
She strips and eases down on his cock 
He tells the whore his name is Tim 
His cock is hard as a rock

Her pussy feels so good 
While she rides his joystick 
The whore loves his manhood 
She’s riding his big dick 

The guy plays with her tits 
She’s got huge breast implants 
His cock is deep in her slit 
He’s talking fast like in a rant

The whore orgasms and screams 
The guy growls and he comes 
He fills her pussy with his cream 
He's enjoyed all the sexual fun

The guy is happy and delighted 
He blasted his come into her cunt 
He feels great and is excited 
He loved her moans and grunts

She stands up, he kneels 
Her cream pie starts to drip
He licks her pussy like a meal 
The whore pulls on her nips

She orgasms again silently
He licks her pussy clean 
While she stands there quietly
He believes the whore is a teen

The guy is happy and feels fulfilled
He gives her extra money
He loves that she was skilled
He kisses her and calls her honey

He dresses and leaves the brothel 
He feels like a new man 
Drives back home to his wife who's hostile
Whores and brothels will be his new plan


2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27

This work and any audio recordings may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Mysteria27) expressed written permission.