A One Time Event?

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17 May. '18

Lisa rolled over, the early morning sun peaking between the pulled curtains.  She reached out and felt an empty bed.  She slept right through her husband Mike's leaving on a business trip.  "Ugh," she moaned.  He'd be done of eight days and she was getting tired of being left alone.  She and her husband had a good marriage but things had changed when he had taken this new position within the company.  She missed their evenings out, dinner with friends, movies, and his warmth in the bedroom.  

She finally kicked the covers off and walked into the bathroom.  She raised the lid, pulled down her pajama bottoms and sat down.  Once done she patted herself dry and then filled up the tub for her morning bath.  She took of her pi's and looked in the mirror.  She assessed herself.  

Blonde, blue eyes, five ft two, one hundred, twenty-three pounds.  At forty seven she looked pretty good.  Yes her 34 B's were beginning to go south but she still looked good.  If only she and her husband had more time for intimacy.  She turned off the water and was about ready to climb in when the phone rang.

She picked up the phone hoping it would be her husband, but instead it was her best friend Carol.  Carol was 49, with auburn hair and a lovely figure.  Carol and her husband had been good friends with Lisa and Mike.  The two women would have lunch a couple of times a month, work on two committees with the Jr. League, and were best of friends.  

"Lisa, Pete is gone for three days and was wondering if you'd have time for lunch today."

"I'm so glad you called.  Mike left this morning and he will be gone for over a week.  Why don't you come over and we have lunch right here.  Caesar salad with chicken.  How does that sound?"

"It sounds like I need to bring a bottle of white wine.  See you around noon."  The women hung up the phone and Lisa got in the tub.  She soaked in the tub for a while and then shaved her legs and under her arms.  After bathing she got dressed in bra and matching paints, a red sleeveless blouse, khaki shorts, and sandals.  

She had her morning coffee, granola, and, yogurt.  She straightened up around the house and then set to work making the salad.

Just after noon the door bell rang.  Lisa opened the door and there was Carol.  She looked so cute with her auburn hair, green eyes, white polo shirt, navy blue shorts, and sandals.  The two women hugged and then went to the kitchen.  They chatted as Carol opened the wine and Lisa finished the salad.  

They said down to lunch and and when they were finished they went into the TV room.  The turned on something on The Learning Channel, but spent the majority of the time talking about projects, volunteer work, and vacations.  They had their second glass of wine and during the pause in the conversation the show on TV was talking about the history of sex.  

Lisa said, "It's been and going to be a dry spell for me.  Mike was home for one night and then he had to take off again today."

The show was talking about sex in the Greek Empire.  The narrator was talking about first sexual encounters in Greece.  The narrator said that most first encounters in Greece, were same sex encounters.  Mature women would have sex with maidens, teaching them about their bodies and how they might enjoy sex and find pleasure for themselves once married.  The show then went to commercial

Without looking at each other Carol said that was interesting.  Lisa said, "Yes, I had no idea.  But I guess it makes sense."

"Of course, who knows a woman's body better than another woman." said Carol.

They each took a sip of wine when Lisa said, "Did you ever, uhhh you know?"

"Did I ever what?" replied Carol

Lisa got quiet, "Been with a girl?  You know, sexually?"

Carol said, "No.  I have wondered about it.  But I would never...have you?"

"No, never.  I have thought about it and if it ever came to that I would want to be with a  friend, someone that I knew and trusted," replied Lisa.

Carol said, "I can see what they were saying makes sense and of course when men were gone off to war or on long trips they could satisfy each other without being with another man."

The room was filled with silence when Lisa finally said, "It makes sense. To me.  In fact, Carol if I tell you something, promise not to be upset?"

Carol nodded.  

"Well a couple of weeks ago I had a dream.  A sexual dream and well this is going to be hard to say but, well in the dream you and I were, you know, making out."  There was a long paused.  "I'm sorry Carol, I never should have said that."

Carol reached out and touched Lisa's knee. "It's ok.  And as long as we are making confessions.  When Pete was gone I woke up so horny one morning that I masturbated and all I could think of was you."

Lisa put her hand on Carol's hand.  "That is so sweet.  I am flattered."

"I'm glad you are not mad," said Carol.

Lisa and Carol put their arms around each other and hugged.  They held each other, their heads buried in each other's shoulders. They finally sat up and looked at each.  Carol leaned in and tilted her head.  Lisa leaned forward and the two women kissed.  It was soft, tender, and sweet.  They held the kiss for a while and then sat back again.

Both women were flushed and then Lisa said, "That was nice."  

Carol smiled leaned in again and the women kissed.  This time Lisa's tongue slid across Carol's lips and she opened her mouth.  The two women kissed passionately their tongues dancing in each other's mouths, while hands caressed up and down each other's backs.  

Finally, the looked at each other and did't say a word.  Lisa spoke, "Carol either you need to leave right now so I can go to my bedroom and masturbate, or you can come with me and we can make love."

Carol gave Lisa a quick kiss and said, "I have no intention of going home."

They rose hand in hand and went to the bedroom.  Lisa closed the curtains.  The two women looked at each other and Carol said, "Well now what?"

Lisa walked over to Carol who was at the boot of the bed and Lisa said, "Let's just get undressed together."

Both women removed their sandals blouses, shirts, and undergarments.  The two women stood naked in front of each other.  

Carol had smooth white skin and a nice trimmed patch of auburn pubic hair.  Carol noticed that Lisa was a natural blonde.  They both stepped forward, pressed their bodies together and kissed.  Their hands roamed over each other's backs from shoulders down to upper thighs.  Both women were becoming aroused when they moved to the bed.  The kissed and began to make out.  Kissing caressing and exploring each other.  Carol gently pushed Lisa on her back and began kissing her ears, neck shoulders, chest, and then her breasts.  She place soft kisses all over each breast and then began kissing her right nipple.  When it was erect she licked it and sucked on it gently.  A soft moan escaped from Lisa's lips.  

After a few minutes Carol switched her attention to Lisa's left breast.  Sucking on the nipple as Carol's hand slid down across Lisa's belly, through the trimmed blond hair of her pussy and between the swollen lips.  Lisa gave a long moan as Carol's finger light caressed the swollen bud of Lisa's clit.  

Carol kissed Lisa's mouth as she slid a finger into Lisa's pussy.  Lisa moaned into her mouth.  Carol moved her finger in and out, gently pushing up on the roof of Lisa's pussy.  As Carol continued to finger her, she kissed her way down her body.  Then she slipped in between Lisa's legs and opened the flower of her pussy.  She leaned down and inhaled.  

"You smell wonderful."

Lisa just moaned as Carol slide two fingers in and began to lick Lisa's swollen clit.  Lisa lifted her hips by digging her heals into the bed.  She clenched the sheets as Carol finger fucked the blonde.  Lisa's breathing became ragged and  she pushed her hips up into Carol's face.  Lisa put her hands on the back of Carol's head and she began to cum.  Her hips lifted up, hung suspended for a moment and then began to buck up and down.  She cried out Carol's name as the orgasm washed over her. The throbbing began to cease and soon Lisa returned to earth.  Carol placed a soft kiss on her pussy and then kissed her way up to Lisa's lips.  They kissed and Lisa tasted her own cum on Carol's lips.  The two women lay cuddled up ands then Lisa gently pushed Carol on her back.  

Lisa began on Carol's breasts.  They were  larger with elongated nipples.  Perfect for sucking.   As Lisa sucked on Carol's nipples her hand went down and through Carol's auburn trimmed bush.  She pushed her middle finger in between Carol's swollen lips and then entered her.  Lisa's finger moved in and out and then she slid in another finger.  Carol moaned and Lisa kissed her way down to Carol's flower.  Lisa lowered her head and inhaled.  "I can't believe how sweet you smell."  She then lowered and began to kiss and alternately lick Carol's pussy.  Lisa loved the way her friend tasted and she lapped up her honey.  She looked up and Carol was caressing her own nipples as Lisa licked her.  

Carol let out a grunt with panting and she pushed her pussy up into Lisa's face.  "I'm cuminggggg," as her hips rose and fell in orgasmic delight.  With her orgasm over, Lisa moved up the two women kissed and cuddled.  Suddenly Lisa began to laugh.

Carol said, "What is so funny?"

Lisa replied, "I took a bath this morning and for some reason I shave my legs and underarms.  I wasn't sure why I did it, but now I am."

Both women giggled.  Carol said, "Actually that was wonderful, Lisa.  Thank you."

"Carol, that was beautiful  When two people who love and trust each other make love it's beautiful."  

The women just held each and Carol finally said, "I better get home."  

The two women dressed and kissed at the front door.  

Carol smiled and said, "This was so nice, but it was only a one time event, right?"

Lisa said, "Yes, just one time."  As she closed the door she thought to herself, "Or was it only the beginning.