Dave's Awakening II

Info Cubs1014
15 Mar. '18

Dave was sleeping soundly when he felt something lightly gliding over his chest.  He opened his eyes and looked around not recognizing and then he heard a familiar voice, "Hi sleepy head."  He looked over into the smiling face of Tom, the man who has just given him one of the best, if not the best blow job he had ever had.  

Dave turned on his side, put his arm around Tom and kissed him tenderly.  The two men moved together pressing their erections into each other, caressing each other from head to ass.  

Dave gently rolled Tom on to his back and then began kissing him along the jaw line up to the ear.  He whispered, "Thank you.  That was wonderful."  He then kissed his way down to Tom's shoulders and across to the other shoulder. 

He nibbled, kissed, and licked his way down to Tom's nipples  He paused there for a long time kissing and licking.  Tom moaned and that only made Dave want to lick and caress him more.  He began to kiss his way down to his stomach, then to the top of Tom's trimmed pubic hair.  The hair tickled Dave's nose but he kissed on until he came face to face with Tom's erection.

Dave just stared for a few moments.  The mushroom shaped head with the slit.  He saw the foreskin pulled back and the light colored blueish veins on Toms's cock.  He looked at the clean shaven balls, tucked up high indicating that Tom had not cum for a while.

Dave leaned down and placed a kiss on each of Tom's balls.  Then he kissed his way up Tom's shaft till he came to the head.  He placed a soft, tender kiss right on the tip and heard Tom sigh.  He had never sucked a cock before, so he just did what he liked.  

Dave stuck out his tongue and licked the little triangle at the base of the head.  Tom's cock jumped.  Dave repeated the action, each time Tom's cock jumped.  He moved up, then opened his mouth, and took the head of Tom's cock in his mouth.  Holding the head of the cock in his mouth Dave didn't move.

His tongue sneaked out and licked all around the head.  Then he slowly began to bob his head up and down.  Tom moaned with pleasure and Dave felt Tom's hand on the back of his head, running his fingers through Dave's hair.  The more Tom caressed Dave's head, the more Dave licked and sucked on Tom's cock.  

Dave kept sucking, looked up at Tom and saw a look of total bliss on the man's face.  Encouraged, Tom went on sucking and licking his cock.  He wondered how long before Tom would cum.  The moans escaping Tom's mouth were growing louder and louder and Tom's hips began to move in perfect harmony with Dave's head moving up and down the shaft.

Then suddenly Tom spoke, "Dave."

Dave looked up with a look of horror on his face.  "Did I do something wrong?  Did I hurt you?"

Tom smiled, "Not at all.  I was just wondering if you's like to try something else."

Dave said, "Sure.  What did you have in mind?"

Tom pulled Dave up and the two men kissed.  Tom looked deeply into Dave's eyes and said, "I'd like to fuck your ass."

Dave was taken aback a bit but he admitted that it was something he had wanted to try.

Tom placed Dave on his back with a pillow under his hips.  Tom rolled over and grabbed something out of the drawer in the night stand.  

In a moment Dave knew what it was.  Dave felt a cool dollop of lube being placed around and in to his virgin asshole.  Dave slid one finger in as he kissed Dave.  Dave felt a nice rush as the new intruder entered him.  The finger moved gently in and out as the two men kissed.  Then as Dave was warming up and getting more aroused he felt a second finger enter him.  It was tight and it stung just a bit as the second finger found it's way in.

As the two men kissed Tom began to fuck Dave with two fingers.  After Dave became accustomed to two fingers, Tom removed them.  He applied more lube and covered his erection.  He put more into Dave's asshole.  Tom moved between Dave's legs and he told Dave to spread his legs and lift them up to his chest.  Dave did just that.  Dave closed his eyes, and breathed slowly.  Suddenly he felt the head of Tom's cock penetrating his asshole.  

Slowy, very slowly Tom entered Dave.  There was a stinging, burning sensation and suddenly Tom was all the way in.  Neither man moved.  They lay coupled for several minutes and then Tom moved ever so gently.  Dave moaned and Tom stopped. "Am I hurting you?" asked Tom

"No." said Dave, "it just feels so very good."  Tom smiled, lowered his head and kissed Dave.  Then he began to move slowly pulling almost all the way out and then sliding back in.  

Dave was surprised at how good it felt and Tom was beside himself with pleasure.  The two men finally fell into a perfect harmony of moving.  Dave's cock was now at full attention and he reached down and began to stroke it.  

Both men began to pant as they moved every closer to cuming.  

The thought ran through Dave's head that this is what if feels like to be a woman.  The thought scurried away as Tom began to quicken his pace.  Tom began to pump into Dave faster and faster.  Dave was stroking his cock.  

Suddenly Tom let out a long moan and said, "I'm cuming."  His pumping was faster and faster until Dave felt Tom's cock throbbing inside him and then he felt his own orgasm over take him.  He felt the first spurt hit is belly and then another and another.

Finally, both men were finished and Tom leaned down and kissed Dave again.  Soon Tom's deflating cock slipped out of Dave's asshole and the two men lay side by side.

They said nothing for a while but just held each other.  There was such a feeling of warmth and pleasure between these two.  Dave thought back to when he first pulled up in front of Tom's house and how nervous he was.  But now he was totally at ease and felt comfortable lying naked with him and his own cum on his stomach, and Tom's cum dribbling out of his ass.

The two men cuddled totally at peace.