The Log Of The Trading Ship Julay - The Breeders Of Bindar

“Again, now!”

I didn’t have to be asked, because it was always this way, well, every eight days anyway.  This was the last day of Xanmar’s reproduction cycle and the day that would wear me down to one very exhausted and quivering, but very happy and sated Earther.  

The females of the Felinian species all share what Xanmar calls “an evolution of their biology”, and I was getting so I enjoyed it.  There were seven days of Xanmar being a somewhat cold but very enticing blonde with a golden mane that almost reached her waist and a body that would raise the cock on a marble statue.  Then, there was one day of Xanmar trying to fuck me to death.

It had started last night, or at least what the Julay calculates as night.  In space, it’s always dark, so the computers on the Julay light up panels for sixteen or so hours out of every twenty-eight to simulate sunlight.  I probably should try to figure out how to set the Julay’s computers for a normal twenty-four hour Earth day, but I’ve sort of gotten used to Calendian time.  

Xanmar lifted her hips up and drove my swollen cock inside her snug, bare pussy just a fraction of a centimeter more and then moaned.


Well, I was in as deep as my cock would go, but on the next stroke, I slammed Xanmar hard enough her breasts shook.  She has a lot to shake, and they bounced up toward her face, then back down, then up a little less, and then settled back into twin mounds topped with dark pink, turgid nipples that just begged to be sucked.  I bit gently on the left one and then lifted that breast into a pointed cone and slammed the base of my rigid cock into her soft pussy lips again.  Xanmar shrieked and a flood of her juices coated my cock and balls.  

She arched up high and a spasm caused her pussy to clamp down hard on my cock.  For about the tenth time so far, my cock spurted shot after shot of cum deep inside her warm, wet, clasping passage.  When she felt the first one, Xanmar shrieked again and her hips rocked uncontrollably.  After the fourth, she sighed and eased back down on the bed.  She was panting, but managed to murmur, “Again, now.”

The familiar feeling of her body injecting my cock with the liquid that would let her keep feeling those warm spurts for the next few hours had caused me to keep cumming, so I was panting too.  Like always, the hormones in her juices were keeping my cock stiff and swollen.  After a minute or so, my head stopped spinning enough I could start rapidly ramming my cock in and out of Xanmar’s dripping wet pussy until she came again.  In an hour or so, I wouldn’t be able move by myself and Xanmar’s reproduction day would be over.  Then I could sleep for a day, drink about a liter of Wischan water weed extract, and I’d be OK.

The next morning, Xanmar was happy and full of life.  I was happy and beat.  After a painful trip to the bridge, I plopped down in the console chair to check on the distance to Religia Three.  Religia Three was out of my way by a good bit, clear out on the edge of the galaxy, but the Julay needed fuel, and it was the only  planet with really good manchalite ore.  

The Religians are miners who were originally from the planet Idomini.  They refine the ore into fuel cubes and trade them for things they can’t grow or make on the planet.  Since Religia is pretty much a desert, there aren’t many plants or animals that they can use to make clothing.  I’m not sure what they eat and I’m not sure I want to know.

I had a whole cargo bay full of clothes fresh from the mills on Serengia that I could trade for enough manchalite cubes to power the Julay for at least a year.  There really wouldn’t be much trading going on.  The Religians know the only reason traders call on them is for fuel.  Because of this, they name a price and stick to it.  I thought I had more than enough to fill the Julay’s fuel bunker.  If the clothing wasn’t enough, I had some Felinian ale on board.  

I didn’t want to trade the ale.  I was saving it for trade on Yuglon.  Yuglon is the home planet of the Yuglicks, a species known for their strength and bravery.  They’re hired as mercenariies by several planets in the galaxy.  

The Yuglicks are also known for one other trait.  Due to some random mutation eons ago, they can’t get in the mood for reproduction without what I wanted on Yuglon – Jananga fruit.  With the Felinian ale, I’d get a lot of Jananga fruit.

Trading in Janaga fruit is a little risky because it’s outlawed by any of the planets that use Yuglicks.  See, when the Yuglicks have jananga, they want to fuck, and when a Yuglick wants to fuck, you don’t fuck with him or her, so to speak, unless you’re another Yuglick.  They’ve been known to rip off body parts of anyone who crosses them, and that’s even when they’re not horny.

Being a little illegal didn’t worry me a lot.  The Julay has hidden compartments where I’d hide the Jananga from customs.  Even if I got caught, the customs guys were usually half-hearted about enforcing the law.  I mean, after all, how could you deny anybody the chance to get laid? In my book that’s kind of a right, not a privilege.  The customs officers would confiscate my Jananga and send me on my way.  Then, they’d trade the Jananga to the Yuglicks themselves.

With a lot of Jananga fruit, I’d get…well, I wasn’t sure what I’d get.  The last time I traded with the Yuglicks, I got Xanmar.  She was a Felinian spy they’d captured during the battle of Bonamar.  What I thought I was getting was Xanmar’s promise of a reward for taking her home.  I did that, and got my reward.  I also got Xanmar.  She decided to give up the spy business and come with me.  

Xanmar walked up on the bridge and stood beside me looking at the navigation display.  She was naked, like she usually was when we weren’t trading.  I felt a twinge in my limp cock and then recognized the effect of the pheromones emanating from her body.  Yesterday, that scent I couldn’t consciously detect would have turned my limp cock into a rigid rod aching to be sheathed in Xanmar.  Today, as was always the case, the pheromones were fading, and were only a pleasant reminder.

“A few hours?”, she asked.

“About five, I think.  You’d better stay on the Julay while I trade.  The Religians are a little odd about females.”

“Oh?  When we went to Idomini, they appeared to like females.  There were females with all the males; often there were two or three females with one male.”

“Well, these guys are no different, except they haven’t had a real female in years.  You know how you feel on your reproduction day?  Well multiply that by about a million.”

“Why do they not just send for some of their females from Idomini?”

“The way I heard it, they did once.  Brought in a couple of dozen to keep them company.  Most of them were impregnated within a month and went back to Idomini.  The ones who didn’t, well, there weren’t enough left to go around.  They got pretty much fucked to a frazzle and had to be evacuated.  A couple didn’t make it even then.”

“How many males are there?”

“About a hundred, give or take.  Even both of us couldn’t fight them all off.”

“Then we should have scheduled our trip so I would be there on my reproduction day.  That would have given them some relief and helped you out too.”

“Oh, right.  And then the half of the Religians who were still alive would hang both of us in a gorryna hole.  It takes a week before those big bugs finally eat all of you and they leave the parts that keep you alive until last.  Nope, you stay on the Julay.”

t didn’t take long for the Religians and I to come to an agreement about the trade.  I got enough manchalite to fill up the Julay’s fuel bay with a little extra to spare, and only had to give up one case of Felinian ale.  

It took another day to fill up the Julay, and then we plotted a course for Longindo.
Longindo was a farming planet, and one of the richest in the galaxy.  The center of trade was Po, a large city where most of the residents lived.  Other than a few small villages, the rest of the small planet was filled with the farms where herds of amaxyls and quilixes grazed and where they grew crops.  During their summer, the fields of gronic and austilibi were green.  It was late enough now, the fields would be bright red and ready to harvest.  I hoped to trade my extra manchalite cubes for some gronic flour and maybe a little austilibi meal if I could get it.  The residents on Pardidi love both and will pay a high price to have some.

While I was there, I figured I might as well pick up a few jars of rubaloge.  Rubaloge is the pickled penis of the male amaxyl.  The amaxyl is a six legged animal a little like the camel on earth, and the average amaxyl has a penis that’s nearly thirty centimeters long and a little over eight centimeters in diameter.  The slaughter houses on Longindo pickle them in yaga berry brandy and they’re considered a delicacy.  Supposedly, they taste great, but I just can’t bring myself to chow down on a cock.  It’s not who I am.  Besides, they just look gross.

The girl amaxyls aren’t usually all that willing to be bred, and will buck and run to shake off the male once they’re penetrated.  All down the shaft of the amaxyl penis are these long, rubbery spike things that help keep the boy amaxyls buried to the hilt in the girl amaxyls once they manage to get them stuck.  If everything works like it’s supposed to, in about six months, there’ll be three or four more little amaxyls running with the herd, and the girl amaxyl will be trying to buck off the boy amaxyl again.

I once took a couple to Reega and Reegine, two of my friends on Borchan.  Reega and Reegine both seem to like the weird and unusual, and a pickled amaxyl cock is nothing if not both.  I was explaining to both of them how to eat them, but they weren’t listening.  I was getting to the part about slicing them crossways, not lengthwise, when Reega grinned and said, “I know what these will be good for.”  She fished one of the pickled peckers out of the jar and stuck the pointed tip in her mouth, sucked on it a little, and then spread her thighs wide and pushed it inside her pussy.  

After she stopped panting and humping up off the floor, Reega grinned again.

“Wow!  That was fantastic.  You bring us some more of these and you’ll make us very happy.”

I promised to get some the next chance I got.  Reega and Reegine operate the landing pad at Cown City.  The benefits of keeping Reega and Reegine happy are keeping my ability to land on Borchan without a lot of questions, and certain other things.   Borchan females have these muscles that sort of suck at you once you’re buried to the balls and…

Well, anyway, we were almost four Calendian weeks at light-two from Longindo. That meant at least three more of Xanmar’s reproduction days, so I decided to start resting up.    The computers on the Julay would get us there and avoid other ships, asteroids, and the odd space junk along the way.  After confirming the course, I told Xanmar I was going to take a nap and went to our bedroom.  She said something about talking to Borchan, but I wasn’t really listening.

Xanmar talks a lot with Manoleen, the Governor of the Borchan province where Cown City is located.  Xanmar, in spite of the fuck frenzy she gets into during her reproduction day, doesn’t know much about intimate relationships.  During that one day, she’d take on anything with a cock and drain it dry, but it’s all instinct and she has no idea of what she’s doing or how she’s doing it.

Manoleen, on the other hand, doesn’t have reproduction days, well, unless you’d consider every one of her days to be a reproduction day.  She’s a lot on the insatiable side, very experienced, and somewhat motherly.  As soon as I introduced them, Manoleen sort of took Xanmar under her wing and started teaching her about males and females.  They talk at least once a day, and sometimes more.

I was just getting into a dream about Reega and Reegine when something woke me up.  It was a great dream too.  Reega had her big breasts, all four of them, dangling over my face and I was playing nip the nipples.  Reegine was busy wrapping her lips around my cock and tickling my balls.  Things were just about to come to a head, so to speak, when I felt something jar the bed.

The thought of a stray asteroid hitting the Julay flashed Reega and Reegine back into my subconscious.  Even a little one could cause enough damage I’d have to put in and repair it.  I raised up to a sitting position and saw Xanmar beside me.

She smiled.

“I have been talking with Manoleen about something she said when we were on Borchan the last time.  I told you about our conversation, remember?  She said some females enjoy taking a male’s reproductive fluids in their mouth.  I just learned how to do that.”

Before I could say I didn’t have reproductive fluids left to give, Xanmar unzipped my pants and fished around for my cock.

“She said first I should lick the underside a little.  That will make it hard enough for what comes next.”

Well, Manoleen did know how to raise a cock.  I swear she could make a wet sock stand up stiff and hard with her tongue.  She’d taught Xanmar well, I thought.

In a minute, the cock I’d thought was down for the count for at least a couple of days was showing signs of life.  As soon as it twitched when Xanmar licked it, she said, “Now I am to put it in my mouth and suck, but not too hard. Not at first.”

Once Xanmar wrapped her lips around the head and sucked, I had to groan.  I also made a mental note to explain to Xanmar that her understanding of not sucking too hard needed some work.  All the blood racing through my cock and up to the head sort of made me dizzy, so I fell back on the mattress. She kept sucking and her tongue kept licking until my cock head was swollen tight.  

“Am I doing it correctly?” she asked.

“If you aren’t I don’t know how you’d do it any better.”

“Good.  Manoleen said now I am supposed to begin bobbing my head up and down, and tickle your…balls I believe she called them, at the same time.”

The soft fingers on my balls, and the incredible sucking sensation on the head of my cock were taking me on a trip that was going to end too soon.  

“Xanmar, slow down a little.”

“Why?  Do you not wish to release your fluids?”

“Well, yes, but I like to have my partner enjoy herself too.”

“I am enjoying myself.  Lie still and let me practice what Manoleen said I should do.

Xanmar slowly lowered her soft wet lips down over my shaft all the way to the base of my cock, sucked a little harder, and then slowly pulled her face up.  Her lips dragged the full length of my shaft, and when my cock head slipped from her mouth, there was a little smacking sound.

Xanmar did it again, and I groaned.  For not having done this before, she was damn good, so good, I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

“Xanmar, if you keep going –“

“I know what will happen.  That is the point, is it not?  Now, be quiet so I may concentrate.”

I was quiet for about a minute.  After that, her sucking lips and roving tongue had me on the brink.  I groaned again and lifted my hips off the mattress.  Xanmar just pushed my cock into her throat again and stroked my balls.  I couldn’t have held out if my life depended on it.

I arched up again just as the first spurt raced up through my cock.  Xanmar said “Mmmmm” as she swallowed.  That swallowing did some fantastic things to my cock head and the second shot was even stronger.  Xanmar kept swallowing through another couple of spurts, and when I sagged back down on the mattress, she started licking my shaft.

“Your reproductive fluids taste very nice, not at all what I expected.  We shall do this again.”

“Well, not for a while, OK?  After your reproduction day and now this, I’m not sure I’ll be ready again until tomorrow.”

“I can wait until tomorrow.  I shall discuss this with Manoleen to learn how to do it better then.”

I fell asleep a little later.  Reega and Reegine didn’t come back to my dreams because I was too wiped out to have any.  

After what seemed like only a few minutes, Xanmar woke me up again.

“We are being hailed.”

“By the Religians?  What do they want?  We’re not even a few hours from them yet.”

“You have slept for two days.  We are nearing Bindar, and the hail is from what I believe is one of their battle cruisers.”

A quick check of the nav display proved Xanmar correct.  I hadn’t intended our course to get that close to Bindar, but evidently the nav computer had diverted us in that direction to avoid the solar flare it had logged the day before.

Bindar was the odd duck in the galactic pond.  The planet had been attempting to get a representative on the Intergalactic Council for decades, but could never get enough votes because of their treatment of the other members.  The attitude of Bindar was that they should be considered a major galaxy power, and they made continued threats of mass destruction of any planet that threatened that standing.

Of course, being the small, backward planet that Bindar is, those threats were never taken seriously.  Their technology was mostly that left over from the last intergalactic war four decades ago, and wasn’t much of a threat.  Their battle cruisers, when they worked at all, didn’t have the range or speed to reach any of the civilized planets without generating a warning from the galactic defense system.  Even if they had been able to get close to another planet, their ships would have been blasted into atoms before they could have done much damage.

Bindar was very irritated by being ignored and continually attempted to intimidate the rest of the galaxy.  That intimidation included taking captives from any ship that ventured near enough to reach with their battle cruisers.  The result was that nobody, and I mean nobody, ever went near Bindar.  It was a generally accepted fact that if one went to Bindar, one did not come back.  I was trying to figure out a way not to have the same fate when the com unit blared.

“Alien ship, slow to sub-light and follow me.”

I keyed the console to send.

“This is the trader Julay, out of Calendia.  Please identify yourself.”

“I am Mu, captain of the battle cruiser Adal, flagship of the Bindar fleet.  You are ordered to slow to sub-light and follow me to Bindar.”

“I have no business on Bindar.  Why should I follow you?”

“We know of the Julay.  Emporer Dorgh wishes to trade for your manchalite cubes.”

So, he only wanted my fuel…maybe.  Maybe not.  I wasn’t going to find out.

“I have no manchalite cubes to trade.”

“We have information that you do.  Slow to sub-light and follow me or I will blast you out of the galaxy.”

Xanmar was watching the weapons console on the Julay.

“They have locked onto us with an antiquated plasma cannon.  At this range, even with a weapon so old, one shot will cause us much damage.  We should do as he asks.”

“They’ll probably just take the fuel and kill us.”

“I know something of Bindar.  The Felinians once captured a Bindaran fighter the crew had stolen in hopes of finding someone to take them in.  The captain of the fighter told us many things, including the fact there are others on Bindar who wish to change things.  Perhaps we can make contact with some of them and they will help us.”

I didn’t like it, but I didn’t have much choice.

“Battle cruiser Adal, we are slowing to sub-light and preparing to follow you.”

Bindar wasn’t what I’d imagined.  Some traders said it was a planet of savages who eat their captives because they can’t grow enough food to feed the population.  Others said it was just a very poor planet and made its threats in hopes of getting aid from the rest of the galaxy.  It wasn’t really either, though there were several surprises when the Julay’s shuttle landed.

There were people in military uniforms all over the place.  Given the fact that Bindar liked to boast of having the biggest military in the galaxy, that wasn’t too surprising.  What was surprising was that the military was comprised of both males and females.  An even bigger surprise was the difference between the sexes.  

The males were short and heavy through the belly, with cruel looking faces.  Those faces also didn’t look particularly intelligent either.  If they were a representative sample of the male population, it was no wonder Bindar was such a backward planet.

Others in uniform were taller, thin, and had somewhat delicate features, though their faces were almost as equally stern as the males.  They looked as if they might be female, and asked Xanmar if they were.

“Yes, there are both males and females in their military, but the females are very unique.  They do not reproduce.  Instead, they are the equivalent of males except for height and to some extent, in strength.”

“So, if these females don’t reproduce, where do little Bindarans come from?  I saw some when they walked us to the palace.”

“From the breeders.”


One of the guards escorting us jabbered something.  Xanmar translated.

“They want us to stop talking because they do not understand us.  I will explain at a later time.”

We walked down a hallway inside the palace and entered what I assumed was the Emperor’s office.  Sitting on a raised platform on a huge, red cushion was a humanoid male drinking something from a cup.  He had the same body type as the soldiers outside, though he did look as if he was probably a little smarter.

One of the guards jabbered something again, and the Emperor looked up.  Xamnar translated what just sounded like gibberish to me.

“You must be the captain of the Julay.”

“Yeah, Will Blanden’s the name.  Captain Will Blanden.”

“Odd name.  I am Wukholmajing Dorgh, Emporer of Bindar.  Who is this female with you?”

“This is Xanmar, my uh…my navigator.”

“A Felinian, I believe.  We have heard of these obscene creatures who kill their males to satisfy their urges.”

 “Yes, she’s Felinian, but you have nothing to fear from us.  I’m just a trader and she’s my navigator.  Why did you stop us and bring us here?  We don’t want to trade with you.”

The Emperor frowned.

“I have no fear of any anyone, Captain, least of all from an outlaw trader and his murdering whore.  Tempt me again with your brave talk, and I shall give your female to my palace guard.  We will see how well she fares at their hands.

He smiled then.

I have need of you, though.  I need manchalite fuel for my fleet, and unfortunately, because of our status with the Intergalactic Council, Religia will not trade directly with us.  We tracked your ship to Religia and then to where we stopped you.  No one goes to Religia except to obtain manchalite fuel, so we know you did the same.  I would trade for half of your fuel, and send you back to Religia for more if you are agreeable.”

I was pretty sure the real reason he couldn’t get his own fuel was that Bindar didn’t have a ship that would stay running long enough to make it to Religia.  The Religians aren’t all that picky about who they trade with.

“I don’t know.  What would I be taking back to Religia in trade?”

“We have recently discovered deposits of laminum on Bindar.  As you know, laminum is necessary for the refining of manchalite ore.  I will send your ship full of laminum and you will return with it full of manchalite cubes.”

No good trader ever accepts the first offer, because the offers always get better.

“If I do this, you’ll get your fuel, but what’s in it for me?  You need to sweeten the pot a little before I agree to your offer.”

The Emperor shrugged.

“If you don’t agree, I will take what manchalite you have on board, blow up your ship, and force you both to work in the sewage ponds outside the city.  Most captives last only a few weeks there.  Perhaps you will do better, perhaps you will not.

“I would rather you agreed.  It is important for Bindar to be perceived as being interested in getting along with the rest of the galaxy…for now, anyway, and better for you and your navigator too.”

“When would we leave?”

“You, along with two of my lieutanants, will leave in the morning.  Your woman  will stay here with me…just to make sure you fulfill your part of the agreement.”

After a quick mental calculation, I figured a couple days to Religia, a day to bargain and load up, than a couple more back to Bindar.  I’d be back and we’d be on our way before Xanmar’s next reproduction day.  

I wasn’t sure what would happen if I was late.  As long as Xanmar found a way to satisfy her instincts without hurting anyone, she’d probably be all right.  If not, if they kept her locked in cell or something she might not be the same Xanmar when I got back.

It’s not like I loved her or anything, and I didn’t consider her “my woman” as the Emperor has said.  “Woman” is a term I keep for Earther females.  I’d just gotten used to having her around.  Space can get pretty lonely when you’re by yourself, and having Xanmar along made the days go faster.  Even if she hadn’t had her reproduction days, I’d have liked having her there.  

I really wanted to tell the Emperor to go fuck himself, but I couldn’t bear the thought of what he might do to Xanmar if I did.  Sometimes, going with the flow is better than against it.  At least it would give me time to think.

“OK, Emperor uh…Emperor.  I’ll go get your manchalite, but nothing better happen to Xanmar.”

“She will be quite safe here with me, just as you will be with my lieutenants.”

The Julay felt empty without Xanmar, even though there were two of the Emperor’s military on board.  As luck would have it, or not have it, they were a pair of the females I’d seen when we landed.  They couldn’t understand what I said to them and I couldn’t understand them, so I figured it was going to be a long five days.

As soon as we hit light-two, my two guards removed the heavy black helmets they wore and combed the short auburn hair on their heads with their fingers.  The taller of the two pointed to her chest and said “Moku”, then pointed to the other and said, “Tiko”.  She then pointed to me.


Moku repeated my name, but apparently their language had trouble with the letter “w”.  


I shook my head.  “Will, with a w…wuh”


“Almost.”  I pursed my lips and made a “wuh” sound.  “Like that…Wuhill”.


“Close enough for now, I guess.”

The shorter of the two, Tiko, seemed to be fidgeting around.  I pointed to her and raised both my hands as I would when asking a question.  She looked at me with a frown on her face, and then almost smiled.  Putting her hands to her crotch, she began squirming.

“Oh, I see.  Down the passageway and to the – here, I’ll show you.”

I guess females on Bindar aren’t all that different from Earther females. They both went into the head together.  About ten minutes later, they both came back, out of their uniforms this time.  I didn’t see the ion pistols on their belts for a few seconds.  There were other things to look at.

They wore what I assumed was the standard Oparan military underwear - purple boxer shorts and a purple T-shirt that contrasted nicely with their pale white skin.  The boxer shorts pretty much confirmed neither had much of an ass, but they did have nice slender legs.  The T-shirts fit tight enough I could see they did indeed have breasts, just really small, pointed ones with short, thick nipples.  I’m kind of a nipple man, so they were kind of erotic, in a short, thick nippley kind of way.

They saw me staring, and that’s when I noticed the ion pistols.  I noticed them because both of them frowned, pointed their pistols at me and held out the other hand as if to say “Stay away.”

I quickly held up my hands to show I would, and smiled at them.  They didn’t smile back, but at least they put their pistols back on their belts.

After checking the nav computer to make sure it had plotted the fastest course, I decided to turn in.  It had been a long day, and I needed some sleep.  When I stood up, Moku and Tiko reached for their pistols, but my raised hands seemed to put them at ease.  I yawned, put both hands beside my face, laid my head to the side and closed my eyes.  When I opened them, both my guards nodded they understood.  They followed me down the passageway to the sleeping quarters.

They both watched as I stripped down to my shorts, pulled the blanket and sheet down, and turned out the light.  I’d expected them to go do whatever they were supposed to do.  Instead, Moku climbed into the bed beside me.  Apparently, one would stand guard while the other slept.  I supposed that being in a military with both sexes also made it seem normal for one of them to share my bed.

Well, neither one was going to sleep in the same bed with me.  I mean, even if they were flat chested, they were still females and probably had female parts under those boxer shorts.  What if I woke up in the middle of the night and forgot they weren’t normal females?  I didn’t want to think about what they might do to me if I even just touched one of them accidentally, let alone what would happen if...  I got up, took an extra blanket from the bedding compartment and went up to the observation deck.  The couch there wasn’t all that comfortable, but it would have to do.

I wasn’t sure how long I slept, but when I woke up, the Julay had turned on the artificial sunlight panel in the overhead.  After stretching out a few kinks caused by a sagging spot in the couch, I walked to the galley to make some oleran tea and see if there was anything I felt like eating.  My pantry wasn’t well stocked, but there were some dried finxle eggs that would fill me up.  After boiling water for my tea, and warming the eggs a little, I took both to the bridge to check on our progress toward Religia.  My guards were there waiting for me, still in their boxers and T-shirts, and still wearing their pistols.

The rest of the trip to Religia was about the same.  I’d spend the day just killing time.  Moku and Tiko would spend the day watching me killing time.  After eating, I’d go up to the observation deck to sleep.  I never checked, but I assume they went back to my bed.

We went into orbit around Religia on schedule, and I soon had the shuttle heading toward the landing pad at the mining colony.  Mazel met me when I stepped onto the pad with Moku and Tiko close behind.  They were in uniform again, but that didn’t phase Mazel.  He was excited.

“You brought two females. What would you like in trade for them?”

“Mazel, trading them to you would qualify as slavery, and I don’t want to become food for the Borchan bangas.  .You wouldn’t want them anyway.  They’d probably just as soon kill you as fuck you.  They’re my…my crew.”

It was obvious he didn’t understand, but then, if I hadn’t fucked anything in years and then saw two females within touching distance, I’d probably have a hard time thinking straight too.  

“Mazel, let’s go somewhere so I can explain.”

The miners on these out-of-the-way planets are usually a little on the outlaw side, but I wasn’t sure about Mazel.  I didn’t tell him who was behind my trip, just that I’d traded for a bunch of laminum and I wanted to trade it for more manchalite cubes.  He seemed pleased with that explanation, but still wanted to know about the females with me.

“Are you sure those females wouldn’t agree to stay?  I could give you more cubes if they do.”

“No, they’re just along for the ride.  I’m dropping them off at Longindo when I get there.  They’re not what you want anyway.  They don’t have big enough hips to hold on to, and you’d play yinyuk on a goondic trying to find their tits.”

Mazel sighed.

“We need the laminum and we have some cubes, just not enough.  We loaded up a freighter yesterday.  It’ll take a day to get enough to match the laminum you brought.”

I couldn’t tell him I’d just take what he had.  The Emperor would send me off to wade in a lake of shit until I died.  If I waited…

The Julay was built for up to light-four, but because she was getting along in years, I’d never pushed her that far.  If I had to wait another day, it was either light-three at least or Xanmar would probably be in trouble.

Sleep that night was impossible.  I kept thinking about Xanmar.  Did they have her in a holding cell without food, or worse, were they abusing her?  With the training she’d received to become a Felinian agent, I was pretty sure she could defend herself, but there was no way she could fight off an entire army.  

The sunlight panels came on about the same time I mentally listed the hundred-and-seventh way Xanmar could be being mistreated.  I walked down to the galley for something to eat and drink before taking the shuttle back to Religia for loading.  Tiko was standing guard and put her hand on her pistol when she saw me.  I held up my hands and she relaxed enough to smile a little as I passed by.  

Over the last two days, I’d decided Moku and Tiko were actually pretty nice to look at if you liked short hair and boyish figures.  In another situation, I probably would have liked them as friends.  They were a little masculine for my taste, but I knew some men would like that as well.  

It was a pity they were from Bindar.  From what little I’d seen, the military on Bindar were little better than slaves to the Emperor.  I figured that would explain why they weren’t even a little bit friendly.  To let down their guard and even smile might cause them to fail in their mission.  I could only imagine what that might mean, but they both looked fearful of something all the time.

While I had my tea and gronic crackers, Tiko left me alone.  I was loading the first load of laminum when they both came into the shuttle bay, dressed in their uniforms.  We took off from the Julay, and in a few minutes set down on the landing pad at the mining colony.

Mazel had the cubes bagged and ready, but it took most of the day to transfer the laminum to Religia and the manchalite cubes to the Julay.  After making sure my cargo was secure, I set the nav computer for Bindar.  The Julay surged out of orbit at light-one, and as soon as we were a few thousand kilometers from Religia, I set her for light-two.  Light-two was uneventful, so I cautiously dialed in light- two point five.  The Julay shuddered a little, but then everything smoothed out, so I tapped in light-three.

It took her a while, but the Julay made it to light-three with no problems except a little hiccup somewhere around light-two point eight.   I decided to let her cruise at that speed for a while to make sure nothing was going to break before trying light-four.  An hour later, everything seemed to be fine except for a tiny little rattle from somewhere in the instrument cluster, so I tapped in light-four.  The rattle went away and the Julay was soon flying through space on her way to Bindar.

Light-four cut a day off our travel time to Bindar, and the Julay went into orbit on my original schedule.  I had left the last load of cubes on the shuttle, so ten minutes after our arrival, Moku, Tiko and I were flying down to the landing pad at the Emperor’s palace.  We landed to see several cargo shuttles waiting to pick up the manchalite cubes.

The trips to the Julay and back took more than half the day, but I figured Xanmar and I could still make it out of orbit and be on our way to Longindo before her reproductive day began.  I’d be sure to never venture this close to Bindar again, and all this would just be a story I could tell someday while sharing a few beers with some other traders.  When I brought the shuttle in for the last load, Moku motioned for me to follow her.

The Emperor sat on his red cushion, and Xanmar sat there at his side with a collar and chain around her neck.  She smiled when she saw me.  While Moku and Tiko spoke quietly with the Emporer, I asked Xanmar if she was all right.

“Yes.  They did not try to do anything.  They just locked me up with the breeders.”

The Emperor cleared his throat, then began talking in the same gibberish as before.  Xanmar translated.

“So, you brought the manchalite cubes.  Good, good.  You have done a good job.”

“Yes.  I’ve done what you wanted.  Now, let Xanmar and me go.”

“Yes, in due time.  My fleet needed the fuel and my lieutenants tell me you were no trouble at all.”

“All I wanted to do was get to Religia and back.  Besides, what could I have done?  There were two of them and one of me.”

“True, but you still could have tried.  You didn’t, and that makes me wish for you to make another trip.”

This was turning from a good story into a bad dream.

“Another trip?”

“Several, actually.  I have six battle cruisers that need fuel along with ten troop carriers, not to mention several small shuttles and other craft.  I would say another twenty trading missions would put them all back in commission.”

“That wasn’t part of our deal.  I seem to remember you said one trip and I made one trip.”

“I seem to remember that being Emperor means I can change the agreement as I see fit, and I see fit to change it.”  

He smiled the smile I imagine a bolan sees on the face of a licture lizard just before it gets eaten.  

“The other option is still open, if you’d prefer that.  Oh, and I know about Xanmar’s reproduction day.  It’s tomorrow, is it not?  She is already beginning to stink of the need for penetration.  Yes, I can detect the odor and it is a sense I wish were not mine.  She reeks of it.  Rest assured she will not suffer.  I have thirty of my enlisted males ready to do their duty.”

I was fuming.  The cardinal rule of trading is to never, never, ever change a deal once it’s settled.  The Emperor had broken ours and I was sure that’s what he’d planned all along.  Then there was Xanmar.  The thought of even one of the Oparan males fucking her made my blood boil.  She deserved more than that.  She deserved someone who understood her need and willingly satisfied it, not some flunky cock ordered to screw her until he died or she didn’t need it anymore.

The Emperor laughed.

“You would kill me right now if you had the opportunity, would you not?  I like that.  It shows strength and character, something lacking in some of our troops.  You may think about it for a moment if you wish.”

Xanmar added a statement to his last, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Just agree, Will.  Tell him you need to spend the night here to fix something on the shuttle.  You will see that everything will work out all right.”

I took a breath, then another to calm down a little and hoped Xanmar knew what she was talking about.

“OK, twenty more trips and then you let us go?”

“That is my proposal.  Do you accept?”

“I’ll need to spend the night here.  My shuttle…the flux coils overheated on the last trip down.  I need to find out why and fix the problem.”

“That will not be an issue.  Of course, my two lieutenants will be guarding you, but if you need tools or anything I can supply, all you need do is ask one of them.”

“And Xanmar?”

“As I said, I have the situation well under control.  Do not worry.  She will be treated kindly.  We are not brutes, you know.”

I didn’t believe that for a second.  The male soldiers I’d seen all looked strong as Borchan oxen though probably not quite as intelligent, and could easily hurt Xanmar.  Still, she always knew what she was doing, well, except on her reproduction days.  I let Moku and Tiko escort me back to the shuttle.  By nightfall, I was deep into the innards of the shuttle engine, tapping away at nothing in particular.  All I’d really done was remove some covers over the flux coils.  While Moku and Tiko watched, I kept tapping away and waited to see what Xanmar had been talking about.  

It was almost four hours after the Bindarn sun set that the commotion started outside the shuttle.  Moku and Tiko went to investigate and a few seconds later, I heard two pings of an ion pistol. Xanmar and several Bindarans who looked almost like Earther females came into the cargo bay dragging Miknu and Tiko.  There were more of the Bindarn females behind them.  Xanmar motioned for the females to hurry, and then ran to my side.

“Can the shuttle still fly?”

“Of course it can.  I didn’t take anything apart because there was nothing wrong.”

“Then get us out of here, now.  Do not ask questions.  We have only a few minutes.”

More Bindaran females were streaming into the shuttle as I ran to the console and started the engine.  When the entry hatch light showed closed, I set the speed at maximum and took off for the Julay.  It seemed to take forever before we docked, and then another forever to fight my way through the crowd of females in the shuttle and make my way to the bridge.

This time, I didn’t creep up on light-four.  I just tapped in the command and braced myself for the surge.  The Julay shot out of orbit just as the Bindarn battle cruiser showed on the weapons console.  They did fire a couple of times, but the Julay was long gone by the time the plasma burst passed through her ion trail.  In another ten minutes, Bindar was only a past nightmare.  I eased the Julay back to light-two, set the nav computer for Longindo, and walked back to the cargo bay to find Xanmar.

She was talking to several of the females, but stopped when I walked through the bulkhead.  She smiled and then ran up and hugged me.

“Will, you saved us.  Thank you.”

“All I did was wait in the shuttle.  I think you saved yourself.  Who are all these females?”

“They’re breeders who didn’t want to be breeders.  They said they’d help me escape if I agreed to take them with us.”

“What the hell are breeders and what the hell are we going to do with them?  There must be at least a hundred of them.  They’re packed in the cargo bay like opfuts in a can.”

“A hundred and thirty two, to be exact, and do not worry about them.  They wanted to leave.  You would shudder at what their lives are like on Bindar.  I had to bring them.”


Xanmar put her finger to my lips.

“You just go drive.  I have to get everybody settled and show them where the facilities are.  I have about an hour left before…well, I will meet you on the observation deck.”

The next day is a blur, like those days always are.  Xanmar was well into her reproduction day when she staggered onto the observation deck.  Somehow she’d maintained a little control over her body, but once I helped her onto the couch, she lost control of everything.  The clothing she’d worn soon lay in tatters on the floor and I was plugged in and stroking away like mad.  Her first climax came almost as soon as my cock sank into her wet, clasping depths, and I couldn’t have pulled out even if I wanted to.  Her passage muscles clamped down on my shaft and held it there while her body did the dance of her release.

After that, well…let’s just say I was drained, happy, exhausted, and full of questions the next morning.  Xanmar was filled, several times to be exact, ecstatically happy, full of energy, and had most of the answers I sought.

“I was locked in the chamber with all the breeders.  Did you know they must be penetrated many times before being impregnated?  I did not.  Apparently, Bindaran males are not especially fertile.  They have never developed reproductive organs of sufficient length to deposit their reproductive fluids deep enough inside a female.

When breeders are of age, their first penetration is by the Emperor.  He claims it is his right, but the breeders know the truth.  It is his hope to sire an heir and by being the first with a breeder if she conceives he has proof the child is his.  He has not yet been successful.  They tell me his organ is so small it is difficult to determine if he has penetrated them or not.  After that, they are given to the males of the military.  If they do not conceive at the first breeding, and it is not probable they will, they stay with the military until they do.  

Once they have become pregnant, they are not touched again until the birth of the child.  After one day with the breeder, the children are sorted by sex and color into male military, female military or female breeder and taken to a caring facility.  The breeders are returned to the military to repeat the cycle.  They spend their lives either being constantly penetrated or being pregnant.  These females are breeders who did not conceive with the Emperor and did not wish to be thrown to the military.”

“Ok, but you were locked up.  How did you manage to escape?”

“As I suppose it is with all species who place reproduction before anything else…like yours…the males wish to release their reproductive fluids into a female at every opportunity.  Some of the breeders told me of their wish to leave Bindar, and offered a plan.  They would seduce the three guards outside the breeders quarters and then the rest would overpower them.  They had seduced the guards before to practice their plan, but had no way off the planet.   

“When we came along and the breeders learned of the arrangement, they asked if we would take them with us.  I said we would.  Their plan worked.  I took the ion pistol from one and we quietly left the palace.  We met a few other guards along the way, but I stunned them.”

Everywhere I looked, there were Bindarn breeders in various states of dress.  Some were bare from the waist up, and their heavy, large-nippled breasts swayed seductively when they moved..  Some were bare from the waist down, and those had curly, black bushes between their thighs.  Some were completely naked.  They were all smiling and talking and in general creating one hell of a din.

On top of that, they had formed a line to the head, so it looked like I was going to have to pee in a bottle when the need arose.  I didn’t even want to think about how long it was going to take to recycle all that into drinkable water.

Now, I like females of most species.  I like some of them a lot, but this was too many in too small a space.

“Xanmar, we can’t begin to feed all of them, and it’s at least five weeks to Longindo.  There isn’t even enough room for them to all lay down to sleep.  Do you have a plan for that, too?”

“They have been saving food each day for months in hopes of finding a way to escape.  Some will sleep while the others stand.  They will be fine until we reach Longindo.  We can trade for food there.  In the meantime, we shall determine what to do with them.”

“But, Xamnar, we can’t keep hauling around a harem until we decide what to do with them.”

Her mouth became the firm line I’d seen a few times before.  That expression said she wasn’t about to move from her current plan.

“I will not allow them to be taken back to Bindar or dropped on the nearest planet, not after they risked everything to help me.  We shall figure out a way.  Until then, they shall stay with us.”

After traveling with Xanmar for several months, I knew there was no point in arguing.  She had made up her mind and I’d just have to make the best of it.  I went to the bridge to check on our progress, and then went up to the observation deck.  The bridge and the observation deck were the only two places on the Julay that hadn’t yet been invaded by breeders.

That situation lasted all of two more days.  Three days out of Bindar, I was taking my usual afternoon nap when I heard a rustling beside the couch.  When I opened my eyes, there stood two of the Bindaran breeders.  I was still half asleep and didn’t remember they didn’t speak Earther.

“The head’s the other way, down the passage way and to the right.”

“What is … the head?”

I was wide awake now.  The words were Borchan, not the gibberish of Bindaran.  I replied in the same language.

“What did you say?”

The one on the right smiled.

“I said, what is the head?  Xanmar did not teach us that word.”

“Xanmar taught you to speak Borchan, in a day?”

“We are breeders, but we are not stupid like the males in the military.  We learn very quickly.  Would you rather we spoke Longin, or maybe Ragos?  We have not learned Earther yet.  It seems to be a difficult language.  Xanmar said you speak Borchan very well, so I used it.”

They both smiled again.  

“The head is where you…where you relive yourself…you know when you have to uh…pass water?”

I’m sure they blushed, but since their skin was already a very deep pink, it was hard to tell.  They did both giggle before the taller of the two spoke.

“Oh…we know where that is.  That is not why we are here.”

“Then why are you?”

The taller female looked a little coy.  

“I am Xinu and this is Merdo.  Xanmar told us of your needs.  We have similar needs and she said we could help each other.”

“Just what needs would those be?”

Xinu slipped off the sack-like dress she was wearing.  Her heavy breasts bobbed a little as she kicked it to the side.

“We need to be …what was the word…impaled…no…poked…no…Merdo, do you remember?”

Merdo smiled.  “Xanmar said she prefers to call it penetrated, but Earthers say fucked.”

Xinu grinned.  “That is the word…fucked.  We need to be fucked.”

“Both of you?  Now?”

Merdo laughed.  “No, not just both of us.  All of us.  We won the selection process for who would go first.  And yes, we need to be fucked now.”

“But I thought you didn’t want to be breeders?  Isn’t that why you wanted to leave Bindar?”

Xinu sat down and pulled my hand to her breast.  The thick nipple swelled taut at the touch of my fingertips.

“We didn’t want to be breeders, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the breeding part.  We would like that a lot if the male’s organ is large enough to feel.  On Bindar, we have to use longi sticks in order to feel anything.  Xanmar says yours is much larger than an Bindaran male’s.”

Merdo took off the towel like thing wrapped around her body and tossed it aside.  Her breasts were a little larger, her nipples a tiny bit smaller, and the bush between her thighs seemed to shine a little more.

“The other breeders taught us how to please a male.  You will not be disappointed.”

She sat down on the other side of me and pulled my free hand to the mat of black curls between her thighs.  I felt the dampness of her arousal as she pushed my fingertip between two very large, very soft pussy lips.

“See, I am already wet.  So is Xinu.  Please make us happy.”

Without waiting for my answer, Merdo fished in my pants for my cock and when she found it, her soft fingertips lightly stroked the head.

“I think you are larger than our longi sticks too.  This will be a great pleasure for me.”

I felt Xinu nuzzle my ear, then stick her tongue in it.  The little shock that caused made my cock twitch.

Merdo giggled.

“Xinu, do that again.  You are making him grow stiffer.”

She did, and my cock did, helped out a lot by Merdo’s fingertip lightly stroking the underside.  It really rose to the occasion when Xinu pressed her mouth to mine and her tongue slipped between my teeth.  She made a tiny little moan that tickled my tongue, and the nipple under my fingers swelled into a stiff nub with a slight dimple in the tip.

With Xinu’s lips devouring my mouth and tongue, I couldn’t see anything else, but I did feel Merdo rise from my couch, pull off my pants and shorts, and then spread my thighs.  The next feeling was her nipples brushing my thighs as she trapped my cock between her breasts and started moving them up and down around my shaft.

Xinu kept trying to lick my tonsils as Merdu pumped away at my cock.  It was already stiff when Merdu whispered, “Xinu, he is ready for you.”

Xinu felt down my chest, touched the head of my cock, and breathed, “Fuck me now.”

Merdu backed away but kept stroking my cock with her soft hand as Xinu straddled me and lowered herself.  With a little guidance from Merdu’s stroking hand, I felt my cock head separate Xinu’s thick, wet lips and then move back and forth as she sought Xinu’s entrance.  Xinu moaned a little and then moved her body lower.  My cock head was engulfed in wet warmth as she sank down over my length.  She shuddered when her pussy lips splayed out against my belly, and then began lifting and lowering herself up and down over my cock.

She was tight, very tight and very wet, and her breasts wobbled softly in front of my face as she rode.  She lifted the right breast to my face, then poked at my lips with her turgid nipple.  When I closed them around the stiff nub, Xinu shuddered, then gasped, and I felt a contraction tighten her passage around me.  I sucked the nipple gently and she gasped, “harder”.  I did, and felt warmth flow around my cock and down onto my balls.

I knew it was too fast, but the combination of her tightness, wetness, and the thick pussy lips that seemed to massage my shaft with every stroke were taking me pretty close to losing control.  I pressed on Xinu’s rising hip, and whispered, “Slow down a little.”

As she plunged my cock deep inside her, Xina murmered, “When you spend, so will I.  It is how we are made.”

After that came a little moan as she ground her pussy lips into my belly, and another as I sucked her other nipple into my mouth.  Another flood of fluid drenched my balls when she raised up and then dropped her body back down.  She locked her mouth to mine again, tried to suck my tongue inside to join hers and groaned.  

That was all it took to send me over the edge.  I slammed my cock deep inside her on the next stroke, and my cum exploded into the depths of her passage.  Xinu shrieked, then bucked, then arched her back.  If telt like my cock went in a little deeper just as the second shot raced from my loins to blast out of my cock head.  Xinu shrieked again, then sagged into her arms, but kept riding me until I’d shot all I had to shoot.

Still breathing hard, Xinu murmured into my ear.  

“Ummm.  I can hardly wait until my turn comes around again.  I wish it was tomorrow.”

I felt my cock slip from her wetness and the trickle of cum and her fluids dripping onto my crotch as she raised herself up and moved to my side.  Merdu was grinning when I looked at her.

“Now it’s my turn.”

“I need a few minutes, if that’s all right with you.  Otherwise, you’ll be trying to ride a limp dick.”

“I don’t intend to ride you.  I want you to ride me. “

Merdu spread out the towel-dress thing she’d worn and knelt down on her hands and knees.  Her thighs were spread wide, and through the forest of black curls, I saw her pussy lips open all by themselves.  A thin stream of clear liquid started to drip from her swollen lips, but Merdu caught it with her fingers and spread it over her sex.

“She’s ready for you”, whispered Xinu.

Well, she might have been ready, but I wasn’t.  

Xinu giggled.  “He’s still a little limp, but I shall fix that.”

Xinu used two fingers to strip up the length of my cock.  A few white drops oozed from the slit in my cock head and she licked these up with her soft tongue, then ran that tongue all around the rim and top.  When she came to the underside, she licked again, and I felt that familiar feeling of my cock getting stiff.  A groan slipped from my throat when Xinu slid her mouth down over my shaft, and another did when she pulled her mouth back up, sucking all the way.  

I knew I’d probably never meet Xinu’s teacher, but I made a mental note to thank her if I ever did.  She wasn’t as good at cock sucking as Manoleen, but almost.  When she reached around and grabbed my ass and used the handhold to pull her lips all the way down to the base of my cock, it snapped all the way to attention, ready for action, and willing to take on all comers.

Xinu raised up, pulled gently on my rigid cock until I stood up, and then led me to where Merdu knelt.  After scooting under Merdu, she placed my cock head at the proper place and then tugged.  I slipped into Merdu easily, at first.  Just inside, she got tighter, a lot tighter.  I pushed gently, then a little harder.  The second push was met by Merdu’s ass slamming back into me.  My cock head hit something soft deep inside her and Merdu gasped.  

“Again, harder.”

I pulled back out, no easy task considering the grip her passage had on my cock, then pushed in.  There was the same tight spot and then the same slap as Merdu’s full ass bounced against my thighs.  I didn’t have to be told again, but Merdu said it anyway, and for the next few minutes, she more or less fucked me instead of the other way around.  

I suppose Xinu laying under Merdu’s bouncing breasts and sucking her nipples might have helped her along.  I know all the ripples and contractions in her passage were helping me along a lot.  Since this was my second in only a few minutes, I wasn’t losing control, but I was really feeling good.  

I’d push my cock inside Merdu and she’d moan and rock her ass.  I’d pull back out, almost all the way and she cry out and try to slam her ass back over me.  If I  pushed in slowly, she’d do her very best to bury my cock up to the balls.  If I pushed in fast and hard, Merdu would shudder, her back would arch down and her breasts would flatten all over Xinu’s face.  

Xinu didn’t let that stop what she was doing.  She’d just bite gently on one of Merdu’s nipples and then shake her head.  Merdu seemed to really love that.  Her hips would start to roll and those rolls did all sorts of wonderful things to my cock head.   After a few of these, I was close.

Xinu came out from under Merdu long enough to say, “Pull on her hair.  She likes that.”, and then went back to her nipple nibbling.  I reached up, grabbed a handfull of Merdu’s long, shining black tresses and pulled gently.

“Oh….Harder, pull harder.”

I pulled what I thought was pretty hard.

“Ahhh…oh…harder, pull harder.”

I pulled hard enough I pulled Merdu’s head back.  She shrieked and those dancing hips went into hyperdrive.  In no time at all, I felt the surge building.  I tried to hold it back, but it wouldn’t stay held.  With a groan, I let the first spurt race up my cock and into Merdu.  She gasped and thrust her hips back into my thighs.  The second hit deep inside her passage and Merdu shrieked.  With the third, she started to lower herself down.  

Xinu quickly slipped from beneath Merdu but massaged her breasts as she sank to the floor.  My fourth spurt was probably more of a dribble, but Merdu still felt it.  She rocked her hips up, moaned, and then stretched out flat.  I went with her mostly because her pussy had my cock in a vise-tight grip and I didn’t have a choice.  I settled down on top of her, my chest on her back and her ass cushioning my thighs.  It wasn’t until my cock grew soft again that she let it slip from her thick lips.

Xinu was chuckling to herself.

“Wait until the other breeders hear about this.  They will be trying to trade special favors to get an earlier place in line.”

I was confused, probably because I’d just fucked, or rather, I’d been fucked by two very hot, very aroused females and I wasn’t yet able to think straight.

“Special favors?  What special favors?”

Xinu chuckled again.

“You don’t think breeders spend all the time alone without having some sort of release do you?  We have ways of pleasing each other besides the longi sticks. As I said before, we’re breeders but we’re not dumb.  What our males didn’t provide, we did ourselves.”

“So, down in my cargo bay…”

Merdu’s eyes seemed to sparkle.

“We’re having fun, not as much fun as we did up here, but it’s still fun.”

“This line…will there be two more after you?”

“Yes, but not until tomorrow, and not on what Xanmar says are her reproduction days.  We all have to stay in the cargo bay on those days.”

They dressed and left then, giving me a little time to consider my situation.  I tend to look on the good side of things most of the time.  The problem was, I couldn’t find many things on the good side of this.

Bad - I’d basically stolen a hundred and some breeders from the Emperor of Bindar.  If I ever got close to that planet again, it was a pretty sure thing I’d be either dead or shoveling shit until I was.

Bad -I still had those hundred and some breeders on board the Julay, and I had no plan to get rid of them.

Bad – I’d planned on trading the extra manchalite cubes on board for a trading stock of food on Longindo.  Now, with all the breeders on board, my storage capacity was going to be severely limited.  

Bad – Xanmar said the breeders had saved enough food to tide them over until we got to Longindo, but after that, they’d have to eat.  I could see my trading stock of flour and meal disappearing while we figured out what to do with them.

Bad - Xanmar had evidently appointed me resident stud to service all hundred and some breeders.  It looked as if she’d taken pity on me and only scheduled two a day, but it was going to be a tall order to fill.  I felt a little used in a this-will-probably-be-fun kind of way.

Good - Xanmar had evidently appointed me resident stud to service all hundred and some breeders.  If they all were as skilled as Mernu and Xinu, it promised to be one hell of a trip.

Some quick math pointed out the problems I was going to face.  The detour to Bindar had put me another week from Longindo.  Five weeks was, well, I called it thirty days to make the math easier.  Xanmar would use three of those days.  That left twenty-seven days for the Bindarn breeders.  At two a day, I’d make my way through fifty-four of them before we got to Londindo.  That left a little over fifty more that wanted me.

It was getting late, so I checked my supply of Wischan Water Weed extract and went to the observation deck.  In less than a minute, I was asleep.

The next morning, I decided to go see what was going on in the cargo bay.  I made it as far as the door to the head before I got stopped by the line of breeders waiting to use it.  Xanmar was there and she wouldn’t let me through anyway.  Xanmar said the cargo bay was for females only.

“You have to stay in the forward part of the ship, Will.  The breeders are free for the first time in their lives, and they’re celebrating.  It would not do to have you watching.  Some things must be kept private, would you not agree?”

“I suppose I can live with that…until we get to Longindo anyway, but we have to figure out how to get rid of them.”

“I know, and we shall, just as soon as we can find a planet with what they need.”  

“By that, I suppose you mean males?  It seems as if they have a really big need for males.  The two breeders this morning said you have a plan to take care of that while they’re on the Julay.  You could have at least asked me if I agreed.”

Xanmar looked at me with an evil grin on her face.

“I was certain you would have few objections.”

“So, I’m going to take care of all hundred and thirty two of them?”

“Yes, but it is a hundred and thirty four now.  I spoke with Miknu and Tiko this morning.  I did not know the military females have desires similar to those of the breeders.  They are taught to suppress those desires during their military training.  Both are anxious to find out what happens if those desires are fulfilled.  They are learning about pleasuring themselves and pleasuring males from the breeders now.”

“But how…I mean I’m only one man with one cock…I don’t think that’s going to be possible.”

She smiled at me.

“It is and will be possible if you let us take care of things.  Now, go back to the observation deck or to the bridge or anywhere besides here.  I will see you again in six more days.”

Well, let me tell you, those six days all seemed to run together in a blur of breeder names, breeder breasts, breeder nipples, breeder curl covered pussies, rocking breeder hips  and more moans, groans, and shrieks than I’d ever heard before.  The first day it was Lidu and Moxa, the second, Ambo and Juu.  I can’t remember the ones after that.  I was doing good to remember my own name.

Each was the same, but each was different.  Lidu liked having her back to me when she rode the wixco, as she called it.  Moxa was a take charge kind of girl who just sat in my lap and milked my cock with her passage muscles until I thought I’d shot my balls out through my cock.  

Ambo liked it on the couch with one foot on the floor and the other hooked over the back.  I had to admit that position made for some really deep strokes.  Juu…well, Juu was very into the old front to front position, except she wrapped her arms and legs around me and sort of swung herself back and forth over my cock until it erupted inside her.

The others were just as great.   After the first three days, I kind of got used to being tired all the time, and I actually developed a taste for Wischan Water Weed extract.  It seemed to help a lot, too.  

When Xanmar’s reproduction day rolled around, I didn’t know quite what to expect.  Well, I expected to be fucked within an inch of passing out, but I couldn’t figure out how I was going to manage it since I’d pretty much been fucked out by then.

That morning, I had Meningian coffee and a couple of ornico cakes for breakfast, and then went to the bridge to check our course.  It was fine, so I went where I always went since I took on my cargo of Bindarn breeders, that being the observation deck.  My former guards, Moku and Tiko, were sitting on my couch when I got there.  They looked sheepish when I asked why they were there.  Tiko spoke first, not in the Borchan the others still used, but in Earther.  Evidently, Bindaran women were indeed fast learners.

“Well, we have no experience in the ways of males and females, and Mallia, one of the breeders, said we should find a way to see what happens.”

“See what happens?”

“Yes”, when a male…Moku, how did Mallia say it?”

“She said when a male puts his wixco in the female’s apnium.”

Moku giggled.

“Xanmar says that means when they fuck.  Fuck is an odd word, do you not think?”

Well, fuck is about the only word I’d learned that didn’t come out of a biology textbook, so it didn’t seem odd to me.

“And just how are you going to see that?”

“Xanmar says you and she will…will fuck…today.  We shall stay and watch.”

“Oh, no, you won’t.  Nobody is going to see my co…my wixco in anybody’s apnium.”

Tiko looked like she was going to cry.

“But Xanmar said it would be all right as long as we didn’t interfere.  She said you wouldn’t notice us.  We really need to watch so we know how to act when we…well, Xanmar told you about us, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did, but –“

Xanmar walked onto the observation deck and cut me off.

“But what?”

“You told them they could watch us?”

“Yes.  Does that upset you?”

“Well, I don’t know.  I’ve never been watched before, well, unless there was more than one female involved.”

Xanmar shrugged.

“They are females.”

“Yes, but some things should be kept private.  You said that yourself about the breeders celebrating in my cargo bay.”

“This is a special situation.  They have no experience and only wish to observe.  I will not know they are here, and neither will you.  Now, my time is near and I can not wait.”

Xanmar quickly stripped off her clothes and began taking off my shirt.  As the buttons flew in all directions, she tore it from my shoulders and threw it behind her.  Before I knew it, she had pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles and grabbed my cock.  I barely had time to step out of them before she dragged me down on the couch on top of her.

My cock had been so used over the last few days I figured it was going to take it a while to get stiff, but as soon as it touched Xanmar’s soft, swollen lips, her hormones worked their magic.  With a quiet sigh, she pulled me closer and my cock sank into her wet depths.  I began matching the thrusts she was making with her hips, and decided I didn't care if I was being watched.  After the first minute or so, I couldn’t really care about anything except the feeling of Xanmar’s grasping passage milking my cock.

She came hard, that first time, gasping and rolling her delicious ass up into my strokes as the spasms racked her body.  She wrapped her arms around my back, nibbled my ear lobe and breathed, “Again.”  As I’d come to expect, my cock was still stiff and ready, and after she grabbed my ass and pulled me inside her just a bit more, I didn’t need any encouragement.

Somewhere during the night, I became dimly aware of some little moans that weren’t coming from me or Xanmar.  I moved my head from under Xanmar’s shaking breasts to see what was happening.

Moku was leaning against the bulkhead, naked, and Tiko, also naked, was kissing her. As they embraced, their small breasts were mashed together, and as they writhed against each other, their nipples would brush.  Those nipples seemed a lot bigger than what I’d seen under their purple T-shirts.  

Tiko spread her legs wide as Moku’s hand slipped between them.  She had the same luxurious bush as all the breeders, except hers was a deep red that matched the hair on her head instead of black.  One of Moku’s fingers disappeared into the mass of red curls and Tiko moaned.

About that time, Xanmar had another orgasm that caused me to cum too, and then she did her recharging thing that sent fluid back up my cock and I came again.  I don’t remember much after that except for a lot of moans and cries coming from the direction of the observation deck bulkhead.  They blended in with Xanmar’s and seemed to give my cock a little more encouragement.

I woke up when the Julay turned on the sunlight panel on the observation deck.  Xanmar was sitting beside me, smiling and touched my cheek with her fingertip.

“Go back to sleep, Will. The breeders thought you looked tired, and wanted to give you a day to recuperate.  Moku and Tiko will be here if you need something.  Just don’t try to do anything with them.  You need the rest, and they are not yet ready.”

I drifted back to sleep thankful for the day off my job as stud to the Bindaran breeders, but sort of wishing they hadn’t been so nice about it.  I mean, they were a little like Morovian happy berries.  Once you get hooked, they were kind of hard to give up even for a day.

It was several hours later that I woke up for good.  Moku and Tiko were sitting on the floor, watching me.  They were both dressed in their purple underwear again, and smiled when I looked at them.  I raised up to a sitting position and Tiko asked if I needed anything.

“Just a drink.  I think I’ll go make some slingi tea.”

“No, I’ll go make the tea.  You sit here and rest.  Xanmar says you need to rest.”

She jumped up and went off to make my tea.  Moku was still sitting on the floor, and smiled at me again.

“Thank you for letting us watch.  We learned a lot.  Is it always like that?”

“Like what?”

“You and Xanmar, you…you were inside her all of the night.  Mallia said you would get soft and not be able to put it in again for a while.”

“Xanmar is different from you.  She has hormones in her body fluids that keep me hard.  If you and I were to…well, I probably would have to wait a while afterwards."

Tiko came back with my tea and a plate of cronin crackers.

“Did he tell you why his wixco didn’t go down?”

“Yes.  He say’s it’s Xanmar’s body fluids, and that he’d get soft after doing it with us.”

“That would be all right with me as long as he could do it once.  After watching them, I can hardly wait until it’s our turn.  It looked so…so…relaxing.”

I chuckled.

“I think you two relaxed yourselves sometime during the night.”

Tiko’s face, neck, and what I could see of her chest turned almost bright red.

“We just learned about that yesterday from Mallia.  We didn’t know we could feel like that.”

“You never even uh…touched yourself like that before?  Earther girls are all taught how to do that at a very young age.”

“The military training taught us it would make us too weak to fight.  If you were caught doing it, they sent you to the agricultural farms, so no, I never did.”

“Must have been a pretty rough life then.”

“We didn’t think it was bad because we didn’t know any different.  Now that we do, well, could you go back to sleep for a while?  Moku and I would like to practice making each other feel that way again.”

“Can I watch?  You watched me.”

Tiko blushed again.

“We might not do it right.”

I shrugged.

“If it feels good, you’re doing it right.  I wouldn’t criticize you.”

“Well, all right, but you can’t get involved.  Xanmar says you have to rest.  Can  we use the couch?  The floor is kind of hard.”

I’d never gotten around to getting chairs for the observation deck.  Before Xanmar it was just me on board, and afterwards, we usually used the couch together.  As I took a seat on the floor, I made a mental note to get a couple when we were in Longindo.

They both removed their T-shirts and boxer shorts and then Tiko stretched out on the couch.  Moku had the same dark red bush between her thighs I remembered from the night before.  She eased her body down on top of Tiko, flattened their breasts together, and they both opened their mouths.  Their small, red tongues flicked out and touched together.  Tiko moaned and covered Moku’s mouth with hers.  

They were not in a hurry.  Tiko’s small hands cupped Moku’s slender hips, then squeezed them and gently pulled them apart.  Moku gasped as Tiko’s fingertip slipped between her ass cheeks and pushed gently.

“Mallia didn’t show us that.  Where did you learn?”

Tiko giggled.

“From Zanades.  She said she likes it a lot.  Do you?”

“I do not know.  Do it again and I’ll tell you.”

Tiko’s fingertip went deeper.

“Like this?”

“Ummm.  Yes.  That’s nice.”

“Zanades likes it deeper too, like this.”

Moku gapsed.

“Your finger is inside me.”

“Should I take it out?”

“No…just no deeper, for a while anyway.  Kiss me again, like Mallia showed us.”

As their lips met, I was thinking Mallia, whoever she was, was a kisser I wanted to meet.  Tokfu’s lips were all over Moku’s, pinching Moku’s lips, licking them with her small red tongue, and then sucking Moku’s tongue into her mouth.  Both began to breathe heavier.

Moku raised up enough her nipples could just touch Tiko’s, and then began moving her body back and forth.  As I watched, Moku’s nipples grew thicker while Tiko’s seemed to get longer.  Tiko’s fingertips closed around Moku’s left nipple and rolled it gently.  Moku broke their kiss to gasp, “Oh… more”, and as Tiko rolled the rigid nipple again and then pulled, Moku’s head fell forward with a sigh.

Moku had her thighs pressed tight against Tiko’s and I could see she was lightly rubbing her pussy against Tiko’s.  As Tiko continued to pinch and tug at Moku’s nipple, the rubbing got harder.  Tiko began moving the finger in Moku’s ass slightly and the rubbing became grinding.  Tiko moaned, and then murmured, “Moku, are you ready?”

Without saying anything, Moku raised up, turned around on the couch and put her crotch over Tiko’s face.  Tiko slipped a finger into the mass of red curls and began moving it in and out.  Moku balanced herself on one hand and used the other to push a finger between the soft pouting lips that stuck out slightly from Tiko’s red bush.  Both of them moaned and adjusted their positions a little.  

 Tiko squeezed her own breast with her free hand, pinched the taut nipple, and then stroked up Moku’s chest.  Her fingertips sought Moku’s nipple and finding it, pinched it and pulled.  Moku groaned and her back arched down.

“Oh Tiko, the other one, do the other one.”

Tiko did and Moku groaned again.

“Try two fingers, Tiko.  I think I can take two.”

I moved my position a little so I could see better.  I’m a voyeur, among other things, and I didn’t want to miss anything.

Tiko pulled her one finger from Moku’s body, put that finger and another in her mouth and sucked, then slipped them between Moku’s swollen, dark pink lips.  She pushed in gently and they went in up to the first knuckle and stopped.  After pulling them out and giving both another licking, she tried again.  This time, she got them in half way.  Moku moaned, “Go deeper:”

By twisting her fingers around, Tiko was able to slide them in the rest of the way, but I could tell it was a tight fit.  I was wondering how that tight fit would feel around my cock when she began sliding her fingers in and out.  The sight was pretty amazing.

When Tiko pulled her fingers out, the lips of Moku’s pussy came with them and formed a sort of sheath around Tiko’s fingers.  When she pushed them back inside Moku’s body, the same lips stayed clasped aroung Tiko’s fingers until her hand got in the way.  Then, they flattened out and I could see the dark pink inner lips that guarded Moku’s entrance.

All in all, I was not doing much resting.  The cock I’d thought was tired was telling me it was time to join in on the fun.  I resisted, partly because watching them was almost as much fun, and partly out of self-preservation. I had a bunch more breeders ahead of me and several days with Xanmar.  I did need this day to rest.

I couldn’t see what Moku was doing with Tiko, but whatever it was, it seemed to be working very well.  Tiko’s face was flushed, and as she worked the two fingers in and out of Moku’s tight little box, she occasionally caught her breath.  Her hips were raising up into Moku’s hand, and from time to time, her belly would contract and then give a little roll.  Her heavy breathing had changed to a gasp, followed by holding her breath, then another gasp.

Moku was feeling what the fingers in her pussy were doing too.  Her back kept arching down, and then back up as Tiku fingered her.  Tiku’s hand was wet from Moku’s juices, and her fingers made little wet sounds as they stroked in and out.  Moku’s breathing was almost panting, and she was having trouble keeping her fingers stroking in and out of Tiko.

Tiko came first, but not by much.  She gasped, her face contorted, and then she cried out, “Ohhhhh…Moku….You have made me….Ohhhhhh.”

Moku groaned and pushed back into Tiko’s hand as her hips began to rock up and down rapidly.  She moaned, “Me, too, Tiko”, and the cried out as her body went rigid.

After a minute or so of her hips rocking slowly and then her body stiffening, Moku slipped her hand from between Tiko’s thighs and raised up.  As she moved off Tiko, Tiko’s fingers slipped from her dripping pussy.  She plopped down on the couch beside Tiko and kissed her softly, then said, “Do you think he will make us feel the same way?”

“I don’t know.  Mallia said it would be different.”

I wondered if I’d still have enough left to show them since they were the last two in line.  I cleared my throat, and both of them turned red almost to their toes.  Moku stammered, “we,  we, we forgot you were there, and, and, Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No problem, Moku.  You can say whatever you want around me.  I wasn’t offended by what you said.”

 “Will it be?  Different, I mean?”

“I am told it’s different, but since I can’t feel what you just did, I don’t know for sure.  It sounds like Mallia does.”

“She told us what to do with each other, but I’m not sure we did that correctly.  How will we know if we do the other thing correctly?”

I had to laugh.

“Moku, if you didn’t do it right, I’ve never seen it done right. You both enjoyed yourselves, didn’t you?”

They both grinned and nodded.

“Well, then you did it right.  Now, I’m going to go check our course, so you two go somewhere else.  If I watch you again, I’m liable to be tempted to put you ahead of the line, and Xanmar wouldn’t like that.”

When I got back from checking the nav computer, they’d dressed and gone.  

I was feeling pretty good.  We’d been making good time and according to the nav computer, we’d reach Longindo on schedule.  There, I’d load up on what gronic flour and austilibi meal I could trade for.  After that, it was on to Pardidi and more trading.  I had to get rid of my cargo of breeders before they started round two of their two-at-a-time orgy, but I’m an optimist.  I figured the answer would present itself in due time.

After checking the nav computer one last time, I turned in for the night.  My dreams were about the Julay, with just me and Xanmar aboard.  It was the morning of her reproduction day.


The next six weeks were as exhausting in real life as they would be in the telling.  Suffice it to say I made it through all my assigned breeders without dying in the process, and was able to keep Xanmar happy on her reproduction days too.  The Julay flew on straight as an arrow toward Longindo, and my cock stayed straight…well, pretty straight anyway, through Goni, Tarol, Hoda, Mola, Khadi, and a whole bunch of other breeders who I remembered mostly by the size of their breasts, by the positions they liked best, and by how tight they were.

After every one of Xanmar’s reproduction days, Moku and Tiko would come to watch over me while I recovered, and each day, they would show me what they had learned.  By the time we neared Longindo, they were becoming very adept at getting each other off.  About the third week, Mallia taught them about pussy licking, and after that, it was hard to get them to stop.

It was kind of like fucking for seven days and then watching a really good porn video on the eighth, except the video was within arms reach.  It was all I could do not to reach out and touch Moku and Tiko, but I knew that would upset things pretty badly with the breeders and Xanmar.  With all those females aboard, the last thing I needed was for them to be upset with me.

We went into orbit around Longindo on schedule, and Xanmar and I took the shuttle down to Po.  I stayed to trade.  Xanmar went back to the Julay and ferried all the breeders down to the planet.  We hoped at least some of them would want to stay there.

I traded my extra manchalite cubes for the flour and meal I wanted, and got four jars of pickled amaxyl cocks for Reega and Reegine on Borchan.  Xanmar had made the last trip back to the Julay with the breeders by the time I was ready to go.  I got the shuttle loaded and we took off.  Xanmar looked a little worried.

“None of them wanted to stay on Longindo.  They said it is too green.”

“Too green?”

“Yes.  Bindar is mostly sand and rocks.  They are comfortable with sand and rocks.  They did not like all the plants and animals.”

“But there’s anything they could ever want on Longindo.”

“There is another problem. The Longindo males were not exactly thrilled about having pink females around them.  It has something to do with a bad experience they had with females from Callycum.  I am not sure what that was, but they do not like pink females at all.”

I’d forgotten about that story, but now, I remembered it.  The Callycum females had been imported to work in the fields of gronic since they’re small and wouldn’t damage the young plants while weeding them.  It wasn’t long before the Longindo males decided to try out some of those small females to see if they were compatible.  

Well, they were, physically, and the Callycum females enjoyed the males.  They enjoyed them so much, they ate them after fucking them.  Apparently, the trader who brought them left out the part about copulation causing the Callycum females to temporarily become cannibals.

I couldn’t really blame the Longindo males.  I just wished things had turned out differently and the breeders had stayed.

“Well, we need to find somewhere they’d like to stay.  The only other place I know that is all rocks and sand is Religia Three.  The men on Religia would love to have them, I’m sure, but I’m not sure it would be safe.  I told you about the last females they brought in, remember?  Besides, taking the breeders there could look like slave trading to the United Galaxy Council.”

Xanmar looked thoughtful for a couple of minutes, and then smiled.

“If we did not actually trade them for something, it would not technically be illegal, would it?”

“No, I suppose not, but what other reason would we have to go to Religia?  Nobody goes there except for manchalite fuel cubes.”

“The Religian’s have to eat, do they not?  We shall trade the flour and meal for more fuel cubes.  That will be the reason we go to Religia.  If the breeders stay, it will be because they wish to, not because we traded for them.”

The thought still worried me.  Over the last few weeks, I’d decided the Bindaran females were a likeable sort.   I liked all the ones I had met, including Moku and Tiko, and not just because of the sex.  They were caring females with friendly personalities and emotions, just like most females of any other species.  Given the Religian’s past history with females, it seemed to me as if leaving them on Religia would be like sentencing them to a life of abuse.  I said as much to Xanmar.  She just laughed.

“Will, you do not know them as I know them.  They are not the frail females you believe them to be.  They are strong and intelligent.  They will do well with the Religian males.  Of course, it must be their choice.  I can not just dump them there.”

“Well, if they get to choose…You should ask them, and tell them what’s happened in the past so they’ll understand what they’re getting into if they stay."

“I shall do so tonight, before Jolo and Paia come to see you.”

I’m not sure what Xanmar told the breeders.  I just know that Jolo and Paia were very excited when they came to the observation deck.  They chattered on and on about what they were going to do on Religia and how each one would have her own male.  I was feeling left out until Jolo asked if I knew how big the males on Religia were.

“Well, I don’t know.  About my height, I guess, maybe a little shorter, and most of them are a little heavier looking.”

Jolo giggled.

“No, I mean how long are their cocks and how big around?  Cock is what you call your reproductive member, isn’t it?  Xanmar said it was.”

“Yes, I call it my cock, but I don’t make a habit of looking at others, so I don’t know.”

“Manji said yours is really big around.  Do you think you’re bigger than they are?”

“I already told you I don’t know.”

Paia giggled.

“Jolo, if they got most of the females pregnant in a month, their cocks have to be bigger than those little ones the military had.  Don’t worry, you’ll be able to feel them inside you.”

“I hope so.  The biggest thing I’ve had in there was Nonea’s biggest longi stick and it felt really nice.  She says Will is bigger than that.”

Paia giggled again.

“Then we should stop talking and find out, don’t you think?”

Well, they didn’t stop talking, but they talked about me instead of about the Religian males.

“Paia, kiss my nipples so Will will get excited.  Moku says that makes him excited.”

Paia wrapped her lips around Jolo’s right nipple and sucked hard.  Jolo groaned and felt for Paia’s crotch.

“Ummm.  I’ve waited so long to be fucked, but I want to play with you to, Paia.”

Paia let go of Jolo’s nipple long enough to say, “Do both”, and then latched on to the other nipple.  Jolo moaned and stroked Paia’s hair, then cupped Paia’s left breast and squeezed gently.  Paia sighed around Jolo’s stiff nipple and then nipped it lightly.  Jolo gasped, and then looked at me.

“After waiting all this time, it seems too soon, but I’m ready, Will.”

I was ready, too.  Females making love to other females has done that to me since I saw my first video of that years ago.  I think it’s something about how gentle and slow they do it, or maybe not. I just know it will raise my cock like nothing else, well, it will raise it at least as much as several other things.  Mandoleen’s sucking mouth comes to mind…

Jolo was a lot more adventuresome than most of the other breeders.  She led Paia to the couch and had her lie down, then walked around behind it and bent over the back.  In this position, her feet were off the floor, but she could just manage to get her tongue between Paia’s slender pink lips, and it put the raven curls over her pussy at just the right height for my cock.  I grabbed her wide, sensual hips in both hands and steered my cock head toward her soft lips.  

As soon as it touched them, Jolo reached back and spread her butt cheeks which also spread her lips.  I pushed forward gently into the dark pink entrance.

“Push it in”, Jolo murmured around her mouthful of Paia.  “Push your cock in all the way.”

Since she was being a little bossy, I decided to teach her a little lesson.  I slid my cock in about half way and slowly stroked it in and out.  “Oh yes”, murmured Jolo, and then she slipped two fingers inside Paia.  Paia moaned and arched off the couch a little.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t keep playing around with Jolo.  She was too snug inside and too wet.  I gave up and pushed my cock in until my balls bumped against her furry mound and then started stroking.  

In that position, Jolo couldn’t do much to help, but she really didn’t have to.  The couch gave me something solid to push against, and I made every stroke go deep inside her.  After a while, each one of those deep strokes caused a little moan from Jolo.  After a while longer, I could feel her passage beginning to massage my shaft as I stroked.  

Jolo wasn’t letting up on her end either.  Paia was soon writhing under Jolo’s tongue and fingers.  Her hips rocked up, she rolled her own nipples and then she tugged on Jolo’s.  Jolo stopped licking enough to gasp, but then went right back to work with her tongue.  Paia arched her hips up again, then again.

Things were coming to a head pretty fast, at least they were to my head.  Like all the other breeders, Jolo would cum when I did.  I was ready and took another hold on Jolo’s wide hips.  

With one quick, deep thrust, my cock pressed against the end of Jolo’s passage.  The cum raced up my shaft, filled that small space, and began to flow back around my cock.  Jolo shrieked as her passage clamped down on me.  Her muscles weren’t as strong as Xanmar’s, so I could pull back and slam into her again.  My cock head bumped inside her as the second shot spurted into her depths.  Jolo cried out and tried to keep my cock inside her again, but I had to make a third thrust.  That one made her groan and go limp.  After a couple of minutes, her massaging muscles let my cock go and it slipped from her passage.  Her fluids and my cum dripped onto the floor of the observation deck.

“Ummm”, was all she said for a while, just “Ummm… Ummmm… Ummm.”

I stroked her soft ass and chuckled.

“I guess you liked that?”

“Ummmm.  That was much nicer than Nonea’s longi stick.”

Paia raised up on one elbow.

“How does it make you feel?”

“Ummm…you feel filled up and every nerve in there tingles until you feel him shooting inside you.  Then, you explode.”  Lolo laughed.  “They’re still tingling, too.  Oh…here comes another one.”

Lolo’s pussy contracted and then relaxed as the little spasm took her.  She sighed.

“I think I need this every day.  I feel so relaxed.”

Paia stroked Lolo’s shoulder.

“Then can we change places?  I want to feel like that too.”

Because of all the licking and fingering by Jolo, Paia was half way there by the time she bent over the back of the couch.  Lolo scooted under Paia’s face and kissed her just as my cock slid home the first time.  

I began with the slow strokes I usually start with because they feel good to me and they seemed to help the breeders get started.  They were all accustomed to the little pricks of the Bindarn soldiers, and sometimes there was some pain when my cock went deeper than they’d ever felt before.

I needn’t have worried about Paia.  She was more than ready.  Her passage was still tight, but it was like sliding my cock onto a warm, wet, slippery glove.  She moaned at the first deep stroke, and then moaned again, over and over.  Though my ego enjoyed the thought, I was pretty sure that wasn’t all me.  I looked over the edge of the couch.

Paia’s large breasts hung down enough that Jolo could reach them with her lips and teeth.  She was using both to fire Paia to new heights, and her attentions were working very well.  Paia began to babble.

“Oh  Jolo,  it feels like you said…Ummm…yes, bite…harder…now pull…Ah!  Oh…yes.”

I love it when a female talks during lovemaking.  I’ve loved it since an experience with an older woman who once taught me about pleasing women.  I still love it, no matter what the species of female, and Paia was no exception.  

“Jolo….umm.   the other one, just as hard…Oh yes…just like that…it feels so good.”

All those good feelings were being translated by Paia’s body into rhythmic contractions that squeezed and released my stroking cock.  Since I’d already cum once, it was going to take me a while to get there again, but that massaging really did feel great.  If she decided to stay on Religia,  Paia was going to make some miner a very happy one.

She got quiet all of a sudden, and I looked down to see why.  I shouldn’t have been all that surprised, I guess, given that the breeders had taken care of their own needs for so long.

Jolo was kissing Paia, which accounted for her being quiet.  She also had both of Paia’s nipples pulled down tight.  When she rolled them between her fingertips, Paia broke their kiss and started to pant.

“Oh, please shoot in me now.  I want to feel like Jolo felt.”

It always amazes me how some little thing like that can push me over the edge, but it did.  The second before Paia gasped out her request, I was feeling great and stroking away.  A second after, I felt the surge building in my belly, then the familiar tightening of my muscles, and then the ecstasy of cum shooting up my shaft, out of my cock head, and spraying inside Paia.

She cried out and began to shake.  As my second spurt erupted deep inside her, Paia’s body arched into a spasm that left her gasping and shaking some more.  After the third, she cried out, “Oh…it does feel like that”, and sagged down into Jolo’s waiting arms.  

My cock slipped out a little faster this time, and I watched Paia’s tight, furry pussy contract and relax over and over again.

When she shakily lifted herself from the back of the couch, Paia put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“I’ve never felt that before.  No matter who I end up with on Religia, I’ll never forget this time.”

“Nor will I”, breathed Jolo as she embraced us both.

As they left the observation deck, I thought about them leaving.  Thanks to a convenient worm hole, Religia was only a couple days away.  I thought it was nice to know I’d made an impression.  I knew it would be hard saying goodbye them.  Somehow, they’d changed from a herd of strange females into a group of my friends, even the one’s I’d not helped, so to speak.  I fell asleep on the couch wishing there was some way to keep them all and happy there wasn’t.

I sat the shuttle down at the mining colony on Religia Three two days later.  On board were some samples of my flour and meal, along with Xanmar and a dozen of the Bindarn breeders.  The breeders had selected some of their members to meet the Religian’s and discuss the arrangements should they decide to stay.  I had my fingers crossed as they walked out of the shuttle.

Since some of the breeders didn’t have much clothing when they escaped from Bindar, Xanmar raided my small trading stock so they all had something to wear.  Some of the tops didn’t fit very well because the breeders all tended to have large breasts, and the effect was pretty erotic.

The effect didn’t seem to be the same with the miners at the landing pad.  They were very quiet when Xanmar stepped out, and stayed silent as Kiko, Quara, and the others exited.  I asked Mazel what was wrong.

“Nothing is wrong.  It’s just that we haven’t even seen a female of any species in years, and now there are so many.  We don’t know what to say.”

“Do you like them?”

“Oh, yes, very much.”

“They might be willing to stay here with you, if you agree to their terms.”

“We can listen to their terms, but with only twelve…well, we did that once, and it didn’t turn out very well.”

“Mazel, these twelve are just the negotiation committee.  There are a hundred and twenty two more back on the Julay.”

Mazel’s jaw dropped and stayed that way for a few seconds before he could talk again.

“A hun…you say a hundred and how many?”

Xanmar whispered in my ear.

“It’s just a hundred and thirty two.  Miku and Tiko didn’t want to come.  I’ll explain later.”

“I uh…I miscounted, I guess.  There are a hundred and thirty two all together.”

“And they want to stay here…with us?”

“Maybe.  They think they’ll like the planet.  They don’t know about your miners yet, and they have some conditions.”

“What conditions?”

Xanmar took a breath and began listing them.

“Condition 1.  Each female will be allowed to choose her own mate and the miners will agree with her choice.

“Condition 2.  No female will be considered to be owned by any male.  Females will have freedom to do as they wish as long as their acts do not endanger the colony.

“Condition 3.  In return for a female’s companionship, her mate agrees to provide shelter, food, and clothing for her.

“Condition 4.  In return for her mate’s providing for her, each female will agree to live with him and to provide such aid and comfort as she is able.

“Condition 5.  Should a female and her mate become incompatible, they shall both be free to choose another without any repercussions from the other members of the colony.

“That is their list of conditions.  Do you agree with them?”

I could see Mazel was confused because he’d wrinkled up his brow to the extent his eyes were almost closed.  After a while, he spoke, but he still looked a little confused.

“How many manchalite cubes will they cost us?”

I cleared my throat.

“They’re not trade goods, Mazel.”

“They’re free?”

“No, there is a cost of sorts.  You and your men will have to agree to their conditions and to treat them well before they will agree to stay.  I should also warn you that I will hear of it if any one of them is abused in any way.  I have certain friends with ties to the United Galaxy Council, and they will take swift action should that happen.”

He still looked a little confused, but he was smiling now.

“A hundred and thirty two, just like these?  There are only a hundred and thirty of us here.  What would we do with the other two?”

“I don’t know, but I can assure you they’ll find some way to keep you happy.  Maybe you ought to have some female bartenders or dancers in that club you have.  That would make it more like the clubs on Idomini.”

“I’ll have to call a meeting of all the miners.  Can you bring them all down so we can see them?”

The meeting hall was actually a huge cavern that had once been part of the  manchalite mine.  At one end was the bar where the miners came to quench their thirst after a long day’s work.  The center was filled with chairs, stools, and whatever else the miners could find to sit on.  

The miners were all assembled by the time the shuttle brought the last of the breeders down.  There was the occasional whisper, but in general, the miners were as quiet as Mazel had been.  I suppose I wouldn’t have had much to say if I was looking at that many sensuous, seductive females all in one place either.

Mazel stood to speak.

“Fellow miners, these females need a place to live, and they like Religia Three.  They have offered to stay here with us, but they have some conditions we have to agree to.”

He read off the list, and I could see some heads nodding.

“I know this is a hard decision to make on such short notice, but the trader must be on his way tomorrow.  Does anyone have any questions?”

A big burly miner in the second row raised his hand.

“You mean they’d be real live-in women and sleep with us and everything?”

I was surprised to hear a voice from the middle of the row of breeders.

“That depends upon how big your cock is and how well you use it.”

That got a laugh from all breeders and most of the miners.  The big burly miner just dropped his pants and lifted the most enormous cock I’d ever seen.  I kid you not, the monster must have been at least twenty five centimeters long and six across – soft no less.

“Is this big enough?” he asked.

There was a titter in the ranks of the breeders, and then a voice said “if you’re all like that, I think I’m going to like it here.”

Half a dozen other miners stood up, dropped their pants, and showed pretty conclusively they were all about that size.  A gasp came from the line of breeders.

“How would we ever chose one?”

There were giggles and chatter in the ranks of breeders.

“Our conditions say we get to choose, but we don’t have to choose right away.  I think we should try them out first.”

“All of them?”

“Well, at least enough to find one you like. Twenty or thirty should be enough, don’t you think?”

Mazel started banging away on a table with a miner’s pick handle.

“Quiet down.  This is serious business. Are there any other questions?”

A slender miner in the back stood up.

“What if they don’t choose one of us?”

Kanna, one of the breeders I’d not yet met, walked to the back of the room and up to the slender miner.  The room got very quiet as she stoked a finger down his chest.

“I’ll choose you, if you’ll have me.  All I ask is that you treat me well.  If you do that, I will do my best to keep you happy.”

Mazel asked if there were any more questions, but nobody heard him.  The rest of the breeders had fanned out and were introducing themselves to the miners.  After a while, I started to see couples silently drifting out of the meeting room.  When two of the breeders walked up and touched his arms, Mazel stopped talking.  The three of them left shortly, and Xanmar and I stood there in the room alone.  Xanmar chuckled.

“See, I told you things would work out.”

“Well, I think we should hang around for a couple of days just to make sure.”

She chuckled again.

“I think you liked having them on the Julay, and you are sorry to see them go.”

“No, it’s not that.  Well, maybe it is a little, but I just don’t want to see any of them get hurt.”

“They will not.  After one night with them, the miners will treat them like queens.  The miners will be happy, the breeders will be happy, and I hope Moku and Tiko will be happy too.”

“Yeah, you were going to explain that to me.  What happened?  I thought they were willing.”

“They were worried.  They are so much different from the breeders and they did not think the miners would like them.  I tried to explain that at least some males would, but they would not listen.”

“So what do we do with them?”

Xanmar smiled, and there was a little of the imp in that smile.

“They have a proposal for you, but they wish to tell you themselves.”

We spent the night on Religia just to make sure nothing bad happened.  Strangely, no body was around the next morning.  The three suns of Religia were already almost overhead when Mazel walked out to the shuttle pad.

“I’m sorry I’m so late, but Moni and Raku…well, you didn’t tell me they would be like that.  I’m tired.”

“Didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  I take it everything is going all right?”

“I think you can say your females have found a home.  We just have to sort out who lives with who, but I think that’s going to be fun.  Did you have any more business with us?”

I traded some of the gronic flour and estilbi meal for more manchalite cubes.  We said our goodbyes, and Xanmar and I took the shuttle back to the Julay.

When I walked onto the bridge to leave orbit, there stood Moku and Tiko with sheepish grins on their faces.  I didn’t say anything until I had the course set for Pardidi.  When I turned back to Moku and Tiko, they looked very somber.  Moku soundled almost in tears when she spoke.

“Wuhl, are you mad at us?”

“No, but what happened?  Why did you change your minds?”

“We’re…we’re not made like the breeders.  Xanmar said males like big breasts, and ours are little.  She also said males like females shorter than them, and we’re tall.  They are pink and we are so white.  We didn’t want to go down there and be rejected.”

“Well, I don’t think that would have happened, but I can understand.”

“Xanmar said you would.  We have a proposal to make to you, if you’ll let us.”

“She said that too.  What’s your proposal?”

Tiko smiled.

“Xanmar told us about how you were almost killed by pirates once, and then you were all alone when the Bindaran’s captured you.  We are trained soldiers.  We could be your protection from things like that.  Some places she says you go, you could probably use two trained soldiers to go with you.”

“And what do I have to trade in return?”

“No, no trade.  We’ll be part of your crew, like Xanmar is.  We’ll share in everything, just like Xanmar and you do now, except with us along, you’ll be able to go places you wouldn’t before.  You’ll be able to make more trades and better trades and sharing in that is all we ask.”

I hadn’t seen Xanmar come on the bridge.

“Will, I think it is a good idea for us to have some protection along.  You have  been talking about going to Jarnan Six, and you know the reputation those brutes have.  Besides, with all the breeders aboard, I discovered it is nice to have other females to talk with sometimes.  We share some things you can’t possible understand.”

“I don’t know.  My experience is one female is fine, two always ends up in jealousy from one of them.  I can’t imagine three.”

Xanmar smiled the smile that said she was going to teach me something I didn’t know.

“It is a little unusual, but like the Felinian females, the Bindaran females do not have the genetic information that controls that emotion.  We do not know how to be jealous because our brains do not have the ability to be jealous.”

I’d run out of arguments except the one about wanting to be alone with Xanmar again.  I didn’t want to say that for fear of giving her the impression I felt more for her than I thought was right.  I was still the captain of the Julay, and I liked Xanmar because she was my crew…partly because she was my crew anyway.

“All right, but we’ll have to change some things, like who uses the shower when, and who sleeps in which bed.  Come to think of it, I’ll have to get another couple of beds somewhere.  I only have one.”

The bed thing we resolved temporarily by me sleeping on the couch on the observation deck.  Xanmar and one of my new protection detail would sleep in the sleeping quarters.  Moku and Tiko said one of them needed to stand guard, so they’d switch every half day or so.

That evening, I checked our course and the rest of the Julay’s instruments, and went to turn in.  By now, I didn’t need the light to find the couch, so I just stripped, walked over, and sat down…on something smooth, warm, and soft.  After jumping up and running for the light switch, I turned and saw Moku, naked, lying on the couch.  She smiled.

“When Tiko said we would share everything, she really did mean everything.”

“I thought one of you was going to stand guard all night.”

Moku grinned.

“I can’t think of a better way to guard you than to sleep with you.”

“So you’re going to sleep with me tonight?”

“Yes, and then Tiko will sleep with you tomorrow night.  We’ll do that every night except on Xanmar’s reproduction day, but we want to do more than sleep.  You never got to the end of the line of breeders, so you didn’t get to us.”

“If you’re sleeping here, where is Tiko sleeping?”

“She’s with Xanmar, of course.  They are…well, Xanmar said she had talked with someone…a Mano somebody…about how females can please other females, so they’re practicing.  I get to practice with Xanmar tomorrow night.”

Moku patted the couch.

“Right now, I want to practice what you did with the breeders.”

In my experience, there is no arguing with female logic.  They don’t listen once they’ve made up their minds.  I was a little put out that they seemed to have made up my mind for me, though.  I mean, I’m not just some randy cock waiting to fuck the first warm female body that comes along…Well, I sort of am, but I do like being able to choose for myself.

I looked at Moku, at her small, pointed breasts, at her long, slender legs, at the full, dark red bush she was idly scratching, and decided if I had been able to choose, she wouldn’t have been a bad choice.  

She looked at me, then stroked a fingertip over her left nipple.

“All the breeders said you like to suck on nipples.  They said they feel it all the way down deep inside them.  Will you show me what it feels like?”

I took off my shirt on the way to the couch.  Moku reached for my belt as soon as I got there.  In a minute, my pants were around my ankles.  I kicked them off while Moku pulled down my shorts, and then kicked those off too.  

Her small nipple was soft at first.  A few little licks grew it thick and stiff, and my tongue felt little ripples along the side.  The dark circle around the stiff nub had puckered into tight little ridges.  When I gently sucked her nipple, Moku whispered,  “I do feel it,”  she pulled my hand to her belly, “Right here.”

I sucked a little harder and pinched her nipple between my lips.  There was another tightening in her belly, and Moku’s hips rocked just a little.  Pulling my lips back caused another tightening and a little moan slipped from Moku’s throat.  She gently pulled my face to her other nipple.

Her red bush felt soft and crinkley under my fingers.  The lips hiding inside the mass of curls were slender and long.  As I ran my fingertips over them, Moku gasped, then opened her eyes and looked at me.  She smiled, hooked one foot  over the back of the couch and put the other foot on the floor.

“Ambo said this is her favorite way, and that it would be good for my first time because I would be more open.  I don’t know what that means, but she seemed to know what she was talking about.”

I slipped on finger between Moku’s slender lips and felt for her entrance.

“She meant this position would let me enter you a little easier.”

I was going to need all the easier I could get.  Moku was unbelievably tight around even one finger, and my fingers aren’t that big.  My finger went in up to the knuckle, but she was a little dry to let it go further.  I went back to stroking her lips, sometimes pinching them gently, and sometimes feeling for the little bump where they joined at the top.  Moku responded to my every touch.  She wasn’t particularly vocal, but her body said a lot.  

Both her nipples were swollen tight, and even her rippled nipple beds seemed a little puffy, like they’d raised off her breasts a little.  Her flat belly rolled when I brushed one of the dark circles, then rolled again when I lightly pinched that nipple, pulled up, and let it slide from my grasp.    Her hands went around my neck and pulled my face to hers.  With her mouth open, Moku beckoned my lips, and when I kissed her she sighed, then felt my lower lip with her tongue.

If my cock hadn’t been hard already, that little lick on my lip would have done it.  I felt for her entrance again and instead of moist and tight, I found wet and slippery, but not quite so tight.  Moku was probably ready for me, but my experience with virgins was pretty limited.  I didn’t want to risk hurting her.

Using my cock instead of my fingers, I stroked between Moku’s lips and over the rapidly swelling little button at their junction.  She was more than ready after a couple minutes of kisses, nipple licks and my stroking cock, and tried to get my cock head at her entrance.  I got myself positioned, and she relaxed.  A gentle push separated the soft folds of her inner lips and then my cock stopped.  I pushed a little harder, and Moku gasped.

“Ambo said I should relax.  I’m trying to but it feels so big.”

“I’ll try not to hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me if you go slow until I get used to you.  I’m not like Xanmar said Earther girls are.  I just need to be stretched.”

I kept my cock head pressing gently into Moku’s entrance and began massaging her breasts and rolling and tugging her nipples.  As I did so, I could feel Moku opening to me, and with each easing of tension in her passage, I slipped a little bit more of my cock inside her. It took almost ten minutes, but finally I felt the base of my cock spread her outer lips.  Moku was smiling.

“I do feel filled up, and filled up feels really wonderful.  I think you can move it in and out now.”

My slow strokes did some amazing things to Moku, I suppose mostly because it was the first time, but I’d never experienced those things before.  When I stroked in, her hips would rock up and down rapidly and she’d gasp.  When I pulled out, she’d do the same thing.  The effect on me was sort of like a very fast hand job, and it was taking it’s toll.  It took all my will power to hold back.  Well, what it really took was mentally calculating the hold capacity of the Julay.  My will power never has been all that good.

As Moku got used to my stroking cock, she settled down into a slow, steady rhythm of her hips rocking into my stroke with a little moan each time my cock plunged deep inside her body.  Everything was going pretty well, I thought.  I hadn’t expected the same response from Moku as I usually got from an experienced female.

I was wrong.  Moku got a little wetter and my cock was sliding in and out with just the right amount of friction when she dug her heel into the back of the couch and pushed up into my thrust.  Her pussy lips slammed into the base of my cock and almost knocked me back.  I pulled out slowly, and got halfway there when Moku cried out and slammed her pussy over my cock again.  

“Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,  don’t stop, don’t stop fucking me.”

I wasn’t really doing anything by then.  Moku was using her legs to fuck me by herself.  All I could do was hang on so I grabbed her narrow hips to steady myself.  Moku was driving her pussy over my cock so fast and so deep there was no holding back.  The first load shot up my cock just when Moku had impaled herself as deep as my cock would reach.  She cried out again and the stroking became faster.  My second shot cause her to shudder.  The third caused a little moan.  When I stopped stroking, Moku wrapped her long legs around me to keep my cock inside her.

Moku lay there underneath me with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.  She sighed, “Ummm…the military training was all wrong about this.  I can’t imagine not ever doing it again.”

She opened her eyes, batted them at me and smiled.

“Can we do it again?  I want to do it again.”

Well, I wasn’t sure how all this was going to work out, but it seemed to be working just fine so far.  If Manoleen had taught Xanmar what I figured she had, Tiko was having a great time too.  As I’ve probably told you before, Manoleen is not very picky about her partners, so she has a lot of experience.  I remember one time when…

Well, that’s another story, and I have to get back to the Julay.  We’re going to Minga City, on Raku Twelve.  Raku Twelve is a small moon of Raku Prime, and they make some of the best whiskey in the galaxy.  It can be a little dangerous there, sometimes, because there are some shady characters who hang out in the bars there, but with Moku and Tiko, I feel pretty safe.  

From Minga City, we’re heading to Borchan to see Manoleen, Reega, and Reegine.  Xanmar wants to pick up some more personal instruction, and Reega said they need some more pickled amaxyl cocks.  I can’t figure out what they really need them for, because they both seem to have all the Borchan males at their beck and call, but then, I’ve never been able to figure out how females think either.

After Borchan, well, we’ll see.  I do need to go back to Religia Three to check on how the breeders are doing, but I figure they’re doing fine.  The output of Religan manchalite cubes dropped by about ten percent for a month or so, but lately it’s back to normal plus about ten percent on some days.  

I also need to stop by Alena on the way to Raku.  With three females aboard, I need a lot more water, and there’s a shop there that can retrofit the Julay with a bigger recycling unit.  That’ll cost me a day or so, but it’ll keep my crew happy.  I figure if they’re happy, I’ll be happy too.