The Donkey's Midwife

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11 May. '18

I was on my way back to the clinic when my cell phone rang.  The display on the phone in its cradle on my truck dash said “Countryside Veterinary Clinic”.  That would be Julie, the woman who sat at the front desk and took all my calls.  I pushed the button on the spoke of the steering wheel.

“Hi Julie.  Whatcha need?”

Her sultry, low alto voice poured out over the speakers in the sound system.

“You mean besides a raise and a new chair?”

I knew Julie was just kidding.  She’s been like that ever since I’d started working at the clinic.  She’s not bashful about saying anything to anybody, and she has a great sense of humor.  The not bashful part comes in handy when she’s calling about an unpaid vet bill or telling a client that he needs to keep his dog on a leash while in the office.  Julie doesn’t like cleaning up the dog urine from the floor around the potted plants in the office.

She’s also a petite little brunette who caught my eye on the first day.  Julie doesn’t look like much in the scrubs she wears all day, but when she changes to go home, she’s pretty sexy in her jeans and tops.  I liked Julie from the day we met.  She was single, about my age, and if I hadn’t been so deep in debt, I’d probably have asked her out right after I’d gotten settled in a little.

“I forgot to ask Rex about your chair, but I’ll do that as soon as I get back.  As for the raise, I promise as soon as I get mine, I’ll talk to Rex about yours.”

“Yeah, that’s what you always say.  I’m not holding my breath.  It’s Dora Clements again.  She wants you to come out and look at Elvira…again.”

“She say what’s wrong this time?”

“Yeah.  Elvira sneezed.”

“OK.  I’m about half an hour from there.  Tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Elvira”, was Princess Elvira Elsbeth of Clements Stables, and was a beautiful black Friesian mare owned by Dora Clements.  If Elvira had been Dora’s only horse, I would have understood her concern, but Dora also owned twenty five other Friesians, one stallion of uncertain breeding named Rex, and two miniature donkeys named Sebastian and Sarah.  I didn’t think Dora was actually concerned about Elvira because she knew horses very well.  Dora was concerned with me and had been since that first call to her stables.

I’d just completed four years of pre-vet that ended with a BS in biology, four years of vet school that gave me a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and the eight hour exam that let me register with the State of Tennessee as a practicing vet.  All that education had pretty much put me in debt up to my eyeballs, so starting a private practice was something to dream about at night over a beer or two.  

Dr. Rex Mason needed another vet and I was happy to get the job.  Rex Mason’s office was located in Dickson, Tennessee so he did a mix of pets and farm animals.  He was getting along in years and didn’t like wrestling with cows and horses that would rather be left alone, so I started taking the farm calls.  Dora Clements was one of my first.

When I pulled my truck into the lane of Clements Stables I had to stop and look for a while.  The house and stable were about a quarter of a mile from the highway, and the white painted board fences went as far as I could see down the highway in both directions.  Dora later told me it was only three hundred and twenty acres, but that she’d made an offer on another hundred and sixty that bordered on her property.

There were several horses grazing near the huge plantation style house and their solid black coats and long, wavy manes and tails told me they were Friesians.  The stable was even bigger than the house and looked more like a mansion with dormers and two turrets.  The house, stable, horses, and all that wood fence told me Dora Clements didn’t want for money.  At that time, the going price for a mediocre Friesian was in the neighborhood of five thousand, and none of these looked mediocre.  I figured the six I was looking at had set her back at least a hundred thousand if not more.  I couldn’t even guess at the cost of the house and stable.

Dora was standing in the drive to the stable when I drove in and parked my truck.  She walked up while I was putting on my rubber wellingtons.

“I thought Doc Mason would come out.”

I smiled my best making friends with a client smile.

“Doctor Mason was busy with some pets in the office, so I came out instead.  I’m Randy Kingsley”

Dora eyed me suspiciously.

“You look pretty young to be a vet.”

“I’m twenty six.  That’s about the age of most new vets.”

“You are a vet and everything, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I didn’t bring my license with me, but I’m a qualified vet.  Dr. Mason wouldn’t have sent me out here if I wasn’t.  He said you like your horses a lot.  I like Friesians too.  They’re beautiful animals and they’re great to work with because they tend to be pretty laid-back.”

Dora smiled.

“You know about Friesians?”

“Yes, I spent some time in residency with a vet in Lexington.  There were several Friesians in the area, so I got to work with them on occasion.  Your six look to be in great shape.  Why did you call us out?”

“Actually, I have twenty seven horses and a miniature donkey all together.  The rest are in the back pasture except for Warlock, Azmodeus, and Rowdy.  Warlock and Azmodeus are my studs and Rowdy is my teaser.  They each have their own pastures.  The reason I needed you is Sebastian.  He’s my miniature donkey and I think he hurt his leg somehow because he’s limping.”

Dora led me into the stable then.  I figured her horses lived better than a lot of people.  The building included an indoor arena about sixty feet square.  Along each wall were the standard twelve by twelve stalls, eighteen on one side and fourteen on the other.  Also on the wall with fourteen stalls were a tack room and a feed room, and two more stalls, one half as large as the rest and the other using the rest of the space.  Dora said the big stall was her maternity ward.

Everything was varnished wood with steel pipe fencing and looked cleaner than my kitchen.  The lighting in the stall area was chandeliers hung from the ceiling every ten feet or so.  I saw bales of hay piled from the stall ceilings to the actual stable ceiling on both sides.  Over each stall was the name of a horse and a hook from which hung a halter.  I saw two older men cleaning the stalls.

Dora saw me staring at everything.

“Pretty neat, isn’t it?”

“Could I rent one of those stalls?  It’s nicer than my apartment in town.”

She just laughed.

“I didn’t want to just build an old barn.  I wanted a showplace where I could bring people to see my horses and what they can do.  The yearlings sell better if they’re in a place like this.”

I smiled at her.

“I can imagine they would, but it must have cost a fortune.”

“Well, my husband could afford it.”

“He must really like horses too then.”

Dora frowned.

“No, he hated them.  Still does as far as I know.  He was only into two things, stock trading and his secretary.  That’s why I divorced him.  He was banging his secretary at his office instead of home banging me.”

That statement caught me off guard, but I managed to say I was sorry.  Dora grinned.

“I’m not.  The settlement is what let me buy this place and build the house and stable.  I still have enough left to run it for years even if I don’t breed and sell anything.”

I thought it was time to get back to the reason for my visit.  It was likely I’d have more calls before the day was over.

“Well, it’s a beautiful place, Mrs. Clements.  Where is Sebastion?”

“Please call me Dora.  Mrs. Clements makes me feel like I’m old enough to be your mother.  Sebastian is over here in the little stall.  He didn’t eat his grain or hay this morning.”

Donkeys of any size are normally alert and playful.  Sebastian looked miserable.  He was standing in his stall with his head down and his right front foot raised.  He didn’t move when I squatted down and touched his leg.  It was warm all the way up to his shoulder, warmer than his other front leg, but I couldn’t feel any broken bones and there was no cut or abrasion.  I scratched Sebastian on the neck and then stood back up.

“Does Sebastian run with the other horses?”

“Yes, I usually let him out with the mares.  They seem to like him and he really likes playing with them.  He chases them around the pasture sometimes and they run and buck.  I figure he’s giving them their exercise.”

“Well, Sebastian doesn’t know he’s just a little guy so he tries to play like he’s as big as your horses.  It looks to me like he might have gotten a little too playful and got himself kicked on the shoulder.  Nothing’s broken though.  He’s just sore.  I’ll give him a shot that will help with the pain.  Do you know how much he weighs?”

Sebastian flinched a little when the Phenylbutazone went into the vein in his neck, but he didn’t try to get away.  Dora didn’t know his weight, so I’d guessed at a hundred pounds.  I stuck around for another half an hour to make sure I’d given him enough.  After twenty minutes, Sebastian put his foot down, and five minutes later, he limped over to his feed bin and started to eat.  I looked at Dora and smiled.

“Well, that’ll last him until tomorrow morning.  I’ll give you some phenylbutazone paste to give him if he starts limping again.  Use the dosage for a hundred pounds and give it to him like you would any worming paste.  If you have any liniment around, that’ll help too.”

Dora rubbed Sebastian on his back.

“Sebastian, you bad little boy, what am I going to do with you?”

Sebastian raised up from his feed bin and nuzzled Doras hand, then went back to eating.  She grinned at me.

“Maybe I should get him a girlfriend his size to play with.”

I smiled.

“He’d probably like that.”

“Well, we’ll see.  He was given to me by a family who were moving to town.  The wife knew I had horses and thought he’d be happy here.  I think he is happy, but he’s a pain in the butt sometimes.  He loves me to death and he’d follow me around all day if I let him.”

“Yeah, donkey’s are like that.  Well, it looks like he’s doing fine now, so I’ll be going.”

“Will you come back tomorrow just to make sure he’s OK?”

I said I would, and then walked back to my truck to wash my hands and disinfect my wellingtons before driving back to the clinic.

I did drive back out to Dora’s the next day, though I was pretty sure there was no need.  Donkeys are a pretty healthy sort and all Sebastian had was a sore shoulder.  I’d just pulled up in front of the stable when Dora walked out of the big house and across the drive.  Watching Dora walk was fun.

The house and stable were about as far apart as a football field is long, and the drive was a circle between them and made of paving stones.  There was a big fountain in the center.  I could picture two of Dora’s Friesians pulling a carriage around that fountain.  I could picture Dora in a fancy dress and sitting in that carriage.  I just couldn’t picture her wearing what she was that day.

The day before, Dora had worn jeans and a shirt, and both were loose fitting.  That day, she wore jeans and a tank top that both fit like they were painted on.  Instead of the rubber boots of the day before, she wore red running shoes with socks with pompoms on the heels.  The blonde hair she’d had in a pony tail the day before now fell in golden waves over her shoulders.

I’d figured Dora for maybe forty on my first visit.  I still figured her for around forty, but those forty years had molded some really fine curves.  Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were big enough to sway under that tank top.  Her hips didn’t jiggle but they swayed sensuously when she moved.  It wasn’t until I followed her into the barn I saw the sexy up and down motion her tight cheeks made when she walked.

We walked to Sebastian’s stall, and Dora opened the door.  Sebastian trotted out and stuck his head between her legs.  Dora laughed.

“He always does this when he sees me. Mama donkeys show affection to their babies by putting their necks on the baby donkey’s back.  That’s a donkey hug and he wants one”

She bent down and put her arms around Sebastian’s chest.  He chortled a little and almost pushed Dora over.  She lifted her leg over his head then and stood up..

“He’s fine today except for a little limp.  I gave him some of that paste before I fed him, but I don’t think he really needed it.”

I checked Sebastian’s leg and shoulder.  They were still a bit warm, but nothing like the day before.  I stood up and scratched the base of his tail.  

“Yes, he looks like he feels fine.  I’d keep him away from the mares for another day though.”

“Oh, I won’t need to let him in with the mares again.  His girlfriend will be here as soon as my guys finish making them their own pasture.  She’s named Sarah.  Sebastian and Sarah – the names go together well, don’t you think?  I’ll give you a call when she gets here.  I want you to come out and make sure she’s all right.”

Sebastian was my easy house call that week.  Farm animals are usually pretty healthy because the farmers keep them that way.  Cattle, hogs, and sheep are part of their income, sometimes all of their income, so they keep up their immunizations and are careful with what and how they feed them.  Most farmers who raise livestock also do so because they like animals.  As a result, most of our calls to farms were to treat pretty serious things.

That week, I treated a brood cow who’d gotten pushed into a barbed wire fence and had a long cut on her shoulder, and another who was having trouble calving.  The cow with the cut wasn’t hard.  It just took a while to get the cut stitched back together since she didn’t like me messing around with her.  The cow with calving problems was a young heifer with her first calf, and the calf was pretty big.  When I got there, the calf’s front feet and nose were out, but he was stuck.  It took me and Jack Rubes an hour to pull the calf, but when he dropped onto the straw on the floor of the box stall and I pulled away the amniotic sack, he blinked and tried to stand up.  After about half an hour of the cow licking him, he made it.  He was happily sucking away when I left.

I did get to spend some time in the clinic that week, and while it was nice being inside, in some ways it was more strenuous than being on the farms.  On the farms, the farmers were all well aware of what can happen to livestock and usually took things in stride.  

At the clinic, most of the patients were family pets, and their owners treated them like they were their own children.  I tried to explain to the woman with the obese chihuahua that he wasn’t going to live very long if she didn’t put him on a diet.  She teared up when she answered.

“But Skippy is hungry all the time and he looks so sad when his food bowl is empty.”

I tried explaining that dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves in the wild don’t usually make a kill every day.  In order to survive, they’ve evolved to gorge any time there’s food to eat.  Pet dogs don’t have a problem finding food, but they still have that instinct to gorge.  Their owners always keep food on hand and just like humans who eat too much, they’ll gain weight.

I didn’t get through to the woman, but I suppose she was doing what most pet owners do.  She was applying human thoughts and feelings to her little Skippy.  Since the woman was pretty hefty herself, she probably thought Skippy felt just like she did about food.

Mr. Grayley was the same way about his pet cat, Hector.  Hector wasn’t fat, but he didn’t like vets at all and he wasn’t shy about showing me.  He was due for a rabies shot and as soon as I touched him, Hector hissed and tried to bite me.

Mr. Grayley picked Hector up and stroked his back.  Hector stopped hissing and started to purr.

“Hector remembers going to the vet’s when he was neutered.  Since then, he doesn’t like coming here.  I can’t say as I blame him, though, can you?  I mean, having somebody you don’t even know clip off your…your testicles.”

I thought Hector was just spoiled silly, but I’ve never been able to convince a pet owner their pet doesn’t think like a human.  He held Hector so he couldn’t see me, and I gave him his rabies shot. Hector gave me a murderous look and hissed at me again just before they left, though, so maybe he did remember.

It was the Sunday of my weekend to be on call when Dora called again.  She sounded excited.

“Doctor Kingsley, Sara got here.  Can you come out and make sure she’s healthy and doesn’t need any shots or anything?”

I had to stop putting on my wellingtons when Dora started across that big drive this time.  She had on little shorts and a halter top that obviously didn’t have a built in bra.  Each step she took caused her breasts to jiggle and sway, and she stopped three times to pull that halter top back up.  Like before, I couldn’t see her backside, but those shorts looked short enough she’d be showing some cheeks.

Dora was all smiles and giggles when she opened Sebastian’s stall door.

“This is Sarah and she’s only a year old.  Sebastian thinks she’s great.”

Well, Sebastian thought Sarah was more than great.  While we watched, he sniffed under Sarah’s tail, and then tried to mount her.  Sarah wasn’t having any of that, and kicked Sebastian in the chest with both hind hooves.  

Dora giggled.

“He’s been trying since I put them together, but Sarah’s not in season.  Sebastian doesn’t seem to understand that yet.”

“He will after a while.  Then they’ll just play together until she is.  You going to raise miniature donkey’s too?”

“I haven’t decided yet.  I think maybe just one baby to start and we’ll see how it goes.  I know how Sarah will feel when she comes in season and I wouldn’t want to keep her from having the experience.”

Dora looked up at me, and smiled a wicked little smile.  

“My first time wasn’t all that great, but after that the rest were fantastic.  I wish somebody was here to make me feel like that again.”

Well, I didn’t really know what to say, but I sure knew what to think.  No, I’m not patting myself on the back because I’m such a hot stud, because I’m not.  I’m not tall, I’m not dark, and I’m a helluva long way from handsome.  It’s just that when Dora thought Rex was coming out, she’d dressed in clothing that didn’t reveal anything and didn’t even conform to her figure.  After that, she dressed in clothes that hugged her like a second skin and at least showed a lot of cleavage.  I was pretty sure she didn’t dress that way for the horses.

It seemed as if about every week, Dora would call the practice and ask me to come out for some reason or other.  Often it was something I knew she was perfectly capable of doing.  Other times it was just to look at something or other she didn’t like seeing.  

I could understand her concern about her horses.  I’d never asked what her horses were worth, but I guessed about half a million for the mares and about forty thousand each for Warlock and Asmodeus.  The teaser stud and the donkeys were probably about another three thousand all together.  It’s just that usually her concerns turned out to be nothing and after a few I decided they were just to get me out there.

Julie caught on before I did.  She’d call my cell phone and say something like, “it’s Dora and she’s after you again.”

At first, I thought Julie was just joking, but as time went on, I realized she was right.

It was the concerns Dora had and how she talked about them.  When Media, a six year old mare foaled, Dora wanted me to check out the foal, or so she said.  When I got there, she’d already put the same blue antiseptic I would have used on the cord and the foal was standing and suckling.  It took about ten seconds of observation to tell me there was nothing wrong with the little filly.  I said as much to Dora.  She nodded and then asked one of her seemingly innocent questions I figured were designed to make me think about giving Dora some treatments as well as her horses.

“Do you suppose the mare feels anything when the foal nurses?”

“Sure, although I don’t know if it’s really a feeling.  When a foal nurses, that’s what makes the mare continue to produce milk.  If the foal doesn’t nurse, she’ll dry up.”

“I wonder if she’s as sensitive as I am.  It always made me have this tight feeling right here.”

Dora touched the bare skin between her low cut shorts and the tank top that barely covered her breasts.

“I wonder if she feels the same thing.”

“If you’re asking if she has contractions, yes she does.  That’s what shrinks everything back to normal size, just like it happens in humans.”

Dora giggled.

“I didn’t have anything to shrink, but it sure did feel great.  I miss that feeling.”

About a week later, Julie called me again.  I answered and asked what she wanted.  Julie giggled.

“It’s Dora the Explorer and she wants you to explore one of her mare’s uh…lady parts.  I think she’d rather you were exploring hers.”

All Dora wanted was for me to check on a mare to make sure she was in season.  Well, I’m pretty sure Dora wanted me to check her out as well.  She was wearing a different pair of little shorts and a tight T-shirt.   The T-shirt was tight enough it was pretty obvious she wasn’t wearing any sort of a bra, and the shorts…Dora kept finding excuses to bend over with her back to me.  

First it was to pick up a curry comb someone had left on the floor in front of Guinivere’s stall.  Then it was to brush some wood chip bedding from the toe of her red running shoe.  When we stopped in front of Siobhan’s stall, Dora just had to bend over and pick up a rope lead and halter that were on the floor.  I’d never seen anything on the stable floor before.  Dora’s stable hands always kept everything clean and neat.

Every time Dora bent over, her shorts tightened up in her crotch.  There wasn’t much to the shorts in the way of legs, and when she did it was plain to see that  Dora wasn’t wearing much in the way of panties either.  One shaved, puffy lip kept peeping at me when she bent over.

I checked Siobhan’s temperature and then looked under her tail.  She was swollen, and while I was looking, she opened and then closed her vulva.  It’s called “winking” and mares only do that when they’re about ready to breed. I put Siobhan’s tail back down.

“I think maybe in another day you can try her with your teaser.  She’s almost ready now.”

Dora grinned.

“Poor Rowdy.  She’ll try to kick him if she’s not ready, but he won’t get to do anything if she is.  I feel sorry for him.  It’s a good thing women don’t just want a man for one or two days a month.  Men would be horny all the time.”

She chuckled.

“Well, I guess men are horny all the time anyway, but that’s good too because some women are the same way.  I’d never make a man go away if he was interested even a little.”

I figured the way Dora’s nipples were making two bumps in her tight T-shirt meant she was horny right then.  I’ll admit it was tempting, but that sort of thing would get around.  Some of my women clients would feel uneasy being around me after it did and there were a few I was pretty sure would ask Rex not to send me out again.

It seemed like an actual call the day she said all her horses needed to be wormed.  That’s something that has to be done every six months.  Most horse owners do it themselves though because it’s easy, but then, they usually don’t have to worm twenty nine animals.  It’s just a shot of paste in the horse’s mouth and it’s done.  That’s all I was going to do, and I figured on about two hours for twenty seven horses and two donkeys.  It took almost three, but they were a fun three hours.

When I got there, Dora was laying on a chaise lounge in front of her house.  I saw enough skin I knew she was wearing a bikini.  I just couldn’t see it very well.  After she walked across the drive in her flip-flops with rhinestones on the straps, I could see it wasn’t very big.  Dora grinned.

“It was such a nice day I thought I’d get some sun.  My stable boys have gone for the day.  I’ll help you out…if you’d like that.”

Dora helped hold each horse while I shot a measured dose of wormer in its mouth.  They didn’t like the taste of the worming medicine much even though what I used was flavored with apple.  As a result, they’d try to lift their head to get away from the syringe when I stuck it in the gap between their front and back teeth.  Dora was holding the lead rope, so they’d pull both her arms up.

Dora’s bikini was one of those that doesn’t really have much cup to the bra cups.  It wasn’t meant to lift, but Dora didn’t really need much lift because her breasts weren’t all that big.  It was made to cover, but it also didn’t cover quite enough.  She was showing the outer curve of each breast as well as some nice cleavage between them.  When her arms went up, so did her breasts, and when they did, the darker skin of her nipple beds peeked over the top of the cups.

If I hadn’t been trying to get the worming paste in each horse’s mouth without getting it all over me in the process, I’d have reacted a lot more strongly.  I didn’t really want to bed Dora, but I’m not immune to a pair of nice soft breasts.  

I’m not immune to a nice female ass either.  Dora had picked up a sack of horse treats from her feed room and carried it along as we went stall to stall.  Once I’d wormed a horse, Dora would bend over from the waist, pull a treat out of her sack, and give it to the horse.  The horses liked their treat.  I liked the way the little bikini went down enough to show me her crack and the soft little cheeks hanging out from under the bottom when she bent over.

Warlock was a big, strong, stallion who wasn’t interested at all in taking his medicine.  I’d almost get the syringe in his mouth and he’d toss his head away.  He was strong enough he’d almost lift Dora off her feet as she held his halter rope.  On one of those head tosses, he jerked Dora hard enough both breasts slipped out of her bikini.  Doris had some really nice nipples.

Dora just grinned, said, “hold him for a minute”, and stuffed her breasts back in the bikini.  Then we started over.  It took me ten minutes and five more times for Dora to stuff her breasts back in her bikini to get Warlock wormed.  Then we did Azmodeus and Rowdy.  Azmodeus wasn’t quite as tall as Warlock, but he was every bit as strong, and he didn’t like the wormer either.  Dora had to stuff one soft breast or the other back in her bikini top four times before we were done.  Rowdy was as gentle as a kitten, took his medicine quietly, and chortled when Dora held out his treat.

The two donkey’s were easy.  Sebastian didn’t like having his mouth pried open, but I’m strong enough he didn’t have any choice.  He liked his treat though.  Sara was also easy, and when I finished with her, she munched her treat too.  

Sara looked a little more filled out then when I’d seen her last.  I asked Dora if she’d been bred.

Dora grinned.

“Yep.  Sara came in heat and Sebastian knew just what to do.  I watched them and it was so cute.  He nuzzled her just like Warlock and Azomdeus do to the mares and Sara sort of squatted down and moved her tail to one side.  Sebastian mounted her then and stuck her.  It didn’t last long.  He just jerked a lot and then shook his tail before he got off her.  

“Sara acted just like my mares.  She just stood there and let Sebastian do it, and then went on eating her hay.  You’d think she’d at least have looked happy.  I’d sure have been happy if some guy had done that to me.  I’d have asked him to do it again.”

What Dora was not so subtlety hinting at was something I couldn’t do, so I changed the subject.

“How far along is she?”

“About three months.”

“Well, feed her like usual for another six, then give her a little more, say maybe half a cup at each feeding.  She’s young and healthy.  She probably won’t have any problems.”

The next nine months went by about the same way.  I treated several cows for various things, helped a few farmers birth a few calves, and castrated a hundred and seventy young pigs that would end up being hams for dinner that Christmas.  I also paid a call to Dora’s stable at least once a week.  

When the days stayed warm, she was always dressed in something that showed me a lot of her breasts and ass.  Once the weather got cooler, she’d dress in really tight, really low cut jeans and really loose tops.  Instead of bending over with her back to me then, she’d bend over with her front to me, the top would fall open and I’d be looking at either a sexy lace bra or just her naked breasts.  She’d always make some sort of comment that really meant, “I’d like you to take me right here in the stable.”  I ignored the comments, but I couldn’t ignore her body.

It was five ‘til five one Friday night that she called again.  Julie had changed out of her scrubs and was ready to go home, but she answered the call.  She listened for a minute or so, then put her hand over the phone mouthpiece.

“It’s Dora, and she sounds worried.  She says she’s in Lexington looking at a horse and one of her stable boys called her before he left.  Her donkey is trying to foal, but she’s having trouble.”

“Tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can.  I may need some help.  Wanna come along?  It’ll be interesting.”

Julie grinned.

“You’re asking me out on a date to see a donkey?  I’d hoped for something a little more romantic.”

“Well, you’re always saying you get bored sometimes.  I guarantee you won’t be bored.”

Julie shrugged.

“All I was gonna do was go home and watch TV.  I suppose I can come along.”

The stableboy let us into the barn and said he had to leave.  When I opened the door to the big birthing stall beside Sebastian’s, Sara was standing there and straining.  I turned to Julie.  

“Something’s gone wrong.  Hold her head while I check her out.”

I put on a long sleeve glove and lubed it up, then started trying to get my hand inside Sara enough to feel what was going on.  I should have felt two front legs and a nose.  I felt only one leg, and I couldn’t get my hand in any further.  By the time I worked my hand and arm in enough, the foal would probably be dead.

If Sarah was having problems, it probably meant the foal wasn’t in the right position.  In horses, pushing the foal back in and getting it in the right position was backbreaking work because the mare didn’t understand she should stop pushing.  I’d have to push against the contraction and then when the mare relaxed, push harder to force my hand deeper inside her.  The good part was there was a lot of room to work. I couldn’t get my big hand inside Sara enough to do more than tell me what was wrong.

I looked at Julie.  The look on her face told me she was worried.  It was then the idea hit me.  Julie might be able to do what I couldn’t.  She’d helped me with dogs giving birth a few times, so she’d seen what would have to be done, and she had small hands and arms.  I decided to ask her.

“Julie, you’ve helped with some dogs and cats at the clinic.  Think you could be midwife to a miniature donkey?  I think the foal is turned wrong, and I can’t get my hand in far enough know for sure or to do anything about it.  If we can’t get the foal straightened out, we’ll lose the foal.”

Julie stood there with her mouth open for a second and then gasped.

“You want me to stick my hand inside her?  I wouldn’t have any idea what to do.”

“Yes you do.  It’ll be just like that german shepherd bitch last month.  I used forceps then, but what has to be done is the same.  Your hand and arm are probably small enough to fit.  I can talk you through what to do once you’re in there.  Just take it easy when she’s having a contraction, but push hard when she relaxes.”

“I don’t know.  I might hurt her.  I wouldn’t want to do that.”

“You won’t hurt her anymore than she’s already hurting.  She needs help, Julie, and by the time I get my hand in far enough, the foal will probably be dead.”

The long sleeve glove was way too big for Julie, but that was a good thing because it meant her hand and arm were a lot smaller than mine.  I lubed it up once she had it on and then showed her how to hold her fingers to start them in.

Julie said, “Oh God.  I hope I’m doing this right”, slipped her fingers in and started to push.  She was inside Sara a little when Sara had another contraction.  Julie gasped.

“Wow, she’s squeezing my hand really hard.”

“Yes, the contractions will be strong, but when she stops, you can gain another inch or so by pushing in hard and fast.”

Several minutes later, Julie looked up at me from where she knelt behind Sarah.

“I feel a leg. I think it’s a back one because I think I feel a tail too.”

“Good.  Push it back inside as far as you can.”

After another contraction and some hard pushing by Julie, she said, “OK, now what?”

“See if you can find a nose, and when you find it, move your hands down the head and neck until you feel front legs.”

I could see the look of concentration on Julie’s face as she felt around inside Sarah.  After a few more minutes, she looked up and grinned.

“I found a nose and two legs.  They’re really tiny.  What now?”

“OK, you need to pull those front legs out a little and make sure the nose is on top of them.”

Julie struggled for about five minutes before she looked up.

“I think I have everything where it’s supposed to be.”

“Then pull on those legs, but just hard enough to keep them coming out.  When she relaxes, they might slip back.  Let Sarah do most of the work.  Just make sure that nose stays on top of the legs.”

Over the course of about half an hour, Julie’s arm slowly came out of Sarah a little at a time.  A few minutes later I saw Julie’s hand holding two legs, and a few seconds later, a nose.  We were about done.

Sarah knew that too.  She grunted as she strained hard and the foal’s head emerged.  Julie still had its front legs and sat down to help pull.  Sara pushed hard again, and the foal fell out in Julie’s arms.  

Julie chuckled.

“My, you are a tiny little thing, aren’t you, and look what you did to me.  I’m all wet and icky.  What am I going to do with you now?”

I laughed.  Sara had turned around and was nuzzling the foal in Julie’s lap.

“Sarah knows what to do.  Just lay the foal down and let her do it.”

We stood there in the stall while Sarah licked the tiny little foal.  I did take a look to make sure the cord had torn like was supposed to and wasn’t bleeding.  Everything looked ok, so I painted some antiseptic on the stub of the cord and then grinned at Julie.

“It’s a girl.”

Julie grinned back and then laughed as the foal tried to stand up.  She fell down, but kept trying, and after a while was standing up on very shaky legs.  Sarah sort of grunted, and the little foal began trying to walk.  It took her a while and she fell down several times, but she finally got to Sarah’s flank and poked her little nose at Sarah’s udder.  A minute later she was sucking away.

Julie didn’t say anything for a while.  She just stood there grinning as the foal’s tail began to wag.  Then she looked up at me.

“Is it always like this?”

“Well, usually they don’t need help, but yes.”

“She’s just adorable.”

“She wouldn’t be if you hadn’t done such a good job.  I couldn’t have done it.  My hand wouldn’t fit.”

“It was kind of fun.  Will they be all right if we leave them?”

“Sure.  Sara expelled the placenta.  I’ll check to make sure it’s all there, but it looks to be.  The foal is already sucking, so she’ll be fine too.  How about if I buy you dinner?  You sure earned it tonight.”

“Oh, I’m such a mess, I couldn’t go anywhere.”

“Well, we’ll stop by a fast food place and pick something up on the way to the clinic.  You can clean up and change back into some clean scrubs before we eat.”

Julie changed and then we ate the chicken dinners I’d bought.  She kept going on and on about how cute Sarah’s little jenny was and how she’d felt when she’d caught her.  I knew how she felt because I still felt that way every time I helped birth an animal.

When we finished, I said I should probably call Dora and tell her what happened, and I wanted to use the clinic phone so Dora didn’t have my cell number.  Julie just grinned.

“You say she always shows you lots of skin.  If she had your cell number, she could ask you out there when it’s not business and you could be seeing more of her, so to speak.”

“No, thank you.  Dora’s enticing, but she’d not really my type.”

“Oh…what is your type?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain, but it’s not Dora.  Dora travels in a different circle than I ever could.  You saw her stable.  It’s like some I saw in my residency in Lexington.  The horses are treated like royalty, but they don’t need all that.  They just need good feed and clean water and a place to get in out of the weather.  That fancy stable is just a way to show off how much money Dora has.

“I haven’t been to one of Dora’s sales, but if they’re like to ones in Lexington, they’re more of a big cocktail party where some horses also get sold.  Some of the buyers don’t even know what a good horse is.  They take their trainers along to make the decision while they sip cocktails, eat little sandwiches and brag about their horses.

“I like animals, but I like them because of what they are, not because they show people how rich I am.  I figure if I did anything with Dora, I’d be like one of her horses.  She’d like what I did for her, but she wouldn’t really appreciate me for what I really am.  I’m not saying I’d want a woman to thank me all the time, but it would be nice to know I’m not just another addition to her stud.”

Julie smiled.

“I’d never thought about it that way, but I see what you mean.  I just thought you liked going out there.”

“I like the income, but it would be better if Dora was a little more down to earth like the farmers in the area.”

“So, what type of woman would be your type?  Maybe some woman who grew up on a farm and understands about animals?”

“Yes, she’d be a woman I’d probably like being with.”

Julie smiled.

“I grew up on a farm.  We just raised chickens, but it was still a farm.”

I called Julie on Saturday morning to ask if she was all right.  She just laughed.

“Well, my arm is a little sore, but that’s all.  Why?”

“Well, I thought since we only had take-out chicken last night, you might like something fancier.  I was thinking someplace in Nashville.”

“You’re asking me for a date?”

“Well, yes.  Is that all right?”

She chuckled.

“It was telling you I’m a farm girl wasn’t it?  I thought that might do it.”

“No, it was the way you helped me with that foal.  The farm girl thing was just an extra incentive.”

Julie sighed.

“If I’d known that’s all it took, I wouldn’t have tried so hard to look sexy in my scrubs.  Let’s not go to Nashville though.  Any restaurant in Dickson will be fine and it’ll save you some money.”

We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Dickson that night.  I learned enough about Julie that I asked her out the next Saturday too.  On our third date, I kissed her at the door to her apartment and asked her to go out again.  She put her arms around my neck.

“Maybe I should cook dinner for us here instead.  Think you can handle a farm girl’s cooking?  Maybe you’d like to handle the farm girl a little too.  I think I’d like that.”

It was a year before I asked Julie to marry me.  I was still in debt, but by then I couldn’t stand the thought of not being with her all day and night, every day and night.  I explained my financial situation before I let her say anything.  When I was finished, Julie smiled and put her arms around my neck.

“Randy, my mama and daddy started out with almost nothing.  Mama said it was hard, but it brought them closer together.  I don’t care that we won’t have a big house and a new car.  All I care about is you.  We can live on what I make so you can pay off your loans faster.”

Rex knew we were dating, and I wasn’t sure he thought much of the idea of his clerk and his assistant vet being together.  He never said anything about it.  He was just a little different toward me once he knew.  When Julie showed him the engagement ring, he congratulated her and then asked her to tell me he wanted to see me when I got back to the clinic.

It was about five when I walked into his office.  Rex smiled and asked me to close the door and have a seat.  He was still smiling when I sat down.

“Julie says you two are going to tie the knot.  You sure you can afford to do that?”

“We’ve talked it over.  Julie knows about my debt and she’s not worried.  It’ll take us a while to get it all cleared, but we can manage.”

“Well, I’m worried.  You’re in for what – fifty thousand I believe you once told me.”

“It’s about forty five now.”

“Well, I can’t have my assistant vet and his wife living like poor people.  Everybody in town would think I’m a cheapskate and don’t pay you enough.  There’s no way I’m going to let you keep working for me and living like that.”

“You’re going to fire me?”

“Oh hell no.  You’ve done a great job for me.  The thing is, I’ll be sixty six next month and I’m ready to call it quits.  I don’t know what the next owner might think about you and Julie, so I decided I’d better pick him out myself.  The practice is yours unless you don’t want it.”

I fell back in the chair because he’d caught me completely off guard.

“Rex, there’s no way I could buy the practice from you.  It’s worth at least half a million.”

“No, not quite that much.  My gross is about a six hundred thousand a year, but expenses, payroll and taxes take almost half of that.  I’m thinking about four hundred thousand.”

I shook my head.

“It doesn’t matter.  I could never get a loan for that much.”

Rex smiled.

“I know that.  I also know if I sold it for four hundred thousand, taxes on that much would eat me alive.  I was thinking I’d be sort of a silent partner.  The clinic would be yours, but you’d pay me twenty percent of the profits until you’ve paid off the four hundred thousand.  That much income won’t affect my taxes quite as bad, and you’ll have more money to pay off those loans.  I had my lawyer draw up the paperwork yesterday.  All you have to do is sign it.”

I signed the contract that afternoon, and then told Julie.  She grinned.

“So, you’re my boss now?”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“Well, that’s fantastic. I need a new chair and a raise.  Could you do something about that?”

Our wedding was pretty simple as weddings go.  Julie bought a wedding dress and her maids of honor all wore nice dresses, but they were dresses they could wear to something else besides one wedding.  Julie didn’t want them to have to buy a dress that would end up at Good Will or stuck in their closets forever.  I rented a tux as did my best man.  We said our vows in the Methodist Church in Dickson, and the reception was in the basement.  Julie bought the cake.  The punch and rest of the goodies were made by her two sisters.  About four that afternoon, we made a run for Julie’s car and were showered with rice on the way.

We spent that first night in Nashville and drove to Pigeon Forge the next day for the week of our honeymoon.

I was pretty excited about that first night.  Julie and I hadn’t done anything except some heavy petting before we got married.  I knew it wouldn’t be the first time for either of us, but as old fashioned as it sounds, we’d decided that waiting would make our first time together something we’d remember. That night, I realized just how much not doing something could make finally doing it absolutely fantastic.

Julie hadn’t been bashful at the clinic, but she was that night at the Holiday Inn in Nashville.  We’d stopped by her apartment and changed from our wedding clothes to street clothes before heading out to Nashville, so after getting checked into our room, we left to have dinner and then came back to the hotel.

Julie kissed me a kiss that left me breathless and then said she was going to change and not to bother her.  She pulled something out of her suitcase and went into the bathroom.  I usually slept in my underwear, but I’d bought pajamas for the occasion and changed into them while Julie did whatever she was doing.  When she came out, I was watching TV, but as soon as I saw her, I shut it off.

Julie was smiling, and she looked so delicate and sensuous in the white, almost transparent negligee that I couldn’t help but stare.  A moment later, Julie’s smile started to fade.

“Do I look all right?”

“Julie, you’re beautiful and sexy and a whole lot of other words I can’t remember right now.”

She grinned.

“Better than Dora?”

“You wouldn’t believe just how much better you are.”

Julie stroked a fingertip down my chest.

“You could try to convince me of that if you want.”

We didn’t rush that night.  I wanted to show Julie how special she was.  I think she wanted to do the same to me.  For a while, we just stood by the bed, kissing and holding each other. I don’t think either of us realized it at the time, but this time, we’d begin to understand what the words we’d said to each other that afternoon really meant.

Julie kissed me one more time, then whispered in my ear.

“Now that I’m your wife, we can do more than hug and kiss.”

“I know.  I just want you to be ready, that’s all.”

“If you’ll take off my negligee and your pajamas, I’ll be ready.”

When I pulled the filmy garment over Julie’s head, she unconsciously put her arms over her breasts and then giggled and let her arms fall to her sides.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to hide my boobs from you, do I?”

I smiled.

“You shouldn’t hide them because they’re beautiful.”

Julie stroked her left breast and then grinned when her nipple rose a little.

“Remember when you told me what Dora asked about if a mare felt anything when the foal nursed?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“I know I’ll feel it when you do that to me.”

I did stop to take off her white satin panties and then my pajamas before seeing if that was true or not.  It was.  When I closed my lips around Julie’s right nipple, she twitched a little, and then moaned.  When that nipple was swollen taut, I did the same with the other. Julie moaned again, and I felt her hand find my cock and stroke it lightly.

I felt her flat tummy roll a little when I slipped my hand down, and when I touched the mass of curls at the intersection of her thighs, Julie caught her breath.  As my fingertips stroked the soft hair, Julie opened her thighs, and the strokes to my cock weren’t quite as soft and light.

Julie’s outer lips were small and soft, and I felt just a hint of moisture.  I gently separated the matted hair and then slipped my finger between those lips.  Julie caught her breath again and then whispered, “I want you.”

I knew she was ready when my fingertip felt the wet slipperiness of her inner lips.  Julie also told me that by trying to pull me on top of her.  When I knelt between her upraised knees, she reached for my cock and then guided it to her entrance.

My first thrust was as gentle as I knew how to be gentle.  I didn’t get very deep because I felt her tighten up.  Julie stroked my back and giggled.

“You can push harder than that.  You won’t hurt me.”

“Well, you sort of tightened up.”

“I thought you’d like that.  I did.  Now, give me something I’ll be able to remember for a long time.”

That something was my cock slipping inside Julie slowly with a couple short strokes back out.  The third time, Julie wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me down.  My cock kept going until my belly touched Julie’s mound.  She moaned and hugged me tight.

There isn’t much more to tell that would be new or unique, because everybody does it about the same way in the middle.  It was the end that surprised me and left us both gasping for breath.

I was getting close to losing control and started the impossible task of ignoring the way Julie was pulling on my hips and making little mewing sounds.  Every so often, she’d push her body up into my stroke, and that made ignoring her that much more difficult.  I’d about given in to the surge building in my loins when Julie gasped, “Oh God…I’m there.”

She dug her heels into the mattress, arched up, and groaned, “don’t stop”.

A second later, she cried out and lifted us a little as her hips began to rock up and down.  They were still rocking that way when I’d shot my last.  I kept stroking in and out until Julie fell back down on the mattress and squeezed her thighs around my hips.  I felt a tightening around my cock as another little contraction raced through her body.

We lay there together until Julie stroked my back and giggled.

“Wow.  We need to do this again.”

I chuckled.

“I could probably be convinced to do it again.”

“What would I have to do to convince you?”

“Oh, I don’t know…maybe if you smiled at me.”

Julie smiled at me again that night and the next morning too.  She smiled at me every morning and every night for the rest of the week.  There were a few times she smiled at me after lunch too.  We were both smiling when I drove us back to Dickson that Sunday afternoon.

Julie still runs the office, takes the calls, and relays them to me or to Tricia.  Tricia is a vet fresh out of school I hired to let me have some time off.  She’s proven to be very capable with both pets and farm animals.  The farmers get a kick out of seeing her pull up in her truck.  She has a tough time pulling a calf now and then, but the farmer’s are always more than willing to help her so she does all right.  

She seems to be getting a lot of calls from Emerson Angus Farms lately.  I know Dave, the son of the owner.  Dave is about twenty five and has a degree in Animal Science from UT.  He’s been working on improving the growth rates of their calves by artificial insemination of their brood cows using bulls from all over the US and the UK.  Tricia seems to be really interested in helping him.  She even goes out to Emerson Angus Farms after her shift is done so she can help Dave.  I think Emerson Angus Farms is going to have their own private vet one of these days.  I think maybe I’ll be thinking about a partner as well.  Tricia has just as much debt as I did.

Dora stopped calling every week once Julie and I were married.  Our visits to her stable were actual problems after that, and on the last visit, I noticed she had a new stable hand.  Todd is young, tall, and good looking and has muscles that say he must work out pretty regularly.  He didn’t seem to be doing much work in the stable when I was there, though.  He just followed Dora around and smiled a lot.  I would suppose Dora has some special work she hired him to do.  If Dora is anything like she tried to convince me she was, I can understand why Todd is always smiling.