Rush Part Two

“You changed your hair color.”

“So did you,” She teased as she put the almost empty glass of champagne down on the table and sat down in the chair next to mine.


“Dye,” She shrugged.  “The color wasn't appropriate for my next campaign, so I was told to dye it.”

“So you are…”

She lifted her index finger with a perfect French-tip nail up to her pouty matte nude lips.  The blush colored gold and lace mask that donned her face accentuated her new honey blonde curls and reminded me of those unique colored curls she had that night.  The layered gold choker necklace that wrapped loosely around her delicate neck, drew attention to the plunging neckline of the revealing gold sequined halter top; a small gold disc laid just between her perfect sun-kissed breasts.  A micro mini skirt that barely covered her toned ass and tanned long legs shimmered with each movement as gold strappy heels adorned her French-tipped manicured feet. She looked every bit the model I knew she was that night.

“No names.  Once we put our masks on, our outside identities are left behind for the night.  This gives us the freedom to indulge in who we want to be or who we truly are.”

I nodded.  “Ahh I see.”

“But,” She grinned.  “You’re not wrong in your guess.  You've known who I was since that night.”

“It’s hard not to given how many magazines and billboards you’re on.”

Her soft laugh rang in my ear as we were approached by a waiter walking around with a silver tray full of crystal stemware.  She was handed another glass of bubbly champagne with a few plump raspberries floating on the top while I declined for now; still feeling a little buzzed after the previous drink.   “I like to keep myself busy doing the things I love. Life is too short not to indulge in what you love. Don’t you think?”

“Never would’ve guessed you’d indulge in this lifestyle.”

“You should never judge a book by its cover,” She said with a small smile curling her full lips. “Well I guess a magazine in my case.”

“When did you start?”

She hummed as she effortlessly uncrossed and crossed her long tanned legs.   Wishing I’d accepted that drink earlier, I swallowed hard at the fair bit of soft skin peeking out from underneath her skirt.  “Like a lot of people here. I think I’ve always known of my interest in BDSM and other fetishes, but it became more of an unattainable fantasy since my parents were incredibly strict and micro-managed all of my time.  I was only able to do any research on the subject when I was around 18 or 19 after acquiring some freedom from my parents, so it became sort of an outlet for me from all the long hours and the stress of not only my profession but also my strict life.  If I was traveling by myself or had my own hotel room, I would lookup as much information or watch as many videos as I quietly could while either my manager or my parents were asleep in the next hotel room.”

The sly smirk that appeared on her face was the perfect combination of sinister and sexy.  It had me wondering what fun and devious ideas we could devise together.

“Everyone around me; from my family to colleagues to my professors would praise me for my perfect grades and hard work ethic as I juggled both university and my modeling career.  They would always tell me how tired I looked and yet I still was able to accomplish so much and always with a smile on my face. No one ever found out my tired look was because I’d been up all night, curled up under the covers and masturbating to BDSM videos.  I always got such a thrill when someone would mention how tired I looked.”

I sat back in my chair and observed her dreamy sigh; fingernails dragging softly over the bare skin between her top.  A breathy moan escaped her lips as she adjusted in her chair, her playful hooded kohl lined eyes catching mine just as I lifted them from her pushed out breasts.  The giggle that followed had me squirming in my chair, the throbbing between my legs only intensifying with my movements.

“One drunken night at a hotel party in,” She started, her fingertip tapping on her plump bottom lip.  “I think it was Milan...or it might’ve been Paris. I got to know another colleague of mine who I had a massive crush on at the time.  Without divulging any names, he was another model from my agency who was quite a bit older than me. After conversing on many topics, mostly sex related since we were both pretty drunk at the time, I found out he was really into BDSM.”

We both turned our heads when we heard the loud moans of a curvy milky-skinned woman with a well designed tattoo of a busty and scantily-clad succubus that was bound tight with very detailed red rope covering most of her back.  She was on all fours and getting her ass spanked hard by an incredibly tall, tanned and muscular male also full of mostly tribal tattoos. A hot pink and silver spiked collar that was wrapped tight around her neck was being pulled by the male using a long pink metal chain with a pink leather handle attached to it.  Her incredibly long and straight jet black hair flowed all around her face like a veil until the male dropped the chain and grabbed a chunk of it; forcefully pulling her back until she was almost upright. He whispered something into her ear as he slowly slid the pink jeweled anal plug out of her puckered hole and set it on the thick black fabric cover laying on a table full of other toys and goodies.  Screams of pleasure and pain came from her as his incredibly thick and veiny cock pushed into her prepped asshole. He grabbed the chain again, pulling on it hard as he smacked her already reddened ass with every harsh stroke.

“So of course, I tried everything I could to steer the conversation in that direction.  After a good while of probing him with as many questions as I could think of, he finally got the hint that I was also interested in the subject.  We spent pretty much the rest of the party discussing anything and everything we knew about BDSM. At the end of the night, after we both sobered up, we took a cab back to his hotel.”  She took another sip of her champagne, setting it on the table at about the same time the curvy woman began waxing poetic about how thick the guy’s cock was and how deep he was fucking her.

“Within minutes of entering his hotel room, I was bent over his bed with a blindfold covering my eyes and one of his silk ties around my wrists while he spanked me with a leather belt from one of the brands he was working with.  It was funny when not too long after that night, I was flipping through a magazine while I was on set getting my hair and makeup done and saw a spread with him wearing the exact same belt.”

We both had a laugh as two older couples passed us, smiling at our youthful giddiness and completely oblivious to our previous conversation.

“My first scene was when I turned twenty-one at this very club with him and some other people we both knew.  To this day, it’s still the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

“Did you guys date or…”

“No,” She chuckled into her champagne glass as she took another elegant sip.  “It was more of a business relationship, so to speak. After really getting to know him, I knew he wasn’t the type of guy I would date but that I just loved to fuck.  Which I will say he was incredibly good at.”

Another waiter came around with what looked to be a tray of beautiful pink champagne with small pieces of sweet cotton candy decorating the glass.  It was my turn to take a glass while she declined.

“All girls need a guy like that at least once in their life.  Mine just lasted a lot longer due to similar interests.”

“I’m surprised nothing ever came out about it with how crazy tabloids and paparazzi are about you,” I said, staring at her in confusion as I discarded the piece of cotton candy onto the napkin for the time being and took a sip of the fruity sweet but slightly dry champagne.

“While I will admit there is a tiny grain of truth to some tabloids, most of them are just utter trash and everyone in the industry know this.  We were never really paired together; just the odd shoot now and again, all thanks to an amazing agency and PR staff on both accounts. That’s why we were able to keep it up for so long without anyone finding out about us.  But...that just added to the appeal,” She said as she finished off her champagne; her cheeks a slight flushed color that I couldn’t decide whether it was her makeup, from the alcohol or possibly something else. “A young and supposedly naive twenty-one year old girl in a BDSM relationship with a much older man.  It basically writes itself.”

We giggled and saw out of the corner of my eye him walking back with another male in tow, chatting lively about something I couldn’t quite make out.  When they reached us, she stood up and the guy he was speaking to walked over to her and slid his arm around her bare waist. While he wasn’t exceptionally tall, he did lean down to place a sweet kiss on her lightly shimmered flushed cheek.  

After introductions, I found out that his name was Michael and he is an old friend of his from college.  Michael knew her because he was now working as an agent at the same agency as her, albeit with another model.  The guy could’ve been a model himself with a well toned body and perfect tanned skin. His brownish blonde hair was in that messy slicked back style with a nicely manicured beard and dressed in a tailored black pinstripe suit with a pristine white button down shirt.  

We all got to know each other a bit and finding out Michael just came back from Phuket for a photoshoot involving the model he was working with, before the guys graciously offered to get some more drinks while they setup the next act on stage.  After deciding what we wanted, they both left for the bar while we sat back down and watched the lively action all around us.

“Are you guys together?”  I asked her nonchalantly.

“You could say that,” She sighed thoughtfully, chewing on one of the raspberries that slipped into her mouth.  “You need to be seen as available for as long as you can in my line of work. Fans always have this mindset of ‘if I met them, I could potentially get with them’, whether they’ll admit it or not.  Having a significant other ruins any chance of that happening in their eyes. So if they can’t have you...then why bother?”

“Yeah I remember having a few celebrity crushes myself when I was younger.”

“They say they’ll support you through it all,” She said, tipping the glass to her lips and another raspberry slid into her open mouth.  “But in reality, all they want is the same person they first fell in lust with.”

I hummed in agreement even though I most likely would never understand what she has gone through her entire life.  

“Never change.  Even if it makes you miserable in the end.”

“There must be some fans out there that would accept your relationship as long as you were happy?”

“Perhaps.  But it’s not a risk my agency would take.  Oh well, both of us have accepted this and just keep things open for now.  It’s why this club has garnered such a cult celebrity following. We’re able to just let loose and be ourselves, even if it is only for one night.”

Even though she was smiling, I could still see the small bit of pain behind those beautiful emerald green eyes.

“Could I confess something to you?”

I nodded.  “Sure.”

“That night,” She sighed.  “I was drawn to you. When your arm touched mine, I felt a spark so intense I almost jumped.”

My eyes rapidly blinked at her confession.  I knew we had something that night, but I never thought it affected her as much as it did me.  

“I was hoping at some point during the night I would run into you again, to at least give you my number, but I wasn’t able to find you.  That is until I went back upstairs and saw you dancing with him.” She grinned and lightly grabbed my hand, teasing the back of it with whisper soft touches.  “Both of you were mesmerizing, it was hard to look away.”

“I could say the same about you,” I grinned.  “Not to sound cliché, but you kind of took my breath away.  And not because I knew who you were.”

The darkened blush could barely be seen in the neon lights as she dropped my hand, closed her eyes and sighed.  I couldn’t help but lick my lips when she uncrossed her legs and slowly dragged her fingers up her slightly parted thigh.  Her fingers met the edge of her gold lace panties and she began teasing the edge with her fingertips; the material clearly damp with her juices.  

“My vibrator got some use that night when I got back to my hotel room,” She giggled.

“What did you think about that night?”

“You,” She moaned as her hand slipped under her panties.  “Both of you together. The amazing sex you probably had when you got home.  The three of us together in as many places and positions as possible.”

I adjusted in my seat as I felt the wetness pool from her intimately public show, grinning to myself at the hot memory of that ride home.

“Please…” She sighed and continued to play with herself.  “Please tell me what you would do to me? If I was tied up and spread out for both of your pleasure?”

“I would want to eat you out…”

She moaned loud and slipped her hand out of her panties.  Leaning over the short distance, she held her soaked finger to my mouth which I teased my tongue over, tasting her delicious juices as she adjusted the short skirt over back to its original state.  After she was finished fixing her skirt, she slowly slid the finger in her mouth and sucked on it, moaning as she closed her eyes to savor the taste.

I couldn’t handle it anymore and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to me as my lips connected with hers.  The mix of our saliva and her juices was even more intoxicating than any alcohol or stimulant available in this entire club.  Our tongues danced together as her hand slid over my bare shoulder and mine over her bare waist. She shivered at my touch, which I found quite adorable, and continued my trail up her top to her perfect breasts.  I thumbed over her hardened nipple as she giggled and moaned into my mouth, playfully biting my swollen bottom lip.

The house lights dimmed to a midnight blue as the previous song ended, flowing into another deep sensual groove.  The dancers in the cages also changed out for this particular set. Completely naked except for black light body paint which covered them from their faces to their toes.  The erotic movements and teasing touches seem to please the majority of the audience even though most of them were deep in their own sexual worlds; fucking in various positions as the sounds of smacks, moans, screams and a variety of toys mixed well with the ambient music.  

Not too long after the music started, another completely naked woman with a beautiful white feathered mask appeared on the main stage as a shiny metal pole came up from underneath the stage.  She wrapped her gorgeous toned body around the metal pole with such a grace and artistry that you had to admire her for the sheer agility of such a strong yet seductive dance. Her soft brown skin and delicate curves were a beautiful contrast to the stark white mask and rigid polished silver pole, while the midnight blue backdrop and lights perfectly enhanced the sultry aura of not only her erotic dance, but also the entire hall.

“How about when the boys get back with our drinks, the four of us take them to somewhere more private.  Where we can get to know each other better,” She mumbled against my mouth as her hand played with the strings of my corset.

I moaned and moved my mouth to her neck, licking and biting as she slightly squealed.  “I was gonna suggest the same thing.”

Using the tablet available at each table and a few short minutes later, we were able to rent a room for the four of us and then continued to watch the stage show as our fingertips traversed over each other’s overly sensitive and seething bare skin.  

Two more naked dancers joined the woman on the stage, dancing on opposite sides of each other.  Their equally toned dance bodies rolled and swayed in a hypnotic trance all over the stage. The same black light body paint as the caged dancers in an array of fluorescent colors swirled around their bodies and faces in intricate patterns with a variety of neon body jewelry decorating multiple areas of their bodies.  The woman in the cages were now tied to the bars by their wrists using neon pink black light bondage rope while neon green rope was tightly wrapped around their bodies, keeping them still as they withered ravenous on large and raucous sybians. Their hips bucked and rolled to the sensual beat in an irregular rhythm as they cried out in pleasured pain from behind black ball gags.

The dancers on stage added to their already sexual dances by teasing and caressing their writhing bodies; colors coalescing in unique swatches all over their skin like a beautiful human canvas.  Throaty moans and whimpers could also be heard from both of the neon dancers when fingers glowing as bright as glow sticks slowly slid in and out of their warm wet holes. Fluorescent hand prints covered their perky breasts and only accentuated the hardened nipples glowing bright from the neon nipple piercings.  

All the while, the white masked goddess slithered and undulated around the silver pole as if they were under her wanton spell; hypnotized under a midnight sapphire glow.  

My fingers unconsciously played with the jeweled piercing adorning my belly button and smiled to myself; reminded of that erotic night.  Reminded of my first real taste to this arousing and addictive world that I just couldn’t get enough of now. How, no matter what we do or use or the amount of people we bring into our world, I will never truly get enough of him.

Not too long after they both came back from the bar with the drinks and we discussed about going to a private room; to which they both agreed.  We all walked back up the staircase to leave the hall and were shown to our room by a staff member dressed in all black. After showing our credentials to the security member at the bottom of the stairs, we walked up the mahogany staircase and through white doors to the open second floor.  

The entire floor was a BDSM paradise.  Enormous and with many stations of all varieties set up in and around the thick black tufted leather walls and white marble pillars.  Many observers watched in rapt attention, most with either champagne glasses or other crystal full of various alcoholic drinks in their hands, as both male and female doms dressed in leather teased and tortured participants in a variety of devious ways for everyone’s enjoyment.

It was kind of odd passing through the open space, not because of what was going on, but because I noticed many familiar famous faces strapped in many ways to various surfaces.  Hearing the pleasured voices and seeing the aroused faces of stars I’ve seen in all forms of entertainment and might’ve had the occasional masturbation session to was probably the freakiest thing I’ve ever experienced.  Not that I was judging in any way, just never thought I’d ever experience something like this.

We crossed the open area and walked up a similar staircase to the third floor.  The long and winding white hallways were similar to the foyer that we saw at the beginning of the night, but this time the walls were decorated with large framed statement black and white photography of various people; completely naked and in very provocative positions.  However, the thing that drew me to all the photos was the way they were all shot so the faces were concealed in unique and interesting ways.

When asked about the pictures, the staff member explained how they were all past and current patrons of the club that agreed to pose for the pictures.  The photos were all taken by an in-house photographer and videographer who has been with the club for years; using all media solely for decor purposes and the occasional pre-approved promotional material.  Anything not used was destroyed to protect the privacy of anyone involved.

The whisper quiet hallway with its lack of vibrant colors really drew focus to the erotic photos and amplified the erotic sounds coming from behind each of the all-white trimmed doors.  The same intoxicating fragrance wafting around the main hall was also flowing throughout the second and third floor; tempting you with its sensual scent. My mind drifted to the particular sound of a deep male voice most likely getting the blowjob of his life and I softly gasped when his hand settled right at the small of my back.  The heat from his fingers teasing the peek of skin from between the silk ties that secured the corset shut. His hand then slid down over my bare ass and teased between my slightly spread legs with each step forward.

“Did you have fun with her?”  He whispered.

His hands startled me as he lightly grabbed my waist to hold me back from the group.  The other two were a little bit ahead of us, hands held tight as they chatted happily with the staff member.  It was a beautiful and bittersweet moment. “Couldn’t help it.”

“I don’t blame you,” He grinned into my neck and lightly kissed behind my ear.  “Where did you meet her?”

“Remember when we went to Marina’s opening?” I asked, swallowing hard from both him and the muffled erotic sounds throughout the hallway.

“How could I forget.”

“Well,” I snickered and rolled my eyes.  “She was the girl I wanted to give our number to.  When I was waiting for you, I passed by her on my way back from the bathroom and we had a...moment.  It’s insane how most of us know each other already.”

He nodded in agreement as we caught up with the group and stopped at a set of double white doors at the end of the hall.  The staff member used a master card key to open the doors and walked us inside, giving us a medium sized red envelope with two copies of the room card key and a small piece of thick silver embroidered paper with a directory of short code numbers for various amenities.  

“All staff is on-call twenty-four hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to call at any time if you need anything.  There is also a book full of various menus; from food to full services and a variety of toys for rental and purchase located right by all of the phones.”  After confirming we were all set, the staff member thanked us and left the room.

The private room looked more like a room in a five star hotel rather than a room in a sex club.  The common room housed a luxury sitting area with a comfortable beige sofa, two matching dark wood accent chairs and a modest coffee table.  White and beige pillows decorated the chairs while providing a more homey atmosphere. A beautiful kitchenette with a good sized wine cooler and a large double door stainless steel fridge were both well stocked and available for use.  The long mahogany bar was also very well stocked with everything you would need to make many delicious alcoholic beverages.

There were two large master suites on opposite ends of the common area, both decorated in similar woods and muted tones with a smaller seating area and an incredibly soft king size beds as the focal point. Each room also had an enormous master bath with a large shower and bath in a minimalist glass style; completely different from the rest of the suite, but perfectly complemented them.

As all of us were checking out the suite, I found her flopped down on one of the beds as she happily sighed.  

“You’re staring,” she teased when she caught me.

“You’re easy to stare at.”

“I’ve heard similar things on occasions,” She giggled.  “You’re not too bad yourself. Have you ever thought of modeling?”

Now it was my turn to laugh.  “I’ll leave that up to the professionals.  Knowing my clumsy self, I would probably trip and fall off the stage.”

“I doubt that.  I’ve seen you dance.  You have this...natural but sensual aura about you.  Scouts eat that up.”

Thankfully the mask and probably years worth of makeup piled on my face hid the warm blush I felt.  “Well thank you, but I’ll still leave it up to you. I’ve seen some of your work, no wonder everyone is obsessed with you.”

The sigh she let out wasn’t like the previous one.  This one felt like the world was on her shoulders, forcing a pained sigh from her lithe body.  At that moment, a melancholy beat played low from the wall speakers. I looked out of the room and noticed the two of them standing at an expensive bluetooth audio system.  They were chatting as Michael synced his phone to the system and tested a playlist to see if it worked.

I quietly closed the door halfway and walked back to her, plopping onto the bed next to her.  “Sor…”

“You don’t need to be.  It’s just...we all want fame and fortune.  That is...until we realize the price we have to pay for it.”

Another softer sigh left her lips as she untied her mask from her face and laid it on the beige and gold comforter.  The fresh face beauty in front of me was incredibly different from the sun-kissed seductress tonight or the jaded model posed on the cover of every fashion magazine.  The dewy skin with her kohl lined jeweled green eyes, flushed cheeks and plump pink lips that were just waiting to be kissed. I didn’t know her all that well, but I could see a vulnerability that I never noticed before.  Most people in her life probably never noticed this face...or she’s never let them.

Her soft hand caressed my face and moved to untie my mask, laying it down on top of hers.  My fingers lingered between the necklace and her skin peeking between her shirt, teasing close to the edge.  “Take it off,” She whispered.

She stretched her hands above her head when I grabbed the thin hem of her shirt and slowly dragged it up her body.  “Would you help me take off my corset?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she giggled.  Her fingers pulled on the tight silk ties and separated the corset until it fell off my body.  I breathed a long sigh of relief when the restrictive corset was loosened and thrown onto the plush beige carpet.  She then began undoing the updo I spent a ridiculous amount of money on to make sure it was perfect for tonight. There was a slight pang in my heart when she was able to effortlessly take out the pins from my hair, but was washed away when her lips teased over the back of my neck.  “You smell so good.”

I moaned.  “You too.”

She shook her head, her nose tickling me as she continued taking out the pins.  “Not like you. Mine is the new fragrance for the campaign I’m doing. Yours  It’s addictive.”

My hand reached behind me to slowly caress her thigh; craving the feel of her skin.  When she was finished, she grabbed all of the pins and set them on the circular nightstand before massaging her fingers through my unraveled hair.  I moved to sit back on my knees and continued up underneath her skirt; finally feeling the small wet spot on her panties. Her body shivered at my touch, teasing her already hard clit with my thumb through her panties.  Moaning at my ministrations, she moved her mouth to my breasts, slowly licking and sucking both nipples equally while her French-tipped nails dragged and dug into my sides.

“Mind if we join you two?”

His husky voice in my ear caused me to jump slightly and her lips left my nipple with a soft pop.  I snickered at the noise, which in turn made his lips form that sexy smirk as his hand gently massaged the back of my neck.  The teasing strokes of his thumb combined with the roughness of his hand had me leaning back into him and my eyes fluttering shut.  Damn...the things he does to me.

Michael laughed and ran his hand through her hair.  “Don’t stop on our account. We were quite enjoying the show.”

“Only if you shed some layers,” I said and turned my head to kiss him hard.  His hand tightened around the back of my neck; commanding me with the simplest of actions.

She unbuttoned Michael’s shirt and kissed each new patch of skin that was revealed. Muscular arms, a toned chest and tight six-pack came into view when she finished peeling the shirt off and tossed it onto the carpeted floor.  I pulled away from his lips, adding a playful bite as his hand slid down my back and grabbed my ass. Giggling at his action, my hands moved to unbuckle Michael’s leather belt when I saw her slowly kissing him; a short peek of a bubblegum tongue pushed passed his lips as I pulled the belt from his pants.  

On a completely different musical spectrum, a distinctly sweet rap beat pumped out of the speakers as his hand slid its way inside my panties.  The raunchy lyrics rang through my mind when two of his fingers easily slid inside of me; soft wet noises heard even over the pulsating bass. Lust filled moans flowed from my mouth as I rolled my hips back into him and wrapped my hand around Michael’s cock.  Slow strokes worked over his long and curved cock when I felt her lean down to kiss me, her soft lips sliding over mine as her tongue pushed inside my mouth with ease. We both smiled against each other’s swollen lips and bent down to lick Michael’s cock. Our tongues curled and our lips sucked all over his cock as if we were sharing a delicious popsicle on a hot summer’s day.  Michael’s ragged moans left his mouth and his fingers threaded tight through our hair; the sexy beat goading both of us on.

I felt both his movements behind me and the loss of his fingers before his hands grabbed onto my hips.  His fingers dug into the soft skin and positioned me where he wanted me; the cool breeze of the air conditioning teasing my wet pussy.  Our lips met at the tip of Michael’s cock, light kisses coated in precum just as he slowly slid his hard cock inside me. The familiar sound of the default iPhone ringtone had me smile into a moan, my eyes rolling back with every hard and precise thrust.  None of us really cared enough to check our phones and continued on as if it wasn’t ringing along with the beat.

Her lips slowly slid down the length of Michael’s cock at the same time my hand went to massage the heavy balls.  I rolled them slowly in my hand and wondered if anyone passing by could hear us or was the music doing a good job of covering up our sinful sounds?  On a particularly hard thrust from him and his hand grabbing my disheveled hair, my loud moan carried throughout the suite and I realized they probably could. That turned me on even more.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum,” Michael grunted.

From the concurring grunt and irregular thrusts, I could tell he was also close.  My hips rolled back into him faster, causing his fingers to dig into my ass before he gave it a hard smack.  The soft moans from her slightly smeared nude lips bobbing up and down Michael’s cock made me notice her hand dipped between her legs.  Nimble fingers slid over her wet pussy and hard clit; her hips bucked into her own hand as the other stroked over the exposed length of Michael’s cock.  All inhibitions were pushed aside as our baser instincts took over in an effort to achieve not only ourselves but each other’s fast approaching orgasms. Breathy moans and low grunts swelled into loud lust filled noises as we all finally reached that glorious climax.

We collapsed onto the now messed up bed, tiredly grabbing pillows to place under our heads as our ragged breaths played over the current rock song blaring from the speakers.  Delicious soreness not unlike after a great workout was felt among all of us as we relaxed in contentment; enjoying the post-sex bliss that ran through us.

After a few minutes, the piercing silence in between random songs was cut by her flipping onto her side as she licked her lips; the rest of us laid languid on the bed around her.

“Anyone interested in getting tied up?”