Three Is a Fun Number

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16 May. '18

Jim was 46 the new member of the law firm.  Jim and Lisa were college sweethearts and they got married soon after Jim completed law school and past the bar.  He was offered a great opportunity with a new firm and he jumped at the chance to join the firm.  

Jim and Lisa became good friends with Tom and Bob who were partners at the firm.  Both men were married and the six of them had wonderful times together.  One Friday the girls decided to go drive into Chicago for an over night shopping trip.  The men decided they would play golf and just enjoy time away from the wives.  

Jim said goodbye to Lisa and headed over to Tom's where he was joined by Bob.  The three went to the country club and it was such a beautiful day they played twenty-seven holes.  They went back to Tom's and Tom suggested they have some beer and relax in the hot tub.  Bob was already when Jim said, "I don't have a suit with me."  

By the time he got the words out of his mouth the other two were naked and getting in the hot tub.  Jim was no prude so he shed his clothes grabbed a beer and got in the hot tub.  The sun was setting and the three talked about business, sports, and how much money the wives were probably spending in Chicago.  It was then that Bob said to Tom, "Well should we let him in on it?"  Jim looked at Tom as Tom smiled and said sure.  "It's been long enough."

Jim had a confused look on his face when Tom said, "What I am about to say may shock you but just hear me out."  Jim nodded.  "We are swingers," said Tom.  Jim's eyes got as large as saucers.  "But we don't swap wives," added Bob.  Jim was even more confused.  The two laughed and Tom continued, "About four years ago we two couples decided that we wanted to try swinging, but not with each other's wives.  In other words we would have times when it was boy boy and girl girl fun."

Jim looked at the two and said, "You're kidding?"  Bob said, "Deep down every one has those tendencies to experiment with someone of the same sex.  Jim, if you are honest with yourself you know you have at least thought about it, if not fantasized about it."

"Our wives were the same way and so we decided to experiment.  Well, everyone was so happy with the arrangement we made it permanent.  Now about once every month or two Tom and I get together while our wives get together."

Jim was just shocked and said, " I can't believe it."  Then he chuckled to himself and admitted, "Yes I've thought about it, but nothing else."  "Well, this is your chance,"said Tom.  Jim thought for a moment and said, "No, if Lisa ever found out she'd hit the roof.  She is  very, very straight and would never be with another woman and she would not stand for me to be with two men."  

Bob smiled, "Well, to tell the truth, the women are in on it and they are with your wife and enjoying more than shopping."

"I don't believe it," said Jim.  

Tom said, "Come on."  The three toweled off and went into the house.  Tom turned on his computer and opened his email.  Sure enough there was a video attached,  Tom turned to Jim and said, "You better sit down and get a good look at this or you won't believe your eyes."

Tom move and Jim sat down.  Tom clicked on the image and a video came on.  In the middle of the bed were Lisa and the two wives, naked and making out.  Jim about fell off his chair.  He watched as he saw Lisa lie down on her back as Tom's wife straddled her face while Bob's wife went down on Lisa.  He watched as his wife and Tom's wife both came.  Then they rearranged themselves and began to pleasure Bob's wife.

"Well, Jim, what do you think?"  Jim just shook his head.  He sat there stunned when he felt a hand on  his shoulder.  It was Tom.  "Well what do you think?  Time to realize that fantasy."  Jim sat there for a moment and said, "I wouldn't know what to do."  Bob said, "Just do what you like done to you."  

With that Jim stood and followed the other two into Tom's master sweet.  He looked at the bed as the two men climbed in and was not sure what to do.  Just then Tom grabbed his phone, looked at it, and handed it to Jim.  The text was from Jim's wife and simply read, "Hope you have as much fun as I am having."  Jim turned and sat down on the foot of the bed.  "Well," Tom said, "I think your wife is open to all of it."  Jim scooted back on the bed and lay down between the two men.  

Bob began to caress Jim's shoulder as Tom leaned over and kissed Jim.  Jim was a bit startled at first but soon decided to fully participate.  He opened his mouth and took Tom's tongue into his mouth.  The two men kissed passionately as Bob now began to lightly run his fingertips over Jim's nipples.  Tom broke the kiss and Jim turned his head to kiss Bob.  The two men shared a deep kiss as Tom lowered his head and began to lick Jim's nipples.  Jim got into as well caressing and stroking as the three men fell into some very pleasurable sex.  

As Tom kissed Jim, Bob went down on Jim and began to suck Jim's cock.  His mouth was warm and his tongue was doing amazing things to Jim's cock.  Jim had reached out and was now stroking both of his partners' cocks.   Then Bob and Tom traded places and now Tom sucked Jim's cock.  It was simply amazing.  Tom had teased Jim's cock long enough and then lay down down next to Jim and the men kissed.  Not it was Jim's turn.  He kissed his way down Bob's body and then came face to face with Bob's erection.  

Jim was tentative at first.  He placed a small kiss on the tip.  Then licked it from the base to the tip.  Bob moaned so Jim took Cob's cock in his mouth.  He began to slowly lick and suck it.  His head bobbed up and down and he was really enjoying it.  He never realized how easy it was to suck cock.  

Tom said, "Why don't we get into a 'daisy chain' and enjoy each other at the same time."  The men shifted around on the bed and Jim was now sucking Tom's cock, while Tom was sucking Bob's cock and Bob was sucking Jim's cock.  They sucked, licked, kissed and slowly drove each other crazy with pleasure.  All three men were getting close when Tom stopped sucking Bob and said, "We always cum in each other's mouths, but if you are hesitant we understand."

Jim took his mouth off Tom's cock long enough to say, "You can cum in my mouth."  He then went back sucking.  The three men licked, kissed, and sucked each other until Bob moaned and began to cum in Jim's mouth.  Jim swallowed and then felt himself hit the point of no return.  The pleasure was exquisite and he tried to hold off releasing his load for as long as he could and then he let it gush out.  His orgasm was so intense he could hardly believe it.  He continued to suck Tom's cock until he felt Tom's cock throb and then receive the first squirt of slightly salty cum.  He swallowed as he sucked and soon Tom was totally drained.  

The three men laid back and relaxed.  The feeling in Jim's cock was just amazing.  It felt so good.  Finally Bob spoke, "Jim, what to you think?"  Jim said, "I think that was amazing."  All three laughed.  Tom got up for a moment and when to the computer.  He made a few clicks and said, "Well the girls will get out video any moment."  Jim just laughed.  "Lisa won't believe it."  The men all laughed and they disengaged and all lay with their heads on the pillows.  

The three men chatted and talked about all kinds of options.  Jim got a text, it was from Lisa.  "I am happy for both of us," was all she said.  Jim read it and said, "Wel,l guys we are part of the club."