Are You Working Tonight?

Are you working tonight?
What’s your rate for the night?
Should we go to my place or just park?
I am hoping a lay
will pray away the gay
That that time with Drew was just a lark.

Today I am a bachelor
My finger is bare
Tomorrow is a big step
I’m marrying Claire

I do not feel disdain
When pussy’s on my brain
I just wish,
Cock didn’t also delight

I wonder if, your lady parts
will make me forget how nice it is
to rub against another guy’s private parts
Fuck I loved playing with Drew’s cock and balls
First it was our cock heads that met
Rubbing up through our pants
He said it was just curiosity,
‘I won’t force it onto to you’
Then I just knew
There was this change
Needed to rearrange
We were naked, our clothes had flown
Shit, I tried to resist getting on my knees
But I went down that route
My first taste of cock was a surprise
I’d be lying if I said this isn’t true
But it was kind of a dare,
So it’s not really fair
‘Cause now I have a taste for meat
That damn Drew is so sweet
And this shit really screwed me around

Will the curious remain?
Will I crave cock in vain?
Oh please girl,
Work your magic tonight