The Doorbell Rang Again

The doorbell rang.

"Hello there, Penelope. Nice to see you again. Come in."

She entered, holding her purse in front of her, wearing a dress, and a shawl over her shoulders. A straw hat with some flowers was atop her blond hair. She had lovely hair. I always liked it. Penelope was a beautiful woman, and her ass was fine to look at. I enjoyed the bright, red lipstick she always used. 
"Hello, Peter. I was just going to stop by and chat with Esther. I'm not intruding?"

"Of course not. You know better than that. You're always welcome. But, of course, Esther is away today. I thought I heard her telling you that on the phone, yesterday."

"Oh, I can get so scatter-brained, can't I Peter? Well, I'll just sit and chat with you a moment, if I may?"

"Sure. Just sit on the sofa. We can talk, if that's what you want."

I grinned at her and she blushed, then I sat down, taking my regular chair, and gazed into her blue eyes.

"So, it's too bad I didn't see Esther. I had a recipe here for her. She wanted to try it for you one night. I know Edgar really enjoyed it the last time I made it for him."

I spread my legs widely apart. I never wore underwear, and my growing erection was readily apparent to her. She was chattering away about the weather, but I knew her eyes were glued to my manhood. I could see her beginning to tremble as she set her purse aside, and removed the shawl. She was fanning her face, as the ladies do, with one elegant hand. I chuckled.

"Penny, I know Edgar's away, like he always is. I'm pretty sure I know what you need, little girl. Don't I, Penny, my own?"

"Well, perhaps you do, Peter. I mean, yes Sir, you do know what I need. Yes, please, Sir."

"Then get rid of that dress. I know you're naked underneath. Then get your ass over here. I'll be ready for you. Aren't I always?"

I laughed at her eager manner as she quickly shed her clothes. Of course she was not wearing a bra or panties. Of course not. She was always my little slut. Here for what she needed. I was fast, too. As she approached me I was nude myself, standing up with my hardness ready for her ministrations.

"May I touch him, Sir?" She was now on her knees and her blue eyes were pleading. But I knew she was singing inside. I knew her so well. She loved this.

"Show me that you love my prick, little slut. Show me. You're so good at it, pet."

Her hands grabbed me but then slowly caressed my ballsack, with a gentleness I appreciated. Holding my length, her tongue touched the tip, tasting the fluids now forming there, ready for her praise. I could feel her shuddering. She loved my cock, and what it fed to her. Now her scarlet lips wrapped about the hood, while her tongue twisted about it, making me want to thrust it into her mouth.

I twisted my fingers into her golden locks and held still. I wanted her to have her fun because soon I would be tearing her mouth up. She knew it, and she was expecting it. Wanting and depending upon me to fulfill her. But for now she was taking her time. Sucking the tip of my prick like a lollipop, then licking the length, down to the base. I was freshly shaved. I like a naked cock, just as I preferred a naked pussy.

Stroking me, her lips kissed my nuts, then took each one in to suck on it. Just a little pressure from her teeth to tease me, then popping it out and taking the other inside her hot mouth. Still jacking the cock tightly, and bringing me closer.

"That's a good little pet. Yes, you're a good girl. Now I need to give you more. You know that, Penny, dear. You know it's time."

"Please, Sir," she moaned, "please use me. May I touch myself now? My I play while you use me, Sir?"

"Of course. I love to see you twisting and cumming with me. Touch that wet pussy, little one."

I beging fucking her mouth, holding tightly to the blond tresses, and controlling her face, as I fucked into her throat. She was gagging now, and the tears were beginning to trace down her face, but I knew her fingers were ticking her pussy and button. She opened wider for me, taking all of me into her throat.

"Uhhh...uhhh...uhhh," I was grunting as I fucked her face.

She squatted before me, with her juices dripping onto my hardwood floor. Fuck it. Those floors had soaked up lots of pussy and prick cum over the years. I kept feeding her hard cock, and she kept gagging and crying. But she always wanted it, and begged for more if I stopped. I was not stopping. No, I was face fucking her now. Pulling completely out, asking if she wanted it, and then ramming it back as she pleaded for me to continue.

"That's it. Yes, that's it. You want it. You wanted this. You're my little slut. Oh, fuck," I moaned, using my pet.

She was making gagging noises more and more, and I could feel the tightness of her throat, but I kept fucking, using her mouth and fucking her face. This was so fucking good. She wanted it, and I needed it. Jesus, I was close now.

"This is it. Shit, Penny. Ah, fuck, gonna cum. Gonna cum," I yelled, holding her hair tightly.

Damn, it was spurting out now. My bare feet could feel the wetness of the floor. I pulled my prick out of her mouth, and continued squirting my cum on her face, jerking my cock with my hand. She took it happily, and slowly lifted a hand up to wipe my jism from her lips and face, then licking her fingers clean.

"Ah, thank you, Sir. Oh, Sir, I squirted on your floor. Was I bad?" she worried.

"Don't be silly, Penny. That's what sluts do. Squirt their cum all over the floor. So do I, if I want to," I said, laughingly. "Now lick my cock clean, little one."

When she completed that task I went to get towels to clean up the evidence of our play time. While I was gone she had went into the half bath off of the hall, cleaned her face, and replaced her clothing. I tossed the towels onto the floor and escorted her to the front door.

"That was a nice conversation, Peter. Thanks for being such a gentleman."

"Not at all, Penelope. Please come back any time. I'll tell Esther you stopped by."

I opened the door, still naked, and let her go out with her little purse in hand. Her straw hat was slightly askew. I just chuckled to my self.

"See you again soon, Penelope," I said to my secret treasure, closing the door. Life was still grand.

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