A One Time Event III

Info Cubs1014
23 May. '18

Carol dozed for well over half and hour when she finally stirred.  She could feel the warmth of the woman who had just give her one of the most if not the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.  She touched Lisa's cheek and Lisa said, "Well hello sleeping beauty."

Carol smiled, "Do you really think I am beautiful, Lisa."

Lisa caressed Carol's cheek.  "Darling you are the most beautiful woman I know."

Carol blushed and replied, "You are the beautiful one."  The women hugged and Lisa spoke, "While you were napping I was thinking what if the girls at Jr. League could see us now."

Carol replied, "I think they'd kick us out."

"Especially after you said words like 'asshole, fuck, and cum," replied Lisa.

Carol blushed and siad, "I was just swept away by the passion.  I can't be held responsible for what I say when I'm in the middle of cuming."

The women laughed, then hugged and then kissed.  It was a long, slow passionate kiss and feelings of warmth and dampness picked up where they left off.

Carol said, "I love you Lisa."

Lisa replied, "I love you to Carol."

They hugged and Carol said, "Hmmmmm now where did we leave off."  With that she rolled Lisa over on her stomach and straddled Lisa's ass.  "You turn," Carol said to Lisa.  

Carol slid down just a little on Lisa's bodying began to kiss and nibble on her neck just at the hair line.  Lisa let out a little sigh and relaxed.  She was going to enjoy this totally.  Carol stretched out on Lisa and began to kiss her shoulder and upper arms.  Once again Lisa sighed.  

Now Carol moved and began to place small wet kisses all over Lisa's shoulder blades and spine.  Lisa trembled as Carol nibbled up and down her spine.  She kissed slowly and patiently not wanting to over look one inch of Lisa's body.  

Carol now focused on Lisa's spine, licking up and down the length of it from the top of her ass to the nape of her neck.  Lisa shivered as Carol licked.  Each time Carol moved back down Lisa's body she could smell the scent of Lisa's pussy becoming stronger and stronger.  

Lisa was beginning to moan when Carol began covering Lisa's ass with kisses.  Her ass was rounded and her hips flared nicely.  Lisa began to squirm as Carol kissed Lisa's soft, sweet, hot ass.  Then Carol stretched out between Lisa's legs.  Carol spread Lisa's round cheeks and she licked the entire length of her anal valley.  

"Oh my God," was all that Lisa could say.  Carol kept licking and then began to circle Lisa's ass hole with her tongue.  Round and round it went.  Lisa was growing more aroused with each pass around her rosebud.  Then Carol stopped, rolled her tongue, and then pressed it into Lisa's rosebud.  

Lisa let out a long gasp of air.   "You're driving me crazy here, Carol."  

Carol smiled to herself and said, "I'm planning on it."  With that Carol let out a large dollop of saliva out her mouth.  It splashed down right on Lisa's asshole.  Carol said, "Let go and relax."

Lisa did and then Carol inserted her finger in Lisa's ass hole.  "Oh fuck, that feels amazing," said Lisa.

"Gooood," was all Carol said.

Once in all the way, Carol wiggled her finger inside Lisa's ass hole.  Lisa moaned in pleasure.  

Now Carol began to withdraw her finger and then back in.  In and out, in and out.

"Yes baby, fuck me," was all Lisa said.  

Carol smiled knowing she was making her lover feel so good.  Carol rearranged herself and while keeping her finger in Lisa's asshole she began to lick Lisa's pussy.  Lisa's pussy lips were swollen and laid open.  Carol took on lip in her mouth, sucked on it and licked it.  She did the same with the other pussy lip.  

Lisa had pulled her leg up to give her friend full access to her ass and pussy.  Carol licked and found the clit and Lisa moaned out loud.

"Fuck yes," said Lisa, "that's the place."

Carol's finger moved in and out of Lisa's asshole as she licked the blonde's clit.  Up and back her tongue went.  Then round and round, Then up and down the slit.  Lisa was going crazy and reaching heights of passion that she never felt before.  Lisa was moving her hips is response to the fucking and licking.  Her pussy was dripping and leaving a wet spot on the bed.  

Carol licked and finally decided to finish her friend.  She attacked Lisa's clit with feverish licks.  Her finger pounding in and out of Lisa's asshhole.

Suddenly Lisa gasped and became rigid.  Then she began to pump her hips.  "Fuck me!  Fuck me! Fuck me!"  Carol kept licking and fucking until Lisa crumpled up in an exhausted, sweaty, wet heap. She didn't move for a few minutes and Carol slowly withdrew her finger from Lisa's rosebud.  

In a muffled voice Lisa said, "Carol that was fucking amazing.  It was wonderful.  I have never experienced anything like that."  Carol kissed her way up Lisa's body and she held her friend.  "Lisa, I love you and I'm so glad I made you feel good."

Lisa rolled over and kissed Carol.  She tasted her cum on her own lips.  She smile and said, "Carol, you are a simply amazing woman and I love you so much.  I am glad that we didn't let our fears get in the way."

Carol smiled back.  "Me too.  Just like in Casablanca.  Lisa, 'this could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.'"  The women pulled up the covers and drifted off into sleep.