Qasida – Erotica?


The classic form of qasidah tells a story which is on a single theme.
The poem maintains a single elaborate metre throughout.
The end of every line rhymes on the same sound.
Can it be used in erotica?



This tale is focussed on Crys,
Her sex-slaves call her their ‘Miss’,
Formality.. 'tis what she insists.

Whenever engaged in a tryst,
They do what they do in a whis-
per. Loud is seen as remiss.

She's trussed up, knees to her wrists,
With Shibari-like knots and some twists,
To ensure high arousal persists.

Exposed, her hot clitoris
Swells up till she's in a tizz,
And other parts too - they're not missed.

Ensuring excitement consists
Of more than just this, they enlist
The help of a vibrationist.

To the slaves ‘Do more!’ she has hisst,
‘Keep buzzing and do not desist!’
It’s an order too firm to resist.

Wetness and warmth both assist
With her build-up – to near the abyss
Of mind-blowing, orgasmic bliss.

Breasts heaving inside her bodice,
To rapture and glee she submits.
A bold, sexual being is Crys.


Before this long rhyme you dismiss,
Think how hard it is to do this
... and stay horny!