A Birthday Surprise

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10 May. '18

James was turning forty-five.  He was 6ft 2, dark hair and eyes, and weighed one hundred-eighty-seven pounds.  He had been married to his college sweetheart Katherine for twenty-three years.  They had a good life with James as a corporate attorney and Katherine as a college librarian.  

Their love life was good and both of them shared their deepest fantasies.  The morning of James' forty-fifth birthday  his wife gave him a big kiss and wished him a happy birthday.  She then told him she had a surprise for him.  Like a school boy his eyes grew wide and he said, "What is it?"  Katherine smiled and said, "If I told you know it wouldn't be a surprise.  But to give you a hint.  Pack an overnight bag, we are staying out overnight to celebrate.

James was very excited and all through the day he kept asking her what the surprise was and she would only smile.  At four p.m. they left the house and checked into a hotel suite downtown.  They checked in and opened a bottle of chilled champagne.  They drank and talked about the past twenty-three years, their lives, their marriage, and what exciting things were still in store for them.  

After they finished the champagne Katherine suggested the they shower and freshen up for the evening.  Katherine went first and took a nice hot bath.  The tub filled with bubbles and the scent of lavender.  She soaked and enjoyed her time in the tub.  When she was finished James got in the shower and when he was done he came out and found Katherine nude and lying in the middle of king size bed.  

He paused for a moment and just looked at her.  Her lovely face, her auburn colored hair, he soft shoulders and thirty-four b breasts.  He looked at her breasts for a moment and then scanned the rest of her body.  He paused at her waxed pussy.  Her pussy was beautiful it's look was only surpassed by its scent and taste.  He looked down her legs to her manicured toes.  As he walked toward the bed he had become half erect.  He climbed in next to her, they put their arms around each other and kissed passionately.  His hands roamed up and down her smooth back from her hips to her neck.  

He kissed her and then his hand moved up and covered her left breast.  In an instant her hand came up and she removed his hand.  He looked at her and asked, "Did I do something wrong?'  She smiled and said, "No."  She gave him a quick kiss and said your birthday surprise is going to be the fulfillment of one of your fantasies.  One you shared with me about ten years ago.  

James had and inquiring look on his face as he flashed back in time and went through the sexual fantasies he had shared with her.  Nothing immediately umped out at him.  She looked at him and said, "Just trust me.  Ok?"  He nodded and there was a knock at the door.  She smiled and said, "That's your surprise."  She got up put a robe on and went to the door.  She opened it and in walked a man in his twenties, blonde, handsome and well toned.  

James immediately pulled the covers up as the two walked back toward the bed.  Katherine giggled, "You don't need to be so modest.  He is here for you.!"

James looked at her.  She replied, "Years ago you told me you'd thought about having sex with another man.  So for your birthday I decided to fulfill that fantasy."  

James said, "It was just a fantasy.  I never expected..."  

The man put out his hand, "Hi, Im Steve.  You wife arranged this for you and we are just going mohave some fun."  As he said this Steve took off his shirt.  Katherine removed her robe and climbed into bed next to James.  The two cuddled  up and watched Steve finish undressing.  Steve had a very handsome seven inch cock and to James' relief it was not too thick.  

Steve climbed into bed next to them and James and Katherine began to kiss.  James felt rather awkward being watched by this handsome young man.  Katherine kissed down to James' nipples and she then began to caress and lick them.  James just melted.  His semi-erect cock was now at full attention.  For a moment he forgot all about Steve, until he felt Steve's hand on his thigh.  

James looked down and thought about protesting but as Katherine continued her licking and caressing his nipples, he lay back and just enjoyed.  Soon James felt Steve lightly caressing his balls and then he began to stroke James' cock.  Katherine kissed her way back up to James' face.  She could see the confusion.  "It's ok," she said.  "Just enjoy it.  I know you have thought about it..."

Just then James felt Steve's mouth on his cock.  Slowly moving his head up and down while at the same time swirling is tongue around James' erection.  "...and I just thought this would be the perfect time to fulfill your fantasy."  

Now Steve began to caress James' balls as he sucked so sweetly on the older man's cock.  "You know," continued Katherine, "once you brought it up I have been wanting to see you with another man.  I though it would be exciting and I was right.  So baby do this for yourself and for me."

Katherine's words and Steve's mouth were very convincing to James.  He kissed her and said, "Happy birthday to us."  

Katherine looked at Steve and said, "We are ready."

Katherine told James to get on his side.  He did and then felt something cool and gel like on his anus.  It dawned on him that he was about to have a man fuck him.  He began to protest but Katherine kissed him to keep him for protesting.  Then she whispered, "Do it for you and do it for me.  Don't fight it.  Enjoy it."

James smiled and nodded.  He felt Katherine reach behind him and pull his right cheek up.  Then he felt Steve's cock  gently press into his anus.  James first reaction was to clench down.  Katherine noticed and kissed him and told him jut to relax.  James did and as he did Katherine put her arms around him, held him close and kissed him passionately.  

Steve took his time, inserting his cock just a little at time until he was all the way in.  Katherine asked James how he was doing.  He said, "Ok."  

Katherine caressed his nipple as he felt Steve's hand on his shoulder and heard him say, "we will take it easy until you are ready."

James relaxed, or tried to as Katherine kissed him.  As they kissed Steve pulled his hips back and then forward.  Then out and then back in.  

"How are you doing?" asked Katherine.  

James replied, "Ok.  It's starting to feel better."

Katherine looked at him and said, "I know what will help."

She moved around and soon she was kissing James cock and there right in front of James was Katherine's beautiful pussy.  he kissed her thighs and she lifted her leg.  He move his head closer and kissed the swollen pink lips.  He could smell her and because her scent was so strong he knew she was enjoying it.  

Steve was now moving in and out of James' ass as he ate Katherine's pussy and Katherine sucked his cock.  It was amazing how quickly they had fallen into a nice sexual rhythm.  As Steve pulled his hips back James move his hips forward.  As he did James cock went deeper into Katherine's mouth.  The feeling was amazing.  

James loved eating Katherine's pussy.  He loved the way it looked, love her musky scent, and loved her taste.

Any discomfort that James had experienced early on was now gone.  As he was being fucked and having his cock sucked, he reached bering Katherine and began playing with her gorgeous ass.  His finger tips glided up and down the valley and then he circled her puckered rosebud.  He has wet his finger with Katherine's own sexual juices and gently slipped his digit into Katherine's rosebud.  She moaned as he pushed in a little farther.  

Now all of them were experiencing real pleasure.  They moved in unison and with each thrust their pleasure increased.  The room was getting warm as they moved ever closer to orgasm.  Steve began to pick up the pace as he fucked Steve's virgin ass.  James's head as  buried between Katherine's legs and he felt them squeeze ever harder around James head.  

All that could be heard as the rocking of the bed and the collective moans of all there participants.  Now Steve increased his pace and soon he moaned and James felt the younger man's cock throbbing in his ass.   With that, James felt that moment he crossed the threshold of orgasm.  He held on as long as he could and then let his cum empty into his lovely wife's sweet, sexy mouth.  Spurt after spurt.  Then just moments later Katherine moaned in orgasmic bliss.  

The three of them just lay there enjoying the feeling and the after glow.  Katherine disengaged first, moved around and both husband and wife kissed.  They tasted each other's cum on their lips, an experience they share many times before in their lovemaking.  

Katherine smiled and said, "How was it."  James kissed her passionately and said, "It was amazing.  More than I ever could have imagined."

Steve disengaged himself, went into the bathroom, came back out and got dressed.  When he was fully clothed he said, "Happy birthday James."  Both James and Katherine said. "Thank you," as Steve let himself out.  

Husband and wife cuddled and James said, "Thank you.  It was wonderful.  It was all wonderful."  Katherine smiled and asked, "So have I lost you to men?"  James laughed and said, "No way.  I love you and your pussy way too much to ever go after a man."  

"Thank you for a lovely birthday present," said James.  Katherine replied, "You're welcome."  They hugged and James whispered, "Isn't your birthday six weeks away?"  They both laughed.