Dave's Awakening

Info Cubs1014
14 Mar. '18

David was 47, married with two children.  He was in good shape with dark hair and eyes, mustache, and a moderately hairy body.  He was a professor at a small mid-western university and was enjoying a very normal and happy life.

 It was summer vacation and Dave's mind wandered back to a time when he was a young man and stayed over night at his cousin's house.  The two were not only cousins but good friends.  The two got into the double bed and chatted, giggled, and talked about sports and girls.  Things began to quiet down when Dave's cousin said, "You want to try something fun?"  Dave replied sure.

It was then that Dave's cousin reached over and began to touch Dave's soft cock.  David pushed his hand away but his cousin insisted and soon Dave was hard.  His cousin stroked his erection and in a few short minutes Dave squirted his load.  The guys both giggled and then Dave's cousin said, "Now you do me."

Dave leaned over and began to play with his cousin's cock.  Soon it was hard and and a few minutes he too spent his load.  It was the only time that this ever happened and throughout the rest of his life to this point Dave occasionally wondered what it would be like to spend time with a man.  He got on a bi/gay dating site, posted a profile and waited.  

Two days later Dave got a response from a man in his late fifties.  The two talked up and back and after about four days Dave was invited over to Tom's house.

Dave was nervous and kept wondering if he was making a mistake.  He loved his wife, he loved the female form, he wasn't gay.  He pulled up in front of Tom's house and sat there for a few minutes.  He finally went in, deciding he could walk about at any time.

He ran the bell and Tom greeted him.  Tom was a few inches taller and about ten pounds heavier than Dave.  The two men talked with Tom leading the way.  "Just because you have a sexual relationship with a man, does not mean you are gay.  I'm married to a woman and I just enjoy being with a man from time to time."

Dave listened intently.

"If you look back at some ancient cultures, the Greek for example, many times a man's first sex was with another man.  He could learn from another man, after all who knew a man's body better than another man.  It is normal and natural for two men to enjoy each other."

Dave was feeling more and more comfortable, but was not sure.  After about an hour Tom said, "I'm going to my bedroom and I invite you to join me.  But if you leave I totally understand.  I want you to feel totally comfortable about this."  With that Tom walked to his bedroom.

Dave thought for a bit and was ready to leave when he thought, what will it hurt if I just go back to his bedroom.  If I keep my clothes on, what's the problem.  

He walked back to find Tom sitting at the foot of the bed.  Tom patted a spot next to him and Dave sat down.  Tom began to slowly massage Dave's back and shoulders.  It felt food and Dave was feeling more relaxed.  Soon Tom was massaging up and down Dave's arms and again Dave thought this was harmless.  Soon Tom was massaging Dave's chest and as he ran his finger tips across Dave's nipples, the man lightly sighed.  It felt so good and Dave was feeling warm and tingly but as long as his clothes were on he was good.

Suddenly Tom opened Dave's shirt and his fingertips lightly caressed Dave's bare nipples.  Dave moaned with pleasure and his head fell back on Tom's shoulder.  There was silence and Dave was becoming more and more aroused but as long as he had his clothes on, he was all right.  

Then Tom leaned down and gave Dave a light kiss.  Dave didn't know what to do.  Tom kissed him again and this time Tom's tongue licked across Dave's lips.  Dave opened his mouth and the two men kissed passionately.  Their tongues dancing in each other's mouths.  Dave reasoned it's just a kiss and as long as my clothes are on it's OK.

As they kissed Dave suddenly realized that Tom had slid his shirt down his arms.  As they kissed Tom laid David back on the bed.  Tom kissed Dave's neck, throat shoulders, and then kissed and licked Dave's nipples.  Dave moaned.  It's OK Dave, I still have my pants on.

The men kissed again and Dave felt Tom's hand sliding up and down the front of his zipper.  Gently caressing Dave's erection through his pants.  Dave moaned into Tom's mouth.  Tom pulled his mouth away and said, "You must be uncomfortable.  Why don't we just undo your pants."  Dave thought for a moment and reasoned as long as my pants are on I'm ok.  

Dave told him to go ahead and Tom undid the belt, the snap and the zipper of Dave's pants.  With the pants open they kissed some more and Tom kneaded Dave's erection through his sorts.   Dave was getting lost in all of this and when Tom said, "Let me get your pants, shoes, and socks off," Dave consented thinking as long as my shorts are on I'm ok.

Tom remove his clothing, the two scooted up on the bed and Tom began to really make love to Dave.  Tom's hand slide under the waistband of Dave's shorts and for the first time in many years another man was caressing Dave's cock.  He moaned as Tom alternately stroked his cock and played with his balls.

When Tom began to push Dave's shorts down, Dave figured what the hell and helped take slide his shorts off.  Tom just looked at Dave's naked body and said, "What a handsome cock."

Dave blushed and said, "Thank you."  Tom removed his clothes quick and lay down next to Dave.  The two men kissed and caressed each other's bodies.  Tom finally said, "I want to suck you off and when you are ready to cum, just let me know and you can cum in my mouth."

Wit that Tom kissed Dave again and then kissed his way down Dave's body.  He trembled when Tom licked and kisses his nipples.  He felt Tom kissing his way down until Tom move around and laid between Dave's legs.  Tom lovingly kissed his balls and cock.  He kissed, licked and sucked.  Dave just lay there.  As Tom worked his cock Dave began to caress his own nipples.

Tom looked up as he kissed Dave's balls and the two men's eyes locked on each other.  With each movement of Tom's head Dave moved closer.  He felt the warmth of Tom's mouth as he slid his head down on his cock, and then his cock felt cool as Tom's head moved up.  Up and down Tom's head moved as he massages Dave's balls.  

And then Dave felt he was getting close.  Part of him wanted to prolong it and part of him wanted to cum.  He didn't know what to do and then suddenly he felt it.  "I'm  cuming he moaned," and Tom moved faster.  

Then Dave hit that perfect moment, the point of now return.  The pleasure is exquisite.  He held back as the feeling was amazing and then he let go.  Spurt after spurt of cum shot into Tom's mouth.  And then finally Tom sucked out the last drop.  He kissed his way back up Dave's body.  Kissed him and Dave tasted his own cum on Dave's lips.  Tom put his arm under Dave's head and told him to relax and rest.

Soon Dave drifted off into a gentle sleep.  Could it get any better?