Revenge of the Accountants

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31 Mar. '18

He is such an asshole.  If I didn’t need this job, I’d quit…right after I kicked him in the balls, but I can’t quit unless I can find something else and nobody is hiring.  You’d think the owner of the company would see that we’re not doing as well as before and fire him, but I guess being the owner’s son in law means more than making a profit.

These were the thoughts Abigail had that afternoon.  She had the same thoughts every day, usually all day long.   So did the three other women in the office, well, except probably Wanda.  

None of the women knew Wanda very well.  She had only worked at the firm for a couple of months, and was a quiet woman who never joined in their conversations at lunch.  Abigail supposed that was because Wanda felt a little inferior.

Wanda had no figure to speak of and she never used any makeup or did much with her hair.  Mark never looked at her like he did the rest of the women in the office.  He never talked to Wanda either except to assign her some particular task.  Abigail didn’t know which would be worse, being totally ignored every day or being stared at like she was a piece of meat.

It had started when Jerome retired.  Jerome still owned the small accounting firm, but he’d put his son in law, Mark, in charge of Martin Accounting.  Mark was a tall, handsome man and when Jerome introduced Mark to them they thought he might be a great boss.  The second day they changed their minds.

Mark would come up to their desks with a question.  He’d always stand behind them and lean over their shoulders when they showed him the reports.  Beth was the first to figure it out.

“Mandy, you better button a couple more buttons.  He’s looking down your top at your boobs when he talks to you. “

Word got around then and Abigail saw it as well.  It was winter then, so it was easy to wear a buttoned up sweater to keep Mark from seeing anything.  When summer came, he fixed it so they would either let him look or die of the heat.  He issued a memo saying he was setting the office thermostat to seventy eight as a cost savings measure.  It was either wear tops that bared a lot of skin or sweat through anything with sleeves or was buttoned to the neck.  

That was also when the touching started.  He’d be leaning over Abigail asking her something about a particular account.  She’d feel his hand touch her shoulder, just for a second.  A minute later me would reach over her shoulder to point to something on the report, and his elbow or upper arm would press into her breast.  It wasn’t an accident.  Mark had to hold his arm at a weird angle to do it.  She started watching him and realized he was doing the same thing to all the other women except Wanda.

They couldn’t believe it when he started making suggestive statements.  He usually apologized, as if that fixed anything, but they knew what he was doing.  At lunch one day, they’d compared his last suggestive comments.

“He asked me if I’d bring my boobs to his office so he could look at them.  I said, Mr. West, did you just say boobs?  He just grinned at me and said he was sorry and that he meant to say books, but must have been thinking about something else.  I know what he was thinking about.”

“Well, this morning he asked if I liked double entry.  I asked if he meant double entry bookkeeping.  He said that’s what he meant, and then he laughed and said  unless it meant something else to me.”

“I about died when he asked me if I had a clit he could use.  I looked at him said I couldn’t believe he’d actually said that.  He just grinned and said, ‘Did I say that?  I’m sure I said clip, you know like in paper clip.’”

Abigail spoke up then.

“What he’s doing is sexual harassment and it’s illegal.  We need to find a lawyer and sue him.”

“You go right ahead, Abby, but leave me out of it”, said Beth.  “I’m not getting my name in the paper for something like that.  I know a woman who did.  Sue quit and sued the company.  Now she can’t find another job.  There’s always some reason like her qualifications aren’t exactly what they’re looking for or she doesn’t have enough experience, but she has a CPA and she’s worked as an accountant for ten years.  The real reason is all the employers in town know her name.  They’re afraid if they hire here, she’ll sue them too.  She’s getting ready to move to another state.”

Mandy sighed.

“We have to do something.  I can’t take much more of this.”

“Much more of what?”

Wanda had just walked in with her lunch.  That was a little strange, because Wanda always ate her lunch at her desk.

“Much more of being treated like his personal plaything.  I’ve been stroked, had my boobs touched, and had him ask if I’d ride his dick for him.  He didn’t just come right out and say it that way.  He just asked me if since I looked so good in jeans, had I ever thought about being a cowgirl.  He said I looked like I’d be able to ride really well.”  

Wanda frowned.

“He can’t say things like that, can he?”

“No, he can’t, but he does it all the time to us”, said Abigail.  Doesn’t he do it to you?”

Wanda smiled.

“Well, no…but then, I’m not …I’m not sexy like you all are.  He never says anything to me.  It’s like he doesn’t even know I work here most of the time.  I’m getting tired of that too.”

Mandy sighed.

“Wanda, you should feel lucky.  I don’t feel sexy when he’s saying stuff like that.  I feel like a whore.”

“Well don’t let him hear that”, chuckled Beth.  “He’d probably like it.”

About then, Mark walked into the break room, looked at the vending machine, and then turned to the women and grinned.

“I need to eat something.  Any of you girls have any suggestions?  I’ll bet what you’ve got would taste great.”  Then, he bought a candy bar and walked back out chuckling to himself.

Beth rolled her eyes.  

“Even when we’re eating lunch.  I wish there was a way fix him without having to file a lawsuit.”

She grnned wickedly.

“Maybe we could tie him up and cut off his dick.”

Mandy laughed.

“You’d actually touch his dick?  Ugh.”

They all giggled until Abigail interrupted them.

“As much fun as I’d get out of doing that, we can’t do something like that to him.  He’d just have us arrested for assault.  All we could hope to do is get him to do something that would get him fired, and it would have to be something he agreed to do.  We’d have to be able to prove he agreed to do it too or he’d just tell Jerome we tricked him.  Then we’d get fired.”

“Maybe we don’t have to get him to agree”, said Mandy.  “We could record what he does on our cell phones and then show the videos to his wife.  Maybe his wife would be mad enough she’d tell Jerome.  The jerk might get divorced and fired at the same time.  If I was married and found out my husband was doing what Mark  does, I’d divorce him.”

Abigail frowned.

“No, that won’t work.  I met his wife at the Christmas party.  She thinks Mark is the salt of the earth.  I’ve never seen a woman so infatuated with a man in my life.  I sort of understand that though.  His wife is skinny as a rail, no boobs and her butt is about the same size as her waist, and she’s pretty plain in the face.  She was probably amazed that he asked her to marry him and wouldn’t believe he could do anything wrong.

“God, she’d have to be really dumb if she couldn’t see through that”, chuckled Beth.  “I wonder how he treats her.”

“Well, she didn’t seem to be very bright, but then she was a little drunk, so I don’t know for sure.”

“She drinks?”, asked Mandy.

Beth giggled.

“If you were married to him, wouldn’t you?”

Abigail interrupted.

“She’d had a few, but she went on and on about what a great guy he is.  He probably treats her like a queen.  She’s his ticket to owning this firm one of these days.  He’s an ass, but he’s not stupid.  He wouldn’t want to mess that up.”

Mark walked back into the break room then like he always did five minutes before their lunch break was over.  It was his way of telling them to get back to work.  The four women put away what was left of their lunches and went back to their desks.

That night, Wanda lay in her bed thinking about the conversation at lunch.  She wanted to fit in to the group of women, but she’d felt like she wouldn’t.  She didn’t have a feminine figure like the three other women and that was embarrassing.  Here she was, twenty six years old, and still wearing the same A-cup bras she’d worn in high school.  Her pants always looked too big because her hips weren’t wide enough to fill them out.  

She’d overheard a few of their conversations in the ladies room, and they were always about things she’d never experienced.  Beth was married and Mandy had been but was divorced.  Abigail had never been married, but she seemed to always have a boyfriend.  Wanda had had few dates, so if the conversation was about men or sex, she really couldn’t contribute anything.

She needed a way to find some common ground if she was going to fit into the group.  Since their main conversation that afternoon had been about what Mark did to them, she needed a way to make him want to do the same to her.  It wasn’t the best way to fit it, but it would be a way, and she thought she knew how to do it.

The next morning she dressed for work except she didn’t put on her bra.  When she pulled the snug knit top down over her pants, she smiled a little and felt herself blush.  While she’d never developed very large breasts, her nipples had grown and then grown some more.  In their normal state, they were as big as her little finger and as long as that finger was wide.  Now, after brushing against the inside of the top, they were even longer and thicker.  

She knew they’d stay that way most of the day.  She always wore nipple covers under her bra because of that.  Now, with no bra and no nipple covers, they stuck out through the top like gumdrops.  Mark would have to notice and make some comment.  Then, she’d fit into the group.

It was nine when Mark walked past her desk with an assignment.  He started to say something, then stopped and stared at her for a few seconds.  Then, he chuckled.

“You’re sort of growing into this job, aren’t you?”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Mr. West.”

He chuckled again.

“Everything I see points to you becoming a success.”

“Well, I’m trying hard.”

“I see that they are, I mean, that you’re trying hard.  Keep it up.  Now, I have this special job for you.”

He’d left then, and Wanda felt better.  She looked at the other three women.  They were frowning.

Mark came by her desk a couple more times before lunch.  Once he asked her if she knew where he could get some strawberries.

“I really like the way strawberries taste and the way they feel when I nipple…er…I mean nibble on them.  Know where I might find a couple?”

She’d said no, but she knew she was blushing.

The second time, he’d walked up behind her and asked how she was doing with the special job.  She’d showed him her work so far. She felt his elbow brush her right nipple when he reached over he shoulder and pointed to one of her entries.

“Are you sure this one is correct?”

“Yes I am, Mr. West.  I double-check all my entries.  It’s right.”

“OK, if you say so.  Be careful though.  This account has had some uh…bumps from time to time.  I don’t mind bumps as long as they end up coming out in the end.  You’ll make sure they come out, won’t you?  I’d like to see them come out.”

Wanda said she would show him when she was done.  He chuckled, “I can hardly wait”, as he walked away.

Wanda took her lunch to the break room that day.  As soon as she sat down, Beth looked at her and frowned.

“What in hell are you doing, Wanda?”

“I’m just going to eat my lunch.”

“No, I mean with those bumps on your top.  Aren’t you wearing a bra?”

Wanda hung her head.

“Well, no, but I thought maybe I’d fit in better if I gave Mr. West something to make him say to me what he says to all of you.”

“You could have just started eating lunch with us.  You’d have fit in.”

“No I wouldn’t.  You’re all pretty and sexy.  You always talk about Mr. West.  Until today, Mr. West didn’t act like I even existed.”

Abigail sighed.

“Do we really do that?”

Wanda nodded.

“Yes, you do.”

“Well, if that’s all we have to talk about, this has gone far enough.  Ladies, we need a plan.  Between the three…sorry, four of us, we oughta be smart enough to fix Mark for good.”

“I’m in”, said Beth, “but remember, I won’t vote for a lawsuit.”

Abigail shook her head.

“No, no lawsuit.  Suing him would be too easy on him. I doubt if he’d even be embarrassed.  He’d just hire a better lawyer anyway, and he’d probably find some legal reason to fire all of us.

No, we have make sure he at least gets fired and can’t take over the company.  Since he’s married to Jerome’s daughter, that probably means we have to get her to divorce him too.  Otherwise, he’ll just stay married to her until Jerome dies and then the company will be his.”

“I know”, chuckled Mandy.  “Let’s hire a prostitute to seduce him and tell her we need pictures of them in bed together.  Then we’ll show the pictures –“

She stopped talking because Mark had just walked into the breakroom.  He looked at Mandy with his leering smile.

“Pictures?  You’re going to bring in pictures to share?  I love seeing pictures of people when they let their guard down.  Be sure I see them so I can really appreciate my employees.  You’d like for me to appreciate you, wouldn’t you?  Hey, you know what, you bring in your pictures and we’ll lock the door and have an appreciation party.  You girls can let your hair and everything else down and we’ll just have a ball…all five of us.”

With that, Mark chuckled again and walked out of the breakroom.

Abigail sighed.

“Well, we sure can’t talk about this at work anymore.  He’s liable to be listening.  We’ll need to meet somewhere else.”

Wanda was smiling when she spoke.

“I suppose we could meet at my place.  I have plenty of room, and if it can wait until tomorrow, I’ll get us something to eat and drink.”

The next afternoon, Beth called her husband and told him she had to work late on a project.  Abigail called her boyfriend and told him the same thing.  When they left the office, they all drove straight to Wanda’s house.

Wanda unlocked the door and let them inside, then locked the door behind her.  She tossed her purse onto the small table beside the door and then turned to the other three women.

“I wasn’t sure what you like to eat, so I got some salads and some trays of finger food.  I have white wine and sodas unless you want something stronger.  I don’t drink much but I do have some vodka and rum.

Beth chuckled.

“That sounds great, Wanda.  I’d love a glass of wine or two, but I think I better not.  I’ll have to screw Harry when I get home or he’ll think I’ve been out screwing somebody else.  I’m not worth a damn when I’ve been drinking.  It kind of shuts down all my little nerve thingies down there I guess.”

The other women all laughed, then filled their plates from the trays Wanda sat on the kitchen table.  They carried them into the living room and took seats at the two couches with a coffee table between them. They ate and talked until Abigail cleared her throat.

“Well, we need to get started on our plan.  Does anybody have any ideas?  Mandy, you were telling us yours when Mark butted in on you.”

Mandy sipped her wine, and then sat the glass down.

“Well, if we hire a prostitute to seduce him and have her take some pictures, we could show the pictures to his wife.  She’d have to divorce him, wouldn’t she?”

“Well I would”, said Beth, “but if she’s as blind to him as Abigail says, she’d believe him no matter what explanation he came up with.  I still favor cutting off his dick.”

That statement brought laughter all around the table for a while.  Then Wanda asked a question.

“Do Mark and his wife have any kids?  I only ask because I’d hate to hurt them since they’re kind of innocent bystanders.”

Abigail sipped her wine, then sat her glass down.

“Well, I worked with Jerome for ten years before Mark took over and he never said anything about grandkids except that he wanted some.  I don’t think they do have any.  There aren’t any pictures of kids on his desk, but then, there’s no picture of his wife there either.”

Wanda continued.

“Maybe he’s so blatant about looking at us and feeling us because he and his wife aren’t doing anything.”

Abigail laughed.

“Well, she doesn’t have any boobs to speak of and her ass looks like a boy’s ass.  She’s as plain as a doorknob too.  I’d be surprised if they even sleep in the same bed, let along screw every once in a while.”

Abigail realized then what she’d just said and turned to Wanda.

“Wanda, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean that the way it came out.”

Wanda smiled.

“I’m not upset.  I got used to the way men look at me a long time ago.  It’s just the way I am and I can’t change it, so I don’t worry about it anymore.”

Beth had been sitting there with a thoughtful look on her face.  She smiled then.

“Do you suppose that’s true, that he’s not getting anything at home?”

Wanda frowned.

“It more likely he doesn’t want what he has at home.  That’s the problem I’ve always had.  Maybe that’s why she drinks too.  I used to before I decided it wasn’t worth the headaches the next morning.  That’s when I decided if I couldn’t change myself, I’d just be happy like I am.”

Beth smiled.

“Wanda, Honey, you should be proud of how you look and think.  The rest of us have the same problem in reverse.  My boobs stayed huge after my kids and now they hang down unless I wear a really good bra.  Once you turn forty like I just did, your butt starts to sag too.  It’s goodbye bikinis and hello one-piece suits and body shapers.  

“I was thinking, though, that maybe Jerome doesn’t know what’s going on and if we told him, he might do something about it.”

“He’d just want proof”, said Abigail. “Are you suggesting we sneak into their bedroom some night and see if the get it on.”

“No, nothing like that, but if we could convince his wife to tell Jerome, maybe he’d listen to her.”

Mandy shook her head.

“If she’s like Abigail says, she’d never do anything like that.  He was probably her last chance at a husband, and she wouldn’t do anything to lose him.”

Wanda smiled.

“What if we gave her a reason to divorce him that didn’t mean he had to do anything to make her mad at him?”

Abigail  wrinkled up her brow.

“I’m not sure how we’d do that?  Like I said, she’s pretty sold on him.”

Wanda grinned.

“I probably know how she feels better than any of you.  When I was in college I couldn’t buy a date, and what with all the pressure of classes and homework, I got really tense.  How long have they been married?”

“He was too cheap to pay for them himself when he sent her flowers on their anniversary.  I saw the purchase order for the flowers”, said Beth.  “He wrote the message he wanted on the card in the order.  “The card was supposed to say ‘happy tenth’.”

Wanda grinned again.

“Well, if she’s lived with him for ten years without much sex, she’s one really stressed out gal.  I know what that feels like.  It shouldn’t take much to help her relax, especially if she drinks.”

“I’m not really sure where you’re going with this”, said Abigail.

“Well, Abby, if we gave her some way to relived that stress, maybe she’d decide Mark wasn’t worth it anymore.”

“And what way would that be?  I doubt we could find her a man.”

Wanda smiled.

“No, we probably couldn’t, but we could find her a woman.”

“Where would we even look?  I don’t know any lesbians.”

Wanda winked.

“Well, there are four of us here.  That should be enough.”

Beth shook her head.

“I’m not gonna start playing the guy with another woman.  Harry would love it if I did, but I’m not a lesbian.

“Neither am I”, said Mandy.  “I like a good stiff dick in there, not some woman’s tongue.”

Abigail shushed them.

“Let Wanda finish.  Once we’ve heard what she has to say, then we can decide.  Go ahead Wanda.  What makes you think she’d agree to something like that, much less like it enough to dump Mark?

“First of all, it isn’t one woman playing like she’s a guy.  It’s two women making each other feel really great.  Unless she’s a lot different than I am, she’s probably already had the experience.  She just needs to be reminded.”

“Why would you say that?  You don’t even know her.”

“No, but I know myself and what I finally did.”

“You slept with another woman?  You’re a lesbian?’”

“No, I’m not, but you do the best you can with what you have.  I had Rachael.  Rachael helped me relieve my stress and she taught me there’s nothing wrong with how I look.  I like men.  They just don’t seem to like me.  Mrs. West was probably in the same situation if she went to college.  She did go to college, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did”, said Abigail.  “She told me she majored in Economics at Mount Holyoke.

“Well there you go”, chuckled Wanda.  “Mount Holyoke is an all-girls school.  You don’t really think they spend all their time studying, do you?”

“OK, I see your point”, said Beth, “but are you saying we, the four of us, should seduce her and convince her she’s a lesbian?  I wouldn’t have any idea how to even start, and what in the world would we do with her once Mark’s gone, assuming your plan works?”

Wanda waved her hands.

“No, I’m not saying all of us should become her lovers forever or that we should even convince her she’s a lesbian.  What I think we could do is seduce her once or twice to get her used to it and then take her someplace and introduce her to a woman who will want to be her lover.  It probably won’t be forever but it’ll last long enough for her to dump Mark.  Wouldn’t that work?”

Mandy frowned.

“It wouldn’t work with me.”

Wanda shrugged her shoulders.

“You might be surprised.  I was.”

“And how were you surprised?”

“I was surprised at how easy it was to start doing it and how great it felt.  See, I’d never really had a man when I went to college. In high school I kissed some boys and petted a little.  I got excited enough to do more, but my mother said good girls didn’t do that, so I didn’t.  Once I got to college, there was one guy who seemed to like me.  We stayed in a motel one night and I found out it was pretty good up until that first poke.  It was even pretty good after that, even though it hurt a little.”  

Wanda took a sip of her wine, and then continued.

“He never called me again.  I later found out it was a frat initiation thing.  They called it “fucking the dog” if I remember correctly.  At least he used a condom.

“Anyway, I was really down about it.  Rachael was my roommate in the dorm and one afternoon after her last class, she came back to our room and found me crying.  She asked me what was wrong and I told her about the guy.  Rachael said he was an ass and wasn’t worth my time anyway.

“I said I was just so worked up about it I couldn’t pay attention in class or study.  Rachel gave me a hug and said she understood how I felt, but things would get better.  I asked her how that was going to happen since I didn’t have big boobs and a round butt like she did.  She just laughed and said some people didn’t care about those things and that I’d meet someone one of these days.

“Well, I didn’t believe that.  I asked her where that guy was going to come from since all the guys I knew wanted big boobs and a round butt.  Rachel stroked my cheek and said she wasn’t talking about a guy.  She said she was talking about another girl.  She kissed me then, just a little kiss, but wow.  Like I said, I’d kissed some boys in high school and I kissed the guy in the motel, but they had whiskers and they kissed really hard.  Rachael was all soft cheeks and her kiss was like a feather on my lips.

“When she moved away, she giggled and said she thought I liked it.  Well, I did.  It sent all these little tingles down my back and I started getting excited.  I told Rachael it was nice, but I didn’t think girls should be kissing other girls.  When she asked me why not, I couldn’t give her a good answer other than my mother told me that.  Rachael just smiled and said my mother wasn’t there and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.  She kissed me again then, and I sort of let her do what she wanted with me after that.  

“It was a lot different than with that guy from the frat.  Rachael was so soft and gentle, and she didn’t hurry like the guy did.  I had the first orgasm I didn’t cause myself that night and it was like a hundred times better.  I slept like a baby and woke up relaxed and not worrying about the guy dumping me.

“Rachael taught me a lot about sex after that night.  It was really neat to make her have an orgasm, and my orgasms just kept getting better and better.  I still  talk to her once in a while, but we’ve not been together again since we graduated.  She got married and moved to Texas the year after we graduated and she has two kids now.  I think she does have a girlfriend, though.  She said something once about her and Jane having a girls night out a couple times a month.”

Mandy shook her head.

“I’m not judging you, Wanda, but it wouldn’t work with me that way.  I just wouldn’t let it happen.”

Wanda grinned.

“Wanna bet on that?”

“What does that mean?”

“It means if you’ll give me five minutes, I might be able to change your mind.”

Beth chuckled.

“It sounds like she’s asking you to put your money where your mouth is, Mandy.”

“Yeah”, giggled Abigail.  “Go ahead Mandy.  I wanna see what happens.”

Wanda patted the seat on the couch beside her.

“Just five minutes Mandy.  Then you can tell us all if it worked or not.  Beth, you keep time, OK?”

Mandy got up from her chair and went to sit beside Wanda on the couch.

“I suppose you think since I’ve had two glasses of wine I’m gonna be easy.  It isn’t going to work that way, but if you all insist…”

She looked at Wanda.

“You’re not gonna take off my clothes or anything like that, are you?”

“No, not unless you ask me to.”

“Well, go ahead and do whatever it is you’re gonna do.”

Wanda stroked Mandy’s arm and then put one hand on each of Mandy’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Do you like back rubs?”

“Sure.  Doesn’t everybody?”

“Turn around then and I’ll give you one.”

Mandy turned so her back was to Wanda, and cringed when Wanda touched her.  Wanda chuckled.

“It’s just me, Mandy.  Now hold still.”

Wanda stroked her hands over Mandy’s back, and after the first two strokes, Mandy sighed.

“Mmm  this does feel good.”

Wanda alternated between massaging and lightly raking her nails on Mandy’s back.  With each stroke she went a little lower until she was stroking over the small of Mandy’s back.  Another stroke took her hands to the swell of Mandy’s hips.

Mandy shivered at that touch, then shivered again when Wanda reached as low as she could and slowly dragged her nails up over the curve of Mandy’s hips.

Beth giggled.

“Mandy, you have goose bumps on your arms.”

Mandy smiled.

“That always gives me goose bumps.  It doesn’t mean anything.”

Wanda didn’t say anything.  She just moved her massaging and nail raking up over Mandy’s back.  A few more strokes later she was lightly stroking Mandy’s sides, and the last stroke was over the sides of Mandy’s breasts.  Mandy shivered again.  Wanda lightly pressed on the soft mounds then whispered, “Mandy, turn back around.”

When Mandy did so, Wanda slipped her hands to Mandy’s back and smiled.

“I’m going to kiss you now.  Close your eyes.”

Wanda leaned forward slowly while smiling at Mandy.  Mandy didn’t move away when their lips touched, but she didn’t kiss Wanda back.  She just sat there while Wanda nibbled first at her lower lip and then her upper lip.  When Wanda again stroked the sides of Mandy’s breasts, Mandy caught her breath.  It was then that Wanda put her lips to Mandy’s open mouth and pressed a little more firmly.

Beth and Abigail held their breath when they saw Wanda’s lips caressing Mandy’s, and remembered to breathe again when Mandy touched Wanda’s waist.  For a few seconds, it looked to them as if Mandy wasn’t responding.  Then her lips began to move with Wanda’s and the hand on Wanda’s waist began stroking Wanda’s side.

When Wanda gently squeezed Mandy’s right breast, a little moan slipped from Mandy’s throat, and Beth and Abigail knew Mandy was feeling something.  

Wanda pulled gently back from Mandy, stroked a fingertip from Mandy’s mouth, down her cheek, and then down to the swell of Mandy’s breasts.  Mandy just sat there with her mouth still open and her eyes still closed.

Wanda leaned forward again, and this time Beth and Abigail saw her tongue slip into Mandy’s mouth before she kissed her again.  Mandy didn’t pull away.  She put her other hand on the back of Wanda’s head and pulled her closer.  She moaned again, louder this time, when Wanda fondled her breast and then stroked the front where Mandy’s nipple would be.  Wanda pulled back a little and Beth and Abigail saw Mandy’s tongue touching Wanda’s.

When Wanda moved back, Mandy tried to pull her close again.  Wand whispered, “lay back on the couch, Mandy”, and then gently pushed on Mandy’s shoulders.  Mandy fell back against the cushion as Wanda changed position until she was facing Mandy.  She kissed Mandy again, and this time, Beth and Agibail saw Wanda’s hand slip under Mandy’s blouse.

They watched as Wanda worked her hand up slowly until it was over Mandy’s left breast.  Mandy moaned when that hand gently squeezed.  Wanda pulled her lips back a little and Beth and Abigail could see their tongues entwining again.  Wanda massaged Mandy’s breast for a while, and then slipped her hand around Mandy’s back.  A few seconds later, Mandy’s breasts flattened as her bra band came loose.

Mandy caught her breath when Wanda stroked her bare breast, then moaned as the gentle strokes became softer strokes to her nipple.  It was then that Beth whispered, “five minutes”.

Wanda tried to raise up, but Mandy pulled her back down.  She was kissing Wanda now, and her hands were stroking Wanda’s back.  Wanda slipped her hand from under Mandy’s blouse and began unbuttoning the buttons down the front.  

When the last button fell free, Wanda pulled the blouse to the side, then lifted Mandy’s bra until the bra cup was sitting above Mandy’s bare breast.  She stroked Mandy’s rigid nipple a few times, then eased her mouth from Mandy’s and nibbled down her cheek.

Mandy rocked her hips when Wanda closed her lips around the nipple and sucked gently.  Her face rolled to the side and she gasped when Wanda pinched the nipple between her lips.

Wanda kissed Mandy again and then whispered, “put your legs on the couch”.  When Mandy did, Wanda gently pushed her down so she was prone.  A few seconds later Beth and Abigail saw Wanda stroking Mandy’s thighs.   Mandy moaned through their kiss and spread her legs a little.  Wanda nibbled down to Mandy’s other nipple, sucked gently and then pinched it.  At the same time Mandy caught her breath, Beth and Abigail heard the quiet pop of Mandy’s jeans button coming loose and then the purr of a zipper.  

Wanda pinched Mandy’s nipple again and then pulled her face up.  Mandy gasped at the sensation and then gasped again when she felt Wanda’s hand slowly working down over her tummy.  Beth and Abigail watched in silence as Wanda’s hand slipped under the waistband of Mandy’s panties and then went deeper.  They each caught their breath when Mandy opened her thighs as wide as her jeans would permit.

Fifteen more minutes had passed by the time Mandy cried out and arched up off the couch.  She stayed arched for a few seconds and then eased back down on the couch.  She pulled Wanda down to kiss her again, but Wanda pushed gently back and smiled.

“Did I change your mind?”

Mandy was still a little breathless.

“Is it five minutes yet?”

Beth giggled.

“Five minutes was just after she unhooked your bra.  It’s been almost twenty, and judging by that orgasm you just had, your mind has been changed.”

Mandy sat up then.

“I never thought it would be like this.”

Wanda smiled.

“I told you it would be.  It’s not necessarily better.  It’s just different.”

Mandy put her hand on her chest.

“It is that.  My heart is still pounding.”

Wanda stroked Mandy’s breast.

“It can be better.  It just takes a little practice.”

Beth grinned.

“Harry has always said two women together was erotic.  I didn’t know what he meant until now.”

Wanda looked at Beth and grinned.

“Does that mean you want to be next?”

Beth grinned sheepishly.

“We didn’t decide on a plan yet, so I think we’ll have to meet again.  The next time we do, maybe I’ll take you up on the offer.  Right now, I have to get my butt home and into bed with Harry. I sure hope he feels like playing, ‘cause I think my panties are wet.”

Wanda looked at Abigail.

“What about you, Abby?”

Abigail stared at Wanda and Mandy for a few seconds.  Mandy was still laying on the couch with her blouse open and her jeans unzipped and she was lightly fondling her own breasts.  If it was that good…

“I don’t know.  I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to find out what it’s like.”

They began meeting three evenings a week and Abigail and Mandy usually spent at least one night at Wanda’s house.  Beth joked that her husband didn’t like her working so late all the time, but he was happy that she wanted sex every night when she did come home.

“You were right, Wanda.  It isn’t better, but it makes me so horny I almost jump on Harry when I get home.  He hasn’t smiled this much in years.”

By the end of the month, all four women had enjoyed the attentions of each other and had learned a lot about themselves in the process.  

Wanda did have a figure.  She just didn’t know how to show it off.  Her breasts were small, but with the right bra she did have cleavage.  Mark noticed that right away.

He’d laughed as he ogled Wanda’s tank top and said, “you know, Wand, I need to get to know you a lot better.  I’d bet there could be something between those…I mean us, that you’d like.”  Wand had replied that she didn’t think office affairs ever worked.  Mark had laughed again.

“I think you must have misunderstood me.  I wasn’t saying anything about an affair.  I was just saying a boss should really get into his employees to make them happy.”  He’d still been chuckling when he walked back to his office.

Abigail found out that sex with her boyfriend was still great, but that she liked the softer touch of a woman almost as much.  Like Beth, she also found that after an evening with the three other women, she needed more.  Her boyfriend was happy to oblige.  He’d sort of looked at her funny when she asked if he’d ever licked a woman until she had an orgasm, but then grinned and said if that’s what she wanted, he’d do his best.  Abigail had to caution him to shave first after that night because her inner thighs had developed a rash from his whiskers.

Mandy was a little shocked at how much she liked having another woman nibble at her stiff nipples and how intense her orgasms were.  Her husband had never made her feel that way.  Wanda just said he was just probably not the right man.  Mandy didn’t care.  She just wanted to learn as much about women having sex as she could and then practice what she’d learned.

It was two months later that Abigail called Mark’s home phone on her cell phone.  He was away making a sales pitch to a potential customer and wouldn’t be back in town for five days.  When a woman answered with “hello”, Abigail asked if this was Mrs. West.  The woman said it was.

Abigail took a deep breath.

“Hi, Mrs. West.  I’m Abby, from the office where your husband works?  Remember me from the Christmas party last year?”

“Oh, yes.  I do remember you.”

“Well, I and the other women who work in the office are going to go to Wanda’s house for a sort office party.  We were talking about that and I realized you’d be sitting in your house all alone while Mr. West is gone.  When my boyfriend has to go away, I get really lonely.  I said something about that to the other girls, and well…we don’t really know you at all, but we decided we’d ask if you’d like to join us.  You are part of the company after all.”

“Well, I don’t know.  I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think Mark would approve.  He always says he wants to keep his business life separate from his personal life.”

Abigail chuckled to herself.  I’ll bet he does, she thought.

“Mrs. We – can I call you Shirley?  Mrs. West sounds so formal.”

“I suppose you can.”

“Well, Shirley, I don’t see why Mr. West has to know.  I mean, all us girls deserve a little fun by ourselves sometimes, don’t we?  Don’t tell me you didn’t have some good times with your girlfriends before you got married.”

Shirley chuckled.

“Yes, there were a few I remember.”

“Well, that’s all we’re going to have.  We’ll have some food to eat, some wine…do you drink wine?”

“Oh I do.  Sometimes I drink martinis, but usually that’s just when I’m at something where mixed drinks are all they have.  I love wine.”

“Then we’ll have some wine and we’ll listen to some music while we sit and talk.  We want to get to know you better.”

“I’ll have to check my schedule.  When it is and what time?”

“It’s going to be tomorrow night starting at six.  I don’t know what time it’ll be over.  I guess it‘ll be over when we run out of things to talk about.  Can I tell the other girls you’ll be there?  We all really want to meet you.”

There was a pause on the other end of the call and then Shirley spoke again.

“I…I suppose I can.  What should I wear?”

“Oh just wear whatever feels comfortable.  We’re not dressing up or anything like that.  After all, there won’t be any men to impress, now will there?”

They had carefully scripted the party.  Abigail lent her knowledge, what little there was, of Shirley.  Wanda used her past seduction to plan that of Shirley.  Mandy and Beth were to be decoys.  They were all waiting at Wanda’s house when the door bell rang.  Abigail went to answer it.  She beamed a smile when she opened the door.  Shirley was wearing a skirt and a blouse that buttoned up the front.  She hoped the hose weren’t panty hose, but they had a plan if they were.

“Shirley, it was so nice of you to come.”

Shirley looked at the floor.

“Well, I didn’t have anything else to do, so I thought, why not.  I don’t get the chance to just have fun much any more.  Mark is so busy all the time and our friends are all into going to plays or concerts and eating out in fancy restaurants.”

“Well, we’re just kicking back and enjoying life tonight.  No put on anything or fancy stuff.  Come on in and get comfortable.  Can I get you a glass of wine?”

Shirley smiled.

“Yes, I’d like that.  I think I need to relax a little so I can catch up with you.”

Abigail touched Shirley’s shoulder.

“Oh we’re like this all the time.  Come have a seat on the couch while I get your wine.  We’re having finger food tonight and it’s on the table.  Help yourself to whatever you want.  We have enough to feed an army.”

Abigail yelled at the three women sitting around the coffee table.

“Girls, introduce yourselves while I get Shirley some wine.”

They were still standing when Abigail walked into the room with a wine glass in one hand and the bottle of white wine in the other.  She poured the glass half full and handed it to Shirley, then picked up her own glass.  

“I think a toast is in order since Shirley decided to come.  To good food, good wine and I hope, good friends.”

They all clicked their glasses, including Shirley, and then drank.  Abigail was watching Shirley and knew she must be nervous because Shirley drank half the glass before she stopped.  She winked at Mandy.

“Well, OK, let’s sit down.”

Mandy was already in front of one couch and sat down.  Beth sat down beside her.  Wanda was already sitting on one end of the other couch and patted the cushion next to her.

“Come sit here, Shirley.”

Shirley took her wine glass and sat down in the middle of the couch.  Abigail sat down beside her and then touched her arm.

“Shirley, tell us all about yourself.  You can tell us anything, because we’re all girls here.”

Shirley smiled.

“Well, there’s not much to tell really.  I grew up here in town and went to the local high school.  Then I went to Mount Holyoke to study economics.  Daddy thought it would be good if I knew how to run a business since he owned his and it would be mine someday.  I met a boy there – Mark – my senior year, and we started dating.  After we graduated, we got married.

“Mark worked for a couple different accounting firms until Daddy decided to retire.  He was going to put me in charge, but Mark wasn’t very happy at his job, so I asked Daddy to let Mark run the business.  We’ve been married for ten years last August.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Abigail saw Shirley staring at Mandy and Beth and she knew why.  Mandy was stroking Beth’s shoulder and Beth had just put her hand on Mandy’s knee.   She was surprised at the look on Shirley’s face.  She’d expected a frown at first, at least until they’d had more wine and had steered the conversation to sex like they’d planned.  Instead, Shirley was smiling.  Maybe Wanda was right.

Abigail smiled at Shirley.

“It must be nice being married to Mr. West.  He seems like a very nice man.  I’ll bet he treats you very well, doesn’t he.”

“Yes, he does.  He buys me anything I want and he sends me flowers on my birthday and on our anniversary.”

Mandy chuckled.

“For our first anniversary my ex wanted go out drinking.  I couldn’t keep his hands off me the whole night.  Once we got home, we did have a good time, but I mean, grabbing my boob right there in the bar was a little too much.  That’s one of the reasons I divorced him.  All he thought about was sex, sex, sex and grabbing me when other people could see him do it.  Now, I like sex just as much as any woman does, but morning and night and three times on Saturday and Sunday?  I was tired all the time.”

Mandy grinned at Shirley.

“Really happy, but really tired.  That was when I was thirty three, but I don’t suppose you get tired, do you Shirley, because you’re younger that I was then.”

Shirley started to say something and then picked up her wine glass.  She drank the rest of her wine and then smiled.

“Well, we don’t do it quite that often.”

Beth chuckled.

“You can’t say something like that and then not tell us.  How often?”

Shirley smiled.

“Often enough.”

Beth ran her finger down Mandy’s cheek and then sighed.  

“At least you do it.  Harry hasn’t touched me in over a year except for my birthday and our anniversary and New Year’s Eve.  If it wasn’t for my shampoo bottle…and some other things…”

She stroked Mandy’s cheek again and pursed her lips in Mandy’s direction.

“I’d be in really bad shape.”

Abigail had filled Shirley’s wine glass again, and smiled to herself when she sat the bottle back down on the table.  Shirley looked flushed.

Wanda touched Shirley on he arm.

“Shirley, you don’t know how lucky you are.  You found a guy.  You’ll have to tell me what you did to hook him so I can try it out.”

Shirley sipped her wine, just a long sip this time.

“I don’t really know what I did.  Just one Saturday I was walking in the park like I always did, and met Mark going the other way.  He said ‘Hi” so I said ‘Hi” back.  He turned around and started walking with me then.  We talked about what I was studying for a while, and then he asked me out.  Just before we graduated, he asked me to marry him.  Uh…can I use your bathroom.”

Wanda stood up and held out her hand to Shirley.

“It’s down the hall and to the right.  “Come on.  I’ll show you.”

Wanda put her hand on the small of Shirley’s back as they walked out of the room.

Wanda came back with a grin on her face.

“She asked me if you two were lesbians.”

Beth grinned too.

“Well, that worked.  What did you tell her?”

“I said no, but that you’d figured out two girls could help each other out when they didn’t have a man to do it.”

“What did she say then?”

“She asked me if we all did it that way.  I didn’t really answer her.  I just said I thought all girls had done it that way at least once.  She didn’t say anything then.  I’m pretty sure she has, because if she hasn’t she’d have said so.  I don’t think she’ll leave if we keep going, but we shouldn’t give her any more wine.  I think she started before she got here.  She’s pretty relaxed already.”

They heard the toilet flush.

“Uh-oh, here she comes”, whispered Wanda.  “Are you two ready?”

When Shirley walked back into the living room she stopped, gasped, and put her hand on her chest.  Beth was kissing Mandy and Mandy was fondling Beth’s breast.  Abigail spoke loud enough she was sure Shirley could hear her.

“You two better stop before Shirley comes back.”

Abigail then looked at Shirley.

“Oh…you are back aren’t you?”

Beth pulled away from Mandy and gasped.

“Oh God, Shirley, you weren’t suppose to see this.  I’m so sorry, but you can’t imagine what it’s like to be married to a man who only touches you when you beg him to.  If it wasn’t for Mandy, I’d be losing my mind. You won’t tell Mr. West, will you?  Please don’t tell him.  I don’t want to lose my job”

Shirley smiled.

“You both seem like nice people and I’ve never been one to judge others.  It’s none of my business what you do outside of the office. I won’t say anything to Mark.  I probably should be going though.  Thank you for inviting me.”

Wanda put her hand on Shirley’s arm.

“If you leave now, I’ll worry about you.  I mean, you’ve had two glasses of wine and I think you should stay another hour or so before you try driving home.  I’d hate to think you left and had an accident.”

Shirley smiled.

“I’m OK to drive, really I am.  I’ve driven myself home in worse shape than this.”

Abigail grinned.

“I’d like to hear that story.  What happened?”

Shirley waved her hand.

“Nah…it’s not that great of a story.  I just had too much wine one night.  Nothing happened.  I just drove myself home and then went inside and fell asleep with my clothes still on.”

“Mark didn’t drive you home” asked Abigail.

Shirley smiled.

“That was before we were married.  I was at a party with another bunch of girls from college.”

Wanda was still lightly stroking Shirley’s arm and was smiling because Shirley hadn’t pulled that arm away.

“I remember those parties.  I never had any dates, so I spent my partying days in college partying with other girls.  It was fun.  Hurt the next morning sometimes, but it was fun.  What did you do at your parties?”

Shirley didn’t answer at first, and Wanda knew why.  Mandy was lightly stroking Beth’s leg and Beth had her arm around Mandy and was gently stroking Mandy’s shoulder.  Wanda moved her caressing hand up to Shirley’s shoulder.  Shirley shivered at that touch, then looked at Wanda and smiled.

“We did about the same thing you’re doing tonight.”

“Really?  I thought all the girls at Mount Holyoke were there to find rich men, no offense intended to you of course.”

Shirley chuckled.

“No offense taken because it’s true to some extent.  We studied, of course.  If you didn’t do the homework and pass the exams, you couldn’t stay in school, but we did look for guys.  The girls who had boyfriends went out on the weekend.  Those of us who didn’t would split the cost of a motel room off campus, buy some wine and cheese, and have our own party.”

“So, you sat around a motel room and drank wine and ate cheese?”

“Yes…among other things?”

Beth hoped her voice sounded like she was becoming aroused by Mandy stroking her leg.

“What other things?  Things like what Mandy and I were doing?”

Shirley’s face turned a little pinker.

“Yes, things like that.”

“And you did them too?”

Shirley shivered again.  Wanda had started slowly moving her nails over Shirley’s back.

“Once or twice, just to see what it would be like.  It’s kind of embarrassing to say that now since I’m married.”

Wanda move her hand lower until she was lightly scratching the small of Shirley’s back.

“Shirley, I don’t see why you should be embarrassed.  All us girls have tried it at least once.  Did you like it?”

Shirley’s face looked like she was remembering something because she wasn’t really looking at any of them.  She was gazing off into space.

“It was…it was…nice.”

“That’s what I thought too.  I mean, I used to get so tense with all the studying and writing papers and the tests…I really needed some way to forget all about that and just relax.  I still do, all of us do.  That’s why we have our parties.”

Shirley chuckled.

“So I see.  I should really be going then so you can do whatever you’re going to do.”

Abigail put down her wine glass and then took Shirley’s hand in hers.

“Shirley, you don’t have to go.  You could stay…and be with me.  I’ve wanted this since we met at the Christmas party.  I just didn’t know if you’d want to or if you even would like me.”

Shirley blushed even more.

“Oh, I…I don’t know.  I’m a married woman now and…”

Abigail leaned forward until her lips were almost touching Shirley’s.

“If I kiss you would that help you make up your mind to stay?”

Abigail didn’t wait for an answer.  She just pressed her lips lightly to Shirley’s, then closed them over Shirley’s lower lip and mouthed it gently.  She smiled when Shirley caught her breath.  Abigail ran her tongue over Shirley’s lower lip.  She pulled back then and smiled.

“Still want to leave?”

“I should.”

Abigail lightly stroked the side of Shirley’s right breast.

“I want you to stay.”

Wanda backed away from the two women when Abigail put her arms around Shirley’s waist, pulled her close and then kissed her again.  Shirley hesitated for a few seconds, then wrapped her arms around Abigail’s neck.  The kiss lasted only for a few seconds.  Shirley pulled away and then took a deep breath.

“It’s been a long time.  I’ve forgotten everything.”

Abigail stroked Shirley’s cheek.

“I’ll help you remember.”

Abigail led Shirley to Wanda’s spare bedroom and the other women followed.  Once there, Abigail kissed Shirley again, and this time Shirley didn’t hesitate.  She put her arms around Abigail’s neck and moaned when their tongues touched.  While they kissed, Abigail stroked down Shirley’s back and then cupped her slender hips.  When she squeezed them gently, Shirley moaned again, then pulled one hand from around Abigail’s neck and began fondling Abigail’s breast.  

Abigail purred through their kiss when Shirley lightly squeezed.  Abigail  then pulled gently away and whispered, “I want to see you naked, Shirley”.  

Shirley didn’t resist when Abigail began unbuttoning her blouse.  She didn’t resist when Mandy unzipped the zipper on her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  She blushed when Beth said her stockings and garter belt made her look sexy.  

Abigail kissed Shirley again while she unhooked her bra.  When Shirley’s breasts slipped from the cups, Abigail lifted them and stroked Shirley’s small nipples with her thumbs, then pulled her own T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor.  When she slipped her bra straps from her shoulders and pulled down the band,  her large breasts bobbed a little.   Mandy smiled then, pulled Shirley close, and pressed their breasts together.  As she ran her hands down Shirley’s back and then over the lace panties that covered her hips, she murmured, “I’ve waited a long time for this.  Let’s get on the bed”.

While Abigail slipped off her shoes and then her jeans and panties, Mandy and Beth removed Shirley’s blouse and bra, and then eased her down onto the bed.   Abigail smiled as she laid down beside Shirley.  With one fingertip, she traced the darker circle around Shirley’s right nipple.

“Remember this?”

Shirley’s nipple began to swell, and when Abigail lightly stroked the tip, she moaned.

“Yes, I remember.”

Shirley reached over and cupped Abigail’s breast, squeezed it gently, and then stroked the nipple.  Abigail smiled.

“That feels nice Shirley.  I think you remember more than you think.”

“Mary always liked that.  That’s why I remember.”

Abigail smiled again.  

“Mary was a lucky girl to know you, I think.  Did she like this too?”

Abigail stroked down Shirley’s back, then over her hip, and then pulled Shirley’s thigh over her own.  Shirley shuddered when Abigail cupped her hip and then lightly traced Shirley’s lips through her panties.  Shirley let her hand slip between them until she was cupping Abigail’s sex.

“Yes, she did.  I do too.”

“Then let me take your panties off.”

Shirley lifted her hips while Abigail slipped the panties down over them, and then raised her legs.  Abigail tossed them to the foot of the bed and then laid back down.

“Now there’s nothing in the way.  Just do whatever you feel like doing, Shirley.”

“I want to kiss you again if that’s all right.”

Shirley pulled Abigail down, opened her lips, and moaned when those lips met Abigails.    She stroked Abigail’s back, then lifted her leg and pulled on Abigail’s hip.  Abigail lifted her thigh and slipped into the space between Shirley’s.

Wanda was smiling.  She’d been right about Shirley.  The woman was no stranger to being loved by another woman.  Already she was rocking her hips to rub her hidden clit against Abigail’s thigh.  Abigail was doing her part in their little trap, but Wanda could tell Abigail wasn’t acting.  Abigail had a dark bush on her mound, but her lips were shaved bare.  As Shirley rubbed her pussy up and down, the motion caused Abigail’s lips to open a little.  Wanda saw the glistening sheen of moisture between them.

She turned to Mandy and Beth and whispered, “God this is hot, isn’t it?”  

Mandy grinned.

“Let’s leave them alone and go find another bed.”

Abigail and Shirley didn’t hear the three women leave.  They were too busy enjoying each other.  When Abigail closed her lips around Shirley’s small left nipple, Shirley gasped and then wormed her hand between them.  Abigail moaned when the fingers of that hand probed between her pussy lips.  

“You remembered this too, didn’t you?”

Shirley smiled.

“I’m remembering a lot of things now, like this.”

She sucked Abigail’s left nipple into her mouth, then bit gently.  Abigail gasped as a strong tingle raced from that nipple to her tummy and caused it to tighten.  She smiled and cupped Shirley’s pussy.

“I want you Shirley.”

“And I want you”.

After that little exchange, neither said anything else for a while.  Abigail had intended to cause Shirley to cum and cum hard.  If Shirley’s moans and the way she worked her fingers into Abigail’s pussy were any indication, that was happening.  Abigail hadn’t expected Shirley to do much besides lay there, but the woman was doing her best to take Abigail along for the ride and it was working.  Abigail felt the tension building in her body, the tension that she knew would ultimately become a shattering release that racked her body with spasms of pleasure.

She was sure Shirley was feeling the same way.  Shirley’s breath was coming in little short pants except when she pulled Abigail’s lips to hers.  She’d mouth Abigail’s lips, then sneak her tongue into Abigail’s mouth.  When they touched, both women moaned.

Satin soft fingers caressed satin soft lips and then delved deeper as each woman became more and more aroused.  Nipples stiffened in that arousal brushed together and caused more little moans.  Abigail forgot about the plan for the evening and immersed herself in Shirley’s response.

After the last of the tingling kisses they shared, Shirley murmured, “I need to taste you, Abigail.  Turn around on top of me.”

Once she had, Abigail felt Shirley’s fingers spread her sex and then the wet warmth of the woman’s tongue caressing her inner lips.  She shuddered when that tongue stroked her swollen clit, and then gently spread Shirley’s thighs.

The thick thatch of dark brown hair on Shirley’s mound was tangled, so Abigail gently teased the tangles apart and then spread Shirley’s lips.  For a moment, she looked at the small, inner lips and the little pink tip of Shirley’s clit, then lowered her face and began licking both.  Shirley gasped, but didn’t stop.  Abigail felt a finger penetrating her just as Shirley rasped her tongue over Abigail’s clit.

It didn’t take long after that before Shirley arched up off the mattress, cried out and began rocking her hips.  Abigail closed her lips around Shirley’s clit and sucked hard.  Shirley cried out again and then again as the orgasm swept her away.  She eased back down on the bed and tickled Abigail’s clit with her tongue, then sucked the little button hard.  Abigail lurched her hips down, then shrieked as the first wave racked her body into delicious spasms.  She shrieked again as the second caused her to collapse on top of Shirley.  Abigail couldn’t control her body after that.  Her hips pushed her pussy into Shirley’s sucking lips until she’d cried out once more.

Through the fog of pleasure that still tingled her body, Abigail heard Shirley giggle.

“I guess I remembered more than I thought I would.”

Abigail raised up and moved beside Shirley, then turned around and laid down beside her.

“You did, and it was great.”

Shirley brushed the hair from Abigail’s face.

“You were great too.  I haven’t felt this way since…well, a long, long time.”

Abigail kissed Shirley on the forehead, then smiled.

“You did everything right, Shirley.  It was as good as with my boyfriend, different, but just as good.”

Shirley sighed.

“I don’t have any way to compare.  I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Abigail chuckled.

“You have a husband.  That should be better than a boyfriend.”

“Yes, it might be…if Mark ever touched me.  He doesn’t, you know.”

“No.  I can’t believe that.”

“Well, he doesn’t.  Hasn’t since our honeymoon except for a few times when I begged him to.  It wasn’t good those times either.  He just did his thing and then rolled over and went to sleep.”

Abigail smiled.

“I’m not ready to sleep yet.  How about you?”

Shirley stroked Abigail’s breast and grinned.

“If I can feel this way again, I’ll stay up all night with you.”

Abigail woke the next morning with Shirley’s arm on her tummy.  She laid there as she thought about the night before.  What had happened was what they’d planned, but they hadn’t planned on how strongly Shirley had reacted.  They’d thought they’d just seduce her once and she’d start thinking that another woman was better than Mark.  Then they’d find her a different woman, she’d divorce Mark, and they could get on with their lives.

Abigail had been surprised at how Shirley had not just laid there.  The woman had done everything she could to give Abigail the same pleasure.  There was something else, too, something that had edged into the waves of sensation Abigail felt from Shirley’s kisses and intimate caresses.  It was a feeling of pity for Shirley…no…pity wasn’t the right word.  It was a feeling of needing to help Shirley…no…help wasn’t the right word either.  

Abigail couldn’t make herself think the right word.  That was too scary.  Having sex with another woman was nice, but she wasn’t a lesbian.   She loved feeling her boyfriends rough hands on her breasts and she love feeling his cock stroking inside her.

And yet, when she looked over at Shirley sleeping beside her, that feeling was there.  Was it a feeling that would last?  She didn’t know, but it was there, a feeling of wanting to be with the woman.  She was still thinking about that when Shirley’s eyes fluttered and then opened wide.

“What time is it?”

“About eight.”

“Oh God, I have to get home.  The gardener always shows up at nine, and if I’m not there, he’ll tell Mark.”

Shirley quickly dressed and then left.  Abigail was making coffee when Wanda walked into the kitchen.

Wanda scratched her left breast through the T-shirt she wore.

“Mandy and Beth left about midnight.  Well, what happened between you two last night?”

Abigail smiled.

“Let’s just say Shirley hadn’t forgotten as much as she thought.”

“You got her off?”


“So, the plan is working so far.  Now all we need to do is find her another lover.”

“We might not really need to do that after all.”

“Why not…oh…you…she got you off too?”




“Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for her.”

Abigail shrugged.

“I don’t know yet.  I know I want to do it again.”

“Does she think the same thing?”

“I think she does.  She asked me when we were going to have another party like this one.”

“What did you tell her?”

Abigail smiled.

“I just said the two of us could have our own party whenever she wanted to.”

“So when is that party going to be?”

“I don’t know yet.  It depends upon when Mark goes out of town again.”

On Monday morning, three months after the party, Mark wasn’t there to unlock the office.  Abigail, Mandy, Beth, and Wanda stood outside for ten minutes until Jerome walked up and smiled.

“Sorry I’m late.  I had something I had to do.”

He let them in and then walked to Mark’s office.  A few minutes later he came out with a box and carried it out the office door.  When he came back in, he smiled at them.

“Ladies, Mr. West has decided to seek an opportunity outside of this firm.  I’ll be running things until I can find a replacement, so you’ll have to put up with me again for a while.  Abigail, could you come to my office for a second?”

Abigail followed Jerome into the office, and he closed the door behind them.  

“Have a seat, Abby.  We need to have a little talk.”

“What about?  Is it my performance?”

Jerome smiled.

“You might say that if what Shirley tells me is true.”

Abigail started to speak, but Jerome waved his hand.

“No, don’t say anything until I finish.  Your performance at work is just as good as it ever was and nothing bad is going to happen to you.  Shirley tells me you invited her to a party a few months ago.”

“Yes, I did, but –“

“No.  I get to finish, remember?  Then you can talk.”

“Shirley says she had a good time at your party.  She says she had a really good time with you.  She says you two have had several other good times together.  She likes you a lot.  She likes you enough she told me what she told you about Mark.  

“I guess I’m getting too old to see how people really are.  I thought Shirley and Mark were happy together.  I wanted a grandchild or two so there would be somebody to carry on the business, but I figured they were just waiting until Mark got comfortable running the firm.  I knew it wasn’t doing as well as before, but Mark was my son-in-law and I thought he just needed more time.

“When she told me she and Mark never…well, I had a private investigator do some investigating into Mark’s past.  What I found out is he didn’t meet Shirley by accident like she thought.  It was all part of his plan to set himself up for life with a wealthy woman.  A couple of his fraternity brothers said he bragged about how he’d swept Shirley off her feet and wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job.

“Last night, I showed Shirley the investigator’s report along with another about his business trips.  Let’s just say Mark wasn’t the faithful husband Shirley thought he was.  She’s filing for a divorce today.  I fired Mark this morning.  That’s why I was late.

“Now, Abby, I don’t care what your relationship with Shirley is.  What I care about is my little girl.  I don’t know how this is going to end up, but I don’t want to see her hurt any more than she already is.  You won’t let that happen, will you?”

Abigail took a deep breath.

“Mr. Martin, I don’t know how much Shirley told you about us, but I’d never hurt her.”

Jerome smiled.

“She just said you made her feel like a woman again.  I gather that was because you two…well I know she had a girlfriend in college.  It doesn’t surprise me that she does now.  Shirley’s always been a little different about men.  What’s important to me is to know that this isn’t just some fling you’re on.”

“It’s nothing like that.  I haven’t figured it all out for myself yet, but it’s not just a fling.  I really like Shirley, and not just that way.”

“I’m happy to hear that.  Now, I have a question.  Would you be interested in Mark’s job?  You’ve been here for ten years so you know how to run the business better than anybody from the ourside.  If I can trust you with my daughter, I can trust you with my business too.”

Abigail thought for a few moments, then smiled at Jerome.

“You know, a year ago, I would have jumped at the chance, but now, I don’t think I want that.”

“Why not?  You’d make more money.”

“I know, but I’m making enough to be comfortable, and taking that job would mean I’d have to travel and I don’t want that.  I could make a suggestion though.”

“Oh?  What would that be?”

“Wanda is more qualified than any of the rest of us.  She’s smart and she has a CPA.  She’d be a better choice, and we all like her.”

Their revenge didn’t happen like they’d planned, but it turned out better than any of them thought possible.  They’re all feeling a lot more relaxed at work now, and the business has surpassed even what Jerome was able to accomplish when he ran it.

Wanda is doing well as the new manager of Martin Accounting.  She’s brought six more clients into their business and has four more thinking about it.  They now do all the payroll for three of their original accounts as well.  Jerome is happy as are Abigail, Mandy, and Beth.  They’re not yet sure about the two new accountants.  

Jeff is a good looking guy but he’s a little shy.  They’ve seen him watching Wanda when she wasn’t looking.  They’re thinking maybe he’d like to see more of her.  Wanda hasn’t said anything, but they’ve seen her looking at Jeff the same way.

Marty is a little redhead with pert breasts and a really wide butt.  She likes to tell them stories about her adventures with men.  Evidently she’s had several, though Mandy says she doesn’t believe Marty really let a man screw her on the beach in Miami while other people watched even if it was a clothing optional  beach.  

They haven’t had another party because there’s really no need.  Mandy and Beth do get together every other week or so, and Beth’s husband has become a third.  Beth told her husband about the first party.  He grinned and asked if he could watch the next time.  When she introduced him to Mandy he was happy.  When Mandy said she’d like it if he did more than just watch, he was ecstatic.  The three of them took their vacation together last summer.  When they came back, both Beth and Mandy seemed really relaxed and happy.

Abigail and Shirley…well, they’re happy too.  Abigail and her boyfriend have gone their separate ways.  Abigail never realized how much she could feel for another woman until Shirley, and her boyfriend couldn’t understand that. Shirley has invited her to move into her house, and has told her she’d understand if Abigail still wants a boyfriend too.  

Abigail’s still a little unsure about the whole thing.  It’s not that she doesn’t love Shirley because she does.  It’s just that she’s ten years older than Shirley.  Shirley says that doesn’t matter to her, and when they get together every weekend, she more than proves that.  Shirley doesn’t drink much anymore either.

Jerome is still hoping for a grandchild, and Shirley has promised him he’ll get at least one.  She’s been looking for a suitable donor on-line, and has narrowed down the selection to three.   None are tall or particularly handsome, but all have college degrees.  She just wants a father for her child who is a normal, but intelligent man.  One tall, handsome man was enough.