Vibrations for Two

Info Raphael
17 Mar. '16

It had started off as a fairly normal night. Morgan and I ate dinner, she did homework, and we watched some TV. Even when she said she was going to take a shower, and invited me to join her, it wasn’t abnormal. We rarely shower alone this days (but that’s a different series of stories altogether). This particular night however, we were both feeling a bit friskier than normal; small touches, sideways glances, all to tell the other what we thought about them.

Our shower was steamier than normal. I showered earlier in the day, so I merely stood by and watched her, the hot, soapy water flowing from her hair and down her curvy body. We giggled as we talked, my hands running over her body in ways that made her bite her lip. At one point I was sitting on the seat at the farthest end of the shower and Morgan came over to me, leaning over and pressing her body against me. She kissed me deeply and I could feel her body press against me; I wasn’t hard, despite being turned on. As her tongue left my mouth, she said, “So… why aren’t you hard?”

“I dunno,” was all I said. We’ve been together long enough that being naked doesn’t automatically do it anymore, especially when we’re talking and giggling and having harmless fun. But she took it as a challenge, pressing herself against me again as she kissed me heavy, pulling me to her tightly. I felt myself twitch and start to harder, pressing against her leg. I knew she could feel it, and a few minutes of kissing passionately led to her breaking the kiss with an accomplished smile, despite saying she wasn’t sure she wanted to have sex right then (we were already almost late to a night out with friends).

We stepped out of the shower a few minutes later. We talked and kissed and joked around as we dried off, moving to the bedroom. Morgan laid back on the bed with her legs spread. “That’s not fair,” I said as I finished drying off.

“What do you mean?” she asked, pulling her thighs apart, slightly spreading her rose colored lips.

“You know what I mean, teasing me like that and then telling me to wait.”

“Well,” she said, “Maybe I changed my mind.” Morgan smiled, biting her lip ever so slightly. Her fingers moved to her pussy, pulling her out lips aside, spreading herself to allow me to see her in the way she knows I love best. I climbed onto the bed without another thought, kneeling between her legs and bending over her. We kissed passionately as our recently showered bodies stuck together at all points. I was erect in less than a minute, the tip of my cock pressing against her clit in a way that she had never felt. She groaned in my ear and told me how much she enjoyed that hard feeling against her.

I sat up, kneeling and grasped myself, pressing it against her clit again. I rocked back and forth, moving over her, up and down her pussy, always ending by pressing firmly or rubbing over her clit. We moved together as I rubbed myself against her, making her breathing heavier, but not as heavy as I wanted. I moved my hand down, pressing my thumb against her clit and started moving in a tight, firm circle. Morgan rolled her head back as I kept the pace, watching her breathe heavier and her hand move to her breasts to play with one of her nipples. I could tell, little by little, the feeling was building up inside her and I did everything I could not to stop, touching myself so she knew how turned on she made me.

Unfortunately, my arm got tired fairly quickly, so I laid next to her. We kissed as my hand fit between her legs, my fingertips pressed against her in the way I know she liked best. We kissed and touched for a time, but I wanted her to cum, and I knew it wasn’t working as well as I would have liked. Morgan reached to our nightstand drawer, the sex drawer as we call it, and pulled out her vibrating wand. It’s a toy I recently got for her, similar to the famous Hitachi but smaller. It’s easily her new favorite.

Morgan pressed the toy against her bare clit, turning it on low to start. I stroked myself next to her, making sure she could see me and knew what I was doing. I played with her nipples as much as able and I could tell she was getting close. That’s when I leaned over, right next to her and whispered, “I bet it would feel really amazing for you to cum with me inside you.” She instantly agreed.

I was between her legs in moments, the head of my cock pressing slowly inside her. I was eager to go faster and she put a hand on my chest to slow me down. I obliged as best I could for as long as she needed, but couldn’t hold back when she placed the vibrator back onto her clit. The vibrations filled her completely, permeating through her and into me and stimulating me in a way I had never felt. Her body, which already consumed me in pleasure, came alive and seemed to hold me tighter, running up and down as I thrust in and out her. We moved together as I continued to gain speed, going deeper each time. Almost instantly I felt the vibrations bringing me closer and closer to the epitome of excitement. It started small, like a single spark, which normally built slowly until finally exploding forth. Her body rocking in time with me, and the toy filling us with vibrations… it made that spark explode in seconds. I barely had time to tell her and react, pulling out just as I came again and again.

I cleaned up as Morgan lay back. She looked pleased with herself, happy with what had happened, but not yet content. As I moved next to her, she held the vibrator to herself again. My lips were on her neck and shoulders, breathing heavily in her ear as my fingers massaged her breasts and nipples. We kissed heavily as I felt her getting close, her body tensing. My tongue slipped across her lips and into her accepting mouth; it’s the one thing guaranteed to push her over the edge. Morgan shook as she did, wave after wave followed by moan after moan as her orgasm coursed through her. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, again and again, “I got you.” We stayed that way even after she relaxed, melting into my arms for a while longer, neither of us wanting to move.