Surviving Sandy

“No, Sandy.  I can’t do it again.”

Sandy eased down over Todd’s face.  He felt the sopping wet hair over her pussy brush his nose.  Sandy’s voice was calm, but he knew she wasn’t asking.

“You know the rules.  You make Mama cum until she say’s she’s had enough and then she makes you cum until you can’t anymore.”

“But it’s been three times already.  Isn’t that enough?”

“You know it’s not.  Now get busy or I’ll make you wait until tomorrow.”

Sandy reached between her spread thighs, took a slender pussy lip between the fingers of each hand and pulled them apart.

“See, Honey, I’m all wet and ready again.”

Todd did see.  Sandy’s inner lips were almost dripping and they were as swollen as the clit that stood out from under the hood at the top of her slit.  It was always like this, or had been for the last month and a half.

Why had he ever suggested they go to “Pairs And More”?  At the time it had seemed like a way to revive their sex lives, but now…

As she’d told her closest friend Jacky, Sandy had “gone through the change” that year. Todd figured that meant goodbye to condoms and hello to sex whenever they felt like it, how ever they felt like it.  Sandy hadn’t lost any of the things that always excited him, and in fact, over the last few years, her breasts had gone from firm and perky to heavy with just little sag.  He loved them, loved holding them, and loved seeing the way they hung down when Sandy bent over.  True, her hips had also gotten a little wider, much to Sandy’s dismay, but he found the rounded curves to be just more sensuous and he’d told her as much.

Todd kept telling Sandy she was just as desirable as ever because he’d read it would give her confidence and maintain her sex drive.  What actually happened was that Sandy seemed to lose most of her former desire for sex. What had been sex every other night before going to sleep, and sometimes twice on Sunday had turned into once on Sunday morning and nothing in between.  

He’d read everything he could find about women’s sexuality and tried a lot of things, but nothing seemed to work.  If he touched Sandy any time but Sunday morning, she’d just push his hand away and say something like, “I’m really tired.  Can we wait until Sunday?” or “I have gas and you’ll be really sorry if we do this.”

The idea dawned on Todd after reading article after article that said it was important for an older woman to believe she was still sexy and desirable to men.  “Pairs And More” was a club he’d heard about, and it might be a way to convince Sandy she was just as erotic and desirable as ever.  He had no doubt any man in the club would come on to Sandy.

When he suggested it, she immediately said “No”.  He’d then found the web site and showed it to her.  Sandy did look at the pictures and read the description of what was available at the club.  She didn’t seem impressed.

“Couples go there to have sex with other people?  Why would they do that when they’re married?”

“Well, like it says on the home page – sometimes things are better with a little spice.  All I’m asking is for us to go once.  If you don’t like it, we won’t go again.  What I think you’ll find is a lot of men who think you’d be great, just like I do.”

“Yeah, they’ll think my big butt is really great the way it sags.”

“No, they’ll take one look at your sexy butt and big boobs and they’ll want you.  You’ll see.”

Sandy shook her head.

“I would never let any man except you touch me.”

Todd thought of saying she never let him touch her much anymore either, but was smart enough to keep that thought to himself.

“You don’t have to let them touch you if you don’t want to.  See, it says right here that nobody will do anything to anybody else unless both people agree.  If they try, they’ll get thrown out and won’t be allowed to come back.  Let’s just go and look around.  I won’t do anything and you won’t either.  We’ll just look.”

It had taken a month of cajoling, pleading, and promising it would be only once before Sandy finally relented.  That Saturday night, they dressed casually like most of the people in the pictures on the web site, and drove to “Pairs And More”.  They both took a deep breath as Todd opened the door to the building and let Sandy go in first.

That night hadn’t gone anything like Todd had planned.  What he thought would happen is that Sandy would get a lot of invitations to join other men in one of the special rooms.  He was certain she’d turn them down, just as he would turn down any women who approached him.  Sandy would see that men still wanted her, and she’d realize that being her age didn’t mean she wasn’t still desirable.  They’d come back home and talk about that, and Sandy would want sex again.

As Sandy lowered her spread pussy lips to his face, Todd was thinking that was a very simplistic hope for how that night would turn out.  He knew women were pretty complicated in the way they thought.  He just didn’t realize until after “Pairs And More” how complicated Sandy was.  Sandy interrupted his thoughts with her murmured instructions.

“Just lick and stick your tongue inside me at first.  Then suck my clit some more.”

Todd pushed his tongue into Sandy’s slippery entrance as far as it would reach and then licked from there up to her clit.  Sandy moaned.

“Mmm…keep doing that.”

Todd did what Sandy wanted as he remembered that first night.

As soon as they walked into the main room, a room that looked like any other bar with the bar proper, a small dance floor, and small tables for four spread around, several men looked up and smiled.  They’d no sooner sat down at one of those tables than another couple walked up.  The woman, Gretta was her name, smiled at Sandy.

“We haven’t seen you before.  Is this your first time?”

Sandy had smiled a little.

“Yes.  Todd wanted to come here and finally convinced me.  We’re just here to look around.”

Gretta smiled back.

“A girl like you should do more than look.  Rob thinks you’re hot and so do I.  If you’d like, you and I could go to the Ladies Room for a while.”

Sandy had smiled back.

“Well, I really don’t have to go.”

Gretta chuckled.

“This is your first time, isn’t it?  Sweety, the Ladies Room isn’t a restroom.  It’s where girls go to have fun.”

“Oh…I’m not a…I don’t think I could do that.”

Gretta grinned.

“That’s what I thought my first time, but Denise changed my mind.  That’s her, the tall blonde in the green dress by the dance floor.  She was really convincing.  If you change your mind, we’re usually here every Saturday night.  I think you’d like it, and I’m sure I’d love you.”

That couple walked away, and Todd went to the bar to get Sandy’s white wine and his beer.  When he got back to their table, Sandy was talking with another couple.

“Yes, it sounds kinky”, said the man, “and Gwen didn’t want to try it, but once another woman convinced her to, she was hooked.  We come here every Saturday and it’s been great.  Gwen gets to do what she likes and I get to watch her.  When we get back home, well…we don’t get to sleep until two sometimes, and Sunday morning we don’t get out of bed until noon.  If you change your mind, Gwen will be happy to show you the ropes”, the man chuckled, “so to speak”.

That couple walked away, and Todd asked Sandy what they’d talked about.  She grinned.

“They’re a little weird, both of them.  She’s Gwen and he’s Mike.  Gwen likes to tie men up and Mike likes to watch.  Gwen says it makes her feel powerful.  I can see how it would, but I don’t quite understand what Mike gets out of watching it though.”

“She ties men up?  That’s all?”

“Oh no.  Once she has them tied up, she makes them lick her…like you like to do.”

Todd chuckled.

“I don’t think she’d have to make me do that.  She looked pretty hot, not as hot as you, but still hot.”

“No, you don’t understand.  The men she ties up want her to do that.  It’s how they get excited.  They want her to whip them too and talk nasty to them and to tell them what they have to do to her.”

Todd chuckled again.

“That is weird.  I wouldn’t mind if you talked nasty to me, but the whipping part…no, thank you.”

“That’s what I said.  Gwen said we should go into the Castle and watch.  She said she and Mike had read about things like that, but hadn’t thought about actually doing it.  They went into the Castle the first time and decided it was a little too much for them.  Then, when they went home, Gwen said she smacked Mike on the butt with her hairbrush and asked him if it did anything.  He turned around and she about fell over because he was getting hard.  She smacked him again with her hairbrush and he got harder.

“Well, she had an old pair of panty hose and used them to tie Mike’s hands to the headboard of the bed.  Then she did what the women in the Castle had done and that night, she had three orgasms and Mike had two.  She said she’d never have believed it would work that way, but it did.  They’ve been going into the Castle ever since, and Gwen said it’s changed them both a lot.”  

Todd had seen a glimmer of hope.  He doubted Sandy would ever start whipping him because she wasn’t that type of person, but maybe she’d get aroused and they’d at least have one good night.

“Well, maybe we should go take a look.  That’s what we’re here to do isn’t it.”

The Castle was about as big as their family room at home, and there were tables with rings on all four corners with ropes or leather straps attached to the rings.  On one of the tables, a woman lay tied and stretched out with her legs spread wide.  A man stood by the woman’s side with a thing that looked to Todd like a round handle attached to a thick bundle of leather laces about a foot and a half long.  Sandy saw him looking and leaned to whisper in his ear.

“That must be what Gwen called a ‘flogger’.  She said it stings a little, but doesn’t really hurt or leave marks unless you swing it really hard.”

While Todd watched, the man flipped the flogger with his wrist and brought the leather laces down over the woman’s shaved mound.  She arched and moaned.  He flipped the flogger again, this time over the woman’s left breast.  She writhed against the leather straps that held her to the table.

“Fuck me now.  Make me cum.”, the woman had gasped.  The man just laughed.

“You have to blow me first, slut, and you’d better swallow.  If you’re good enough, I’ll fuck you.  If not, you’ll have to blow three other guys while my cock is getting hard again.”

He slapped the woman’s right breast with the flogger and she gasped.

“Then give me your cock.”

They watched as the man moved to the woman’s head and put his rigid cock to her face.  The woman opened her lips, moved her head closer, and then sucked his swollen cock head into her mouth.  The man groaned, and flipped the flogger over the woman’s mound again.  She gasped, then they saw her cheeks move inward as she bobbed her head and sucked at the man.

To Todd, it looked like the woman was enjoying sucking the man’s cock as much as he was enjoying her doing it.  The woman kept moaning and every time she did that the man would shudder and then flick the flogger on either one of her breasts or her pussy.  She’d rock her hips then and push her face over the man’s cock until her lips touched the base.

He’d asked Sandy to do that once.  She’d just made a face and said “No way.”  Maybe she’d see how the woman seemed to like doing it and give it a try when they got home.

There was a cry from another table, and Sandy and Todd turned in that direction.  Sandy caught her breath.

“Todd…she just had an orgasm…right on his face.”

It was true.  Sandy didn’t like the idea of having his cock in her mouth, but she didn’t mind him licking her pussy.  She always came pretty hard, but she’d never squirted like the woman on the table had.  The guy’s face was covered in a whitish, almost clear liquid, and as the woman made another lurch down over the guy’s tongue, a stream of the same stuff flowed out over the guy’s nose.  He didn’t stop licking until she slipped off his face to stand by his side.

The woman trailed her fingertip over the man’s swollen cock head and smiled.

“You wanna cum now?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The woman closed her hand around the man’s upright cock.

“If you cum before I tell you, I’ll whack your fucking balls, just like this.”

The woman slapped at the man’s testicles and he jerked.  Todd was amazed that the man’s cock didn’t immediately go flaccid.  Instead, it seemed to get even harder.  He was even more surprised when the man groaned, “Again, Mistress.  Please, again.”

They had watched, spellbound, as the woman slowly jacked the man’s cock.  In less than a minute, he was humping off the table and into her hand.

“Oh Mistress, I need to cum.  Please make me cum.”

The woman’s voice was stern.

“No!  You will not cum until I tell you.”

The woman squeezed his cock hard, and the man groaned again.

“But Mistress, I can’t stop when you ..  O fuck…I’m sorry, Mistress.  I’m so sorry.  I can’t hold back.”

A second later, streams of cum erupted from the man’s cock and spewed over his belly and the woman’s hand.  She released his twitching cock, wiped her hand on his chest, and then slapped his face.

“Being sorry isn’t good enough.  You came before I told you.  How should I punish you?”

“Make me suck your clit until you cum again, Mistress..”

As Todd and Sandy walked out of the room, the woman straddled the man’s face again, and they heard slurping sounds.

Once they were back in the main room, Sandy said she was ready to leave.  She was silent on the drive home.   He figured she was thinking about what they’d seen, and hoped it had aroused her if only just a little.  Once they were in bed, he’d see if she was in the mood.

As it was, he didn’t have to wait until they were in bed.  It happened while he was brushing his teeth.

Sandy was sitting on the toilet.  He heard the quiet “shhh” as she relieved herself, and then the sound of the toilet flushing.  In the mirror, he saw Sandy stand up and take off her bra.  She hung it over the towel rod next to the shower and then slowly rubbed her breasts.  He nearly choked when she stroked her nipples and then gently pinched them.  

Sandy looked up then.

“Do you see what that woman did when she had an orgasm?”

“You mean how she squirted all over the guy’s face?”

“I don’t do that, do I?  I mean, I usually get pretty wet, but nothing comes out except what you shoot in there, does it?”

“No, but we’ve never done it like they were.”

“Gwen said she does when she ties up a man and he does it to her that way.  She said it’s really different, not better, just really different.”

“So, you’re saying you’d like to try it that way?”

“I don’t know.  It still seems weird.  Would you like to be tied up?”

Todd was happy that Sandy was even thinking about sex.  Maybe it had worked.  There was only one way to find out.

“You won’t slap my balls, will you?”

Sandy laughed.

“No.  You’d just double up like you did that time Eric punched you there when he was three.”

“Well, I guess we could see what happens.”

That night, Sandy had tied him hand and foot to the headboard and footboard of their bed with some old ties Todd hadn’t worn in years.  He’d felt a little ridiculous laying there until Sandy straddled his face and grinned.

“OK, you can lick me now.”

He’d seen the shining wetness on her pussy lips by the light of the table lamp beside the bed.  He’d tasted that wetness when he slipped his tongue between Sandy’s slender lips.  He’d felt a small trickle flow onto his tongue when he pushed it into her entrance.  He’d felt her shudder and moan when he licked her clit the first time.

The next half hour was really different.  Always before, Sandy had just laid there on the bed while he’d lapped away at her pussy lips and clit.  He’d know she when she was close because she’d start to breathe a little faster and her tummy would roll.  That night she was breathing faster a minute after he started, and a few minutes later was holding onto the headboard and rubbing her pussy over his nose.  He looked up to see her take one hand off the headboard and squeeze her left breast, then roll the swollen nipple and then pull.

Sandy had gasped then, and he felt a warm flow around his tongue.  He’d lapped up that flow and then started sucking her clit.  Sandy groaned, then cried out, and then came hard.

He kept using his tongue on her inner lips and only touched her clit once in a while because she was always really sensitive there once she’d had an orgasm.  He figured when she stopped panting, she’d be done and then they’d have sex.  She probably wouldn’t cum again, but he would.  Usually she didn’t, but she always said it was still nice.

Sandy was still rubbing her pussy over his face a few minutes later.  Todd was waiting for Sandy roll off his face and lay down on the bed when she moaned, “do it again.”

Todd rocked his face back so he could talk.


“Yes, make me have another orgasm.  I’ll do you when I’m done.”

“Done” had meant three more orgasms, and Todd was astonished.  Sandy had never had more than two in one session that he could remember and he wasn’t absolutely certain the second was always real.  The four this time were all real.  He could tell because of the way his face was covered by Sandy’s juices.  Each orgasm had brought a fresh flow, and he knew Sandy couldn’t have faked that.

She’d done him that night, just like she promised, although that was different too.  Sandy had started by jacking his cock slowly, and soon had him on the way to cumming.  He’d started lifting his hips into each stroke when she stopped.  He looked down his body to see why.  What he saw was Sandy grinning.

“Gwen said Mike likes it when she gets him close and then stops.  I thought I’d see if it does the same thing to you.”

By the time Sandy finally stroked his cock quickly and he spurted all over her hand, he was begging for her to let him cum.  The first three times he’d said he couldn’t hold back anymore, Sandy had squeezed the base of his cock hard.

“Gwen said this is what she does to Mike”, she’d chuckled.

As Sandy was stripping the last drops of cum from his cock, Todd was thinking Mike must be really happy with Gwen.  He was still thinking that when Sandy started stroking his cock again.  He looked down his chest again.

“Sandy, I can’t again for a while.  You know that.”

She just smiled.

“Maybe this will help.  Gwen said it helps Mike.”

She bent down and wrapped her heavy breasts around his cock and began bobbing them up and down.  

It shouldn’t have done anything, but it did.  Seeing his cock slide in and out of Sandy’s cleavage was bringing it back to life.  He was only half hard, but was feeling the sensations that would make it rigid again.

When his cock again stood stiff from his loins, Sandy started stroking him again.  Just like he first time, Todd was panting and thrusting his hips into her hand, when she stopped and squeezed his shaft hard.  She only did it twice this time, and a few strokes after the second time, he’d gasped and shot all over his  belly again.

She’d untied him then, and he’d gone into the bathroom to clean off a little.  She was asleep when he got back in bed beside her.

By the time he’d remembered all that, Sandy was hunping his face with her pussy and moaning, and Todd knew if he looked up, she’d have a nipple in each hand and would be pulling those nipples up and out.  It wouldn’t be long now.

The splash of Sandy’s crèam hit him on the nose right after he heard her grunted, “Uh – uh – uh and then the loud gasp.

He kept sucking her throbbing clit as Sandy writhed over his face.  She was cumming harder than the last time.  Another stream of cream hit his face as Sandy ground her pussy against his tongue.

“Oh God, I’m cumming again.  Don’t stop.”

Sandy chuckled when she finally stopped rocking her hips.

“Whew…that last one was fantastic.  I’m not sure if I can move now.  I might have to make you wait until tomorrow.”

By now, Todd knew his part in this little act well.

“Oh please, don’t make me wait.  I can’t wait.  I need to cum.”

Sandy slowly moved her leg over him and then moved down the bed until she was even with his rigid cock.

“You have to promise to do me again if I want you to.”

“I’ll promise you anything.  Just make me cum.”

Sandy giggled.

“I have something special for you tonight, Honey.  If it works like its supposed to you’ll cum harder than ever before.”

Sandy giggled again.

“More times too.  Hold still.”

Sandy reached into the drawer of the bedside table, and kept whatever she’d gotten so Todd couldn’t see it.  He felt Sandy rub something cool and wet on his asshole and then the pressure of something being forced inside his ass.  He tried to pull away, but the leather straps that held him to the bed kept him in place.  

Sandy’s voice was firm.

“Stay still and take it, or I’ll just ram it in.”

Todd writhed as the plug slipped into his ass, then gasped as whatever it was made his cock stand taller.  Sandy’s voice was calm.

“You’re gonna cum hard for me until you’re dry, and this little toy is gonna help.”

Todd felt Sandy close her hand around his cock and begin stroking.  His ass felt full and something was pressing on the root of his cock from the inside, but it wasn’t all that bad.  He was starting to feel like rocking his hips when Sandy chuckled.

The surge of vibrations that hit his cock from the inside were overpowering.  Todd lurched his hips into the air as Sandy jacked his cock furiously.  In seconds, he’d shot cum all over Sandy’s wobbling breasts, his belly, and her hand, and still the vibrations didn’t stop.

“Oh fuck, Sandy, shut that thing off.”

“Nope, not until you can’t cum anymore.”

She kept jacking his cock, slower than before, but still stroking his length.  With one finger, she drew a circle around the slit in the swollen head.

His cock only got half soft before starting to grow hard and stiff again.  Sandy leaned over, let her breasts settle onto his chest, and kissed him.  When her tongue found his, he felt the zing race down his spine and then the final stiffening of his cock.  Sandy sat back up.

“Now, be a good boy and cum for Mama again.”

It took longer this time, but Sandy soon had him groaning and rocking his hips up into her hand.  The vibrations inside him had made his cock swell so much it was nearly painful.  

Sandy mused, “You get all purple when you get really hard.”

Todd gasped when she lightly stroked the underside of his cock head.

“It’s whatever you pushed up my ass.  Shut the damn thing off.”

Sandy stroked his cock quickly until Todd groaned, and then she laughed.

“No, not yet.  You didn’t cum for me yet.”

She kept stroking through that explosion of cum that painted them both, and then through one more that sort of flowed out the tip of his cock and dribbled down over Sandy’s hand.  He thought she was done with him, but when he said he’d had enough, she chuckled.

“The directions said I could make you cum with just my little toy.  I think we’ll see before I let you go.”

Sandy reached between his thighs and a second later the intensity of the vibrations increased.  His cock didn’t get hard again, but a few minutes later he did cum.  It was just a dribble that oozed out of the slit in the tip, but it felt just like he was cumming.  When he’d stopped gasping, Sandy pulled the thing out of his ass and held it up for him to see.

“It’s called a prostate massager.  It’s supposed to make you cum harder.  I think it worked.  You shot all over both of us.  I think we need a shower.”

The shower was nice once he’d recovered enough to stand up without his knees shaking.  Sandy took great pains to soap his cock and try to get it to stand up again, but it was no use.  She smiled as they were drying off.

“I know what Gwen meant about feeling powerful.  When you’re tied up, I can make you do anything I want, and I can do anything I want to you.  It’s pretty neat.  The orgasms I have are really neat too.”

Todd frowned.

“Does this mean we’re never going to have sex the regular way again?”

Sandy stroked his limp cock.

“Do you think this will stand up by tomorrow night?”

“Probably, well maybe.”

She grinned.

“If you can get it to stand up, I’ll play cowgirl like we used to and you can do Jackie with your tongue.”

“Jackie?  Your friend Jackie?”

“Yeah.  I told her what we’d been doing and it got her all turned on.  She hasn’t been with a man since her divorce and she’s really tense.  Her husband never did her that way and she wants to find out how it feels.  I told her I didn’t think you’d mind.

Todd stood there with his mouth open for a few seconds, then frowned.

“Sandy, what’s got into you?”

She grinned.

“You mean besides your tongue?”

“Sandy, be serious. A month ago you didn’t really like me touching you, much less want to have sex.  Now, you’re saying you want to have sex with me while I lick another woman.  What happened?”

“Well, always before it was you wanting to have sex and you expected me to want that too.  I usually did, but it was you who said when and how.  When we went to “Pairs and More” and I talked to Gwen I found out she used to be the same way.  She said if I tried it, I’d like it.  I did, and I did.  I like being in charge and telling you what to do, well about sex anyway.”

“Well, I do mind.  I’m not gonna get Jackie off with my tongue or anything else.”

Sandy grinned.

“Oh yes you will, or I’ll make you wait a month before I let you cum again.  Besides, it’s not like you’re going to be fucking her.”

“You just said ‘fucking’.  You’ve never said fuck before in your whole life.”

“I know.  Jackie says it all the time and told me talking dirty makes her horny.  I thought I’d see if it worked the same way on me.”

Sandy giggled.

“Just saying it doesn’t, but thinking about you fucking Jackie with your tongue does.”

“I thought you said I wouldn’t be fucking her.”

“Well, it won’t be fucking, fucking, but using your tongue is kinda like fucking.  It’s just not as messy afterwards.”

“It is when I do you that way.  Well, I’m not gonna do it.”

Sandy smiled, grabbed Todd’s shriveled cock, and gently stroked it.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel your cock inside me again…hmmm.  I’ll be all nice and wet, and I’ll ride you until you cum.  You’ll be inside me so deep, and I’ll do that squeezing thing you used to like so much.  I’ve been practicing that while you’re at work.  I’ll feel so tight you’ll cum really hard.  All you have to do is make Jackie do the same thing.  That’s not too much to do so I’ll make you feel great, is it?”

“It just doesn’t seem right.  I mean, I let you tie me up and all, but another woman?”

Sandy frowned.

“All right.  If that’s the way you feel, I’ll tell Jackie it’s off, but you’ll be sorry.”

Todd was sorry until the next Saturday.  Sandy wouldn’t talk to him and she locked the bathroom door when she changed into her pajamas.  He knew she was punishing him and figured she’d miss their bedroom play eventually.  On Saturday afternoon, he figured she’d relented.

“Todd, I was gonna make you wait a whole month, but I can’t.  We’ll play tonight, so don’t wear yourself out.”

After dinner that night, Todd laid down on the bed while Sandy fastened the leather straps to his wrists and ankles.  He’d put them on the bed because Sandy said his ties weren’t really the real thing and she wanted the real thing.  She finished buckling the strap to his left ankle and then grinned.

“I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“Another prostate vibrator thing?”

“Maybe next time.  I need you to last longer than two minutes.  You’ll see.”

Sandy picked up a sack from the floor on her side of the bed and sat it beside Todd.

“I have a blindfold for you to wear.  That’s so you won’t know what I’m doing until I do it.”

She reached into the bag again and chuckled as she pulled out a flogger.

“This is so you’ll do what I say.  If you don’t…”

Sandy flicked her wrist and the leather strips of the flogger slapped Todd’s cock.  Todd lurched and said “Ow.”

“If you’re not a good boy, Mama’s gonna give you a whipping.”

Sandy slowly dragged the leather strips over his cock, and the sensation began to stiffen it.  

Sandy chuckled again.

“Hmmm…your cock likes this.  If you’re a good boy and do what you’re told, I’ll make your cock feel even better.  Are you ready?”

Todd found it strange that the slap of the flogger hadn’t really hurt.  In fact, it had been that slap that started stiffening his cock.  The tickle of the leather strips had done a lot, but it was the slap that got things started.  Just in case, he wouldn’t give her any reason to use the flogger on him.  

He smiled at Sandy.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

Sandy grinned as she put the blindfold over his eyes and pulled the elastic band around his head..

“We’ll see if you are or not.  Oh crap, I opened the door to the garage when I came back from shopping and I forgot to close it.  Don’t run away.  I’ll be right back.”

Todd heard their bedroom door open and then the quiet pad of Sandy’s slippers as she walked to the kitchen.  He heard the door to the garage close and then the sound of Sandy returning.

“There, we’re all locked up again.  I think I’ll tease you a little first.”

Todd felt the flogger trail over his chest, then down his belly and over his cock.  Sandy chuckled when his cock bobbed once.  She giggled and teased him with the soft leather strands until his cock was swollen stiff and he was humping up with each stroke of the flogger.  Sandy laughed.

“My, my, you can’t wait, can you?  Well, Mama gets hers first and then you get yours, just like always.”

Todd felt the bed move as Sandy straddled his face.  Hair brushed his nose as he smelled her scent.  That scent was a little different, but Sandy had always been self-conscious about that and sometimes used a spray to mask it.

He felt the light sting of the flogger on his side.

“I’m ready Todd.  Make Mama feel good.”

Todd began by lightly licking the soft lips that were just inside the strands of hair that tickled his nose.  He heard a little sigh, and the lips got closer.  He slipped his tongue between them and licked.  There was another sigh and then Sandy’s voice.

“Oh yeah.  Now put it inside.”

As Todd slid his tongue down over her inner lips until it slipped between them, he realized something was different besides Sandy’s scent.  Those inner lips seemed a lot thicker and longer than he remembered.  Sandy’s got that way when she was really excited, but it usually took longer.  She must have been in worse shape than he’d thought.

He was starting to push his tongue into the wet entrance when the bed moved again and he felt a hand on his rigid cock.  A second later, he felt silky legs slide up to his sides.  After another second, he felt his cock sliding between wet pussy lips.  He pulled his face away from the pussy he’d been licking.

“Sandy, what the hell?”

“Hold still while I get it in.”

Todd felt a hand close around his stiff cock and then the satiny smooth feeling of pussy lips closing around it.  

“Ah…there we are”, moaned Sandy.  Todd felt his cock sliding into a very snug, very wet pussy.  The only problem was there was still a pussy rubbing his nose.

Todd raised his voice.


The flogger came down on his left leg hard and he yelped.  Sandy giggled.

“I told you you had to do what I said.  Now start licking while I fuck you.”

“Who am I licking, if it’s not too much to ask?”

“Who do you think?”

Todd felt a pat on the top of his head, and then Jackie’s sultry voice.

“Hi Todd.  Like how I taste?”

There was another slap of the flogger on his leg and then Sandy’s command.

“Make Jackie cum, or I’ll get off and you won’t get to feel this again.”

Todd felt Sandy’s pussy contract around his cock.  She raised up a little, and then sank back down over his length and purred.

“Now didn’t that feel good?  It felt good to me.  All you have to do is keep that tongue working and I’ll keep doing this.”

Well, Todd thought, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but maybe it would work out OK.

“Can you at least take off my blindfold so I can see what I’m doing?”

Sandy chuckled.

“What do you think, Jackie?  Should we let him watch what he’s doing?”

“Sure.  That way I can watch him when he cums.  That always turned me on with Joe.  It was about the only thing that did, and he was done then, but it did turn me on.”

Sandy giggled.

“Remember what I promised you?  Todd won’t be done until we tell him he is.  Go ahead.  Take it off.”

When the blindfold came off, Todd found himself looking at the blonde curls over Jackie’s thick pussy lips.  When he stuck out his tongue, Jackie mashed those lips into his face.  His tongue sort of slipped between them.  Jackie gasped when he licked her clit.  Jackie’s clit was easy to find.  It was a lot bigger than Sandy’s and it was stiff and sticking out.

Once Todd started in with Jackie again, Sandy began riding him.  She had been honest when she said she wanted him to last.  Sandy was riding slowly, fast enough to keep Todd hard and wanting more, but too slow to get him there quickly.  It was an exquisite torture, and one that Todd decided was worth having to satisfy Jackie, not that Jackie wasn’t erotic too.  She did taste a little different, and her inner lips were long enough he could suck them into his mouth and roll them around a little.  Jackie seemed to like that.

“Oh fuck. Sandy, does he suck your pussy lips like this?”

“Yes.  Mine aren’t as big as yours, but it feels great, doesn’t it?”

Todd was wondering how Sandy knew that when she squeezed his cock with her passage again and made him groan.  Sandy did it again, and chuckled when he groaned a second time.

“See, Honey, you’re having fun too, aren’t you?”

“Um-hm”, he said, though Jackie’s thick lips made it more of a murmur.

As slow as Sandy was riding his cock, those little contractions and the feeling of Jackie’s thick pussy lips on his tongue were taking Todd to the point of no return.  He started to hump up into Sandy’s slow strokes.  Her voice sounded a little dreamy, but it was still a command.

“No, no, Honey.  Not until Jackie and I both cum, remember?  Maybe Jackie needs a little more help.  Suck her clit, like you do mine.”

Todd had started doing that, and Jackie gasped.  He looked up over Jackie’s rolling tummy and saw two hands on her breasts.  Since Jackie had both her hands on his head and holding him tight between her spread thighs, those hands had to belong to Sandy.

Watching Sandy roll and pull on Jackie’s nipples only made him thrust up into Sandy’s clasping pussy even more.  It was way too erotic for him not to be excited, and at this rate he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.  If he came too soon, Sandy would say he’d been a bad boy and make him give both of them more orgasms with his tongue.  That wouldn’t have been all that bad, well unless Sandy didn’t clean up first.  Surely she wouldn’t make him eat his own cum, would she?  He decided he didn’t want to find out and began sucking on Jackie’s clit in earnest.

Todd was nearly there when Jackie screeched and mashed her pussy down on his face.  He didn’t stop sucking her clit until she raised herself up and giggled.

“Oh fuck.  If Joe had known how to do that I’d never have divorced him.”

Sandy’s words were breathy.

“Yeah…I know what you mean.”

Jackie eased off Todd’s face and moved beside Sandy and facing Todd.  She smiled at Sandy.

“You helped me, so I’ll help you.”

Todd caught his breath when Jackie bent down she sucked Sandy’s left nipple into her mouth.  He groaned when Jackie slipped her finger between them and began rubbing Sandy’s clit.  He groaned because Sandy’s pussy clamped down firmly on his cock and he couldn’t do anything else.

Sandy gasped and started riding him faster.  That made things happen pretty fast.  

Todd gasped “Sandy, I can’t stop.”

Sandy moaned and rammed he body down over his cock.  She cried out just as the first spurt raced up Todd’s cock.  After that, all he could remember was spurting again and then again as Sandy writhed on top of him.  She finally stopped moving up and down, put her hands on his chest, and sat there breathing hard.

Jackie’s voice was a whisper.

“Wow…that was hot.  Do you always cum that hard?”

Sandy chuckled.

“Not usually unless he’s sucking my clit.  I think you did it with your finger.”

Jackie smiled.

“I just thought since it worked yesterday, it might work better today.”

Todd raised up his head then.

“What do you mean ‘it worked yesterday’?”

Sandy stroked his chest.

“Well, you remember Gretta from “Pairs and More”?  I was telling Jackie about her and what she wanted to do with me.  Jackie asked if I’d done it.  I said I didn’t but I wondered what it would be like.  Jackie said she’d read about it and wondered too.  Well, we decided to experiment a little.”

“So now you’re lesbians?”

“No, Honey.  We just found out two girls can make each other feel pretty good.”

Jackie grinned.

“Just not as good as it looked like you felt, Sandy.  I’d love to feel like that too, but I suppose he’s done for an hour or so, isn’t he?”

Sandy grinned.

“Well, maybe if we show him what we did, he’ll get hard faster.  If not, we’ll just keep him tied up until he does.”

Todd sighed.  He loved the fact that Sandy had her libido back even though it was a different libido than he’d hoped.  He had even enjoyed feeling Jackie rock her pussy into his face when she came.  He wasn’t sure about fucking her, though her pussy had felt pretty tight the times he’d managed to get his tongue inside her.

If he did get hard again, and with two sexy and sensuous women in bed with him not doing so would be impossible, he’d have to satisfy them both.  As Sandy and Jackie kissed and fondled each other’s breasts, he felt the stirrings in his cock.  It was probably going to be a long night, and they’d drain him down to a dribble when he came the last time, but that was OK.  

He could rest up tomorrow, well, if Sandy would leave him alone.  Lately, after a Saturday night of him tied to the bed and her riding his face, Sandy seemed to wake up wanting it again on Sunday.  He hoped Jackie wasn’t staying over.  He could survive Sandy if she wanted more.  He wasn’t sure about surviving both Sandy and Jackie.