The Yellow Book Fantasies

My name is Chad Dupree. You can say I have a big imagination. It served me well. Other times… well, let’s get to that. I write sexual fantasies. You can say I am a horn dog, sure. At least I express it. I am in college to become a writer. You would think that college has girls and sex everywhere. Yes and no. You got to know where to look. Sometimes, it finds you. In that case, be ready. In the meantime, I have written about numerous girls with numerous fantasies in a single yellow book. These are their stories.

Our first fantasy is an old friend from the past. Her name was Amber. She was one of my first female friends and my first real crush. We met in seventh grade. There was something about her that was different just by looking at her. We became friends. Eighth grade came. I asked my friend to tell her to say I liked her for me…

“She said she’ll think about it.” My friend said.

I wasn’t dumb. That meant no. I was used to rejection. At the end of eighth grade, I wanted to say goodbye to Amber due to the fact we were going to different high schools.

“So, you know, after today, I might not see you again. You might not see me again…” I said.

“Look, just don’t forget about me when you get to high school, all right?” She said, smiling. Afterwards, she gave me a piece of folded paper. It was her phone number.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” I said. I never used the number.

Eight years later…

It was the third quarter, close to a blowout. We were going to win. But I liked blowouts. They seemed funny to me. I watched the next play intently as the quarterback dropped back to pass. He threw it quick and deep down the field. The crowd cheered as the defensive back intercepted the ball.

“Welcome to Sports Center, bitch!” I heckled as loud as I could, laughing. I looked back to the top of the stairs, and I see a familiar face. She waved. All of a sudden, I had a stupid grin on my face. It was her. My crush from the eighth grade. It was early in the season, so it was still warm out. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, showing off her long chocolate legs of hers that I remember. She still looked the same, only like I remembered there was something different about her. Something womanly.

“Hey, Chad!”

“Hey, what’s up?” I said, genuinely happy to see her. We hugged. I smelled her scent deeply. That was the first time I hugged her.

“This is my boyfriend.” She said, deflating all my wind out of my sails. I greeted him.

“What brings you here?” I said inquisitively, trying to take in all of her striking facial features. I wanted to touch her chocolate colored skin. I could easily look her in the eyes for some reason. There was a friendliness about them. But her lips… were absolutely perfect. I always thought so. She was the first I wanted to kiss.

“His people are on the coaching staff on the other team. Come on now. You know I’m not a football person.” She said. She ran track in the past. She had an athlete’s physique in middle school: She was as tall as me, breasts just budding in, and long legs. Now she had hips and her full breasts have formed and I’m taller than her. Puberty. Amazing.

“Come on, you got to admit some of these guys are fast.” She shot me a glare.

“Okay. You win.” I conceded the one-sided argument.

As the game went on to become even more of a blowout, I snuck in a few looks at her body.

Those feelings from way back to middle school began to turn into lust.

“So, you a student here?” Amber asked.

“Yup.” I said simply.

“How long have you been here?”

“I’m a senior now. What you been doing lately?” I said, trying my damnedest not to look at her breasts.


“Cool. Cool.” I said.

The crowd cheered again. I jerked my head. I shrugged at what happened as if nothing happened.

“What’s your major?”

“Literature. Hoping to become a writer.” I said.

“What are you writing?” She said.

“I don’t know, maybe a memoir. Maybe you’ll be in it.” I said, half-jokingly, looking at her face again. We caught up a little bit before she finally left with her man…

“Bye, Chad.” She hugged me, then whispered in my ear something I will never forget…

“You want me, do you?” She tilted her head. I nodded truthfully. I looked in her boyfriend’s direction.

“He doesn’t know you. He doesn’t have to know.” She said softly. “I’ll meet you outside.”

She left with her man, with the façade that they were leaving together. I stayed until six minutes were left or so. She messaged me on social media:

“You coming? I told him we were catching up.”

With about 8 emotions running through me, and my erection getting harder, I messaged back:


When I found her outside, she instantly kissed me.

“What was that for?” I said, while walking.

“I saw you in there. And I see that. All these years, you had a crush on me?” She said, grazing her hand on my erection.

“Pretty much. You were my first crush. There was something different about you, you know?”

“Like what?” She said.

“I don’t know, but I’d like to find out.”

“Mmm. Good answer.” She said, after giggling.

“Fuck me.” She mouthed, with her perfect full lips.

We were by the student center. She didn’t have to tell me twice. Feeling rather ballsy, I quickly led her in one of the lush new restrooms. She kissed me again, making out further in front of the mirror, my erection getting bigger by the moment.

“Damn, your lips.” I whispered hungrily. At this time, she already took off her shirt, showing her bra.

“What about them?” She said. She licked them.

“So sexy.”

I kissed her aggressively, leading her into the stall. She moaned softly, as I quickly undid my pants and lowered my boxers to reveal my erect penis. She began sucking on it. My toes began to curl.

“Oh shit. Oh fuck. Suck it for me.” She looked at me, moisturizing her beautiful juices on my erect penis. While she looked at me, she unhooked her bra and unfastened her shorts.

“Let me see that ass.” I said hungrily. She turned around, dropped her unhooked bra that she was holding and lowered her shorts, showing purple panties.


“You like them?” She said, teasing with a little twerk. I smacked it firmly before lowering her purple panties. I wet my fingers, fingering her a little bit. She moaned softly.

“Like that?”

“Yeah. Like that, Daddy.” I don’t know, but the way she said that turned me on even more. It was like I went into second gear. I fingered her with more vigor. Then, I slapped her ass and penetrated her with all my lustful being.

“Ugh. Ugh.” I grunted almost in synchronicity with her soft, sexual breaths and her moans.

“Uhh. Yeah. Uhh.” To keep her from being too loud, I put my finger around her mouth. She looked back at me and sucked my finger.

“Turn around. Let me look at you.” She turned around, showing her bare breasts. She was beautiful. I kissed and sucked on her black nipples. I kissed her again, working my way down her neck. I could feel her breathing hard. I fondled her again, feeling her wetness, when I said:

“You wanna cum for me? Cum for me. You’re so sexy. Cum for Daddy.” I tasted her beautiful juices, whispering dirty talk, intermittently cupping her ass cheeks on the process.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Daddy.” She repeated that until she couldn’t say anything. I looked at her face. I knew. But I couldn’t stop looking. Her face was so intoxicating in that state. So, I kept going.

“Mm, Daddy, give me this dick.” She started to vigorously suck. I began to get that feeling.

“Oh, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum… ohhhhh.”

My juices landed on her chest and on her breasts.

“Oh, God.” I said, taking several deep breaths. She just giggled.

“Put that in your book.” She wiped a little bit off of her chest with her finger, sucking it off. I shook my head and smiled, after putting back on my pants.

“Hey, before you leave…” I took one more look at her beautiful chocolate nude state. She was putting on her bra. She handed me her purple panties. I looked at them.

“What are these for?”

“A token to remember me by. Don’t forget about me, Chad Dupree.” She said, kissing me on the cheek. I left, washed my hands, put her panties in pocket, and swiftly left the restroom and the student center barely unnoticed.

Don’t worry. I won’t forget you.