My Friend the Hot Wife

Info Nikkijanes
27 May. '18


I closed and locked the hotel bedroom door and as I turned to face the room I was slammed back against the wall by the small frame of the woman who was waiting for me as she literally attacked me, kissing me with a fervour I had never experienced before, before I knew it she had my shirt off and a hand in my pants grabbing my cock. I kissed her back and grabbed her tight firm arse. The only thing was this was not my wife, but Zoe the wife of a friend.

There were about ten couples at a friend’s daughter’s wedding having a great time drinking dancing and just talking, we were all swopping dance partners with everyone dancing with everyone else. All the time Zoe was flirting with everyone, even some of the women. I was dancing with Zoe when the music slowed to a smoochy number and I began to leave the dance floor, when Zoe grabbed my hand and pulled me in close to her saying, “Don’t go have a slow sexy dance with me.”

“Well that’s no hardship I thought.” As I took hold of her dainty waist and danced, then Zoe moved her hands to my arse and pulled me in tight to her as she began to grind her hips into me, being a man I couldn’t help but respond slipping my hands from her hips to that beautiful tight arse and giving it a quick squeeze. “Mmmmm nice” Came from Zoe as she changed position slightly to push her leg between mine and grind her pussy on my leg. I responded to her by getting hard and rising to the occasion, “Now that’s even nicer” she said.

“I know you fancy me and I want you now, I want a quick fuck, down and dirty, one off, no holds barred as long as it’s hard and fast.” She whispered in my ear.

She was right I did fancy her and what man wouldn’t she is about five feet three inches tall, long brown hair, very slender almost too thin, but with a perfectly proportioned body, legs that seem longer than they should be, slim hips, smallish but pert breasts and that tight, tight arse. She’d me caught me checking her out about six weeks before at a BBQ we were having when she wore a simple white tee-shirt with wide arms that from the right angle gave sight of her boobs and jeans so tight that they must have been sprayed on. When she saw me she mouthed over “No I’m not.” Then giggled, she must have read my mind I was wondering if she had panties on under the jeans.

She whispered “room 306 in five minutes, take Carol a drink over and then come and meet me no one will notice we’re missing they’re all half pissed anyway, but as I said I want it hard, a simple hard quick fuck.”

“If you want it hard, ok but I’m gonna fuck that arse of yours, be warned and don’t get undressed until I get there I want to take that dress off you” I said.

“Good, hurry up.”

She slipped down my body planting kisses all the way as she got my pants and underwear off, taking me into her hot warm soft mouth, licking the head then swallowing me deeply for a minute saying. “I’d love you to cum in my mouth, but we’ve not got time.”

She stood up and moved towards the bed and I moved to her kissing her, reaching behind her to unzip her strapless yellow dress that flared from the waist and finished just above her knees. I let the dress fall to her hips and took in the sight of her boobs, not quite a handful, but with large dark areolas and nipples. I dropped my head to her boobs and took one nipple into my mouth, tonguing it and pulling on it with my teeth. I finished taking her dress off as I lowered myself to my knees in-front of her. She had black panties on not really fancy or as sexy as I imagined she would have but cut high on the hip they were sexy enough. I removed them with my teeth then sank my mouth onto her shaved pussy pushing my tongue deep into her hot wet core. I tongue fucked her for a couple of minutes when she said, “Come on I love that but fuck me now.”

“Okay,” I said “but I told you what I was going to do to you.” As I pushed her onto the bed and flipped her over so that her ass was exposed to me. I moved behind her and rubbed my throbbing cock against the wet lips of her cunt just to moisten it, then pulling back positioned myself and slammed deep into her ass in one move, not stopping to ease my way in she screamed and said “Oh God that’s tight.” I knew it was as I could feel her anus contracting around my cock, I got into a good fast rhythm, pumping into her hard and fast, I could sense that she was near and it amazed me as I’d never had a woman cum from just ass fucking her before. Then she hit her climax, again screaming out and clenched so hard my cock was stuck, as she released me she was still in the ends of her orgasm when I pulled out.

I flipped her onto her front, spread her legs wide and high exposing her pussy to me and again just slammed into her, well she had said she wanted it hard and fast and that is what she was going to get.  As I pumped into her I raised her legs so that they were resting on my shoulders, I was pumping into her so hard and fast it was incredible, her pussy kept on clamping on my cock and then releasing, this was one good fuck it was pure lust from both of us.

All the time I was playing with her tits, squeezing and rubbing them and pulling on her nipples, I was only sorry I couldn’t get my mouth onto them but the position I was pumping into her wouldn’t let me, she was moaning and groaning encouraging me to keep going and harder, harder.

There was lust in her eyes as she said “I’m cuming soon, don’t hold back but try and cum with me.” I increased my speed and soon felt her begin to shudder and caress my cock with her pussy, that sent me over the edge and I came shooting what felt like gallons of hot cum into her wet hole, my cumming triggered her climax and she again screamed.

Not bothering about her climax I pulled out just before I had finished cumming splashing some of my jizz on her belly, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards me, slapping her face with my still dripping cock, smearing her lips and face with my cum.

“Lick my cock clean.” I instructed her, which she did with a smile on her face.

“Don’t clean yourself up,” I said “I want to know that you’ve got my cum in your pussy, on your belly and on your face for the rest of the night.”

“Okay, but you’ll be kissing your own cum later when I kiss you goodnight.” She said.

“Yes but more guys will have kissed you before that.” I replied as I left and rejoined the party, and she was right nobody had noticed we had been missing.