The Return of the Prodigal Ex

   The last time I saw Darnell was in August, I think. Well, actually, that’s the last time we had sex. The last time I saw him was when he invited me to see a show in February. And it had been a really weird thing because he kept sending me mixed signals the whole time we were at the venue, and I started getting really annoyed and honestly couldn’t wait to just leave and not be in his presence anymore. Just before splitting up after the show, he’d flashed me that cute smile of his and, with great emotion in his voice, he’d said:

   – I really missed this. You and me. Spending time together. Talking about culture. I’ve been so busy with work, you know? We really need to see each other soon, when things die down a little.

   Months before, I would have been all over that. But I’d felt that he’d bullshitted me so much during our relationship – that had actually only lasted a few months, no matter how hot and intense it had been –, that I really just wanted to get the fuck away and never see him again.

   I had smiled and said: “Sure”, but in my mind and in my heart, it was more like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever… Who cares?”

   I remember coming home from the show and feeling sad and lonely because I knew that this guy was not what I needed in the long term. Thinking “Go fuck yourself for oozing charm and not really meaning it when you know that I was really hoping you and I were in this for the long run”.

   Nonetheless, every time I’d think of him, of his imperfect (but who is?) yet hot, ebony body in my bed, of his luscious lips, of his moans and whisperings of my name when I’d suck and nibble on his nipples and send waves of ecstasy throughout his whole body, I’d get all flustered and wish he’d come back, even if it was only for the sex.

   And then Thursday, after weeks of radio silence:

   – Have a great Easter weekend, Tristan. Hope all is well. (Smiley face)

   A Facebook Messenger ping.

   Really? After all this time? Then, I thought to myself: “What is he aiming for?”

   I knew, since Darnell is a classical singer, he’d be very busy during Holy Week as he is always performing in different religious services all over the city. I also knew, since he lives in the suburbs and doesn’t drive, he was probably fishing for a place to stay. I decided to test him.

   – It’ll be pretty quiet on my end. Brunch with my family on Monday but nothing else. I’m looking forward to some quiet, writing time.

   – Oh, sounds good, he replied.

   And then he went on to write this long paragraph with every single concert date, time and venue, knowing full well that – seeing that – I’d reply:

   – Right! A very busy time for a ‘church singer’, huh? Well… if you need a spot for a layover, you know where my bed is.

   I couldn’t help but feel a twinge in my cock and balls, just writing that not-so-innocent invitation. Anticipation building.

   – For sure. I’ll keep you in mind.

   Yeah, that’s how pretentious and full of himself he can sound.

   And I knew that if I threw in a meal or two – not to be pretentious myself, but I’m a really good cook – he’d definitely not turn that down.

   – Okay. I might consider dropping by after Easter Vigil Saturday night. Besides, I’d have to be at St. Thomas Church not so far from your place on Sunday morning for an Easter mass.

   See what I mean? I knew his random Easter wishes weren’t that random. And I knew that once he was here and I’d gotten some food into him – you know what they say about the way to a man’s heart –, it wouldn’t be long before we were into each other’s underwear again.

   On Easter Saturday, I decided I’d use Darnell’s visit as an excuse to get started on my spring cleaning. That kept me busy most of the day and, by the time night came around, I’d thought about having sex so much that I was just about ready to burst. That’s when I thought to myself:

   – Hum… you haven’t had a cock in your ass in over six months and you know he’s going to want to go there again.

   In the beginning of our relationship, we’d never really explored anal beyond me slipping him a finger up there while I sucked his hard, ebony cock to eruption. It would totally blow my mind to hear him moan and repeat my name in a warm and sexy tone, over and over till he exploded. Just thinking about it made me hard.

   That’s when I got the idea to bring my little dildo friend into the shower with me. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? I’ve told you guys about what happened with the dildo (See my other story! NSFW, You Say? – Unexpected Dildo Fun!) So when Darnell got to my place after his Easter Vigil concert, it was pretty late, but I was ready to go.

   Once he savored the delicious dinner I’d cooked him (not me talking, he actually said it was delicious!), it was even later and he knew he had to get up early Easter morning to head off to yet another church for another performance.

   He headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed and I headed straight for my room, waiting for him over the covers in my silky olive briefs. My cock was already hard from the expectation and I could feel the pre-cum starting to ooze on my right hip. As I was lying there, I thought:

   “I bet, as soon as he comes into the room, he starts moving his head back and forth and starts complaining of pain in his neck.”

   That was his typical way of bumming a free massage. Yeah, I’m pretty good at those, too. Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did before pulling off his t-shirt and stretching out on the bed, next to me, on his belly, exposing his back and his lilac-colored, boxer-brief-clad bubble butt. I quickly straddled him, my cum-filled balls rubbing against his ass crack through our underwear. I started massaging his neck and shoulders, listening for his moans of pleasure.

   – Mmmm… yeah, Tristan. I’ve missed this so much.

   Well, asshole, it’s not like I’m the one who stopped coming over.

   As my hands were loosening the knots in his upper back, I started rocking my hips so that my hard cock ‘sausaged’ itself between his buns. The underbelly of my stiff pole was getting hotter and hotter from the friction and Darnell was not oblivious to what was going on. I could hear him moan with pleasure and I knew it wasn’t just from the massage. When I got down to his lower back, I got off him and got rid of my underwear. I then got between his legs and spread them a little so I could fit there. I massaged his thighs and my thumbs rubbed against his balls through the fabric of his boxer briefs.

   – Oh that feels so good, baby.

   I hadn’t heard him call me that in months. Part of me felt like saying: “What?  What did you just call me? I’m not your baby anymore! You made damn sure of that. You’ve lost the right to call me baby!”  But part of me knew that he was calling me that because he was flashing back to the reason why he felt so good with me all those months ago.

   After a few more minutes, I positioned myself to be able to remove his boxer briefs. He didn’t resist. I kneaded his buttocks like they were two round loaves of dough getting reading to be cooked.

   He moaned with pleasure and my cock quivered in anticipation as I looked at his balls peeking out between his legs. I started massaging them with one hand and remembered how rough and calloused they felt. I’d always been fascinated by Darnell’s balls because I’d never felt any like that. I’d had other black men before and was used to the curly pubes, but the skin of his ball sac was like none I’d ever handled. I rubbed it some more like it was some kind of magic lamp. Darnell really started getting into it, remembering how much he liked the touch of my fingers.

   I knew that he was basically grinding his cock into my comforter and that I’d find strands of pre-cum on it when he’d turn around. But I didn’t care. As a matter of fact, it just made me hornier.

   – Mmmm… yeah, Tristan. Play with my balls.

   I rubbed them for a little while longer as I used my other hand to knead his ass cheeks and massage the small of his back. Then, I dove down between his legs and started tonging those coarse-skinned balls of his, lapping at them as my nose nestled between his asshole and his scrotum. Just hearing Darnell’s deep moans and feeling him writhing on my bed felt amazing. So I started using my teeth, nibbling and pulling slightly on the skin covering his gonads and knowing I’d probably get stuck with a few stiff ‘curlies’ in my mouth but not giving a shit.

   – Oh, baby, yeah! Mmmm… you’re gonna make me cum.

   “Nope, not like this,” I thought to myself before pulling out from between his legs and flipping him over.

   Nestling myself under his left arm, I sucked his left man boob into my mouth and listened for his gasp for air. Sure enough, right on cue. I knew his body so well. Funny how I’d always pretty much been turned off by man boobs but had really grown to love (for lack of a better word) Darnell’s. I think part of the turn-on comes from the fact that he squeals like a girl when I suck and nibble on his hardening nipples. He just goes from tenor to soprano, I swear!

   – Oooooo… yeah, baby!

   At the same time, I grabbed hold of his pole and started jerking him off, his cock pulsating furiously in my hand. I’ve definitely had black lovers with bigger dicks than Darnell’s but since I’m not at all a size queen, I totally love the way it fits so comfortably in my mouth. Thinking of that made me want to go down on him so I gradually made my way, kissing toward his crotch, as the fingers of my right hand replaced my mouth on his left boob, pinching and tweaking his sensitive nipple.

   When my mouth engulfed his shaft, his toes curled and his whole body tensed up. I knew he was mine. I gave his cock all the suction and tongue action it liked as my left hand squeezed and caressed his balls and the fingers of my right hand kept working on his nipple.

   – Whoa… Tristan, yes! Oooooo, that feels so… ahhhh…. Amazing. Mmmm…

   I knew he was just about to explode. Quickly, I repositioned myself, straddling his midsection and sandwiching his quivering cock between my butt cheeks. I didn’t feel like actual penetration and I especially didn’t want to interrupt the momentum by walking over to the dresser to grab a condom, so I had him hump my rump as I caressed both his man boobs, driving him to ecstasy. When he was just about ready to cum, his face became illuminated as though he was experiencing this pleasure for the first time. In his eyes, I could feel he was saying: “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re doing this for me. Thank you so much for giving me so much pleasure!”

   – Oooooo… baby, I’m going to cum all over you.

   I leaned in, pushing my ass against his erupting cock and nibbled on his left tit as my hand kept pinching his right.

   I felt his jets of jism hit the small of my back up to the middle of my shoulder blades. His whole body was rocked by spasms of delight. I rose up and reached back to cup his balls with my left hand and kept bobbing my ass up and down against the upper side of his cock, maintaining the friction to extend the pleasure.

   When he finally took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh that ended in a wide smile, I turned him back on his stomach, positioned myself so that my hands could cup his tits and that my pre-cum dripping cock could slip between his bubble-butt cheeks and rub against his anus without penetrating it. He was totally into it, his nipples still as erogenous as ever. He was moaning and groaning with so much passion that I thought he might just cum again at the same time I did.

   Although I wasn’t penetrating him, he pretended I was.

   – Mmmm… yeah, I love feeling your cock inside me, baby!  Fuck me!  Give me that cum!

   It didn’t take me much more than that – plus the feel of his hard nipples on my fingers – to make me explode all over the small of his ebony back, covering it with my white spunk.

   I then lay down on him, my hands still squeezed between his tits and the comforter so I could kiss his neck and his beautiful shoulders.

   – Is the stiffness gone? I asked in a whisper, tongue in cheek.

   – Mmmm-mmmm…

   – Happy Easter, my ebony tenor-turned-soprano!

   He chuckled.