Solving The Midlife Crisis

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27 Feb. '18

“Well, what am I supposed to do?  I’ve tried sexy nightgowns, sexy underwear, no underwear – nothing seems to make a difference.  He just says he’s too tired, rolls over and goes to sleep.”

“I don’t know, Christy.  I’m having the same problem with Bill. Since he turned fifty, he doesn’t seem interested in me anymore. My doctor says it’s his age.  I didn’t think men changed like women do, but apparently some men can’t get hard enough when they get older.  At least they think they can’t so they don’t want to be embarrassed by trying.”

“Larry hasn’t changed that way.  He does it himself every morning in the shower.  He doesn’t know I’ve seen him doing it, but I have.  He left the bathroom door ajar one morning and I peeked in when I went past.  He looked as hard as he ever was.”

“Yes, Bill does it too.  I walked into the garage when he was working out there about a month ago.  He was standing at his workbench and it looked like he was yanking on something.  When I asked what he was working on, he turned a little.  What he was yanking on was his dick.  He told me to go away.”

Christy sighed.

“There’s only one thing I can think of that would cause Larry to be this way – me.  I’ve gained some weight and my butt isn’t as tight as it used to be.  I think that time is coming up for me as well.  Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden I felt really hot.”

“Now, Christy, don’t start thinking like that.  I’ve seen how other men look at you when we’re shopping.  If you went up to one and asked him if he’d take you to bed, he’d say yes in a heartbeat.  As for the other thing, it’s gonna happen, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose everything.  You need to change your mind about yourself.”

Christy frowned.

“I think those men were looking at you.  I see them doing that when we’re not close together.  Your boobs are bigger than mine and your butt is still tight.”

Rhonda chuckled and lifted up her top.  The nude colored body shaper peeked over the top of her jeans.

“My butt isn’t all that tight.  It’s this body shaper that makes it look that way.  Maybe you ought to get one.  That might make you feel better about yourself.”

Rhonda’s eyes opened wide.

“Hey, maybe that’s the problem.  If you don’t think you’re desirable anymore, maybe Larry thinks you don’t want sex.  If you change how you see yourself, maybe he will too.”

“Did that help you with Bill?”

Rhonda sighed.

“No, it didn’t seem to.”

“Well, I need to figure something out or I’ll go crazy.  I help myself out when I get really tense, but I wish Larry would do me at least once a week or so.”

“I know what you mean.  Doing it myself takes off the edge, but it’s not the same.”

Such was the coffee conversation between Christy Brown and Rhonda Michaels, two neighbors in a middle class suburb of the city.  Christy was forty seven and Rhonda forty five.  Both were stay at home wives.  They’d given up their jobs when they had kids and when the kids grew up, both decided they liked staying home.  They met every day at Rhonda’s for coffee and talked about what was happening with their families, what was going on in the neighborhood, and more often than not, about sex.  On Wednesday, they went shopping together.

A week later, Christy got an envelope in the mail from one of the spas in town.  She didn’t remember entering the contest, but then it seemed as if she saw an ad or got something in the mail about a contest at least a couple times a week and she entered each one.  The letter inside explained she’d won a free massage at the spa.  Along with the ticket was a brochure describing what the spa had to offer.  She showed both to Rhonda the next afternoon.  Rhonda was almost as excited as Christy.

“Wow, look at all the things they can do.  I’d go with you if it wasn’t so expensive.  Two fifty for a massage?  That would have to be one fantastic massage for me to pay that much.”

“Well, the brochure says their massage people or whatever you call them are trained and licensed, so they might be that good.”

Rhonda patted her on the shoulder.

“Well, you go and have fun, and then come home and tell me all about it.”

The day after Christy’s spa day, they met for coffee at Rhonda’s house.  Rhonda was all questions about Christy’s experience.

“Well, how was it?”

Christy smiled and she closed her eyes as she remembered.

“Mmm…it was fabulous.”

“Then you have to tell me what they did.  I need to know every little detail.”

“Well, let’s see.  I had to fill out this consent form first.  That was so they’d know I wasn’t pregnant, God forbid, or had something wrong with me.  Then I had to pick which massage I wanted them to do.  There were so many it was really hard.  It took me a while to decide, but I finally did.  I picked their special massage that was supposed to combine a regular massage with accupressure.”

“This young Asian girl, Suzie was her name, took me to the massage room and asked if I’d like my massage with clothes or without.  She said the massage I picked would be better if I was naked but it would still feel good if I kept my clothes on.  I was a little nervous about taking off my clothes, but then I figured I’d only get this chance once so I might as well make the best of it.  Besides, Suzie was a woman and it wouldn’t be like I had some strange man putting his hands all over me.

“You know those big fluffy white robes you always see in the movies?  Suzie  gave me one to put on and then left while I undressed.  The robe was warm, like when you put your bath towel over the bathroom register in winter.  She came back about five minutes later and asked if I was ready.  Well, I was as ready as I’d ever be, so I said I was.

“There was this long table in the room, kind of like the one my doctor has except it didn’t have those leg thingies.  She had me take off my robe and lay down on my tummy.  There was this padded ring at one end where I put my face.  Then she put another towel over me that covered me from my toes all the way up to my neck.

“Suzie started at my feet.  I didn’t know having your feet massaged could feel so good.  Kim said that was the accupressure points she was pressing on.

“Then, she did my legs.  It was weird, but it felt really good.  She sort of twisted them between her hands and then did this grabbing and pushing thing.  When she got done, I don’t think I could have stood up by myself.

“She did my back then, all the way from my shoulders down to my butt.  The butt thing was wild.  She put her fingers under my butt cheeks and pushed in a few times.  She said that was to clear my meridian, whatever that means.  It was embarrassing.”

“You were embarrassed because she pushed on your butt cheeks?  Why?”

Christy sipped her coffee.

“Because I started to get a little excited.  I didn’t mean to, but I did.”

“How much is a little excited?”

“Not much, just a little tingle, but it was there.”  

Rhonda grinned.

“That sounds like the tingle I get at the salon when Rose washes my hair.”

“No, it was different than that.  I started to feel like…well, like I used to feel when Larry and I started to have sex.”

Rhonda giggled.

“It’s been so long since I felt like that, I’d have asked her to do it some more.”

“Oh, I couldn’t have done that.  She’d have thought I was a…one of those women.  Besides, it was kind of like being at the doctor.  Suzie was telling me what all the spots she pressed were for.  They were based on ancient Chinese medicine and that one was part of the meridian thing for the reproductive system.  She asked if I was having any problems.

“Well, you know sometimes I get really hot when it’s not hot in the room.  I told her that, and she said she could help.  I don’t know if I believe that or not, but that hasn’t happened since then.”

“Anyway, she finished my back then and it was fantastic.  You know how you get that ache in your lower back sometimes?  I do a little, and by the time she got done, I felt really great.  My shoulders get to me as well, and they felt really great too.”

Rhonda sighed.

“If she could make that ache go away I’d be there every week.  It happened again this morning when I was washing clothes and it’s still there.  So, what else did she do?”

Christy grinned.

“She asked me to turn over then. After I did, she covered me back up with that big towel again.   She massaged my face and neck a little and that felt really good.  Then, she pulled the towel down over my boobs and did my chest.  There were more pressure points there.  I got embarrassed again.”

Rhonda leaned forward in her chair.

“What happened?”

“Well, she massaged my chest and kept going lower and lower.  When she touched my boobs I almost stopped her but I couldn’t.  If felt too nice.  She did this thing with each boob…well I’d have to show you.”

“OK, show me.”

“Right here in your kitchen?”

“Why not?  There’s nobody else here.”

“There’s the windows.  Somebody might see in.”

“Nah, all my neighbors are still at work.  Come on, Christy.  You can’t tell me something like that without showing me.”

“OK, but you have to promise not to laugh when it happens.”

“When what happens?”

“You’ll see.”

Christy pulled the T-shirt over her head and then slipped the bra straps from her shoulders.  When she pulled her bra down, her breasts slipped from the cups.  

“First, she put both hands around one and sort of twisted it, like this.”

Rhonda watched as Christy lifted her left breast and then gently squeezed it with both hands.  She rotated her hands then and let her breast twist until it slipped and went back to its normal position.  Then she did the same thing in the other direction.

“She did that three times to each boob”, said Christy, “and then she did this.”

Christy held her breast up with her left hand and stroked from the nipple bed down to her chest.  She made the same strokes all around her breast.  Rhonda caught her breath when Christy’s nipple swelled up long and taut.

“Christy, your nipple is all stiff.”

“That’s why I was embarrassed.”

“She didn’t even touch it?”

“No, she didn’t, but it still happened.  It happened when she did my other boob too.  I got those same tingles again and I’m sure I blushed because my chest felt warm.”

Rhonda giggled.

“I’d probably have felt warm in other places too.”

Christy smiled shyly.

“I did.  That’s why I was so embarrassed.  It didn’t seem to bother Suzie though, she just kept on massaging.  She did my tummy next and there were a bunch more spots she pressed on.”

“Were you still excited?”

“I got more embarrassed if that’s what you mean?”

“Where did she push?  I might want Bill to do it if I can ever get him in the mood.”

“There were a lot.  It was about every couple inches from my boobs down to my mound.”

Rhonda gasped.

“She touched you there too?”

“Well, there were three on my mound, but the one between my thighs was what did it.”

“Did what?”

“Well, like I said, I’d gotten excited and that last place…you know that spot between your lips and that other place?  She pushed in there and moved her fingers in and out really fast.  She only did it a little and then she stopped.”

Christy hung her head.

“She stopped, but I couldn’t.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t stop…Oh…right there on the massage table?”

“Yes.  I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop it.”

Rhonda leaned back in her chair.

“Wow.  I need one of those massages every day.”

Christy chuckled.

“Now, it wasn’t like you think.  It just happened, that’s all.  Suzie said it does sometimes and it was nothing to worry about.  It just meant my meridian was all cleared out.”

Rhonda giggled.

“I wouldn’t be worried.  I’d be thankful.  When are you going back?”

Christy frowned.

“I’m not.  Suzie said it would be best if I went back every two weeks.  I can’t afford to spend that much money.  I wish I could because it was fantastic, well except what it caused me to do.  I still haven’t figured out if that was a good thing or a bad thing.”

Rhonda chuckled.

“If she got you off, it was a good thing.  There are other spas.  Maybe there’s one that’s cheaper.  I’ll go with you if you find one.”

Christy sighed.

“I looked last night.  There are two others that have that type of massage, but they’re just as expensive.  I did think of a way though if you’ll help me.  I’ll help you too.”

“How would we do that?”

 “Well, what she did didn’t seem that hard to do, and I found out where the accupressure points are supposed to be on the internet.  I suppose we could do it ourselves if you don’t mind me touching you in those places.  They’re pretty intimate.”

Rhonda laughed.

“Christy, I’ve known you for years and I trusted you with my kids.  I don’t know my doctor that well and I let him touch me.  Why would I mind if you gave me a massage?”

The next afternoon right after lunch, Christy knocked on Rhonda’s door.  Rhonda opened the door and smiled.


“I’m ready if you are.  I figured we’d do you first since I already had my massage.  I’m not sure what to use for a table though.”

Rhonda smiled.

“I got that all figured out.  When my boy was in Scouts, we bought him a portable cot.  I set it up in the spare bedroom.  It should work just fine.”

“OK, you go in there and get undressed…well, I assumed you’d want to be undressed.  Do you?”

“Sure, but you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.  It’s not like you’re going to get all excited by seeing my boobs and butt, and I won’t be embarrassed.”

Christy had never seen Rhonda totally naked before and was a little surprised. She had thought Rhonda must buy really good bras to cause them to push out her tops like they did, but her breasts were just bigger than she’d thought.  Rhonda’s nipples were a lot bigger than her own too.

The rest of Rhonda’s figure was about the same as hers.  Her waist wasn’t slender but she didn’t have enough fat to be more than just a little thick.  Her hips were a little wider than Christy’s and sagged about the same amount.  The only real difference was Rhonda had shaved her mound, and Christy asked about that.  Rhonda shrugged.

“I did it to try to excite Bill a little.  Most of the women on the porn sites I looked at were shaved and I thought he might like it.  Didn’t work, but I liked the clean feeling so I’ve been doing it ever since.”

“You look at porn sites?”

Rhonda grinned.

“At the time, I thought there might be another woman, and I figured if I was competing, I oughta know what the competition looks like.  Thank God it was just Bill.  Those other women are a lot sexier.”

Christy laughed.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as being sexy.  I’m the one who needs to worry about that.  My boobs aren’t as big as yours.”

“Yeah, but when you have big boobs, they start to sag and that’s not sexy.  OK, what do I do so you can work that magic on me?”

“Just lay down on your tummy and relax.”

Christy started doing the same thing she’d felt Suzie doing at the spa.  Rhonda enjoyed it all.

“God, girl, your’re only rubbing my feet but I feel it all the way up to my neck.”

“According to what I read, it’s suppose to be that way.  There are pressure points in your feet that control things in the rest of your body.”

“Mmm…there must be something to that because I’m getting really relaxed.”

Christy moved slowly up Rhonda’s right leg and then to her thigh.  When she started the pushing and pulling on Rhonda’s thigh muscle, Rhonda opened her legs.  Christy caught her breath then, because Rhonda’s lips were long and thick, longer and thicker than her own.  As she massaged higher on Rhonda’s thigh, those lips started opening when she pulled at the muscle, and they looked a little wet.  Christy stopped.   Rhonda’s voice was low and sultry.

“Why did you stop?  That felt great.”

“I think I’m doing it wrong.  It looks like you’re…well, you look a little wet.”

“That’s just the way I am when it’s been a while, Christy, and it’s been a long, long time.  You aren’t doing anything wrong.”

Just as Suzie had done to her, Christy massaged Rhonda’s right butt cheek and then found what she thought was the pressure point between Rhonda’s thigh and that cheek.  She pressed in firmly and then released the pressure.  Rhonda moaned.

“Mmm…I see why you said you got excited.  That’s doing the same to me.”

Christy pressed on the pressure point two more times.  On the third press, Rhonda lifted her hips off the table.   

Christy worked her way up Rhonda’s other leg and when she was high enough on Rhonda's thigh, the pulling motion opened Rhonda’s lips again.  She looked wetter.  Christy thought about stopping again, but Rhonda didn’t seem to want her too.

“Mmm,  Christy, you’re relaxing me so much I don’t know if I can stand up by myself.”

“Well, it’s supposed to feel like that, or at least that’s what Suzie said.”

“I think Suzie knew what she was talking about.”

Christy massaged Rhonda’s left butt cheek then, and when she found and pressed on the pressure point, Rhonda groaned.

“I wish you had a dick.  I’d have you screw me right here, right now.”

Christy giggled.

“That’s kind of what I was thinking when Suzie did it to me.”

“Mmm…I can imagine.  Do that some more.”

“Nope.  I have to do your back and shoulders now.”

Christy finished Rhonda’s back while Rhonda moaned about how good it felt.  Then she asked Rhonda to turn over.  When she did, Rhonda looked up at Christy.

“You gonna do that boob thing to me?”

“Well, unless you don’t want me to.”

“Oh, I want you to do everything Suzie did to you.”

When Christy closed her hands around Rhonda’s right breast and squeezed gently, Rhonda closed her eyes.  When Christy twisted her breast, Rhonda moaned.

“God your hands feel good.”

Christy repeated the twisting motion three times in each direction and then began stroking a finger over Rhonda’s breast from the nipple bed to her chest.  Just as had been the case when Suzie had done that, Rhonda’s nipple swelled up long, thick, and taut.  Rhonda moaned when Christy had worked half way around that breast.

“Are you really sure she didn’t touch your nipple?”

“Yes.  I didn’t feel her do that.”

“Then I’m gonna do it.”

Rhonda closed two fingertips on her swollen nipple and pinched.  She moaned as she pinched it again.

“She really should have.  I’m getting little tingles all the way to my tummy.  Try it and you’ll see.”

“I don’t think I should.  That wasn’t part of the massage.”

“Well, we’ll just add it.  I’ll bet that’s a pressure point too.”

Christy tentatively used two fingers to gently grip Rhonda’s nipple.  She pinched a tiny bit and Rhonda moaned.

“Harder, pinch harder.”

“I’ll hurt you if I do that.”

“No you won’t.  Not after everything else you’ve done to me.”

Christy pinched harder and Rhonda gasped.  That made Christy think she had indeed hurt Rhonda and she jerked her fingers back.  Because she was startled, she didn’t remember to release her grip on Rhonda’s nipple.  As a result, Rhonda’s breast was stretched into a long cone before Christy let it go.  Rhonda gasped.

“Oh, God, yes.  Do that again.”

“But I hurt you, didn’t I?”

“No, and I think that meridian thing is running fine on this side now.  Just one more should do it.”

Rhonda’s tummy rolled when Christy pinched her nipple and then pulled again.  Rhonda gasped and then laughed.

“I think you’d better do the other side now.  It’s getting jealous.”

Christy did the same things to Rhonda’s other breast with the same moans and gasps from Rhonda.  She was sure Rhonda was getting excited and it was a little exciting to Christy as well.  She’d often done the same to herself, but it seemed as if Rhonda’s reaction was a lot stronger. Christy knew it wasn’t right, but It made her feel good to know she could make Rhonda feel that way.  

She started down Rhonda’s torso then, pressing on all the points she’d read about.  Rhonda had calmed down a little and didn’t say anything more until Christy reached the top of her mound.  She pushed in gently and then a little more firmly.  Rhonda lifted her hips a little.  She moved her fingertips to the second point, the one in the middle of Rhonda’s mound and pushed in three times.  Rhonda was still quiet though her tummy seemed to tighten up..

That changed when she pressed on the third point that was located just at the start of Rhonda’s thick lips.  They looked bigger than before, Christy thought, and the press of her fingertips was very gentle so she wouldn’t hurt them.  As she pressed her fingers a little harder, she saw Rhonda’s lips open a little and then the pink skin that covered the little bulge between them.  Rhonda moaned then and the pink skin moved up and down once.

Christy pushed that pressure point twice more, and the last time, Rhonda’s clit peeked out from under that pink skin.  Rhonda gasped.

“Did she do this to you or are you making it up?”

“No, she did this too, three times.”

“She should have done it a lot more.  I’m about ready to go.”

“She didn’t, but that didn’t cause what happened.  Open your thighs…more…that’s about right.”

Christy placed her fingertips on the satin soft skin between Rhonda’s swollen lips and the rosebud that peeked out from between Rhonda’s cheeks.  She pushed in firmly, then moved her fingertips in and out quickly.  

Rhonda gasped and arched off the table.  She made a quiet little cry and rocked her hips, then arched higher.  As Christy kept pressing in and out on that pressure point, she felt wet warmth on her fingers and looked down.  Rhonda’s entrance opened, then closed and when it opened again, milky liquid came out.  Rhonda rocked her hips again, then sighed and eased back down on the cot.

“Wow…that was…I’m not sure how to even describe it.  Is that what you did?”

“Yes.  I didn’t raise up off the table as much, but it was about the same.”

“I don’t remember it being that strong even with Bill.”

“I know.  Do you think it’s wrong?  I mean, I’ve never thought about doing it with another woman…well, I have, but you know what I mean.  I’ve never really wanted to enough to try.”

Rhonda raised up until she was sitting on the cot.  

“I don’t know.  It didn’t seem wrong but maybe that was because we really weren’t doing it.  It was just a massage.  We didn’t even kiss.”

Christy laughed.

“I’m not sure I’d know how to kiss another woman even if I wanted to.  Do you think they kiss the same way men and women kiss?”

“Well, those porn sites I went to had videos of women kissing.  It didn’t look quite the same to me.”

“Oh.   What was different?”

“Well, when Bill kissed me when we made love, he just kissed me.  Sometimes he’d use his tongue too, but usually, he just kissed me.  The women in the porn videos did a lot more that that.”

“Like what?”

“They did a lot with their tongues and they sort of kissed one lip at a time sometimes.”

Christy frowned.

“How do you kiss just one lip at a time?”

Rhonda got up off the cot and chuckled.

“Want me to show you how?”

“Oh, I…I don’t know if I should.”

“Why?  Afraid you might like it?”

“Yes…no…yes, a little.”

Rhonda shrugged.

“We’d be just two bored wives experimenting a little.  After what you did to me, I could use a good kiss or two.  It’d be like the cherry on the best sundae I ever ate.”

Christy didn’t say anything for a moment because she was thinking.  Watching Rhonda have an orgasm because of what she was doing had not only made her feel powerful, it had excited her too.  If she liked kissing Rhonda, did that mean she liked girls too?  What if she did?  She’d heard about women who liked both.  At one of her husband’s office parties, she’d been in the ladies restroom with another woman.  Lois had seemed a little drunk at the time, but she’d stroked Christy’s hip and asked her if she liked girls.  Christy had politely said no, but remembering that touch always made her shiver.

“Maybe you could show me, just one time.”

Rhonda put her arms around Christy’s neck and moved close enough her breasts pressed into Christy’s.

“Here’s how you kiss just one lip.  Open your mouth a little.”

Rhonda opened her mouth slightly and then closed her lips around Christy’s lower lip.  She sucked gently at it and moved her lips as she did. Christy felt Rhonda’s tongue sliding over her lower lip.  The sensation shot to her tummy and made her catch her breath.  Rhonda pulled gently back then.

“Well, how was it?”

“Gosh…do they do that a lot?”

“Yes, a lot, and they touch their tongues together too.  Open up again.”

Christy opened her mouth and felt Rhonda’s lips against hers.  Then she felt Rhonda’s small tongue find the tip of hers and move it around.  The sensation that shot to her core then was a lot stronger.  She found herself moving her tongue against Rhonda’s.  It was wrong, but it felt so exciting, more exciting than she’d felt in a long, long time.  Rhonda’s little moan flowed into her mouth and another electric shock flew through her body.  When Rhonda pulled away this time, Christy was tingling all over.

“Wow”, was all she could say at first.  “Wow, wow, wow.”

Rhonda giggled.

“That’s what they did in the videos, well at first anyway.  Did you like it?  I did.  I’m all excited again.”

“It was really, really different.  You don’t have whiskers and what you did was…I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Make you excited, too?”

“Yes, I suppose it did a little.”

Christy was half listening and answering Rhonda and half thinking.  In truth, she was more excited than just a little.  It was like when she and Larry had done it only different, and in some ways more.  He’d never made such strong tingles race through her body.  He’d made her feel good, and the orgasms had been good too, but he’d never had her so aroused so quickly.  She looked at Rhonda.

“If we both got excited by just kissing, does that mean we’re…I mean, I didn’t know women could make other women feel that way…like I feel now.”

Rhonda chuckled.

“I think it just means we need to get laid.”

Christy smiled.

“Well, that’s not likely to happen to me any time soon.”

“Me either, well…”

Rhonda grinned.

“Unless you’d like to experiment a little more.  In the videos, it looked like the women were having a great time.  You said you’ve thought about it.  Well, so have I.  I just haven’t known a woman well enough I could ask her besides you, and I didn’t think you’d want to do anything like that.”

“I wouldn’t have a clue about what to do.”

Rhonda smiled.  

“We’d just do what they do in the videos.  Let me get my laptop and you get undressed and on the bed.”

Rhonda came back to the bedroom and sat her laptop on the nightstand.  She tapped a few keys and then a website popped up on the screen.  She clicked on the box for “lesbian”.  Seconds later the page was filled with small pictures.  Rhonda scanned through them and then clicked on one.

“Lots of these are from porn movies and I think they’re just acting.  This one is homemade, so it’s real.”

Christy watched the video until she felt Rhonda’s hand cupping her breast.  She looked at Rhonda.  Rhonda smiled.

“You feel a lot softer than Bill.  I like it.  Do you?”

Christy reached for Rhonda’s breast and lifted it.  This was different than when she’d touched Rhonda’s breasts during the massage.  That was her concentrating on remembering what Suzie had done.  This was…

She squeezed Rhonda’s breast gently and felt the yielding softness move in her hand.

“Yes.  I like the way you feel too.”

Rhonda looked back at the video, then pushed Christy back onto the bed.  She stroked her breasts and then kissed Christy’s left nipple.  Christy caught her breath at the sensation and then gasped when Rhonda sucked that nipple into her mouth.

“Wow, it never felt like that when Larry did it.”

“Now you do me so I can feel it.”

Christy took a deep breath and then pulled Rhonda down closer.  Rhonda’s breast swayed slightly and Christy closed her hands around it, then guided it to her face.  Rhonda’s nipple was dimpled at the tip and Christy kissed the dimple.  Rhonda shivered.  Christy opened her mouth and then closed her lips around the nipple and sucked.  Rhonda moaned.

“Oh God, you’re right.  That’s fantastic.”

Christy thought it was great too, because Rhonda’s nipple swelled stiff and tight.  She slid her tongue along the length and felt tiny little ripples.  Rhonda gasped at that.

“Wow…Bill never did that.”

Christy released Rhonda’s nipple.

“I just thought I’d see what if felt like.  I can’t do that to myself.  I’m not big enough.”

“I’ll show you how it feels.”

Rhonda bent down her head and circled Christy’s right nipple with her lips.  She sucked in a little and then ran her tongue down the rigid side.  Christy felt the shock race through her. Rhonda raised back up and smiled.

“See what I mean?  Pretty nice, isn’t it?”

“I never felt anything like that before.”

“They do that some in the videos, but mostly they just kiss and touch each other.  I’ll show you.”

Rhonda kissed Christy again, and this time, Christy let herself go.  She kissed Rhonda back and tried kissing her on just one lip.  It was strangely erotic to mouth Rhonda’s bottom lip and to stroke her tongue over the soft surface.  It was probably instinct that made her put her hands on Rhonda’s back and then stroke them down to her hips.  Rhonda shuddered a little when she cupped them and then balanced on one arm so she could do the same to Christy.

Christy felt her tummy tighten when Rhonda cupped her hip.  Larry had done that sometimes, but his hands had been rough and he’d pulled her cheeks apart.  Rhonda’s hands were soft and smooth and she just lightly stroked the curve from Christy’s thigh to her waist.  Little tingles raced through Christy’s body from the caress to her hip and the nibbling kisses they were exchanging.

It didn’t seem to Christy that they’d kissed and touched for very long, but when Rhonda raised up, the video had ended.  Rhonda moved the cursor to a different picture and clicked on it.

“We didn’t get to see what else they do, but we will now.”

The two women did about the same thing for a while.  Christy felt Rhonda stroking her inner thigh as they watched so she did the same to Rhonda. When one of the women laid back and spread her thighs wide, Christy caught her breath.  The other woman began stroking her lips and then spread them open.

The woman had large inner lips, and they looked wet and swollen.  Christy held her breath while the other woman stroked the thick, rippled lips and then slipped a finger between them.  She looked at Rhonda.

“She’s just doing what I do to myself.”

“Yeah, but it gets better.  Just watch.”

The woman knelt between the other woman’s spread thighs and slipped another finger in.  She began sliding the fingers in and out, and then put her thumb on the soft fold of skin at the top of the woman’s lips.  The woman on the bed gasped and rocked up her hips.  She murmured something Christy couldn’t really hear.  The woman who was kneeling between her thighs moved so that her feet were at the other woman’s head.  Then she straddled the reclining woman and lowered her crotch to that woman’s face.  A second later she bent down and put her face between the reclining woman’s spread thighs.

Christy held her breath again when the camera changed positions.  The reclining woman was licking the woman above her, licking at her lips and at the small, pink button of her clit.  The camera moved again and showed the woman on top doing the same to the reclining woman.  Christy heard lots of moans and saw each woman caressing the other.  She looked at Rhonda.

“Are they doing what it looks like they’re doing?”

“Yeah.  Wanna try?”

Rhonda didn’t wait for Christy to answer.  She just straddled Christy and moved down until her hips were even with Christy’s face.  Christy felt Rhonda’s tongue tracing her lips and unconsciously opened her thighs wider.  She gasped when Rhonda licked beside her clit.  That shock chased away the reservations she’d been fighting about licking Rhonda.  She pulled gently down on Rhonda’s hips until her lips were very close to her mouth.

Rhonda’s lips had opened because her legs were spread so wide.  Christy saw soft inner lips, smaller than the lips on the woman in the video, and the little pink surface of her clit.  She touched Rhonda’s inner lips with her tongue.  The taste was a little musky and a little salty, and Rhonda’s scent was much like her own.  The taste and scent were erotic, somehow, and she licked again.  Rhonda shivered.

Christy felt Rhonda’s tongue running up and down her inner lips and sometimes brushing her clit.  She tried to do the same for Rhonda.  Rhonda moaned when she licked the tip of her clit and her hips jerked.  A second later, Christy gasped.  Rhonda had slipped a finger inside her and was stroking it in and out.  

She had to move her hand around Rhonda’s thigh to do the same, but when she did, Rhonda gasped too.  Christy moved her finger in and out, and then, remembering what she sometimes did to herself, slipped another finger in as well.  Rhonda started to pant as she licked.

For a while, they didn’t change what they were doing.  They just enjoyed the sensations that were building in their tummies and minds.  Those sensations had begun as tingles that felt good, then progressed to an increased tension.  That tension got more intense, then more intense yet, until both Christy and Rhonda were rocking their hips and panting.

Christy fell over the edge first.  She cried out as the orgasm hit and tried to double up.  She couldn’t because Rhonda was laying on top of her.  With no way to get away from Rhonda’s stroking tongue and penetrating finger, the orgasm seemed to hit again but much stronger.  She cried out again as her body began to quake, but kept licking as best she could.  

A second later, Rhonda’s body stiffened and her hips began quickly rocking over Christy’s mouth.  She squeaked a high pitch squeak and then shook as the orgasm swept through her body.  Christy held on to Rhonda’s hips out of instinct and kept on licking.  Rhonda shrieked again and then fell on top of Christy.

They lay there for a minute or so before Christy giggled.

“Rhonda, you’re mashing my boobs.”

Rhonda raised up, turned around, and fell to the bed beside Christy.

“Sorry, but that was so strong I couldn’t move for a while.”

Rhonda kissed Christy, and then leaned on one elbow.

“Was this what you thought it would be?  It’s more than I thought it would be.”

“Well, it was different, that’s for sure.”

She stroked Rhonda’s hip.

“I think I like the difference.”

Rhonda caressed Christy’s breast.

‘I do too.  We have to do this again, and soon.”

They still meet at Rhonda’s house for coffee every afternoon.  Neither Larry nor Bill have changed much.  Rhonda and Christy have.  

They still shop together every Wednesday and they spend weekends with their husbands.  The other four days of the week, they experiment, as they call it. Those experiments usually result in two orgasms for each, and they’re happy with that.  

Each woman is learning what the other likes best.   That keeps changing as they experiment more, but part of their fun is trying something new and seeing if it works or not.  Christy read about G-spot orgasms in a magazine at the beauty parlor and that’s the latest thing they’re trying.  It’s been a little hit or miss as far as success, but they’re learning a lot in the process.  

Their husbands don’t have a clue because they’ve never told them.  It’s their little secret and that’s probably for the best.  Some men couldn’t accept that their wives like other women.  That they know they do is enough for Christy and Rhonda.  It’s the escape from daily life they have four days a week, and it’s an escape they relish.