The Exhibitionist Neighbor - Part 5

Info Raphael
10 Mar. '16

The alarm was invasive, jolting Andrea awake and tearing her away from the pleasant dream she was having. In the dream, she was naked, pleasure passing through her over and over again. She couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, one minute her nipples being pinched, the next her clit being licked and sucked on. Every time she looked, she didn’t see anyone. There was only the sounds of a soft moan, sounds Andrea was becoming very familiar with coming from her neighbor’s house.

Andrea sat up, leaning back against the bed. She noticed the vibrator sitting on the floor; she tried the power button but nothing happened, the batteries dead after a night discarded after use. She set it aside, leaving it out on the bed so she would remember to replace the batteries before turning to find something to wear for the day. Andrea was still feeling a warmth, a drive, from the night before and she opted for a skirt and blouse that showed a professional amount of cleavage. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but feel sexy.

She went about her morning, eating breakfast while watching the morning news and heading out. As she backed out of the driveway and pulled into the street, Andrea glanced at the house next to hers; was Melissa still asleep, her body aching for more pleasure? Was she just waking up, her body tingling as her hand slid down her naked body? Or was she in the shower, touching herself, thinking of all the ways she could tease her neighbor? Andrea’s mind would have wondered the whole drive to work, if it weren’t for the stop sign at the end of the road.

Melissa was just turning down the street, already out for a morning jog, dressed in her trademark workout clothes. Andrea chuckled as she slowed down as Melissa waved to her, thinking how ridiculous it was to think that Melissa was doing what she had hoped she was. Andrea rolled down the window as she stopped at the corner of the street; Melissa leaned her arms on the edge of the windows, smiling as she said good morning. Melissa had a light sprinkling of sweat that covered her face and her hair was slightly messy, tucked into a tight pony tail. “Good morning,” Andrea responded, feeling slightly uneasy.

“How was your night last night?” Melissa said. The question was innocent enough, spoken as she rest her chin on her arms, her head turned slightly sideways. At the same time of course, it wasn’t completely pure either.

“It was really good,” Andrea said. A slight flush passed over her cheeks; she hoped Melissa wouldn’t notice. “Just had a good night with myself. How was your night?”

“Oh you know, the date was nice, but when your boyfriend isn’t really your boyfriend it’s the part after that’s more fun.” Melissa grinned in a way that made Andrea smile too, but she felt a stabbing in her side. It made her turn and look away, trying to hide the feeling of jealousy that built up inside her in that quick admission from Melissa. There was a silence between them as they looked back to one another. It was a silence that gave Andrea an idea, one that she suddenly wanted to follow through on more than anything ever before. Andrea finally said, “I suppose you’ve got work to get to.” Andrea nodded as Melissa took a step back from the car. “See you later?” Again, the question was innocent enough. Andrea’s answer was not.

“I know you will,” was all Andrea said. Melissa took a quick breath in, biting her upper lip in a way that seem instinctive, even surprising to Melissa. Andrea watched her cheeks become red, redder than just from the morning jog, before Melissa turned away and left without another word. A small spark of excitement built inside Andrea’s chest as she drove to work, making plans that only now seemed less like a bad idea, or a far off fantasy, and more like something she desperately wanted to do. Her planning turned to fantasizing, the thoughts of what she wanted to do, who she wanted to see her do it… her body was aching in all the wrong places and finally she reached to her purse on the passenger’s seat.

It had been a long time since Andrea had used the small red bullet she kept hidden in the bottom of her purse. As she pulled it out, she prayed the batteries were still good; she pushed the power button as she turned onto the highway. It buzzed to life as if excited to be of use again after so long. Andrea merged into the light morning traffic. Once it was safe, she slipped her hand up her skirt, placing the vibrator against her clit. Her head was on a swivel, watching for larger trucks who’s drivers might see her skirt pulled up by her hand that massage the toy into her clit.

Traffic was steadily growing, enough that Andrea couldn’t hide it any longer. She closed her legs around the toy, trapping it right where she needed it to be; focusing on the road was her top priority, even as she groaned in pleasure, her legs shifting and her hips rocking. Andrea pulled off the highway and turned onto the streets that led to the museum. Commuters were all around as she sat at red lights, the little toy pleasuring her, making her panties wetter and wetter. Andrea tried not to react, wanting to gasp and breath fully, moan out load, but as she looked to the car next to her, she knew how obvious it would be. Catching the eye of the college student in the car next to her, on his way to his early class, the excitement of being watched like this… it was too much for her to handle.

Andrea pulled into the parking lot, parking around the back of the building like she normally did. She thanked a thousand deities as she found the back lot empty, throwing the car into park, and grabbing the red toy tightly. She threw her head back, closing her eyes as she rubbed the rounded end against her hard clit. Andrea tried to keep an eye around her, watching the corner, expecting someone to come around it at any moment. Her orgasm built in her tummy as she pushed her panties aside, pressing one finger inside her sensitive, dripping pussy. Andrea moaned loudly, going right up to the edge, watching the corner, begging no one to come around, secretly hoping someone did, praying no one did...

And then, just as she couldn’t take it anymore, a car came around the corner slowly. Andrea knew it was too late; the toy’s vibrating was all she could think about and she wasn’t going to stop, not now as she crossed the edge, seeing the face of her boss look her way, smile and wave as her pussy clenched around her finger. Andrea pulled her finger out in order to wave back to her boss, finally pulling the toy away and tossing it into the nearby cup holder. She shook, straining to keep from throwing her head back and letting out gasps of pleasure as her boss left his car. He walked to the back door, facing Andrea’s direction the entire time, stopping at the door to unlock it. He wave again, motioning for her to join him so she wouldn’t have to unlock the door as well.

Andrea stepped out of the car timidly; she tried to pretend she was looking for something in her purse as she said good morning, still breathing slightly heavily. “Are you alright?” her boss asked as he held the door open for her to walk through, “you look a… clammy.” Andrea shook her head.

“No, just a little under the weather,” she said, “I’m fine though.” She retreated to her office and managed to take a moment to breathe and come down from the thrill and excitement she had just experienced. Her panties were soaked from the car ride and she quickly slipped them off; the idea of going commando was new to her, exciting even, but it was better than being in wet panties all day. She tried to go about her day and get her work done, but by lunchtime she had all but given up. The feeling of talking to her coworkers and sitting in meetings without panties, knowing what she wanted to do later that evening… she stopped by her boss’ office on the way to lunch and asked for the afternoon off, due to not feeling as well as she had thought.

Andrea drove home quickly, finding herself in her shower not even a minute after she got home. She didn’t know why, but she needed to be naked and warm. She washed herself, taking extra time between her legs, but persuaded herself to wait. As Andrea dried off, she thought about what to wear; she settled on a light pink bra and panties, not matching, but close enough. She didn’t put anything else on; it made her feel sexy and it gave her confidence, which was what she needed as she slightly rearranged her bedroom. Her heart was pounding as she did it, her confidence waning, but then moving to the living room to distract herself as best as she could. Dinner came and went; Andrea’s heart was pounding as she put her dishes away, turning towards her bedroom at the end of the hall.

Each step was purposeful. Andrea entered her bedroom, surveying the few changes she had made. Her favorite reading chair was sitting in front of the window, the one facing Melissa’s home. She had two lamps, one on either side of the window, ensuring there would be plenty of light. Melissa sat down, just those two lights on, relaxing back into the chair. Her eyes bore into the window across from hers, waiting for the sign she needed.

Andrea waited for an hour, but it passed like five. Every time she calmed her breathing and slowed her nervous heart, pushing away the thoughts of fear and doubt, they came back in full force. But it was nothing compared to when the light flicked on, just after 8:00. She jumped up, her breath caught in her throat. She stood awkwardly, suddenly aware of the light on her body, the openness of the windows. Andrea’s brain told her to jump aside and hide under the bed, and her body almost listened. And then Melissa appeared; she wore jeans and a t-shirt, her hair falling around her and made Andrea suddenly feel underdressed in only her underwear. It was Melissa’s look of surprise as she saw Andrea standing there, her arms tucked behind her back shyly. Melissa stepped towards the window, slowly; it made Andrea’s heart skip a beat, but not from nerves.

Andrea raised her hand, biting her lip as she waved hello. Melissa returned it with a more confident looking smile, but she was clearly taken by a pleasurable amount of surprise. Andrea ran her hand down her body, over her breasts and stomach, over her panties to press against her slightly pulsing pussy. She watched Melissa follow her hand; her heart was still pounding, but knowing Melissa was enjoying what she was seeing was making it easier to do. Andrea twisted, turning to face the chair as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She looked over her shoulder and out the window as she let it fall, only turning when she was sure Melissa had taken her smooth body in.

Andrea sat in the chair; she had guessed that the low window would allow Melissa to see her as she leaned back, running her hands over her exposed skin, especially her breasts and hard nipples. She paused there, twisting them gently, letting her eyes close as she felt her first waves of enjoyment. Andrea kept her eyes closed, letting her right hand wander down to her stomach and eventually over her panties. She traced a finger up and down her lips, becoming more and more sensitive, and more and more eager, each moment.

She opened her eyes as she dipped her fingers beneath her panties, watching Melissa as she felt her own warmth. Melissa was leaning against the window’s edge, staring intently. There was a hunger in her eyes that urged Andrea on as she found her clit and began to circle it, slowly at first, but moving quickly in no time at all. Her first moans slipped from her lips and Melissa’s hand dropped as they did. Melissa placed one of her hands just at the top of her jeans, but still only watched as Andrea went faster, getting herself off in a situation she never thought she would be in.

Her body was jerking uncontrollably at her nimble fingers, but she was too far gone into the idea of putting on a show. Andrea brought her knees up to her chest, slipping her panties down her legs and off her feet, tossing them aside. She made a slow showing of spreading her legs, her hands on her thighs as she exposed herself completely. Melissa unbuttoned her jeans as she watched; Andrea couldn’t help but smile, even as she reached for her toy, filled with new batteries but still left out for easy access. It was on and inside her in an instant; Melissa moaned as Andrea did, sliding her own hand into her jeans and began to touch herself the way a peeping tom would beneath her clothes.

Andrea slid the toy in and out, not in a way she didn’t enjoy, but in a way that definitely was more for show than pleasure. She turned and raised one leg over the arm of the chair, spreading her pussy wide and completely in view out the window. She moaned freely, listening for Melissa’s own sweet sounds of pleasure. As she moved the toy faster and faster, switching from fucking herself to rubbing it against her clit, she watched Melissa take it in, pleasuring herself in turn. She was leaning hard against the wall by the window; it was obvious she was fingering herself vigorously, but respecting that this was Andrea’s show to give. Her confidence was sky high as she felt the first signs of her orgasm building.

It came quickly as she held the vibrator completely inside herself with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. In an instant, Andrea felt she was right on the edge, her body filling with pleasure. She felt a need for release, going faster and faster, her fingers flying in tight circles over her clit as she again fucked herself with the toy quickly. Andrea groaned low as she felt herself crossing over, building to a breathy moan, gasping for breath. A trickle of warmth flowed down her to her butt as she shook, her orgasm tightening her entire body; she pulled the toy away and opened her eyes as a stream of fluid shot from her. The waves of pleasure revved as she saw this, as Melissa saw it and moaned in pleasure. Her jeans were pulled down as she pleasured herself, watching Andrea tighten into a ball as her orgasm came to its final pulses. Andrea relaxed, breathing heavily, trying to take in what had all just happened. She had never squirted before, but then again, she had never masturbated in front of a window for her neighbor either.

Andrea looked out the window, remembering Melissa was there. She was still touching herself, and as Andrea stood, Melissa removed her shirt eagerly. Andrea couldn’t help but smile, but following her plan, she put up a finger and wagged it back and forth. They stared at each other, Melissa’s look of pained pleasure as Andrea reached up to the blind’s string one of the most erotic things that Andrea had ever seen. She lowered the blinds all at once, her naked body still exposed through the open slats, before closing them shut.

She collapsed onto the bed. A smile spread across her lips, and then a giggle escaped; she couldn’t help it. Closing the window, leaving Melissa wanting more… it was so unlike her, but it felt so natural. And at the same time, as she listened to the silence coming from outside the shuttered blinds, a sadness settled into the room. Andrea couldn’t help but wonder if she made a mistake, teasing Melissa like that. She turned to look at the blinds, where she had just stood, her naked body, wet with sweat and cum while her neighbor touched herself from the view.

Andrea sat up, fighting the urge to open the blinds. It was a battle she was losing, all of her aching, wanting badly to open the blinds and watch the woman she was quickly falling for. She stood, stepping over to the blinds and raised her hand to the string. Her fingers pinched it, her naked body glowing in the lamplight. And as she moved to pull the string, the doorbell rang, a sound that made Andrea jump with surprise. She was frozen and only one thing came to her mind:

She’s here… for me.