Time for an Exam

Info Cubs1014
07 Mar. '18

Mike was fifty years old, six foot tall and about 195 lbs. with dark hair and dark eyes. Even though he felt good, his wife had been after him to get a physical. She saw that a young doctor had taken over Dr. Evans' practice when the old doc had retired so she made an appointment for her husband. Although Mike really didn’t care for doctor’s visits because he felt they were always looking to find something wrong, he wanted to humor his wife so he kept the 4:30 appointment.

"Ugh!" he thought. "Now that I’m fifty, he’s gonna insist on that damn prostate exam."

Mike checked in with the receptionist, filled out some forms, and was told to wait until his name was called. He had to sit for about ten minutes because the nurse called his name. He followed her back to the office and she handed him a gown, telling him to remove all his clothes and slip into it. He felt a bit awkward but he did. Soon there was a knock on the door and in walked Dr. Davis.

The doctor extended his hand and said:

-  You can call me Scott.

The two shook hands and the doctor sat down. He looked over the records and then asked routine questions. Sleeping all right? Eating all right? Are you and your wife sexually active?

Mike blushed.

-  Uh, yes, he stammered.

Wanting to set a more relaxed atmosphere, the doctor replied:

-  But not enough?

Both men laughed.

-  Any erectile problem? asked Scott.

Mike blushed a little and replied:

-  Once in a while.

With the questions done, the doctor began his exam. Blood pressure, heart, breathing. All the standard stuff. After taking some blood, the doctor had Mike stand up. The patient did so while holding the back of his gown closed which made the doctor laugh.

-  No need to be modest we're all boys here.

Mike did relax a little. The doctor ran his hands along Mike's spine and it tingled.

Scott told Mike to get up on the table when there was a knock on the door. It was the nurse asking if he needed her. He told her he didn’t and just asked her to lock the door on her way out. She smiled at Mike who was sitting on the table.

Scott turned back to Mike and said:

-  Untie the gown and loosen the tie at the neck.

Mike did as he was told.

The doctor came over and stood next to him, pushing, prodding, and poking him. Mike was feeling embarrassed lying naked in front of him like that but he reasoned with himself, repeating over and over in his head that this was normal. He tried to relax.

-  I'm going to look for any skin abnormalities now, Scott warned, so just relax.

The doctor began lightly gliding his finger tips on Mike's body. Mike had a tingle down below and then, when the doctor circled his nipples with his fingertips, he began to get erect.

-  Very nice, said Scott. Didn't seem to have any trouble getting hard.

Mike blushed as he couldn't believe he had gotten erect with a man touching him.

Reading his mind Scott added:

-  It’s not out of the ordinary for a man to become erect during and exam.

With that, Scott reached down and began to roll Mike's balls in his hand. Mike's firmness increased and he didn't know what to do.

-  They feel very normal, commented Scott. A bit swollen. When was the last time you had an orgasm, Mike?

Mike’s pulse started racing as this question wasn’t exactly your typical medical query. He thought for a second before replying:

-  I think it’s been nearly two weeks.

-  And did you have an orgasm with your wife?

-  Yes, Mike replied, a bit surprised by the oddness of the question.

-  Do you masturbate, Mike? asked the doctor.

Once again, his erection stiffened as the doctor lightly caressed his balls.

Mike blushed.

-  Well, once in a while… if it's been a while with my wife, you know? Like a dry spell…

Scott chuckled and Mike followed along.

The doctor then removed his hand from Mike's balls and lightly caressed Mike's hard penis. Mike's erection jumped in the doctor's hand.

-  Good erectile response, commented Scott, still remaining extremely professional and serious.

Mike blushed again and his heart started spinning. This was an odd experience and feeling for him.

As though he could hear what was going on in Mike’s mind, Scott reassured him:

-  Mike, it is very normal for a man and even a woman to become aroused during an exam. The body just feels pleasure whether it’s from someone of the opposite sex or the same sex. Sometimes, a man will get even more aroused when he’s being examined by a male doctor because it is so taboo. But pleasure is pleasure, you know? Whether you get it from a woman or another man.

Mike nodded in agreement. While the doctor talked, he kept lightly caressing Mike's erection.

-  Just because you’re married and enjoy the touch of another man doesn’t mean you’re gay. It simply means you enjoy pleasure from whoever your partner is.

Mike was surprised with the word ‘partner’ but decided to not make a big thing out of it. After all, Scott was a professional, right? And he just needed to do his job.

With that, the doctor raised stirrups on either side of the exam table and told Mike to put his feet up in them. Mike did as he was told, still surprised at how hard he was, looking down at his manhood. The doctor lowered the end of the exam table. Mike heard the snap of rubber gloves and knew what was coming next. He felt a lubed finger begin to gently press against his anus. He relaxed and was surprise at how easy the doctor's finger went in. He lay there and felt the doctor moving his finger inside of him.

-  I'm checking your prostate right now, he said.

And while all of Mike's past experiences with prostate exams had been painful, this one definitely felt different. It was definitely not painful and, in fact, it felt good. So good that his erection became even firmer and a small drop of clear liquid peered out at the tip of his cock. He felt embarrassed and even more so when noticed Scott looking at the clear drop.

-  Again, said the doctor in a very medical, reassuring voice, very normal. Just relax.

Mike then felt the doctor's finger wrap themselves around his cock. A finger in his anus and a hand on his cock and he was definitely getting aroused.

"This shouldn't be happening," he thought. "I love my wife. I love her breasts, her nice rounded ass and her pussy. Why am I aroused by what this doctor is doing?"

The finger in his anus began to feel warm and very arousing. He was trying to fight the feeling when he caught the doctor's eye. Scott smiled and whispered:

-  It’s perfectly all right. Very normal and very natural.

Mike relaxed and, as the pleasure grew, he began to give into it. He closed his eyes and let the feeling build within him when the doctor suddenly stopped and withdrew his finger.

Like the feeling he’d had after a massage, Mike moaned thinking it was over, but somehow, he couldn’t get himself to open his eyes. Maybe he was just too tired after a long week? Maybe he just wanted to lie there and relax a bit more? The next thing he knew, he felt something larger, thicker and longer than the doctor's finger pushing against his butt hole. He opened his eyes and was startled to find Scott sliding his own erection into his tight anus. Mike was about to say something when he was overwhelmed by a strange moan and wince of pleasure. The doctor kept pushing slowly and gently as he asked:

-  How does that feel, Mike?

Mike didn't know what to say. He moaned and looked away.

-  Are you okay? asked Scott as his pulsating erection throbbed inside Mike.

-  Oh God, no, was all Mike could say.

As the doctor began moving his hips, slowly pulling out, not wanting to force Mike to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, he nonetheless grabbed on to Mike’s erection and started stroking it. Mike was amazed at how good it all felt. Overwhelmed even. He couldn’t believe the pleasure he could derive from another man. The feelings were so intense.

He suddenly turned to Scott as he felt him pulling out and, when the doctor caught his eyes, he understood that he was welcome to keep going. The two smiled at each other in consent as both their cocks popped up to full attention. They then shut their eyes as they enjoyed the moment.

The doctor had a nice rhythm going with his thrusting cock and hand moving up and down Mike's erection. He began increasing his pace and was now moaning. Suddenly, Scott stiffened and his hips quickly moved in and out of Mike as fast as humanly possible. His cum splashed inside Mike's anus. He began slowing down and just held on to Mike's legs until his erection slipped out of Mike's anus. Before Mike could move, the doctor bent over and took Mike's cock in his mouth. The warmth of his hot oral cavity almost threw Mike over the edge. When Scott’s head started bobbing up and down and his hand started playing with his balls, Mike was sure he was going to lose it.

He was getting so close and wanted to let the doctor know.

-  Not much longer, doc…. Mmmm… I… oh, I’m going to cum.

Instead of pulling away, Scott increased his pace and, a few moments later, Mike felt it. He hit that perfect moment and it was the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt. His hot cum shot out into the waiting doctor's mouth. He spewed one long string of cum after another until he was completely empty.

The doctor pulled his mouth of Mike’s slowly deflating cock, patted his patient on the thigh and whispered:

-  Just relax.

The doctor cleaned himself up and put his pants back on. Then he pulled up the end of the table and gently lowered Mike's legs as he brought the stirrups down. He then went to the sink and brought a warm, wet washcloth over to clean Mike up.

-  I'm happy to report you’re in good health, Mike. Why don't you get dressed and, if you want to come back next week, we can check out the results of your blood work… and give you another workup.

Mike sat up, catching his breath, and looked at Scott before saying:

-  That sounds great.

Mike got dressed and walked out of the doctor’s office with a very different perspective on prostate exams. 50 really was going to be the new 30.