Impromptu Sex with a Stranger: In the Darkness of the Theater!

Info Tristan LeMay
08 Mar. '18

Holy fuck, guys! I just had the most incredible sexual experience in the theater. I still can’t believe it actually happened. Since I’ve been moonlighting as a theater critic for a while now, I get to see a bunch of plays for free and am almost always invited to the media premieres. So tonight was one of those nights. Since I most often get two tickets, I have the privilege of inviting a friend. Today, it was my pal Eric’s turn to come out with me. I know he’s really into science-fiction and fantasy and stuff so when I saw that this play was an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, I thought this would be great for him, even though he’s not a theater buff by any stretch of the imagination. He is generally curious, though – although not in a sexual way, and that’s fine with me because I have no interest in him in that way – and he’s a nice guy so when he said ‘yes’, I was happy to have him tag along.

   What I wasn’t expecting was the incredibly hot, heart-thumping chemistry I’d feel with the guy sitting to my left. He was clearly alone as the seat to his left stayed empty through the whole show. I noticed how good-looking he was as soon as he came and plopped himself down in the seat next to me, looking aloof and frankly kind of annoyed, like he’d somehow been forced to come see the play. Did he know somebody in the show and had come to check it out only as a favor or to be friendly? Was he sexually involved with somebody in the show and was there only because he was hoping to have sex at the end of the evening? I had no idea but, as usual, my brain started making up all kinds of scenarios.

   As the lights came down, I turned and got a good look at him. He was even cuter than I had first noticed. His tight curly afro, thick, glistening lips, beautiful mixed skin. As he stretched his arms in front of him to ready himself to sit still  for 90 minutes, I noticed his beautiful hands and long, sexy fingers. Sweet, young eye candy, I thought with an inner sigh.

   When the play started, I was enthralled by the great acting, superb sets and great stage direction. My concentration took me completely away from the beautiful young guy sitting next to me. But he kept shifting in his seat, repositioning his legs, and in the process, rubbing his elbow against my ribs, brushing his shoulder against mine, even touching my hand with his fingers under my arm when I crossed my arms on my chest for a while. Since he always made it look like it was involuntary, I couldn’t help but get even more excited, aroused, intrigued.

   So even though I was still following the plot of the play quite nicely, I started leaning a bit to my left so that my fingers could brush against the soft fabric of his shirt. Since he didn’t pull away, I thought: “Either he doesn’t feel it or he likes it”. That’s when he started taking deeper breaths as though he wanted his ribcage to expand and meet my fingers. This drove me crazy. I just stayed there, not moving my fingers at all and his breathing did all the work.

   Then, he placed his hands on his thighs and rubbed down toward his knees as though he was drying his sweaty palms. Was he as excited and nervous as I was? Was he getting aroused? Was he going to start rubbing his crotch in the dark? That’s what I felt like doing – to him and to myself – as I could feel a boner growing inside my pants, underneath my coat which I’d slung across my lap.

   “Man, what the hell are you thinking?” is what I kept telling myself but his warm presence, his occasional brush against me was exhilarating, inebriating, incredibly exciting.

   As he brought his hands back up from his knees, I suddenly felt his pinky brush against my coat and I wished I’d swung my coat over the back of my seat as Eric had done with his. I wanted to give my hot fellow patron clearer access to my thigh. But he didn’t mind my coat. His hands went back down to his knees again and back up his thighs before his right hand slipped under my coat and onto my left thigh. I tried not to look startled as I didn’t want to attract Eric’s – or any of the other spectator’s – attention but what had remained semi-soft in my cock automatically sprang to action. Man! I felt my shaft pushing so hard up against my jeans.

   I looked over at him but he was looking straight at the stage, as if nothing was happening. I knew that was the way to go if we didn’t want to get into embarrassing trouble and I felt some ambivalent, thinking: “God, I wish we were somewhere private together right now” and “Man, this play is so good and this situation is so exciting, I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

   His fingers gave the top of my thigh a few exciting squeezes as though he was pumping life into my cock. Not that it needed any. But his hot hand through the fabric of my jeans felt so good. I opened my legs a bit wider and our knees met. He turned his fingers clockwise, directing them toward the inside of my thigh. He squeezed again, softly, and I felt the top of his fingers brush against my balls. I had to bite my lip not to moan my encouragement. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to need it. He continued moving his fingers between my legs and massaging my thigh with his hot palm.

   Since I wanted to remain discrete, I crossed my arms over my chest and, with my right hand under my left armpit, I started caressing his chest through his shirt. Quickly, I found his right nipple as it was hard and inviting my touch. I pinched it lightly and it was as if my touch turned his hand into a catapult which landed straight on my hard cock. Man! It felt as if his hand was on fire through the fabric of my jeans and my briefs.

   He started stroking the underside of my rigid cock through my clothes, trying to remain as discrete as possible, yet building up in intensity and hot pressure.

   I started thinking this was too intense and would get us in trouble. But it felt so good. I looked over at Eric who was completely oblivious and fascinated by the play. I was happy about that. I, too, was really enjoying the play but I was also enjoying this unexpected perk. I felt the stranger lean in even closer toward me, giving me easier access to his nipple. Oh how I would have loved to rip his clothes off and give that nipple and its brother all the attention they deserved but this was neither the time nor the place.

   I slowly brought my hand back from under my shoulder, uncrossing my arms as he continued stroking the underside of my rock hard cock. I discretely brought my left hand down to the hand rest that was separating us and slipped it down toward his crotch. There was no way I wouldn’t get to feel how hard this was making him.

   As I grabbed hold of his hard, tight bow, my own cock jolted under his touch and I realized he was wearing baggy pants and even baggier underwear. I wished he could unbutton his pants and give me access to that hard flesh but I knew that would be too risky. I also felt my mouth start to water as I dreamt of swallowing what felt like such a tasty piece of meat, but… we were watching a play, surrounded by a few hundred people including my friend Eric, for crying out loud!

   Nevertheless, all these hot thoughts drove me over the edge and before I knew it, I felt a hot flow of cum race up my hard pole and inundate my briefs. I didn’t know how much cum had actually exploded into my underwear but I knew it had felt fucking great! As my hot neighbor felt my cock pulsating and eventually blast shots of warm spunk, I caught his smile in the corner of my eye and he pulled his hand out of my crotch, letting it rest on my thigh as a sign that he wasn’t the ‘fuck-and-go’ type.

   Oddly enough, though, when the play ended, the cast received a standing ovation and, when I turned around, my hot secret lover had disappeared. Damn! This happened only a few hours ago but I sure hope I’ll get to see him again in another media premiere in the near future. Man was he ever hot!

   Now, I have to write my review. Without mention my whole audience experience.