From One To Another - Part 2

I rushed into my new consignment shop job, the one that Allison had help me get. The shop was actually a duplex. One part Mary's home, the other her shop. I was a few minutes late and apologized to Mary Elle the owner. Telling her that my Biology teacher was on my case about missing assignments and had kept me after school. 

Mary Elle looked at me and suggested a nice warm shower to help me relax and that she would fix me up with an elixir. It would enlighten me and awake my senses was her expression. 

"Don't argue with me, just do," she said. 

She explained that it was a slow business day and she was about to close anyway and that she would give me some body therapy after the shower, but to release my seed while in the shower. Allison had said that Mary Elle was taking classes in massage. I knew how to release my seed. She also handed me a suppository, something of a surprise. I had used a suppository for constipation before, but this was for an enema.

"Now off to the shower, there is a bath robe on the back of the door," she whispered low to me.

The water beat down on my lathered body. The pounding of the water felt fantastic on my newly healed pierced nipples. My cock became erect as the tile on the shower stall wall took shapes of small erotic human figures. I masturbated and tried to reclaim my spent cum in my hand and I nourished what I could. The taste of cum being my a favorite treat.  

Minutes later I found Mary Elle out in her converted garage. It had been made into an extra room. She was wearing a starched white smock. In the middle of the room was a table of about six feet in length.

She asked if I had released my seed. I pretended as if I didn't know what she meant. She went on to explain to me that she wanted me to relax and let the thrill come to me. She poured a thimbleful of a green liquid and it tasted sweet and of the aroma of incense. 

"This will help you relax and take you to places you wish."

As she spoke to me I was starting to feel euphoric an assured. She went on to say it was like two sides of a chair. One side being my present self and the other being my want to be self.

"Let the intoxication set in and all your inhibitions will cease."

I heard the music from the CD player as if the sounds were a thousand miles away. A tingling sensation and warmth crept over my body. Mary Elle removed her smock and stood in panties. Her large breasts swaggered. Her giant nipples were pierced and had coil nipple extenders. I had previously only seen such adornments in magazines. I was thinking I could wear those. I was now in the throes of my estactic mind and the green elixir. I was in the clouds as she suckled and licked her udders. She squeezed and her lactate shot streams of her milk.

She removed my robe and placed it on a chair. Grabbing hold of my ankles and quickly pulled me to the edge. My ass hanging over she slid my shorts down. I was watching in the mirror as she spread my legs wide. The soles of my feet planted on the floor. She squeezed more milk over my lower back and ass crack. My cock now aimed toward the floor and my balls moving up and tight like lemons.

"What side of the chair are you on now," she asked.

She placed a dish on the floor beneath my dripping cock with a small microphone attached. I could hear the plop of my juices as they hit. She removed her panties and a strap-on anatomically correct phallus sprung loose with a Prince Albert piercing.

She reached between my legs and tied a cord around my testicles and with a slip knot tightened it. She rolled my nuts in her hand as if she were shaking dice. She pulled down on my cock and stretched the skin over the head.  

She picked up the saucer after unclasping the Mic and licked the juices off, then reaching for a hose, I knew what she was about to do. The hose had a miniature cock nozzle in one end and a bag on the other.

"You will soon become a lover of this."

I was thinking I probably would.

She pushed the miniature cock nozzle in my ass hole and released the clamp on the hose. I felt the gush and rush of the warm liquid as it sent waves of enthusiasm up me. My cock was throbbing like a hammer.

"I'm going to pull this out now, hold the liquid in."

She pulled out the nozzle and just as quick pushed a butt plug in it's place. My sphincter muscle was in jubilation. In the mirror I saw Mary's huge tits sway and the expression on her face.

She placed a large wash type pail beneath my plugged ass and I saw her put latex gloves on.

"Get back on the table and bring your knees up under your chest."

I was amazed as the liquid cascaded down the crack of my ass. I was more struck by my wide open ass hole and felt no discomfort. She pushed four fingers in and twisted them about. Then her fist as I pushed up with my ass. Her arm became a piston as she embedded it in me. The screaming was all mine as I screamed for MORE.