Naughty Fun in Her Best Friend's Bed

Info Raphael
11 Mar. '16

One summer a few years ago, Morgan and I traveled to our undergraduate college town to visit with friends, as well as drive her brother to his college orientation. We spent the weekend at our friend Emma’s house, a typical college rental place with steep staircases, rundown kitchen, cracks in the walls, and an overall sense of uneasiness. It didn’t stop us from having a great first day their however, hanging out downtown, watching movies, and eating as much junk food as we could get our hands on. It was a fun first day there, but it left us craving for time alone.

Since we both still lived at home during the summer months, we were always playing the “when will we be alone” game. This was only made worse when Emma allowed Morgan and I to sleep in her bed while she took the couch in the living room. Neither of us were against the idea, especially since it meant we had a locked room and a lot more privacy than we previously expected to have. Our friend was leaving early the next morning as well, meaning we didn’t need to worry about her coming in early to get ready for the day (her bags were already packed and in the car).

As we settled in to sleep, Morgan and I laid out on Emma’s bed, a mattress simply laid on the floor in one corner of the room. It was ungodly hot that summer and a fan ran in the window to get at least some kind of air moving around. Morgan and I were stripped down to only the barest of essentials, myself in a pair of boxers and her wearing underwear and a larger shirt. The energy in the room was thick with passion as I held her, leaning over her as we kissed again and again. Morgan occasionally pulled away; she was struggling with the idea of making out in her best friend’s bed, which I understood, to an extent. We always started kissing again, but in the end Morgan wasn’t comfortable doing anything more than that. Needless to say, it was a difficult time trying to fall asleep.

Emma was gone by the time we woke up and Morgan’s brother didn’t bother us as he left for orientation. It was peaceful waking up, despite the hot and humid summer air that fed through the spinning fan in the window. Sounds from the neighborhood wafted in as Morgan and I kissed softly in a sleeping greeting. As the minutes passed, we became more and more away, kissing each other’s noses, giggling and tickling each other, and in a moment of silent understanding, kissed deeply, just once. I pulled back, just enough to look into her intensely burning eyes; I could see the wheels turning as she struggle with right and wrong.

I didn’t wait for her to make a decision. I pushed Morgan back as my lips pressed into hers hard, her breath sliding into my mouth as I opened it to her. Our tongues touched lightly and she moaned delicately, quickly stopping herself in her determination to be proper, to not feel pleasure in her friend’s bed. One of my hands slid over her body, over the thin fabric of her shirt and panties. She shivered under my touch, despite the small amount of sweat that was forming on her sides as I traced my fingers beneath the cotton over her ribs. I was leaning over her, my face directly above and in front of her, waiting. Finally Morgan wrapped a hand around the back of my head, pulling me to kiss her tight, betraying herself and giving into her desires. She played the fingertips of her other hand across my bare chest, sliding down to tease me at my waist. She pressed her fingertips just inside my boxers where I was already hard, and eager for more.

I move to straddle her thigh, pressing my own between her legs. She allowed me to press against her panties, smiling as I lay my body against hers and pulling me in for yet another sweet, indulging kiss. Morgan shifted her leg out from under me, groaning as she felt my hardness against her with only two thin pieces of fabric keeping our bodies apart. She moved beneath me, grinding slowly in time with my own movements. Her leg tucked around mine as we rocked and I leaned in to whisper into her ear a series of words that made her back arch in anticipation.

She was still very hesitant, unsure if she should give in and have sex in another person’s personal space. I assured her that I agreed, that it was probably crossing a line of some sort. But I also knew how badly I wanted her. And, if I’m being honest… the thought of having sex in another person’s bed was an incredible turn on. The fact that is was Emma’s was nothing more than a circumstance at this point, to me. We continued to kiss, swaying our bodies together, and at the moment of a lingering kiss, Morgan finally gave in.

I stripped off her clothes in an instant. She giggled as I kissed down her salty skin, over her beautiful breasts, making her exposed nipples harden at my touch. Morgan spread her legs for me as my fingers found her clit; I pressed against her as I kissed her nipples, making her ache and moan, expressing how amazing it felt. She was already wet as I moved my finger lower, sliding it in deeply as my tongue and lips slid down her stomach, eventually closing around her clit. My tongue flicked over her sensitive button as I rubbed her in all the best ways from the inside out. I continued for as long as I could, bringing her close to the crown of pleasure. I grew impatient and sat up, kneeling next to her. Her hand shot out as if on instinct, wrapping around my erect cock through my boxers. She wasted no time pushing the fabric down, desperate to feel my skin against hers. Morgan stroked me slow and hard, as I fingered her the in the same time. When we were both breathing heavy, our bodies tensing and relaxing uncontrollably, we couldn’t wait any longer.

I moved to kneel between her legs, holding myself over her as she opened for me. I pressed into her quicker than usual, causing her to gasp in surprise and pleasure. A hand on my chest, she pushed me back, bringing me back to reality and slowing myself down. I moved as she requested, slower, pressing into her only a little bit at a time. I could feel her body holding onto me, stretching just enough for me to fill her entirely, but only enough to slide in and out easily. Morgan nodded her head, signaling me to go faster, and I more than happily obliged. A hand on either side of her head to prop myself up, I watched her face, her expression of desire, her mouth open as I slid inside in a furious jab and watching her body relax as I slid out. Again and again our bodies slapped together, meeting at more points than one as we became entwined.

Looking back, it wouldn’t surprise me if Emma’s roommates could hear us, or a neighbor outside doing yard work, but neither of us cared at the time. We simply fucked in the best way possible, our lips locked, her pussy tugging and pulling on me as I thrust deep with each and every stroke. The excitement of the situation grew inside me rapidly and my head filled with the expected fuzziness as my cock twitched, preparing to cum. In my very last moment of ecstasy, I pulled back, slipping out at just the moment of release. I collapsed over Morgan, shaking as explosions of pleasure hit me again and again as I came on her stomach and chest, coating her in one of the best cumshots I can remember doing. It laid across her stomach and onto her ribs on the right side, a stream of it across her right breasts just next to her nipple.

We stayed like this for a moment longer, breathing heavily as our sweaty bodies clung to one another. I eventually moved away from her, grabbing some nearby towels to clean up the mess that rest across Morgan’s body. I laid down next to Morgan, content, but ready to make her feel just as good as she made me. My hand slipped between her legs and I easily found her swollen clit. She jerked as I touched it, but began to rock with my movements as I circled and rubbed her in just the right way, propping myself up to look over her.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, reminding her of how she made me feel, reminding her of how it feels to be full with me inside her. The unending stream of pleasure, the pictures that flowed in her mind, and the tingling she still felt of having my cock inside her made her orgasm come swiftly. My fingers held firm against her and she instinctively clamped her legs together, pinning my hand against her. Morgan’s moans filled the room and I covered her mouth with my own, kissing her in order to keep her quiet. She held me tight until her orgasm began to subside, her fingernails dug deep into my back in a passionately painful way. She nuzzled her forehead against me, settling into a post-orgasm cuddle. If it had been up to me, we wouldn’t have moved from that spot for the rest of the day, but we both agreed that having sex in the bed once was bad enough, and we soon went about our day.


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