The Meeting

Jackie sat restless fidgeting on a red velveteen sofa in the quiet lobby bar of her shabby chic hotel, unusually full of nerves with girly high school anticipation. This was very unlike her, a strong dynamic Spanish American woman, an experienced mother, a seasoned global traveller who had witnessed much in life, and who was a force to reckoned with if you ever crossed her path. Canned piped music washed through the background of the brightly lit room with it’s exposed brick walls as she sat there unsettled, being gently intoxicated by the light delicate scent of seasonal wildflowers invisibly drifting through the lobby which punctuated the corners of the room filling the air with a sweet pollen. She was a strong confident woman, rich dark straight over the shoulder hair, sophisticated and very present with her deep dark hazel eyes which could stop you dead in your tracks. Voluptuous breasts accented by her crisp white blouse, a broad warm smile framed with feminine cerise pink lipstick, open and curvy outline highlighted by her skin tight black denims, her undivided focus firmly concentrated on her iPhone, an individual comfortable with themselves and their surroundings, sat awaiting her rendezvous with that someone special.

The old Victorian Roman numeral clock showed three o’ clock above the lobby bar and in walked Frank, steadily climbing the few stripped wooden stairs into the bar, surveying the whole room left to right, his attention caught and froze on the red velveteen sofa with Jackie sat engrossed in her iPhone. Instantly smiling openly from ear to ear he purposely approached, his piercing hazel eyes focused directly on Jackie. His frame cut through the sunlit room as he headed straight toward where she sat. Bald and clean shaven, with broad shoulders, clearly a character who was sure of himself, wearing a fitted silver grey suit, a casual teal open necked shirt with highly polished black Chelsea boots. An experienced Scottish man in his fifties with a youthful charm. Frank had a subtle air of confidence in the way he held himself, concealing the school boy nerves which had overcome him preparing for his meeting with Jackie. His worldly presence disguising the butterflies in his stomach which somehow enabled him to float across the hotel lobby bar.

Frank stopped, his shadow met Jackie blocking her light, she swivelled around looking up from her iPhone and was met by a warm kiss directly on the lips from Frank’s welcoming mouth, as his hand delicately cupped her chin directing her mouth towards his purposefully. She dropped her iPhone on the sofa as she grabbed a hold of him betraying her excitement giving Frank a warm embrace holding him tight. As Jackie stood up they hugged tight, their arms wrapped around one another, drinking each others physical being, absorbing their collective passion, expressing their joy. Frank’s lips brushed Jackie’s ear as he whispered softly in a firm but gentle breathy tone, “I need you right this minute… take us to your room”. Jackie complied responding immediately and grabbed her black leather purse from the sofa, slipping her iPhone into her tight jeans pocket she took Frank’s soft warm strong hand, her eyes locked with his and led him out of the little lobby bar through and up the stairs to the first floor of the hotel. Frank only briefly noticed the number 33 on the bare wooden door as Jackie’s key unlocked and swung open the door of her room. A large king sized bed dominated the room, it was light and airy, tastefully minimal, crisp, clean and fresh full of sunlight. Jackie closed the door slowly behind them leaning with her back against it, her hand turned the brass lock and the loud mechanical click of the latch bolting of the door sparked off an intense crackling electrical magic which filled the bedroom. Their eyes met directly, and the months and months of sexual tension grew full like an over inflated  balloon about to burst.

Jackie and Frank stood in front of each other in a tantalisingly close face off, within breathing distance for the first time ever. Their eyes fixed entranced in hypnotic gaze, glowing a radiant energy which completely enveloped them in a bubble of intense radiant passion for one another. Their breathing was audible and omnipresent, filling the room with a palpable tension, punctuating the air with a rhythm which seemed to make the bedroom pulse with it’s own heartbeat. This had all begun several months ago innocently on a dating website, bridging two continents which seemed worlds apart. One daring adventurous message from Jackie replying to Frank’s open candid profile had sparked off a magnetic energy which drew them to this point in time. So many months of passionate text, email and handwritten letters exchanging the most intimate and white poker hot passion which had driven them both to this rendezvous encounter bringing them face to face. An exchange revealing submissive and dominant predilections, both typical Scorpion’s in nature, deep, passionate, enigmatic individuals who were completely comfortable and at ease with themselves. They intuitively and instinctively understood and empathised with each other as if mirroring one another in an equal alternative universe. They understood who, how and why the other worked and the inner mechanics of their emotions. And here they were… finally, after all these months, ready to engage physically and emotionally, fixed in each other’s gaze.

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