Aaron Loves To Watch First Half

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15 Mar. '18

I slipped into it and peeked at her lying on the bed. "Are you ready for me, Rachel?" I pondered, strolling towards her.

"Yes, Evette, now get on the bed and make love to me. I'm pretty sure the dildo is plenty lubed up now, so don't tease me."

I slowly got onto the bed with her and lay right on top of her. "I love you, Rachel," I whispered before I kissed her and placed my hands on her thighs.

"I told you not to tease me," she reminded me before her palms found their way onto my butt. "You are lucky I love you too."

We smiled at each other for a moment and looked right into one another's eyes. Even though we both could easily check out each other's bosoms, we just viewed each other's brown eyes the whole time. After that moment had passed, I smooched Rachel's forehead and reached for the dildo. I aligned it with her slit and rose up somewhat.

I pushed it in just an inch and peeked back at her. "Don't you think it builds up the anticipation a little bit if you get teased?"

"Oh, shut up, and stick it in the rest of the way already," she ordered me, prior to slapping my ass.

"Yes, only because I love you," I replied, pushing it in all the way.

"Oh, hell yes," she moaned, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. "I love it more every time you first stick it in all the way. That purple dildo is to die for."

"And what about me?" I chuckled.

"I'd take ten bullets for you, Evette. That's how much I love you, so I love it so much when you make love to me with it. There is no need to get jealous."

I lay my body back onto hers which made our breasts clash together. "Well, I love teasing you, Rachel, I tend to think it gives us more sexual chemistry," I mentioned before I kissed her. "Don't you think?"

"Maybe, now start making sweet to me," she commanded me, caressing my butt cheeks.

I leaned up a bit and let my boobs up in the air somewhat. I held onto Rachel's thighs rather tightly and began thrusting the dildo. My knockers flopped around a little bit, but yet, she kept her eyes on mine.

We failed to speak for a few minutes as I kept the medium speed constant and we both got slightly worked up too. We both produced some heavy breathing, and we had sweat forming on our bodies too.

"Is your pussy getting sore now, Rachel? I would certainly hope so. I want to please you, but make sure the sex is worth your time too. I have to make you love it, and if making it numb will do that for you, then it is a done deal," I explained before I arched my back up completely.

I kept my eyes on her as I managed to keep thrusting the dildo just a little bit. 'What was that?' I thought before peeking forward. 'He is in the closet again. Damn it, Aaron, I'm just trying to have sex with my girlfriend. I don't need you watching us all the time,' I thought before I leaned back to her.

I kissed her once. "Don't be alarmed, but my step brother is watching us again," I whispered.

"Again, really?" she giggled.

"Yes, would you like me to kick him out again?"

"No, let him watch, and let him enjoy us this time. He is seventeen now, right?"


"Do you love him as a step-brother?"

"I guess."

"Then let him watch, we're bitches, but not cunts. If he can get off to us, then let him."

I kept my eyes on her for the time being and kissed her several times. I also continued to make love to her, but I stayed close to her though. We both just stayed quiet and tried to listen to him.

"Oh," we heard him moan faintly.

We smiled at one another again, and she brought her hands to my back.

"Yes, rub your girlfriend's lower back and kiss her some more," he whispered.

"He certainly likes us, have you ever had sex with him?" Rachel wondered.

"No, of course not. That is taboo."

"I know," she replied before I pulled her up with me.

I got onto her butt, without the dildo sliding out.

"Wouldn't you love to try it at least once?"

I stayed silent for a moment, but featured a weird look that he couldn't see. "I'm not cheating on you though."

"It is only cheating if I have no idea about it. Come on, let's give me a real thrill. If you love Aaron, then I'm sure he loves you too."

"Do you seriously want to invite him in?"

"Maybe," she answered before I kissed her.

We made out for a moment as we both kept our eyes closed. Our boobs came together again, and we rubbed one another's backs too.

"Shit," he muttered, shaking the closet doors.

A few seconds later, her lips parted from mine. "I think Aaron just shot his load in there. Maybe we should let him get a closer look at us now. Come on, allow your step brother see us up close and let him know you love him."

"Fine, you pain in my ass."

"You know you love me," Rachel reminded me before she kissed me and got off the bed.

She turned right to the closet and began walking towards it.

"Shit," he muttered, making more noise in there.

She grabbed onto the metal handle and opened it. "Aaron?" she asked, placing my hands on her hips.

I saw tears coming down his cheeks, but his eyes landed on her naked body. She stood there as he had it hidden for the time being and I stayed over on the bed.

Aaron also just sat there, and she didn't hide her body at all, as I just knew he wanted to see us. I couldn't comprehend if I were a bonus for him, or maybe the main attraction.

"Are you gonna come out here now, or just stay in there and stare at my melons?"

He couldn't answer and just remained in his position for another moment.

After that, she just went right over to him and grabbed onto his wrist. "Get your horny butt out here, Aaron," she ordered him, yanking him out of his closet.

He stood up and put his cock away.

"Now you are shaking around, and you can't make eye contact with either of us," she pointed out, strolling towards him. "I do love those Simpsons pajama bottoms.

He slanted his head down, but kept his eyes open. I knew both her breasts and my pussy were in his line of vision right then, but he couldn't speak a word.

"Did you just cum in the closet, Aaron?" I asked, leaning towards the edge of the bed.

"Step sis, you aren't gonna bust me, are you?" he wondered, peeking at me.

"I don't know," I answered, getting off the bed. "Should we?" I inquired, wrapping her arms around her. "Do you like us, Aaron?"

He just nodded and covered up his hard dick. I smiled and noticed she was cheesing too. So, all three of his were quiet for a few minutes, but it he was free to speak if he felt he needed to. On the other hand, we both knew he was just embarrassed.

I stepped towards him and snatched his hands. "Would you like to feel my boobs, Aaron, or maybe your Rachel's?"

He licked his lips for a few seconds and glanced at my rack. "I'm sorry, please don't tell anyone about this," he pleaded before he turned to the door.

He instantly walked towards it rather quickly and grabbed the door knob.

"Wait a minute," I said, peeking his way.

He didn't get to turn the knob and stood frozen as I walked right to him. As I got behind him, I placed my right palm onto his right shoulder. He neglected to turn around or say a word, so I brought my lips to his neck.

"You can talk to us; we're not mad, Aaron," I assured him, enveloping her arms around him. "Is your white schlong extra hard now?"

"Yes, it is rock hard now, Evette, and I love both your naked bodies."

"Good, so why don't you look at us then?"

She walked up behind me, placed my hands on my stomach and chin on my shoulder. He calmly turned to us and got an extra large eyeful of my body. His eyes widened, and he instantly began jerking around somewhat.

"Are you gonna be okay, Aaron? Would you like to feel my bosoms?" I pondered, putting his hands out.

"Do you swear you won't tell our parents about this?"

"We promise," I answered before smooching his cheek.

He nodded, and I brought his hands right to my melons. As his palms sat down right down on my tits, he shook so hard that he made both of us vibrate a bit.

"His mouth is wide open, and it almost appears that he is having a panic attack, babe," she pointed out, prior to coming to my ear. "Ask him if he'd like a kiss."

"Well, would you like to kiss me, Aaron? We already know you like to watch us, but are you just horny, or do you have crushes on us?"

"I don't know, Evette. I just know I've never been with any girl, black or white," he moaned, shaking around even more.

His closed his eyes and slanted his head back too. We both just watched the effects taking place on him and smiled.

"How do my boobs feel?" I pondered, putting my hands on his.

"Oh, shit," he whispered, twitching a bit.

"Did you just shoot your load again, Aaron?"

He failed to utter a response and kept his eyes shut too. We viewed him for another moment, but then my hands suddenly came up his cheeks. I slanted his head down and just kissed him for ten seconds.

'Oh, he is a sexy young man,' I thought as his hands fell off my hooters.

She grabbed onto my boobs and applied a little pressure over the duration of our kiss. She rubbed her melons onto my back and also gave my neck a few kisses too.

My lips parted, and I brought my hands to his crotch. "Wow, it is as hard as a diamond, Aaron. May we see it, pretty please? I swear we won't make fun of you."

"No, I don't think we should do this, Evette," he objected, backing away.

"Why, don't you want us," I inquired, turning to her and positioning my hands on Rachel's lower back.

She did the same, and we glued our lips together. We made out and rubbed each other's backs. We used our tongues too with our eyes closed, although, I peeked at Aaron for a couple of seconds. I just saw his right down his pajama bottoms.

His arm was moving rather quickly, and I had to smile once again. After a moment, we got closer which made our bosoms come together, and then he stepped towards us too. He got so close to us, that we felt his breath hitting us.

We ended our make out session after about five minutes, but kept our eyes on each other and grabbed on another's hands too. Neither of us spoke a word or peeked at him for a moment. We just enjoyed each other's company for that moment.

"I love you, Evette."

"I love you too, Rachel," I replied before we kissed again.

We both glanced at him and closed the gap.

"You've gotten to see us, now may we see you, please, Aaron?" I asked, bringing my hands to his crotch.

He just nodded and looked like he was about to meet Kirsten Price in person. I grabbed on his bottoms and gently pulled them down. His hard rod immediately entered our sights and flung around somewhat.

"Oh, that's a nice one, Aaron," I praised him, bringing my right hand to it. "May I?"

"Yes, Evette."

I placed my left hand at the base and wrapped the other around his member. "I like that, step bro," I muttered, closing the gap between their faces. "Would you like to kiss me again as I stroke your dick?"

"Yes, step sis."

"Why don't you bring your hands to her butt while she kisses you?" she questioned, snatching his hands.

She set them right on my bottom, and his whole body began jiggling around. "Calm yourself down and kiss your step sister, Aaron. You love her, and she loves you."

"You love me, Evette?"

"Yes, of course, I do, Aaron. Not as a lover, but as a step sibling. There is no reason we can't work on loving each other a little more," I pointed out before she kissed him again.

Our lips stayed together for over a minute that time. Our hands remained in the same place, but my right hand was moving a lot faster. It appeared like he was just a big brunette vibrator at that point. I also noticed his hands weren't moving.

His lips abruptly launched off mine. "I have to cum now," he muttered before he covered his face with both hands.

I aimed his rod up and looked right at it. I had my eyes glued to it and as she placed her palms on my shoulders. I didn't say anything as I knew his dick would do all the talking. We examined it until it unleashed his load.

It bolted right up and got onto my face, but missed her. I felt all four shots of Aaron's seed attack my hooters and stomach, and then he just let out an extra deep breath and lowered his hands.

He scanned over my body for a moment. "Holy shit, Evette, you are a great step sister."

"I know, just how good did that feel?"

"On a scale from one to ten, I'd say thirty four."

"Well, how do you feel about me going for fifty four now?"

"What's that?"

"It is where your black step sister gets down her knees and takes your white schlong into her mouth," she answered, getting behind him. "Do you like the sound of that?" she pondered, placing my hands on his stomach.

I slowly got onto my knees as I didn't take her eyes off his. I rubbed his cock calmly and brought the head to my right cheek. I had it slide all over my cheeks for a moment and had him shaking around.

"How long is it now, five or five and a half inches?"

"I think it is six when it is hard, Evette."

"Do you think I can fit it in my mouth?"


I opened her mouth and brought my lips towards the head. I licked it once and backed away calmly. Nothing was said, but everyone was turned on. I felt myself dealing with anticipation; I cheesed, shook and felt my juice plummeting out too.

"Oh, you are just teasing him now, aren't you, woman?" she questioned before smooching his neck. "I think you should tell her you to love her, Aaron."

He peeked back at her. "I love you, Evette."

"I love you too, Aaron. When you have to cum, let me know, I want you to shoot it all on my face," I muttered before I took his schlong into my mouth.

"Oh, holy shit, that feels good, step sis," he moaned, slanting his head back.

She rushed right behind him and made sure he didn't collapse. She supported his entire body, and he even rested his head on her shoulder. She made sure to keep his medium build body up as he didn't move at all.

"I can't see the sexy action, but is it fair to say that you like my girlfriend sucking on your cock?"

"Yes, Rachel, I love it so much," he whispered, rubbing his body onto hers. "I love feeling your melons too."

"Thank you," she answered, prior to smooching his shoulder. "Don't feel ashamed for wanting your step sister, you aren't a freak, just a horny young man. I'm masturbating to you two; I'm sure you like that, don't you? Yes, you do, now bring your hands around me and place them atop her head."

"Okay," he mumbled, following her suggestion. "Wow, Evette, you are amazing. You are the perfect step sister."

"You are only saying that because she has your manhood in her mouth, but that's okay. There is no need to be ashamed of your attraction to her; she is quite alluring, don't you think?" Rachel wondered, before kissing his neck again.

"Yes, and I'm gonna cum already, Evette," he warned me, glancing back at me.

She lowered herself to her knees, got on his left side and snatched his rod with her right hand as she positioned my face right in front of his member. "Get ready to douse your step sister's face, Aaron," she told him, stroking it.

I failed to peek at him; I just made damn sure he was ready to shoot as much as he could, and it was all going to hit the same target. A few seconds later, I saw the first stream of his seed come bolting out.

"Yes, get her face, horndog," she ordered him.

I felt his hot cock spurt out a few more shots of cum right onto my face over the next twenty seconds. A few seconds after he finished, I wiped my eyes. I smiled widely, and Rachel calmly made my way around him.

I grabbed her hands and tugged her to me. "That was so hot, Rachel," I moaned before kissing her.

"I'm not surprised he couldn't last long, but I loved watching as you were sucking his virgin dick," she muttered, placing her hands on my face.

"Good, now take his vaginal sex virginity, sexy lady."