A One Time Event II

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21 May. '18

It had been ten days since Lisa and Carol had spent that loving afternoon.  Neither woman had called each other for fear of what the other might say.  Lisa felt guilty, how could she have ruined such a wonderful friendship all for a one time orgasm.? 

In a western suburb Carol had just stepped out of the tub after her morning bath.  She toweled herself dry and really wanted to call Lisa but was afraid that her good friend might resent her after what happened the last time they met.  How could she have done anything so silly that cost her a good friend?  She was going to go out and transplant some hostas but as she dressed the phone rang.

"Hello," said Carol

"Carol, please don't hang up.  I'm so sorry about what happened...."

Carol cut her off.  "I'm so glad you called.  Look, it happened, it was pleasant, it happened, and it's over.  Let's not let that end our friendship."

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief.  "I'm so glad you are not upset with me.  I'm sorry it happened,..."

Carol started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" aske Lisa.

"Because you said, 'it' 'I'm sorry it happened.  We made love and it was sweet and wonderful.  But we can leave that behind and move on."

"It was wonderful, wasn't it?" said Lisa.  "I must admit I don't remember the last time I felt such pleasure.  I felt....well let's not talk about our time.  What are you doing?

"I was going to transplant some hostas," said Carol.

"Let's go the mall and melt some plastic," replied Lisa.

Carol laughed and said, "The hostas can wait.  See you in half an hour at the mall."

The two women dressed in shorts, tops, and sandals.

They met just inside the front door at Nordstrom's  "Well," said Lisa where should we start.  

"I could use some new panties and bras" said Carol.  

"To lingerie it is is," replied Lisa

The two women chatted and rummaged through rack after rack of bras and panties.

"Have you ever worn a thong?" asked Carol

"No, I don't know how one would look on me."

"Of come on girl, live a little you'd look great in one.  Bet Mike would really love it."

Both women bought several thongs in various colors with matching bras

They went to spots wear and bought new outfits, grabbed a quick lunch and did more shopping and then decided to head to their respective homes.

"Is Mike home, Lisa?"  

"No, on the road again."

Pete's gone as well, so why don't you come over for supper and maybe we can watch a movie."  

"What time?"

"We'll eat at seven but come anytime you want."  The two exchanged a quick hug and where on their ways.

Lisa took a quick shower and put on a new bra and thong set.  She wore shorts, and a red polo shirt.  She got in the car and made the twenty minute drive over to Carol's

Carol opened the door wearing shorts, a blue blouse and sandals.  The two women hugged and then headed to the kitchen.

They chatted about some charity event coming up over a glass of wine.  

They ate a dinner of marinated chicken breast over rice.  A nice light sorbet rounded off the meal.  

They went to the TV room and chatted some more.  

Darkness was setting in and in a moment of silence Carol said, "Lisa, I am not sorry we made love.  You are the dearest friend I have and I love you so very much.  What we shared that afternoon at your place was beautiful.  I am not sorry it happened, and I think down deep I'm sorry that we said, 'It was just that one time.'"

Lisa looked at her friend and touched her shoulder.  "Carol, I feel the same way.  I love you.  You are a very special person to me and I guess I'm not quite sure that we agreed we would never make love again.  It was more of a question I recall.  Something like, 'This was just a one time event right?'"

Carol reached out and touched Lisa's knee.  "I know just how you feel. I have felt the same way since, well since that afternoon.   We just seemed to fit together so well.  Soft, tender, yet so passionate.  It was simply wonderful."

They took a moment and sipped their wine looking at each other in the twilight as evening was setting in.  Carol set her glass down, reached up, cupped Lisa's face and they kissed.  There was nothing tentative about the kiss this time.  Both received each other with open mouths.  The sweetness of the wine making their kiss sweeter still.  

Once that first kiss was completed Lisa set her glass down.  She put her arms around Carol and the two women kissed again.  Their hands caressed each other's backs.  And then when they broke the kiss Lisa said, "I don't want it to be one time.  I want to make love to you again."

Carol smiled as he brushed Lisa's hair back out of her face.  Both are husbands are gone, why don't you spend the night.  Lisa caressed Carol's cheek with the back of her hand.  "I would love to."  They walked back to Carol's bedroom hand in hand.

They undressed in the darkness, turned down the covers and got in bed.  They moved together kissing as their naked bodies molded into each other's.  They kissed and whispered to each other.  Their breasts pressed against each others.  Hands gliding softly over each other's backs from neck to ass.  

They intertwined their legs pressing tight into each other's pussies.  As they kissed and caressed they began to ride each other's thighs against their pussies leaving a damp trail.  Lisa took charge pushing Carol on her back, pinning her hands above her head and sitting on her hips.  She leaned down and kissed Carol hard on the mouth.  Sucking Carol's tongue into her mouth.  Lisa put her head next to Carol's ear and said, "I'm going to lick your pussy until you scream with pleasure."  

The blonde began to kiss her way down Carol's body.  Kissing her neck, upper chest, arm pits, breasts, stomach, just to wear her pubic hair began.  She then made a detour and kissed down Carols hip, thigh, knee and foot.  She kissed her feet, sucked on each toe and ran her tongue in between Carol's toes.  Carol was squirming.  "Eat me.  For God's sake eat me."

Lisa just smiled and started on her other foot.  Now working her way up until she got to Carol's hairy, wet cunt.  Lisa kisses all around her pussy teasing her by never directly kissing her pussy.  Carol moved her hips trying to make Lisa lick her cunt, but Lisa always moved ahead.  

Lisa could smell Carol's scent wafting up from her hot, wet cunt.  Finally Carol could take it no longer.  She grabbed the back of Lisa's head and pushed her pussy up into the blonde's face.  But Lisa was still going to make her beg for it.  She lowered her face and stuck out her tongue.  Beginning at Carol's asshole she slowly licked her way up to her clit.  Her tongue dragged along and Carol was moaning with desire.  Lisa lowered her tongue once again and licked slowly from asshole to clit.  

She licked so slowly millimeter by millimeter.  She lowered her tongue and this time ran her tongue around Carol's asshole.  Carol moaned.  She pressed her tongue against the brownish pink rosebud and Carol let out a long, low grunt.  Lisa licked her way up once again and this sucked Carol's swollen bud in between her lips.  Carol shuddered and she held Lisa's head in place. Lisa let the bud go and began to lick all around it with her tongue.  She  took her little finger and inserted it into Carol's rosebud.  Carol let out a scream of pleasure.  

"Oh my God, Lisa, no one has ever done that to me.  Feels so fucking wonderful,  Please don't stop."

Lisa licked all around the clit and at the same time fucked Carol's asshole.  Carol was thrashing about on the bed wanting to cum, but Lisa would bring her close and then back off.  Carol was moaning and sweating from the heat and the frustration.  Lisa knew what she was doing and with each lick and each thrust of her finger Carol's pleasure increased ten fold.  

"Lisa, please let me cum.  I need to cum."  Lisa plunged her finger in and out of Carol's ass hole as she assaulted her clit with her tongue.  Suddenly Carol arched her back.  She held her back off the bed for a second and then went over the edge.  Bucking and screaming, "Lisa, I love you."  

Carol was having the most amazing experience.  She had never had a orgasm that intense, that powerful.  Her juices flowed soaking the bed beneath her.  She convulsed up and down until her hips fell to the bed in total exhaustion.  Her whole body went limp.  Lisa placed several small kisses Carol's wet, hairy mound.  

She made her way up kissed Carol on the lips and then cradled her in her arms.  Carol could only mumble almost incoherently.  Lisa held her, placing little kisses on her sweat covered face and telling her, "Just rest baby.  Rest."

Carol could not move.  She just let her best friend and lover hold and soothe her.  Somewhere along the line Carol drifted off into a blissful sleep.  She lay gently in the arms of Lisa feeling  loved like she had never been loved before.