Nick finds Love

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21 Mar. '18

Nick was in his early forties and divorced.  He was a shade over six feet tall and weighed 178.  He had dark hair and eyes, a mustache, and a hairy chest.  He was a professor at a midwestern college.  After his divorce he was lost for a while and then one evening when feeling especially alone he remembered a few experiences he had back in his college days with guys.  Of course it was nothing too serious but from that time one he wondered off and on what it would be like to make love to a man or more accurately have a man make love to him.  

He thought about it and figured he might have better luck with a man who was older.  He found a gay site that catered to mature experienced men.  Nick placed an ad saying he was looking for a mature male who would show him what man to man love was really like.  Not just sex but someone who would take his time and appreciate him and like him as a friend.  

Every day he checked his email but no one replied.  It had been nearly four months when he got a message from a man in his 60's named Tom.  They talked  up and back about spending time together and finally decided to meet and spend the afternoon together at an art fair.  

They met and Tom was a distinguished looking man with silver grey hair, a trim phsique, and a great smile.  The two hit it off immediately and spent the afternoon getting to know each other and appreciating the many artists and their renderings at the fair.  It was near five when Tom suggested they have a drink.  Nick agreed and they went to a little pub and each got a drink.

"So, what are you really looking for?"  Asked Tom.  Nick took a sip of his whiskey sour and told Tom of his failed marriage and some experiences back in college all of which consisted of mutual masturbation.  Nick wondered wonder what it would be like to be intimate with a man.  Not just impersonal sex, but real intimacy.  Nick wondered if he would, he could get aroused by being intimate with another man.  

Nick and Tom talked for over two hours about intimacy between two men and the more Nick listened the more he felt that he might like to explore with a man like Tom.  They had dinner and then parted with Tom telling Nick to think things over and give him a call in he was really interested in being intimate with man.   They parted company and Nick drove home.

We slept well and on Saturday he went for a long walk and thought about Tom's offer.  He was unsure and didn't know exactly what to do.  He taught things over and then around eight o'clock that night he called Tom.  The two decided that Nick would come over to Tom's tomorrow and explore the possibilities

Nick got up, showered, had coffee, got dressed and head to Tom's around ten a.m.  He arrived at Tom's a nice town house a little before eleven.  Tom opened he door and Nick entered.  They chatted, laughed, and had a glass of wine.  The more they talked the more aroused Nick because.  After he finished his wine he asked Tom for another glass and Tom said, "No, not if we are going to be intimate.  I don't want you to get high and then think the only reason we were intimate was because you had too much to drink."

Nick agreed and then continued to talk a bit longer until Nick said, "I'm ready.  Let's try this."

Tom smiled, rose from his chair and led him back to his bedroom which was well appointed with king size bed in the middle of the room.  Tom suggested they undress down to their shorts and then get in bed.  Nick agreed.  

Nick felt a bit self concious because he was semi erect as he climbed into bed.  The two men rolled on their sides and faced each other.  "Nick, don't feel like you have to do anything.  If at any point you become uncomfortable or  have doubts just say so and we will stop."

Nick said he understood and then Tom leaned in put his arm around Nick and gave him soft kiss on the lips.  Nick was nervous but did not pull his head away.  After a moment Tom broke the kiss and asked if Nice was all right.  Nick nodded and this Tom pulled him close and gave him a more passionate kiss.  As they kissed Tom felt Nick relax so he parted his lips and let his tongue glide across Nick's lips.  Nick did not pull away and finally after a few moments Nick opened his mouth and receive Tom's tongue.  

The two men kissed their tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths.  Their hands caressed each other's backs.  Their kissing continued for a while until both men were erect.  Tom finally broke the kiss and said to Nick, "You seem to be enjoying in it."

Nick smiled and replied, “Very much so”

Tom rolled Nick over on his back and said, “Let me know if I should stop and just do to me what you  like being done to you.”

Nick nodded and the two men kissed.  It was deep, long, and intense.  Tom’s hands began to caress Nick’s body.  Lightly his finger tips ran over Nick from knees, up thighs, across his belly to his shoulders.  Nick felt wonderful and when Tom’s fingertips ran over Nick’s nipples he shuddred. 

Nick’s nipples were hard has his cock.  Tom kissed Nick’s cheek and neck as he careesed Nick’s nipples.  Tom whispered, “You like your nipples played with?” 

Nick shuddered and whispered, I Love it.”

Tom kissed his way down and began to lick and caress Nick’s nipples  The younger man moaned with desire.  The more Tom caressed, licked and kissed Nick’s nipples the more aroused Nick became. 

Nick caressed Tom’s back and ran his fingers through his silver hair.  Tom slowly began to kiss his way down Nick’s chest tll he came to the top of his shorts.  He saw the nice bulge in the front of Nick’s shorts. 

He reached down and gently traced the outline of Nic’s cock and balls through his shorts.  Nick moaned more.  Tom’s indenx finger slide under the leg opening of Nick’s sorts.  His fingertip felt a closely trimmed pubic area.  His finger drifted down to find Nick’s bals.  Tom’s finger moved inside the shorts and Nick just lay their and enjoyed the feeling. 

Tom removed his finger, reached up and began to slide Nick’s briefs down his legs and off his feet.  Nick’s cock was firm and aiming back toward his chest.  Tom began to lightly caress the insides of Nick’s thighs.  It felt so wonderful. 

Then lightly caressed the area between Nick’s balls and his anus.  Nick sighed.  Tom then began to lightly stroke Nick’s cock.  Nick felt wonderful as Tom began to play with the drop of pre-cum that formed on the top of Nick’s cock. 

Tom’s moist finger tip went down to Nick’s anus.  As Tom ran his fingertip around Nick’s rosebud he noticed Nick pulling his legs apart.  Tom pressed it and inserted his finger tip into Nick’s anus.  Nick moaned and said, “That feels so good.”

As Tom gently probed Nick’s anus Tom began to suck on Nock’s cock.  Once again the younger man moaned.  He pulled his leg farther apart and Tom sucked harder and probed deeper.

Nick was enjoying every second of it.  Tom rolled over and Nick just lie there basking in the feelings of totally bliss.  Tom rolled back and inserted a well lubed finber into Nick’s anus. 

“Just relax.” Said Tom and he began to slide his finger in and out of Nick’s anus.  Nick pulled his legs up and let them fall open as Tom sucked on his cock and continued to probe deeper into his anus. 

All Nick could so was moan in pleasure and finally in a whisper he said, “Tom, please fuck me.” 

“Are you sure?” asked Tom and Nick repolied, “Please.”

Tom withdrew his finger spread some lube on his cock and then more on Nick’s rosebud. 

Tom put a pillow under Nick’s ass, told him to pull his knees up and relax

Nick did just that and Tom got in between Nick’s legs.  He line his cock up with Nick’s rosebud and pushed against it.  Nick relaxed and he felt the head of Tom’s cock slide in very slowly.  Once his head was in Tom paused for a moment and then pushed again.  Tom would push in and then pause.  Puah and pause until he was all the way in.

He looked at Nick and asked if he was ok.  Nick smiled and said, “Better than I thought.”  Both men smiled and Tom lowered his head and he and kick kissed.  Tom’s tongue went into Nick’s mouth the way his cock had gone into Nick’s anus.  As they men kissed Tom moved pulling cock part way out and hten sliding it back in.

Nick shuddered, put his arms around Tom and said, “Fuck me.”

Both men began to move.  Nick’s hips rising to meet Tom’s thrusts.  The two men fell into a nice rhythm.  They moved together with both men moaning into each other’s mouths.  Suddenly Tom’s thrusts became shallower and quicker.  Nick knew Tom was getting close or orgasm.  He put his legs around Tom as the older man move very closer to cuming. 

Then Tom began to gasp for breath and he cried out, “I’m cuming.”  His moved in and out swiftly as he shot his seed deep into Nick’s bowels.  Tom stopped thrusting and the two men held each other as their kiss lingered. 

Soon Tom’s cock becamse flaccid and it sliped out of Nick’s anus.  The olderl man rolled on his side and cuddled up to Nick.  The two men held each other and finally Nick said, “Thank you.  That felt simply wonderful.” 

The two men smiled at each other and then Tom said, “Let me relax a minute and then we will do you.” 

Nick smiled and just stroked the back of Tom’s head as they drifted off into a gentle sleep.