"Hey, Mitch?" I heard him call.

"Yes, Brad?"

"I'm expecting my girlfriend here soon, so you could you put on some clothes? She probably won't like seeing my roommate in just his boxers in the living room."

I slapped my forehead slightly. "Fine," I groaned, getting up. "What the hell are you doing in there, you are the dude on this date remember? What is taking you so long?" I questioned, ambling to the bathroom.

"Manscaping, whiny ass."

"Dude, couldn't you at least close the door if you are gonna do that naked?" I asked, putting my hand up.

"Shut up already. This will be the fourth date with Trinity, and I think we might get busy tonight."

"Okay, good luck with that man, but I believe that it may be wishful thinking at best," I pointed out, looking away. "Is why I haven't met her yet because you haven't gotten lucky? What, am I supposed to be bad luck?" I pondered, crossing my arms.

Neither of us said a word for a moment, but he kept going about his business. I just stood there and waited for him to answer. Although, after two minutes I just walked towards my room.

"Thank you."

"Brad, shut the hell up and just get out of here so I can prance around underdressed again," I responded loudly from the hallway.

I got out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and put them on.

After I had been dressed, I placed my hands over my face. "Oh, yeah, woo your woman, Brad. I'm sure you'll be getting laid tonight. I swear, every single time he gets a girlfriend, he becomes preachy and whiny."

A moment later, I walked back out of my room and made my way to the living room. I sat down in the same place on the couch and took a deep breath.

I brought my right hand to my crotch. "I guess I just need to get laid too."

He came into the room with me and went to the mirror.

"Damn, what are you, a diva? Moose in your hair, trimmed both up there and down there and the suit. Who the fuck are you, Lady Gaga?"

"Well, she is a chick," he pointed out, peeking at me. "And I'm a dude, remember?"

"She must be some woman then."

"She is, man," he replied, coming towards me.

He sat down on the other side and took a deep breath too.

"She is pretty, I know that, but what about her makes you like this? I mean you are usually just in your boxers too, but now I gotta get dressed to impress her?"

"Well, she has big tits, an extra pretty face, a skinny body and sexy curly blonde hair. So I think she might be special, Mitch. If you think I'm going weird, then I'm sorry. Although, I know you'd want me to do the same for you. Trinity and I have kissed at least a dozen times, so I know she has soft lips. It'll feel so good when she blows me."

"I did not need to know that," I protested, standing up. "It makes sense, but that's one of the things you just leave unsaid."

"Okay, my bad," he chuckled before we heard a knock at the door.

He strolled right to the door as I failed to look at it. 'So, I guess it is time to find out just how sexy this lady is. She must be a supermodel considering his actions he has taken for her. I once dated a woman named Trinity, and she was beautiful. Maybe he'll luck out with this one too,' I thought before I sat back down.

"Hey, Trinity," I heard him greet her.

'He said she had big bosoms, but how big are they?' I thought as I heard them walking towards me.

"Hey, Mitch, I'd like to introduce you to Trinity."

I put a smile on my face and slowly leaned up.

I turned to her. 'Fuck, it is my Trinity,' I thought, raising my eyebrows.

"Hi, Mitch," she said, putting her hand out. "It is good to meet you."

'She is just smiling at me like she doesn't remember me, but I dated her just three years ago.'

"Bro, are you gonna shake her hand?"

I calmly grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry, Trinity, I guess my mind just went blank," I pointed out, shaking her's.

We shook hands for a moment as no one spoke a word, but there was a huge elephant that seemed to be ignored.

'She obviously just doesn't want him to know that we used to date. Damn, after three years, she did get sexier, and her hooters increased in size a bit. Shit, I'm getting a major hard on now.'

"Okay, you met her, Mitch, now we're gonna head out," he let me know before he kissed her on the lips.

"Nice to meet you again, Mitch," she spoke as they walked towards the door.

My eyes failed to part from them, and as his eyes were away from me, she peeked back at me. "See you later, Mitch," she mouthed to me, smiling lustfully and waving.

I just laughed a bit as they left and the door closed.

I sat back down and covered my face with both hands. "So, Trinity just threw a dart, and it landed on him? And what the hell was with her not wanting him to know that we dated before? Wow, my mind is getting twisted around now. Well, if she hasn't changed much in the last few years. I guess the deed will be done tonight," I explained before uncovering my face.

I couldn't comprehend if this was good or bad, but I just kept it out of my mind for the time being. At around nine or so, I retired to my room and stripped.

I brought my hands to my dick. "I'd love to fuck her one more time, but she is with him now. It also wouldn't be right to jack off thinking of her now. Hell, she could get down on her knees right now for all I know. I really have no idea how long they've been dating, but he seems crazy about her. I know it took some time for him to introduce me to her, he must be."

I lied back and masturbated to some porn on my laptop.

Afterward, I brought up my word document. "I could always use those two as an idea for a story, but still might be weird. Fuck it, I'll just write that lesbian story where they are best friends," I said before I began typing.

I just sat there on my bed writing for a couple of hours, but they entered my mind a few times.

"Oh, now they are back, what is it, after eleven now?" I pondered, looking at the clock on the computer.

I nodded and put it to the side of me. I calmly got up and ambled to my door.

I opened it up slightly and peeked out there. "And Trinity and Brad are headed to his room now, what else could be doing besides fucking each other?" I chuckled. "If you play your cards right, Brad, maybe you'll feel those soft lips on your schlong. I know for a fact that it feels good," I whispered before I closed the door.

I lied back down, turned off my computer and stayed silent for some time. As the clock struck midnight, I put my hand back on my junk and closed my eyes. I failed to rub it, and then I bit my bottom lip. I did that for a few minutes and shook around somewhat too.

"Damn, resistance sucks so much," I groaned, arching my back up. "Now I hear the floor creaking a little bit, so it must be happening right now."

I didn't want to listen, but there wasn't much choice as his room was only a few feet away.

"Oh, I do want to fuck her again. I thought that was just a fantasy, but I really want it. Damn it, what am I supposed to do now?"

My hands landed on my cock again, but I still wouldn't jack off. I took in a deep breath after a deep breath and vibrated.

"Shit, Trinity, I'm about to pop now," I heard him moan.

"Good for you, Brad. I commend you, but you still suck."

After that, I didn't hear anything from them, but I couldn't manage to go to sleep. I felt tired, but I just couldn't go to sleep. I lied there awake and thought of Trinity.

"Damn it," I moaned, leaning up. "It is after two now, and I still can't go to sleep."

I got off the bed and calmly walked to my door. "Maybe a late night snack might help," I muttered before I grabbed the knob.

Before I could turn it, I heard the floor creak. 'Someone is out there; I wonder if it is Trinity.'

I felt my heart rate suddenly increase as I held steady. There were soft footsteps and seemed to be getting louder with each one.

'Holy shit, it doesn't sound like Brad, and I think Trinity might be standing right in front of my door right now.'

For a moment after that, I heard nothing, but my heavy breathing. Although, then there was some very mellow knocking.

"Mitch?" I heard her ask.

"Trinity?" I inquired, turning the knob.

I opened the door casually and got a view of her with the help of the moonlight. "Yep, here you are, Trinity," I mumbled, peeking down slightly. "You are naked."

"I know," she mentioned, coming in with me.

She closed the door and instantly glued her lips to mine. For the first ten seconds, my arms stayed down, but my cock rose up. After those ten seconds, I brought my hands to her chest, and I pushed her away somewhat.

We looked at each other as I caught my breath. "What the hell, Trinity? You are with Brad now."

"I know," she mentioned, coming right to me. "It doesn't mean we can't have some fun," she pointed out, placing her palms on my butt. "I couldn't let Brad know that we used to fuck," she explained before she closed the gap between us completely and my wood went up against her stomach. "That would be weird, don't you think?"

I twitched around somewhat, but kept eye contact with her. I was also a little taller than her, but yet I found myself nearly defenseless against her.

"Don't you want to fuck me again, Mitch?" she questioned, taking my cock in her hands. "I want us to have sex one more time, so why not?" she wondered, rubbing it.

"Shit, you are still insane, Trinity," I moaned through my teeth.

"Trust me, I've tried curing it, but it is no use," she informed me, prior to lowering herself to her knees.

We looked at each other clearly for a moment even though it was dark in there. My heart was pumping so hard; I almost thought it was gone. Trinity's tongue slipped out, and she licked the very tip of my dick.

I jerked to the left a bit. "And you haven't lost your touch."

"Nope," she agreed with me before she took my rod into her mouth.

"No," I objected, pushing her off my member.

"What, don't you want me? You were getting your cock sucked, and I thought you'd like that."

"I do, but I can't do that to Brad, he is crazy about you."

"He is?"

I nodded, but she kept her right hand on my pecker. We stared at one another for a moment as nothing was said.

"Trinity, we can't do this."

"How about we just not tell him then?" she proposed before she retook my wood into her mouth.

Her lips immediately began thrusting on my dick.

"Shit, I'm weak, so you win, Trinity, but you suck," I muttered, bringing my hands to her head.

I failed to peek at her. 'Damn, now she is giggling, so I wonder if she planned this. I have no idea, but I can't just stop her. She is too sexy, so I guess we'll not let Brad get wind of this,' I thought, caressing her head.

She failed to halt her thrusting, but did slow it down a little bit. That really heightened the pleasure as her lips seemed to be as soft as a cloud. I stood as strongly as I could for as long as possible. Although, she was the best woman I had ever been with.

With every passing rub of her lips on my member, she had me jerk around just a little bit. I also felt some intense tingles going throughout my body. She seemed to be going directly to my heart too as it kept almost stopping.

I eventually looked back into her eyes in the moonlight. "There are so many things I want to say right now, but I'm pretty sure you know what they all are, Trinity."

She let most of my cock out and nodded. I cheesed, and she smiled as much as she could too. Our positions were maintained for another moment before she let the head out too. She stood up with me, but didn't let go of my dick.

I wrapped my arms around her. "Fuck, I still love you, Trinity."

"I love you too, hunk," she replied, smooching my chest. "Do you still love my naked body too?"

"Yes, I do."

I let go of her, and we both examined one another's bodies.

"I missed sucking on your wood," she let me know before she pushed me towards the bed.

She instantly got down on her knees, wrapped her right hand around my schlong and took it right back into her mouth. I just laid my head back and closed my eyes. I desired to bring my hands back to her head, but I put them on the sides of me.

I clenched both of my fists and fought the urge to cum right into her mouth. It came as no easy task, but I certainly didn't want this middle of the night fuck to end.

'Is she only doing this once, could she spiting Brad for something and does she still actually love me? Three great questions, but I don't think I'm gonna get answers to any of them. If it was possible for me to hold out until the sun comes, I'd do it, but that's not gonna happen. It is entirely unclear what this all means, does she want me back?'

My back rubbed onto the bed going back and forth gradually, but not too hard. My whole body already felt depleted, due to the lack of sleep, but also with my systems going into full overdrive from this strange turn of events.

My mouth opened up widely, and my feet began smacking the floor. "To some degree, Trinity, you controlling my whole body, just like before."

She let my pecker out of her mouth again. "Then come up here and kiss me again."

I followed her request and placed my hands on her lower back. "Do you really still love me?"

"Yes," she responded before she pasted her lips onto mine.

As we made out, she continued to stroke my manhood and kept my sexual juices flowing. I massaged her back, and I noticed that both of us were vibrating. Our make out session went on for over five minutes as both of us thrilled one another.

She also used her tongue inside my mouth and became closer and closer to me as time went on. I felt her melons touch my chest, but not clashing with it. Then my palms calmly slid down onto her butt.

I twitched again. "Your butt is even softer than before."

"And your cock is bigger and harder."

My lips parted from hers completely. "Shit, I gotta pop now, Trinity."

"Give my tits that white stuff then, Mitch," she moaned, bringing her boobs towards my rod.

The head landed right in the middle of them and she continued rubbing my schlong. "Just like the old days, stud."

I blew her a kiss and closed my eyes right before I blew my first stream onto her bosoms. I was unable to watch the action, but I felt the intense pleasure for every single second and loved all of it.

My member spurted out a few shots of my seed, and I wasn't sure where it all landed, but it didn't matter. I just knew that for the first time in three years, I got to drench her with my seed again. With each passing shot, I felt to love her a little more.

By the time it was over, I had shed a couple of tears and covered my face. "Holy shit, it was unbelievable, Trinity, but I feel like we're in a sauna now."

I felt the mattress maneuver somewhat and then she got on top of me. "I almost wish you got me pregnant, Mitch, so then we never would have broken up," she said, tugging my hands down. "And no, I had no idea that he was your roommate," she mentioned before she kissed me. "Since I didn't get to blow you for very long, you need to fuck me now," she warned me, leaning up.

She grabbed my dick and aligned it right with her pussy and let it slide right into it. "Damn, have you had sex with a lot of different ladies in last few years?" she wondered, beginning to ride me.

"Some, but none of them were as classy as you," I answered, rubbing her butt some more.

Even if there was limited light in there; I could still make out her tits rather quickly. They bounced up and down a little bit as she began thrusting her slit on my cock. I wasn't wearing a condom, so I made sure to pay attention to when I was about to cum.

Her hands stayed on my stomach for the time being, but she managed to caress it for me. I also made sure she didn't fall over because she was right on the edge of the bed. There was nothing I wouldn't do for her at the moment.

"Holy shit, I love feeling your drenched twat on my pecker again, Trinity. You are nuts, and I love it too," I muttered as I stared at her bosoms. "And fuck me, I've missed your boobs too. I guess you really don't know what you got until it is gone."

"Well," she whispered before she arched her back down. "You have me right now," she reminded me before kissing me.

She immediately rose back up after that and snatched my hands.

She transported them right to her tits. "Feel what you lust after, Mitch. Don't be afraid to squeeze them too," she offered, covering my hands with hers.

Even as it was dark, everything seemed to get even darker. I looked right at Trinity's face, but I couldn't make anything out, except her teeth. She brought me into a state of sexual nirvana, so everything was gonna seem loopy.

Every time I felt her pussy walls slide on my dick, I felt a little more depleted. We had only been going at it for a few minutes, but she had mind dragging through the messy sexual cheating mud.

"Your dick is bigger than his, Mitch."

"Good to know."

Then neither of us spoke a word for a couple of minutes and just went on for as long as we could. She showed no sign of slowing down; she just seemed like a sexual robot.

'Damn, there is no stopping her, is there?'

I squeezed her boobs a handful of times, but it just proved to be a bad idea.

"Damn, I gotta shoot now, Trinity," I warned her, shaking even more and looking away from her.

She instantly let my wood out and positioned her face right over it. "Give me that cum again, Mitch. I want every single drop right now," she demanded, stroking it.

I desired to see it, so I leaned back on my elbows so I could. My mouth opened as widely as I possible and just cherished the moment.

"Shit," I moaned, shooting me first stream out while keeping my eyes open.

It splashed her nose and of course went all over her face. That was quickly followed by three more shots of my seed, which all attacked her beautiful face. The whole thing lasted for thirty seconds or so, and I gave her all I possibly shoot out at the moment.

She lazily climbed back up with my and lied down on me. I instantly encased my arms around her and held her tightly. I wasn't sure what time it was by then, but I was sure it was past three in the morning.

After twenty minutes, she calmly leaned up a little bit and kissed me again. "Thanks for the fuck, Mitch," she mentioned before she got off the bed.

She calmly went to my door and peeked back at me. "Could I see you again, Mitch?"

"Without Brad knowing?"

She nodded and blew me a kiss. "I certainly hope you'll last longer next time."

"I will."

"Good, I'll see you later," she said before she opened the door and went out quietly.

I saw her close the door and then I lay back down. "Wow, that was unexpected, but yet, very satisfying. Although, I certainly hope she seriously doesn't want to have sex again," I muttered, rubbing my head. "I can't do that to Brad again, he is my bro and bros don't do that to each other. Why didn't I just deny her sex again?"

I eventually fell asleep, but I had her plauging my mind. I didn't wake up until after noon the next day. For fear of running into her, I didn't even leave my room. I just got dressed, but I lied back down on my bed.

I placed my hands on my crotch. "Wow, even through my jean shorts and boxers, I feel that boner entirely. Damn, Trinity is one sexy seductress. I guess that's why I can't turn her down."

I twitched around for a moment and breathed ever so heavily too. "The witch got into my system, and she is a virus. Damn, what if she comes onto me again? I may not be able to turn her down, and then she'll probably strip and let me see her nude. As soon as I see her sexy body again, I'm gonna crumble. She is like my kryptonite, so I'm defenseless against her."

I stayed quiet for a couple more minutes. 'I have drops of sweat flowing my forehead, and my nerves seem to be shot too. Nothing can compare to the pleasure she gave last night, but I feel a lot of guilt from it though. I let her give me head, and I fucked her, how could I do that?'

I hadn't masturbated, but yet, I felt weakened by everything. My emotional and physical systems were exhausted, and I wasn't sure what to do. All I could think to do was to stay on my bed and relax.

"Damn, now I think I remember why we ended our relationship: she is nuts. There is no doubt about that."

"Oh, yes, Trinity, I love it when you go downtown," I heard him moan.

"Yes, she is sexually crazy: always willing to pleasure. She must be giving Brad head right now, what else could he mean?"

I closed my eyes and my lips ventured into my mouth. 'Now Brad is moaning, who could blame him for that? I know exactly what it is like: feeling her creamy lips rubbing onto my cock, whether it is at a slow, medium or high speed. She is a goddess,' I thought before a pause. "And son of a bitch, I gotta see that action," I mumbled before I got off my bed.

I tip toed towards my door and grabbed onto the knob. I calmly opened the door and voyaged out into the hallway. The entire time, I just pictured her sucking my pecker. I couldn't help, but to rattle around a little bit as I walked.

I arrived at his door. "Oh," I muttered, shaking my head. "It sounds like he is about to pop now, I better act quick," I whispered, prior to opening the door.

'Yes, there she is down on her knees in front of him, playing with her melons,' I thought before I peeked up slightly. 'Damn, I don't want to see his wood, but there he is, stroking it.'

I mainly looked at her, but suddenly she glanced over at the door.

I immediately shut the door. "Shit, the bitch saw me," I grumbled before I slowly made my way back to my room.

I went in there and covered my face with both hands. "Now look what she made me do: I peeked in there for a few seconds, but I could only see one tit, and she saw me," I said before a short delay. "I didn't want to, but sense it was her, damn, she might make me do anything."

I sat down and tried to calm down. I did my best not to move and just let my nerves slowly simmer down. After twenty minutes, I felt better and then I heard the shower start.

I took a deep breath. "Now they must be taking a shower together."

"Nope," she spoke, knocking on the door.


"Yes, so may I come in, Mitch?"

"Shit," I screamed as softly as I could, hitting the bed.

"Don't worry," she mentioned, opening the door. "I won't tell him anything if you don't want me to," she informed me, stepping into my room.

"You are naked, Trinity," I muttered, eyeballing her boobs.

"Oh, I know, you just spied on me sucking your roommate's dick. We were both naked in there," she reminded me, prior to stopping in front of me. "I also thought you'd like to see me in the light too," she murmured, bringing her hands to my crotch. "Judging from how hard your manhood is, I'd say you like seeing my nude figure right now."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"It is not like you don't want me, Mitch. You want me, but you are just letting Brad stand in your way," she explained before she undid my shorts.

She yanked them off, and my member popped right out.

She wrapped her right hand around it again. "He'll be in the shower for another ten minutes or so. If I suck your delicious dick again, do you think you can hold out longer than last night?" she pondered, rubbing it.

I just attacked her with my breath for a moment as our eyes failed to part. My arteries instantly felt like they clogged and my head moved from side to side repeatedly.

"I've already made the first couple moves, but I don't mind making another one," she mentioned, lowering herself to her knees.

She let my schlong into her mouth again as our eye contact remained steady.

"As much as I feel repulsed by you because of Brad, I can't stop you from thrusting your those delicate lips. Just like before, you are one evil woman. I love that about you, Trinity. Just how I adored you for using your tongue to massage my dick as you suck on it. Not just pleasuring me with your lips, but that tongue too. Now I'm trembling, woman. I have no idea how long I'll be able to hold out, but I'll push myself as far as I can," I moaned, fighting the pleasure as much as I could.

Although, then she snatched both of my hands and transported them right to the head.

I set my palms down onto it and then my head slanted back too. 'Oh, shit, Brad is my best friend, but yet, I'm not stopping her. What kind of friend does that make me?' I thought, sparking a couple tears.

We both maintained our positions for a few minutes, but I felt to be getting weaker by the second. I was an emotional wreck and with each pass of Trinity's soft lips on my schlong, I became a little closer to collapsing, even with her hands on thighs.

I twitched, cried and clenched up my whole body so that I could try not to cum. Although, we both knew it was just a matter of time. A minute, two, five or whatever, she was going to receive her white gift.

Her hands applied a little pressure to my thighs, and she kept me up the best she could. The pleasurable effects took shape as I leaned forward a little bit. I still managed to stay up, but my best was right over her head at that point.

"Fuck, you have my cum boiling now, tart. Maybe I couldn't care less why you are doing this, but I love it. I love it so damn much, Trinity."

I took in the deepest breath I could, arched myself back up and held firm. I spawned several tears on my face and they flowing down lazily, but consistently. I craved to peek at her, but I kept my eyes off hers in order keep from shooting.

'Oh, fuck Brad, if she wants me, I'll take her off his hands. This elegant woman might just be too good for him anyway.'

I turned my head towards the door. "Crap, I hear footsteps," I muttered, looking at her.

She failed to react at all; she just kept pleasuring me.

"Stop," I protested, waving my hands. "What if Brad comes in here?"

Her eyebrows went up, but she didn't stop. I shook around and began breathing even heavier.

"Hey, Mitch?" Brad asked, knocking on the door.

I bit my bottom lip and shook my head around. "Yes, Brad?"

"May I come in?"

"Damn," I whispered, shedding more tears. "No, I'm in the middle of something right now."

"Okay, but have you seen Trinity?"

I peeked at her. "No, I haven't, dude."

"Huh, that's weird. May I just come in for a few seconds? I feel weird talking through the door."

"Seriously, this isn't the best time, Brad. Maybe in a little while, please just give some time here."

"Why, do you have someone in there?" he chuckled, opening the door.

We both immediately turned, so my backside was to the door, but yet, she continued to suck my manhood.

"Oh, holy shit," he laughed, covering his face with both hands. "I bullshit you not; I really didn't think you had someone in here. I'm sorry, Mitch. I'm guessing you don't want me to meet her yet."

I stayed silent for a few seconds. "No, I don't, Brad. Now, could I have a few minutes?" I pleaded before closing my eyes.

I jerked around and bit down on my bottom lip. 'Shit, I'm cumming his girlfriend's mouth now.'

"Wow, now I can tell you just shot your load, I'm sorry again, Mitch. I'll catch you later," Brad chuckled before he brought his head back. "You are still eating with Trinity and I tonight, right?"


"Okay, cool," he said before he closed the door.

I peeked down at her as she calmly let my dick out. "You are more than nuts, Trinity. I need a whole word to describe you."

She opened her mouth completely.

"Although, you are just quite hot too."

"Maybe," she replied, standing up with me. "I remember the last time you came in my mouth," she said, wrapping her right hand around my wood. "I don't blame you for not lasting longer, Brad spoiled our fun, didn't he?"

"Would you just go now, he is looking for you."

"Ah, that is sweet of you: putting your friendship almost ahead of getting some action. Tell you what, fuck me one more time; then I'll be faithful to him," she offered, stroking my rod.

"This isn't a negotiation, Trinity. He is my best friend, and I'm not about to help you cheat."

She closed the gap between us completely and kissed me. "That's the oddest thing, your mouth says 'No.', but your cock is screaming 'Hell mother fucking yes!'. Don't you think that's weird?"

I stood firm and didn't look at her.

"Even though you just shot your load a couple of minutes ago, you are fighting not shoot again, aren't you?"

"Yes, you evil bitch," I groaned through my teeth.

"Hey, that's not very nice. I just want you to fuck me one more time, I shouldn't have to convince you to get laid. Remember, I'm the one that got away. If you just do it once, I'll never bother you again. Unless things go south Brad, then I might start sucking your manhood regularly again. Do you like the sound of that?"

I closed my eyes and waved my head all around for a moment.

"You do like it, don't you?"

"Yes, now will you just go to him before he comes back in here?" I questioned, looking back at her.

She smiled and moved her lips to my cheek. "Have fun masturbating, Mitch. Just save a little cum for me, I want my fair share."

"Go, damn it," I ordered her, pointing at the door.

"I'll see you later," she muttered, prior to leaving.

I closed my eyes and took the deepest breath possible. I kept in there for a moment and let it out before I lied back down on my bed.

I felt my dick. "And she can still keep it hard for me. I don't think you put it right; you didn't get away, I got away from you, Trinity."

Later on that night, I found myself strolling down the hallway. "This is a mistake, how am I supposed to eat dinner with her there?"

I had no idea, but then I got to the dining room and saw her at the table alone. "Are you kidding me, you are wearing a dress like that?" I inquired, sitting down across from her.

"What is wrong, Mitch? We both know you love eye fucking my tits."

 I bit my bottom lip and angled my head down. 'I can't even look at her. She isn't playing fair at all.'

"I hope you are both hungry," Brad mentioned, coming into the dining room. "Everyone loves a good turkey," he said, placing it on the table.

I took a deep breath and quickly got some food. I did my best not to peek at Trinity, but unfortunately for me, those two big melons hanging off her chest caught my attention more than a few times as we all began eating.

"How are things going with your woman, Mitch? They must be going at least somewhat well."

"Why do you say that?" she pondered.

'You floozy.'

He peeked at the turkey, but smirked. "It is nothing, babe. Let's just say I caught them at an intimate moment."

"Oh, were you fucking her, Mitch?" she wondered, glancing at me.

I calmly looked at her as I began grinding my teeth slightly. "Yes, Trinity."

"I'm sure you have a big one for her to suck too. A good girlfriend gives her man blow jobs only because she loves him."

"Whoa, Trinity," he objected, placing his hand on her arm. "That's a little personal."

"I'm sorry, Mitch."

I clenched my fists and wagged my feet slightly under the table. For the most part, I just kept my emotions hidden, but Trinity wasn't making it simple. I stayed quiet while shooting her an odd look.

"Dude, are you gonna accept her apology?"

"Don't worry about it, Trinity. I'm sure you are just a free spirit, so no harm was done."

We all stayed silent for some time after that. Brad really liked the turkey, so he frequently had his face down as he ate it. As he did that once, she blew me kiss.

"Stop it," I mouthed.

She opened her mouth and brought fingers from her right hand towards her mouth. Her lips separated and then she inserted all of those fingers into her mouth. She immediately began thrusting them lazily.

My hands came up, and my eyebrows rose. "What the fuck?" I whispered.

They all calmly dropped out and giggled a little bit. "That's your huge cock, Mitch," she muttered, cheesing. "I loved sucking on it for you."

Both of my hands ventured back under the table. 'You have me hitting my palm now, cunt. You really making me tense now, so cut the shit out.'

Needlessly to say, she killed my appetite, so I didn't eat much. Although, Brad was putting the turkey away nonstop.

"You aren't eating too much, Trinity. Is Brad's turkey not to your liking?" I questioned, eyeballing her.

"No, I like it, but I'm not the biggest turkey fan. I'm still eating it though, Mitch."

"Thanks, babe," Brad said, leaning towards her.

He smooched her cheek, and we finished eating. After that, we retired to the living room, and both sat on one couch. I sat on the other as all three of us relaxed.

I couldn't help, but to peek at them. 'Now you are cuddling, so why don't you just be with him and leave me alone? I want you, but not at the expense of my friendship with Brad.'

After an hour of relaxation, my head turned. 'Oh, now he is sleeping. I guess eating all that turkey made that happen.'

"Hey, Mitch?" she called out softly.

I kept my eyes off her for the time being.

"I know you can hear me."

I took another deep breath. "What do you want?" I groaned, glancing at her.

She nonchalantly escaped from him and got off the couch. She looked at him one more time before she gradually strolled my way.

She lowered herself to her knees. "I want your dick inside me, Mitch. I crave for you to fuck me with Brad sleeping just right over there. I'll even let you cum inside me if you so choose," she answered, prior to placing her hands on my crotch.

I failed to object, but I scooted away somewhat. I couldn't speak, but she had my johnson saying everything for me. She just rubbed it for a moment as eye contact never broke.

"Aren't you gonna tell me that I'm crazy and we can't do this?"

"I'm definitely thinking that."

She licked her lips casually for a moment, but then she stood up.

She put her hand out, and I reluctantly grabbed it. "Do you swear this won't happen again?"

"Yes," she answered, snatching my hands.

She brought them right to her crotch and rubbed them onto it. "Can you feel that juice through my skirt and panties?"

"You are wearing panties?"

"Yeah, now why don't you undo my skirt and let it fall down? Then take off my shirt too, then I'll just be in my bra and panties," she whispered, prior to kissing me.

I assaulted her with my breath yet again, but my arms remained down for the time being.

"Come on, he is sleepy now, but he won't be napping forever," she reminded me, bringing her hands to my crotch. "Just give into the lust and fuck me, Mitch. Do it with that big cock I was sucking on earlier. Once you fuck me, and then you'll feel so much better. Screwing a sexy lady can be a huge stress killer," she moaned before a pause. "It is quite striking just when you have one rubbing your schlong through your shorts and boxers, but imagine how good it'll be when you screw one."

"Although, there is a fatal flaw: I'd be helping you cheat, and it would be ten times worse when he is sleeping right over there."

"Maybe, but it'll be one amazingly sexy story to tell for the rest of your life though, Mitch," she explained before she undid my shorts.

They fell instantly, and then my cock sprung right out.

She blindly grabbed onto it. "Oh, it is as hard as a diamond, I won't even need to suck on it first. All you have to do is strip me and stick it right in my pussy. When you think about it for a second, it might just be the easiest decision you'll ever make," she made clear, stroking it. "You'll feel so damn good that you'll feel like a whole new man."

I still resisted as much as I could, but it was no use. My hands lazily made their way onto her butt, and I brought her towards me.

"Good choice," she whispered before she kissed me.

We made out for a moment as I caressed her butt and she returned the favor to my pecker. She swiftly had me wanting to shoot my load, but I held out. That didn't stop me from wiggling around somewhat though.

"You suck, Trinity," I moaned, undoing her skirt.

It fell, and she just smiled at me.

Then she took off her shirt as well, and closed the gap between us again. "This is the point where you unclasp my bra and slide down my undergarments, Mitch."

I wasted no time, I just stripped her in less than twenty seconds. Once I had her completely nude, I exposed my entire body too.

"There is that strong man I remember," she mumbled before pushing me onto the couch.

She hurriedly got on top of me and brought her lips to mine. "Oh, I awaken your kinky side?" she pondered, reaching my junk.

She guided it right into her pussy and let if fall right in there all the way.

"Holy shit, I missed you very much, you nutty chick," I let out, placing my hands on her butt.

Her palms landed on my shoulders. "Come on, let's fuck each other and try to wake Brad up, it'll make the sex hotter," she muttered, beginning to thrust her slit on my rod.

I instantly felt her slick pussy sliding on my cock effortlessly. I kept my eyes on hers for the time being, but they peeked over at Brad from time to time. Although, she also gave me something else to look at.

After a moment, my head slanted down. "Fuck yes, you whacky cunt, I loved it when your tits flop around."

"Call me whatever you want, Mitch. I don't give a shit, I have your dick inside me now."

She was bouncing up and down so much, that she already had the end of the couch leaving the surface of the floor somewhat. Even as we heard it bang down on the floor, I failed to worry about it because she put the spell on me.

I couldn't rub her butt myself, but with her moving so much, she did it for me. She did all the work really, all I could do was take the pleasure and fight it not to cum too early. I had a slick head and a heart was about to break out of my chest, but she seemed to be worth it.

"You are just every single synonym of 'Crazy,' Trinity," I branded her, leaning right up with her.

I wrapped my arms around her and had her melons press on my chest. She had to stop thrusting for the time being, but then our intimate eye contact came back. I made her bosoms rub onto my chest before I kissed her.

"What was that for, don't you hate me?"

"Yes, very much so, but I love you too."

"Oh, that's sweet of you," she pointed out before she pushed me back.

Her palms slid over onto my thighs and she went right back to riding me.

I stared at her and looked right into her soul. 'A sexy, but mad woman. She knows what she wants and goes after it, I can praise her for it, but it is still bitchy.'

"How can I be mad at you, Trinity?"

"Shut the fuck up and try not to shoot your load, fucker."

"I will," I whispered, prior to slapping her ass.

That just jolted her a bit as she began bouncing up so much, that my cock almost came out of her slit. She managed to not let that happen and make sure that both of us were having a sexual wet dream.

After a few more minutes of my schlong sliding on her pussy walls, I brought my hands to my face. I wiped away all the sweat from my face and attempted to catch my breath. She seemed to be draining me, even though she was doing all the work.

She made everything around her fade to black and then I found myself completely powerless, as in she had me in the palm of her hand. Literally second by second, I fought less and less and I loved it.

"Fuck, woman, get off me, I have to cum," I ordered her, pushing her somewhat.

"No, shoot it inside me, Mitch. Remember: you love me."

"I hate you though," I sobbed slightly.

In that second, I chose not to shove her off me and just surrender. I lay back and let my schlong erupt inisde her. I wasn't even sure just how much I shot, my body just began twitching, and it didn't stop for thirty seconds or so.

My eyelids stayed down during the whole ordeal, and I enjoyed the sweet, but evil situation. While it all happened, I was sure my heart was screaming at me to stop it all, but my cock and brain seemed to love it.

Afterward, I tried to catch my breath. "Why do I still have that flame for you?"

"So I can swoop in and dropped a shit ton of lighter fluid all over it," she admitted before she glued her lips onto mine and placed her hands on my cheeks.

Mine found their place on her butt. 'Everything about this is wrong morally, but right in the sick and twisted way known as lust. She knows what buttons to press and how long to keep them pushed in too. She is too good for Brad, but I still can't just stab him in the back.'

After a ten minute make out session, her lips parted from mine. "Well, you held up your end of the bargain," she pointed out, prior to starting to get off me.

"Wait," I muttered, grabbing her arms. "May I see you again?"

"Do you mean naked?"

"Yes, and maybe while I'm nude too."

She glanced at him for a second. "You want to help me cheat now?" she inquired, bringing her face close to mine.

I applied some pressure to her butt and I bit down on my bottom lip too.

"So, I'm just a bitch, right? I was a drug and you everntually cut yourself off completely from me. You became clean, but then I just walk through that door and I get back into your system?"

"In a nutshell, yes."

"Oh, those balls can't be overlooked, Mitch," she stated before she kissed me again. "Well, if yourself needing your fix of my sexy body, just let me know," she said, getting off me. "And don't worry, I am on the pill, but I wanted to find out if you'd do it for me."

"Your welcome."

"Let's get dressed before he wakes up," she advised me, grabbing her clothes.

We both got dressed not too quickly or slowly. I couldn't help, but to peek at her from time to time again.

Once we were both decent, I strolled right to her and placed my palms on her butt. "You infected me so much, that there probably isn't any cure," I made clear before I kissed her.

"You know you love me, but don't even think about spying on me with Brad again. There is plenty of me to go around, but you have to share. Who knows, shit may hit the fan with him."

"I guess we can call this a bittersweet moment," I divulged, prior to kissing her once again. "Feel free to knock on my door any time, whether you are naked or not."

"I will."