The Fight Of A Lifetime

"Who the fuck is she?" I yelled, throwing another dish towards him, but it only hit the kitchen wall. "Tell me now!"

"I don't know who you are talking about, Sandra," he answered, with his head peeking out in the kitchen doorway as the rest of his body remained hidden.

"Don't lie to me!" I screamed, stomping my feet

"I swear, I'm not seeing anyone else. I've been faithful to you."

With his phone in my hand, I marched to him. A picture of some naked chick in his pictures glared at him. He looked at my six foot figure and his hands clenched.

"So who the fuck is that? Your whore you've been screwing behind my back?"

I had no idea what was going through his head as he stood there, but mine was bright red.

"Answer me!"

His head leaned down and with no words being formed.

I slapped the shit out of him. "How dare you, Mark? I moved over a thousand miles so we could live out here and so you could have this job that occupies you sixty hours a week. Are you telling me this is the thanks I get?"

His face turned back to me with an open mouth and grinding teeth. "At least I'm not spending every last penny that comes into this house on clothes and other stupid shit," he told me, waving his arms around. "I fucking work hard every single week so you can spoil the shit out of yourself, while you don't lift a finger to bring in a little money. When the fuck do you think you are gonna get a job and stop just being a hole in my pocket?"

"You think I need this stuff you bought for us? This oven, that refrigerator, those dishes?" I asked, jetting to the cabinet and grabbing several more dishes.

I turned back to him and he stared at me with widened eyes.

"This material shit you supposedly bought for us means nothing to me," I made clear, just before I dropped them all.

"What the fuck, Sandra!" he yelled, looking at the floor full of glass.

Then I pulled out a giant pair of cutters from a drawer under the cabinet. I made my way across the kitchen to the oven, pulled it out and unplugged it.

"I'm not bullshitting you," I told him, just before I cut the power cord on it.

"That cost nine hundred dollars, you stupid wench! What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asked, as his hands flew to the back of his head.

Then I dropped the cutters, leaped over the glass and pushed him out of the way. I sprinted into the bedroom and he followed. I bolted into my big closet that was about ten feet across.

"What are you doing?" he asked, entering the bedroom with me.

I seized a lot of dresses, shorts and blouses and dropped them on the floor. I drifted to my dresser and retrieved a pair of scissors.

I went back to them, grabbed a dress and looked at him with the scissors on it. "This shit means nothing to me. You think just buying me this means you can cheat? Think again," I said, before I shredded it into twenty pieces.

"Fuck!" he yelled, bringing his arms forward. "Was that the one that cost three hundred dollars?"

"No, four hundred actually. It means nothing to me compared to you," I told him, bending my knees down to the floor.

My hands snatched a pair of shorts. "Nothing at all," I made clear, cutting them too.

"Hey, stop that!" he yelled, running towards me.

His hands failed to come to me as he went through the shredded pieces of clothing on the floor for a minute. His head angled up and we glared at each other with our eyebrows down and our teeth biting our lower lips. Then his head rose up.

"I'm done with you, I want a divorce," he told me, walking towards me.

We both began grinding our teeth and then we inched toward each other until we were two feet away. Unexpectedly, my slit got wet.

"Fine, you got it. Divorce me if that's what you want. Then go stick your cock inside that slut."

My head dropped down and my eyes saw a major hard on.

My head rose right back up. "Or, why don't you just fuck me right now, prick?" I asked, dropping the shorts and scissors.

He gave me a dirty look. "I'm not gonna fuck you. I'm getting rid of you now," he reported, moving his feet away from me.

I seized his arm with my left hand and his cock with my right. "Then why is your cock so hard? Just because the 'D' word was uttered or just because fighting gets you turned on? Fuck me right here, right now."

"Did you hear what I said? I'm divorcing your ass now, simple as that. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, now kiss me."

We kissed each other and it lasted for over a minute. Over the duration, my breasts felt his grasp.

Then his lips parted from mine. "I hate and love you so much right now."

"Noted, now quit fighting and fuck me."

Our lips zipped together, and our arms wrapped around each other too for a few more minutes. We remained close to each other as we both kept our eyes closed.

He took his lips off mine. "I'm gonna fuck you as hard as you hate me," he mentioned, taking me right to the bed and pushing me down onto it.

He came to my shorts and ripped them and my panties off me.

He undid his pants. "You wanna be fucked, bitch? I'll fuck you, I'll fuck you all night long," he made clear, taking off his pants and boxers.

His knees met the bed again and he leaned up.

"You wanna tear clothes up like a dog? I'll fuck you like you are a dog," he told me, snatching my torso and turning me around.

"Get on your fucking knees now."

A smirk shot across my face as I raised myself up to my hands and knees. I felt the tip of his hard cock rubbing against my butt and then my head turned to him.

"Are you gonna fuck me or what, dickhead?"

"Yes, take it, hussy!" he yelled, shoving his cock right into my twat.

"Fuck that's good, shove it in deeper and transform it!" I screamed, grabbing the blankets.

His hands found their place on my butt and his cock quickly slid back out.

"Give me more pussy juice," he demanded, rubbing his cock.

His eight inch cock slowly made it's way back my entrance and crammed itself right back in there. I felt like my heart crashed down.

"Yes, yes, yes! I'll give you more pussy juice!"

Then his cock began thrusting in and out of my slit which caused vibration and both of us were leaning back and forth repeatedly. Letting his entire cock go in and out again, transforming my pussy into a cock throbbing machine.

"Son of a bitch, I've missed your big cock," I moaned, with my hands grasping the blankets.

The bed sheets became wet from the sweat falling from my face.

I looked back at him. "Yes, get all worked up as you fuck me, motherfucker. Fuck your shopping addicted wife hard and make yourself pass out!"

"Trust me, I will, because I still love you," he told me, grabbing the bottom of his shirt and taking it off himself. "I'm gonna cum inside you and knocked your pretty ass up."

I smiled at him greatly and all my teeth showed as my heart shifted from dying into dark black to blossoming into bright red in a matter of seconds.

"It better be a girl, so you'll have two women to deal with."

He lifted me up with him. "It'll be a boy, and you'll love it that way," he made clear, yanking off my top and tossing it on the floor.

His fingers slithered to my bra clasp and undid it.

"You have a problem with that, floozy?" he asked, pulling it off me and dropping it.

"No, you cheating bastard, but my pussy is the only one that your cock better ever sneak into, got it?"

"Yes, I do, now shut up," he ordered me, pushing me back down and putting his palms back onto my butt.

His entire cock left my cherry again and my face met the bed. I rubbed against it as his cock reentered again at full force.

"Oh, fuck, that hurt!" I screamed, slamming my hands onto the bed.

"Take it, Sandra, take it hard! You'll never ever forget what the presence of this cock feels like!" he yelled, thrusting his cock swiftly and leaning his head back.

With every passing thrust, more and more tears flowed out onto my face.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts, but it feels so damn good too! Get my lovely pussy used to that cock again and never leave it again!"

My heart felt like it was the ball in a pinball machine jamming left, right and side to side too. His cock soared deep in there and he just kept slithering in and out as quickly as possible. My thighs became snatched onto with hands.

More tears flowed out and hit the bed. "Fuck, Mark, my pussy is aching, but keep going and get me pregnant. I wanna have your baby now! Not tomorrow, now, you motherfucker!"

The pain was fought through, and I grasped the end of the mattress. I held it with all my might to fight the pain and sensation mix. My medium sized boobs shook and became really cold as they went through the air.

Then I let my long dirty blonde hair fall out right in front of me, and the top of my head met the bed. I saw my landing strip covered pussy getting devoured by his massive cock. Gravity forced blood to rush to my head.

I yanked my head back up. "Are you gonna shoot or are you gonna keep torturing me?"

His cock exited my pussy and he turned my body around. He glared at me, but no words were spoken and he pushed me down onto my back again.

"I'm still a feisty motherfucker too."

"You aren't a mother yet," he reminded me, crawling on top of me and inserting his cock back into my clit.

My eyes closed and my hands held onto his shoulders. He stayed close and his eyes focused on mine as his cock began thrusting at the speed of a snail.

"If you call me making love to you torturing you, then yes, I'm gonna keep torturing the woman I love."

We made out for over ten minutes as my boobs got rather squished. His arms ventured right under me and held me very tightly. My body felt his on mine, and old feelings of when we were first married surfaced.

"I've missed making sweet love to you like this, just like when we were first married."

"Do you still love me?" I asked, shedding a tear.

"I'll always love you, I guess I just got bored."

"Me too, Mark. Now let's make our marriage a little more interesting."

His torso rose up and his cock went on another heart pounding, thrusting adventure. My mouth opened up widely and several drops of sweat hit my face and boobs that fell from his head. A strong ache already made itself known in my slit, but for the prize to be delivered, I worked through it.

Despite the physical toll that had been taken on him, his cock jammed into my pussy faster and harder. My hands raced to his rib cage and grasped it. My finger nails dug into it slightly, but that wasn't a distraction. Then our eyes locked, and we threw away the key.

His facial muscles worked out so a giant cheesing smile presented itself to me. No comment exited my mouth, but an equally cheesy smile was shot his way too. After a two minute staring contest, his smile faded and his face transformed into an aching one.

"Cum for me, Mark. Cum for the woman you love," I demanded, wrapping my arms around him.

His entire body shook as I felt shots of cum flow right into my pussy. We both let out extra large exhales, and he put all of his weight onto me. His head landed right next to mine and his hands were on the sides of me.

My arms circled around him as we both felt each others strong breaths. "Are you gonna hug me back?"

His arms slithered under me and our lips became glued to each other. A long and overdue make out session transpired. Our lips didn't part for over twenty minutes as we both had shut eyelids. The fire was felt on my pussy.

He pushed some hair out of my eyes. "I love you."

"Then why did you cheat on me? Do you really think I'm that much of a spoiled bitch? I know we were bored, but to just cheat, why?" I wondered, with a teary eyed face.

His head came up and turned. "Let's not do this. We just made up, after a huge fight where you destroyed thousands of dollars of merchandise. So we don't need to fight anymore."

"I just want to know."

He took his cock out of my twat, got off me and stepped onto the floor. He took a deep breath and walked in a circle for a minute.

He looked at me. "It is not really your fault or mine. I just wanted to have sex with someone that wanted to be with me. You've been physically and emotionally distant since the move. I don't know what else to say besides Amanda loves to blow me too."

I leaned up. "So, you are saying it is my fault? Just because I'm away socializing and buying clothes, that is your excuse? Oh, and she likes to suck on your cock? That makes this okay?"

His arms rising up. "Fuck, I don't know, Sandra! It just happened and she sent me those pictures, I didn't ask her to. What would you like to hear? That I needed a replacement? I was going out to find a new wife that wouldn't take all the money I have to my name?" he asked putting his arms down. "I mean really, what do you want to hear?"

I got off the bed, strolled to him and captured his cock. "Fine, you ensure I'm pregnant, cut off that marriage wrecking slut, and I'll do something for you," I told him, stroking his cock.

"And that would be?"

I glanced over at my destroyed clothes and the ones in my closet.

I turned back to him. "I'll stop robbing the bank of Mark."

"Okay, fair enough."

Then my eyes dropped down to his cock. "And I'll start sucking on your cock."

I lowered myself to my knees and examined it for a minute.

"Damn, it is long and thick, what's not to love?"

I brought my lips to it, rubbed them right on the tip and our eyes met.

"Remember, I want my stomach to get big," I reminded him, just before his cock entered my mouth.

"Oh, shit, Sandra, you are an evil witch for holding out on me," he moaned, bringing his hands to my head.

I used my tongue to slither around and massage it and my hands remained on the floor the whole time. Only about half of his cock occupied my mouth and my hands rested on the floor.

"Thrust your mouth for me, baby. I wanna feel it and I'll cum down your throat," he requested, rubbing my head.

So a fast thrusting expedition commenced with his cock going deep down my throat each time. Both of us exchanged looks and he blew a kiss to me. I smiled and sucked harder.

"Oh, that's how I love it, Sandra, keep going."

I moved my head from side to side multiple times as his hands maintained their position. Then his cell phone rang. His eyes looked towards it for a few seconds.

"I should get that," he said, reaching for his phone. "You just keep busy, my beautiful wife."

He grabbed it and answered it. Distant chatter was heard on the phone, but it couldn't be made out.

"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be too busy fucking my wife. I don't have a time for a slut that only wants to fuck me on her schedule. She is actually giving me an unworldly blow job right now and it feels so fucking good," he moaned, stretching his arms and legs out.

I took his cock out of my mouth again.

"Listen to this," he said, putting the phone right next to his cock as his other hand stroked it. "I'm gonna shoot my load all over my wife's face."

I watched him with an aching, but pleasurable face.

"Oh," he moaned, stroking his cock. "Here it comes."

He sprayed his seed all over my face with five good shots and after he was done, I quickly wiped the cum away from my eyes.

"Give me the phone," I demanded, snatching it from him just before he collapsed.

I brought the phone to my ear.

"Hey, harlot, Mark is my man and you are not stealing him from me! Find some other cock to suck!" I yelled, just before I ended the call.

Then I switched the phone to 'camera' mode and held it about a foot away from my face.

"Let's see how she likes this picture," I mentioned, right before I took a picture of my cum soaked face and tits.

I sent the picture and put his phone on the dresser.

I stuck my hand out towards him. "Don't you ever cheat on me again, asshole."

He grabbed onto it. "I won't, bitch, but you are gonna have to help me clean up the mess you made though."

"So do you forgive me?"

"Yes, but you are on probation," he told me, just before he kissed my cum covered lips.

"I hope forever, because so are you," I made clear, bringing him back to the bed.

We made love again and many more times after that until the sun went down. We eventually cleaned up the mess in the bedroom and kitchen. Let's just say after that day, our marriage soared to new levels which included a beautiful baby girl nine months later.